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Pep Boys

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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

Purchased set of 4 tires online and site convinced me with simple clicks I could have tires installed at store location. I will never deal with this company again. I received email confirmation of my purchase, scheduled time for my appointment and location address. However, when I arrived the tires hadn't been delivered (I was never notified). Plus this location didn't the equipment to do the alignment I ordered! Store was converted gas station, they have to take my car to another location for the alignment. Manager said this had happened before tires not delivered, no notification to customer, website not aware of services available at locations. Since I had ALREADY PAID for the tires there was nothing I could do but leave and come back once the tires were delivered. Waste of time. PEP BOYS is marketing scam. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. For me I'm telling everyone I know. Don't bother dealing with this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

I took my car to Visalia, CA Pep Boys in September for an oil change and brake check as they were squeaking and squealing pretty badly. I was told it was fine. Then a month later, brakes now grinding, I go in and now need all 4 pads and two rear rotors to the tune of 800 dollars. I will never go to Pep Boys again. As it was I paid my nephew 250 for parts and labor to do it in his driveway. Total rip off.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

    I had electric charging problem, have to jump every time so went to the Pep Boys, because I always go there for tire replacement and oil change for a long time. They said battery and alternator need replaced with new one, but battery was replaced with new one just month before and alternator price was very high, so I bought one from O'Reilly auto part and let Pep Boys installed, but not working good.

    They said have to replace with other new one, this time I bought one from Pep Boys' expensive one and let them install. Not working good too, that time service manager said it must be not alternator and told me they are very busy. Even can't test what's wrong and told me come back some other time, with very rude accent. So I ask them to jump my car and come home and next day went to car electric shop, they find easily what's the problem and fix it with little money, problem was not alternator from the beginning, but Pep Boys are just try to make easy money and told me, "You have bad battery, you have bad alternator" etc. If you have some car problem don't trust Pep Boys. They know nothing but changing tire or oil. I just lost $409.37 for nothing. Invoice picture prove I'm telling truth.

    I'm posting this for somebody don't know about car problem like me. Don't be cheated from well-known car repair shop.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

    Date of appointment July 2, 2017. Patchogue # **. I went to Pep Boys for an oil change, filter and spark plugs. I also requested that they check and replenish all fluids. I wanted them to be sure to check the coolant levels since the engine temperature warning light was flashing. Customer service was very disinterested. I had the first appointment of the day. My car was not looked at for an hour. When I received my bill it was not even the correct one. They were very disorganized. They made me wait for four hours. When I questioned them on the time, they seemed to have forgotten my car. When I left, my car was not running any better. There was no difference. The engine temp light was still flashing. It did not seem right. After this, my car performance was no better. I could not drive it much.

    One month later I went for an inspection in my neighborhood. I updated him on the recent servicing and that the temp light was still flashing. Well, he told me that the car was down 3 quarts of oil. Impossible if I had just had an oil change. No leaks. Short infrequent trips. To my surprise, I was also short 2 gallons of coolant. No evidence that any of the work that I requested from Pep Boys was ever done. In fact, I left Pep Boys with less oil than I had before the appointment. My appointment for service at Pep Boys was a waste of my time and money. Pep Boys purposely scammed me or are egregiously incompetent. Pep Boys stole my money and put me and my car at risk.

    At this point I don't know what harm has been done by them because of their malpractice and negligence. Immediately, I tried to call Pep Boys. The Patchogue store, Corporate number and social media. I could not get through. Same day, I put a dispute of charges with my credit card, Macy's/American Express. Now a few weeks later they closed the case, only getting the price of the oil back for me- 10.95. No other explanation. What about the spark plugs and oil filter, and labor charges? Should have used my Visa. They are more thorough. What can I do now?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

    Had brakes put on months ago... Grinding already. Went in now. Pep Boys own the place. My warranty is now not in computer... My address was. My car no warranty. I was told to go get paper warranty... That's what computer is for. Besides the damn brakes was no good. I went, bought them and paid mechanic to do the job... Never will I use just brakes again. Looking at all the bad reviews... Something needs to be done. Maybe why it's Pep Boys now!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

    If I could give them zero stars I would. I took my son's Envoy XL to them to have the ac repaired on 5/22/2017. I told them it was working, but blowing hot air and I thought it must have a freon leak. They asked if I had a diagnostic run on it to determine what was wrong with it. I told them no. So, they recommended that I have one done. I agreed. They called me and told me that it wasn't the ac. It was the clutch fan motor that needed to be replaced. They quoted me $260 for the parts & $300 for the labor. When I picked it up the bill was nearly $800!

    They charged me $330 for the labor and $264 for the parts, plus they included a $35 shop fee that was never disclosed to me. They also automatically included the extended warranty (rip off). I had them remove that. My bill was $713.79. I paid and figured, well at least his ac is working. He pulled out of the driveway and called me immediately to tell me his ac was still blowing hot air. I called them back and their reply, "Well, it was working when we test drove it!" "Well, it's not now" I said. So, they told me to bring it back tomorrow.

    Round 2: I took it back and was told it needed assorted other hoses and such replaced. I inquired why this was not discovered with their DIAGNOSTIC! Their reply, "I don't know ma'am. I wasn't the manager working then. He is no longer with us. I'll have to check into that." I guess when they discovered the clutch fan motor wasn't working they figured that would fix it and didn't look any further. "Ok," I said, "go ahead and fix it". Went to pick it up, $281.36. Again, I was charged the $35 shop fee for shop towels and degreasers, etc. I asked them since it was their fault I had to come back a 2nd time in 2 days could they waive that fee as a courtesy. Their reply, "No ma'am, we have to charge that fee every time!" Needless to say I was mad, but agreed and left.

    Round 3: 4 days later, "Mom, my ac is blowing hot air!" I called them back. "Well, it was working when we test drove it. I guess you need to bring it back in and we'll look at it." REALLY??? I take it back. This time they call me and tell me there is a hole in the condenser and it will be over $900 to fix it! Again, I asked them, "How did you not catch this on the previous two visits?" Their reply, "Ma'am, I don't know. I wasn't the manager that worked on it. I'll have to look into that!" That's a canned response. Oh, they also had the nerve to suggest that maybe a rock hit the condenser the 4 days he drove it and knocked a hole in it!" They're ridiculous! Obviously, I told them, "Absolutely not!!! I will come pick it up and take it somewhere it can be fixed. If I agreed, you will just tell me next time that it's something else."

    Bottom line, I took it to LeeRoy Thomason at Professional Automotive @ 4401 W Jackson St. 850-458-9322. He immediately diagnosed the hole in the condenser. He also discovered that the ac was not working to the back part of the truck and ordered a part for that and replaced that for the part cost only. His total charge for everything, including the extra work to get the back ac working was $700+. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was less than $800. Their quote to just replace the condenser was over $900, and of course that didn't include the SHOP FEE OF $35, their warranty (Ha! Ha!), and taxes and such. It would have been well over $1k on top of the $1k I already paid them.

    Sorry for the essay, but people need to know to avoid this place like the plague. There is a reason they have 1 star. I was going to contact corporate, but they have low ratings as well. I'm guessing it's because they don't stand behind their work. By the way, I disputed the charges with my credit card company and Pep Boys has the nerve to say that because I signed for the work that meant I accepted it and it was working. NO, they make you sign when you pay in order to give you your keys. Sorry! That doesn't prove anything. Then, they say if you aren't happy you can bring it back and we'll check it again for free. REALLY? I took mine back twice after the initial visit. They may check it for free, but they won't repair it for free! It will cost you dearly.

    Take note Pep Boys! This is not over. If this cannot be resolved with my credit card company I will see you in small claims court over this. You need to stop ripping people off. This is one person that will not stop until I receive restitution!!! I have never disputed a claim for services rendered in my life. But this is such a blatant rip off that I could not take it! I gave you two opportunities to fix an ac. If you don't have the skills to fix things then just say it! Stop selling parts in an attempt to find the solution!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

    My husband and I have bought tires for our vehicles several times, but today I had a screw in my tire and went to Pep Boys to have it fixed. We bought the road hazard with our purchase, but when I went to have it fixed not 1 but all 3 pep boys in my area did not have time to fix it, each said I would have to make a next day appointment. I explained to each one, that I was rapidly losing air, but they didn't seem to care. I guess once they get the money, after service doesn't matter! I ended up going to a local tire shop and paid $10. I will never buy tires from them again!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

    My van was towed to Pep Boys because it had leaked all the transmission oil out. The tow truck driver did not tow it to where I wanted it to be towed but took it to Pep Boys. They said it would be over $900 to repair. They wanted over $300 for the part. I looked it up. The part was only 62 at Auto Zone. I also called the dealer and found out it was only an hour job. I found another shop to repair my van for $160. Pep Boys are a total rip off. They tried to rip me off because I am a handicapped woman and living on social security.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

    I want people to be aware to not take your car for service at any location with this company. I just found out about my Carfax record that Pep Boys deliberately put an incorrect car mileage several times on my car when I had my car alternator, and battery replaced at one of their location in Plantation. I would so love to sue this company because it screwed me up a big time when I'm trying to sell my car, it's showing an inconsistent mileage numbers.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 29, 2017

    I have had a horrible experience with Pep Boys in Memphis TN. They received my car 7/6/17 and as of today, 7/28/17 they still have my car. When they accepted my car for repair, they only had a part time Tech, coming in after 5 pm for repairs. One week later they tell me my engine is blown. This part time Tech leaves and my car sets in their shop for another week before they tell me they need to order engine, however once engine is received they still don't have a Tech.

    When I express my concern with their manager, he tells me he can't help. They cannot find someone to hire as full time tech. By the end of that week he is telling me they need to move my car and replacement engine to another Pep Boys location where they have full time tech. My car is still not repaired. They act unconcerned and unprofessional. They never should have accepted my car in the first place. I will never use this repair shop again and I would not recommend them for anyone else: not even for routine maintenance. Their managers James, Robert and Ron are just crooks.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 28, 2017

    27 July, 2017 -- Completed a rebuild of my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 front suspension 2 days ago. Took it 2 miles up the road to have the front end aligned the next day (yesterday). I asked the guy if he had any good deals on tires and he told me several promotions had just finished and new ones would start soon. Check back in a couple of weeks. This was a local tire company, not Pep Boys. But, it was very close and I didn't want to drive far because I knew the alignment was way off from all the parts I had replaced.

    Last night I checked a few websites looking for tire deals. Pep Boys had a Cooper Adventurer H/T buy 3 get the 4th free. The subtotal listed on the website came to $519.28 including the $85 installation charge. I knew there would be added fees for, at least, old tire disposal, + tax. I was expecting to get out the door for less than $600. So, I go there this morning. The manager said, "Sure, we can get you in after this tire repair." He went out and got the info he needed from my truck. I told him which tires I wanted and he had them in stock. Things are looking good.

    He starts off saying the total is well over $900!!! But, that includes an alignment. I said, "I don't need that, it was aligned yesterday." He asked, "where?" Huh? I told him and he said, "we will check it anyway and show you the readout." I said, "fine, but I don't want an alignment." So, then he quotes a lower price, without an alignment. Then he takes off the price of the 4th tire but were still in the $700 range. He said that includes Road Hazard. I said, "I don't want road hazard, I want the tires and installation, that's all I want." He tells me how wonderful Road Hazard is and I still say I don't want it. Then he tells me that buying Road Hazard is often the "kicker" for the sales prices, if you don't buy it, you don't get the sale price.

    I asked if that was the case here. He said he couldn't tell me, he was off for 2 weeks and just returned to work. There was another employee standing behind the counter also but he never said a word. The manager said "the way this works" is after the work is done and they ring up the transaction then the system decides what sale prices you may get depending on what you bought and what was done. I said, "do you can't give me a total price ahead of time?" He said, "I can give you a "ballpark amount!"" I told him no thanks and left.

    I went several miles down the road to an AutoZone to return the ball joint press I had borrowed from them. The manager there asked me how it had worked and what all I had done on my truck. I told him, and told him I had an alignment done and how the truck now drove like brand new. Then I told him I had been to Pep Boys to try and buy tires for it. His eyes got real big and he said I never deal with them anymore. Then he proceeded to tell me about his daughter taking in a '93 Geo Metro (3 cyl) for a tune-up and ended up paying over $600!!!

    Finally, I went to Walmart, about 1 mile from the Pep Boys for tires. The guy there told me exactly what the cost would be, didn't try to push extra sales, had the tires I wanted in stock (different brand than Pep Boys) and he could get to it in about 15 minutes. Walked around the store a bit, they called my name over the intercom and I went and paid exactly what was quoted. Easy, and no hassles.

    The point I am trying to make about Pep Boys, from my experience, and from several other folks I talked to today, is that they try to make you feel like you "need" additional parts or services; that you just don't understand what you really need, but they do! In 44 years of driving, I have never destroyed a tire that had to be replaced. I have gotten flats, which I repair myself. I have no desire, or need, to purchase Road Hazard insurance on a set of tires. If I do, somehow destroy a tire, I will buy a replacement. However, it is my choice and I base my decision on experience, not sales talk. If I don't want my front end aligned, that is my decision, whether it was aligned yesterday or 12 years ago.

    The employees at Pep Boys must work on commission. That is the only reason I can fathom as to why they push so hard to sell you things you don't really want, or need... So, that's my story. I got out of there while the getting was good and I will not go back to Pep Boys again. I strongly recommend you do some research before ever walking through their doors to buy tires or have repair work done.

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    Original review: July 24, 2017

    I would like to know why it costs more money to for a service that I am giving Pep Boys than it would if I bought the product on my own. I recently had a new compressor installed in my vehicle which cost $400.00 dollars when they installed it but it would only cost $250.00 if I purchased it in the store. This has to be illegal. I am paying them to do a service for me. This should be less expensive than if I were to fix the problem on my own. Something needs to be done about this.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2017

    Brought to an online-scheduled oil change appointment, a flyer and a coupon for $49 Mobile One Synthetic Oil change. Confirmed the $49 price with the service dept. guy, gave him the flyer and the coupon. When the work was finished (and the coupon applied), I was presented with a $74 bill, plus tax. I requested to talk to manager, but was denied. Instead, I was given a ridiculous offer to drain the filled oil and uninstall the filter, to receive a partial refund. Never was I in a situation like this before at any auto service place. Unacceptable is too soft a word for this.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2017

    On July 21, 2017, I tried to change oil and tire rotation Pep boys; they did oil change but did not rotate my tires. I went Pep Boys on 2992 Forest Ln Dallas, TX 75234. I complain the issue for manager but, he is not willing to do tire rotation. Rip off and liars! I complain customer service but they did not respond to me. I will not go anymore Pep boys. Rip off and liars!

    Original review: July 17, 2017

    My engine light was so I took it to Pep Boys (Stratford NJ) to have it checked out. They charged me $90 plus tax to run diagnostics, ok that is high but I needed to know what was going on. Of course they call and try to sell me a bunch of overpriced services so I declined and went to pick up the car. When I drove it home, it was much worse than when I bought in. Almost no power, runs much rougher than before and looks like they took a hammer to the engine. I called to complain and they said they would look at it right now, the car was not in the lot! I reminded the guy that we had drove it home and the car was not there so he wanted me to schedule another service visit! I paid $90 for Pep Boys to make my car worse, I will never bring another car back to these incompetent mechanics. Do not trust them with your car.

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    Original review: July 17, 2017

    Went to PB Jimmy Carter for oil change, before the day's end, I could not shift gears in my 5-speed at all. So, I demanded that they tow the car back to the shop and determine if they'd drained out the transaxle fluid or punctured something "by mistake," a practice which PB has been suspected of, along with the company lying about what need in order to upcharge or bait and switch. (Online reviews are so bad that PBs is undergoing a name change.) Regardless, the 1790 mgr. Ricardo, spoke to his mgr, Jeff, and they agreed to pay to Tow the car back in. They attempted to then show me proof that they'd made no error.

    Before this though, Ricardo claimed to have told me about a leak. That was my 4th conversation with the shop, after the oil change. That was ABSOLUTELY untrue. What is true, according to a mechanic I trust, is that the leak my guy found today in the slave cylinder was probably not caused by PB. My guy (Harris at Lilvurn Chevron) can't see a connection and HIM, I believe. So, since PB gave permission and paid to tow me to a transmission specialist (I chose a set of mechanics I have known forever vs. AAMCO). The fix is a $300 fix, and while I can't help wondering about such a coincidence and I will not return to PB, I believe that their mechanic, Alex, did not create the leak, especially since PB had nothing to gain as they do not do transmission repairs. I will apologize.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 30, 2017

    I had scheduled an appointment for my vehicle online in advance. I received confirmation on my appointment for June 24, 2017 at 9 AM. When I arrived for my appointment, service rep Brian stated that they do not have it. After I provided my tracking #** he located it but it was alleged canceled. I never canceled my appointment. Brian stated he could not accommodate me because they are overbooked. I complained to Pep Boys complaint department. Several days later, a regional manager contacted me by phone. All I received was excuses about their computer issues and not enough technicians. He apologized but NEVER CORRECTED the day I lost. I will never go to a Pep Boys again!!! To think I was a lifelong friend and rewards card member for decades. Shame on PEP BOYS INCORPORATED. APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED.

    Original review: June 30, 2017

    I ordered a tow hitch online from Pep Boys. I sold the vehicle before it arrived. It was no problem to send it back. But, getting the refund is like pulling teeth!! It has been two weeks and I still haven't been refunded for the part. I called them and they told me three business days not counting weekends. It’s been past the three business days so I called them. They said I should have it by the end of the day... two days later still no refund!! So I call them again... they said 5-7 business days. Well it’s past that and still no refund... I'm still waiting for the refund. I gave up calling them. It does no good at all... I will never buy anything from Pep Boys ever again!!

    Original review: June 25, 2017

    I already had a light bulb for my car. They wanted $44 to put a light bulb on my car. What a joke and so I left the store. This is the store on Elmwood Ave in Buffalo NY.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 24, 2017

    I used Pep Boys services for 3 times. Last time I went to get oil change, brakes checked and to make diagnostics for check engine light. It took 1 hour to give me the results and not even change the oil. He came with a bill of almost 1 thousand dollars to change my brakes pads and rotors, filters, fuel cap and change the oil. I refused the brake service. Changed the oil, fuel cap and filters. It took 3.5 hours to get it done despite my requests to have it done in a manner time. At the end, my car had the seat completely dirt with hand marks. I complained, they cleaned.

    When I left the store I noticed the check engine light was still on. I had to go back for them to reset it. They said it was the fuel cap. I went to Brakes Plus, they said my brakes pads had 80% remaining yet. Unbelievable Pep Boys was trying to get my money. I re-changed the fuel cap to the old one, and it worked fine. Possibly it was loose after putting gas and the light went on. On Pep Boys they didn't check but recommended me to buy their fuel cap to solve the problem. Why would you lie so much to get some money? I was making all my services on Pep Boys, they were my place to go. Now I cannot trust them anymore.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 21, 2017

    Lafayette Road Location Indianapolis - Liars and Cheats. This location has a service manager - Dave who is all about jacking up your bill. I purchased a battery from them 4 years ago with a warranty. My car would not start, I called Triple A. They ran a scan - charging system fine (alternator) while battery bad. I drove straight to Pep Boys due to the fact I had a battery warranty with the old manager - who was decent. Mind you I also had my rotors and breaks replaced *500.00, in September 16. They made a noise and had to be replaced in January 2017 then AGAIN! March 2017. They just replaced them again last week (June 17th). All replacements at no cost to me.

    But this last round of replacement a new manager Dave tried to make me pay for the rear ones that needed to be replaced. He stated that these ones have "hot spots" and it was how I drive. I only put 302 miles since the last annoying 3rd no charge replacement in March. They finally agreed to cover them - however my battery dies a week later. I knew I had a warranty and since (thank GOD) Triple A did a scan that DAY, I knew it was a battery issue. Dave tells me it was my alternator and would cost over $350.00 - Apparently trying to make up the loss for Pep Boys after market crap rotors and brake pads that had top be replaced 3 times at their cost! Dave had a print out of their "scan" for my electrical system, the graphs show that my charging system (Alternator) is fine - battery weak - but they had typed in at that bottom the opposite.

    I found what the graphs meant when I took it to my dealer and he explained what they meant and showed. My battery was the issue. Terminal connectors has corrosion on them as well as the battery tested as weak. I can not use my warranty on my existing battery as I can't trust Pep Boys, I even told Dave when I went in that I did not want to pay for a scan - which I did not pay for - yet he did it only to try and screw me out of $400.00. I also am having to have the dealer check my rotors and breaks. I have also called a lawyer friend and will be filing a small claims suit. NEVER EVER go to this location. I wonder now if all Pep Boys are cheats now.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2017

    They sent email say my order was ready so I called and they said it was ready. I went to the store for the second time to get my order. When I got there the wanna be manager said they didn't have my order and then actually cancelled my order in store while I was standing there and wasn't going to do anything about my time and trouble, gas, all the above and had acted like it was my fault.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 13, 2017

    Upon paying the bill, I discover some charges I was unaware of: a. A $40 Lifetime Limited Warranty had been added to the alternator without my knowledge/consent, b. A $31.52 Limited Extended Labor Warranty had been added to the cost of installing the alternator without my consent/knowledge. I go back to the service center to get my money back from the warranties I didn’t want. And here’s what I was told: a. The $40 is included in the cost of the alternator but it’s just expensed out on the bill. Sounds reasonable at first, but that makes the alternator $354.63. If this is the case, why was I quoted $314.63? b. The $31.52 is included in the cost of labor… it’s not expensed that way on the bill.

    I question the manager further about this and he admits that it’s not part of the labor. He tells me that he can’t take that warranty off the ticket because the ticket has already been closed… proceeds to offer me two crappy oil change vouchers. And here’s the worst part: The part number is listed on the bill so I went to pepboys.com and looked up that part. On their very own website, the EXACT same alternator is listed as $202.99 with the Lifetime Limited Warranty INCLUDED. I was quoted and charged $314.63 for the alternator plus $40 for the warranty. I question the outrageous discrepancy about the price of the alternator. I was told that he could do nothing about this and that the price on pepboys.com is the “DIY” price; apparently having the service center provide it (FROM THEIR OWN STORE) costs an upcharge of what appears to be $150.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 8, 2017

    On April 15th I was on my way to Home Depot when I notice that the ABS light was on my truck (2002 trailblazer) so I stopped at Pep Boys which was in my way to ask someone there to do a diagnostic on what might have cause this light to come on. While I waited I noticed that a gentleman in the working area was taking off the tires of my truck so I went over to ask him why is he taking off my tires as I am not here to do any work on my truck. He claim that he had to go in through the tire to see where the problem was.

    After about an hour and a half this guy whom I spoke to when I first came in, which was about 10:10 am had this long list of what the truck needed. I said to him, "Sir, as I said before I'm not here to do any work of such now, just let me know about the ABS light". He said he thinks a bulb was blown and he replaced it for 135.00 along with the diagnostic which I paid. He then told me the truck was ready. This is where the nightmare started.

    I took the keys, went in the truck to drive it and instead of the 1 ABS light I now see 3 lights, service engine soon and low power engine. The truck had no power to drive! I went back inside to ask if when he brought out the truck he didn't see that the truck could not drive. Those workers broke my truck, the computer and anything else that could go wrong, and had the audacity to tell me they did not do anything to the truck. I stayed home for a whole week, could not go to work as I was literally trapped at home. I stayed all day until 8:30 pm and had to beg a ride to go home as they had my truck for a whole week with every day promises.

    I ended up paying almost 800.00 for a damage I did not cause and the ABS light is still on, never got fixed. As a consumer how do you as a company see the injustice that was done by people who you employ that has no clue how to diagnose a simple light! I would like to be fully compensated for every penny I spent in your business! There is something really wrong going on here, so many people with similar complaints, no good at all! That is the worst experience I've ever had in my 62 years of life! "Your mission statement is People taking care of people and their cars".

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2017

    I have received e-mail from Pep boys with a coupon that state: If I do conventional oil change or synthetic oil change I get free tire rotation. When I came to Pep Boys to do the oil change I requested conventional oil change with the free tire rotation as coupon stated. The service man told me I can not get free tire rotation with conventional oil change and can get it only with synthetic oil change. I showed him the coupon and he admit that I entitled to free tire rotation but his computer tells him otherwise, he later override the computer and did it. This is false advertising by Pep Boys and a fraud.

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    Original review: May 31, 2017

    Total disaster, I was quoted one price over the phone and when I selected tires and signed form to start purchase of tires and alignment. My friend who ordered the same exact tires and service two hours after me plus 5 other patrons all were complaining at the end of the day when all the cars seem to be ready at once. We were charged almost $200 more than quoted. After arriving home one wheel cover was missing. Another came off when I lighted tug at it with no effort at all on my part.

    I just purchased new wheel covers at a large cost to me. There was black smudges everywhere with no consideration to trying to customers clean up afterwards. My car didn't feel like it was aligned correctly. I am going to have to bring it to a new mechanic to correct the mess and buy new wheel covers. All the patrons were left with one employee who acted as if he didn't know what happened as he only said "I didn't write up the receipt". It was a total scam job. The Pep Boys located in N. Miami Beach, FL.

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    Original review: May 30, 2017

    Ordered an Accordion Sunshade for $40 online about one month ago and I love, love it. EXCEPT... the piece that connects to the window (even bought some gorilla tape for high temperatures) has since fallen off and I cannot locate it anywhere. I called the store in SLC, UT and they were not able to replace the shade unless I brought it into the store, which is a 5-hour drive one way. They refused to send me the little plastic part on its own. Completely unsatisfactory. So I am left to my own accord to fabricate something to connect the now useless shade that is stuck to the right side of my window. Yea Pep Boys.

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    Original review: May 26, 2017

    Driving from Florida to Orange Beach, AL the engine overheated 2 miles from Orange Beach. Called Pep Boys, he said "bring the car." Upon arrival he said it will take about 2 days. I rented a car, he called me 2 days later and said the engine had a cracked head or possibly a cracked block. THE BILL WAS $799... He said they do not repair that problem, but, he has a buddy in Robertsdale, Alabama that can fix the problem. Not feeling good about his recommendations, I hired a tow truck to haul the car back home ($490) Chrysler/Jeep dealership. The service manager said he will address the problem ASAP. The next DAY he called me to tell me the Jeep is ready to pick up. I pick up the Jeep, with NO CHARGE to find that PEP BOYS FORGOT TO BLEED THE AIR OUT OF THE COOLING SYSTEM. I did address this with Pep Boys and have not received a call from the corporate office. STAY AWAY, YOU WILL BE SORRY.

    Original review: May 24, 2017

    I was referred to Pep Boys and expected to receive good service. I pulled in, told and showed the mechanic a hose that my son replaced just so I could make it to the shop. The truck was overheating (probably because the hose was busted). I received a phone call stating that I needed a thermostat $300. Within a month, my truck overheated again and was towed back to the same location. I receive a call that my hose need replacing $600+.

    Well, I don't believe I needed a thermostat in the first place. I do not appreciate the mechanics ignoring my first visit, clearly they did since they did not replace the hose when I asked them to. I feel being a woman, they are taking advantage of and ignoring me. I truly believe I did not need a thermostat and if they had replaced the hose like I asked, I would not have had to return. Now, I can't get through to corporate to have them waive the cost of the thermostat, that I clearly DID NOT NEED. I am disappointed with the Pep Boys Organization. My original receipt with the order number is in the truck but I was at 7525 SW Fwy, Hou., TX 77074 in April 11, 2017. 2011 Tahoe.

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    Original review: May 23, 2017

    Took my recently purchased car in to replace 4 tires in February 2017. I sent the district mgr photos of the wheels that were damaged when the tech failed to remove the wheel weights and spun them around the wheel edge, which scratched the wheels. It's 4 months and they still ignore my claim. I have continuously called and texted the district mgr who blames the corporate offices for the delays. I JUST WANT MY CAR BACK THE WAY IT WAS, NO DAMAGE ON THE WHEELS! They don't care about their customers, I think it's time to go to court since this car was spotless and has been parked waiting to get the wheels refinished. Why should I pay to fix something that they did? They just want your money and won't stand behind their work.

    Pep Boys expert review by Lauren Fix

    Pep Boys started in Philadelphia in 1921 when four friends started a business to meet the growing demand for automobile parts. Almost 25 years later, the company opened its first service center. Today, they have over 800 locations across the United States and in Puerto Rico.

    • Sales: Customers can visit Pep Boys’ website or visit a store to pick up weekly and monthly ads to see the sale prices for items and services. They can also print coupons to use in the store.
    • Rewards program: Pep Boys’ free reward program gives members some free services and a variety of discounted services, including reduced-fee towing to a Pep Boys location. Members earn points on every purchase they make at Pep Boys, which can be spent of future services or products.
    • Online resources: Those interested in DIY car maintenance can visit Pep Boys’ website to learn about how to buy a variety of parts for their vehicles, how to perform repairs themselves and how to determine what is wrong with their car.
    • Price match: Pep Boys will match the advertised price of any item sold by or similar service performed by a competitor.
    • Online scheduling: Customers can schedule a service center appointment online. Same day appointments are often available.
    • Best for: Pep Boys offers products and services to meet most consumers’ needs, whether they want to perform their own vehicle maintenance or have a professional do it.
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