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I scheduled online for oil change. My wife arrived before time and she was told she had to wait for two hours in addition to thirty minutes for the oil change. When she indicated to Associate that she made an appointment, he rudely indicated that the systems online do not have their schedule and they cannot honor the schedule. The 10 minutes oil change we do at other places ended up being three hours.

Took my car to get alignment. Went back to pick up car. My door handle was broken. Called the manager and he said the camera shows it was already broken. I say LIE. I want to see the video. He said he doesn't have to show video. I would've appreciated "we did it my bad". Plus I don't think they did a good job aligning the car. They talk more than they work that's why they so expensive taking long assuming is a lot of work.

The Pep Boys in Coral Springs is worse than the DMV. The Pep Boys in Coral Springs is worse than Hell. The Pep Boys in Coral Springs is worse than the DMV in Hell. If I never had to return to this Pep Boys again, I wouldn't. But when I paid to have new parts put into my vehicle, and then they break after four months, I have to go back. In April I got a brand new alternator. Two days ago, the alternator broke. Okay, that's frustrating, I just got one from Pep Boys. I call out of my Tuesday shift at work to go to Pep Boys on Wednesday at 11 (I was early for my noon appointment), they said they would call me after they evaluated the car. I receive a call around 12:45 and they inform me that my battery won't hold a charge and they will call me when they switch it out. THREE hours later, I call THEM. "Oh, let me go check on that". Um, excuse me? A battery takes FIVE minutes to switch out.

They now are telling me that it was the alternator and it's covered under warranty and will be ready by six. Okay, frustrating, again. So, I sit at Pep Boys until 8:30 AT NIGHT, when they tell me that Victor doesn't know how to change my alternator. They tell me that it will be the first car that Victor sees the next day when he arrives at noon! WHAT? Victor does not know how to do it, let alone my car should be the FIRST car seen the next day, no? Yes, you read that right. Victor the "Mechanic" was not able to figure out how to change my alternator in the 8 hours it was in his bay. So here I am, in the middle of a dark Florida city, and I have to walk home. On the walk I call my boss and tell him that, yet again, I cannot come into work. Did my boss believe me when I said a mechanic could not figure out a way to fix an alternator? Probably not.

So I make my way to Pep Boys at 8 am the next day and the morning manager Juan ** was not aware of the situation at all even though my car was left suspended in the first bay overnight. Juan tells me it will be ready by 10 am. I arrive at 10 am and finally! A “mechanic” knew how to change the alternator! But, there was another part which I needed. Or did I? As a young girl, I am not always aware of the severity of auto problems. Juan probably screwed me over in that sense as well. I could be understanding if one of these bumps in the road occurred during a visit. But all of this? I missed two whole days of work for a job that should have taken less than half of what it did. Because of the Pep Boys incompetent managers, unskilled mechanics, and under-stocked store, I had to drop a class this semester. Thank you, Pep Boys, for altering my academic career.

Maybe I should become a manager at Pep Boys because obviously that doesn't require an education. (P.S. Pay people like Benjamin more. Seriously. He deals with the ** that the “Mechanics” cause. I WISH I remembered the name of the night manager, it was something like Asif, or Atif, or Afis. Not the most helpful man, but he had a slightly better personality than Juan).

We purchased a set of tires in Nov 2013 that were rated for 60K miles. We had the tires on my truck for just under 3 years and they had less than 30K miles on them. My truck started riding rough, then rougher and rougher. My husband looked at the tires and you could clearly feel a couple large bulges. He took the truck up to Pep Boys and advised him the truck was riding rough to please inspect all of the tires and check the tie rod ends. In 1 hour, they said there was nothing wrong with the tires that is where they were put together by the manufacturer.

My husband told him there was no way, the truck rides rough like you are riding horse down the road. They insisted the tires were good and sent us on our way. They never checked the tie rod ends. He went back home, pulled the tires, checked the wheel bearings and the tie rod ends. The tie rod ends had very little play but he replaced them anyway. Then we went and had an alignment at Firestone and asked them to check the one tire we knew was problematic. The guy said he thought a separation issue was occurring (which is what we thought).

So we went back to Pep Boys and were told the exact same thing. That is where the tire is put together. "I've been doing this for 37 years and I know that is where they were put together." I told him that I've driven the truck for 16 years and it's always been a smooth ride until the last 2 weeks and it just keeps getting rougher and rougher. I told the guy I have the kids in the car all the time and it's important to me to have good tires on the car. Unsatisfied the way this was handled, we took the car to the next closest Pep Boys and we were told we have 3 tires separating. I've always rotated my tires and keep proper air in them. I think the tires had a manufacture defect. I've never had 1 tire separate much less 3 of 4 brand new tire with less than 30K miles on them. Pep Boys only solution was to buy a new set of tires.

We called corporate - that was a joke. My husband asked the guy at corporate if everything was documented just in case he had to call back. The guy on the phone at corporate said yes. However, he never asked my husbands name, phone number, which Pep Boys location, etc. The guy referred us back to the manager at the store. Anyway, there was no way around it and ended up spending $500 on another set of tires which was the best price we could work the numbers down at the store.

My friend car oil was leaked and I went to Pep Boys, Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ to repair the car on Sept 05, 2016. Technician diagnosed the problem and told me that car oil gasket and sensor were bad and needed to replace and gave me $461 bill and I authorized to them. When car was ready to pick up I paid the full amount. When I made a full payment and came to car, oil was leaking worst than before. Same time I showed to Robert Pep Boy manager. He told me "drop the car and we will again diagnosed the problem." After diagnosed the problem they told me oil pan has a crack and is needed to replace. They asked the extra money to pay $419.01. I asked "why you are charging too much money and replace the oil pan with the previous paid money." They refused and I have no option and forcely I have to fixed up the car. They were very rude and forcing me to pay $416. It is not fair.

If you see the customer review then you can see how they mislead to customer and charged extra money. Total they charge from me $877. If Pep Boys representative rude with the customer and charged more money and refused to listen to customer. That is very very bad. Please look into the facts and refund $461 to me. If you need information you can reach my cell or email.

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Pep Boys is a dishonest company that sells and install parts that are a lesser quality than original parts in the vehicle. They repaired my car front brakes in 2015 and in 2016 I needed new front brakes and pads. The rear brakes needed pads and rotors; we had them repair it in March 2016 and two months later, the brakes were squeaking and needed replacement.

They are dishonest with the consumer and their mechanics are careless. I had them replace the sway bar and bushing and bearings; the next day I heard some knocking noise when I went over bumps. Took the car back to them and of course they found the source, apparently the bushing that is around the differential is loose; now I never had this issue before they replaced the sway bar, bushings and bearings and all they could say is "we don't have a mechanic with transmission experience" and we can refer you to AAMCO Transmission and offer me a free oil change after I spent $759.19 for them to fix the sway bar; bushing and bearings.

I am a very dissatisfied consumer and will do everything I can do so the next person is not robbed hundreds of dollars for repair work that will not last one (1) year. I'm going to their corporate office; they should refund me at least 1/2 of the money I spent because the car did not have a knocking noise when I brought it to them. I used them because I could not get my car to the dealer and it needed repair work immediately. Signed, A Very Dissatisfied Consumer.

I have ask to replace exhaust manifold gasket for my 1996 Ford Explorer. Instead of fixing gotten worse because the sound coming from my exhaust manifold got more noisier before I took it to Pep Boys King of Prussia. They charge me $700 (total amount of job discount deducted) then they called me and said that they have to put parts cause they break it and I have to pay for that. So I let it pass as long as they will be able to fix the problem. By the time I pick up my truck and start the engine, I was so pissed because it was so noisy like a tractor and they ** my A/C. No cold air blowing though everything is working fine before taking it to them. I only ask for 1 job to fix but that was a biggest mistake I ever made. I will never get anything done from Pep Boys shop.

So here is another thing, I order item online last Aug. 5, 2016 but I never received it. They help me put a claim to get my refund but until now I still didn't get my refund because they still have to wait FEDEX to response. They hold my money for long without getting my order and still didn't get refund. Now still making me wait until they response. What kind of service is this?

I had to get A/C done in my car the beginning of August. Asking service manager if ALL parts were in stock I was told YES. I went to Waldorf to get compressor in person so it wouldn't take days I thought. 4 days later 3 extra trips to other parts store (1200.00 Pep boys price only) I got my air. 9 days later my tie rods wouldn't pass inspection so back to Pep Boys since last year they replaced defective one, yes only 1. Having no choice and told only 1 tie rod would not be charged so 2 tie rods, alignment and $105 of labor ($276) of which took 10 minutes to put in. No air in building during this time of 90 degree plus also.

On Sunday I lose my facing behind right wheel in driveway that wasn't attached by Pep Boys tech. If I have lost it chewed up I am back to Pepboys. Same week starter dies 4 blocks from them so I am towed by 11am. At 130pm when I arrive nothing done. My phone calls I was told they were getting to it by 1230. $326 later at 345pm I am done. Was told come Friday same week to get cover on. Show up at 730am and no part. No communication of this. Could have been updated on Tuesday. Friday (Sept 2) afternoon manager calls me to make sure correct part was ordered (was told on Monday am he had it ordered). Not so. Now I am out of 7 days of my time extra money that if correctly done would correctly wouldn't have happen. I called to report this and got claim number.

On Saturday (Sept 3) was told by customer care it was closed from manager. Problem resolved. I told them NO ONE TOLD OR CALLED ME REGARDING THIS and I have not agreed to resolution. I now want his manager and not to close this without talking to me. I now will take my care back to Norfolk and get it fixed there for major work. After 16 years I have NO FAITH IN PEP BOYS. I ask manager could they clean up some. Every time I am there as the store is dirty, hot, and bathrooms are nasty, trash is always running barrels outside, most employees stay on cell phones facebooking, customers wait for cashier to get to front to check them out. So do they really care for you as a customer and take pride in service.

On Monday, 8/29 we dropped off our 2000 Jeep Wrangler to have a simple oil change. After the car was dropped off, an hour or so later I received a phone call from Jim, the assistant manager at your Dacula, GA location, suggesting to me that some suspension work was needed to correct some “play” in the steering wheel. I agreed with Jim and gave him the o.k. to complete the suspension work. Because they had to order parts on 8/29, we were told the car would not be ready until Tuesday, 8/30. We were fine with Pep Boys keeping our car overnight on Monday so the work could be completed on Tuesday.

We contacted Pep Boys throughout the day on Tuesday, 8/30 and we were told the car was still be “worked on”. The Dacula Pep Boys location closes around 7:00pm, so we called around 6:00 pm on 8/30 to see if the car was ready, but we were told the car would have to be test-driven to make sure the suspension work was fixed and working properly. At 6:45pm, we contacted them again only to find out that the mechanic at your location took the car out for a test drive, but the car “died” on the middle of a busy road. We have never had any issues with our Jeep “dying” and especially while in drive. Jim told me they would have to keep the car overnight once again to determine why the Jeep died. Of course, my wife and I were starting to get nervous being that it was day #2 and something was wrong with our vehicle.

Yesterday, 8/31, Jim contacted me around 9:00 am letting me know that he had bad news. When the mechanic took our Jeep out for the test drive the night before, they did something wrong that caused all of the oil to fall out of the engine while the car was in drive. Because of this, the engine was destroyed! He told me that he would have to replace the engine and he authorized me to pick up a rental car from Enterprise Rental in Lawrenceville, GA. Before I picked up the rental car around 5:00 pm yesterday, I called Jim from my cell phone to get a status on my Jeep. He told me that the old motor was almost out of the Jeep and a new motor was coming from your plant in Indianapolis and would be delivered today.

I had a horrible experience with Pep Boys. I went to the location in their Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst New York. They charge me $197 just for headlights of a Saturn Vue. They said that it was going to take an hour. I went with my girlfriend to have this done because I had no other choice but to get them replaced because I had no Night Lights. For a simple fix which would take them 5-10 minutes they made me wait. I ask them "why does it cost so much" and they told me "because of the time that it takes to put them it in." What was $140 labor and only $14 for just the part plus tax.

I return a hour and a half they were still working on my car. There was only one mechanic on hand. I don't understand when I made an appointment for 5 p.m. and I was there at 4:45 p.m. I should have been taken right away. At the time I arrived there were several mechanics on hand and they were in parking lot just talking not doing a thing. I have to say I feel they took advantage of me. The person at the register said because the Saturn Vue made by GM was a specialty car that they had to charge that much. It's American made car. I am just appalled, upset. Just advising other people.

I recently visited the Pep Boys store on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, Pa 17050, between 4-5pm. I went to this store on August 14th, 2016 to inquire about a part I needed for my car. Upon walking in, I headed for the Service/Tire area, as I was unsure of where to ask about this part. Three computers, three different clerks, one person in front of me. The man in front of me was helped fast enough... and then I just stood there and waited anxiously for my turn. As more time passed by and more associates came and went, I began to ask myself why I was still standing there, unassisted. More associates came out from the service area, noticed me, and continued on without acknowledging me.

Another ten minutes went by before, finally, someone spoke to me. I asked the very simple question I had now waiting 15 minutes to ask, "who do I speak to about finding a car part?" I was told to go straight back to 'Parts.' It felt great knowing I had been ignored for so long, in the wrong place. Brushing this off, I walked to the back of the store where the parts section was. Three computers, zero clerks. Perhaps they were all busy ignoring others in the Service section, who am I to say. So, again, I stood and waited.

After yet another ten minutes, I began to pace back and forth like a caged tiger, looking down the long rows of high shelved parts I might never get the chance to inquire about; waiting, waiting for anyone to come help me. I began to reminisce about all the other car part stores I had passed on my way to the renowned Pep Boys. After another ten minutes of the staff's complete absence, I gave up. After waiting in various places for twenty-five minutes, for the help that was never to come, I walked out of the store.

While this email is obviously filled with light hearted ribbing, I am actually quite displeased with my experience in this store. I've worked in customer service for years and it's really sad to go to a store and receive no service at all. And honestly, I'll probably never go back to this store. I don't do a ton of car work, but when I do, I'll be taking my service elsewhere.

I have been going to Pep boys in Pittsburgh PA, Pleasant Hills, Clairton Blvd for about 4 Yrs for repairs on my 2002 Grand Am GT. I have had Brakes, Starter, Exhaust System, Inspections, Tire rods, and other work done. I have to say that all work done was very Professional and Outstanding. The price was very comparable to other places around. The service manager, David **, was very polite and would work with you to get the best option and deal for the work being done on my car. I will continue to Patronize this Pep boys for service and parts in the future.

On the date of August 6th, 2016, I received a ride from a Pep Boys towing truck at about 12:34 PM. I arrived at the San Pedro location in San Antonio, TX shortly after. I was having problems with my turning signal and shortage of headlights. My battery had went dead the night before so I was trying to handle it as best as I could. First off, the clerk told me a false time. He said that it would only be an hour wait. I ended up waiting until almost 6:00 PM until the service was done. Mind you, I took a half day of work off just to get this process taken care of. No one bothered to check and see if my car was being tended to or anything of the sort.

Finally, the workers tried to jumpstart my car in order to get a good enough boost to get a new battery from the initial shop that I received it from, Goodyear. The charge would not stay, so I payed for a battery from Pep Boy's shop, as well as the installation charges. When that was done, one of the workers noticed that my driver's side tires were low. He asked did I want to change them out. I asked how bad were they, and he claimed that they were fine for now, but recommended to change them in a few months at the latest. I complied and said that air was fine for now because I had already spent a lot for brake pad installation a few weeks back as well at the same location. The air for the tires was free of charge. After the air was input into the tires, I headed home to visit my kids before taking off to a get together at a coworker's house. I stayed until about a little past midnight and decided to head back to my house.

While on the road, I felt a strange pull on my side of the car. Shortly afterwards, my back tire exploded and popped off. After that my front tire exploded as well which turned my car around 360 degrees in three spins. I pulled over to the side afterwards. I highly recommend that no one considers Pep Boy's for any service issues pertaining to their vehicles. My life was in danger, and anyone else's could have been as well. I'm traumatized by this whole experience and I hope no one will have to go through the same thing that I have. Please heed my warning. This is not a good business. They do not care about anything but profit. Lives are not of the highest priority at all.

First, let me explain our current situation. I am moving from NYC to LA. With me are my sister, a friend, and an English bulldog. In case you did not know, English Bulldogs do not do well in the heat and can collapse and die from exhausted if exposed to heat for a prolong time. Here is the issue: AC broke down right as we got to Nashville. Pep Boys in Nashville said we needed to replace the AC compressor. They first said they had the part, then said they don't have the part, then said they ordered the part and we had to wait a day. The following day I arrived and they informed me that the part was not placed and that I'd have to wait 5 hours for the part to arrive. When we finally got the AC compressor, I was informed that there was a part in the compressor that does not match my car and would have to wait another 45 minutes to have it rushed over.

After two days, the compressor was installed and we left Nashville. (It took two days to resolve to issue and $1100!) After 30 minutes of driving leaving from Nashville the AC stopped working. We called up Pep Boys in Nashville and we were told to go to Little Rock AR to fix issue free of charge. We got to Little Rock late at night because the fix in Nashville took forever and we were forced to stay in a motel and wait for Pep Boys in Little Rock to open. Went to Pep Boys in the morning. We were told that they do not have anyone available to fix the car and that we should drive to Oklahoma City (5 hr drive with no AC) and that they are going to fix the issue once we arrive. We arrived in Pep Boys in OK city and were told we are not scheduled and that their mechanic is gone until Tuesday.

After explaining our situation, they attempted to fix the issue on the spot. The issue was due to the compressor PSI being too high causing a valve to be closed. They set the correct PSI and the AC in the car worked... for 12 hours. The next day the AC stopped working. We drove through 3 states in the month of August with no AC. We still have to drive through NM, Arizona, and Nevada. Driving in the heat with no AC with a dog is unacceptable. I would advise anyone to avoid getting your car fixed at any of the locations at all cost. Their mechanics do not seem capable or knowledgeable. If parts are needed they are incredibly slow to get and the labor hours are incredibly expensive. There is obviously no communications between stores.

I attempted to call customer relation at their 1800 number. No one picked up, even during business hours. When I attempted to leave a message, the mailbox was full (Shows you how many people called to complain). I will be going to the Pep Boys in Albuquerque to demand a refund or for them to pay for an outside mechanic to fix my AC. I will update this soon.

I guess I should have learned... I've had issues before with Pep Boys service/mechanics. Today was no different. I brought my daughter's car [2007 mini cooper] in for a simple oil change. After paying for it they gave me the key. I go to parking lot and drive away. About 2 minutes into my drive home, I smell burning oil. No real big surprise. I've changed oil on many cars over the yrs... sometimes oil spills on the motor or exhaust. So I thought it was natural and would burn off. The smell got worse as I kept driving. By the time I got home, about 10 minutes later and stopped my car smoke was coming from under the hood and the smell was unbearable bad burnt oil. I opened the hood... a good amount of light smoke which eventually cleared away... I then noticed and was just freaking crazy pissed. Within about 2 minutes or so I had about 1/4 quart of oil under the nose of the car. The motor around the oil filter was completely soaked.

I then was appalled when I looked up the street a semi-solid line of oil going all the way up the street. I followed it to my corner. My house is approx. 800' from the corner the trail of oil then turned my corner and continued all the way from the direction I came from Pep Boys. I went home and got in my car. I backtracked it about a mile. Before I got so disgusted I went back home. Checked the oil on the dipstick - none to be found and bad burnt smell. I got back into my car... went back to Pep Boys. I went first to where my car was parked 30 minutes prior. Lo and behold there was a pool of oil there too - about 1/4 quart or more and there was this oil trail starting at this pool of oil leading out of the parking lot going the way I just went home.

I was fuming. I went inside, told the manager what his stupid mechanics had done and to go outside and look. I then showed him photos I took at home of all the oil on the ground at my house. He told me I should just bring the car back. I demanded it be flat bedded at their expense. I'm not driving it. There is no oil left in the motor. I will call Pep Boys corporate come Monday morning. I've tried to give them a couple of chances with past screw ups by their mechanics but this is the last straw. I'm done with their kiddie mechanics who don't give a ** about my car or anyone else's. I am also going to call Dept of Consumer Affairs. I have many photos now... pictures don't lie.

I came into the store (71 S. Semoran Blvd) because I had a battery issue and they told me my battery was completely dead while accusing me of having my battery sit in my car for long periods of time which in fact is completely false cause as a full-time college student and working full time, I only have one car. Then they told me it would take a little over an hour for them to charge the battery for them to be able to test the battery. So I dropped off the battery appx 6:15 pm, came back at 7:20 and my battery test still wasn't ready. Finally they told me my battery needed to be replaced but they were telling me I had to drive all the way to the location on Powers Dr to do a warranty exchange cause I didn't have my receipt.

I requested them to call the store and after minutes of hesitation they finally called and got my receipt information. The manager then continued to ask me who installed the battery in the first place and I responded by saying Pep Boys installed it cause I don't know how to. So he responded by saying, "Oh well I install my own batteries." I have never felt so belittled in my life. Being at this location made me feel extremely comfortable and I would never go back here again. I finally received my battery at 8:01 pm after all the drama. While the manager continued to give me attitude up until the point of me exiting the building.

Went to Pep Boys in East Norriton for state inspection of a one year old vehicle. When completed, the stickers were placed on my windshield in front of my steering wheel. I complained to the store manager that it impairs my vision, and just put them in the same place they were before. The manager refused (his name is Mark), and started to aggressively argue with me and parents and wife that this was against the law and he started to use foul language in front of us. We don't told him his professionalism and conduct was inappropriate, and we told him we are not going back here anymore. He stated that we were now threatening him. But, then decided to take in the car, and move the sticker so it was not in the way. Well, he put it back in the same exact place over the steering wheel, and still charged us.

What is worse, is that he made us wait for 1.5 hours for the vehicle, and he kept the engine on the whole time deliberately wasting my gas. I had a full tank when I took it in, and only 3/4 tank when I picked it up. This guy is a psycho, and I will never go back to this place. I also lodged a complaint with Pep Boys customer service, but they are also refusing to do anything for me as they are only listening to whatever the store manager says. I will never go back to Pep Boys, and nobody else should either. If they are smart, they will fire this animal as soon as possible because he will make them lose business over the long run. If they don't, I hope their service shop goes out of business as they don't have anything but a bunch of amateurs and wise guys running their business and working in their shop.

Anyway, a different mechanic moved the stickers to the appropriate place, and now I can see while I drive now. It took the new mechanic 10 minutes to give me new stickers and went over the placement of stickers with me very carefully using good customer service skills. I will go back to that mechanic. Customer service seems like such an easy thing, except for Pep Boys.

It's just a waste of time, since they never keep their promises. And they always tell you to do something extra, such as alignment, power steering and/or brake fluid flush, etc. I just want to say: Never go to Pep Boys.

I booked through online and when I arrived the store and it seemed busy. And they said no time for my appointment. I wasted time and gas. The traffic was bad to get the store and I got shocked with how they handle customers. Don't go the store. It will be terrible experience. If you want to go there really then don't book through online and wait few hours there.

I set up an appointment for noon the next day. When I arrived I was informed that the tires I had ordered and charged to my card for $177.00 had not arrived and would not for several more days. I was however informed that for a few dollars more I could have them today for a slightly more. $378.00 more exactly. Mind you, these are tires for a late 90's Sedan and not a competition 4x4 race truck.

I went in for an oil change, tire rotation and balance and to have a head light bulb replaced. They came out with I need a power steering flush and transmission fluid replaced. Also an alternator belt. Grand total almost $500.00. Told them, "No, just go with what was scheduled." Later they came back with a new headlight bulb but had to special ordered it at 180.00. I checked out an hour and a half later with a bill for 105.09. Oil change and air filter. Tire balance and rotation I had already purchased.

Upon arrival at home I viewed my receipt. I was charged for a bulb they did not put in and waited another hour today. Dear Robert did come out and told me they had broken the handle on the driver's side door. They would order it and replace it free of charge tomorrow. Great. Another day wasted at Pep Boys. I was refunded my money for the bulb $34.99 bringing the bill down but was told it was the bulb costing $180.00. Told him no and I was displeased with Pep Boys. He told me Pep Boys did not need my business. Suppose what the one Robert **'s paycheck would look like where he's to tell all his customers that. I would not recommend Pep Boys unless you have plenty of money and are prepared to wait and have rude service.

I would like to acknowledge Eric the manager and Richard from the service department. I was traveling from Cincinnati Oh when we had a tire blow out on 75. We entered the store frustrated. Am very stressed out in seek of assistance with our repair after being broke down on the interstate for several hours. These 2 men went above and beyond the expectations we expected with assisting us prompt service to be back on the road safely. They were very polite and mostly very understanding unlike the other assistance from surrounding locations. If there were more service like this customer complaints would be at a minimum. So thank you Eric and Richard from Marietta Ga. You guys rock.

Great customer service Store 0835. I worked with a guy called Hector at the store 0835 and I honestly can say he went above and beyond to make sure my car was fixed on time and done properly. I highly recommend you visit this store location in Matteson, Illinois. They are top-notch professionals.

I went to Pep Boys to have a new sensor put in my tire and to have an NYS inspection performed on my car. About 1 hour later I received a call that I failed inspection and that it would be about $950.00 to fix. This included my rear brakes, front coil springs, windshield wipers, and the sensory. Due to my lack of knowledge on cars I get worried I am getting screwed. So before agreeing to these repairs I called a few friends. A friend said that it is difficult to break the coil springs and that seemed a little weird. Pep Boys had to call the dealership to get the coil springs to be replaced. In doing so the make and model of my car needed to be said. Turns out there is a recall on my car for this exact problem. I was told by the dealership they would have disclosed this information to Pep Boys, but Pep Boys tried to charge me anyway.

Fortunately, I declined the services except for the sensor because my tire could only hold air for about a day, and I needed it. I scheduled my appt with Nissan to get the recall fixed. But what do you think happened when I went out to my car the next day? My tire was flat. After calling multiple Pep Boys and being hung up on by the first I found out that the person working on my car put the sensor in the wrong tire and replaced a full functioning one. So now with me being late to my appt with the dealership because I now have to put air in my tire, I'm livid. When I get to the dealership they saw that I had a receipt from Pep Boys with the reasons for my failed inspection. So they called and asked if I wanted them to double check because there didn't appear to be a problem with my brakes.

The result of this was that I was told, and I quote, "There is no way you should have failed an inspection for your brakes, they are fully functioning." So not only did Pep Boys try to screw me out of a recall repair, they claimed there was a major problem that actually didn't exist, and they messed up the one task I asked of them. So now instead of one day of dealing with car stuff I'm on 3, and Pep Boys is refusing to refund me for putting the sensor in the wrong tire. Basically this one location is awful. I have never received such horrid customer service in my life. But I do want to acknowledge the other Pep Boys near me. I called them and they were nothing but helpful with the whole situation. They called the manager on his cell phone for me when the other location just hung up on me.

Before my 30 day warranty is up I noticed the brakes weren't sounding right. I called severed and was sent to Pep Boys. I waited four hours to be told all rotors and brakes need to be replaced. My car was still up on the rafter with no tires and hood up. Then was told they had to submit pics to the insurance that could take a day. Was cloth closing so I went home. I called first thing this morning to be told that my car is not there nor the paperwork. I'm pissed, how the ** can you lose a car that's in the garage on rafters with no tires. Time to report and turn on GPS.

Have been using PB to take care of my 4 vehicles for over 10 years. Have had oil changes with promise of tire rotation several times where rotation is ignored. Struts on my 2009 Toyota were installed. Strut bolt came loose on trip almost losing control. They were sorry. FINAL STRAW. Had 2000 Ford Expedition in for work. Went in for oil change and came out with new radiator, new brakes (drums rotated), 4 tires all done OK. Forgot oil change, guess not any money in that.

Truck stalled two weeks later. Had it towed to PB location. BAD NEWS. Engine blown... "No oil in engine," they said... They would put another engine in for $3500. Towed back home and parked to determine next step. Had to move vehicle and when I entered key I tried to start. I was curious. WOW it started up. Been driving now for two weeks with no problem. Really disappointed with mindset/professionalism at that store!!! Never to visit PB again in this lifetime.

My 1994 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) needed a new crank position sensor. I went to Pep Boys store #918 and the transaction was very pleasant. When I got home and installed the CPS my XJ started but everything was out of sync. Engine was getting gas flooded, lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust, backfiring, etc, etc. My XJ need a tune-up so I decided to buy new spark-plugs, spark wires, ignition coil, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator.

After installing everything the jeep started but with the same symptoms. A friend of mine told that he has a spare CPS, an original one. I installed it and all the symptoms were eliminated, jeep running better than ever. All this was 3.5 weeks after installing the Pep Boys sensor. I went back to Pep Boys with the faulty sensor and they started with, "We dont refund electronic components... Wait! This purchase was one month ago... Absolutely no money back". I asked, "Even the ones that are faulty?" They replied, "We dont have a way to test them, but we can exchange the part with a new one".

And I asked, "What if that part is not really faulty but is not working under the specs of my car? All the sensors will fail. I have to remind you that your system says that this sensor is compatible with my car but it is really not. It is sending a bad/weak signal. But if you want put your best mechanic to test all the sensors on my car, if one of the sensors works I will go happy to home. If none works I want my money back..." They shrugged their shoulders and offered the refund in a gift card. I took it and got back to home... Thanks to my insistence I got a gift card... YAY!!! NOT! I wanted my money back. It is not my fault that Pep Boys sells out of specs/faulty items. After using the gift card I will plan to not get back there ever.

Took our car to the Cicero Ny location and left it there overnight thinking it was in good hands as always. Oh what an understatement. They left the car unlocked and someone cleaned out all my things. They are calling us liars and I have proof they left it unlocked overnight. Insurance claim says "too bad." No receipts to prove I had the stuff. Well because, many items were gifts so because I got them this way they are no proof. Oh and I had a locket with my mom's ashes that was stolen also and nobody cared. When I filled out the police report the officer already knew I was coming so I believe they spoke ahead of time. Boy how dishonest are they too. I could go on about this but let me tell you I will NEVER go back to Pep Boys EVER and will tell every soul about this and their unjustified results. Without even speaking to me, making a decision on my case, ridiculous I do think.

That assistant manager by the name Larry - his attitude was so nasty and offensive he does not know how to speak people. I had the worst customer I experienced in my life. I will never go to that location any more.

I had a 10 am "appointment" at Pep Boys in Arvada, CO this morning. At 11:25 am my car was still not in the shop. Still sitting in parking lot untouched. When I came in I asked if it would be a 2-3 hour wait as usual and she said not quite that long but that the appointment was just a priority over walk-ins. Not a real appointment. So bait and switch. In other words they lie to customers.

There is no way that I will not be here at least two hours when they took an hour and a half to get car into garage. When I went to counter at 11:00 she said they were getting it in then. At 11:25 I decided I would go elsewhere and get my stuff and key back and leave. Then the mechanic came to get the car. I have been here many times over the years. Not sure why just I use my car care plan I bought when I'd rather pay large sums to anyone else to treat us like valued customers. People. They are always filthy to the point I fear using the restroom. Terrible when the wait is three hours. They have horrible service, unknowledgeable staff and terrible management. They lack any standards or professionalism. I called other places and they said their wait is 45 minutes with an appointment. That's Brakes Plus. I will go there and throw my prepaid service plan away. That's how strongly I feel about being treated this badly and being in such a nasty place.

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

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