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Went to Pep Boys in East Norriton for state inspection of a one year old vehicle. When completed, the stickers were placed on my windshield in front of my steering wheel. I complained to the store manager that it impairs my vision, and just put them in the same place they were before. The manager refused (his name is Mark), and started to aggressively argue with me and parents and wife that this was against the law and he started to use foul language in front of us. We don't told him his professionalism and conduct was inappropriate, and we told him we are not going back here anymore. He stated that we were now threatening him. But, then decided to take in the car, and move the sticker so it was not in the way. Well, he put it back in the same exact place over the steering wheel, and still charged us.

What is worse, is that he made us wait for 1.5 hours for the vehicle, and he kept the engine on the whole time deliberately wasting my gas. I had a full tank when I took it in, and only 3/4 tank when I picked it up. This guy is a psycho, and I will never go back to this place. I also lodged a complaint with Pep Boys customer service, but they are also refusing to do anything for me as they are only listening to whatever the store manager says. I will never go back to Pep Boys, and nobody else should either. If they are smart, they will fire this animal as soon as possible because he will make them lose business over the long run. If they don't, I hope their service shop goes out of business as they don't have anything but a bunch of amateurs and wise guys running their business and working in their shop.

Anyway, a different mechanic moved the stickers to the appropriate place, and now I can see while I drive now. It took the new mechanic 10 minutes to give me new stickers and went over the placement of stickers with me very carefully using good customer service skills. I will go back to that mechanic. Customer service seems like such an easy thing, except for Pep Boys.

It's just a waste of time, since they never keep their promises. And they always tell you to do something extra, such as alignment, power steering and/or brake fluid flush, etc. I just want to say: Never go to Pep Boys.

I booked through online and when I arrived the store and it seemed busy. And they said no time for my appointment. I wasted time and gas. The traffic was bad to get the store and I got shocked with how they handle customers. Don't go the store. It will be terrible experience. If you want to go there really then don't book through online and wait few hours there.

I set up an appointment for noon the next day. When I arrived I was informed that the tires I had ordered and charged to my card for $177.00 had not arrived and would not for several more days. I was however informed that for a few dollars more I could have them today for a slightly more. $378.00 more exactly. Mind you, these are tires for a late 90's Sedan and not a competition 4x4 race truck.

I went in for an oil change, tire rotation and balance and to have a head light bulb replaced. They came out with I need a power steering flush and transmission fluid replaced. Also an alternator belt. Grand total almost $500.00. Told them, "No, just go with what was scheduled." Later they came back with a new headlight bulb but had to special ordered it at 180.00. I checked out an hour and a half later with a bill for 105.09. Oil change and air filter. Tire balance and rotation I had already purchased.

Upon arrival at home I viewed my receipt. I was charged for a bulb they did not put in and waited another hour today. Dear Robert did come out and told me they had broken the handle on the driver's side door. They would order it and replace it free of charge tomorrow. Great. Another day wasted at Pep Boys. I was refunded my money for the bulb $34.99 bringing the bill down but was told it was the bulb costing $180.00. Told him no and I was displeased with Pep Boys. He told me Pep Boys did not need my business. Suppose what the one Robert **'s paycheck would look like where he's to tell all his customers that. I would not recommend Pep Boys unless you have plenty of money and are prepared to wait and have rude service.

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I would like to acknowledge Eric the manager and Richard from the service department. I was traveling from Cincinnati Oh when we had a tire blow out on 75. We entered the store frustrated. Am very stressed out in seek of assistance with our repair after being broke down on the interstate for several hours. These 2 men went above and beyond the expectations we expected with assisting us prompt service to be back on the road safely. They were very polite and mostly very understanding unlike the other assistance from surrounding locations. If there were more service like this customer complaints would be at a minimum. So thank you Eric and Richard from Marietta Ga. You guys rock.

Great customer service Store 0835. I worked with a guy called Hector at the store 0835 and I honestly can say he went above and beyond to make sure my car was fixed on time and done properly. I highly recommend you visit this store location in Matteson, Illinois. They are top-notch professionals.

I went to Pep Boys to have a new sensor put in my tire and to have an NYS inspection performed on my car. About 1 hour later I received a call that I failed inspection and that it would be about $950.00 to fix. This included my rear brakes, front coil springs, windshield wipers, and the sensory. Due to my lack of knowledge on cars I get worried I am getting screwed. So before agreeing to these repairs I called a few friends. A friend said that it is difficult to break the coil springs and that seemed a little weird. Pep Boys had to call the dealership to get the coil springs to be replaced. In doing so the make and model of my car needed to be said. Turns out there is a recall on my car for this exact problem. I was told by the dealership they would have disclosed this information to Pep Boys, but Pep Boys tried to charge me anyway.

Fortunately, I declined the services except for the sensor because my tire could only hold air for about a day, and I needed it. I scheduled my appt with Nissan to get the recall fixed. But what do you think happened when I went out to my car the next day? My tire was flat. After calling multiple Pep Boys and being hung up on by the first I found out that the person working on my car put the sensor in the wrong tire and replaced a full functioning one. So now with me being late to my appt with the dealership because I now have to put air in my tire, I'm livid. When I get to the dealership they saw that I had a receipt from Pep Boys with the reasons for my failed inspection. So they called and asked if I wanted them to double check because there didn't appear to be a problem with my brakes.

The result of this was that I was told, and I quote, "There is no way you should have failed an inspection for your brakes, they are fully functioning." So not only did Pep Boys try to screw me out of a recall repair, they claimed there was a major problem that actually didn't exist, and they messed up the one task I asked of them. So now instead of one day of dealing with car stuff I'm on 3, and Pep Boys is refusing to refund me for putting the sensor in the wrong tire. Basically this one location is awful. I have never received such horrid customer service in my life. But I do want to acknowledge the other Pep Boys near me. I called them and they were nothing but helpful with the whole situation. They called the manager on his cell phone for me when the other location just hung up on me.

Before my 30 day warranty is up I noticed the brakes weren't sounding right. I called severed and was sent to Pep Boys. I waited four hours to be told all rotors and brakes need to be replaced. My car was still up on the rafter with no tires and hood up. Then was told they had to submit pics to the insurance that could take a day. Was cloth closing so I went home. I called first thing this morning to be told that my car is not there nor the paperwork. I'm pissed, how the ** can you lose a car that's in the garage on rafters with no tires. Time to report and turn on GPS.

Have been using PB to take care of my 4 vehicles for over 10 years. Have had oil changes with promise of tire rotation several times where rotation is ignored. Struts on my 2009 Toyota were installed. Strut bolt came loose on trip almost losing control. They were sorry. FINAL STRAW. Had 2000 Ford Expedition in for work. Went in for oil change and came out with new radiator, new brakes (drums rotated), 4 tires all done OK. Forgot oil change, guess not any money in that.

Truck stalled two weeks later. Had it towed to PB location. BAD NEWS. Engine blown... "No oil in engine," they said... They would put another engine in for $3500. Towed back home and parked to determine next step. Had to move vehicle and when I entered key I tried to start. I was curious. WOW it started up. Been driving now for two weeks with no problem. Really disappointed with mindset/professionalism at that store!!! Never to visit PB again in this lifetime.

My 1994 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) needed a new crank position sensor. I went to Pep Boys store #918 and the transaction was very pleasant. When I got home and installed the CPS my XJ started but everything was out of sync. Engine was getting gas flooded, lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust, backfiring, etc, etc. My XJ need a tune-up so I decided to buy new spark-plugs, spark wires, ignition coil, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator.

After installing everything the jeep started but with the same symptoms. A friend of mine told that he has a spare CPS, an original one. I installed it and all the symptoms were eliminated, jeep running better than ever. All this was 3.5 weeks after installing the Pep Boys sensor. I went back to Pep Boys with the faulty sensor and they started with, "We dont refund electronic components... Wait! This purchase was one month ago... Absolutely no money back". I asked, "Even the ones that are faulty?" They replied, "We dont have a way to test them, but we can exchange the part with a new one".

And I asked, "What if that part is not really faulty but is not working under the specs of my car? All the sensors will fail. I have to remind you that your system says that this sensor is compatible with my car but it is really not. It is sending a bad/weak signal. But if you want put your best mechanic to test all the sensors on my car, if one of the sensors works I will go happy to home. If none works I want my money back..." They shrugged their shoulders and offered the refund in a gift card. I took it and got back to home... Thanks to my insistence I got a gift card... YAY!!! NOT! I wanted my money back. It is not my fault that Pep Boys sells out of specs/faulty items. After using the gift card I will plan to not get back there ever.

Took our car to the Cicero Ny location and left it there overnight thinking it was in good hands as always. Oh what an understatement. They left the car unlocked and someone cleaned out all my things. They are calling us liars and I have proof they left it unlocked overnight. Insurance claim says "too bad." No receipts to prove I had the stuff. Well because, many items were gifts so because I got them this way they are no proof. Oh and I had a locket with my mom's ashes that was stolen also and nobody cared. When I filled out the police report the officer already knew I was coming so I believe they spoke ahead of time. Boy how dishonest are they too. I could go on about this but let me tell you I will NEVER go back to Pep Boys EVER and will tell every soul about this and their unjustified results. Without even speaking to me, making a decision on my case, ridiculous I do think.

That assistant manager by the name Larry - his attitude was so nasty and offensive he does not know how to speak people. I had the worst customer I experienced in my life. I will never go to that location any more.

I had a 10 am "appointment" at Pep Boys in Arvada, CO this morning. At 11:25 am my car was still not in the shop. Still sitting in parking lot untouched. When I came in I asked if it would be a 2-3 hour wait as usual and she said not quite that long but that the appointment was just a priority over walk-ins. Not a real appointment. So bait and switch. In other words they lie to customers.

There is no way that I will not be here at least two hours when they took an hour and a half to get car into garage. When I went to counter at 11:00 she said they were getting it in then. At 11:25 I decided I would go elsewhere and get my stuff and key back and leave. Then the mechanic came to get the car. I have been here many times over the years. Not sure why just I use my car care plan I bought when I'd rather pay large sums to anyone else to treat us like valued customers. People. They are always filthy to the point I fear using the restroom. Terrible when the wait is three hours. They have horrible service, unknowledgeable staff and terrible management. They lack any standards or professionalism. I called other places and they said their wait is 45 minutes with an appointment. That's Brakes Plus. I will go there and throw my prepaid service plan away. That's how strongly I feel about being treated this badly and being in such a nasty place.

I went to Pep Boys after reading online that they were one of the top ten car repair places in Vallejo. I needed my heater fixed. I dropped the car off on a Thursday evening with the understanding that Chris (the guy that did all my initial paperwork) would call me the next day to give me a ballpark figure and an idea of when I could get the car back. He called me Friday morning and let me know that during the inspection an oil leak was found. I told him that I was aware of the oil leak and that I had taken it to several places and no one could tell me what it was. Chris replied that the reason no one had told me what it was, was because it was a pain in the butt job and time consuming. He told me what the leak was, gave me an estimate on the heater repair, as well as fixing the leak.

I told him to go ahead with the repair and he told me I could expect the car around the beginning of the following week. He told me that the heater repair was also difficult, but assured me that they would be able to do the job. I let him know at the time that my car sometimes unlocks itself and asked that he keep it close to the garage and in the lot at night. On Monday I had to go and get some materials for my classroom out of the car. I went up to Pep Boys, and a young man came out with the key and went with me to get the stuff from my car. I found the car parked across the street in a different parking lot, unlocked and obviously away from anyone at Pep Boys supervision. I got my materials, locked the car and told the young man that my car needed to be moved closer to the shop.

I went home and received a call from Chris about 45 minutes after I had been home. He said to me, "My guys don't want to fix your car. They are afraid that they might break something when they go into the dash to fix the heater." I was shocked and asked him why someone didn't tell me that when I was there less than an hour ago, and why had they kept my car for five days when they had no intention of working on it. He muttered some other lame reason which I didn't understand and hung up. I went to pick my car up. It took 20 minutes to find the key, and Chris never even came out to talk to me himself. Another person came out, and when I told him what had happened he expressed shock and agreed that Pep Boys actions with regard to my vehicle were very unprofessional and was by no means a way of doing business. I will never go there again, and I suggest that anyone looking for car repair also go somewhere else.

I talk with representative from Pep Boys before I order Item stock N : K6229 - Z23 Evolution Sport Performance brake kit for my car. I was told that is on stock so we purchase on the 05/04/2016 and we was charged on my wife credit card. According to the official website, I should receive the item in 5-7 business days... NOTHING WAS DELIVERED!!! So I called today on the 05/13/2016 to ask what is happening with my parts??? (We had a plan to traveling) I was told from the representative that the order has been canceled!!! But from who???

I never get the answer!!!! He said he will check for me... So, Pep Boys called back in 10 minutes and said that the ITEM K6229 was out of stock!!! How you can sell something which you don't have??? The other explanation was that the website is not updated!!! Please update your website and after you do business!!! Nobody call us to refund the money during that period... So what will happened with our money if I didn't call today??? WE ARE VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! For sure I will never buy again something from Pep Boys!!!

I am a customer of Pep Boys (Store #0453) for years, and I dropped off my car a 2007 Toyota Tundra at Pep Boys yesterday (May 11, 2016). Today (May 12, 2016) when I picked my car up, my remote control didn't work, I couldn't open my car, so I went back to the office, and a couple of workers tried to help me to open the car, but they couldn't either. They said "probably the battery went dead". So I have ran to the store where my alarm was installed, it was just across the street, and they changed the battery. But it still didn't work. I was told probably one of the Pep Boy's worker dropped the remote because it's broken. They have locked the car, and I couldn't open it. Anyway I bought the new remote, which was $70 plus battery $10 and I asked the Pep Boys to pay for it or give me a discount. Of course they refused it, and they called me a liar.

The worst thing is not to losing the money. The way they treated me especially the store manager, who said "You knew the remote was broken, that's why you brought it over here". I told them they locked the car with the remote and I couldn't open it. They lied into my face: "We never locked the car." Then how come I couldn't get into the car? Also they don't know, I have a very expensive alarm system and I getting messages onto my phone every time when the alarms goes off, and the Pep Boys workers tried to open the car with me at 9:25 AM and 9:30 AM and finally the workers across the street from the car electrical shop came over to the Pep Boys parking lot and stopped the alarm at 10:05AM. So I lost $80, and I was called a liar and a scam to try to rip them off.

Looks like an additive in the basic coolant flush package provided by Pep Boys may have ruined my radiator and engine. Pep Boys is not taking admitting fault as the manufacturer stands behind the product. My understanding is the additive over time created a substance that ruined the radiator and then restricted the water jackets and as a result the engine was ruined. This has been substantiated by the dealer. Not only should Pep Boys not have recommended and performed 2 coolant flushes within months of each other but, the additive they used should not be used in Hondas, according to the manual. And, coolant flush should last 10 years - it has only been 2.

Tried to buy tires (305/70r16 Firestone destination) from Pep Boys off of the internet. This is the same size tire I have had on this truck for ten years. The tires were a good deal but the website would not sell them to me. They said I had to purchase them in the store because they were not shown to fit my truck. So I went to the store and they could not find them on their computer. They told me they were internet only. I called customer service and they looked into why I could not order the tires, they told me they could not sell me this tire because it was not the stock tire for my truck and it would be unsafe. REALLY? I said "Then why can I purchase the more expensive tires in the same size?" They had no answer. So beware of low prices on their site. They don't stand behind their pricing. All they want to do is get you to look at their site with false advertising. Wasted 4 hours and I will never deal with PEP BOYS again.

I took my car into Pep Boys located in Austell, GA in December 2015 for an alignment and oil change. When I returned to pick it up, the manager, Joe, told me they tried to align it but couldn't and he thinks it may be the machine they use to do alignments, but he wasn't sure so he just had the mechanic take it off the machine instead of continuing to mess with it. I was kind of speechless at his lack of concern or explanation, but I did ask him what I should do next (I thought he would suggest me bringing it back the following morning, but oh no) and he replied that I should definitely get it aligned somewhere quick because the steering wheel was now way off center. That was an understatement, to say the least. My steering wheel was almost turned upside down. He told me that the service manager was Chris and I could call him and work something out with him if I wanted and then comped the cost of my oil change.

After calling at least 5 times the next week, I spoke with Chris and he told me to bring my car back up there the following week and he would see that it gets fixed right because their alignment machine was repaired now. I did as he instructed and took it in on a day he said he would be there and not only was he not there, when they called him to confirm what I was saying, he claimed he didn't know anything about my situation. I grabbed the phone and after about 30 seconds of reminders, he suddenly recalled who I was. They took my car in and then called me to tell me they couldn't do an alignment now because I needed new tie rod ends. I took it to another Pep Boys location and they did my alignment, no problem.

My second experience with the Austell Pep Boys happened yesterday. I took my car in for another oil change and told them I wanted the high mileage oil change and had a coupon for $15 off. The manager was once again Joe. I dropped the car off and went back 4 hours later to pick it up and they couldn't find my paperwork or my service ticket in their system.

After looking through every ticket in their service department, they found my service ticket stapled to a receipt with someone else's name, address and phone number on it. Then, when I gave them my coupon they said the system wouldn't take it because I had gotten the manager special oil change and it was already discounted. Then he told me the price was $69! I about died. After looking at my receipt, I saw that I was charged $20 for wiper blades that I didn't request and there was no discount taken at all and they left all of the other customer's info on the receipt! Talk about not giving a what! I will never use the Austell Pep Boys again!

Their parts' quality is CRAP! Purchased a brand new platinum series starter. It died within 6 weeks. Gave me another one. Now it's dead. 4 months later no their answer. Well it's got a limited lifetime warranty so we won't replace it again... So why spend so much money on substandard parts that are going to fail at such a ludicrous rate! They buy crap sell crap then don't stand behind their product when it continues to fail.

Bad enough that we spent hundreds of dollars on my daughter's car repair at Pep Boys but then the car died the next day in the middle of street. She was able to get it to the side and was told to call their towing service. They left her waiting for over 2 hours (they kept saying they were on their way) and then said they weren't coming at all! She called them back and they hung up on her. We called the towing company and they were very rude to us and then hung up on us too. Luckily AAA came to the rescue. I was sick with worry having my college age daughter stranded by the side of the road for hours!!

I was returning a wrong tool that I bought the same day and the manager insisted, and assuming that I did use the tool and I can't return it. I got upset when he was solidly saying that the tool was obviously used but never really was! So sad that I wasn't expecting to come to this point. I was really surprise. It was an honest mistake. I bought it and it was wrong one. I have a right to return it.

Pep Boys Ocala worse company ever!!! Sent my wife for a noise in the car. They sold her an alignment and three tires, removed the 4th tire and they did not check the nuts. On I75 tire flew off and she got into a bad accident destroying the car. They almost kill my wife and 9-year-old daughter. Service manager Bill tried to avoided even acknowledging their error even with our invoice at hand. They sent a letter two weeks later refusing claim, arguing they do not check nuts on car inspections and do not check nuts on tires to do a car alignment.

After exhausting all diplomacy, we are now hiring attorneys to force them to respond for their negligence. We are opening a case with FHP for possible culpable negligence and sending formal complaint with FTC for criminal and dishonest practices. Pep Boys are total criminals and they will get you killed with their careless services. Service manager William, area manager Frank ** total scumbag rude and disrespectful, claims manager Steve ** does not even responds calls. Avoid doing business with Pep Boys. They are so bad that their store manager name is hidden from customers. They refuse to say the name. No one is accountable for anything there...

Bought 4 tires with warranty to have to wait 4 hours for a repair. Totally unacceptable, no apologies or nothing!

My son carried his 2002 dakota in for radiator quote. They said 775 dollars. I bought the radiator for $174 and took me one hour to install it and I am not a expert. $601 for 1 hour labor.

I left my Honda Accord with the Panama City store for brake repair on the front brakes. I was promised that it would be ready in 2 1/2 hours. Did not get the vehicle back until over 6 hours had passed. The repaired brakes were a mess. They constantly grabbed and acted like the anti-lock system was on all of the time. I took it back two days later. They completed the job but to extort additional money for some damage to rotors caused by their own mechanic. I refused to pay a penny more. The work they had to redo took 4 or 5 hours. During first session I wondered outside the bay area. Several different mechanics were working at different times with none of them seeming to know what they were doing. Most of the time the car was just sitting there. When got the car back there no apology but only a curt "have a good day".

OK, I'm not one who usually posts reviews but this time I had to... Went to Pep Boys in Audubon, NJ, Store #0262 on 3/5/2016 to get new tires for my 2014 Dodge Charger SXT Beats Audio edition. Tires are 245/45/R20 which were hard to find on short notice but this store had 4 of that size in stock and advertises as such, so off I went... Things seemed to go ok at first, I was told due to the 20 inch rim size, mounting and balancing was going to take a while, which was no problem to me 2-2.5 hrs. I decided to wait, I don't trust leaving that car with anyone (bad experiences in past, other cars) which is why I generally do all my own auto care at home. Tires I just can't do, no tire machine. So back to it...

All was going well until it came time for them to ask me about an alignment. I didn't think the car needed one cause it was done by Dodge not too long ago but with the new tires I figured it's always better to at least check. So they persuaded me with a 30.00 discount if I needed it so I said "Go ahead and check after installing tires." Few hours go by, Mike comes to me and say "Let's go into shop to see align check results..." Lo and behold the alignment is off, just slightly, more so in rear, nevertheless seeing the red values on the screen and spending 900.00 on tires I said go ahead with the alignment. I asked to print the alignment screen for me so I have the before and then after values for comparison and I was told the printer is broken (how convenient, after reading other reviews about Pep Boys) no foul I said, I have my trusted phone, I'll just take a picture or two and confirmed it was OK and I also wanted after alignment pics too. Mike said no problem, took my before pic and was told they would set alignment right now. Time for me to go back in waiting area, no prob.

I went right outside from shop, lit a cigarette, had two puffs and Mike was behind me already saying "OK, all done." I was like WOW, really, that fast. I know bit about cars, no way it was done that quick. His response to me was, "Well, I have my best guy on it." Back to shop we went, all values on screen were in green (mostly) close enough, I guess but values kept moving as I was standing there. No tech in sight, of course no printer but I was allowed to take the after picture with my phone and told Mike this car is hard to get steering wheel straight. Dodge had prob and if it wasn't I'd turn right around and be back, he said OK. Was also told "You can't align rear of a rear wheel car" which I know isn't exactly true, also noticed a little grease on my new tires and wheels (20" custom wheels). Said nothing, figured any good shop is going to clean that up. Off to register to pay my 884.33 and off I went.

Now, on highway drive home I immediately noticed wheel wasn't straight (was when I took it in) and car drifted to right if I held wheel straight. It was so slight the average person probably wouldn't have noticed it, but as I said, I know my cars. Called Mike right away and made appointment to bring back first thing in morning next day, to correct... No big deal. On to next morning 9 am... car got in shop right away. I expressly asked 4 times that when car got on alignment MACHINE I WANTED PIC OF VALUES AGAIN TO COMPARE TO LAST NIGHT'S PIC WHEN I LEFT. Once again Mike said "No problem." I said once more... "I know printer doesn't work and I want to see those numbers before the alignment is 'fixed.'" No problem he said.

Some time passes by and I look in shop and car is up on lift way longer than the 5 min yesterday on alignment so I found Mike and said "What happened, I want pic of those before values" and I told him I was upset that they would do alignments and offer printouts with a broken printer, he says oops, the tech (his best guy) forgot to save the before values, (how convenient) and the view I was seeing was totally different than yesterday. I pushed the issue, wanted to talk to tech for myself but of course he was nowhere to be found. Mike just told me he already asked him and he didn't save the before values. I did get Mike to get back to screen I saw yesterday and compared to pic I had from so called alignment day before. Numbers were totally different, in middle of this Mike also said, "Oh no printer's not broken" (cause I mentioned how he could charge people on a broken machine, he said printer is out of ink).

"REALLY" I said. "There is a Staples literately next door, do you want me to go for you," of course it was laughed off. I also showed him the white grease that was spewed all over my new 800 tires and custom 20 inch rims. It was everywhere, a total mess. Couldn't believe after paying that amount they gave me the car like that, so I was told they would clean it up. So after another 25 min on alignment machine, once again way longer then the 5 min day before I was told tech would take for a test drive and let me know how steering was. I said "Hell no, I'll take the car for a test drive and I'll let YOU know and if it's not fixed I want my money back," was told no problem. I said "If it's fixed, no harm no foul about the 'printer problem'." Went out on drive and steering wheel seemed straight and tight, way better than they let me leave with yesterday so I went back and figured all well.

Not so fast, 6 days later, today... I noticed the white grease got embedded into the rubber and now there is a weird yellow partial ring around my custom black wheels, didn't wash off, looks like crap and I found damage to one of my wheels (will do better inspection in daylight tomorrow). I honestly believe tech left grease on wheel hoping I wouldn't see damage. It's small gouge and yes I do have some curb rash but this gouge wasn't there before I brought car here, so now my 800 new black tires have white grease stain and new gouge. I believe the grease is used to stretch the tire on to 20 inch rim and think there is a special machine for the larger tires/custom wheels which they don't have so grease the ** outta them and STRETCH I guess.

How can you advertise having the larger tires in stock for install but not have the proper equipment to install them. Total BS. The kid GOUGED my custom wheel trying to stretch tire on, no doubt. My dumbass fault for going to a Pep Boys. I am going back tomorrow to complain about the permanent white grease stain and if allowed on this site, I'll update.

Moral of story so far... DON'T SPEND 884.33 ON TIRES AT PEP BOYS AND EXPECT A PROFESSIONAL CUSTOM JOB. Find a custom speed shop. One more thing, they didn't want to give me any paperwork showing the car was brought back next day to realign from previous day or clean grease off wheels. I got a copy of a receipt just saying computerizes alignment, no mention of it had to be done again. Steering wheel is straight again but tires look like crap with white grease stains, so do my wheels.

Brought my Santa Fe to Pep Boys. Just got it for my daughter and it was vibrating bad. Was told that it was my coil and I would need spark plugs. Then was told it was reading torque converter because the transmission fluid was low. Paid 625 for just a tune up and plugs. They didn't even replace coil. Check engine light came on again, took it back and they said coil. I told them I just had them replace it and they said they didn't. I asked what I spend 625 dollars on and he said the tune up. I told the manager I was lied to because I was told the coil was suppose to be replaced. I also told him I would never spend 625 just for a tune up if I knew that's all that was being done. I took the car and I will find another shop to work on it. I am very upset just because I was lied to.

Made appointment for minor service call; work was done satisfactorily and price was a little high, but still reasonable. Service personnel were friendly and courteous. I was given a Rewards Card which looked like a good deal with cash back for various levels of purchases. When I tried to register the card online, I found the website very confusing and links not going where they say they are. I finally got to the registration page by using a "wrong" link. But when I tried to register the card I was given, the system wouldn't take it. I called customer service and was told my card number was registered to someone else! In the past I have avoided Pep Boys because of their poor reputation, but it had been awhile, so I thought I'd give them another try. My bad! Won't happen again.