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My 2013 Nissan Altima is the third Nissan I have owned. At 70K miles I have just been informed today that my transmission needs to be replaced for the second time! The first time was shortly after I purchased it. A few months ago I had to replace the AC compressor. I am 65 years old and owned many new cars in my life and I have never had to replace a transmission or AC compressor and I drive cars till the wheels almost fall off. I love the mileage I get with my car and I love the dealership at Nissan of San Marcos Texas but I think I am done buying Nissans.

I purchased a used 2006 Nissan Altima with an engine designed to destroy itself. 2 weeks after my purchase, the engine was out of oil. It did this every two weeks or so at first. I contacted Nissan to see about any recall on the engine. They told me my VIN wasn't part of a recall. I contact dealer and they say it was purchased on auction and that there was no way they would know of any issues. I bought it as is. State law protects them from becoming financially responsible for selling a vehicle they don't know about. Nothing I can do.

So a year goes by and I've already spent about what this car is worth just to keep it running. My job is too far away for public transportation, btw. I kept taking it to different mechanics to patch it up and keep it running, they all tell me it needs a new engine. Last mechanic tells me that there was a recall on my VIN for the engine. He knows this because he already has a 2006 Nissan Altima in his shop taken apart that he was fixing. I tell him I contacted Nissan and my VIN isn't part of that. He tells me Nissan doesn't like to pay for recalls and lies to their customers. He prints off the affected VINs and sure enough, my VIN is on the paper.

I call Nissan back and demand to know if the recall had been corrected, they tell me again there was no recall or campaign open on my vehicle. I direct them to and tell them that there is public record. The Philippine lady on the phone then says, "Okay, there was a recall on your vehicle in 2006, but it was corrected in 2007 sir." Then I ask to dispute that the problem actually was corrected. She argued that the computer said it was, and by now my car is eating 5qts of oil a week and has already seized once, so I know it isn't. She finally tells me to take it to a dealership for inspection. I go to the dealership at 8:00am and was told sales opens at 9:00am and to come back later. Good thing I'm not buying (Side note, sign on door says sales opens at 8:00am).

I explain the situation and he tells me that he is sales and not his area of knowledge. I ask where I should go and he tells me service. Okay, where's service at? I ask and he finally directs me around the back of the building. I drop my keys off, livid at the customer "service" they provided (not the mechanics, they were nice), and I leave for work. I later get a call from the mechanic asking for a case number which I don't have. He then tells me that I should have called Nissan first. I tell him that I did. So I call Nissan back to get a case number and they put me through the whole fiasco again. At one point the lady on the phone asks me why I took it to the dealership! She asked when I had purchased the car and I told her a year ago. she said, "A year ago...?", I replied yes, one year ago. Then she says "sir, just to be clear you purchased this vehicle a year ago?", I reply, "yeah".

She then promptly tells me that she will be handing this case off to a specialist and she gave me my case number, I then verify that this is the case number I give to the mechanic who requested it. She tells me not to give the mechanic the case number and I hang up and call the dealership mechanic and gave him the case number, while on the phone he tells me that my engine didn't look like it had the recall corrected "which I had talked about". The dealership mechanic is telling me that the engine is junk, and that it was his opinion that the recall wasn't done on this vehicle. I asked what the recall would be, he tells me an engine replacement.

So finally, a few days later, a specialist contacts me to tell me that the engine was replaced fully in 2007. I tell him the engine the vehicle currently has is garbage. Apparently, an engine designed to burn oil until the piston rings are useless causing an engine seizure after hundreds of dollars in lost oil is one of Nissan's "A+" standards. He tells me that he will investigate further and contact the dealership to ask questions. The other thing he will do is look into "Goodwill Assistance" to see what they can give me to help me out. He will contact me in 2-3 business days.

The next day he calls me tells me that they are willing to do absolutely nothing about the engine since it is like 60 something months out of warranty. I ask about the Goodwill Assistance, he tells me I get no Goodwill Assistance. I call the mechanic and ask him about it. He asks me if I've ever owned a Nissan before. I tell him this is my first, and last Nissan I will ever buy. He tells me Goodwill Assistance is meant for dedicated customers. So I ask about the engine and he said it was junk, and that the warranty was only 30 months past. (Side Note: it seems the least paid people in this company know what's going on the most).

It's a shame that the knowledgeable mechanic that can verify what every mechanic has told me about the car can't do anything for me because he is just a mechanic. He told me he would look into what the Nissan dealership (not Nissan Company, they're separate somehow) would give me for a buy back. I still owe more than what this car is worth and Nissan has given me the longest runaround of my life. Worse, is the guy who originally bought the car, at the dealership that I got the car from, actually passed away from old age. My fiance talked me into this car and it's put a huge strain on our relationship, our finances, our ability to even get to work, and more.

Nissan is garbage, their customer service is garbage. I've never had car problems like this in my life. I had to buy another car to get to work, couldn't trade the Nissan in as that would add the monthly bill to the new monthly bill and I would be stuck paying one large consolidated bill. The engine is ready to either seize again, or catch fire. As of now, I owe $5,000 on a fancy lawn decoration that can make large clouds of oil burning exhaust. What am I supposed to do? I can actually, honestly, and truthfully say that my biggest life mistake was buying a Nissan. Please for the love of God, don't make the same mistake I did.

I purchased a certified 2013 Nissan Altima S from the dealer. On Monday my car broke down on me and was towed to the Nissan dealer for repair . I was told by the service adviser that my car was not covered by extended warranty nor covered by Nissan. This is a power train issue and the car won't shift. It locks in park. I paid $2600 for extended warranty and the repairs will cost me out of pocket $1000. I thought Nissan made a good product but evidently not. I won't be buying another Nissan.

I had some Transmission problems right after I bought my new 2013 Nissan Altima. Took it to dealer and was told that is the way it would act when shifting at a low speed sometimes. I had the same problem at higher speeds and also when driving with the cruise control on at 70 mph and a straight road on no hills. Transmission seems to slip like it would if you were driving a vehicle with a stick shift and the clutch was wearing out and slipping. Took it to the dealer and they can't get it to do the same thing. At times it feels like it is going to quit running but then I step on the gas pedal and it will snap out of it for a while.

I have the 3.5 with just under 23,000 miles on it and it makes me wonder if I'll get to 25,000 at this rate. Went looking for a recall or some other form of info and so far it sounds like I'm kinda screw with getting Nissan to do anything to fix this problem after reading all the reviews and problems other owners are having getting anything done about this problem. If need be I will give my VIN # but at this time I'll just bitch and not recommend any of my associates to buy any Nissan until they do something to change their customer service for people that are having issues.

I purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima S brand one year and 2 months ago. Very disappointed to find out transmission is bad as diagnosed by Nissan dealership, with only 78k. Contacted Nissan consumer affairs and was told since I do not have a warranty, Nissan would not be providing any assistance with financial costs. I am confused as to why this issue has not been recalled as from research I have conducted this seems to be a common problem with Nissan brand vehicles. Also, Nissan dealership seemed inconsistent in actual repair costs.

First, I got quoted at 5k to fix transmission then 4500. My vehicle is now not even worth half the costs that I owe due to faulty transmission. I was told upon contacting Nissan corp, I would receive call back from regional sales manager whom did nothing but tell me the same as the original representative, that I don't have warranty so nothing can be done. Why is it, I was told Nissan would be checking into issue to see what caused transmission failure, when none of that seemed to occur. Will not be purchasing another Nissan again!

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I purchased a brand new 2014 Nissan Altima with only 7 miles on it from Baker Nissan in Houston, TX. Since I have had my car I have experienced major car issues. My car transmission has been replaced twice, the display screen has blanked out and turned a solid pink color. Now, the AC compressor system needs to be replaced. I have contacted the dealership several times. I contacted the Nissan Corporation, and even my local news station. It makes no bloody sense for a car that is only two years old to have that many issues. I am at my wits ends with this vehicle and I desperately need someone to look into this situation. I have even researched the Lemon Law because this is point blank ridiculous. The worse thing is to pay car notes on a vehicle that is not functioning properly and then when you contact the dealership they tell you that your car is no longer under warranty.

Bought 2013 Nissan Altima SV certified pre-owned in March 2014 with 16,500 miles and A/C started blowing hot air when idle and very little cool air when driving especially if it's very hot. A/C stopped working at 50,000 miles. I would like to know what I need to do to have this problem put on a recall list. From reading reviews it seems like an ongoing problem...I officially done with Nissan, if they don't recall this.

Car has 80k miles and transmission went out and Nissan knows all about these problems but does nothing. How has there not been a recall? Mine shut down multiple times while driving and had to stop in the middle of the road and restart. I'll never buy another Nissan after this.

I have attempted to receive some positive news from NHTSA for 2-plus years. My Nissan Altima has rusted floorboards. Exhaust fumes are beginning to enter the cabin. I forwarded colored photos of the rusted floorboards & returned EVERY form that I was sent by NHTSA. NO ONE AT THE NHTSA CARES! They may care IF one of their family was a victim! That is the BOTTOM LINE! What does it take to receive remuneration from Nissan for a recall of their GROSS WORKMANSHIP NEGLIGENCE? It takes MORE than what I have got to give!

This is my first and would be last Nissan. I purchased Nissan Altima 2.5 S 2016 on May 21, 2016. On June 18, 2016 air condition stop working at 800 miles driven. Car trunk sealant underneath carpet is all got melted causing almost a fire hazard. All 4 doors windows rubber leaving black paint residue on window frame, steering losing color, back seats are sinking after putting baby car seat. How awful is Nissan 2016 Altima?

I bought a new 2010 Nissan Altima six years ago. After the warranty expires the car paint starts to deteriorate, even though the care I gave to it including the closed garage where it is parked daily. I went to a Nissan authorized dealer but they told that the car warranty was expired and they can do nothing to help me. I sent an email message to Nissan Puerto Rico explaining this problem, but they never come back to me by any way. Before this Nissan, I had another Nissan for 14 years and I never had any problem like that. I sold it with its paint looking like new. I have notice in that there are many Altima in the street looking their paint like my car, showing premature signs of deterioration.

It's very disappointing have this problem which may cost me $1500 to $2000 to resolve it. I think the Nissan shall investigate what happened with the 2010 Altima paint. I have some friends who have Nissan Altima from another years and they don't have any problem like my 2010 Altima. I'm looking for a new car, but definitely I'm not considering a Nissan in the candidates to buy. They disappointed me for the very first time, not for the problem itself; they do by their attitude of do nothing.

Nissan Altima 2015. My brakes started squeaking. I took it to the Nissan Dealership. They replaced the brakes but my car continues to squeak, loudly. I am told that it is not a safety issue. However, my vehicle is not even a year old and I purchased it new. Why should I have to tolerate loud squeaky brakes on a new vehicle? It sounds as if a truck is stopping.

I bought my 2008 Altima thinking it would last me for quite some time. As soon as the odometer rolled to 100,000 miles, the check engine light came on. At 100,100 the car died on me at the grocery store and later at home. We then drove it around the block and it seemed okay to drive. We limped along and the car progressed to undrivable. There was no warranty. Nissan does not have a recall on the transmission. I forked out $2500 for a remanufactured transmission warrantied for 12,000 plus 2 full days of labor. The complete engine needed pulled to assemble the transmission. Lucky I had a good mechanic who did not charge near the labor. If there is a class action lawsuit, I'd be interested.

I bought a brand new 2015 Nissan Altima SV with 0 miles. It is a living nightmare, I feel like I'm taking my life in my hands if I go above 50 miles an hour, it wanders all over the road, never any idea which way it will jump next time. Doesn't shift properly, revs way too high to just go from first to second gear. I took it back to the dealer within the first 10,000 miles TWICE. Both times they tell me 'nothing is wrong with the car' and treat me like crap. I now have 16,500 miles on a brand new piece of crap and owe over 25k for it. If I trade it in, guess what I've been told I can have for it? 15k...yeah! They won't fix it. They treat me like I'm nuts and I am so upside down that it's not funny. I DESPISE NISSAN AND THIS CAR. Do NOT buy Nissan Altima!!!

I went to have my Altima checked due to the engine not going into 2nd gear when I pull off. Needless to say, they couldn't find an issue and sent me on my way. During this time I would hear a rattling noise when I take off (they told me it would go away) constantly. Here I am a year and a half later on the highway and my car slows down to a complete stop. After getting my car towed home, I contacted Concordville Nissan who told me that it is probably my CVT and that they will have to look at it first before deciding if I need it replaced. Of course I no longer have a warranty so we know what that means! My question is why aren't they doing something about this if SOOO many consumers are having the same (CVT) problems!!! Or is this Nissan's way of constantly bringing in revenue?

Bought a 2014 off the lot with 25 miles. 40 miles later noticed that the idling would drop below 500 and then jump back to close to 1000 RPMs and then drop back down and again and again and this is all while I was sitting still in traffic. Took the car to the dealer and the sales mgr said that's how CVT works. Shaking my head I pushed the issue and I had system reset. Worked for a bit, but continued to see erratic idling at different speeds when holding with cruise control. Took it to three other dealers in three other states, could not find the issue or at least could not duplicate. Seems a master certified tech wasn't able to see the issue either. Noticed roughness when holding at 50mph at times.

Well here I am tonight 88k miles later and tranny is slipping on inclines. Reverse doesn't hold - I roll forward. Dumb experience from the get go. Reading the info about the auto transmission just makes it worse. Seems like the quick fix would be to blow you off and tell you that "We 'reset' the system" and have you wait an hour. The warranty is weak to start, only 36,000 miles Nissan has faith in. I should have taken that as the biggest flag ever. Let's hobble this thing into the dealer to see what they can't do for it. I anticipate they will take my description and say "Sounds like the transmission is bad" and suggest a replacement. Hmmm... I think I will tell them it loses power and makes a engine noise besides that electrical whine. Let's see how they diagnose that.

On February 22, 2014, we purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima. This was our very first purchase after emerging from bankruptcy. On my husband's way to work, May 27, 2016, the car simply stopped running while on a major highway. Luckily, he was able to glide onto a nearby side street otherwise he could have been killed.

My husband is a former mechanic for the US Marine Corp and instantly knew it was a transmission failure. The car was towed to College Park Nissan and after further evaluation, his suspicion was confirmed. The total cost of the repair is estimated to be $4,200. I asked the service advisor if the car showed any signs of unusual wear and tear or had been driven rough, and he replied "no"; it was an unknown transmission failure but was also a known issue with CVT transmissions. Then, we were initially told the part would be in on Tuesday, May 31st, and later found out that the part was on a national backorder for an unknown period of time! So, now we have an additional cost of a rental car for an unknown period of time on top of our monthly car payment for a car that we can't even drive!

After doing more research on this matter, I later find out that this truly is a known issue with Nissan across many of their brands, including Pathfinder, Rogue, Altima, and Sentra. I even found a class action lawsuit filed against your company on the 2013-2014 Pathfinder, which has the CVT transmission technology (the same technology used on my Altima). I also discovered on YOUR OWN WEBSITE that you've implemented a customer satisfaction program to address this issue. In the case of my car, you doubled the warranty period for the transmission in all Model Year 2003-2010 models with CVT. The existing powertrain warranty coverage of 5 years/60,000 miles will be extended at no cost, for CVT repairs, replacements or related towing, to 10 years/120,000 miles, whichever comes first.

My car is a 2013 Altima with a CVT transmission, has had the same if not worse experiences of the earlier models, yet I still have the burden of the cost + a horrible 12/12,000 warranty on the part that is likely to still be defective? Needless to say, we are not happy. This is our first Nissan purchase and it will likely be our last. With all the costs mounting up for this one repair, we potentially could be in a position of investing more than 25% of the total cost of what we paid for the car.

When I called Nissan's ConsumerAffairs Division, a young lady by the name of Megan followed up with me. She informed me that Nissan would be willing to provide only $1,000 towards the cost of the repair. Though I'm grateful and accepted, I'm afraid it's simply not enough. I've had cars (Honda, Toyota, Dodge) that have lasted over 200k miles with no transmission issues. I've even had a transmission re-built for under $2500! While I appreciate the advancement in technology, it's simply too cost prohibitive when something like this arises.

The only reason I bought a Nissan is because of its excellent reputation for reliability and performance. The fact that there is a national back order on the transmission itself, coupled with the fact that we were told there were a couple additional cars that came in over the Memorial Day weekend, with the same problem leads me to believe that this is a serious problem. Your reputation and brand is already in question so, I would like to think that to avoid costly litigation and further damage to your brand, you would make this right for your customers, voluntarily.

While I'm sure Nissan will do the right thing, failure to rectify to my satisfaction will force me to reach out to local and national media and file suit in addition to the Pathfinder one. Since that one already has class action status, I'm sure it won't be difficult to obtain class action status for your other models. My desired resolution is for Nissan to fully reimburse me for the total cost of the repair (within 14 days of this notice), including any additional car rental fees I will incur since your product was on a national back order. I also am requesting a 10 year/120,000 warranty on this transmission as was offered for the earlier model vehicles as I am not confident that the new transmission will hold up, and I'll be faced with another $4,200 repair in the 13th month.

2005 Nissan Altima, 2.5s 4 cyl. - I have been having problems starting the car on the first attempt. It doesn't happen every time, but frequently. The car will mainly start at the 3rd attempt after turning the key. I have had this ongoing problem for many years now. When the problem first started (years back), I was told at the dealer service department that they needed to reset a sensor that was behind the motor every time the oil change was performed. I noticed that the problem would stop once the oil change was done. Now, the problem doesn't stop after the oil changes. I search for a possible recall on this, but there is no recall from Nissan regarding this vehicle, yet, there are many owners with this same kind of vehicle that are having the same problem I am. Why is this not a recall??? Why isn't Nissan taking responsibility when it's not just a small number of vehicles having this issue???

The other problem I am having right now with my car is that it has started to jerk a bit and it feels like it's going to stall when driving, especially when the car stops at a red light. When this problem started, it was not often at all. I couldn't figure out what it was then. Now it's happening frequently. Aside of the jerking of the car and feeling that it will stall at any time, now the "service engine soon" light came on blinking. Once I drove the car faster, the blinking SES light went off. I plugged in the obd2 reader and it read that one coil was bad, P0302. It also read P0420 related to the cat converter. I had a mechanic replaced the coil that was bad according to the report on the obd2. I still had the same problem, but now it didn't read the code P0420. It read another code P0301, which is another coil.

That coil was replaced too and the valve cover gasket since there was some oil in the coils mentioned above due to the fact that the seals on the valve cover gasket were in bad shape. I can't remember when, but not that long ago, at the dealer they did some work on the valve gasket because of a problem they found there. I did notice that they had sealed the valve head casket with gray silicone. I need to look for that information and the date since I do keep all of my paperwork regarding the work performed on my vehicle at the dealer service dept. Once that was done and oil was cleaned out, the car still did the same thing and even more often. I had the spark plugs replaced as well, but the problem continues. Again, the obd2 reader gives me codes for the coils.

Another mechanic told me that it can be a fuel injector that is not working properly. Before this happened (just yesterday May 29, 2016) I had taken the car to the dealer service department on May 14, 2016 for an oil change and for gas charge for the AC system. I did mentioned the problem I was having with the car. They installed BG engine cleaner cpr #109, drained engine oil and replaced it with factory engine oil and quantity add BG moa to crankcase. They also performed BG evaporator cleaning service.

I was recommended a Fuel Pump Assembly, meaning that this service was important because it could cause something to the car. I noticed that after 2 weeks of the performed above services, my car started jerking and feeling like it's going to stall at any time and the light SES comes on blinking. I will be taking it to the dealer service dept. tomorrow. I have a feeling that something went wrong when they performed the engine oil change service. I wonder how many more people, owner's of the same vehicle are having this same problem???

2013 Nissan Altima - I brought my car brand new. Every time I got information that something needed to be done I took car to dealership. Now all of a sudden at 74k miles I need a transmission. There's nothing that no one can do. I still paying for a car I cannot drive. Go figure.

We bought a 2009 Altima four years ago, I loved the car at first, although there was a tiny sticky spot on the dash that I was unable to clean off. Six months later, more of the dash was sticky, now the whole dash is just tar. I have to keep a black hand towel on the dash to drive the car without being blinded from the glare. I just noticed it's cracking everywhere now also.

On top of that, every time it rains I have inches of water inside of the car. I researched this problem and found out that Nissan is aware of these problems and they are due to substandard materials used in the manufacturing. I have contacted Nissan locally and their corporate division. They are completely unwilling to offer a recall or fix any issues at all despite the very real and apparent safety issue. Very recently I noticed a "sloshing" sound upon accelerating and decelerating, I rode as a passenger last week and as I opened the passenger door, I heard the liquid noise again. My son opened some little drains he found on the base of the door and about 2 gallons of water drained out of the passenger door!!!

We will never, I reiterate NEVER buy anything else from Nissan. Period, and I truly hope that everyone who reads these reviews will seriously take into consideration that Nissan refuses to stand by their product. Other car manufacturers also used the defective dashboards in their vehicles, but unlike Nissan, they are recalling their product and replacing the defective materials.

We perfectly maintained our 2011 Murano and the Torque Converter & Transmission both went at 70K. What is most concerning is that when speaking to the Service group at the local Nissan dealership, I asked if there was a known problem with Torque Converters on these vehicles and whether Nissan had addressed it internally. He stated, "not with a recall or notice to customers but yes, service updates and troubleshooting procedures were sent out due to a higher failure rate than normal." Where is the oversight? If there is a higher rate of failure than normal why is no consumer disclosure required? 5K in repairs, full Torque Converter & Transmission replacement required at 70K miles.

WARN others about defective CVT transmissions. They are made by Jatco, should be called junko. Lawsuit made them double the trans warranty from 2003 to 2010, but same trans in 2011 to 2016. After 60,000 miles grab your PAYCHECKS. 4,000 to replace it. Nobody can rebuild them. The dealers keep trans in stock. That ought to tell you something. I WAS a loyal Nissan owner, owned 8 in fact. Do you think Nissan cared? HELL NO! THEY ASKED FOR ALL 8 VIN NUMBERS. I SUPPLIED THEM ALL. BUT TO NO AVAIL. The trans is the same trans they put in cheap dodge cars. The 2011 Nissan Maxima car I owned that failed at 73,000 miles on the trans should be called maxi pad, cause it will bleed your pocket book. And leave your eyes glowing red with anger.

I have a 2009 Altima with 25000 miles and the dashboard is melting. Nissan refuses to replace it. They have poor customer service. The regional manager I was speaking to hung up on me. Nissan refused to replace mine because it is out of warranty. They are currently involved in a Class Action suit that goes to trial this summer. This is not an isolated problem. There are many reports of the 2008 and 2009 years with this issue. It is truly a safety problem. The dash gets so shiny that when driving into the sun you cannot see.

Nissan as well as the other Japanese auto makers are fully aware of the substandard dashboards. Toyota stepped up and extended the warranty on both the Toyota and Lexus brands. Nissan refuses to do anything unless they lose the class action suit and even then I fully expect them to drag their feet. The dealer I took my car to for the inspection wished me luck but basically said Nissan Corporate will do nothing to help you. They said they see the melting dash issue all the time here in South Florida.

Should of done some more research before spending over $30K for something I've had nothing but problems with since. Shortly after we purchased this, I noticed my car would start to shudder when I would go around corners or have to slow down then regain speed. It has also happened while driving down the highway at 65-70 mph. I mentioned this multiple times to my dealership when I would take it in for my oil change but they have told me every time that it is nothing and they can't seem to find a problem. I spoke with an employee who said try calling Nissan Consumer Affairs.

I called and opened a case. Received a call the next day from this lady that tells me she has done some research and that there is nothing wrong with my car, that is how the CVT transmission works. I asked her why it didn't do that in the beginning and she couldn't answer that. I also asked her about all the reports I have found on the same issue and her response was that it is based on the VIN and nothing showed for my car. I now have a car that is falling apart and worth less than half what I paid just over a year ago. I will NEVER purchase from Nissan again!!

I loved my 2012 Altima 2.5 up until 48k miles. My problems started when I was having a vibration when accelerating and a clicking noise. I took it to the dealer. They told me everything is normal - yeah right (paid 128 dollar diagnostic fee). Went to another dealer. Told them the exact same problem. They said my axle was bad. They replaced it under warranty. I called Nissan consumer affairs to refund me my diagnostic fee from the first dealer. They told me they decided they can't do that because the issues are not related. Umm okay. Now my car is jerking at low speeds & high speeds under acceleration. I'm sure the transmission is on its way out. It's only a matter of time. There is also a scraping sound coming from the front end when I roll to a stop and it is not my brakes! I'm going to the dealer today & I'm sure they'll tell me that it's normal. I hate this car. I feel like I'm constantly driving on rocks or something. I should've bought a Honda.

I discovered today that my floorboards are rotted. I researched for a recall on this issue. None. During my research, I discovered that Nissan does not feel a recall is necessary for the safety and well being to their customers. And for the fact that the Maxima for this time frame have not had any issues, makes me question as to why Nissan will not take any responsibility for the hundreds of complaints across this nation with the same issue! It is obvious that it is a manufacturer issue over "mother nature". This is very disappointing for a long time Nissan customer. I, along with all I share this with, will no longer offer my/our business and hard earned money to a company who does not value quality customer assistance and poor business morals.

This is my 4th Nissan Altima and will be my last! This car is a piece of junk! Nissan has cut so many corners on manufacturing cars that they have downgraded their quality. After driving a brand new Altima out of the dealership, I felt the car having trouble changing gears. I thought maybe it just needed to warm up. Well, at 3,000 miles and 3 months of driving it, I am extremely disappointed. It did not start first thing in the morning 6x in 2 months, it has a continuous dentist drill noise under the hood, you can feel a vibration on the steering wheel/floor/accelerator/brake, the airbag light comes off/on whether someone is in the passenger seat or not, the car keeps wandering to the left side, radio speaker popped up since day 1 like it needs to be glued down, and it is so noisy. I keep checking to see if I have a window open!

I regret this purchase 100%! This car is like driving a diesel truck! It is unreliable! It is not safe! Nissan replaced my power steering pump at one month and it still makes noise and the steering wheel still vibrates. I feel like I am in a crash test daily and Nissan said it is the new CVT transmission. Hmmm well you would think this was tested before selling millions of Altima's and having 101 people complain about it.

Purchased new Nissan 2011 Altima. Now at 100K miles the transmission has gone out (Code 1778 - faulty Step Motor, requiring replacement of transmission) and needs to be replaced at the cost of $4,000, while still owing $7K. My advise, DO NOT PURCHASE A NISSAN. Stick with a Honda or Toyota. I wished I had read Consumer Affairs reviews prior to purchasing this POS. As you will see, my review is just one of many with same prematurely failed transmission issues. I contacted Nissan Corporation and created a case, but to no avail. Corporate just issued an apology for the issue.

In 2014 I purchased a brand new 2013 Nissan Altima SL. I serviced the car regularly, enjoyed the comfortable ride and great gas mileage. From the very beginning the car made a growling sound when you step on the gas... I was assured that it was normal and didn't think anything of it until recently. Two weeks ago at 64,000 miles the car started to jerk and shake at low speeds then finally stalling out at stoplights.

I brought it into the dealership for diagnostics and after 3 hours I was told there was no problem detected and the service people could not replicate the issue. Two days later the car's RPM gauge was dropping for no apparent reason even on the freeway. I took it back into the dealership, did a test drive with the service man and confirmed a problem with the transmission.

Unfortunately, I didn't purchase the extended warranty. I learned recently, this is a well-known issue with Nissan's continuous variable transmission (CVT) and the dealer didn't even have the decency to tell me about it. I was 4,000 miles over the 60,000 mile factory warranty and as a result the $4200 repair was all on me! I called consumer affairs for Nissan... No help there... My claim was denied by a person who couldn't be bothered more. I was told there was no appeal process and that her decision was final.

Maybe I'm naive, but I never thought Nissan with a net worth of over $100 Billion would treat their customers like this! I have wasted hours of my life over the past 4 days while my car sits at the dealership in need of a new transmission. Step up Nissan and recall this issue... Cars that stall as a result of failed technology get people killed. Nissan, recall these cars and pay for your mistakes before we pay the ultimate cost! ~ Extremely dissatisfied customer!

My 2015 Nissan Altima has a shutter or vibration in the transmission. Nissan Dealer, Ken Garff Nissan, explained that it was just the way it is on 2015 Altimas. I have had a 2010 and 2013 Altima with no transmission problems. Now with 14,000 miles on my 2015 Altima it feels like the transmission is slipping when the tach is at 2,000 RPM. We need a Class Action Law Suit to get Nissan's attention.