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I purchased a 2015 Mazda CX7 from Looms Ford in Fredericksburg Virginia June of 2015. At the time of purchase the vehicle had 37K. Looms Ford knew that the battery was going, told me "when there's a problem, contact us." When the car wouldn't start about 6 weeks later, I called and they informed me, not their problem. The battery blew up under the hood, had it towed, mechanic said he never seen anything like it. That's the first problem. Car made a whistle noise, come to find out it's the turbo. Mind you this car has only 64K miles on it.

Called Mazda, told them the turbo had failed. They want records of all maintenance. I can give them records of battery situation because the car was towed. But when it comes to changing oil or filters, I am quite capable. Now they won't fix turbo because I chose to change my own oil instead of paying someone else to do it. Mazda us nothing but a letdown. I wouldn't recommend a Mazda vehicle to my worst enemy. I will NEVER buy another Mazda.

This is the first Mazda I've purchased and owned. The purchase of the vehicle was fine and I like the car. However... I asked to have a remote start installed (I live over an hour and a half from the dealership as this is the closest Mazda dealership to my home). I took a full day off work to drive to the dealership and wait four hours for the remote start to be installed. They installed an Mobile Remote Start (MMS) and NOT a remote start as I asked. The Mobile remote start doesn't work where I live and work in WV due to the lack of cell service in many areas. So I asked them to remove it. I had to take off another full day off work to have them remove the incorrect product that they installed the regular Mazda remote start.

It's been a couple of months and the Mazda product (remote start) has been nothing but problems! It works one day and then doesn't work the next day. When it does work, it won't start until I'm like right up on top of my car and then when you open the door, the car shuts off. I changed the batteries and that didn't do anything. It worked the first day and not the second or third day. I contacted my salesman who said I could bring it back down and they would take a look at it and repair it if there was an issue. He said they would replace it if it was faulty. I went out and looked up the reviews and the reviews all indicate that similar problems have existed (with reviews dating) back to 2012. Apparently Mazda has done nothing to address or fix the issues with the faulty device.

I requested a refund (I paid about $500.00 for the product and the installation). Mazda refused to give me a refund. They care absolutely nothing about the bottom line of their customers. This will be the LAST MAZDA I ever buy! Not because the car is bad, I like the car, but because the service after the sale of a 30K+ product is obviously NOT one where the customer care. I will be encouraging all my friends on Facebook and work and everyone from here on out who ask me about my car (it's a beautiful car... I get lots of questions about it), NEVER to buy one if they expect to have quality service after the sale! Terrible business practices Mazda! You should be ashamed of yourselves. P. S. I am a service disabled veteran... To all veterans out there... Beware!!!

Mazda headquarters in Clermont Florida is terrible. I know many people who worked there and lost their jobs for no reason. The managers of the store don't know how to sell a car and the customer service is horrible. Don't ever buy a car from here. It's not worth your time or money.

Two rear speakers in the car are hardly working. You can only hear sound when you open the trunk of the car. Those speakers are called 'tweedlers.' I've been to Mazda several times and they have given me various excuses to why they produce little sound. I decided to take the car to an independent audio dealer and they notice via a metered reading that those two rear speakers were not getting enough power therefore they would not change the speakers. I told a picture of the meter reading. When I returned to Mazda, after an hour I was told that, "That's how the system was set up." So I contacted Bose and they said, "That is how Mazda set up their speakers." Could someone please help me solve this problem? Many, many thanks.

Just passed 24000km on the odometer and the brand new 2016 CX3 I bought a year ago has a complete transmission failure. I had to bring it into the dealership (Stoney Trail Mazda) in Calgary AB Canada for a period of 4 weeks. They had to replace the complete transmission which took 2 weeks and after the replacement there was still noises coming from the vehicle, they took another two weeks to find out what was wrong and was complete clueless. They told me they did further work by replacing the flywheel and a number of other parts.

The dealership is making an effort and did fix everything without further cost to me and did provide a rental vehicle which I appreciate greatly. However, I completely lost confidence in Mazda as a company. I've been a long time Mazda owner and the fact that the dealership is not stepping up to replace a clearly lemon/defective vehicle is really upsetting. This will be the last Mazda I will ever own. Stay away from the Mazda CX3!!!

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I bought a Mazda RX-8 with an engine warranty and Mazda refuses to pay for a new engine. There is also a recall on a part in an airbag and they refuse to fix the damages caused by a faulty part. If you are looking for a car don't go to Mazda unless you are looking for nothing but disappointment.

MAZDA 5 shocks have been replaced 3 times - this is a defect and should have been a recall a long time ago - so many people have had this problem. It affects steering and tire wear significantly. I went to Metro Mazda in Vancouver BC last time. I asked them to put Monroe's lifetime warrantied shocks on and they said they did. I asked for the warranty - they said just come back if there is an issue. The warranty will be there. I am no longer in Vancouver so I can not go back. Mazda put on NAPA and not Monroes! NAPA Parts will only honour the warranty if I bring back the old ones - labour not covered. I am single woman and I hardly ever have passengers so why have I had rear shocks go 3 times - with just over a hundred KM? This is a recall issue and one has not been issued.

Bought a 2012 CX-9. First 2 years car ran great then 500 miles past warranty driver window motor goes out. Then a week later passenger window motor goes bad. Battery goes out. Car was only 2 years old. Now under recall which part needs to be replaced and both wheel bearings are going out after only 50K miles. What a POS. These parts should not be going bad this soon. Will never buy another Mazda again. Just lost my business because was going to buy another one next year.

Purchased a CX9 new in 2007. Drove it with a few problems like the Prox key losing its program forcing us to buy a new one at the cost of $300 plus $100 programing. But that's the short of it... At 59000 miles I walk into the dealer and have them doing some recall work on the car. I tell them its transmission is kind of slipping. Service guy says don't worry and recommends a trans service... I say ok... Come back a month later ask for trans service and he says, "It's over drivetrain warranty now. Maybe the service will help." Sounds like the trans is shot. The part alone is $9000 and removal is another $3000. Has no record of my issue at prior visit. Says there is no warranty. Said "you don't service your car here so we won't help you." I ended up spending another $3k out of pocket having a trans shop rebuild the trans. If you're thinking about it... RUN FROM MAZDA!

I purchased my CX-5 in 2015, and it is just at one year old. The windshield cracked, starting from the left hand side and reaches across right in front of the view. Researching this, it is apparent that many Mazda owners have experienced cracked windshields. There was no rock, just started cracking. Under warranty still, but the dealer will not honor the windshield. Replacement cost including labor is $850.00.

Also, the tires on the car were nearly bald at 16,000 mi. The cost to replace the set was over $1,600 one year into the ownership, and I've had to pay an additional $2,500 in expenses. If I had it to do all over again, I would have purchased the Honda CRX. So sad to give a company so much money, and have no similar consideration in return. And the dealerships do not take ownership of the problems; "It's the Mazda manufacturing, in Japan". I'll never purchase another Mazda again. I hope this encourages someone to not purchase any Mazda vehicles in the future. I'll spend an hour or two at the dealership on Saturday to mention these issues to prospective buyers.

Mazda roadside charged me to use a towing company to pick up my vehicle and take it in for service. My vehicle never made it to the service department, they kept my car and wanted to charge me additional to tow again. I was not able to retrieve my vehicle so I lost to towing company. I called the bank they retrieve the vehicle and repoed. The car was auctioned off. Now it shows on my credit report. I'm having a hard time getting a vehicle due to open loan.

I take very good care of our CX-7 and with only 70,000 miles the turbo and catalytic converter went. We were driving and a loud "siren" sound came from the engine. We had to limp to a shop and were told the turbo and the catalytic converter were shot. This cost us $3,600. Before being fixed I contacted the local Mazda dealer who told me that these cars are notorious for failed turbos. In fact he said it was so bad that Mazda put out a special warranty to cover these turbos. They all fail around 60-70,000 miles. Turns out, my VIN number did not match the ones that were a part of this special warranty. I asked the service manager, "Is there anything you can do for me"? He replied, sarcastically, "We can replace your turbo for you".

I have owned three Mazdas. Every one had problems. The one thing I have found though that all Mazdas share are very bad brakes. They are always very weak. This CX-7 with 70,000 also has bad brakes. I am replacing the front rotors for the SECOND time, with only 70,000 miles. I have replaced the pads probably 5 times and I do not drive fast or slam them. My son and I are very meticulous about changing the oil and the brake pads. Maintenance like we do should help a car last. Unfortunately Mazdas are very cheap, low-end Japanese cars and I guess it doesn't matter what you do, they just fall apart.

My experience with Mazda overall meaning corporate and the dealership has been horrendous. I think we should all get together and file a class action lawsuit. Mazda is making cars with defects. The dealer did a spot delivery spot scam on me. My car has been having all sorts of issue with the brakes not working properly and just recently the transmission. I have had it. Corporate does nothing. The VP Shawn Murphy is interested in money. Do not buy a Mazda unless you have it checked out first.

I will start off saying that I purchased a 2013 Mazda 3 in October 2013. Loved the problems. Salesperson at time of sale was great. However, the constant after sale phone calls from Chapman Mazda in Phoenix, AZ were annoying. No need to call your customer once a week, literally once a week, for a year after the sale. Told Chapman at least a dozen times that they could stop calling so much. Back in February, I traded in the 3 for a 6; need something bigger. Again...I LOVE the car. I had moved quite a ways away from where I had purchased the 3 in 2013 so I used a dealership that was closer (Cardinaleway Mazda in Mesa, AZ) when I purchased the 2016 6 in February 2016; the salesperson was great to deal with. The after sale customer service has been completely opposite. Was promised to get a call in about a week to see if I had any problems or questions about my 6...have not received a call yet. Oh well!

I guess there is no happy medium...feast or famine. Now let us get to my main issue. I have been trying to get the refund for the remaining insurance and the maintenance contract that I had on my 3. Followed the instructions from CardinaleWay to take my odometer disclosure for the 3 to the previous dealership. Went to Chapman Mazda. The finance person there was so rude and seemed disinterested. However, he did take my information. I knew it would take about 6 - 8 weeks to be processed. So I waited. Finally, mid-April, I contacted Chapman via phone. Another finance person said that they needed the "payoff letter" from lien holder (Was never told this before.). So I called the lender; was told the car had been paid off by the CardinaleWay Mazda and the letter was sent to them. Emailed and called CardinaleWay 13 times before I was told they did not know what a "payoff letter" was and that the lender should have sent something to me.

They told me to call the lien holder. Called the lender again and was told again that a letter was sent to the dealership. Called CardinaleWay again and the finance person said, "Oh??? Do you mean the lien release?" Ugh!!! As a consumer, I really try to be/stay informed about things, but I AM NOT a finance wiz at a car dealership. I do not know all the terms/lingo. However, you would think that what I was trying do was something no one has ever attempted before. So frustrated with two dealerships. Love my car, but might think twice about Mazda when I am really to purchase again. Mazda after the sale STINKS!!!

Back in January, a pebble hit my windshield on my way to the airport. Needless to say, I had damage the size of a .50 cent piece. I called my insurance company and they use a TPA that replaces windshields for them. It took the company 6 weeks to install my new windshield, because every time the windshield was delivered it was cracked. Just Monday, April 25th, I am driving to work and another pebble hit my windshield. I did not think much of it, until then I saw a spider crack going up my windshield... Not again!

Is there a defect with these windshields? Then, it takes 4-6 weeks for a replacement to be installed because Mazda is SO backed up from California and then they arrive broken. I would appreciate Mazda to respond and to fix this issue, as this is a serious defect! It is against the law to drive with a broken windshield. And then be told that there is a 6-8 week back order. One window replacement company told me 3 months... are you kidding me! Mazda - you need to look into a recall!!! If not, you will have class-action on your hands!

I bought a new MX on Jan 16, 2016. I already owned a 2004 MX5 that I bought new in 2002. When I bought my new car I asked if I qualified for the $500 loyalty incentive, which they assured me I did. During closing they did not have it included. The closer said it was an oversight and the sales mgr would take care of it. After the close, the sales mgr had me fill out paperwork and submit a copy of my 2002 car's current registration. He said it would take about 3 weeks to process. It has now been 3 months and I still have not received the $500. I have called the Mazda customer care # several times, and I have contacted the dealership several times. They say they are looking into it but they do not return my calls or email. I think 3 months is more than enough time to resolve this. I'm very unhappy with both the dealership (Auto Barn, Chicago, IL) and Mazda USA for not delivering on their promise.

I purchased a 2016 Mazda CX5 in late 2015. By the end of March 2016 (less than 4 months) I had transmission problems. I took my brand new Mazda in and they told me that they would check it out. They called back and said that it was the transmission and they would file a report with Mazda. They also said that the machine that manufactures the transmission was not working properly during the time my transmission was being made. It was also stated that Mazda doesn't know what cars doesn't have the "missing piece".

My question is why didn't Mazda put out a recall if they knew there might be an issue with the CX5 or any car with a transmission made at that plant? I bought this car brand new, why won't Mazda replace the car with another new car that has been checked for this issue? Fixing the transmission is not the same as purchasing a new car without defects. Up until now I have been a loyal Honda customer. I researched this car and heard a lot of good things about it. However after having owned a Mazda CX5 and seeing how Mazda has a total disregard for their customers, I will NEVER purchase a Mazda again.

I bought the 2016 CX-5 grand touring with the tech package. I fell in love with how the car drove and had owned a 2013 Mazda CX-5 so I thought that I was just getting an upgrade. Well it was very late by the time we left the dealership and so they just handed me the manual and said the instructions for the navigation system was in there. I didn't need the navigation until about 2 weeks after I purchased it. When I did need it a map of San Antonio river walk kept showing up and I live in Virginia.

The clock also does not work or set the time to eastern time. I took it back to the dealership but the service department does not know what is wrong with it and suggested they are going to have to tear it all apart to find the antenna. I am so mad, it's beyond words. How can they sell an almost $40,000 car and say it has these features and it has none of it working.

Had Mazda CX 5 for two years. First two years the car worked fine. Third year had to be towed twice. Ended up replacing the battery & service cost me over $300. Now today again it did not start and it is ticking like a bomb even when I disconnected the battery. What a disappointment. Not to speak of missing my several work days including today.

My engine light came on (cylinder 3 misfire). Took it to the dealer and I was told I needed new spark plugs and coils (4 of each). Price for parts approximately $70.00. Total bill $900.00 (freakin robbery - but I am a female so you know how it goes). I just wanted my car fixed. Drove not even two days the engine light came on again. This time it was a misfire from cylinder 2. Took it back and they looked at it. Who knows what they did. Drove it and the next more again misfire from cylinder 2. This happened two times as it relates to this cylinder. I was told by the service agent that my valve probably needs cleaning. Not sure but that would cost a lot ($1700+). I asked the guy "could it be my fuel injector?" I was told I can put some fuel clean in my tank and this might fix it (brother & ex-husband advised me). The service agent told me "naw I don't think so". Well I told them "I will get another opinion."

Took it to the Mazda Dealership in Gaithersburg, MD. I've had this car since 2008 and they've always fixed my car and never once did I have to take it back because something failed again. I was told by Mazda in Gaithersburg, MD that one of my fuel injectors is bad. That whoever looked at my car previously should have been able to figure this out since the cylinder that kept misfiring is connected to this particular fuel injector. I had the fuel injector replaced. So far the car runs like new. So far it's been a few weeks. Engine light has not come back on. Frederick Mazda... Did I really need 4 spark plugs and 4 coils. Probably not!

Thought just easy fix oil leak and when I went to fix it they want $429. Just for part and Mazda knows it's a faulty product! They should do recall. Using oil and leaking terribly. Then makes you go through antifreeze to cool problem. Then makes engine light come on. They have known about this problem for a long time. How unfair to consumers! I will never want to buy another Mazda again!

I bought a car here 6 months ago. I had some bad experience but my wife insisted on buying something, so I did. Paperwork included many extra charges. They sold a prepaid maintenance plan - charged us for premium plan but paperwork said basic plan. Took me a while to get the errors corrected. Recently my car had a recall. Called the dealer. Literally, the conversation with 'dimitry' went like this:

I: "I heard there is a Mazda recall." Dmitry: "Yea, don't worry, we will call you." I: "this sounds bad. What's the issue?" Dmitry: "hey, no one died. So don't worry." I: "are you sure? You sound so casual about it." Dmitry: "are you looking for a free loaner or some free things?" I: "what? You sound bad. Is there a manager I can talk to." Dmitry: "this is as good as it gets. What else can I do for you."

WOW! Called the manager later on. "Sal". He was no better either. This dealership has NASTY scammers masquerading as salespeople and service folks. Try calling the service dept to talk to a service specialist. You will NOT be able to reach anyone, no matter how many times you try. I regret buying Mazda and especially from this dealer. I will not go back to this dealer.

Mazda CX-7 2011: In June of 2014 I lost my first turbo, at 54,000 miles. After having the turbo replace it turned out that my fuel pump was also bad, had that replaced. In July of 2015 a weird noise began coming from the area of my turbo. Brought it to the Mazda dealership and was told it was probably a wrist pin. Brought my car to another dealership and it turned out a few bolts between the turbo and manifold had broke and the gap was causing the whistling noise. Had to pay for bolt replacement out of pocket (over $1000 because they also insisted on replacing the seals on the turbo).

November of 2015 my second Turbo went. I was over the Warrantied mileage and warranty was denied. The turbo warranty from previous installation had also expired after 12 months. Replaced turbo at my own expense. January of 2016 the car flashed a check engine and oil light. Pulled over and immediately shut the car down. After having the car towed to a repair place it was discovered that the crankshaft bearing had gone bad and destroyed the motor. I basically have a worthless car with only 67 thousand miles on it.

I have a 2008 Mazda CX-9 with 139,000 miles on it. I bought the car because Motor Trend gave it import SUV of the year and due to its positive reviews on maintenance. So far we've had pretty good luck with this SUV until now. From the research I've done and from what's been confirmed by both Mazda USA customer service and a local dealer service the transfer case out of the factory is in fact faulty and did in fact ruin the transmission. I've done extensive research on this and this is absolutely a known issue that the transfer case is ruining these transmissions. I've also discovered that the Mazda dealerships in my area are selling upwards of 4 transfer cases per week and often out of stock due to this replacement of the faulty transfer case coming out of the factory.

I cannot understand why Mazda hasn't sent out a bulletin to its valued customers regarding this. I can only imagine the lack of transparency on this is due to the large financial impact it may have. I am contacting you to request that you take this issue to whomever can help resolve my case and provide significant financial assistance towards the replacement of my transmission and faulty transfer case. I've been told that Mazda apparently has a "software update" that would fix this issue--but I find it impossible to believe as I have never received any notification of this being an issue or any software update to fix this faulty transfer case. I find it hard to believe that a software upgrade is going to fix a mechanical issue and cannot find any evidence of this "software" update being legitimate.

Mazda supposedly makes a quality product and supposedly cares about customer loyalty and service. I would say that not telling your customers about a faulty part (known issue on factory transfer case) that DESTROYS the transmission and causes SIGNIFICANT financial hardship is not fair or reasonable customer service.

My wife purchased a brand new Mazda CX-3 GS and after just over 6,700 kms, when put into Drive it would take anywhere from 6-12 seconds to engage and move forward. It didn't even make it to the first oil change! We brought it into Regina Mazda and they were able to duplicate the problem. We were told that a new transmission would have to be ordered. However, they couldn't give me any sort of a timeline and couldn't locate any available assets in their system. It's been almost a week and we haven't received any update from the dealership. We were given a Mazda 5 for a loaner but had to return it as it was their shuttle vehicle and then received a 2016 Mazda CX-5. Still waiting for update. :(

I just leased a 2016 CX 5 Grand Touring last month and began having problems with the transmission. Initially it would hesitate for a second before drive would engage. I made an appointment to have it looked at. Before my appointment I stopped at a light and when I pressed on the gas nothing happened and then it went into gear and all of the warning lights went off and it went into limp mode. I immediately went to the dealership and after looking at the car they said the Mazda techs want to examine the transmission and that they would be replacing my transmission. Unbelievable as CAR HAS ONLY 887 MILES and I haven't even had it a month!

I purchased my vehicle 2 years ago and just recently got to 20,00 miles and had to have the rear disc brake pads replaced because they barely passed inspection. I called the customer service number and they said they would gladly replace them free of charge if I went back to the dealer immediately that day to get it done. I then learned that this is a flaw that some of the CX-5's have including the current models. I leased my vehicle so I will be returning it before the 40,000 miles when it will probably need them again. It is expensive to replace them every 20,000 miles when they should last at LEAST 40,000 miles. If I owned this vehicle who would have to keep replacing them when they wear sooner than they should, ME!!! That is an expense I can not afford.

I also have an issue that when you open the back hatch there is not enough light to see what you are doing. I like the way the car handles in the snow, which is why I leased it to begin with, to see how well it did. I like the car and would love to buy another when my lease is up but I don't know if I will because of the expense of replacing the discs every 20,000 miles.

New Mazda CX-5 2016. Transmission replacement at 4,000 miles. Has this happened to anyone else? Will take 5-8 working days to deliver new transmissions. Counting holidays, I will be without my brand new car for 2 weeks :(. Never had this happen to a new car before.

We own a 2010 Mazda CX-9 and we are having significant issues with the brake booster. We called the customer service department at Mazda and were told to bring the car in. Once we brought the car in we were very rudely told that we would have to incur the cost of inspection and possibly repairs. The brakes are hissing very bad and they are very difficult to press down on to get the car to stop. I was in the car with my young children and was very afraid that the car would not stop.

I explained all this to the service department and they said that the part would be upwards of 750.00 and that it did not qualify for the extended warranty due to the amount of miles on the car. I cannot believe that with all the complaints about the brakes that they would not honor their car and fix it properly to ensure the safety of their drivers. I am very disappointed and hope that someone steps in and does a recall asap so there are no accidents that could have very easily been avoided if they would just fix their faulty part!!!

I drive a 2009 Mazda CX9. On Friday Sept 18th I had picked my kids and friends up from school. Normally I wouldn't stop and grab a coffee but I did. When we came out and were getting back in the car I heard a bang, I looked and my front left tire was just about falling off. Thank God we stopped because I would have been driving with 4 kids in the car. I had to have the car towed, and have my brother's friend that is a mechanic look at it. One week later on Friday, Sept 25th I got a safety recall letter in the mail saying lower control arm ball joint can corrode, well that is what happened to mine.

I Had it towed to a Mazda dealership. The Service Manager called to tell me I need new front tires. I said that should be part of the recall because everything I have read about symptoms of ball joints going bad is front tires balding. Well I have called Mazda three times and spoke to different people and nobody will help me. My back tires are just fine. I bought Mazda because I thought it was a safe family vehicle, I will be selling and getting something different.

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Mazda was founded in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan and produced machine tools and parts. The company’s first passenger automobile wasn’t release until 1960. A decade later, Mazda Motors of America (MMA) was established. Mazda has nearly 650 dealers in the United States and sells more than 300,000 new vehicles ever year in the country.

  • MyMazda: The MyMazda program and app, available for Apple and Andriod, send owners service reminders and personalized service offers and keep track of the vehicle’s service history. On the MyMazda website, owners can access their automobile’s owners manual and how to videos.
  • MX 5/Miata: The MX 5, originally called the Miata, was introduced in 1989 as a lightweight convertible roadster. Since then, more than 1 million MX 5s have been produced, and it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling two-seater of all time. The fourth generation, introduced in 2016, won 2016 Car of the Year in the UK, Yahoo Autos’ 2016 Fresh Ride of the Year and CNET’s Editors Choice Award for Best Convertible.
  • Drive for good: Each year MMA holds the Mazda Drive for Good event. During the event, which last about six weeks, Mazda will donate one volunteer hour for every test drive and $150 to a charity of the customer’s choice for every new purchase or lease. During the 2015 event, Mazda donated more than 70,000 volunteer hours and over $5.3 million.
  • Certified pre-owned: Late-model Mazdas with low miles that pass a 150-point inspection. Certified pre-owned vehicles come with a seven year/100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty, one of the longest in the industry. Throughout that warranty, owners and select members of their family also receive free 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Shopping tools: Interested customers can compare vehicles, customize models, request a quote and locate a local dealer on Mazda’s website. They can also determine the trade-in value of their current car and apply for financing through Mazda.
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