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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 24, 2021

        BUYER BEWARE!!! Horrible Customer Service, rude, intentionally evasive and misleading!!!! Discounts quoted changes without explanation hoping the buyer won’t notice. When asked they lie, become evasive and simply make it hard to do business with. Be careful when dealing with Seth and Devin.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 2, 2021

        Dealership had my car for four months and returned it with numerous issues just to get their loaner back and shove the car out the door. Came back with a busted windshield, door handle, tire pressure and balance issues as well as a filthy interior. They likely broke the windshield when they removed it to replace the front harness but say it was a poorly repaired recall item from the past. They told me to bring back their loaner and go rent a car and pay for it out of pocket. They offered first to pay my lodging since the delayed parts derailed my travel, then rescinded the offer. The owner even said that I "must have done something to it" to cause a 2016 Evoque with only 30K miles to completely fail. I assure you, my use of the vehicle has been quite tame, even outright boring compared with the shenanigans you see on the Land Rover Commercials.

        Land Rover has lost what would have been a customer for life. I fell in love with this beautiful car but it's beauty belied the many problems under the surface. Land Rover cares zero for their customers or their brand and you're best off to bring your money to another dealer who cares about their brand and their customers. I spent many years in customer service and can say I have never been treated so poorly.

        4 people found this review helpful

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 10, 2020

          In May 2019 I leased a 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport from Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton. Several issues occurred with the management of the lease and the transition did not occur with ease. I was charged a few thousand dollars more than the accepted offer but the dealership was reluctant to take responsibility or explain the difference. I was excited about driving the vehicle so I let these things go. Unfortunately in June 2019 I started having issues with the vehicle so I instead travelled to Jaguar Land Rover Calgary to rectify my issues there to hopefully gain a different experience. Some issues were resolved (bearings, water pump) after extensive persistence on my part but there was a reoccurring issue with the transmission. I took the vehicle in 5 times and nothing was resolved.

          I involved Jaguar Land Rover North America on three separate occasions for assistance when the vehicle got worse, and other events occurred. The vehicle became less reliable to drive and on July 29, 2020 I experienced severe jerking, struggles to change gears, mis-shifting, and slipping of the gears. It was of great concern. The vehicle was towed back to Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and I was told there was “nothing wrong with the vehicle” by the General Manager. Another manager told me “that is how discovery sports drive.” I know others that drive discovery sports and they have had zero issues. @Landrover North America told me “the vehicle was repaired” but all that was done is the factory settings were reset. They didn’t look at the transmission nor did a Foreman drive the vehicle. I was told by others outside the dealership and the manufacturer that it was a transmission problem. I wonder, do they want to duplicate the issue?

          I asked for a new vehicle because of all the issues but instead Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and Jaguar Land Rover North America threatened to tell the bank I abandoned the vehicle if I did not pick it up. The General Manager in Edmonton told me “I am not losing money on that vehicle. It is a bad investment.” Yet they leased me the vehicle. The vehicle had been previously purchased by another and returned with 400km. My lawyer sent a demand letter to Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and Land Rover North America to try and find a resolution but they ignored the Letter. They just kept passing blame onto each other.

          Lawyers told me it could cost me thousands of dollars to make them accountable but my lease would be close to done before that likely happened. @Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) could not help me due to a “gap in the legislation.” I have not driven the vehicle since the incident occurred in July 2020 but I am still making full payments. It has been in my garage since it was towed back from Edmonton but it was returned with a broken mirror. After reviewing my options, I decided to reach out to the VP at Go Auto Luxury Platform who owns the Edmonton and Calgary dealerships to try find a Win Win solution.

          After several emails and a telephone conversation he agreed in several emails to lease me a new vehicle for list price and no penalty for returning my other vehicle. He sent me all the details and price of the car. I confirmed there were no other amounts I would need to pay. I travelled to Edmonton from Red Deer to test drive the vehicle to ensure it was what they say it was. When I agreed to the vehicle the price of the vehicle showed up approximately $5, 500 more than list price. If I didn’t notice it then they would have gotten away with charging me more again. The VP at Go Auto later told me it was the “short fall” in my current lease, which is a penalty. I offered to meet him halfway and pay half of the penalty (short fall) but he will not negotiate further and unless I pay the penalty, have larger lease payments, and sign a new lease for another 42 months, I am stuck with a vehicle that looks pretty in my garage.

          I am told it still has too much left on the lease to do anything about it. Land Rover North America stopped corresponding with me and do not take responsibility for the vehicle and Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and Go Auto have also not returned my emails. I feel unsafe driving the vehicle and I certainly will not place my grandbaby in the vehicle and take the chance of something happening. I am hoping they will honour their agreements. In advocating for myself in the past five months I have been gaslighted, lied to, threatened, and now ignored. I am a social worker and now I only hope I can advocate for others so this does not happen to them.

          8 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 8, 2020

          The problems with this vehicle started with fit and finish issues within days of driving the new Land Rover Discovery off the dealer lot, that included a squeaky rear seat that took at least four separate visits to fix. Then the problems migrated to the rear liftgate interior panel that continually detached from the body hatch and hug down from one side. I have been back at least six times to fix this problem over a two year period. And each time they fix it and each time it falls apart again. Still no remedy.

          The best problem, at least for the service providers, has been the non-recall camshaft defect that has been known to Land Rover for some time (not counting the axle bearing failure, that was thankfully caught under warranty). This cam issue totally stopped the car. I finally took the Discovery to an independent garage and am now faced with a $2400 repair bill. Wait, no scratch that; an $11,000 bill. They decided I need a new engine, explaining the cam controller shattered with metal fragments going into the engine.

          Needless to say, I would not recommend Land Rover vehicles in general. It seems that when these two brands Land Rover-Jaguar, were purchased by an Indian investment company, Tata Motors, the legendary quality and durability was lost. The decision was made to introduce a variety of snappy looking consumer market-class models and trash the historic world-class reliability tradition. Remember all the old movies and newsreels with Land Rover busting through the jungles and mountain passes. Don’t try this too far from town. Trapped in the Outback in a new Discovery would be life threatening. There is a new Defender model, though I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that either - same build, parts and management. Land Rover should have kept the name when they sold out to Tata.

          10 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Oct. 10, 2020

          I purchased my Discovery Sport 5 years ago and the moment payments were complete and warranty was up the timing chain broke, damaged the valves and failed the engine entirely. This incident happened a few days ago on the highway (clearly safety issues here!) and I was lucky enough that I could pull over and stay in one piece. Vehicle was towed and dealership first told me in order to replace the valves and fix everything it costs 10,000 $. They then called again and said they don't even feel comfortable with that because it can fail again so the entire engine needs to be rebuild therefore cost will come to 20,000$!!

          Now to be clear, I have serviced this car year every year (64000 miles currently aka well below 100k miles) since purchase and have completed all the recommended replacements and services with the dealership asked me to do since 2015. In fact the question now is why at each service visit multiple parts had to be replaced (costing anywhere from 500-4000) and now at 5 year mark the entire engine fails!!! Do your research. I looked this up and there is a lawsuit in 2018, same incident right after the 5 mark warranty. The customer's car shut down when the customer was driving (in NJ).

          Company should be paying 100% for this repair or simply buy this junk back from me and give me a new car. I am in a back and forth situation with the dealership. I called the company and they opened the claim for me but the person on the phone had the audacity to ask me "well I am not sure what you want us to do here". They also haven't bothered following up. No one made any comment about the safety either!!

          As of now it is clear to me the company does not back their own products and they failed to inform the customers about the issue or recalling it when they knew very well timing chain has ongoing issues. More importantly safety is not their concerns at all!!! This matter will be escalated on my part! Don't buy their product!!! Choose wisely and do your research. I will be happy to spread the word on every social media platform so customers are aware and know their safety is at risk!

          15 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: July 5, 2020

          Make no mistake, I have been a long time Land Rover fan (I'm in the UK). I have had many Defenders, Range Rovers and a Disco 3. I have driven to Africa 5 times in a Defender including through the Central Sahara Desert to Niger and have another rebuilt Defender 300Tdi 110 now ready to go again. I have just sold the Disco 3 after a few problems cropped up - it was getting old anyway. We went to a local dealer, Harwoods in Lewes, East Sussex to look at an Evoque or Discovery commercial or anything else that looked suitable for a family vehicle and seeing clients. Well, yes there's a virus going round but we were told we could not enter the showroom and to "go and have a look round the car park'. Well the car park was full of various vehicles, maybe customers in for service or staff, who knows? By the way it was raining too. We shuffled a bit and left, rather unamused to put it mildly.

          If this is the best that LR can do when customers are potentially about to spend £100k GBP or more and become loyal to a brand, then they need to go back to business school. Land Rover has a criminally bad reputation for reliability and appalling customer service. It's not difficult to see why. We went to a Porsche dealer who was open, welcoming and thoroughly excellent.

          The older Rovers were simple and robust. Parts were good and reliable, not expensive. The newer generation ones are grossly over complicated with dodgy electronics, poor quality components (they have gone downhill for the last few years due to cost cutting as the vehicles were no longer required to be robust due to mainly be used on road, not off road). Throw in corporate complacency, inadequately trained 'technicians' who swap assemblies (huge bills ...) rather than fault find and you have a nightmare of epic proportions. My advice is to buy another brand that's reliable and from a source where you can get personal service when buying and for servicing and not be lost in the system. In the Uk there's lot of experience of Land rovers, more than the US - you have been warned.

          12 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: July 2, 2020

          We leased a Discovery Land Rover for 4 months ago, short before Covid-19. After 4 months with the milage of 2000 is broken down in the down town of San Jose, Ca, a huge city, on Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm. We asked for a roadside assistant and they sent us at 12:30 am, after 4 hours, came somebody and towed the car. On Thursday, the dealer said that, "We are not able to start on fixing your car until next Monday!!" We do not have a car and we can not do anything until Monday. We asked the customer service to help us. They are the worst respectfulness of the customer service, we've ever seen! They told us clear: "We can not help you. We do not pay for any rental car. We do not pay for a second towing to the next available dealership. We do not get you any refund etc."

          The other dealer in the city has availability to fix my car as soon as possible, they have also some extra car to provide me during this time. But the customer service has to pay for towing and they won't to help their customer after they sold the car!!!! If you are thing for a car, do not go to for Land rover in the U.S, because you don't get any service, after you bought the car. They are only nice, before to sell you, but they don't accept any reliability after they did. It means, they are thinking only and only on their business to make money without any respect!!!

          13 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: April 13, 2020

          In all the vehicles I have purchased both personally and professionally I can only report exceptionally delightful experiences with both the dealership and the sales rep - until I purchased a Range Rover from Hennessy Jaguar Land Rover Gwinnett. My previous experience in purchasing vehicles was, in fact, so delightful that when I have purchased my company vehicles at one dealership I have typically used for this purpose that I have sent the dealership staff and sales reps gifts after closing and written glowing reviews and completed surveys indicating satisfaction above and beyond the norm. This is my first negative experience with a dealership and it’s been one I don’t care to remember, but would rather forget.

          From the assistant manager Mr. David ** developing convenient memory loss as to his promises made as part of the transaction later, after the purchase, to the questionable ethics and practices of Mr. Ricky ** in the finance department. Having previously heard woeful tales from others about their experiences with car dealerships, I could never relate. It has now become my unfortunate reality.

          After experiencing multiple issues with the vehicle purchased at the dealership less than a month into ownership and only having possession of the vehicle for 18 days of that month long period of time due to the time the dealership had it for the initial repairs it became clear this Range Rover is a lemon. It broke down not but a few miles from the dealership on the date of purchase. The battery light came on even though the dealership said the issue was a fuel sensor which was repaired. They told me that the repair addressed the issue and it wouldn't occur again. Did I mention it died in the middle of Interstate 85? Slight safety issue if you ask me, but neither the dealership nor Land Rover seemed terribly concerned. I mean, I could have been hit by a driver doing 80 mph on the interstate, but perhaps the Range Rover makes for a better coffin than mode of transportation.

          Then the driver from the dealership that was driving my company car damaged the tires and front bumper on his way back to my home driving the vehicle. Then the check engine light began coming on and going off seemingly randomly. Not yet having a permanent tag for the vehicle while experiencing multiple issues in less than a month clearly points to this being a problem vehicle.

          Through all of this unfortunate experience I did my best to be patient and understanding. Yet it became clear that approach doesn’t work with this dealership or manufacturer. The dealership will lie to you, make promises they won't keep, mislead you and then claim they never made any commitment of the sort. Please save yourself, do not consider purchasing a Land Rover vehicle.

          I now have possession, only part time since it's in the shop half the time, of a very beautiful and expensive piece of junk that sits in my garage when I do have part time custody because I'm too afraid to be left stranded the next time it dies while I'm driving it. I mean Land Rover does have Roadside Assistance, but that's right, they're only open and available during business hours Monday-Friday so if I am left stranded, I'm on my own. Let's hope I have a signal on my mobile device so I can make contact with someone who cares - apparently that's not Land Rover. DO NOT buy a Land Rover product... That is unless you want to add stress and frustration to your life and a hunk of junk in your garage.

          18 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 3, 2020

          2019 Velar Safety Issues. Be very wary. The quality of the range rovers has dramatically decreased and, in my opinion, pose a safety issue. I have had the following issues that have gone unfixed because range rover does not know how to fix their own vehicle.

          - Back hatch closes without prompt and does not stop when it hits something (someone). I have been personally trapped in the hatch several times.
          - Infotainment center (all displays) lock up and do not reset when the car is turned off. Resets after 4+ hours. This is a big issue since the entire display unit is tied to this. You cannot change or see speed, air temp, etc.
          - Differential issues - locked up differential that the dealership insists is how the car drives!

          - Bad fan motor - sounds like an airplane.

          I have video proof and range rover insists on not fixing the issue because they "cannot replicate it".

          16 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 27, 2020

          After spending time deciding on an upgraded SUV, I was compelled to the Land Rover Discovery Sport. I felt that the brand name would mean quality and high technology. I was very very wrong. The 2019 model still does not even support Apple Car Play - this feature has been available in much lesser quality vehicles for many years. The website leads you to believe that 2017 models onwards were equipped.... this is incorrect. After leaving the dealership, I learned that my vehicle was having a technology issue as the incontrol element would not work and I could not start my vehicle remotely. After 1.5 months, after bouncing me around from person to person - they finally updated tele-metrics. I was told this would update the system and Car Play would be uploaded. They even asked me the brand of my phone for the update. They sent me home with the phone still not connected and said to call customer service.

          Which after again being bounced around - 2 weeks later they have told me 3 times that car play update needs to be completed and 4 times that my car is not eligible. I am blown away at the lack of support, lack of knowledge of their own product, lack of follow up and incredibly outdated technology for a $48,000 2019 car. I would suggest avoiding Land Rover as they are clearly a mess. The vehicle itself is incredibly sluggish and very basic in terms of finished and quality. I regret my decision to leave the big 3 in search of quality and new technology as Land Rover is clearly behind the times. Let’s face it - if Land Rover employees don’t even know what the brand offers and websites are misleading, clearly the vehicle quality matches.

          16 people found this review helpful
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