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Last updated: May 23, 2018

148 La Mesa RV Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2018

I have to agree with the other comments regarding the purchase of a motorhome at La Mesa. On April 14, 2018 we attend the RV show at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, Florida, the only dealer there was LaMesa, which was misleading to their TV advertising. We drove a 2018 Thor Hurricane, the whole RV shook. Then we drove a 2018 Winnebago. We decided to purchase the Thor after we were told this shaking would be fixed like new. This information and other items were written on a sheet for repairs. We took delivery on April 28, 2018, are bad, we did not drive the coach before we paid for it.

We drove the coach back to Naples, it did drive and ride a little better than the test drive. The coach was parked for a week, then were offered a free weekend at Cypress Trails in Ft. Myers for the weekend of May 4-7, 2018. While we were there we experienced a few other issues, and decided to drop the coach off at La Mesa for repairs and correct the steering issue. We were told own the coach and our responsibility to take it to the chassis shop for repair. We explained it was like that when purchased the coach. Well the coach is still there for repairs for now and they haven't made the warranty repairs. We are picking it up on Friday to take to the chassis shop. I feel we have been mistreated, taken advantage of, and told the coach was repaired and driven and this is not true.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 11, 2018

We're on our 3rd Travel trailer, But the First time purchasing from LaMesa RV Fort Myers. My husband & I are in our 70's have worked in Sales for years. We have never meet so many rude, incompetent, people working in one company, Monday April 30, 2018 we had our orientation class, which went very well. Next stop Finance - he was either having a bad day, or just didn't like us! Maybe, because we were asking questions! Directly under the "Price of Vehicle" Is "Dealer Services Fee" $995. So of course we questioned this amount. "It was for Prepping your camper," O.K. So I googled "dealer service fee". "This is a fee that a dealer will to charge you for preparing the Vehicle (RV, T.T.)". It's a ridiculous attempt at making an extra profit, because vehicle preparation is simply a part of doing business! We didn't want to be thrown out of his office, so we just paid the fee!

While in Finance, our CSR Stacy ** stopped by, asked us if we wanted our T.V. Installed (which we brought with us) on a swing bar? Cost $170. Never mentioning that if on a swing bar it would be permanently mounted! Which our CSR conveniently forgot to mention to us. FYI our camper has an Outside TV Bracket! When we finished in Finance, our camper was parked outside all hooked up to our vehicle! My husband decided to walk around the camper to do a double check! He noticed the latch right behind the ball was NOT in locking mode! When my husband tried to lock it, The locking mechanism would not lock into place, and the paddle lock would not go through the hole.

We were being sent out with an unsafe ball & hitch! We found the mechanic that had installed the hitch. He worked on it for several minutes, then said "Oh I know the problem." He struck a screwdriver through the hole and jiggled it down. Saying "There You GO!" My husband asked if we had to do this every time? Mechanic just said "No, it'll get better!" Tuesday, April 1st we were going on a 3 day shake down Cruise with our NEW camper. Our first day, we started making a list of it.

Within an Hour, we had a list of Items that had Not been taken care of during The $995. Dealer Prep! As friends stopped by, everyone immediately noticed the TV, just because someone in the factory had slapped a white sticker on the wall that's Where the TV Was installed, With wires and cords hanging down the wall! This is when we realized the TV was Mounted Permanently! (We have an outside TV Bracket) (Intelligent people are able to Think Outside the box!) Not La Mesa RV Fort Myers Florida! The wood Frame around the bed and Table were ALL coming apart! I decided to try out the shower, within minutes the water was backing up in the shower and ready to overflow! When I yelled at my husband to open the Grey Tank. Out came, pieces of Wood, caulking, molding, sawdust!

When we mentioned this to our CSR, She said “Oh, that's just building materials left over from the factory!" REALLY. This is when we decided to leave our campsite 2 days early, return to La Mesa So they could fix what was Not done the first time. Back at La Mesa - We were reprimanded by our CSR - Stacy **. People Make Appointments, and What Gave Us the Right to Just Show and expect Our Camper to be worked On! I wanted to say "if everything had been done correct the First Time, we would still be at the campground, that we had paid for!" Instead, we Cleaned out the refrigerator, freezer, our clothes, everything in the camper so we could leave it with La Mesa!

Friday April 4, La Mesa Called us to come get our camper. When we arrived, our camper was parked next to the waiting room. The door was open, so we walked outside and stepped into OUR camper! That was when Steve ? GM stepped in and began YELLING at us for being in Our Camper! My husband said "sorry, I didn’t see a sign saying Don't Step Here.” While the GM proceeded to YELL, We don't need signs, I'M telling YOU! Then our CSR enters, when I say "a 5 year old could have done a better job mounting the TV!" That's when we were shown a piece of paper saying we were OK with a swing bar! NEVER telling us it was a permanent Fix! And we didn't expect to see hanging wires! My husband removed the swing bar, and Put the TV Up the Way it should have been done! FYI we now have a New TV swing bar which we paid $170. Is now Sitting on our workbench!

There was ONLY one person at La Mesa that knew what he was doing. Mike ** - Worked on the Ball & Lock for 3 hours, Modifying until it Was Right! There was another mechanic who came in and repaired ALL the other items until they were done RIGHT! La Mesa really needs to have a Class for its GM's & CSR's How to treat customers AFTER they've Purchase a Camper! Customer Service doesn't Stop As Soon as The Stamp is on the paperwork Paid In Full!

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3 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12, 2018

YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK! It's April 11th 2018, you're too late to enjoy a new RV this summer! La Mesa RV has a slogan "Experience Life." That slogan is open to your interpretation - here's mine. December 15th 2017 I knew exactly what I wanted. A 2018 ERA 70M by Winnebago. It's been 10 years since I had bought a Sprinter and the warranty was one thing I remembered because it was so short - 3 years or 36,000 miles. The salesperson stated the warranty is now 100,000 miles. I was impressed by that since my 2008 needed $16,000 in repairs over the course of one year's time starting at 50,000 miles, so that was a big selling point. Once I am sitting in the finance department the warranty is back to 3 years or 36,000 miles and they want to sell an extended warranty for $7100.00.

While negotiating they said they would sell the warranty at their cost. When I asked to see their cost, they weren't ready for that question. They said they couldn't because they have no paperwork showing the cost so I settled at $3500. The deal is done - just need to wait for pick up. The day before delivery, my new service adviser Mike ** calls to inform me that the RV has a problem with a USB port, GPS, and a vibration, but all is ok. It's in the shop getting looked at and the delivery day is still on. They said that they balanced the tires, updated the software for the GPS, and fixed the USB. On delivery day, I take a train to Davis. My RV is in a tented area getting cleaned, I do a walk around and I start seeing paint problems, then while the sales staff and I are looking at the RV and how beautiful it is I noticed some black marks on the Winnebago-added trim.

While it does not stand out at first glance, there is definitely a faded look you wouldn't expect on a new vehicle. The sales staff plays it down and tries to buff it out with no luck. Everything that needs attention is listed on a work order to be addressed at a later date. My first trip was to Fort Bragg. The speed limit on 128 is 55 mph but the RV feels better between 45-55 mph. But wait - there is a very significant vibration, even the stitching on the steering wheel is blurred and hard to hold. Then I find myself pumping the brakes every time, they feel soft and spongy. I tried to use the GPS but when you put in the first letter for the destination city it goes to the next page "Item not found." I run the heater and find the vanity and supplies are all 119 degrees a 30-degree difference from the front of RV. The TV has no power and bathroom pocket door has a big gauge.

There is now a total of 22 items in need of attention. On my first trip to the service department, I meet Mike **. I start with the GPS because I assume this should be easy to resolve. I asked Mike ** to put in my address, he puts in "S" and it goes to "Item not found". He plays with it for 3-5 mins and asked me for my zip code. He hits enter and the city shows up but with a list of every street in town and you have to scroll down to find the one you are looking for. Then I'm told, "A friend has one of these and that's how it works." We finish going through the 22 items. We are almost done and Mike ** wants to know what 10 items I want fixed this trip! Their policy is only 10 items per trip to the service department! AND it's brand new! I was told they fixed the GPS and the vibration prior to this - nothing was done. Finally seven weeks later repairs are supposedly done.

It took SEVEN WEEKS and communication was nonexistent! It was so bad I had called their customer service department and spoke with Mr. **. Only then did I hear from Mike **. I had asked by e-mail several times if the vibration, brakes, and paint were taken care of. While they would reply to the e-mail, they would avoid my questions. Finally I received a e-mail from the service manager that they test-drove it and there was no vibration. They waited SEVEN WEEKS to tell me the paint problems will not be corrected - that the flaws are acceptable per Winnebago. When I pick up the RV I noticed the pocket door for the bathroom was replaced but sitting 5" behind the door frame. Mike ** sends the RV back to repair the door, but once home I found they didn't even put in the doorstop for the other Direction.

The work order states front wheels needed balancing and brakes are good. After SEVEN WEEKS in their shop I still have a significant vibration but now it's at different speeds - and still pumping brakes to stop. The heater still gets bathroom excessively hot. I opened up the compartment where the heater is and find ducts not fastened, or loose. I repaired it myself in 10 minutes. I took the RV to Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Fremont. They find rims are bent! I called Mr. ** and his answer was to give me my money back! I don't want my money back! I want a working RV in the brand new condition I paid for. Mr. ** will not replace the rims.

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6 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2018

The manufacturer had good prices, and the space of the cabin and in general of the whole RV is quite wide and this helps the comfort of the passengers during the trip. For children they are perfect, they have a good space to move or play on the road. They are very comfortable to drive long distances. In my experience the vehicle is quite resistant, and could cross difficult roads without problems and is also a vehicle with a good performance engine although it consumes some extra fuel. In my last family trip, I had to recharge gasoline more times than I had to recharge before with my RV Antigua, and this implies extra expenses during the trip.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 26, 2018

There needs to be a better insulation to keep both the hot and cold air from seeping through to the inside of the RV. Other than that, all is well. I like that they make use of the limited space with smart design. It is exciting and fun. They also have the best overall quality of any RV manufacturer. I chose this particular manufacturer because it came highly recommended from both my family and friends. And I am glad I took their advice because I couldn't be happier with my RV from this brand. I would give a hearty recommendation to them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2018

The RV has tons of room for friends, family and all your guest and have a great and wonderful time and a better experience. I like that you can go wherever with people and not use your personal vehicle. It’s great.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 23, 2018

RV in general is great for traveling especially with family. And when I think of RV I think of the La Mesa brand. It's fast and nice. Long trip is easier for little kids instead of using a regular car. I personally like to design things so decorating the RV is very fun and interesting thing to do when I'm bored. Something I like about the RV is the design in the outside and inside. It's simple and unique. Though more color for the RV could be nice since I don't like plain things. There is only a few range of color which I think is lowkey boring. The ceiling should also be taller especially for tall people like me. And prices for RV could be a bit cheaper. But my experience has been great overall and I recommend RVs for family with little kids who want to travel. Or people who love traveling in general.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 22, 2018

La Mesa RV has a great selection of RV's at affordable prices. They also have great customer service and I have enjoyed dealing with them so far. They make me feel like part of the family. I would enjoy buying from them in the future.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2018

This place was amazing. Prices were great and the customer service was even better. If you plan on buying an RV this is the best, easiest and friendliest place even and we shopped around at a few others. Absolutely perfect easy process and the best bang for your buck for sure at this location. Very friendly. Built around good customer service and goes above and beyond to be the best. I will recommend this place to friends or family or just anyone looking.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2018

I chose this La Mesa RV manufacturer because I have a very close family member that has shopped through the same RV manufacturer and they seemed to really love the experience they had. They had great reviews from this person. Each and every one of the wonderful customers service sales people were so positive, informative and helpful. They seemed to have known a lot of information on different vehicles and they were very awesome at answering all of the many questions I had for them. They sometimes take a lot of time though and it seems they have other priorities. And they are not the best at communicating back to me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 19, 2018

I liked their quality workmanship they put into each RV. I like that it had no sway or air disturbance imbalance when you passed or other vehicles passed you. It was so quiet when running besides being diesel. We actually went to the place of manufacture to see how the RV was put together and the safety of the materials used. It was phenomenal. Everything was top notch. However, I would change the ceramic tile they used for the kitchen and bath to a more flexible material, since some of the tiles broke or cracked while vehicle was in motion.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2018

La Mesa is a good manufacturer that offers good services and adapts perfectly to my needs and of my family. The services offered are very good and I plan to continue using them for much longer. It simply fits well to my needs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2018

I like that it's big, it has a big popularity, and that it is very much better than most other companies. La Mesa is also very nice and very kind and can make one of the best RVs in the world. However, the design is pretty bad in my opinion, but everything else I would leave because they are very nice and fine. My overall opinion is very good because this company can make very nice RV, that I could use at camps. And other places where I need an RV, like at home and at work. It is also very nice because it has good flooring and other stuff that makes it feel like home.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2018

It is contained yet has plenty of storage for my needs. It is very comfortable for me. I love the center island and the pantry. It is the right fit for one person. It is attractive and well laid out inside. The outside is very appealing to me. The brand name is very important. I love the amount of room I have inside and the additional storage outside. I feel that they could use better instructions for upkeep of them. And it does have some construction issues that need to be corrected. It could use better insulation. I have spent the last year figuring out when I should empty my tanks and it would be nice to have a better system to let you know they need emptying. The light system does not work properly and you get false positive readings from them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2018

La Mesa RV provides an array of brands and classes of RV to one portal. It has the most comprehensive inventory of RVs around. You can either sell or buy new/used RVs. They also have information about their warranties I like so I know what exactly is covered. They have service centers that are fairly convenient if I need to have my RV service. They have skilled technicians which were helpful when I had a small problem with it. I am happy to have purchased my Class B RV from them without a problem. They have very helpful staff. I recommend them as they are professional, affordable, and you will get the very best RV and service with it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2018

We have made several trips and phone calls to the service department to resolve our warranty issues. No one has returned our calls and on our trips to the dealer they avoid us. After talking to several pissed off customers we are afraid to bring our rig back for them to do the work that should have been taken care of before we took ownership of the unit. They ordered a door for our half bath. We got the call that it was in so we drove the 85 miles to pick it up only to be told that we should have brought the old one and the service writers were not in on Saturday. Hmmm don't you think that would be good information to tell someone on the initial phone call. I guess they like pissed off customers.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2018

Where to begin. When we purchased our 2017 Tiffin Allegro in San Diego it was like a bad sitcom. It wasn't ready when we were told it would be. We ended up waiting about 4 hours in their office before we could drive to Yuma to take out of state possession. By the time we got to Yuma it was pitch black in a city we had never been before. The drivers were great and helped us get to Wal-Mart for the night. The time spent going over the unit was only an hour. For those of us who have never owned a RV, we would have liked more time. The head of accounting gave us the temporary license and told us we must mount it on the right-hand corner of the windshield when we took possession. The drivers had never seen this but told us if that is what he said we should do it.

A couple of days later we got a call from him saying it was a mistake and could we come back to San Diego right away and straighten it out. We said no, we would mail it to him, but we were not returning to San Diego. We overnighted it and to thank us he sent us a gift certificate that originally was for $75, but he crossed that out and put in $100. He did not sign it, but put on a sticky note saying thank you. Do we really think anyone will honor this? Now fast forward 1 year and we are in Phoenix for the second time getting work done.The original service tech decided we were too demanding when after being told it would be done in a week was not ready. They were waiting for authorization from Tiffin to do the work.

Now it could be coincidence or not, but the slide was adjusted a few months ago as the tiles were wearing. After that a screw came loose and gouged out two tiles. So our question was "Who is responsible? La Mesa or Tiffin", but they wouldn't do anything without Tiffin authorization. Our rep was not authorized to encourage Tiffin to respond so we were sent to the General Service Manager who was able to get Tiffin to overnight parts for repair. We were told the parts would arrive the following week and everything would be done by the following Friday. We checked in with La Mesa on the next Monday where we found the General Service Manager to be on vacation for a week. We then requested to talk with the original service rep.

He did show up for an hour, and then his remark was that it wasn't his issue anymore. We could talk with his supervisor if we wanted. Freddie has been the only employee who seems to understand customer service. He normally does not handle individual problems but works in fleet service. But he has been very kind and courteous. He told us our original service rep would be responding to our needs and would be our contact person. The parts did not arrive until the Friday we were to pick it up. Nobody called us to let us know. We had to call them. We were told it would be ready Monday by 4 PM.

We decided we needed to deal with Freddie as he was the only one who responded to our calls. We showed up on Monday about 2 PM and guess what? No really, guess! Absolutely nothing had been done. Not one darn thing. And for whatever reason there seems to be a problem with the house batteries, even though it has been plugged in for two weeks. We got the General Service Manager involve, again, His attitude was "stuff happens." A very unimpressive response. As full timers we had been staying with friends and in a hotel. Yes, stuff happens, but he wouldn't even pay for a hotel room. Freddie said he would top off the gas tank. Again Freddie was the only one who seems to understand customer service.

So here we are today, they have told us it will be ready by noon with all work done. Do we believe this will all come together? My husband wants to use the gift certificate, I do not think they will honor it. It just seems this company is interested in selling you a RV and then they don't want to be bothered. Be very careful and ask more questions. We didn't know what we didn't know and they have been less than helpful in helping us.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 18, 2018

This the by far the worst experience of any of the many RV that my wife and I have purchased over the years. This is a company that will do anything to get the sale, but after the papers are signed look out. Straight downhill from there. To start off with they took our license to have them photocopied. They never returned them to us. We only found out when my bank required that I fax over a copy of our license so we could do a money transfer and found they had not returned them. Called them and was told by the salesman that they had them for a week... No phone call nor did they try to contact us. Had them send to us via FedEx and instead of sending to our Florida address they sent on off to our home in Indiana.

After a month finally got them back. We only given 1.5 hours to get all our belongings from one camper to another. The person who was supposed to be helping only could say that we had to hurry because their drivers had to be back to their office before dark. No help whatsoever other than the reprimand that we had to hurry. After of having our camper for a 2 weeks still have not gotten our second remote for second TV that they gave to someone else. They flat out lie to your face and do exactly the opposite. We were told that we would be contacted by one of their managers to address our issues and this has not happened even after many requests. There are many issues that we will have to do on our own. I have no confidence in this company backing anything that they say.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2018

This review is for small class Thor CRV in Alvarado Tx. I saw water stains on ceiling. They said it probably happened when the vehicle was washed. It leaked after 4 attempts to stop leak - still have small leak.We both gave up. While still at dealership we were connected to the outside water supply. At home we found that water tank leaked when filled. There were several smaller items that were taken care of by the local dealer. BEWARE - BE CAREFUL.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2018

If you are looking to purchase an RV of any sort do not step foot on any LaMesa RV locations. I sure wish I did not. In November 2016 we purchased a used 2015 Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer from the Fort Myers, FL LaMesa dealership. By December 2015 the floor went bad. LaMesa did nothing to help. We paid to have the trailer shipped back to the manufacture and paid to have a new floor installed.

When we finally had a chance to use the trailer - May 2016 - discovered that 1 of the propane bottles was manufactured in 2013 and the other 2005. The 2013 bottle although 2 years older than the trailer can be refilled, but the 2005 bottle can not. Not sure how they get away with filling an outdated propane bottle, but I guess when you are as dishonest as they are you do what you want - legal or not. Called the sales person, explained the situation, he said "that is above my pay grade" and he would contact the service department manager. Service manager called me and the end result was he told me "the tank works, so it's fine" and they would not replace the tank. Small item perhaps, but we paid the market price for the unit and they made their money and provided us with an unusable item.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

In April 2017 we purchased a brand new 2018 Heartland travel trailer from La Mesa RV. In November we started a long camping trip. Made it from Phoenix, Az and made it nearly to Austin, Tx and the roof blew off on half of our new trailer. We had to turn around and travel to stay out of rain to get back home and to La Mesa RV. Called La Mesa RV. They told us in middle of January they could look at it. What?? It's Dec 5. And if it rains half the inside would be ruin also. Call Heartland and they gave us a dealer in La Mesa RV that got us in. So my advice. Heartland is a good brand and it will be covered under warranty. But. Please... STAY AWAY FROM LA MESA RV!! They are great selling a unit to you. But when you drive off the lot they are totally done with you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

Purchased a new Vanleigh Vilano at the Daytona location. They then take the new coach to Sanford which is 1 1/2 hours away and tell me that the trades have to be delivered to Sanford and then pick up the new unit there. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Just more lies from these folks. Just gonna pull the plug on the deal and leave La Mesa holding the bag for the attorney's fees on this one. Tired of sales lies and promises that change like the wind. These scumbags just tried to screw the wrong person. Camping World got burnt real bad by me a few years ago for same type of **.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

If you EVER decide to buy an RV please take my advice, NEVER go to a La Mesa RV place. We took the camper out right after we bought it, checked it out... Found that there was a tear in the awning. We came home, called and got an appointment to take it in. Heartland denied fixing it. La Mesa told me we had 10 days to inspect everything. Well it was 9 days and no one is standing by their work. Told us basically, “Sorry for your luck.” I had read bad reviews and should have taken note. I would like to know if there is any legal action I can take since they told me I had 10 days to review and within that time, we called them and let them know.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

They don't care. The worst customer service I have ever had, ever. When we picked up our brand new RV there were so many issue that I replied to their follow up email with a list of problems. Never heard back. Three months later my husband has fixed numerous things on his own but we are still waiting for a missing blind that we were told twice now has been ordered. We still need to have the slider repaired, but we are not taking it there. There was trash in the kitchen drawers and a razor blade in the cup holder, we were told it would all be detailed when we came to pick it up. I could go on and on. I have never written a review like this but hope it helps others who are shopping for an RV. Stay away for La Mesa!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

This is early in... We haven't had our RV for a week. They said they would fix everything before signing contracts. We believed them. Now no one is returning calls, they said yesterday part would be there so my husband has been calling. They have been saying they will return calls? Never sign a contract on their word. It doesn't seem to be good. When you spend $85000.00 you expect a return phone call.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

Bought new Winnebago View in April. It's now Sept and no support or response from dealer to make this RV right. I've yet to use it. Many issues including a nonworking refrigerator. The big issue, is upon inspecting this unit the next morning, realized it was damaged and the issue was not disclosed. Repair will cost 13 percent of units cost and will take over a month. The issue is it appears it was in a sandstorm and has hundreds of significant paint chips from front to back on drivers side. Even the glass has chips. RV had the $6300 full body paint. They tried to say this was normal as all Winnebago RVs are damaged like this. The service writer saw it and said it's excessive. The sales manager then looked at it and said it's excessive and said he would get the Co. customer service rep to come up with a solution. He also offered me $500 as make right for a $14k issue.

The customer service rep said he won't do anything about it, that's it's normal for Winnebagos to have this much damage, then it was there is no warranty for repairs like this, then it was noticed post purchase, so it's my problem. End result is it was not disclosed, and it's not their issue. Winnebago said it's the dealers issue as it happened in their possession. I ask for a replacement like unit, but none damaged promptly, before DMV paperwork was sent in. No response, no solution other than it's nothing they will take care of. Won't buy from these folks or Winnebago.

I can't believe all Winnebagos come damaged as the norm as when we looked at other units, this is the only one with this damage, maybe they just lie. Spent 100k for a damaged RV that still has issues that keep it from being used. Currently, the chassis battery is dead. Something drains the battery over a couple of weeks, making it unreliable anyway. Worst customer service ever, worst delays ever seen for repair and parts lack of taking car of issues on a new motorhome. Scumbags!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

The end of July 2015 we purchased our 2016 Sunstar Winnebago Motor Home from La Mesa RV in Fort Myers, Florida. The sales experience was great, Steve ** was excellent with the financing and selling the extended warranty to us and the RV body finish protection, all of that was very pleasant. A couple of days after taking our prize possession home we noticed the rear wall separating on the outside on the driver's side next to the bumper. We called to have them fix it. 3 months later they manage to work it into their service department. The repair was a larger screw to fix the separation without resealing to prevent further water damage. There was a leak in the front entrance on the wall next to the door and the sheet rock was buckling all over that wall. That entire was replaced and so far that has not leaked anymore.

BUT, the whole back wall of the RV is saturated due to water seepage and has about an inch separation which is also pushing the whole rear bumper away from the RV. Called La Mesa to make an appointment so we could get this fixed prior to making a long trip and like always was told it would be a month or more before they can get it in to look at it. Took it in and the service writer, Steve, told us it would not be under warranty but he would talk to Mark, the service manager who was the service writer when the original repair was done shortly after we purchased the RV. Mark was quick to inform us their work was guaranteed for 90 days and that included extended warranties or ANYTHING they did and we would be responsible for the repairs.

Our first trip with this motor home resulted a break down in St. Louis, Mo. where we waited 4 hours on a wrecker on the side of the interstate because of a cut in the radiator hose caused by a sharp piece of metal from the frame rubbing the hose. Made it to Ohio only to have the AC unit stop working and nobody could recommend someone to repair it. Contacted Mark at La Mesa in Fort Myers with both incidents and he was very passive and very bothered by my calls to him since I was not in Florida when we had these issues and called him to see if he had any recommendations to help us. We let the problem with the AC go and all at once it started working again and did so the rest of the trip.

A few months later we went back to Missouri and the AC stopped working again, we took it to Camping World in Springfield and they had the RV for 3 days, it started working on its own and it ran the whole time they had it, hoping it would stop so they could find the problem. It didn't stop until this July and we needed it. Called, you guessed it, Steve at La Mesa in Fort Myers, Florida, was given the same run around with them being too busy.

The Service Department sucks. They are even lousy giving excuses!!! Take heed and do not purchase anything from La Mesa RV in Fort Myers, Florida. Do not attempt to have any repairs done at La Mesa RV in Fort Myers, Florida. Mark is a mouth piece that tries to sale you a discount on repairs that should have been done right the first time under new owner warranty and he lies and says he has not talked to you about the problems you are experiencing after speaking with you and brushing you off on multiple occasions.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

My husband and I are in the market to purchase a motorhome and decided to visit La Mesa RV Sales in San Diego. We expected to be paired with a professional, honest and resourceful salesperson who could educate us on the RV Class C we are interested in and be honest about financing and down payment. What an awful experience and I blame "John" and the phantom "Tom" who we never saw. We wasted our time and a hard inquiry to our credit because of these untrustworthy salespeople who mislead us. Whatever you do, stay away from this store. I believe that they discriminate and I will never step foot in their doors again. What an awful experience!!!!

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

Four weeks ago, my husband and I flew to Ft. Myers, Florida to purchase a brand new 2017 Winnebago Tour. We worked with a salesperson from La Mesa in Mesa, Arizona. We purchased the vehicle on a Saturday and stayed at a RV resort 1/2 mile from the dealership. We discovered that there were a lot of items that did not work. When we returned to the dealership on Monday and told them of all the items that did not work, they said they were aware of this and decided not to tell us about them before we purchased the motorhome. Of course, they have our $300,000+. This meant driving the RV back to Arizona with a brand new vehicle that had issues, some of them safety.

We pulled into the La Mesa in Mesa, Arizona after driving for five days from Florida. Our motorhome has been in the shop since then - three weeks. The vehicle has a three year warranty which is a joke. Even though we had a long list of items that needed repair, the service dept. said they had to get everything approved from Winnebago before they could get parts and fix the RV. In addition, the refrigerator does not work, nor has it worked (which the dealership was aware of). It is a brand new Samsung refrigerator and La Mesa said they are waiting for parts. Really, three weeks? We have no one that is an advocate for us. Everyone seems to pass the buck. This whole experience has been a nightmare. I hope that anyone who considers buying a RV, trailer or camper from La Mesa will read all the reviews that are posted and buy from another dealership.

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Original review: July 3, 2017

I just spoke with Charlie, LaMesa Sales Manager and he does not seem to understand. WE HAVE STATED THAT WE WISH TO NOT PROCEED WITH THE PRELIMINARY RETAIL ORDER ON THE 2017 TIFFIN ALLEGRO BREEZE 32BR!!! There have been several inconsistencies with regard to the safety of the motorhome.

6/13/17: Salesman Shaun ** showed the vehicle and we took for a test ride. He indicated it tows 10,000 lbs. and had Cummins 380HP engine. When in fact I checked later that it tows 4,500 lbs and was 275 HP engine. We indicated some issues with the motorhome. Specifically, generator was not recording hours running on the dash or on the generator clock after it being on for over 2 hours. My wife noticed a bouncing from the passenger seat during the initial test drive. There was water on the floor from the slide outs which Shaun indicated was normal from the rain, not so. Delivery was promised Friday, June 23, 2017 at 12:30 pm with all issues fixed. 6/20/17: I decided to have an independent inspection as a result of the 6/13/17 issues found during initial preview. Contacted LaMesa that and an inspector and I would be at LaMesa, Pt. Saint Lucie, Fl on 6/21/17 at 11:00 am to inspect the motorhome.

6/21/17: I arrived at LaMesa at 11 am with the inspector. Robert ** in service stated that the motorhome had just finished a frame inspection and ready to go and all issues repaired, and their pre delivery inspection was completed. Stated that on 6/23/17 at 12:30 pm we could take delivery. Also stated that he could not release the LaMesa pre delivery inspection for liability reasons. Independent inspector inspected the motorhome and discovered that between 58 - 70 mph struggled to keep the RV on the road on account of left pulling and vibration. Also, noted that the generator hours were not recording, the plug by the invertor no power, and the rear bedroom plug no power. Why were these not discovered during LaMesa pre delivery inspection? Why did we have to hire at our cost an independent inspector to discover these issues?

6/23/17: I discovered that there was a recall by Tiffin the manufacturer. Brought the recall to the attention of LaMesa (which I never heard back on). The recall speaks to a loss of steering. How can an RV dealer such as LaMesa sell a motorhome with a recall with such a safety issue? Specifically, Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. Recall 17V-232 involves certain model-year 2017 Allegro Breeze Motorhomes. The ball joints on the independent front suspension modules can loosen and separate, leading to a partial loss of steering. Tiffin will notify owners, and dealers will inspect, clean, and secure the ball joint. A notification schedule has not been set. Contact Tiffin at (256) 356-8661.

6/26/17: Called Timothy **, salesman to cancel the preliminary retail order. He stated someone would call me to finalize today. 6/27/17: I got a call from Charlie, sales manager to discuss the preliminary retail order. He stated that the delivery is scheduled for Friday, 6/30/17. I informed Charlie, that under no circumstances will we be there on Friday 6/30/17. Per my phone call with Tim ** on 6/26/17 we canceled retail order contract #**.

Please let me be clear, we are canceling this order, will not be taking delivery of this subject motorhome, and we feel LaMesa has been grievously remiss in its attempt to sell this unsafe unit. I would appreciate a written and verbal acknowledgement confirming the retail order cancellation. Finally, I called the LaMesa resolution center in California. Got the contract canceled the next day and a refund. But what a couple weeks of total stress. LaMesa are Pro's at FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENT. And while at another RV dealership met two couples that experienced the same worst experience.

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La Mesa RV expert review by David Chandler, Ph.D.

La Mesa RV is a marketplace for used and new RVs. La Mesa began as a simple RV dealership in La Mesa, California, in 1972. It has since moved its headquarters to San Diego and expanded with dealerships in Florida, Arizona and New Mexico.

  • Stock variety: La Mesa RV sells products from numerous brands, including Winnebago, Fleetwood, Hummer and more. La Mesa sells RVs and trailers of all classes.

  • Rotating sales: La Mesa RV hosts rotating sales for the RVs they have in stock. If you don’t mind waiting for a good price, keeping an eye on these sales will save you some money.

  • Trade-in: If you currently have an RV you want to sell, La Mesa will appraise it for you. They will either offer you a cash deal or trade-in credit toward one of their RVs.

  • Preowned sales: La Mesa RV also sells preowned vehicles in addition to their new stock. Preowned inventory is subject to change, so you’ll want to check their listings regularly.

  • Full service center: La Mesa RV’s locations have full service centers. If you need to repair your RV, you can schedule an appointment with a technician online.

  • Best for: people who want to find good deals on new and used RVs and people who want to sell or trade in their current RVs.

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