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La Mesa -- poor turnaround, poor quality control, poor timely communications. I am 70 years of age and have dealt with many companies large and small, and by far La Mesa, in Sanford, Florida, has been worst of all my dealings. Car dealers do better. History: We purchased a new 2017 Thor Synergy, Model SD24 on 14 June 2016 and took delivery on 24 June 2016 after they did a quality control. Our plan was to leave Port Orange, Florida for a week going to Eastern Shore, Maryland for our son's wedding. Early morning of 27 June 2016 as final preparation were underway a phone call was received that my wife's father passed away in Michigan. After the wedding on 1 July 2016 we started our trip to Michigan on 2 July 2016, staying in three campgrounds and arriving in Ann Arbor on 6 July. Ultimately we returned home on 27 July.

On August 9 the RV was taken into La Mesa, Sanford, Florida for warranty work, and yes we made an appointment. Today's date is 12 October 2016. The final part should have arrived yesterday, the bunk bed cushions. Delivered with a rip on the underside. This would have never been found had I not put a piece of paper under the cushion near the radio which has instructions on how to set the date and time on the coach radio. (Oh Instructions for the Thor unit itself poor as well.) I called 2 1/2 hours ago (at 10:00 a.m.) and still waiting for a return call. Return call during this warranty process have always taken many hours. Usually the returns call come in around 5:30 p.m.

Following is the short having only the most important items. There are at least 10 others. Air conditioner not fully functioning. At first no problem found after testing. Approximately 5 weeks later we were called and problem was found -- a new control module was needed. The part arrived 5 days later and while technician was finishing install the thermostat was accidentally hit and broken. Part arrived approximately 5 days later.

The large sky light was leaking... fixed. With all the rain from Hurricane Matthew will be a good test. Rain was encountered during second evening in North Carolina. Next storms in Michigan off and on for several days in the afternoon. When in Michigan because of rain the RV was taken to an RV dealer 30-40 miles away to have the inspected and sealed. This was better but the skylight still leaked, but less. Problem was at the hinge. A gasket must have been missing. I am not sure.

A storage compartment door was not sealed properly causing rainwater to enter. Both windows leaked in overhead bunk area. This tech sealed. Won't know until we are in a rainstorm while on the road. Flooring buckled in 2 locations at top of entry steps. The locations got glued. Base of toilet leaked (fresh water). Toilet removed and flange tightened. The problems should have been found at the Thor Motor Coach factory during their quality control. I realize humans are involved and they make mistake. (I do not how if robots are used during the manufacturing process.) With all the Thor RVs sold I certainly hope they don't have as many problems as we have had.

In closing want to state our FIRST RV was bought in June 2015. The unit was a 2012 Winnebago ERA. This was traded in on the new 2017 Thor. We have driven close to 25,000 miles to date. Our camping experiences have been wonderful. Needless to say since the warranty work has taken 60 days so far, we have done no RVing. But two months of warranty have been eaten up with RV sitting on a lot 95% of the time. I firmly believe this is actually planned. My first RV sat as well for 5 weeks. This is shameful for La Mesa and Thor Motor Coach to treat costumers poorly.

Purchased a trailer and had problems from the time I took possession. Sales people were obnoxious and I would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND anyone to this business! Had a bent rim which was unknown and went on two trips. Both were only 150-200 mile trips and the trailer was all over the road and actually dangerous to say the least. At first I was told I needed a leveler/anti-sway bars. Spent $800.00 plus and it was just as bad. Next trip was even worse and couldn't go over 45 MPH and the trailer was all over the road.

Finally after a few calls to the service dept that were absolutely useless people at La Mesa, they had NO INTEREST IN HELPING out. The tire blew, and it was then they we realized that La Mesa had bent the rim which wasn't noticeable by eye until just before the tire actually had a blow out. I know for fact that La Mesa had to have damaged this RV because there was absolutely no way it was driven from Indiana in this condition.

Anyway, OBNOXIOUS, ARROGANT BASTARDS is all I can say. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEM, THEIR SERVICE DEPT or SALES!! I've been involved an an owner of many RV's from pop-ups to several new 40' Diesel Pushers and never experienced anything like La Mesa. Why I just didn't walk out in the beginning is beyond me. Do yourself the biggest favor... Shop anywhere else but La Mesa RV!

My husband and I looked at a particular model of RV on Tuesday and when we returned to the lot with our children today, we were accosted by some very angry salesman. As we pulled the car over by the trailer to look at the trailer, the salesman drove up in the golf cart screaming that we didn't stop and check in with the office. There was no signage posted requiring visitors to check in. We had just been there on Tuesday, and were told to come back and look anytime. We had entered and driven to the back of the lot and looked freely at the RV's. With my husband and two children in the car this man very angrily swore at me while yelling.

Then as we proceeded to leave the lot this salesperson actually chased us out of the LA Mesa parking area in his golf cart. I have never been so attacked, abused or treated in such an unprofessional manner. My children have never experienced any episodes like this. There is NO way I could ever do business with a company that allows their employees to treat their customers in this fashion. I can't imagine the professionalism of the rest of the sales team, if this very angry, abusive, unprofessional, disrespectful man is this company's first best impression. If you are seriously considering doing business with them I would research it first, the BBB website has interesting information. There are 43 product and service complaints as well as 2 negative reviews soon to be 3.

Well I got a e-mail from Diane ** stating she had one 2016 new Heartland 5th Wheel at a reduced year end close out price of 19,998 with a MSRP price of 35,581. So I told her I would buy it at that price. Then she tells me "oh someone else is working a deal on it". Then she has 2 other people from different location call me to sell me the same camper for 24,900. I do not believe there ever was one at this price. She does shady business deals. I wouldn't buy a bag of pop corn from her or La Mesa RV. That's what games they play with good honest hard working folks.

Worst buying experience I've ever had. Went through internet sales, agreed on a price and came in to finish the deal. They tried to pull the wool over my eyes on so many accounts, changed the purchase price, changed the financing terms. I should have walked out, but they promised the world and I took the bait. From the sales process, financing, and attempting to have the RV repaired under La Mesa RV's 15 day guarantee, horrible. I should have looked at Consumer Affairs first, the negative reports about La Mesa RV are so many, and the stories from all the other reviewers sound like a broken record, they must be true.

I purchased an extended warranty on top of the guarantee from La Mesa, I hope the extended warranty covers what La Mesa Sales and service flat out lied about. Leaking black tank, leaking sink, and external LED lights that don't work. All found before I purchased our RV, and sales and service agreed to fix the issues before the sale. I drove my new to me RV home for one weekend to figure out anything else that was wrong. Brought it back the following week as scheduled, and they didn't fix a single thing. Turns out they tried to use the extended warranty I bought to cover the items that were found wrong before I made the purchase, so the warranty company denied the claim. Now La Mesa went back on their word and nothing is getting fixed. I'm out of pocket another $1500 to cover the repairs myself.

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Short of writing a book, I couldn't begin to describe or list the problems we've had with a brand new shiny Roadtrek. These people appear to have no conscience or soul. They take your cash, your trade and when you're out the door -- you're out the door (I can imagine them standing there watching you drive off, then high fiving each other and calling us suckers). Well someway somehow these people are going to be held accountable -- I think a class action lawsuit might be called for against La Mesa and the hair brain ill conceived "nothing works as touted" RV manufacturer...

Well in a nutshell a close friend of mine was hit by a car and killed on Benson hi-way and Paloverde three days ago us being homeless. Really I don't think there's anyone to help with burial or costs so me I hit the street panhandling begging whatever it takes. A benefit that's it so I do the math. I think if I could get a rv donated to this benefit to raffle off maybe someone who is now below standard may actually rise beyond this hell. We live starving dying for no good reason till I tried it, went to La Mesa asking for info on how to get it done - a donation. They laughed in my face as if it doesn't matter. Add that as I was walking out the staff was also pointing and ridiculing me so I ask I know that homeless have a profile by people I'm one of them - now bet they don't know that.

I was in Afghanistan fighting that war 5 years before this country even knew it was coming. My friend had kids xs friends family. I would think million dollar inventory - La Mesa could have considered maybe a decent used rv or trade in. They wouldn't see profit on anyplace. Anyway I ask you paying public boycott La Mesa - they are unwilling to back the community where they are even and right across the street is Pedata rv - a much more home orientated spot. If anyone can help with this situation please get at me. I have to make this right. Thank you.

Long story short. We should have listened to all of the consumers who had a horrible experience. We purchased a brand new Winnebago RV on 4/8/2016. On the first weekend trip the AC in the cab area did not work. We had it in for service for 8 days and then retrieved it for a weekend pre-planned trip (not fixed) brought it back in 5/2 and it is still not fixed. They have it at Ford for repair and all we get is a runaround from the service people at La Mesa. We have contacted Winnebago as well. You cannot get to anyone above the service person. The higher up managers do not want to talk to the customer let alone help. Do not buy from them!!! This is the biggest and most costly mistake we have ever made. I understand now why there are so many horrible reviews.

Bought a new Thor Windsport and went to get the unit when they called and said it was ready. Now it has been in the shop 3 times for items that should have been corrected in the pre-inspection (obviously they don't do this there). One of the major items was the steering which was so loose that you would have felt like you were in a Nascar (fixed by Ford dealer who stated this was one dangerous situation). Now you are going to ask how they should know about this... THEY DROVE THIS VEHICLE TO THE RV SHOW AND THEN BACK. Other items were LP switch not working in the unit, and what they never checked was the fresh water pump was still in the winterization mode.

Finally tired of all the BS and no return phone calls and lack of professionalism and went to camping world, PROBLEMS SOLVED. Hope this helps out to all future owners. La Mesa might have some better prices but the odds are you are going to have problems with this company when it comes to customer satisfaction and any maintenance issues.

To put this in perspective, I have had recalls on automobiles that are usually resolved in a day or two. But we are now dealing with La Mesa RV-Phoenix. On March 1 I received a letter from Truma. Truma makes water heaters for RV's and they clearly Truma is NOT the problem. The letter stated that a part should be replaced and to call our local dealer, La Mesa RV and they would change out the part at no cost. The following is how La Mesa responded:

3-Mar: Called LaMesa and they had no clue of what I was talking about. 3-Mar: Called Truma and they assured me they notified La Mesa but said they would call La Mesa again. 22-Mar: Called La Mesa and they knew nothing of the warranty/service bulletin. 22-Mar: Called Truma. They asked for a direct contact at LaMesa (I gave them the service managers name). 10-Apr: Called La Mesa and they did not know anything about Truma. 10-Apr: Called Truma, and they spoke with both the service manager and parts manager and set up a warranty case and made arrangements to ship the part so it would arrive a few days before the appointment on April 28 (they were concerned LaMesa would lose the part).

26-Apr: Called La Mesa to talk to service manager. He didn't return the call. 27-Apr: Called La Mesa 3 times - No return call. Later in day spoke with the person who answered the phone in service and she put me on hold for several minutes. When she came back she said she checked with parts and other managers but they could find nothing regarding Truma parts or warranty recall. I said if I can't be guaranteed that this issue will be taken care of I did not want to drive 100 miles to be turned away. She suggested that I cancel the appointment until they can get to the bottom of the problem (the problem started March 3 - just 55 days so far to get to the bottom of it).

27-Apr: Called the person at La Mesa that "makes sure you are satisfied" - no return call as of April 28. 28-Apr: Called Truma. The Truma rep said she spoke with both service manager and parts manager on 4/10 and brought them up to speed on the issue and made arrangements to ship the part and installation instructions and all the internal warranty paperwork. She further said that the part was delivered to La Mesa on April 21. Truma said they would ship to any authorized dealer we choose if we could not get this resolved with La Mesa. Truma expressed disbelief that something as simple as change of a part could be this difficult. They said this is the simplest of simple. They said on their end they will do everything they can to see that our unit is fixed.

28-Apr: Called 0930. Called parts manager - no answer. Called 10:30. Called parts manager - Left message asking him to PLEASE call me. Called "the make sure your happy person" - no answer. Still waiting for return calls from April 26th, 27th and the 28th from various employees at La Mesa RV. The issue is still not resolved.

My only advice to a prospective customer is to read ALL the complaints about La Mesa RV. There is a trend that apparently top management does not care to address. Compared to any car dealer I have done business with La Mesa appears to be run by very young children that don't know what to do. It becomes quite clear that if they relied on service they would implode. The right hand absolutely does not know what the left is doing. SAD.

Without going into the nightmare of this company, DO NOT deal with them. They are idiots. 2015 Tiffin brought in for service. They dented our refrigerator and then when we noticed it 1 month later they said we did it. It was too long from pickup to notice of dent. They said we did it. Check with a fine tooth comb every inch of coach when you pick it up. It was brought in for washer repair. Why would I look at fridge, it went right into storage and not used for 1 month. I will never buy another RV from them. Terrible company. A 170,000 coach with a dented fridge. Scammers and idiots.

My wife, mother-in-law and myself were vacationing in Sanford when we seriously started to look around to update our RV. Most unfortunate to land in La Mesa RV lot in Sanford. The salesmen were lounging around the front door and I spoke first. I immediately started to tell the salesman that we had a trade in and we were searching in the 80,000.00 and under price range. Without seeing our trade in he immediately began to tell us that he would probably not do a trade in and then preceded to be totally negative about our quest. I then told the gentleman that we were not interested in dealing with him anymore and we were leaving. He had the audacity to recommend a better salesman and then went over to the lounged around salesman and began to tell them we were crazy. He thought we didn't hear it I guess but he was loud enough for my 75 year old mother-in-law to hear.

I have never been so disrespected and I hope the General public stays as far away from this company as possible. It was like walking on the set of Goodfellas and it was very uncomfortable. You can always feel when someone is a crook and I believe there is a lot filled with them in Sanford, Florida. We went to Camping World and made our purchase as we should have done in the first place. I am sorry to my wife and my dear mother-in-law for subjecting them to this people.

La Mesa RV FT Pierce, Fl Service?? NOT. They may as well close their service dept. Your warranty will run out while you wait for anything to be FIXED... a little here maybe or a little there... BUT quality control?? To insure it is finished NONE... and this IS their reputation. They OWE the buyer for wasted warranties on their Coaches purchased. WE now will travel to The Fleetwood Factory to try to fix what La Mesa WON'T. 30 years of RV'ing and Coach purchase and THEY are by far the WORST. When you go out the DOOR? You are OUT the DOOR!!! And you are without you coach for weeks on end. What ARE they doing??? Big consideration when buying!!! NO stars NOT one! 2015 Fleetwood Excursion.

Put a down payment on 2016 Bounder 35K 5/15/2015 and from that moment on it went downhill. They missed two different delivery dates due to maintenance problems. We finally pick it up on 6/18/2015 and all problems suppose to be fixed. Drove the unit home and the dog house got blistering hot. Notice that some of the LED lights in ceiling were out. I called Casey ** on 6/22/2015. He told me to call David ** and ask who my service advisor would be. Called David ** and left message. David ** called later and said I didn't have one and he would call me. As of 6/29/2015 no call from La Mesa? Called Fleetwood service center in Indiana on 7/28/2015. Talked to Bryan **, explained problems with coach. He sent me some schematics that I requested. He also said he would call La Mesa.

Received call from David **, 7/28/2015, service advisor, La Mesa. David set appointment for 8/5/2015 at 0900. Delivered coach to David on 8/5/2015. Went over issues and he stated that the coach would be in the garage the next day. David ** called 0916 on 8/17/2015 and stated the coach was not in the garage yet. Called Fleetwood warranty and asked if I could take coach to another warranty service center. They said I could take it to Eagles Pride RV, Titusville, FL. Called Eagles Pride and set appointment for 8/17/2015. I then called David ** and asked for the coach to be ready for pickup. We went down to pick up coach and it was in the driveway with the bedroom slide out?

Delivered, 8/17/2015, coach to Josh **, Eagles Pride. We went issues with the lights and the heated dog house cover. Called Josh and electrical issues were fixed. He stated that he was waiting on Fleetwood to see if they would cover the cost to fix the dog house, engine cover. Called Josh 9/1/15, Fleetwood will cover cost. He also said that Fleetwood was working on a fix for the heat. 9/24/15 called Josh and he states the heat mat is on back order. 10/9/15 took coach back home, will wait for heat mat. 10/17/15 tried to lower leveling jacks. Not working! 10/19/15 called Josh and he mad me look for a blown fuse. None were found. Also at that time the dash air quit working. 11/4/15 delivered coach to Eagles Pride. 11/18/15 talked to Josh and he found a fuse panel that was not on any schematics and found a 10amp fuse in place of 30amp. Replaced fuse and everything started working.

12/3/15, Josh called and said coach was ready. Arrived and tried to turn lights on and they did not work! Nothing on the 12vdc circuits worked. Left coach with Josh. 12/4/15 called Joy **, Fleetwood service center. She sent me electrical schematics of lighting system. 12/22/15 Control panel was ordered. 12/30/15, 0818, Called Josh and he stated the control panel was received 12/29/15 and would be installed 12/30/15. Coach should be ready 1/4/2016. 12/30/15 1200, Josh called and coach was ready. Picked up coach later that afternoon.

Summary- Will never have dealings with La Mesa. Working with Mike and Josh **, Eagles Pride RV, Titusvile FL. was a complete joy. They kept me informed and did not disappoint me. Very professional group! Removed the "L" shaped sofa and this mess of wires were found under it, attach pics are before and after. Also attached before and after pics of engine cover.

The Port St. Lucie store said they had one, so coming back from The Glades in Jan. we stopped. Was told it was in Fort Myers. Drove over there in my old RV. They spent an hour looking for it, then said it was at Sanford, so I drove up there. Got there when they were closing so I had to wait until the next day. So I found a parking lot to park in for the night. They would not allow me to park on their property. The next day they told me it was Fort Myers, so I gave up.

I had been talking to a very nice gentleman at the Port St. Lucie for about a year and I was planning on buying from them no matter what, but that no matter, gave up on the what. What they have from the stores I went into, none of the salesman wanted to help once I told them I was talking to Vern at Port St. Lucie. This should be the same company. Tell you what if I owned the place I would fire most of them. They are costing him lots of sales. I got down payment on a Monaco at Lazy Days (never thought I would buy there). Scheduled to pick it up this Thursday so will have to see if I keep the coach or not. So glad to read all these other complaints. It makes my decision not to buy there better.

Bought a new 2015 Itasca Rejo 25P. Problems began immediately, no second key. They lost! Driver's door came open while driving, hot water heater quit, bathroom door so badly warped you have to use your foot to push it into the slot, told by La Mesa this is acceptable. Made appointment Nov 24th 2015 for December 21st. Dropped off unit went thoroughly through the list of 15 items, (I am a fully licensed mechanic by trade). Told it would take around two weeks. February 5th 2016 unit still there with part only just ordered, told parts on backorder! Pipes for washer jets too hard and break off in cool weather, explained I had refitted the pipes three times and every time it turns cold no washers, the pipes break off. Hood hit wiper blades when opening, no fix, strap the restrains the driver's door slips down and allows door to hit mirror and chip paint, had to fix myself.

Fly screen door fell apart when arrived home. After lots of discussion a with Winnebago they sent me a new door that I fitted. They have only just ordered new clearance light, that filled with water, replaced one spotlight that filled with water, replaced the stovetop that broke because the rubber stops don't stay in place, so top hit metal caps and shattered all over us and our dogs. All in all the RV is very poor quality, plus the after sales service is terrible. Could never recommend La Mesa or buying a Winnebago product. Very poor both. Be glad when we can save enough money to dump this piece of junk. Oh the Mercedes chassis is great, love it, economical and comfortable, especially after we installed loads of sound absorbing insulation to stop the body and engine noise, plus the terrible noise of the diesel generator. Love Hate.

We were planning to buy an RV until we had issues with the overall experience. We called several times after completing paperwork and very seldom got a call back. We called Finance several times. This made our decision not to purchase here - if they can't call back in the very beginning, how will they be if we ever had a problem? Now a few months later we're still trying to get our deposit back and again no call back. I have called and my husband has as well. This place is a nightmare to deal with. ALSO, when we put a deposit down, it was to be for $500 dollars and they ran our credit card for $5000 dollars. That made me upset as I didn't catch this until we got home, and we called and the Finance lady tried to play it off and said "do you want to just leave it?" Terrible, terrible experience. Please be cautious with this company.

Purchased a 2015 ultra ellipse 300,000.00. I'll make a long story short. Took delivery 4 months ago. It's been in the shop a total of 28 days since purchased. And isn't fixed. Slide won't work, no heat, electrical issues, fuel leak, had a ride on a tow truck. Neither la mesa or Winnebago industries give a hoot. Seeking legal help.

La Mesa RV is nothing but a joke, will promise you the world and not help you once you are on the road. No help with warranty or service information. They push warranties they do not cover!! Be careful with anything you purchase from this place.

Absolute worst buying experience ever. The salesman and makeready guys were nice but financing and actually getting the brand new RV was terrible and took 4 weeks to get ready. Finance was the worst part of the process, got our names wrong on the docs TWICE, didn't tell us about a 1200, a TWELVE HUNDRED dollar fee until we got there to pick it up... on top of our down payment. RV supposed to be brand new and I have been repairing things they missed since we purchased it. Just a bad experience for us.

Both items were found and noted within 15 day warranty - both looked at and lied about. I have two issues - the first is an alignment from Sac Truck that La Mesa in Davis said was completed. NO DOC available. MH still drove dog legged down the Highway until I figured out through another truck Alignment Comp. $300 later it is fine now. I want to be reimbursed. Second Item: This is the more serious of the two. They fabricated statements to my partner and I. She was concerned of the wiggle, wiggle of the pass side slide when it goes out or in. Davis assured us that it is the way they work (not the other two slides). So while in Casa Grande we made an appointment to have the slide evaluated, repaired (their nickel) at the Phoenix service center. They had the coach ALL day so we went to the MH Show at the Phoenix Raceway.

When we arrive at the shop around 4 pm the Service Advisor Tom ** told us that all of the mechanical mechanism has been check for tightness and then motor and gearbox is also very secure and that besides that their tech Mark had recorded a video of the slide operating and sent it to Newmar. They said that all the techs (both Newmar's and La Mesa's) reviewed the video and the conclusion was to leave it alone, and that is what we were left with. At 5 pm they were closing and we had to go. We both still felt it was too loose to be good to go. Mind you since we took possession we had opened the slides 3 times. I told my partner that we would get to the bottom of this. And in late OCT/ NOV 2015 we were in Indiana returning from a workamper stint and made appointment to have Newmar to evaluate the slide. We were directed to go to a vendor company that works on NEWMAR MHs when there busy.

Fine with us as long as the slide gets evaluated. The mechanical mechanism was removed and replaced because it was failing to perform as normal . (We have opened the slides about 10 more times since our first time). Not really much use. Cost almost 7000 dollars. Now when La Mesa (service manager Joseph) was asked 4 weeks ago about producing the video, THEY CANT nor do I believe they ever did. And now after talking to Newmar techs and dealer support line at Newmar, La Mesa will not talk to anyone. I have found out that the so-called video never arrived at Newmar??? Newmar would like to see the video also. Newmar keeps records of things like this (like a Carfax). Well, La Mesa is nowhere to be found. I have supporting documents for BOTH problems and I have the shims to correct the alignment they never did, all of the parts for the slide mechanism. The Pass Slide mechanism works fine now and the MH drives like a dream.

Made an appointment for a simple genset service and two interior light issues in our RV. Dropped off, told have to have the RV for a week or so, making an appointment doesn't mean anything. Called later in the day, told needed full tune up. Oil was changed a week earlier, anyhow, told them to perform maintenance.

Called about 6 hours later, said was ready. Showed up, service person said was ready to go. Genset was ready per service person, forgot about the lights, said he didn't write down.

Following week, we went RVing for a weekend. Attempted to use the genset, had bad rattling noise. Checked it out, found that the air filter hold down screw fell out, and missing wasn't tightened up when serviced. (This had never happened before in over a year.) The oil fill cap very loose so oil was leaking and dripping, lights that reported bad, still bad. Seems all La Mesa service centers are the same. Called service person Adams, he said we (the customer) must have done it. It was just serviced, I shouldn't have to check it first use. We were looking at an RV upgrade at La Mesa, base on all I have read and experienced, we are going somewhere else.

I purchased a 2014 Itasca Meridian from La Mesa RV in Albuquerque in September of 2015. I had some issues with the rig that I was having trouble with. They were not fixed by La Mesa when I took it in and I had to hire other mechanics to resolve the issues. Jeremy Black, the service manager at La Mesa, found out about it and contacted me. I am very happy to say, that all of the previous issues have indeed been resolved to my complete satisfaction.

Original Review

I purchased a 2014 Itasca Meridian from La Mesa RV in Albuquerque. It had numerous issues that were supposed to be fixed prior to my picking it up. They were not. I have been back twice to try to get the issues fixed. They didn't fix the issues, instead, they chocked it up to operator error. The house batteries were heavily corroded and had a faulty cable. Kyle, one of the service managers, assured me they would be fixed. But I was still having electrical issues. I finally had to hire a mobile mechanic to come and look at the rig. He found that they had not cleaned the battery terminals, nor had they replaced the questionable cable. They also had the inverter set to 10% charging. Needless to say, several hundreds of dollars later, the mobile mechanic finally fixed the issues that La Mesa RV assured me were corrected, but were not.

The RV I purchased was missing all of the remote controls for the TVs and the home theatre system. Stacy, the sales person, assured me they would be replaced and the system thoroughly checked when I came back to pick up my rig. They were not. I have Samsung TVs and they threw in RCA remotes and then tried to tell me they were "universal" remotes. Also, there was no control for the home theatre system. I called and told them about the issues, they said the Samsung remotes were ordered and would be there in a week. So when I went in to pick up the remotes, I found out they had never even been ordered. So, I had to order and pay for the remotes myself through Amazon. Again, several hundred of dollars later, out of my own pocket, for something that had been promised to be fixed before I even picked it up.

Also, the DVD player would not work. I could get sound out of the speakers, but no video feed. That was another issue that was addressed during the two return trips I made with the rig to try to get them to fix it. Their explanation was that I hadn't turned on the matrix power supply to the DVD player. Seriously? How did I get audio out of it but not video if I was too stupid to know how to turn it on? I finally had to get Best Buy's Geek Squad out to the rig to fix everything. The matrix had been wired backwards, which is why it wouldn't work. Also, there was a problem with the repeater that the Geek Squad fixed, but once again, it was easier for La Mesa to blame it on operator error than to fix what they had promised to. That repair also cost me several hundred dollars.

They had also promised to replace all of the water filters on this rig. Since they didn't fix any of the other issues they had promised to, I ordered new filters and replaced them myself. It's a good thing I did because they were absolutely disgusting. The water I'd been drinking and showering in was filthy. I have contacted La Mesa RV several times about getting reimbursed regarding these issues. I have been consistently ignored. I'm out hundreds of dollars due to their dishonesty. I'm nearly a 60 year old single woman, and this company did not hesitate to take nearly a quarter of a million dollars from me, make false promises and then deliver a substandard product to me and then not even make an honest attempt to fix things properly. I cannot recommend this business. They have consistently lied to me and ignored my problems with the purchased product.

After taking our used RV back to the La Mesa Service for problems with a leaking toilet, and the air conditioning in the front would initially be cold but then get warm, and a hydraulic jack in the back that kept falling down while we were driving, and being told that there was "absolutely nothing wrong," we took it to the Avondale branch for service. They finally did put a new jack in, said they couldn't find anything wrong with the toilet (probably didn't flush it) and said the air was fine. (They probably didn't drive it.) My husband took the toilet apart and all of the gaskets were rotted. He replaced them for $108.

We took it on a couple of trips, then returned it to the Avondale Service center, because the refrigerator was initially cold enough, but would go up to 10 degrees too warm, then back down to freezing. The gasket is slightly torn, so Danny ** told my husband he would order a new refrigerator door. My husband, again, told him about the A/C. So, after having the RV for another 3 weeks, they said there is "nothing wrong with the refrigerator or the A/C." When my husband asked if they had ordered the new refrigerator door, he said it wasn't on his paperwork. He had not included it in his report.

So, another three weeks with no resolution of our problems. We bought the extended warranty, but if they can't resolve any of the problems, what's the point? I don't know if they are incompetent or just don't want to do insured jobs, but we are definitely not going back there again. And, since they did not "find" anything to repair, they charged us $230.52 for "labor and parts."

2013 35ft cyclone - When they approached me at Qualcomm for the show, you could not ask for nicer and more concern people. I purchase the extended warranty and put down a good amount of money. Well after I finally picked it up and they blew through the walk thru, I took it home. Approx the 3rd time I took it out when I got it home, the hydraulic switch broke. I called the so-called person who gave me the walk thru but after speaking to him, come to find out they were all at a comp party and couldn't help me till later. I finally figure it out later on, took back for that and other repairs - nothing was corrected. Repaired myself. Then my roof leak, no warranty as usual - now new carb for gen. You guessed it, no warranty, what's up.

I purchased my Heartland Big Horn RV back in August 2015. The salesman and experience went very well. The finance department was ok. It was everything after this point that really was disappointing. First they pulled in the wrong coach to prep and fortunately the sales rep caught the mistake. I told them not to rush and take as much time as the needed to get the coach ready. It was ready as schedule and I should have known this was a problem. The coach was delivered on a Friday and the first thing I found was that none of the plumbing under the sinks was connected.

I call La Mesa and they sent a tech over to our RV Park who made the repairs. Then over the next couple of days I found 10 items that needed repair which should have been found before delivery. I sent an email to the sales rep who responded right away and forwarded our service request to the service manager John ** on Monday morning. John proceeded to misplace my service request so I did not get a call until I emailed my sales rep again so now we are a week behind with an appointment made the following Wednesday before the Labor Day Holiday.

Hoping to get the list handled by the holiday I was told that it was not going to be possible. I finally got the coach back 24 days later with the repairs made. I had a couple of calls from the service rep with updates but more about how busy they were, mind you had they done the job on the front end I should not have had to go back for any service. The coach is back and there are a couple of minor issues to be resolved. Let see what happens from here.

LaMesa has made good on their word and all our warranty issues are resolved.

Original Review

We bought a brand new 2015 Meridian Itasca this winter and it has been in the shop more than it has been out because the service department has been unable to get the satellite tv and DVD systems to work. We take the coach in, it stays for weeks/months and when we pick it up, the system still doesn't work. It is in the shop now for the same problem and we have had to cancel a trip because of that. Why not take it somewhere else? Because it is still under warranty. I can no longer recommend this service department. Furthermore, I am sorry I bought the coach from them. My advice, shop somewhere else!

Bought Winnebago Era c170 2015 new. Picked up at dealership. Wheels so far out of balance, could not drive, tire store balanced and La Mesa paid. Air condition froze up and stop cooling. Water line rubbed on drive shaft leaking all fresh water out. Shower pan leaked all over the floor putting diesel in coach. LP gas line blew out under coach. This happened in one week. Brought back to dealer, took $15000. Hit for one week. They suggested fixing and sell to someone else in Texas. Called the owner, he said he thought they gave me $5000.00 more than they should have. They had one month to service before taking delivery. This is what I experienced. Their prices are cheap. Now I understand it was a piece.

The experience with La Mesa in Sanford, FL has been a disaster. We purchased a used 2013 travel trailer in 2013 that was virtually brand new (the previous owner bought it new, never used it then traded it in). We paid a fair price for the trailer but got hooked into a very expensive extended warranty. We went to La Mesa in Sanford several days later to pick up the trailer. Even though we had an appointment, the finance department had no idea who we were and didn't have anything ready. We had to wait for hours. A temporary tag was issued but 60 days later when the 2nd one was expiring, we were told that the original owner didn't sign all the paperwork required for us to obtain a permanent tag. The finance department had no idea what to do so I had to call the main office out west to get some help since we were put off and put off.

Finally, somebody other than Sanford figured out what to do. We obtained the permanent tag 4 months after we took possession of the trailer. There were some issues so we took it to Sanford for warranty work in April of this year. We were given the run-around about why it was taking so long. The wrong part was ordered, etc. 2 months later we were finally notified that the trailer was ready. We made an appointment to pick it up and upon arrival we waited 1/2 hour for our service adviser to appear. Then we found that they never disconnected the battery and it was dead. The propane tanks were left on too.

The icing on the cake was when we were told that we owed tax on the extended warranty. I became quite angry about this and threatened to call a lawyer because I'm pretty sure this is not legal in Florida. Immediately they backed off about the tax. After pointing out the battery issue and mentioning that it costs $150, the long wait and the propane tanks, they said we didn't have to pay the deductible. Buying the trailer at the RV show was a pleasant experience but the second we stepped foot in the dealership to take ownership of it and having the warranty work done, it became a nightmare.

Bought two 2013 RVs. First one had six months - took it in nine times for repair, had to trade it in on another 2013. Took it out nine times camping. Every time I got it back, the problems I had were never fixed. Service dept. do not have the training to repair RV's. I would not recommend LA MESA to anyone. Good luck - Got a new RV from a top RV dealer.

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