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Last updated: April 13, 2018

76 Coachmen RV Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2018

My $100K 2013 Coachman Pursuit - I can't express my hatred for this RV enough, it is so poorly made, it's like buying a half million dollar house in Hawaii!! Cheap parts, poor workmanship and still have not been on a trip without something needing fixed and this is all at under $6K miles. My toilet has yet to go a trip w/out clogging, the poor design causes it to clog every flipping trip, so annoying, and yes this includes the proper toilet paper and no #2's in toilet at all!!! I have yet to have a trip w/ constant hot water, a kitchen drawer that doesn't come out on every turn. I at this point would take a huge loss just to get rid of this piece of junk on wheels. This RV has been in to be fixed 6 times! I just ask do your research and test everything out before buying a POS like this one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2018

2014 M331-MKS Coachmen Chaparral Signature 5ver: After having our Coachmen Chaparral 5th wheel for a while now I would like to review the good and bad that we have found in the 5th Wheel. First off it must be understood that a 5th Wheel is the sum of parts from several manufacturers install on a manufacturer's base system. Some complaints are with the components and the only blame of Coachmen's is they didn't find a better Quality system to install on their unit.

Now for the bad. The awnings systems installed on most mid range RV will not stand up to the wind force that can be produced by an asthmatic field mouse blowing through a straw when in the open position and they can easily blow off the RV when in the retracted position at highway speeds. After having our awning fold up like a mangled pile of pickup sticks we replaced it with a 14 foot patio umbrella and stand. I like it better than an awning. The wife would like it in addition to the awning. The choice is yours. The next bad is the paint system used on the nose cone of the RV. I believe in is integrated into the fiberglass and they have a tendency to fade. We have clayed bar the cap once a year ago with good results but it is fading again. I will use a top quality automotive wax after bringing back the shine this time to see if we can get a longer period without fading.

Bad number three, the plumbing fixtures. Fixtures in the restroom are plastic junk. The faucet it the show cracked above the mixing portion of the valve which caused a bad leak when the shower was on. The water ran down the inside of the interior wall and flooded the storage bay. We use covered bins in the storage locker so clean up wasn't too bad and everything dried up without any mold. The Fourth Bad - The vinyl floor is thin and of bad quality. The slides will make a two inch cut into the vinyl. I epoxied the area but every time I walk on it barefooted I remember the cheapness of products installed in RVs. Number 5 of the bad, is the China Bomb tires still installed on many RV's. I don't care if I had to pay $200 at the time of purchase to have American made quality tires installed.

These are the basic list of bad we have found. It also should be noted that the RV is built to a price point and better interior paneling is available but to install it would cost much more so I can easily live with what is used. I also wish the microwave mounting area was large enough to install a convection microwave but it isn't an option.

Now a few of the really good items. Number one, the 90 degree turning radius nose cone complete with bullseye hookup light. We haven't had to use our sliding hitch once. We tow with a Dodge Megacab so the bed is shorter than a true long bed. With an addition of a round dot piece of tape on the back window of the truck sighting in when hooking up is a breeze. Good number two - Azdel sealed wall system. the walls do away with delamination. They are very strong and very light. I give them an A plus rating. Good number Three - Opposable rear super slides. This make the 5th wheel feel so very roomy and if you are going to have slides isn't that why? Number four of the good - The amount of interior light fixtures. Because of the dark wood grain interior the lights brighten up the interior perfectly. Of course we installed LED's to let us use these lights while boondocking.

For the 5th and Final Good - The interior setup with its amount of storage and comfort. We like the private bathroom with the very large shower with seat. The under exterior storage is also great. For a 35 foot fifth wheel it feels more like a 40 foot rig. We feel that we have gotten good value for money spent on this fifth wheel and plan on keeping for many more years of enjoyment and memories.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2018

We love our 29 foot Mirada RV but can't understand how Coachmen can include vinyl seats (captains chairs and benches) with vinyl that totally flakes off after 4.5 years. Also, the user manuals are of little help since they are generic and not model/year specific.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2018

They are very, very reputable. The coach is very durable with quality items and products. They have great amenities. You can not go wrong with them. Absolutely the best there is. I have never been stuck from breakdowns or mechanical failure.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2018

Good RVs are the way to go when you like to travel places. It wouldn't feel like you left home. Coachmen RV is very good to drive with on the road. It'll get us from point A to B. My great uncle who passed away had one and he basically would live in it. The RV was a Chevy Astro. One of a kind built in tv for the road. It was very comfortable. I would buy one for future reference. It'll bring back so much memories of me and my great uncle.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 23, 2018

I love RVing. It's a part of my life and a very big part of who I am. I chose Coachmen RV over all others because, even given their relatively high prices, they are known for providing high end, excellent quality products. I remember my great great grandfather using this company and he swore by them so I guess that I can do the exact same thing with no complaints. This company is great for me. I like their diversity of available RVing products. They do not force me to purchase any one specific type of RV but instead allow me to customize my appearance on the road by offering a very wide selection of colors and types. The only thing that even remotely comes close to a complaint, and a minor one at that, is their prices. I usually can't afford to go camping or on a road trip after purchasing from them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 22, 2018

We were personally recommended to go see them. It was close by and had the best online reviews. They were also having a sale at the time so it was very good timing. The company is innovative and always at the forefront of technology. They make the most of the small space of RVs, you get the most for your money, they are just absolutely great about everything they endeavor in. But they could use better interior design. They are comfortable but ugly. The color schemes and upholstery is outdated and should go in a more clean minimalist modern design.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2018

I have been referred many times to Coachmen RV by other owners and always been told this is the best, the most traditional and reliable manufacturer in the business out there. I know others who also have this product and would choose no other. I would prefer better cabinets, bigger bathroom, better counter tops and windows though. But I have had nothing but good experiences with this brand and will continue to use it for now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2018

My husband and I plus our 2 dogs enjoyed the traveling. The 2009 Class C Leprachaun model was selected because of its unique, pleasing and classy floor plan, and the positive reputation of the Coachmen brand. It was also priced right. I don't know why it was discontinued. My friends also had a Coachmen product and were pleased with it. However the gas mileage of this RV was not very good and the interior color scheme was very bland. Furthermore, a larger refrigerator would have been nice and the curvy sofa should have been curved equally on both sides.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 19, 2018

They have one of the largest selections of RV's that I have ever seen from RV to fifth wheel campers motor homes. If you need any parts if they don't have in stock they will the next day. The dealer plays a big role in your ownership and they always get you in on a timely manner if you need maintenance. They have a great customer service and support group. Although there are not enough of them around and you have to travel some distance to get to one from where we live.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2018

Coachmen RV has very good value for the money, good fuel economy, great overall design features when compared to other manufacturers and fits the entire family. They are reliable and I trust them with my entire family. Very comfortable and travels nicely when compared to others I have used. However, I feel that some of the interior components such as appliances and fit and finish could be addressed a little better for a more pleasant experience. But overall I am very pleased with our experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2018

My RV manufacturer is amazing quality and support for buying any type of RV and they help tremendously with supporting your decisions and budget. They keep it all in the open world of RVs and can help people and or first time buyers with their choices. My overall experiences with them is an great and they helped me in so many different ways.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2018

I like that they offer a wide variety of vehicles/products/colors in a wide range of prices as well which appeal to both those who have a lot of money to those who are more frugal-minded. Our family chose the Coachman product because of the good service we got from the dealer as well as the excellent price we received on the product we purchased. I like the Coachman products but I would like to see a wider variety of color schemes in their products at no additional cost to the consumer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2018

Pay very close attention to the AXLE RATING, and quality of the ROOF EDGES. If you drive it empty, and never plan to move it much, they are good little units. IF, however, you plan to actually use it, then you best stay away from this UNDER axled, and UNDER roofed, line of RV's. I've had two with the same problems. The axle was rated for basically the EMPTY WEIGHT (put water, food, clothing, and stuff inside, and hit the road... and you've got a high chance of having problems). After fixing the axle a couple times, I upgraded it... and viola that problem ceased on that RV (sad they didn't start with a heavier duty axle to begin with). Then a couple years of traveling the USA highways and roadways, I noticed some DRY ROT and issues.

Come to find out, the 'tight rubber roof' was pretty thin, and in normal swaying down the road, it tends to 'tear' at the edges, allowing leaks you never know about until entire sections of your RV are ruined. Again, using a little thicker rubber, and changing the edge line a bit, could drastically and almost instantly solve that problem too. The shortcuts aren't good. And what you see new doesn't stay that way long if you're actually USING IT ON THE ROAD. Bent axles will cost you tires, and potentially cause accidents. Leaky roof edges, compromise entire wall sections.

But hey, the frame seems to be good. The layout wasn't bad. When they are working right, they pull easily. But if you see a used one that has experienced more than about 1,000 miles of use, have an experienced RV repair person LOOK AT IT BEFORE YOU BUY! Because failure may cost you dearly in the future. Repairing RV's is costly, and often not easy or fast. A new roof starts at about $100 - 150 per foot of your RV length minimum just to remove the old damaged one, and replace the BASIC roof materials. If there is dry rot or other damage, the cost climbs fast. (A 30 footer is 3000 - 4500 without serious underlying problems). Anyhow, Caveat emptor! Good Luck!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2018

In July of 2016, we traded in our old Motorhome for a 2016 Coachmen Pursuit BH 33 foot Motorhome. We took possession the next day. We had to do the walkthrough. Please note that no additional upgrade options were brought up by the salesman. Two months later, we were getting ready to go back home from the campground that we were staying in. First the electric jacks would not go up. Then the front slide wouldn't go in. We also noticed that the water tank sensor wasn't working. We called the dealer (Mid-West RV Sales, St, Louis MO) up and advised them of the problems we were having. They put a service tech on the phone and he was going to tell us how we could "rig things up" so that we could take it to them. (60 mile trip). I told them that I wasn't about to temporarily "rig" the problems. We had to take it back to them.

They sent a service tech to our location. He was able to get the slide to work and the jacks up. We took the Motorhome to be serviced. The Motorhome was where we were living in. When we got to the Dealership they immediately took possession of the RV. Thus leaving us with no place to stay. For two nights we stayed in a hotel. On the 3rd day at the Dealership, they told us they were waiting for parts to come in. We advised them that we couldn't afford to stay in the hotel any further. They said that we could live in our R.V. on the lot until the parts came in. They provided us with water & electricity. However, the first night an employee accidentally shut the water off... It was cold and heavy rain was coming down. We turned the furnace on and we found out it wasn't working.

The next day we told the service manager of our problem. They checked the furnace and found out that the furnace vent (which pointed upwards) did not have a part in back of it to prevent water from coming in. Thus water leaked into the compartments. We stayed 5 more nights before they "fixed" our R.V. The next day we drove home. While traveling in the RV, we heard noises on the floor as we walked on it. We also discovered that the furnace was heating the back of the R.V., but not the front. Later on we took the R.V. to a local R.V. dealership to get the furnace fixed and the floor checked. Later on we got a call that their service tech had discovered that the support beams underneath the floor had not been properly nailed in. The nails were not connected to the floor beams. They did check the furnace and saw that no heat was coming to the front of the R.V.

Our R.V. was in the shop for four months, before they said that they had fixed everything. We did take it out during the summer on a trip. This is when we discovered that the kitchen faucet sprayer would spray out everywhere but the sink. Also we had trouble with the carbon monoxide, it kept going off. In November we took a job as a volunteer Work Camper at a State Park, near Tallahassee. It gets very cold up there. This when we found out that the furnace was not heating the front of the R.V. No heat or air was coming out of the 3 vents in the front of the R.V. We bought electric heaters to keep the front warm. But, it was still uncomfortable. Since we promised to stay till mid- January we couldn't take the RV in for service. Please note that we are both retired and volunteer to do work at different R.V. Resorts in able to travel to different States. That is why we bought a Motorhome, to provide us an opportunity to travel.

Also the carbon monoxide detector went off and on several times so we had to disconnect it. When we got home in mid-January we took our R.V. back to the dealer who repaired it before. Our main complaint is that we have no heat going to the front of the R.V. We contacted our Service Warranty Representative and got authorization to get it fixed. The service tech checked all the ductwork and saw nothing bent or closed off. The ductwork is under the bed, so it is easily visible. All the duct pipes were together except one. This one was about 6 feet long and was wrapped around our water tank to the back vent of the bed. This provided heat for the hallway & the bunk bed area. The service tech disconnected this, to see if heat would flow to the front of the R.V.

Two of the front vents had a little bit of air coming out, and there was no heat coming from the front vent driver's area, Also the bad part is that it took the heat away from the hallway & bunk area. The service tech said that there was nothing else they could do. I called the Warranty Advisor again, and was told the only thing she could do was put shutoff vents in the back. She also said that since the furnace was located in the back of the R.V. it could not provide much heat to the front. We suggested heat pumps be installed to supplement the furnace to heat the front. The only thing she was willing to do was pay for the shutoff vents. If we wanted heat pumps we would have to pay for them.

I have had nothing but trouble in getting this R.V. PROPERLY FIXED. We had to fight Coachmen to get it fixed correctly. Three times the R.V. has been in the shop. We have lost almost 5 1/2 months usage of our R.V. We are afraid to take it out because something else might break down. Coachmen has not cooperated fully in fixing the R.V. Every time we had it serviced Coachmen "fixes" (going the cheapest route), and yet we still have things that break down, so we have lost all CONFIDENCE in Coachmen. I sent a e-mail to Forest River Inc., who manufactures Coachmen products. The Warranty Manager and I talked on the phone for about a half an hour. During our conversation he said that the cause of us not getting heat to the front is because the furnace was located in the of The R.V. The only thing to do is keep the vent closed that heats the hallway & the bunk bed area.

He said that when we bought the R.V. we failed to take the options that were available to upgrade the R.V. To my understanding when he said that was that he was hinting that we bought a stripped down version of the R.V. He said that deluxe model of our Motorhome would cost about $170,000, and ours we bought at $105,000. I have bought RVs before and never have been offered upgrades. To me when you purchase a new Motorhome that you expect everything to work, and have heat in the whole Motorhome. As for the heat pumps we could purchase them at cost. But, that it would not solve our problem. He offered to sell us double pane windows at cost. Also he was willing to pay for the electric heaters we bought and were using.

When I said that I would seek legal advice, he said go ahead. Our problem was that the R.V that we purchased was the location of the furnace in the back of the R.V. To me it is not my problem. With all the problems that we incurred shows me that this R.V. is really not safe to use. Plus it hinders us from fulfilling our dream of traveling and seeing other states. When we do have a job it could last a few months to up to 6 months at a time. How can we live in something that has proven unreliable to live in? At the end of our conversation the Warranty Manager said that Coachmen would install a bigger furnace depending on if it will fit, and if it will provide heat to the front of the R.V. If it doesn't then I would have to be satisfied with the heat that I am getting in the front now (which in reality there isn't heat in the front).

I feel that this is defective R.V. That Coachmen should not have placed the furnace in a place where it could equally provide heat to the front and rear of the R.V. The warranty service personnel were not helpful at all. Nor was the Service Manager at Midwest R.V. Sales, who argued with us, and showed total disregard in having to pay for a hotel, and then living on their lot for five days. Also the Salesman who sold us the Motorhome, and assured us that the service techs had checked our R.V. over and found "nothing" wrong with it. Lesson learned not to deal or buy a Coachmen or Forest River product because of their failure to stand behind their product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2018

Overall, I have had good service with my Coachmen Catalina 243rbs. My front paint did peel just outside of warranty and they still fixed it. Otherwise, it has worked well for us. My side/corner trim also cracked and split at around the 3 year mark. The sun does eat lightweight plastics. I would buy another Coachmen.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2017

I bought a new 2016 Coachmen Brookstone 325rl 5th wheel from Dennis-Dillon RVs in Boise, ID in September 2015. I was really impressed with the appearance and features, like automatic electric leveling and a programmable thermostat. Dealer prep was shameful. Among the issues was no valve on the freshwater drain. Rather than spend days and miles taking it back, I fixed it myself. Every time I moved anything, I found muddy footprints and loose screws, sawdust, and electrical insulation bits, indicating sloppy work at the factory. I have found numerous loose and crooked screws, some of the frame welds would get you an F in a high school industrial arts class, and I had leaks like in the ice-maker feed line where the wrong parts were used (compression fittings for copper line crushing the plastic line).

I wondered why the partition in the storage basement was installed crooked, so I took it out and discovered that it was just installed crooked and about 16 inches further forward than necessary. At the same time I discovered that heat ducts were not connected to the registers inside the trailer. When I crawled under the coach, I found big gobs of plastic foam where pipes had been installed, gaps in the corrugated plastic under-liner, and trailing fibers from the plastic fabric under-liner, along with more awful welds. There are numerous interior trim pieces and panels that have fallen off due to the use of short staples and missing the backing boards when the trim was installed. The nifty electric leveling quit, and the supplier (Lippert industries) has not responded to e-mails in spite of their promise on their website to respond within 48 hours.

The Dometic Comfort Control Center thermostat either does not work or the instructions are so cryptic that I can't decipher them. I suspect that the problem is equipment failure because other forums talk about how to replace the Dometic with another brand. The wastewater tank valves are mounted up inside the underbelly of the trailer and are operated by long flexible cables. The flexible cables are mounted to the flexible plastic housing around the water filter, so with the flexible cables mounted on a flexible backing, there is not a positive shutoff for the wastewater. Without a positive shutoff, there is always black water behind the cap when you take it off to dump - what a mess! Also, when we are in a park, all the liquid in the black water tank leaks away from the solid material, so the fecal material and paper can harden into a brick and we can't dump effectively.

When I have talked to the dealer, it is weeks of wait time to even look at the problems, and we find the problems when we are on the road using the rig, so I mostly just fix it myself or live with it. In summary, there are some design problems, there is really sloppy workmanship, and some of the components are unreliable. Because I have fixed a lot of the problems myself, I have not really tested the support from the dealer or component manufacturers, but the few calls I have made have not been satisfactorily answered. I would never recommend this brand, and plan to unload it in the near future - but I would not sell it to a friend.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

Purchased 27ft 2015 Coachman/Freedom Express (50th year Anniversary Edition) trailer, brand new in May of 2014. Used approx. 20 times. Problems have plagued us. Rt. side front electric leveler sheared off a pin, had to repair. One of the lounge chairs broke, had to repair, oven sensor had to be replaced, electric outlet had to be replaced, rt. rear electric leveler broke had to have both rear levelers replaced. Shower leaked, had to re-caulk. Then, when preparing for a camping trip this past July, I started to retract the slide-out, it bucked up and slammed down. Upon inspecting the outside, I realized the slide-out had come completely off track. I managed to bring the slide-out in enough to safely transport it to Mid-State for repair, however there was a 4-6 inch gap between the lower side of the slide-out and the camper wall.

The camper was at Mid-State from 7\24\17 till 11/6/17. During that time frame, my wife and I were subjected to numerous accusations about the cause of the slide/out coming off track. The first contact we had regarding the cause of the incident was on 8/24/17, when an employee stated that the incident was caused by "water damage". After leaving our camper at Mid-State, I made 6 phone calls to them, trying to obtain information about repairs or status of claim. From 8/4/17 to 8/24/17, no one even seemed to know where our camper was. After being told that we were responsible for the water damage, our extended warranty company denied the claim. On 9/1/17 we received an estimate of $4,342.15 for repairs that we would be responsible for. Even Mr **, at Forest River made a statement that we (the owners) should take responsibility.

After numerous consultations with the Georgia Insurance Commission, State Farm Insurance, a lawyer, and certified letters to Mid-State, and Forest River, my wife and I were told that we would have to pay. Then suddenly, on 9/27/17, Mid-State admitted that the cause of the incident was a major manufacturer's defect and we would not be responsible. To make a long story short, we did end up paying over $900.00, but it was worth it to finally get the camper home.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I recently started having an issue with the seating materials in my 2015 Coachman Prism. I noticed that the material on the passenger seat was starting to crack and separate (the seat was used maybe twice since owning and RV was brand new). After a while I noticed it getting slowly worse as well as the driver's seat starting to show the same wear as well as the dinette seat material. The RV only has 18,000 miles and is stored in a climate controlled warehouse when not in use. I reached out to the manufacturer of the seats (contractor for Forrest River) and they put me in touch with the warranty manager with Forrest River Ron **.

I emailed him explaining my issue and he asked for sales info on the RV as well as pictures so he could see if they would cover it under their warranty. I followed up with multiple emails asking him if he received the info he asked for and got no response from him. I also left him multiple voicemails as he never answers his phone. I also called the main office and they said he is always in the office. I finally got fed up with no response so I wrote corporate and still have not received a response. Apparently this company is fine with taking your money for their products but do not stand behind them. Buyer beware, do not purchase products from the Forrest River family of companies.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2017

We purchased our trailer (Coachmen 276RKDA) one year ago and have had three months of camping in it. We like the layout. It offers a lot of cabinet and wardrobe space compared to many models we looked at. It tows well and looks nice. On our first trip the awning did not retract. Had to play with the switch to get it to work and kept being a problem. Second trip out the refrigerator could not keep up with the heat. This also has been a recurring problem. The dealer has looked at both issues on multiple occasions and have not been able to correct them.

The fold out couch has a 3" difference from one cushion to another when opened making it only good for small kids to sleep on. We have had a leak in the coach and they were able to repair it. We had the plumbing under the kitchen sink spring a leak. We have had the furnace fail on our last trip this spring. Some other small issues such as loose panels and sharp edges on the bed platform. Overall: We like the idea. This trailer is laid out for our style of camping, but find the constant problems make it not worth the price tag. Very annoying that in three months of camping we have had problems on every trip. I would not recommend this manufacturer to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2017

We bought the bad motorhome April 2013, did paperwork. Mileage said 632, had to pick it up a week later. Mileage now says 800. They even took the fuse out for the propane and put in another rv, and even took battery out and put it in another rv. Just about every screw in the motorhome not in straight. Toilet leaks. Inside the shower the panels are all loose. The transmission make a funny noise. We have had screws just break off. Trim on the outside is cut short so it can short so it can leak. Back window rubber seal around window well is short and keeps falling out and that leaks. Awning one side does not slide well. the outside side door stopper broke off. Roof is soft in spots. If you call about anything on the motorhome they say "well you will have to leave it for a week and a deposit."

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

Apparently I am not the only one who has had to deal with the sub-par workmanship of Coachmen's travel trailers 2015 Freedom Express Maple Leaf Edition. The unit has spent more time at the dealer's location than it has in our possession since we have owned it. We had it in for repairs several times in 2015 and it remained at the dealer's location from November 2015 until April 2016 as they were not able to complete repairs on the unit before the roads became unsafe to tow the trailer due to snow and ice. The unit was seen several times in 2016 for repairs as well. We dropped the unit off in October last year and picked it up in May of this year. Again they could not complete the repairs before the winter weather was upon us.

I have contacted Coachmen directly twice regarding this unit. They have instructed me to return to the point of purchase to have the dealer inspect the unit again. This is unacceptable as I have just collected the unit from the dealer, again, where it had spent another winter being repaired, again. Actually, I am not sure if we can bring the unit in for inspection or service at this time as the dealer's establishment unfortunately was destroyed by a fire in April of this year. Our trailer was immediately next to the building as it was engulfed in flames but alas, it sustained no damage. I am not sure when they will have their shop rebuilt. We have taken videos and pictures of each issue and always inform the vendor promptly of any issues with the unit.

The one big issue that has been unresolved is the slides leak. All three slides. We understand that there was a manufacturing defect with the rubber used in the slide bottom. After the 2nd repair failure, Coachmen reached out to us and admitted there was a defect in the seals used. We have had the unit repaired 3 times for this defect and the issue persists. The water being found in the trailer when we travel on rainy days is not as severe as it was in the beginning but there still is ample water on the carpets and on the wall and the island.

There is dirt from the road found throughout my camper after we arrive at our destination. We are more concerned for any mold growth that might be the result of the water getting into areas we cannot see. I have to carry a Bissell carpet cleaner with me whenever we travel because of the amount of water on the carpets in the camper (if it is raining when we travel). I have also noticed that the items in the drawers in the kitchen and dining areas are collecting mold and I have to clean them often to keep this under control.

Despite having top of the line anti-sway hitch system, the camper is very hard to handle. It has an extreme constant sway. We have changed tires on the truck, adjusted the tire pressure, adjusted the sway bars and hitch, hauled the camper empty and have even purchased a new truck to tow this trailer but the extreme sway persists. My husband (who is usually behind the wheel when hauling the camper) has been employed with a major Canadian logistics and transportation company for the last 25 years and is an extremely skilled driver. He is nervous towing this camper.

The toilet was leaking at the base (repaired). The drain in the septic was not hooked up. We could not drain our septic the first time after we bought the camper. Ended up leaking septic through the foam under the camper (Repaired). The vent cover for the kitchen exhaust fan warped after 2nd use (repaired). Kitchen exhaust fan quit working after 15 minutes use (Repaired). Skylight above the kitchen table leaking (repaired). Wall socket was loose and nearly hanging out of the wall in the outdoor kitchen (repaired twice). Radio does not pick up service in most areas (still not repaired). Awning is crooked and does not fully retract (began having issues with the awning immediately after having the camper in the second time to fix the leaky slides, still not repaired).

Water pump has no pressure (repaired but it is very loud and sounds horrible as a result of the repair). Trim on the back slide ripped off when we opened the trailer for the first time after it being at the dealer for the winter having the slides repaired for the third time (not repaired). Sliding door separating the bathroom from the master bedroom is now crooked and seems like the screws are coming loose from the ceiling (not repaired). The lights around the fireplace (something that is rarely used) are flickering and some have burnt out (not repaired). Drawer under dinette area, bottom has completely detached (not repaired). Most of these issues were discovered within the first few weeks of owning this camper.

There are a few other minor details such as the TV actually being mounted crooked, the lights in the master bedroom over the bed being of two different types, the doors in the cupboard area by the fridge are crooked, the windows over the table seem to be two different windows, the excessive warning stickers on the exhaust fan above the stove that are duplicates of each other, the trim around the kitchen slide outside that is uneven, the fireplace squeaking (the motor that makes the "flames" look real when it is on) the water damage to the trim nearest the kitchen slide, the vent behind the fridge in the outdoor kitchen that does not have a screen and we recently discovered this past weekend was the reason for the camper teeming with mosquitos and blackflies, that are not affecting the use of the RV, they are yet other things we see that add to our frustrations. I have reached out to the Canadian Better Business Bureau with my concerns. We are waiting for the business to respond.

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Original review: May 8, 2017

After we paid for the unit (2017 Coachman Leprechaun) we did a walk thru and that was a joke. This is my 3rd coach so I really didn't need one but did it for my wife, which has never had 1. We made a list of 7 things to be repaired. We came back a week later to pick up the unit and nothing on the list was fixed. We came home and went thru the unit and found the water door lock had a key broke off in it along with 2 other storage locks. 2 other storage doors the key would not work at all. They were going to send new locks but never received them. The flooring had cuts in it and little bubbles and needs to be replaced. We found scratches in the paint on the outside that needs to be touched up. One door needs a door latch. The inside was really dirty and had never been cleaned. There is a table that goes between the front seats that had a scratch in it also.

We were to get a half tank of gas and got a little less than 1/4. The propane was to be full and had about 1/4 tank. The coolant was low and needed some. it has a bad vibration at 45 mph, that we are taking to Ford to check. The passenger arm rest is frozen in place and won't move. The driver's seat belt where it joins the cap is misaligned and needs to be fixed. It has air assist on it with no air in it like the walk thru guy said it was to have. There is more but basically in looking in, under and around this unit is put together very cheaply and the workmanship it terrible. I tried to talk to the people where I bought it, but the service department never returns your calls. This place "Motorhome Specialists" just want your money and that's it plain and simple...

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Original review: Oct. 2, 2016

We bought a brand new 2015 35 ls. Got it on Wednesday at 5 o'clock. First off the RV salesman is a bold faced liar. This unit was to be cleaned and everything fixed upon delivery. When we got to the dealer that day it was being washed and we could not look at it because it was being washed and we were told it was ready to go and everything was fixed. So we went and did the paperwork then things get dicey with the owner of the RV dealership.

Once we got inside of the RV absolutely nothing was touched. We were so outraged and let down by the dealer and his salesperson Reay. We were absolutely lied to by Reay. He swore up and down that this coach had a lighted strip in the awning, it does not and about everything else that was supposed to be fixed like flooring tiles. refrigerator door. broken and unusable drawer that is under the stove.

Latch for the hood was missing, whoever put it in scratched up the paint right above the latch. Their service department when washing the outside left soap scum and streaks all over it and scratched it in a few more places and left hose marks on it in several places. I waxed it the next day and got off the hose marks. That's when I found more scratches, it was setting in between other coaches when we looked it over outside.

We didn't notice the repainted area by the outside tv compartment then it has to be like 4 shades different. Boy can you notice it, now it stands out. There is off white paint sprayed heavy in the front door frame up high on the left side, why was the door damaged? The tv in bedroom had one latch missing. It was not prepared so that means the tv was swinging back and forth until we noticed it on our trip to hell this weekend in Michigan City. I had to tie it shut.

Drawer in kitchen table kept opening on every turn. Living room slide is not going completely shut behind the drivers seat, squeaks and groans like crazy. The awning on the live slide must have been out all summer, it had a large area where water pooled on it for so long that it was red in color when dry. I think it is stretched out from weight of ice setting on it. They said they had it for 6 months and I think the slide was left out in the winter.

The bedroom slide is tilted in at the top. It's not straight up and down. Even the windows in it look crooked because the top of it is in so far. Maybe it's supposed to be like that, I don't know. It don't look right to me. It flexes the bed so bad when it goes in that it popped the panels off the inside of the cabinets next to the bed on each side. I had to put a few screws in them to hold them in place to make the bed. The radio antenna on top was down so that was beating on the roof the whole way home on Wednesday. Why was this, don't they know it has to be put up.

The TV antenna was glued in place from the sealer that the factory put on it. It ran out during the drying time and stuck it in place. I had to cut it free. The door on the hyd compartment keeps coming open. Leather trim on the table seat has popped off, IMO the trim is to high. Reay is a big guy, he prolly did that with his leg when getting out from behind the table. When you slide out your legs catches the trim, poor engineering and quality through this coach.

My wife took the first shower in it on Saturday. Water was running across the floor over to the toilet. I took off the poorly attached filler strip on bottom of basin to find water dripping from the fitting on drain. I put a towel under it to catch the water for the next few showers. What a joke, toilet paper holder in back bathroom has much of the chrome scratched off it. That was to be replaced too. Shower faucet is loose, tile in half is bad in to places, I see why you get a bunch off tiles with your new coach. Tile in back bath behind toilet is bubbled up. One tile in front of fireplace is sticking up, that was to be fixed.

2 tiles in half bath by sink is bubbled up. Back bathroom blinds are hanging crooked. Them were to be fixed, cig lighter on left side of dash is not working. The big front window shade is not straight, it comes on an angle not straight on top of dash. Gap on one end, keeps coming out of the side tracks. Hole in dashboard from end of shade. It has a metal rod through it with no end caps to protect the dash. I did not see the hole until we got home, not big but it's a hole in the dash. The wide trim in live room has white stuff in the one of the grooves, you notice it when you step up into the coach right in front of you, that was to be fixed.

And the front air conditioner a few times it just shut down for a few seconds and then it like growled or kinda made like a struggling noise and came back to life. it wasn't like the temp was reached and it kicked off. Long scratch on outside tv compartment, that was not there when we looked at it. I am sure the wash bay people did that in their shop. When Reay showed us the coach he pulled out the L shaped couch and tried to get the bottom cushion to stay up and it would not, that was to be fixed also.

This coach was to be all cleaned up and ready. It was just filthy. I made them change the refrigerator bottom door before I left because it had a good size dent in the lower part of it. And adjust the left side of fridge because it was not flush like the hinge side. The trim is all beat up from when it was put in, on the bottom left side from banging it with the fridge. And then it still has a divot on the bottom edge inside of it from the door being closed on something.

They were going to replace the whole fridge but it was 5 o'clock so they just did the door. Never in my life have we had such a rotten experience and being lied to, and where is the factory quality control. At $92.000 my wife and I are just sick with this purchase, we want nothing to do with this dealer. Their last words were bring it if we have a problem and I said I live 100 miles away, that's a 200 mile round trip. Reay said I could "take it to Pontiac RV for service, it is closer to you," and they would have the engine hood shipped there to be put on. Please call me as soon as you can.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2016

We purchased a 14 Coachmen Chaparral 5th Wheel. It was during the winter time. When summer arrived we found the main ac did not cool. We were set up at a RV park. Could not bring it back to the dealership. We had the ac replaced by a mobile repair company. The front of the RV has faded terribly. We were told it was a manufacturer defect in the paint. I was unable to bring it in for over a year as I was working out of town and staying in it. When we brought it in we were told it was a paint defect, however we did not bring it in soon enough. They would not repaint it for us. I am very disappointed in both episodes and especially that they know the paint was defective, but would not warranty it. We will never purchase this product again.

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Original review: July 28, 2016

2014 Coachmen 29SE Freedom Express 50th anniversary edition. We bought this brand new. I had always wanted a coachmen. We previously had a new to us ABI Award camper for many years and loved it. Now that manufacture knew what quality was all about. My grandparents had owned Coachmen's and swore by them. When we started looking for a new travel trailer (since ABI is no longer in business); going to Coachmen for quality seemed like a logic choice. How wrong we were! The deadbolt wouldn't release and would no longer take the key, locking my children inside. That was fun.

When we took it to the dealer, they replaced the mechanism with a unit that did not fit our travel trailer and now the door has to be slammed to shut. Letting on that they have ongoing issues with coachmen using faulty latching mechanism and they have been fixing many of them. How ridiculous. They insist that the mismatched unit is what Coachmen sent them. REALLY? Apparently no one has pride in the work they do and throwing whatever the manufacture sent them onto the campers is acceptable business.

The water pump had to be replaced after we notice that there was water leaking from the camper's side. Unknown how long it had been shooting water all over. The area under the bunk was flooded. This was covered by warranty but we were out water during a week long trip to a state park. Very inconvenient. I could go on about the cheap carpeting that is already showing wear when we have only gone on less than 10 trips or the way the staples pull out of the walls all the time, or how the bathroom smells even though we use RV treatments or how flimsy is the cheap floor in the shower but I would be going on forever. Needless to say we will never purchase another Coachmen product again!!!

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Original review: July 17, 2016

I had dreamed of actually owning a motorhome since I was a boy, I'm 62 now. And to be honest, it wasn't until recently I was actually able to afford one. I paid cash for my 2016 Coachmen Mirada 35ls. I always joke at the highly overrated MSRP RV dealers post on their units. Mine listed for over $135.000 and "oh boy" I "only" paid $102.000! Cash! I have a race/show car I want to take on tour to various shows and race events, and to me the Coachmen Mirada seems up to the task, and as well I thought a good starting point to introduce myself to the big Class A. The local dealer in my case was San Antonio RV's, to my shame I didn't research them well prior to visiting them. I will do my best to not make this long story too long.

I picked out the model I wanted right away as there were only three units and the other two were smaller. The Mirada 35ls is 36 feet ten inches long and has two bathrooms which is handy. I had never been in a motorhome but for just a few seconds before and man this one looked cool! I bought it, and was told that it would be a few days to get it ready. They said they had to detail it, and go over all the systems to make sure all was ready and right. Doesn't that sound good? Days later, I went to pick it up, and we had some rain the day before. I have never spent over $100.000 on any one thing short of my house and it didn't cost near as much. I actually expected my brand new huge purchase of fun and joy to be sitting there waiting for me to actually see what it's like to drive it! But instead, it was sitting in a huge mud hole with the extensions out and the jacks up, listing to the right.

I had to jump to the steps to stay out of the mud, and when stepped in, the first thing I noticed was water on the floor that has leaked in from the awning that covers the slide out. It was laying loose up there due to the angle the RV was listing at and collected enough water to drown you. I mentioned that it was my understanding that the extensions were not to be extended without the coach being leveled. I got a funny look, then the guy tried to pull in the slides, but the brand new batteries were dead! This I was told happened because somebody left the inverter on and the refrigerator ran till the batteries died. Remember, I was to be picking my new motorhome up after careful detailing and inspections were completed, not hardly! The totally useless and incompetent "salesmen?" was full of lame excuses. Excuses? I said I would try to make this as short as possible so I'll skip ahead.

I did a walk-around of the RV and the best the salesmen could do was point to the doors and tell me it's storage. When we get to the rear he says "there is your trailer hitch." There was no hitch. There was place for one, but nothing there. I then get told there was a factory recall on crappy bolts used at the factory. All they did was take the hitch off the unit next to mine and bolt it on. When asked where my hitch was and why was it not re-installed with the new bolts, again lame excuses! If I had bought a new Mercedes or BMW etc... and it cost over $100.000, you know that you would be taken care of instantly if there were these kind of problems. All my money was 100% good, I expected my brand new RV to be equally good. Nobody else does though.

I had to leave the RV there since things like the cold water faucet in the front bathroom didn't work, due to the line being kinked over. Nobody at the factory noticed it, and nobody at the dealership did either. Great inspection process! The toilet seat came with a broken hinge and it's still that way, nobody noticed it either. The day I again went to pick it up, I'm told now the anti-lock brake system has failed and needs a new module. And I found that the under dash A/C that came with the Ford chassis didn't work. Three agonizing weeks later I finally get the RV. I'm told the clutch on the A/C compressor was bad, really? It's brand new. So they went long and put a new compressor on it. And told me it's good to go. It didn't work at all, just blows hot air like it always has and still does. I tried to put some Freon in it, and the gas leaked out the condenser as fast as I put it in!

The dealer says it's Ford's problem and Ford says it's the dealers since naturally all was perfect when the chassis left Ford. No it's the RV manufacturer that messes up the A/C according to Ford, and Ford hates to work on RV's since they won't fit in most shops. To keep from dying of heat stroke behind the huge windshield in 100 degree Texas heat, I have to run the generator down the road and both A/C's and I still end up sweating enough to soak my shirt back. All of the windows have their seals in the wrong place or have slid out of place due to the total lack of even the most obvious problems being addressed by the "could care less" workers at the factory. Now let's get into that.

After a trip to Tucson and back, I found that when it rained the toilet and floor would be wet in the front bathroom. The sky light in the rear bathroom shower leaks when it rains and the dripping sounds drive you crazy! At least it leaks where there is a drain. The power inverter/converter went out almost all the way. It would no longer charge the batteries, nor run more than one A/C unit, and even then it kept cutting out. I was able to keep the refrigerator working but I had to go outside several times to reset the shot inverter. Trust me, when your new to this stuff, and all alone as well this is some hard crap to deal with. I made it back to Texas. I decided that since my local dealer was of no use then, and made the decision to take my RV to Indiana where it was born straight to Forest River, the company that took over Coachmen years back.

Idea being that I thought they would have all the parts and all the people that really knew my product and how to fix things the "factory way", not some RV dealer. A man named "Nate" is in charge of class A RV's and a very nice guy. I have talked to him a few times in the past, and he seems to care about me and understands my concerns. I made an appointment to have my RV checked out at the factory where it was built. I was planning a trip to Missouri to visit friends and family before I made the appointment to go to Indiana, and since I had a couple weeks till I had to be there, decided to go there first than on to Indiana.

I spent all day getting everything ready and triple checking everything since I had no faith at all in even making it there. When I am all done, the giant RV is parked in front of my house taking up half the street and all of my front yard. I still looked at it with pride, somehow and felt better now that it was going to get fixed up properly by the folks that built it. I had not noticed that the last time I closed the door the steps didn't retract. When I opened the door and got inside, I thought that the steps would come up, you can hear them doing so, but nothing happened. I'm now unable to move the RV without ripping off the steps. I have roadside insurance and since it was Sunday it took over three hours to get somebody out to my house even though I explained it was an emergency as I was blocking the street in a small neighborhood.

After paying $115.00 the guy did get the steps up. But they would not hold your weight if you stepped on them. I was to be refunded my roadside costs by Forest River and gave them the bill personally but never got my money back. It was at this point, I decided to just head to Forest River first and if I had to wait 10 days for them to see me on my appointment date then fine! I was done messing around with this whole mess. I arrived on Friday, and they have a little RV park on the plant site that's free to Coachmen owners so I used it. Someone in the front office (a man whose name I forgot) heard me talking to a nice lady in the reception area I guess and came over to talk with me. Saturday morning, he actually walked over to the RV park with me and crawled under it to look over my steps. I had low expectations at the time and told him so but he thought the steps were a safety issue and arranged to have me in the shop to get it taken care of!

It was at this point, I was about to learn why in my opinion Forest River has so many complaints. Initially, I was to go on a tour of the plant with Nate but I was there 10 days early and never met Nate. I met a man named Bob over at the shop. Bob is the shop foreman and has been with the company over 40 years, he told me so personally. He was as described to me, gruff and not a lot of fun but very knowledgeable. I'm gruff and not a lot fun either at times so all I cared about was his skills which I believe must be great. They replaced my steps for me while I was there but then told me I was just going to have to come back on my appointment day to get all the other stuff addressed. I made it very clear that was not going to happen, and if they can't address all the crap wrong with it next week then there is a big problem. This was Saturday.

I get told that on the entire plant facility there is not a single new power inverter/converter available! I asked how it could be they build units all day and have no inverters for them but am told they're out of stock! I just was not up for any more BS from anybody, anywhere, anytime at all by now!!! But someway, somebody came up and said to me he would remove a new inverter from a unit on the line and install it in my RV. They took it to a different plant site and did just that. But that was it. I figured the following week they could address all the leaks, and missing or broken items, etc... Nope. So what I have discovered is in my opinion it's the total lack of skills and or more likely just lack of caring one way or the other. I have parts that fell off or fell apart just because of crappy staples used to hold everything together and workers who couldn't care less if the staples actually went in or just bent over.

I didn't meet everybody at Forest River. I have no doubt there are still people there who really care about quality and have a quality work ethic to go with it. But the people I met all looked half dead and miserable. And good ole Bob told me to my face how badly he hated his job and that he was leaving there for good before the end of the year after something like 42 years there. I said that it was a shame that Forest River was losing someone with that much experience and that it would be impossible to get back. His quality response was "** them". If the shop foreman of over 40 years service feels that way about the company he works for, either he has a big problem of the company does, but either way this kind of work ethic is poison to all under him and to Forest River in general.

Coachmen had a good reputation for the most part for many years, and Forest River uses some of the best quality parts and components in the industry. I have checked it out. Their plant is spacious, clean, and orderly. But if the people who build their products hate their job as much as the shop foreman does, how can that allow for anything positive in the build dept.? Maybe the pay is low. I was told that they work on a commission basis but I don't know how that works nor if it's true. I have driven stainless steel screws into so many places that were not even close to stapled together with their cheap staple process that depends on the operator caring one way or the other to do it right. So it turns out I will be pretty good one day repairing all the factory defects on my Mirada, at least I care if the work is done right.

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Original review: July 16, 2016

My brother and I purchased a 2013 Coachmen Encounter second owners with 4200 miles on it. We had taken it on a few trips. In the rear of the RV, the ceiling above the bed had dropped down 2 inches. Being a general contractor I took the ceiling panel down and what I have discovered is from the roof top air conditioner and the back of the RV, there was no support in a four foot span. In talking to the engineer at Coachmen they tell me that the is no roof truss in that area. How can the roof support a 300 pound person with no support. I took it upon myself to install a roof truss where there was a slot in the Styrofoam roof where Coachmen should have put one. I now have fixed the sagging roof and all is well. Coachmen said that they would not pay me for any labor due to the fact I was the second owner. Has anyone out there had this same problem??? I will never buy another Coachmen product!!!

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Original review: May 30, 2016

Purchased a 2016 324TSRK Chaparral fifth wheel and expect some things to break. This is our 4th camper and we keep them about 4-5 years. We understand they take some abuse while towing. The issue with this unit is what we are finding as we encounter those problems and we see them as underlying quality construction. Our AC failed (Dometic). No problem, the dealer will take care of under warranty. Issue is when diagnosing, we found where the duct work that ran the length of the unit was not sealed. Poor or missing foil tape at AC unit and all vents.

We were cooling mostly between the roof and ceiling panel. Every time we travel we spend a few minutes vacuuming sawdust (not dust, SAWdust). Went looking and found there was no attempt to clean up during construction. The heater return vent was full of sawdust and trim end cuts. Unfortunately the sawdust is throughout the ductwork now. Bottom drawer in the pantry broke. That was on us by overloading and the travel blew the bottom out. I reassembled the drawer. The issue was when I pulled the drawer there was plenty of sawdust, trim cuts and a coffee cup that had spilled and dried to the floor.

First time we went to dump we found the gray water plumbing came apart at an elbow. Witness marks showed the PVC penetration less than 1/4" when glued. Thankfully it was the gray and not the black water. Also the discharge pipe was only supported by a single piece of pipe strap at the drain cap end. The gray/black valve handles are mounted in the outside utility access. Pulled out to dump OK but when I pushed the gray water valve back in the whole panel shifted. Fixed that with a couple more screws. No heat in the bathroom. Found the flex tube going to the register was never hooked up, so we were heating the luggage compartment.

The floodlight did not work. Found that a mounting screw was driven thru the supply wire. The bypass doors for both the bedroom and bath had to be rehung for proper operation. The sofa sleeper was missing a travel wheel so when the slides were in the sofa passes over the dinette slide. When opening the sofa slide it pulled the carpet binding off fraying the carpet. Dealer called the other day stating our new carpet is in. Hope it matches. The counter top delaminated and had to be re-glued. The back splash ceramic tile trim fell off and had to be re-glued. This is after the first 4 months of use. Let's see what the next 4 years brings.

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Original review: May 17, 2016

During a shakedown camping trip with my brand new Coachmen Clipper 17FQ Camping Trailer, I discovered that whoever builds this product appears to place very little emphasis on quality and workmanship. Wood edges were left rough. The bathroom door was mounted crooked and would not close. The biggest problem discovered was the shower stall. The shower surround trim was installed crooked, and one corner of the surround had been essentially butchered with multiple screw holes. The installer tried to cover up the botched job with trim, but the error contributed to a shower the leaks water onto the floor.

Overall, the 17FQ camping trailer is a nice product that is put together by people who don't seem to care. I notified Coachmen and received a list of dealers, one of which "might help me with my issues." Coachmen needs to take a more active role in resolving their defective products. I cannot in good faith recommend a Coachmen RV product to others, and will be resolving my trailer issues myself.

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Coachmen RV expert review by David Chandler, Ph.D.

Headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana, Coachmen has been developing and manufacturing RVs since 1964. Coachmen became a brand of Forest River, Inc. in 2008. Coachmen has a full range of RVs, including motorhomes, toy haulers, fifth wheels and more.

  • Full line of products: Coachmen sells a full range of RVs. Whether you want an all-in-one motorhome or a trailer RV, you’ll find several available in different sizes. See Coachmen’s website for a full product list.

  • Catalina Destination Trailer: The Catalina Deluxe Destination is a top-of-the-line trailer RV. The series has six different floor plans to maximize comfort and storage. They are designed for extended vacations.

  • Coachmen Quality Program: Coachmen takes pride in its commitment to quality. In the Coachmen Quality Program, dedicated team members carefully inspect their products to make sure your RV meets their quality standards.

  • Travel Easy program: You’ll have access to one year of Coachmen’s Travel Easy roadside assistance program. This program includes services like emergency refueling, towing and locksmith service.

  • One-year limited warranty: New Coachmen RVs come with a one-year limited warranty for parts. Extra coverage may be available from retailers.

  • Best for: New Coachmen RVs come with a one-year limited warranty for parts. Extra coverage may be available from retailers.

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