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2013 KIA OPTIMA ENGINE BLOWN - I'm adding on the list of Kia Optima cars engines that have recently been coming up with their engines needing to be replace. Our Kia 2013 has over 100K so would not be under warranty anyway but I feel with all these complaints I'm finding here, that this should be a recall issue. It's too coincidental numerous people are having this same issue. This has happened to our 2013 Kia Optima a couple of weeks ago while traveling at 65mph on our way to Texas from Indiana.

Like all other complaints I've read so far Kia is not responsible for any of this and it's all on the consumers lack of maintenance and there's nothing Kia dealerships (our dealership was Tyler of Niles, Mi.) can do about it if you can not prove every oil change, even then they still might not cover it. We are the 2nd owners of this vehicle. How can we obtain oil changes before we even owned the car? I will be looking in the class action lawsuit that has been started recently against the Kia Optima.

Bought a 2015 Kia Sedona. First year, shoulda known better. Great looking vehicle, lots of good features, drives good, mpg so-so. We've put 45k miles on it. Dealer is Kia of Auburn (AL). First thing, car was delivered with 320 miles on the odometer. I complained, was told they had to drive it to me from a dealer in GA, about 130 miles away. No explanation for the extra 190 miles. I suspect it was used as a demo. About 2-3 months into ownership the check engine light came on, and after using the UVO technology to schedule an appt with the dealer the answer: "No problem found. Keep driving." This event has happened about 10 times in the past 15 months. We stopped taking to the dealer after the 4th or 5th "don't worry, be happy" answer.

Lately the battery has been dying overnight. 1st time the answer after a trip to the dealer was that we needed to lock the vehicle in our garage so the car would not "seek" the remote key all night long. Kinda made sense; until the battery was dead after an overnight with the van locked in the garage. The 2nd trip for this prob to the dealer: Answer: "Battery checks out ok, so next time leave it dead and have it towed to us!!!" OK now I'm pissed. I'm not having my 62 yr old wife deal with a dead battery whenever that happens. We bought 5 Honda Odysseys in a row, thought the Kia might be something different. Boy were we RIGHT. It's different. It doesn't work, and the dealer doesn't know squat about it. Bad company, bad dealer, bad customer service and we are headed to Honda next time. BUYER BEWARE.

My car is a 2012 Kia Forte EX with ~52,000 miles on it and a good service record (according to a Kia dealership). I recently took it to the dealership for service on a rattling noise in the front, passenger side. When I drive on moderately bumpy roads at low speeds (<25mph), the car sounds like parts are moving about in that one location. After running a diagnostics on the car, the service department concluded that the car's axle is loose due to normal wear. In other words, the car just makes this terrifying noise because it's either poorly constructed or made out of cheap or unstable materials. They assured me that the loose axle is safe and does not affect operation of the car. This defect, however, makes my car very unpleasant to drive and devalues the car. Every single passenger I have had in the car since it started making the noise has expressed concern about whether the car is safe to drive.

I doubt any buyer will be interested in a vehicle that sounds like it's going to fall apart, regardless of whether it's actually going to fall apart. Further, how am I supposed to determine if/when the noise develops into something that is actually unsafe or affecting operations? Unfortunately, the defect is not covered under warranty, which only covers defects that impair the car's operations; a repair for this will run $400-600, according to the dealership. I really regret buying from Kia (car was paid in full at time of purchase) and I will certainly not purchase from them again. I invested money with the expectation that the car would provide about 10 years of service without causing any significant problems. As of late, I can't imagine driving this car around for another 5 or so years while hearing that awful noise. What a disappointing waste of money and a distressing driving experience.

(Note: To be fair, the only other problem that I've had is with the ignition. At one point, the car was not registering that it was in park and would not release the key from the ignition when parked. I had to leave the key in the ignition for a couple of days while Kia ordered a part to correct this problem (at no charge). The car also makes vibrating noises in the cabin sometimes but this is only a minor nuisance.)

2013 Kia Optima Engine (known problem - no warranty coverage) - Over a month ago, I was driving in Albuquerque, NM when I began to notice a rumbling sound coming from my car. The car lost power driving and I struggled to even get up the hill to my home. I took the car to my local dealership (Fiesta Kia of Albuquerque), where they said that the Turbocharge appeared to be the culprit. They had conducted the most recent oil change and noted no sludge in the oil. When they tore into the Turbocharger, they noted then that there was evidence of sludge and were denying warranty unless I could provide receipts of oil changes since my 25000 mile service. I was able to locate all but one, and I only have 46800 miles on my car. They again denied warranty coverage. I ended up paying them $2600 to replace the Turbocharger and change the oil again.

Upon leaving the dealership, the car felt sluggish, but I attributed that to the new part wearing in. I drove 16 miles to my home and then 24 miles to the airport at which point the rumbling began again. By the time I got home, it was no longer a rumble, but a very loud knocking noise and the car could not get above 40 mph. I should also mention that between the time that I originally took my car to the dealer and picked it up again, I received a letter from Kia Corporate Headquarters in Irving, TX stating that they are aware of a critical engine failure problem and are "extending the warranty to 120,000 miles". That would be great, if they would actually honor the warranty.

Turns out, it was that engine problem. They again said that the warranty was denied because of sludge in the engine. As it also turns out, this engine problem causes metal shavings to mix with the oil in the engine leading to sludge. It also causes larger than normal gaps in the oil path of the engine which leads to the oil overheating and sputtering in large quantities, which also leads to sludge. Therefore, Kia is denying coverage on an engine because of sludge when in fact it is their faulty engine that is causing the sludge in the first place.

I have filed a BBB claim against the dealership for misdiagnosing my car problems and costing me $2600. I suggest all 2011-2016 Kia Optima and Kia Sorento owners google Kia Optima Engine Class Action. Hopefully, if we can band together as a community, we can get them to start fixing a problem that is in fact a known faulty part and should be part of a recall. By the way, this shady dealership in Albuquerque is quoting me almost $8900 (seems like the most expensive fix that I have found on here yet).

I've read review after review of people having blown motors in 2011 Kia Optima and no one getting any help from corporate Kia. Has anyone gotten them to replace the engine? I received the letter stating if your engine made a knocking noise to take it to your nearest Kia dealership and have it diagnosed, which I did. I was told it did fall underneath the "recall" but I would need to provide service records, which I did. I've talked to three different people telling me the repair had been approved but the service manager and the man in the escalating department at Kia said it hadn't been approved.

How can I be told by three different people it's approved and then be told it's not? Now I've been told I will get a call by Wednesday after they review more documents. What documents? Has anyone gotten anywhere since they sent out those letters? If they deny it on Wednesday I'm contacting either an attorney or the media as I don't know what else to do. We've been paying $475 a month for a year now and have not been able to drive the car and we still owe around $7000. This is ridiculous that they are giving us the runaround when they are the ones that sent the letter stating they would fix it!

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I have a 2011 Kia Optima. My husband and I, two children and dog we're on our way home from California visiting family for Father's Day. After passing a car in the passing lane we heard a knocking noise. We pulled over to the side of the road and had to get towed home. Needless to say, when we got home the car was dead. The next morning we took the car to our local Kia dealership where they required us to show proof of all oil changes. However, my husband who is a mechanic has now been told because we purchased our parts at Napa that they were not tested by KIA nor was he a Kia mechanic and they will not allow us to use the warranty due to the fact there is sludge and we did not follow their rules.

They have diagnosed the engine is seized and we have a rod knock. We have had the engine started and the estimate cost to replace the engine which Kia is telling us is required is $8,300. We've contacted Kia corporate and they will not help they said it is out of their hands their tech department denied the claim. I've done a lot of research and noticed this problem is going on with many Kias. They are not honoring their warranty nor do they have any customer service skills nor do they stand behind their product. I have less than 51000 miles and also received the letter extending the warranty do to their malfunctioning engine.

I had purchased a new 2014 Kia Forte. I kept up with maintenance. Well engine always been sluggish. Dealer said it wasn't broken in. Well I travel a lot. I got to 110,000 miles and the engine just fell apart and blew. No warnings, nothing. Dealer said it's over the warranty and can't do anything. Needless to say I tried Kia. I was almost going to buy another one as a second car but sadly to say after reviewing this car and same problem with others I'm done with Kia. You lost my business and I'm letting everyone I know about the junk you sell.

In 2014 I bought a beautiful 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid K9 from a reputable local used car dealer for my 20 yr old daughter. The car had about 36,000 miles on it. We financed it through my credit union. My in-laws have leased Kias for years and they loved them, and we loved the looks and the performance. Well, here we are today, less than 2 years after the purchase with 86,000, and it is DEAD! My daughter was driving it on the freeway at midnight in Portland where she now lives and all the lights on the panel lit up, and then nothing! It was 4th of July weekend so we had it towed to her house and then the local dealership on July 5th.

The dealership has had the car for 3 days and they can't figure it out. I've had a car salesman blowing up my cell phone with texts trying to urge me to buy a new car because he states it appears the hybrid system is shot and the repair is going to be $6200-10,000 but we owe $12K on it still, which is odd that he can give me an estimate if they don't know what is wrong with it. Unfortunately since we bought it from a used car dealership there is no warranty and apparently nothing we can do as of yet. He offered to buy it for $4K if we purchase a new car with them but I don't want another Kia if they don't stand behind their product.

Still waiting for a solution. A rental car would be nice, or an actual answer. Heck, even a written estimate for repair would be nice and not a text from a desperate salesman pulling number from "you know where" so I have more data to make a decision on but we can't even get that. Until then, my daughter is taking a bus 2 hours to work each way. Needless to say I am very disappointed with Kia!

First off I bought a 2015 Kia Forte brand new with 13 miles on it and the dealership didn't disclose it had been wrecked and I ask for pictures if it had been as well. They said there is none. After a while my trunk started leaking water and messing a lot of the electrical stuff up. I take it in 3 times to dealership to fix and finally they do a horrible job of putting silicone around every lining on the trunk and did not touch the electrical or anything else. Did I mention I have two kids and my car still smells of the mold and still having electrical issues that are only getting worse and Consumer Affairs tell me that it is not their problem! Do not buy a Kia!!! I do have pics of all the mold and everything that I can add!

I own a 2013 Kia Sportage and it has been giving me headaches. I was just bathing in sweat a few minutes ago because the aircon is blowing out hot air. I am from the Philippines and the temperature outdoor is 37-38 degrees celsius. As early as a little over a year old, my car had several parts replaced like the power window switch, the aircon ECV, the right horn button works intermittently (but was not replaced by the dealer). My door handle was also replaced because the whole thing came off. Outrageous isn't it???

Two months ago they just change my entire engine because they cannot solve the problem of the engine losing power (shakes at the speed of 40kph). The dealer was diagnosing my car for over 10 months before they gave up and suggested to change the whole engine. Just imagine how many days my car was spending in the repair shop considering it is less than 2 years old. I never had this kind of problem with my Honda (used it for 12 years without these problems) and Toyota cars. I am the only person who drives my car. But not anymore, the mechanics at the dealership are driving it a lot of times since 2015.

I have written to Kia several times and they just seem to throw my email to the local dealership here to fix the problem. My dad bought me a Kia Pride before to practice on, and I know it is of low quality at that time. I thought they improved a lot since it was named car of the year in other countries. I might have been misled by their expensive advertisements. I am so frustrated with Kia now.

In December 2014, I was seriously injured (including a broken back...) in a 2015 KIA SORENTO during a frontal crash because the car malfunctioned. Upon impact, none of the airbags deployed and duly filed my complaint with NHTSA. After my complaint, there were 3 others filed with the most recent being March 2016 where another person got injured because the airbag DID NOT DEPLOY.

Even though the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) identified this problem as well as potential injuries to the driver during its "SMALL OVERLAY CRASH TEST" - THE MANUFACTURER ("KIA") still FAILED to conduct necessary defect investigation and recall on all existing 2014/2015 KIA Sorento models that have this defect which creates and heightens the risk of potential dangerous injuries because few consumers are aware of this as NHTSA gives the 2015 KIA SORENTO a five-star rating on a test that was conducted in 2013 because both the 2014 and 2015 models were in fact, almost identical WITH minimal changes.

Due to the IIHS crash test results and "POOR" rating the 2014/2015 KIA SORENTO models the manufacturer received, it went to address these problems by redesigning the 2016 Sorento without notifying or identifying or repairing the defects in those defective vehicles currently out in the market. IT IS ALSO EXTREMELY NEGLIGENT AND IRRESPONSIBLE OF NHTSA TO POST AN ERRONEOUS 5-STAR RATING ON A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS VEHICLE.

I have 2014 Kia Optima 2.0L Turbo. Took it in for a misfire. They replaced the plug and coil pack. Drove the car home and the next day white smoke was coming out of the exhaust. I took the intake hose off and it was full of oil. I started looking online and found that a lot of people are having problems with this motor. I had installed a oil catch can cause everything I have read in the Kia forms it was recommend. I took the car back to the dealer and was told because I added the catch can my warranty was voided. I took the car home and less than a week later the rod bearing failed and the engine was knocking. I took the car back and was told to call consumer affairs. Of course they denied the replacement engine saying that the catch can caused the engine to fail. I have seen numerous complaints about the engines failing.

I have been driving a Kia for 19 years and currently own 3 and never had a problem. The funny thing is they just sent me a notice that they are extending the warranty on this motor for 10 years and 120,000 miles due to engine failure. But what good is that if they won't honor it. DO NOT BUY FROM KIA!!! WHEN I GET A CHANCE I WILL TRADE IN MY OTHER VEHICLES.

I currently have a 2014 Kia Optima. Let me start by saying I absolutely love the appearance of the vehicle. As far as the driving it has its goods and bads. To sum this up my main issue is the engine has gone out at the car only has 75000 miles. It's only 3 yrs old. I've kept up the maintenance on my vehicle since day one! I'm sure the Kia place needs to step in as I see lots of reviews dealing with this!!! Help us. We are loyal customers!!

My 2010 Kia started running rough. Autozone pulled P011 code, Engine quit running. Stranded on highway. Engine blown at 108k miles. I'll never buy another kia. I meticulously changed oil every 3k miles.

I have a 2013 Kia Optima SXT. It is the car I always wanted but now I hate it. I had to get paint job just last year around the driver side windshield where the paint was peeling off!! YES PEELING. The car was only 2yrs old at that time. Now I'm having the same exact PROBLEM on the passenger side of the windshield. And they don't want to fix the problem because the warranty is out (36 months) for paint, body. They should have painted the whole car over when it first happened because now I have to deal with it. That sucks! The car paint is starting to peel off the car. Kia needs to put out a defect on the paint on their cars. I shouldn't have to pay to get that repaired when I had is problem before, it hasn't even been a year since I got the driver side of windshield painted. DO NOT BUY A KIA! PAINT ON THE CARS SUCK.

First off - I bought this car not knowing that a set of 4 tires would cost me $900 or that a set of brakes would be nearly that much. The paint came off of the shifter knob almost immediately, the finish came off both the front and back emblems shortly after, and the rims scratch so easily all you have to do is THINK about a curb. That being said I DID love my car for a long time and it was very babied. Oil changed every 3k to 3.5k, but at the last oil change something happened. I have no idea what, but ever since then it has leaked oil. I took it back to the oil place twice. Both times they said it was the gasket, put a new gasket on, washed the oil off the underside of my car, and sent me on my way. STILL leaked.

I then made an appointment at the Kia dealer. Well not just any mechanic can look at it, I had to have a 'master mechanic' look at it. This involved me dropping it off on a Saturday, picking up a loaner, and then picking it back up on Monday after work. Well after $170 for the diagnostics that HAD to be done to determine the problem I was told that the oil place had not tightened the plug properly. They tightened the plug, topped off the oil, washed the underside and sent me on my way. One week later I leave for work to get a call that there is a big puddle of oil right where my car had been parked!!! So I message the dealership online saying that I can not call them - long distance calls are a no-no at work. I ask them to please have the service department call me ASAP as my car was just in but is still leaking OIL! 4 hours later NO CALL, I message again. 2 more hours later NO CALL.

I am seriously at the end of my rope with all of this and here is the bit that just puts the icing on the cake... while it was in for the oil leak I decided to have tires put on (I opted to do two now for $400 instead of the whole enchilada at once). WELL I picked up my car and went on to run errands. After one stop I was walking up to my car and noticed that there was a strange and very new crinkle underneath the drivers door on the frame area. I thought 'how strange' and decided to look at the other side... same thing!! So the only thing I can figure is that at some point during that POINTLESS service appointment they drove my car onto the lift incorrectly causing compression-like dents under my driver and front passenger doors!!!

Oh and my backup camera conveniently fritzed out right around 70,000 miles - I can't remember what the exact mileage is that the stereo/navigation is no longer covered by warranty, but I do know that mine no longer is and it is $500 for a new one!! I am beyond disappointed with Kia - the car, the dealership, the customer service, all of it!!!! Boooo!

I bought a new car from Kia in November at 9 pm. After spending about 3 hrs there because the salesmen who promised to give me a better deal went home without calling me they then tried to charge me about a 100.00 more than the other dealer. The next day I noticed a small ding in door but was going to let it go until I noticed part of the rear bumper area had waves or indentations throughout it. I finally got it fixed after being laughed at originally. Three months ago I noticed the paint on my car starting to pop. There are no dents on the car and it is garage kept yet they are trying to avoid fixing it and blaming it on something contaminating the paint. This is garage kept in a personal parking spot at work with no trees around it. I partially blame the dealer. But for Kia corporate not to take action is inexcusable. I have missed work because of the stress this has put on me and I now may have to take legal action to get it fixed

I will never in my life lease another KIA or refer anyone over to that company! Worst customer service and car experience I have had in my life. THANK GOD I no longer have to deal with them. Their service is as cheap as their cars. TOTAL CRAP.

This pass Sunday I was driving on I-75 North to Gainsville to drop off my son for summer camp and the engine made a pull. Then all the sudden a big rattling noise. The car was always serviced by the Orlando KIA West Colonial dealer for Oil changes and for services. My car had clean oil in the pan. This happen on 6/12/2016 and today is 6/19/2016. They need a paper sign from the District manager and I am getting the runaround. I see how it goes... When you step in the show room, they promise you bells and whistles. Then when the time comes up for them to pony up, they drag their feet. This is my last time I will purchase a KIA car or a new car. What is the point... I see that some other people are having similar issues. Think before buying a KIA... Not a happy customer.

While traveling north on I95 toward Jacksonville, Florida (about 500 miles from home) we noticed an engine noise which became increasingly louder within minutes, followed by a loud noise, and what sounded like metal object flying off the underside of the car then a burst of smoke from the engine which got blacker and bigger. We pulled off the highway as soon as there was a chance and got out of the car. It was smoking and I was afraid it was going to catch fire as we could feel the heat from the engine. We called a tow truck and waited. When it arrived we had it towed to the nearest Kia dealer in Jacksonville. It was early evening and the dealership was closing so we told them the problem and left the car and headed back to Port Saint Lucie, home, to await their findings. This was on Friday 13, 2016.

The next week we were told that the engine was not repairable and that it appeared to be an engine internal problem. We were told that because it was still under manufacture's warranty it would probably be covered. About another week passed and we called to find out progress on car and was told new engine had to be ordered. So we waited. When we called back the third week were told they did not order an engine because Kia manufacturer denied the claim, stating problem was sludge buildup due to poor maintenance. This was not true. So we gathered our service records and turned them in to be forwarded to Kia manufacturer.

The car shop where we have our car service done does not report to Car Fax (something everyone should be aware of - that Car Fax may not have all history of service of car). Today is the 28th day. Yesterday the service dealer in Jacksonville called us to let us know that the warranty may be honored due to our providing good documentation of service/oil changes. We are still waiting for approval. After doing much research found out there has been many problem with Kia engine and powertrains. This is not our fault. I'm worried that even with a new engine who is to say it won't happen with the new engine???

My 2013 Kia Soul keeps chugging and does not want to go. Have had it in the shop numerous times, nothing wrong with it. I decided to keep dumping the fuel cleaner in. Seems to have helped. I quit and now chugging away with 19-23 mpg on highway. Feels like there is a drag on the engine all the time then all the sudden it will go for a couple days in the 30 mpg. Sick of it!! Being stuck in traffic with a chugging car is sickening!! Plus the paint is coming off the bumper. Piece of crap!!!

Notice a oil leak under my 2012 black turbo Sportage this morning. Call Kia to bring in. Only had this car 6 weeks. My Kia Soul was totaled out in a car crash. Always loved Kias. Had it for 5 years. Bought it off the floor with 9 miles on it. Mind you the Sportage was used but looked great. Handled great. Was a lease and well taken care of. Bought the SUV on 4-18-2016 and that Friday sent it to service for wheel locks, free car wash. While in there for a few hours, tech kept car running. Went to pick it up, battery was dead. Had to get a jump to drive my "new" car home.

Three weeks later picking daughter up from physical therapy car won't start. Call AAA, they test battery, tells me it's done. I need a new one. I shouldn't stop anywhere, it won't start without a jump. Drove it home and called around for a battery. Kia battery was more expensive. Called triple AAA back, they brought me a battery with a better warranty. Needless to say, not happy. Before you sold me this car, did you all check the battery? It was the original battery in there. So its shelf life was over. I should have took car back then but I loved my black car.

Today June 2 ,2016 notice oil leak. Call Kia, I know they can fix it and it will be covered under the extended warranty I bought. They can get me a loaner or rental car if I need it. I am very upset. Had the car for 6 weeks and it's in the shop. I put 6000.00 down on that car. I have a warranty. Needless to say, service department says it is not covered. My heart dropped, my blood pressure went up. I told her, "You have to be wrong." She says "No." It cost 534.00 and some change. I was like, I have to pay. I kept saying, "I only had it 6 weeks. Just made first payment on it." She said, "Yes" and on top of that, they have no loaner cars. Since it is not covered by the warranty, they can not put me in a rental.

All this time, I am getting more and more upset. I called the warranty company myself and they say not covered. "We don't cover pipes." The oil pipe leading to the turbo has a crack. That is why it is leaking. Of course service department didn't notice this in their inspection when they checked the car before selling it. Been going around and round with the service department and manager. I told him, "It's not fair that I have to pay for this, warranty or not. I have been a faithful customer there for almost 6 years. Always took my Soul in for service when it needed it and this is how you treat your loyal customers. You're a big company and I am a divorced mom of two." For good customer service and loyalty not to mention the big fact, that I have had the car for 6 weeks - 6 weeks.

The manager would not budge. I asked for my 6,000 back, he said he couldn't do it. He can't take the car back but would put me in something else. I don't want anything else, I want them to fix it on principle or take it back. He wouldn't do it. Made me feel unimportant. My money don't count. "Oh but I will get you a loaner until yours is fixed. It can happen to anyone," as if that would make me feel better. He had no compassion, did not care. I told him that I have always talked about Kia to everyone I know. Was proud of my Soul, loved my new Sportage. Now I can't say anything good about them to anyone. You don't treat your long time customers like that. Insignificant. Nothing.

Kia finance ruined my credit & on the repo list. I don't owe a payment. 6 months no payment on contract, Kia admits their mistake, but after 5 months and dozens of hrs on phone, they can't fix it.

After purchasing a new Kia Sport and financing it through the Kia finance I have had one bad experience after another. I set the vehicle up on auto payment and that went fine for 1 month. After 1 month Feb 2016 I received a letter stating the payment was not made. I called and explain to the finance rep that it was set up on auto payment and that I even tried to go online and make the payment and I was not able. After some looking into the matter the rep informed me the car was totaled and they had some sort of insurance hold on it. I told them this was a mistake as the car was not totaled . After verifying insurance etc... they have not been able to successfully release the hold on this vehicle.

It is now May 28th and I have called at least 10 times to resolve the issue with them with no success. Just a lot of promises to call me back, to get the issue resolved and still no success. They do not seem to have any clue how to resolve issue from department to department. Now after 3 months they are sending me collection notices and threatening letters. I have consistently attempted to rectify the problem and they are ineffective and lack any sort of resolution capacity. PLEASE KIA get it together. I refuse to pay another dime till I have something in writing stating this situation is your problem. I do not want my credit ruined because you put a hold on my vehicle by mistake. And furthermore what about the other party who totaled their vehicle. What misfortune has KIA perpetrated on them.

2013 Blown Engine - PLEASE HEED the WARNINGS on these VEHICLES. We change our oil every 3,000 miles, and we have 90K on this vehicle and no lights, no problems, when the car starts making a large knocking noise. We pulled the car over and checked -- oil was fine nothing abnormal, so took it to our mechanic who said the engine was blown. DOOO NOT BUY KIA.

I'm being forced into getting a car loan. First off I was okay with the deal and signed the contract you know traditional deal I drove home. I got a letter in the mail stating I had to return it at their expense. I was all up for it since I felt they lied on the terms of the contract to me verbally. So they instead told me to come in to sign a 2nd contract, I refused to and they pushed to get the first contract financed. This was after I left the car there and had told them I did not want this deal and their business anymore. I went back and forth between the dealership Rally Kia in Palmdale, Kia consumer affairs, and Kia financial trying to get this straightened out but they were persistent on making me take all the blame.

I don't normally post but I felt that this family issue needed to be broadcasted. Our daughter turned 17 on May 14. About a month earlier my wife and I, along with our daughter bought her 1st car, a beautiful 2011 Kia Optima. We knew that it had high mileage and was beyond the Kia warranty. 2 weeks after we brought it home the engine blew a rod and there was a 3" hole in the engine block. The repair solution was a new engine. We have exhausted all avenues for assistance from the Honda dealer we bought if from to NJ Consumer Lemon Law. The only option would have been an aftermarket extended warranty which we didn't have.

Now the point of this post is to advise anyone interested that Kia has a U.S. Consumer Affairs department that reviewed our case for over a month and would not lend assistance to replace the engine. They told me that they are advocates for the consumer and there to help. They were clear that this car was not covered with a warranty and if they offered any assistance it would be "Good Will".

In the end they stuck to their warranty statement and would not offer any good will. I have owned many brands of cars and some I have driven for over 200K miles. I would tell anyone who may ask that they should not buy Kia, this is a company that wouldn't offer assistance for a 4 year old car. SHAME ON KIA Corporate for not recognizing that a 4 year 5 month old car with 100k miles should still be on the road with a working engine.

We bought our Kia Rio 4 years ago and is now on its 20k km. We have never had a major problem with the car. It's got enough power and speed when driving along an incline. Every 6 months, we see to it that we visit the service center and have it checked. When you look at it from the outside, it seems that it's small and not spacious at all but when you are inside, the knee clearance is about 3/4 foot and could accommodate 4 people at the back sitting comfortably. On the other hand, I noticed that there are times when you press the gas, the car doesn't respond instantaneously (there is a split-second lag) or does not respond at all. So what I normally do is I press the break until the rpm gauge drops then I start from first gear and work my way up the next gear.

Last night while cruising, there was a moment that I couldn't go to the next gear so I had to put the car on neutral, then 'drive' mode, then it responded as it should. I hope that this is just normal to automatic transmission cars and doesn't become worse if ever this really is a problem. I've seen on the road a new Kia Grand Carnival and it looks awesome. I'm wondering how much it costs.

I purchased a 2015 Kia Sportage. About 10 months later, I take it into the service dept. for a grinding noise coming from the brakes. 4 service appointments later, the brakes are still making that sound! Very frustrating!! Lemon Law.

My mother's brand new Kia Sorento was purchased to take a trip 800 miles to see her sisters. When she arrived, the displays, (all digital), went black. Mind you this car has 1055 miles on it and she is now in Redding Ca., 800 miles from home here in Utah. She called Kia in Redding, and they told her they couldn't help her. She then called the dealership here in Utah and they told her the same thing. They gave her a customer service number. When she called it, they immediately knew the part number.

After she gave this to the dealership, they told her it would take 5 weeks to get it from Korea! She once again called the dealership where she purchased the car, In Salt Lake City, Utah, and they offered no help at all! They told her she is basically stuck in Redding CA for at least 5 weeks, or she could chance it and cross the 500 miles of desert between Reno and her home here in Utah... KIA IS A JOKE! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENTS I HAVE EVER HEARD OF!

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Kia was founded in Seoul in 1944 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts. From there, they began manufacturing entire bicycles and then motorcycles, trucks and cars. The brand is now a global car manufacturer and had record-breaking sales of over 625,000 vehicles in the United States in 2015 alone.

  • American manufacturing: In 2009, Kia opened a manufacturing plant in West Point, Ga., which created approximately 15,000 jobs in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. In early 2016, the factory produced its two-millionth vehicle.
  • Shopping tools: On the Kia website interested customers can customize and price different models, compare vehicles, request a quote from a local dealer and even live chat with an expert. They can also apply for financing from Kia, estimate monthly payments and determine the trade-in value of their current car.
  • Online owner support: The owners’ section of the Kia website provides a wide variety of information to Kia owners. They can find warrant information and instructional videos as well as the contact information for customer service, location information for Kia maintenance and service centers and any recall details.
  • Warranties: New Kias come with several warranties, including a 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty, a 5-year/60,000-mile limited basic warranty and a 5-year/100,000-mile limited anti-perforation warranty. New automobiles also come with free roadside assistance for the first five years or 60,000 miles.
  • Teen driving school: Kia has partnered with B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe), a non-profit organization dedicated to training and educating young drivers, to offer the Teen Pro-Active Driving School. Kids and their parents can attend a hands-on training course for free at locations throughout the United States.
  • Best for Kia’s affordable fleet of cars includes models that will suit every lifestyle.

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