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My son purchased his first car, a pre-owned 2012 Kia Optima and less than a month later the engine seized. The engine needs to be replaced and Kia Motors of America refuse to because he is not the original owner. They say that the 100,000 power train warranty is void. However, I found out that this has occurred with their new vehicles also. I have gone to social media for justice. Voice your complaints on Kia's FB, Twitter, etc. posts #boycottKiaMotors. We will get justice one way or another. 3000 complaints will keep someone else from making the same mistake.

After 2 yrs of purchasing my cute 2014 Kia Sportage the A/C compress blew out that I'm not understanding why. After taken in for A/C check up that cost $89.00 I asked what cause the problem services rep stated, "I DON'T KNOW". Like this ** is customer fault WTF. Calling Kia corporate offices is fill with hell. I truly believe after getting oil changes from Ft. Bend Kia for a year & a half services tech have necklace my SUV. Kia corporate offices says to me, "if you feels that way you need to take to Ft. Kia to fix the problem." I stated to the Kia corporate offices rep: I'm afraid of Ft. Kia services department and afraid of Kia products. I'M SCARED.

I just purchased a 2015 Optima. Does anyone have a problem when backing up? The back end is high and I can only see the brake light from the inside.

I have already written a complaint about my 2015 Kia Optima. My question is "WHY HASN'T THE BBB OR CLASS ACTION suit been alerted?" Over 3000 complaints against this company. Has anyone gotten satisfaction? Are we just going to keep complaining and letting KIA go without standing up to their responsibility? They blame the customer for not reading the manual or not keeping up with oil change receipts knowing all along that these cars are defective. They are cheating us and we will still have to pay 20,000 or more on a car and put a new engine in ranging from 6000 to 10000 dollars. Their cars are new!!! Mine didn't even show a check engine light before the motor seized. I bought my car brand new. One and a half year later we are stuck with a car that need a new engine. Something has to be done!

My Kia has just over 7,000 miles and the last 4 months I have been plagued by the car not starting. Dealer diagnosis is always good. Finally they thought it was a battery cable. Car ran fine for 2 months, now back to same problem. If I just the dead car, it will run fine for about 2 weeks, then it dies again. No one can figure this out. Kia should take responsibility for this vehicle's problems but I find no one cares and I'm stuck with a relatively new car, low miles and chronic starting problems. Is there anything Consumer Affairs can do to help?

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After reading all of the bad reviews on here regarding the Kia's engine problems, I am appalled and shocked to see I have been having all of the same problems, with only 47,000 miles!! I put $6,000 down on a brand new 2015 Kia Optima, and have been paying into it every month. I too started noticing a loud rattling noise when I would accelerate and it seemed like my car wouldn't go. I also started getting white smoke coming out of the tailpipe when I started my car. Well two days ago, the check engine light came on and the whole car started shaking violently. Thank goodness we weren't too far from home and made it there. I had the car towed today to the dealership. They called me back and said it was SLUDGE.

They wanted all of my maintenance receipts. We don't have ALL of them. And when I called another dealership to get a copy of the maintenance they did on my car, they said I must show ID and have to drive all the way down there in person to get it, because they won't fax it. Are you kidding me??? How am I supposed to get there with NO CAR!!! I'm so upset!!! I have owned a Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Accord, Lexus and have NEVER EVER had any problems like this!!! And a couple of those cars I bought used and they went over the 100,000 mile mark with NO issues. This is a KIA engine issue, NOT a car owner issue. Why are they putting the blame on us.

If they are going to give me the runaround like everyone else, I am going to get a lawyer, contact the media and go out of my way to make this public. Even if I have to go into the dealership and warn everyone not buy a car from them. We are getting treated like ** as if this is our fault!!! I currently have NO transportation to work and am going to be forced to rent a my own expense, for a problem in their manufacturing!!! I don't have the $$ to do this. FYI it looks like there is a class action lawsuit going out of Redlands, CA with an attorney McCune **. I will be joining that. When will they stop being shady and admit they have a problem with their engines???

So I bought a car back in 2014. I was happy, after years of looking for wheels, I got some! It was a 2012 Kia Rio for 12000. I didn't want a car but the salesmen said that I could get a car and in 6 months come back and get a truck I wanted at a lower payment. So in 6 months I came to find out it doesn't work like that. So I'm stuck paying 371 for a car I didn't want. Well 2 years down the road, I hit hard times. I lost my house and it was just mayhem. I tried talking to them and they said they would give me an extension after paying 2 months for a 2 month extension. So I borrowed the money and called back when they told me to. All I got was a robot who would hang up if I ever asked for a person. This would go on for a couple of months of doing the same thing. Then they gave me a consultant who wanted to help. Here's another two months I again borrowed for the last time I could. He said call back in a week. Call him he said.

I did with the number he gave me when he told me to call. When I talked to him he acted like he didn't know me and directed me to someone else. There was nothing to do. 5 months in and they told me that I either needed to give them 2 months for an extension or they will take it. I said I can't pay. They said it's registered as a stolen vehicle. I told them where to get it they said my address doesn't exist. I told them I brought it to my job. They said they were going to get it with the police. Still sitting there for 2 weeks now. Do not trust Kia. They will take your money and never help you. Be very warned.

I have a 2014 KIA Sorento. I purchased this vehicle with the 100,000 mile/10-year warranty extension. My Sorento started having SiriusXM Radio reception problems around July/August of 2015. It would sporadically lose the signal and a NO SIGNAL indication would appear on the radio display. These signal losses occur no matter where I drive my car. I showed King KIA of Gaithersburg some of the many pictures I took of the radio front panel when the failures occurred. King KIA tried to fix the problem several times between December of 2015 and June of 2016 without success. King KIA then requested assistance from regional technical assistance. KIA Motors sent Field Technical Service (FTS) representatives to King KIA to check out my vehicle and the SiriusXM radio issue. The FTS technicians test drove the vehicle for 15 minutes, reproduced the problem, and then stated that this is normal operation from signal being blocked.

When I realized King KIA might not have the expertise to fix the problem, I called SiriusXM Customer Service for help and forwarded more radio-failure pictures to them. Sirius Customer Service stated that the problem was probably the antenna or the Sirius Radio itself. After several calls and emails with Sirius Customer Service, they elevated the issue to their Technical Department. The SiriusXM Senior Director of Repeater Operations, Mr. Russell **, called me to discuss the problems that I was having with my SiriusXM radio and to offer his assistance. He said his office is located in DC and is near the route I travel to work at the Washington Navy Yard, in D.C. He stated that none of his employees, most of whom have SiriusXM radios, have experienced this problem, and some of them drive a similar route that I drive from Germantown.

The director also sent me an email stating that the SiriusXM technical team had tested the route that I drive from Germantown, Maryland to the Washington Navy Yard and found no reception problems, signal outages or interferences. I contacted KIA Consumer Affairs and forwarded more pictures and asked for the KIA final report. Ms. Britney ** of this office stated that KIA would not send the final report without a request from a Lawyer. At this point I decided that I would obtain legal help, so I retained the Law Offices of Karpel, Link & Caporaletti, of Rockville, Maryland through my legal assistance plan offered by my employer, BAE Systems. With legal help it appeared that KIA Motors was willing to consider the Lemon Law and asked "What is your client's demand?" My lawyer replied that I wanted them to fix the radio issue or replace the vehicle with one with a working SiriusXM radio.

My lawyer asked that KIA Motors provide the KIA final report that they would not provide directly to me. Not long after that KIA Motors stated that the issue was elevated to upper management, who determined that compensation would being denied at this time. They still did not forward the KIA final report. KIA Motors' last email to my lawyer stated that they feel this is normal operating based on the area that I live. This email also referenced the very first invoice from King KIA of Gaithersburg (Ro# **) of 12 December 2015. This was the first time the mechanics had looked at my vehicle concerning the SiriusXM radio issue, where they found (incorrectly) that the signal fades only on 2 stations. The final email from KIA Motors also stated my radio performance is normal based on reception from the different radio stations. KIA motors forwarded pages from an Owner's Manual that explains the process of AM & FM (not satellite) radio reception.

Note that my vehicle does not experience any problems with the AM & FM station, only the satellite stations. It appears that KIA Motors has ignored all of the evidence that my lawyer and I have provided. I feel that KIA Motors has not read the emails or examined the photos I had provided, or they believe the little guy will eventually go away.

The following is some of the evidence that we have provided to KIA Motors. 1) The signal does not fade, it is completely lost with a NO SIGNAL or WEAK indication on the radio front panel as we have proven with the many photos. Note that I have over 200 similar pictures saved on my iPhone if needed for proof of times and locations of the signal loses. 2) The signal is not lost on only 2 stations. It is lost on every satellite station I listen to and everywhere I drive as shown in the photos. 3) SiriusXM radio is not operating normally in my vehicle since it does not happen in other vehicles. For example, it doesn't happen in my car pool member's two cars, who has provided a written statement. It didn't happen in the 3 or 4 different KIA loaner vehicles I used when my vehicle was in the shop at King KIA. And, it has not been reported as an issue by any of the many employees at the SiriusXM offices in DC with SiriusXM radios in their cars.

4) This SiriusXM radio signal loss is not due to the area I live or drive, and is not being blocked or interfered with. This is based on emails I have received from SiriusXM Customer Service, and from the SiriusXM Senior Director of Repeater Operations and was forwarded to KIA Motors via my lawyer. 5) The King KIA service manager, Mr. Bill **, believes there is an issue with my SiriusXM radio reception, but is unwilling to say it is due to either the equipment or the installation in my vehicle, since his service department has tried everything they know of to fix the problem.

After the last KIA Motors communication with my lawyer, my lawyer has declined to support my case any longer, and suggested that I file my complaint with the Better Business Bureau and/or Montgomery County Consumer Affairs. My suspicion of this terminated legal service is that the legal service offered through my company doesn't pay the lawyers their normal fees, and they consider my case not worthy of their efforts.

I just want to start by saying that I am a very friendly person and I always have a smile on my face, but I am not happy with Kia right now. I own a 2012 Kia Sorento. It is my family's only vehicle. We are a family of four. On Friday, August 5th, my family was driving from our home in California to visit my mother in law for her bday at her home in Nevada. Two miles from the Nevada state line our Kia just stopped in the middle of the 15 Freeway and luckily my husband was able to swerve it on the shoulder of the freeway.

We waited for nearly 2 hours for a tow to Henderson Kia (in Nevada). It was over 100 degrees that day. The tow was taking longer than expected so we were forced to leave the keys to the Kia on the floor mat and leave the vehicle for the tow company and find a way to get to my mother in laws home. Once the Kia finally arrived at Kia Henderson we were told that the service department could not even look at it until Monday morning, August 8th. I had requested a rental and was declined. This was a necessity as we had no transportation while in Nevada and no way to drive the 300+ miles back to CA so that we could work on Tuesday, Aug. 10th and get our daughter's to their first day of school.

We paid over $400 in car rental costs for 4 days use of a vehicle. Henderson Kia notified us on Monday, Aug, 9th that our engine needed to be replaced. We were shocked. 72,000 and a perfect maint. records. All of which we supplied to Henderson Kia. Due to this we were approved for a new engine. On Wednesday, Aug. 11th, I again requested Kia provide a rental vehicle. Henderson Kia told me to call Kia Consumer Affairs and Kia Consumer Affairs told me to take it up with Kia Henderson. Finally, a rental was approved and I triple verified that I would have the rental during the duration of the repairs and could use it to drive the 300+ miles back to Nevada when my vehicle was ready.

Fast forward to today. My vehicle is ready and Henderson Kia is stating that my rental vehicle is only valid until today, September 1st. I am beyond livid. Especially since the contract between Henderson Kia and Enterprise Rental Cars states that my rental is valid until Septemeber 30th. Does Kia really think my family can just leave work and school and drive back to Nevada from California - on Labor Day weekend no less? I have already given Henderson Kia my arrival date in Nevada of Friday, September 9th. My engine is under warranty. This is a Kia flaw not any damage my family has inflicted on the engine.

Henderson Kia is expecting me to return my rental vehicle to my local Enterprise today. If I do that, how will I get home? How will my children get home from school? How will I pick my husband up from work? and most importantly, how will we be able to drive back to Nevada to pick up our Sorento? It floors me all of this back and forth with Henderson Kia and Kia Consumer Affairs. I have saved all of my 20 plus emails with Henderson Kia. As of this moment, my family is still in limbo and Henderson Kia is saying that it is only Kia Consumer Affairs that can extend a rental car and Kia Consumer saying it is only the individual dealership. Please help. Thank you for listening.

BOUGHT THIS VEHICLE ONLY TWO YEARS AGO. IT HAS ONLY 69,000 KM. ON IT. On the way home from Saint John, it suddenly starts making a lot of racket under the hood. In pulling over to the shoulder of the road, the car stalls, will not even turn over! Just had the oil and filter changed the day before, so the first thing I do is check to make sure the oil level is O.K. The oil is fine. My wife and I had to walk back almost a mile to use a phone to call for a tow and a ride home.

Long story short, THE ENGINE IS TOAST and because we were short two oil change receipts, they refused the warranty request! DEALER says a new motor will cost $15,000, so that's not happening! We have had the vehicle at the dealer for a month! In that time, they have ordered two used motors for us. The first never showed up, the second one, out of Quebec, wasn't fit to use. So now they have another motor ordered! How long do we have to put up with this crap? Is there nothing a consumer can do other than spend a fortune on lawyer fees?

I purchased the Kia about 1 1/2 years ago. I have 48000 miles on it. Last week it started blowing white smoke out of the tailpipe. I checked the oil, which was fine, and then called and made an appointment at the dealership since it is under warranty. I took it in yesterday only to be told that the engine was ready to blow. I thought my day couldn't get any worse until the Kia rep told me that I needed to gather up all of my receipts and that of all maintenance reports on my vehicle. It would then be submitted to Kia to see if it met their approval for their warranty. This would have been fine except for the fact that the service person told me that if I ever went over 3500 miles in between changes they would decline the warranty. I have completed oil changes at home and the service person said that would be fine except that I have to prove that it was for the Kia.

Now, there was no indicator light that ever came on in this vehicle. I have faithfully changed or had changed my oil and again NO INDICATOR light came on that anything was wrong. Basically I was told good luck in getting it fixed. I have read the other complaints and it seems like I am not the only one. I owe 26000.00 on this vehicle and they said that if (when) Kia declines the work then they will be happy to replace my engine for the price of $5000.00-$6000.00. Even if I didn't complete the oil changes that I did a BRAND NEW car should not have a blown engine in 48000 miles.

After speaking with their rep it was made very clear to me that they are going to decline anything that I give them. When I asked about it being a Kia issue that the indicator lights weren't on I was told "Well I don't know why they didn't come on" and "Slug in the tank means oil leak" I stated to the rep that if the seals leaked because of a problem with their motor that would also cause slug in tank too right? The guy told me "You would have to prove that". I will never buy another Kia. Their warranty sounds good but is full of loopholes to make a customer believe that they are getting amazing coverage when what it really is is a way to screw people out their money, their car, and their wellbeing.

On July 17, 2016 while my husband was driving my 2013 KIA optima with 97000 miles on it and with no warning Arno warning lights coming on the car just shut off. Earlier that day we had heard that the motor sounded louder and a clunk noise. We were going to call and schedule service on Monday then that happened. Thank God the car was just around the corner and he had not made it to the 4 lane highway to cross yet. We towed it home with our Chevy truck. He thought it was the battery. Replaced the battery and still would not start initially, but it did start. My husband works on vehicles and builds race motors and heard the motor and knew it was blown. Had the car towed to KIA mall of Georgia where I had purchased the car brand new on July 20th because of the extended warranty and notice we had received.

The service tech called my husband and said that the motor was blown and when he explained the warranty paperwork my husband was told that due to poor maintenance records we voided the warranty. All oil changes except 3 have been done at KIA dealerships and they stated we needed to get them those records before they would do anything. My husband told them that even if we missed the oil changes (which we did not) with the use of only synthetic oil that the oil does not break down like that to cause a motor to blow and there is oil in the motor. Greg the tech told my husband he understands what he is saying, but that is what Kia requires. My husband also told Greg that you cannot determine the reason for a blown motor until the motor is taken apart. They still required the proof of oil changes and that they would have to get with KIA corporate.

A week goes by and we hear nothing. My husband calls and Greg stated they were waiting on corporate and asked for the proof again. Another week goes by and Greg calls stating they have not heard from corporate and wants to know if we have. 2 weeks goes by and we hear nothing! I call Kia corporate, consumer affairs on 8/1216 and I am told they have nothing. I talk with Monica, explain everything and she states she will call the dealership and call me back within 3 business days. 8/13/16 I get a voicemail from Greg at the dealership wanting to know if we heard anything because they have not. How amazing is that!

8/18/16 I call Monica back because I have heard nothing and Ali answers and says that my claim has been escalated to him and he sees that they still have not heard back from KIA dealership. Amazing considering I received a voicemail from Greg Saturday and the reason I called was because my husband just received a voicemail from Greg.

Poor Ali had to deal with me, I was not as nice as I usually am because it is obvious that communication is a big problem here. During our conversation I did tell Ali that I had already consulted with an attorney and if I had to go that route I would. I also explained that I had talked to a local news channel, which I had and they were waiting to hear back from me. I also told ALI that he can google KIA engine failure and see all the other people with the same issue.

This has nothing to do with poor maintenance, but with an engine defect that KIA needs to take care of and stop treating the people who spend their money on a purchase and expect common courtesy instead of feeling like they have done something wrong when they have not and have maintained the vehicle per the owners manual that states oil changes every 7500 miles not 5000 like the service techs say. It is synthetic oil which is supposed to give longer oil life and less oil changes! Toyota only requires oil changes every 10,000 miles.

Ali went through the whole voiding of warranty etc. I let him have it because no one has even verified if it was a bad rod in the motor which was the reason Kia sent the letters to all the owners of the vehicles from 2013-2015. (I know 3 other owners that received the same letter with an extension to 120,000 miles.) How do they know without looking? Why has no one contacted me and why is Greg calling saying they have not heard from corporate?

Ali was professional and understanding. Ali stated that he was escalating this to the manager at my dealership and he would call the service manager and call me back. I asked him to place me on hold and call then do a conference call. 10 minutes on hold and Ali came back stating that Don the service manager would be calling me within 2 hours to discuss. I told Ali I would be calling him the next day to let him know that I did not hear from Don because I knew he would not call. I apologized to Ali because it is not his fault he had to hear me when it is the dealership's fault and should have been in touch. Ali stated that he has it noted and this should not have taken a month.

I NEVER received a call from Don the service manager!!! 8/19/16 I receive a call from someone else at KIA corporate stating she was calling with an update. I asked why Ali was not calling and she stated she did not know that she was just calling to let me know that the dealership had ordered my engine to replace. I asked if this meant that this was covered by the warranty and she stated yes. I thanked her and asked her to note that once I get my car from KIA MALL of GEORGIA that it will never go back there and I will never step foot back in there because of all of this. She stated she was just the messenger and I told her I understood and I was very Thankful for her call.

8/24/16 I call and leave a message for Greg in service to find out the status and when to expect my car to be ready, no return call. 8/25/16, today I get a call from Rick with the service department that my car is ready for pick up. I have my car with a new motor in it. The paperwork states the following "verified concern, removed valve cover to inspect, no sludge. Removed oil pan and found rod bearing material from #2 rod bearing failure" "removed and replaced long block assembly per tech line" remain sub engine.

Needless to say, it was one of my worst life experiences in my 45 years and why do you have to threaten legal action to get something done? I made 2 car payments without a car, no offer to give me a loaner car and no offer to reimburse me for being put out without my car for almost 6 weeks, but I have my car back now and I am happy about that. Our plan is to keep the car for maybe 6 months and trade it. I work from home now so the mileage will barely reach 1000,000 by then and I will go back to Chevy! I had one previous KIA optima 2001, and had no problems with it until my son totaled it, so that is why I went with KIA again but brand new this time and look at this. I am happy now and wanted to share my story so others with the same problem can give my example and get things taken care of. Thank you.

I've been buying a Kia since I was younger. And now I have had problems. First I had my back tire lock on me. Went to Kia and they told me that my car warrant was not in effect. Then my air conditioner went out and same no warrant, They said that 2 yrs ago. And now my clutch. My car is only 5 yrs old. And at this time I'm at 10005 miles so again they say I'm over just 5. I believe you owe me. Damn it. Wow I never had problems with a Kia. So how can I not have warrant back then when I was under 1000. You people are all lies... I will never buy another Kia again. I have not miss one payment or never been late. I can't wait to pay this car off and sell it.

2012 KIA Optima SX - Catastrophic Engine Failure 84k miles. 8.21.16 - 65 mph on highway, power loss, pull over, won't start. Just prior at a stop, I heard a thump-thump-thump and thought it was grooves/bumps in road. Turns out it was a connecting rod (Warranty extension received). Vehicle currently at dealership with a locked up engine. Will update when I hear from the service department.

They gave me power of attorney to someone else's car!!! I'm financing two vehicles. I got married & changed my last name. Dmv won't do a name change because I don't have the vehicle titles. Which is obvious. AAA & DMV both said financing company needs to do it. Kia refuses to do so. They sent me limited power of attorney for both cars for me to take to DMV to do by myself. Aside that DMV can't accept it. It actually turns out they sent me a power of attorney for someone else's car? Wth!!

On top of that they tell me I need to wait another 10-14 business days to wait for it to be corrected. Plus I need to call back Monday, because it's Friday evening & the department who issues this forms is closed. I have to call a 5th time to request a new & corrected power of attorney with my correct vehicle information. Plus send a written request for them to send the title to DMV. Which takes 10-14 days for the request. Horrible service & customer service. Worst finance company ever! Who sends out a power attorney to a stranger's car. Scary that such information would be released like nothing and take no responsibility for such mistake. Violation of privacy and confidential information.

My car has been intermittently cutting off. The last incident was on Monday morning, it would not start - even though all the functions came on. Car had to be towed to the Dealer. Dealer confirmed that the car was NOT starting, and it was reverting to the "default setting/test setting" or something like that. They were looking into it. Well - they did not give me a loaner vehicle - even after repeated request, and the Customer Complaint service informed me that I need to "secure transportation on my own" and that he too has to do so for his own CHEVY.. talk about customer service that SUCKS!!

Well, it is Day 3 - no calls from KIA to me, I am the one who has been checking on the status of my vehicle daily. The KIA rep supposedly came out yesterday but because they are not able to "duplicate" the error - they are unable to assist. So the bottom line, from the Complaint's service Rep that I just spoke with is - "Take the car, since it starts now... but we cannot guarantee it will not do the same thing." Also, I've found online complaints where the KIA has just cut out while driving. This horrifies me, since I have young children and we have long commutes. I need some help, please.

My story is much like all the rest. Car runs fine then engine goes boom. It happened to me 1063 km over warranty. Kia dealer told me to send proof of maintenance. I caught Kia service advisors in a lie twice when I brought the Optima in for dashboard display issues, so I never took it back. I do my own oil changes so I am expecting to be told they won't honor warranty. I have resigned myself to being screwed as many already have, and now my mind turns to get even.

Hit the offender in the pocketbook and capitalize on bad press. I am getting cards printed. One side just says, "Google Kia engine failure." The other side will have a selection of links to sites as this. I will stand on the sidewalk in front of Kia dealers and hand them out to people driving onto the lots. Then when they call the police, I call the media. When I see a Kia anywhere, a card goes under the wiper.

The US has better consumer protection laws than Canada so guerilla tactics are called for. Never do anything illegal, never trespass, always be polite, always be a serious pain in the ass. A grass roots revolt may not resolve the matter, but it will make their lives unpleasant and bring me a form of cold comfort. Luckily I am semi-retired and have the time to take this on as a hobby. Kia's approach is just plain bad on so many levels and we consumers shouldn't just roll over. Hyundai had the same problem, but they stood up for it and kept some credibility.

I can't afford to keep a dead car as yard art so will have to figure out how to fix it, then dump it, but it violates my ethics to sell it to some other unsuspecting schmuck. If Kia only warranties replacement engines for 12 months it shows how much confidence they have. That said, if it was a 200K warranty it would still be worthless.

I have a 2013 Kia Sorento. The paint is falling off and Kia won't do a ** thing about it. I payed 38k for this piece of **. It's the 3rd Kia I have owned. Never will buy this crap again. Kia you suck and I hope you go out of business. Rusty Wallace is the worst Kia dealer of all.

I MELANIE ** financed a Kia Optima on 02/11/2014. On 07/01/2016 while traveling out of town my vehicle shuts off with no warning going 70 mph. My family and I were almost involved in a serious accident. I contacted Kia, and the car was towed to Lee Kia in Ft. Walton Fl. on 07/02/2016. On 07/05/2016 we were told by Kameron at Lee Kia that they had no idea who dropped the car off or why it was even there. I explained what had happened, and was told by Chris ** that we would receive a rental car since we were so far from home. [500 miles]. We called Lee Kia the 6 and 7 of July only to be informed that our car would not be fixed by Friday July the 8th Our departure date to head back home. I said "Ok. Where is the rental car." Kevin ** said "you will be hearing from Kia Consumer Affairs."

We got a call from Chris ** on July the 8th that our car was not being covered because of bad maintenance records. I said "take the motor apart and you will see that the engine has been maintained." We now are responsible for our own rental car cost and it is going to be 10,000 dollars to fix your car. After this call I drove my sister's car to Lee Kia and took the license plate off the vehicle and took pictures of the engine which was very clean for 56,000 miles. I then asked Kevin ** why I was denied when the motor wasn't even diagnosed, and he said Chris ** would not approve a tear down of the motor. I explained that was a very bad way to handle a horrible situation for a loyal Kia customer. Approx. 4 pm Central Time I received a call from Chris ** that he would approve a tear down if I agreed to pay 586.00 if the motor was dirty.

I gladly agreed, because I maintained the car and at home In Vero Beach Fl I had a service campaign letter from Kia that covered the rod bearings in the motor, which by the way I was told by every Kia representative involved that there was no such letter. Approx. 6 pm Central time I rent a car from Enterprise in Ft. Walton at a cost of 428.00, which I paid out of pocket. We arrived home in Vero Beach Fl on July 9. On July 10 I found the service campaign letter. On July 11 I reported and emailed the service campaign letter to all parties involved. Received a call from Chris ** that he received the letter, and he then stated he was aware of this service campaign letter when just a week before he and all involved said no letter existed. This was a bold faced lie. We then asked how is the tear down going and again about a rental from Kia. We were instructed from Chris ** that they have not done the tear down because they're busy.

Meanwhile still no rental car from Kia. We were late the whole week to work because we had to get rides and pay 15 dollars a day for cabs. On July 12 was informed the tear down took place. They said it was the rod, but still would not tell us if it was approved. Still no rental from Kia. On July 14 receive a call from Chris ** that Kia was going to fix the car at no cost to us. I explained this has already cost me more than a 1000.00. How is that no cost to us. No response and still no rental car. I then explained to Mr. ** that I was tired of the lies and the bs and I was taking my story to the media and social network. Chris ** then explained that it would not be in my best interest to contact the media basically threatening me.

On July 15 I was granted a rental car approval finally. Then come to find out it was actually approved on July 12 but no one ever called us to tell us we were approved. I was also told by Chris ** that my case had been transferred to Richard ** in the expediting division. That was July the 15. Today is August the 3. The car was fixed on the 28 of July. I have heard from the expediting division 2 times since July 15. My car still sits at Lee Kia with more lies about when they are shipping it to us. I was also informed that my new engine comes with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. That warranty tells me that Kia doesn't even have confidence in their new motors. I have referred my friends and family to Kia before this incident. Now the 5 people that purchased Kias have seen the problems we have had and are not very confident in Kia or Kia's ability to resolve problems.

Whenever that Optima finally does arrive we will be looking to trade it in on a different vehicle, and I can assure you it will not be a Kia or Hyundai. I will be telling everyone I know that has a Kia or is talking about purchasing one BEWARE. This has been nothing short of a total failure of process and customer service on Kia's behalf. We were going to trade our Optima in on a Kia Sorento 7 months ago. I am so glad I didn't follow thru with that transaction. Here is the problem as I see it. Kia knows these motors from the Hyundai plant in Alabama have had nothing but problems and instead of making it right they put the consumer through things like we have been thru. We have been to hell and back and lied to by every Kia party involved. The only way I would ever do business again with Kia is if they offered me a real solution to the problems they have created. Until I get a formidable response to this letter I will be boycotting Kia and all of its products.

I have returned to the Yonkers Kia dealership on Central Park Avenue with legitimate receipts documenting the care and service on my car today, August 5th, 2016 11:57 AM. This was after speaking to a service representative/worker by the name of Devon who has been handling my service appointment which began on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016. In discussions, he stated that I would have to support proof of maintenance on my car which would allow my repairs done under our warranty. He also indicated for me to "take my time and gather them up, to bring them in when ready." Devon suggested I could either email him the receipts or photograph them and send via text.

At the present day of August 5th, 2016 at 8:39 am, I received a text message from Devon requesting to bring in the receipts. Wanting to expedite repairs on my vehicle, I immediately proceeded to the dealership. While there, Devon make copies of all of my receipts and submits them to KIA. After this step, he informed me that he would let me know the status of the car. Later the same day, I received another text from him stating that Kia denied the warranty without any explanation.

My wife Maria **/ co-owner of this vehicle, after hearing what had transpired, got on the phone with the Kia Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-333-4KIA at 2:45PM in order to receive some kind of explanation as to why our warranty was not honored since we are still within the parameters of the warranty and the car is fairly new. She spoke to a representative called Zenith (ex#**). My wife explained the situation to the young woman. My wife Maria explained how we had done all the steps the dealership had asked of us in order to have the warranty honored. Zenith stated "Kia is declining repairs based on incomplete reports." Maria asked the rep. to explain what she meant by 'incomplete'. Zenith went on to explain how the reports were missing mileage and VIN number.

I saw the puzzled looked on my wife's face since the receipts that were right in front of us had the mileage on them. The rep continues to argue how there was not mileage on them and my wife Maria interjected guiding her to the section of the document pertaining to the mileage. "Oh, I see" the young lady mentioned. She then blurted out that the VIN number was not attached to the receipts making them incomplete-that receipts should all have specific information on them. Maria explained how we took notes and recorded the care and keep based on the factory manual that accompanied the sale of the car. The maintenance log provided by KIA does not include details of VIN number or plate number when logging car information. It only asks the consumer to provide miles, RO number, date, authorized signature of who serviced the car, and Dealership name, which we have.

My wife asked what now when we had done everything that was required to be denied on the warranty of our new car. Maria asked if there was a manager present or perhaps take this claim to corporate due to its inaccuracy and illogical explanation. Zenith said she would send the case to the Techline Department and to be forewarned that whatever action they decided on, would be the final! The final statement was that this office would take 2-3 business days to respond. Call ended.

I became extremely disillusioned that after bringing the car into KIA due to an issue that can be tied to the manufacturer. We were denied service under the rightful warranty which we are still under. Our car is fairly new with less than 25k miles. We carried out all of the steps thus far including taking care of our investment, proving our car has been taken care of including keeping meticulous annotations (kept in the log provided by KIA) and receipts to date. Our receipts have the information given by the service providers and we wrote down what the KIA maintenance log suggest we do. Now we are being taken due to technicality.

This is another example of big companies looking for loopholes and using tactics to swindle hard working Americans of their hard earned paychecks. We have supplied all of the information we were asked to in order to receive service under our warranty. However, KIA does not want to honor us. How were we to know that 'certain' specifications were to be kept track of. These things being asked of us now are not stated in the warranty. Our paperwork/log/receipts are being taken apart with prejudice in order to not provide services and rectify this issue that may soon be proven to come from the manufacturer. Your vehicle's maintenance log is flawed and does not provide the entries you are now asking us to submit."

In further research on the matter of performance, quality, reviews on KIA vehicles posted with consumer affairs, KIA gets a one star rating. 150 out of a 1,259 reviews. I have used these other formal complaints as reference to benchmark the quality of KIA's cars and customers satisfaction.

Furthermore, additional findings in my research which verifies inconsistencies In KIA's commitment to safety, quality and customer service is documented by reputable sources. Overall customers reviews of dissatisfaction out of 1,259 reviews Yonkers Kia had 31 complaints closed in the last 3 years/ 13 within the last 12 months. sited with an F- rating on a scale A+ to F.

We are in such dismay regarding this issue. Moreover, after careful research on the situation, we are concluding that based on the poor handling of our case and so many others like ours, present and previous, demonstrates that KIA and its affiliates /dealers and corporate, are not about safety and customer satisfaction. After spending time evaluating KIA vehicles, I asked the question with a hunch. What were the circumstances that prompted the recall on the brake gear lock of the Sorento models, in which I am the owner of such vehicle? I have found it in a web link from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

We are completely torn and appalled at the fact that this new vehicle is having this issue affecting many other owners like myself, yet KIA feels they should not honor what they offer under their warranty. This is a safety issue that can affect many. If any part of the engine or the entire engine itself breaks down while driving our kids to school and to and from work, this can cause major deaths and accidents. No one would like the matter of negligence of their records. Additionally, would it take losing lives or additional injuries as it has transpired in the case of the service brake recall to prompt your commitment to satisfaction? All we ask is that KIA honors its warranty rather than finagle use on the fabricated notion that we are at fault rather than poor engineering.

Please forward to any other KIA Executive Team member that should be informed. We just want to share with you an extremely disappointing Customer Experience and lack of Customer Care from one of your car dealers located in Delray Beach Florida. On Saturday, July 30th my wife and I dropped by your dealer in Delray. After discussing pricing and other related information, we proceeded to sign the necessary papers for your team to prepare the loan documentation and other documents necessary for us to come the next day to pick up a car that your team said was supposedly somewhere in Florida.

After various phone calls during Monday, August 1st we agreed with your team to drop by the Dealer at around 7:00 PM ET, which we did. When we arrived, for our surprise your team shared with us that the car they were expecting to be delivered to their dealership for us (a 2016 Kia Sorento white LX) was involved in an accident. The car was being drove by someone instead of being delivered in a toll platform truck to avoid precisely these type of issues. Your management team should learn from this experience.

In summary, we spent hours, expected a new KIA SUV be delivered to us today Monday August 1st. For our surprise nothing was delivered to us because after such a poor Customer Experience your team was not able to deliver as expected. We shared with the Manager what we expected because of the frustrating and disappointing customer experience, and that KIA management should review our situation and at a minimum propose to us a 2017 with the same financial numbers we already discussed. Your Manager understood our frustration, but was not able to compensate us for such a bad customer experience. He proposed us a 2017 but it represented around $4K dollars more than what was already discussed and agreed to (because that was all he was able to do at this level), which is NOT ACCEPTABLE to us, that was not what we originally agreed to.

They ruined our weekend, our illusions and our expectations... Is this what KIA calls Customer Satisfaction? This transaction took place on the last day of the month for your Dealer. We do not want to think that they just wanted to book the sale and once the month was over they left us hanging with the problem. If you measure your Dealers based on executed sales, then this is a mute point, but if it's based on sales book, then this is a problem. I just want to make sure I bring this issue to the attention of the KIA Management team, because this the worst Customer Experience I have suffered in my lifetime. KIA lost a potential customer for life. I will make sure that I share my experience with family members, work colleagues, and in social media as well. This should have never happened. A satisfactory customer resolution should have been found immediately to this situation.

Our 2012 Sorento was serviced by the KIA service department where we bought the car. We were driving in town at 35 mph when the engine just stopped. The engine had no warning lights and no noises. We luckily were near a parking lot and were able to coast in. Called the KIA service to receive the car and diagnose the problem. They tell us the main engine bearing failed and we will need a new engine. If this is a problem KNOWN to KIA, they should replace the engine for us. At no cost. We had a Subaru Forester for 260,000 miles with absolutely no engine problems! I think this needs more investigation.

Bought a KIA Sedona a month ago. Have only driven it back and forth to the dealer and on a couple of errands when my other vehicle was not available. I can't stand to look at it. Might love driving it and such a warranty it would be great but such deceit and lies from the dealer and coupled with incompetence I'm perplexed. First the bait and switch was played on me. Then when I went back to cancel the deal within 72 hours as is the state requirement, they placated me by owning up to the deception and said they'd order the missing parts and those would be there in days, middle of the next week for sure.

Now a month later still not here. Didn't mail me the title but called me to come pick it up 60 miles away. Didn't recognize from the name of the city and the different area code that I was not in the area. OK mail it. 4 days later not here. Called, they hadn't sent it. Now I just want to pick up the title and trade this thing as this Company nor this Dealership just cannot be trusted. Certainly not to do the maintenance or warranty repair. Will be traveling there to pick up the title and driving directly to Toyota so see how I can minimize my losses with a Sienna.

I first want to say I gave 1 star because it is required before submitting. I purchased my 2013 Kia Rio LX brand new at the end of 2013. I have had several problems. All four tires keep going flat. A squeaking noise every single time I drive it. The air conditioner not working correctly and has a foul smell when it is on. Recently, I went in for my 3000 mile oil change (so I could keep my warranty up-to-date) and I was informed of the following: the rotors, breaks and the housing for the breaks are rusted out. In addition, the tailpipe and the housing holding the tailpipe to the car rusted and the bolt holding on the timing chain and belt in the motor, yep RUSTED!

This car was brand new when I purchased it at the end of 2013. When I contacted Kia and got a case number, they came back and said, "this is normal wear". How can this be "normal wear" this car is about 3 years old. I would expect this from a car that was 6-10 years old. THIS is a public safety issue. IF any part of the brakes fall off while driving, this will cause an accident. IF the time belt/chain becomes unattached-this will cause an accident. If the tires leak too much air while driving or burst, this will cause an accident. In addition, there is a computer upgrade kit that should be installed in every car, however, since my car is NOT having issues that warrant the upgrade, then it is not available to me. My car does not have the "light" on or making the acceptable noises to get the upgrade.

I have taken the car into the Kia Service Department, they state "they can not pinpoint the slow leak issue with all 4 tires". They put air in them and cleared the sensor-but would not look into further or try to fix the issue. They did not fully inspect the air condition issue, because they "did not have enough time". DID I MENTION THE CAR WAS THERE FOR 6 HOURS??? "And the rust was normal wear". I do not care where you live in the US or Canada, a 3 year old car should not have rusted out like this car has. The 10 year/100K mile warranty is a scam! They have loopholes in every corner. I am disabled, have limited income and I got ripped off by Kia. I will NEVER EVER buy another Kia again!

The buying process of my 2016 Kia Sorento was great! I bought at Ourisman Kia of Chantilly in VA. I bought a brand new vehicle despite the fact that I absolutely LOVED my paid off 2002 Chevy Tahoe. It was giving me a lot of maintenance issues so I hesitantly said "I'll buy new and save on repairs". All was great up until 5 months of having the car. It shut off on me twice out of nowhere. Both at red lights. I took it in for the scheduled oil change and so that this issue could be taken care of as well. The first response was "We can't seem to find the issue. Would you like to take it home or leave it." Well of course I chose to leave it. A week went by no word other than they had to wait to get something back from Kia. After a month of being in a rental the matter was resolved. They had to replace the intake manifold (yes on a brand new car). 8 months later the car was acting up again. It would not accelerate and made a terrible noise along with rough idling.

I took it in twice both times the dealer could not "duplicate" the problem so they couldn't do anything and I had to pick up or be charged for the loaner. All oil changes had been up to date via this same service shop. The car failed on me again a third time, I had it towed and after emails and text to the GM and service manager they were able to duplicate the issue. The ECM was then replaced (the car is a little over a yr at this point). I stressed again and again that I did not feel safe in this car. I am a single mother of 4 and work my butt off for a reliable vehicle and this vehicle was not it! I questioned if I had not been sold a lemon and that issue needed to be addressed. However both the GM and SM assured all was well now. I went on a 3 wk road trip right after this last visit at the end of June. Thankfully I made it problem free on my trip. But on my way home from NC on 7/24 the car overheated with no warning indications whatsoever.

I was able to pull over to the shoulder before it just cut off on me. It was towed yet again (not even a month later) to the nearest dealer in NC. They have no idea why it overheated. Why so much work has needed to be done to such a new vehicle and informed me that the motor will probably need to be replaced. WHAT!!! I am so sick of this car and the dealer not caring at all that it was faulty from the start. I will be taking this up with an attorney and recommend not to buy KIA. I have been covered by its good warranty yes but that doesn't cover the safety of my kids or I. As far as the mechanics of the vehicle and the customer service when problem arise this purchase was not worth it!!

I was told the front bumper was replaced before I bought pre-owned. Within a month the paint bubbled and peeled. Bolts were not put in and I am now being told I ran over something and that is why the bolts are missing. I took it back when something rattled and fell off and was shown that a piece of the bottom panel was ripped off. This happened on the freeway after the rattling started about three miles before. I told them they did not replace the bolts when they took the bumper off to paint. They insist I ran over something but only the bolts on both sides are missing. I noticed the front bumper stuck out in spots after I bought it so I know that it was never bolted properly from the beginning.They are saying that if I don't pay to replace the bottom panels they will not allow my warranty if something breaks and the paint is now peeling and bubbling AGAIN. I am going to contact KIA customer service and if it is not fixed I will seek advice from an attorney.

This is the first brand new car I ever bought. I bought it because I was sick of always having to fix my used car. I wrongly assumed I would not have this problem with a new car. I bought it in October. The acceleration sticks on gear change, but I didn't want to spend my life in the shop (again) so I deal with it. When summer hit, I found out the AC didn't work. I scheduled a service time. The guy on the phone was a bit rude but I chalked it up to him probably having a bad day.

They dye the AC and tell me to come back in a week. It's still blowing cold, but I bring it back as requested. They cannot find the issue, so they send me on my way. Two weeks later, it's blowing hot air again. I have to go back. This time they tell me the hose is broken and replace it. It took them 3 days to replace a single hose. While I am grateful I received a car to drive in the meantime, it was the most disgusting pile of garbage I had ever had the displeasure of driving. Whoever had previously owned this vehicle did not in any way take care of it. After day 3 of calling and waiting for the car to be fixed, I drove over to the dealership after work and vowed to wait until they took care of it, regardless how long it took. I walked in and they asked if I was there to pick up my car. They never bothered to call me.

Today I had a flat tire. No spare in the trunk, which I had foolishly thought would be standard for every vehicle. I called the dealership and was told to call roadside assistance, which was free. Okay, fair enough, but if the tire can't be fixed, I can't afford to buy a new one right now, so I don't know if that's a good idea. I was blown off (same guy as earlier, still rude so obviously not just a bad day thing) and told to just call roadside assistance and "go from there." I was also told that tires were not covered under the warranty, which was the only question he bothered to answer. Of course they aren't.

In all, because I did not have a spare tire, it took me 6 hours and a total loss of days wages to get a flat tire fixed, and surprise! It's covered under warranty. So not only was the guy rude, but he lied to me too. I have become more acquainted with the service staff at Kia in the last 9 months than I was with my mechanic in the last two years of my used car. I bought a new car to avoid that.

I am very dissatisfied with Kia and their customer service. I requested a manager when I got there, to discuss the issue of the rude representative, and he never once showed his face in the time I was waiting for my car to be fixed. Because of that, I came here to post a public review instead of keeping the issue between me and the manager.

I have a 2013 Kia forte. I am the second owner when I bought it. I had no issues with this car. I bought it with 76000 miles on it. I had it for 3 months now and now everytime I change to the 3rd it grinds. I don't have any warranty or anything like that. I have change the transmission oil to see if that will help. But nothing. I got told by fixing this issue will be kind of expensive now. By looking all these review I understand now it was a bad decision buying this type of car.

2017 Kia Sportage drove out of showroom. First road trip check engine light goes on. Stopped at Savanna dealership. 2 hours later they say problem is fixed. Leave their dealership. 2 minutes down road light comes back on. Service manager says ignore it and drive on. Make it to Brunswick and air goes out. Service dept out to lunch. Drove in summer time. No air to Jacksonville Fl. Got rental car and left Kia there to be fixed.

Ray ** was amazing and so helpful. He brought my keys to Orlando so I could drop off rental car late Sunday night and drive my fixed car away. Check engine light comes on when I reach Georgia. Get back. Take car to Brian at Galeana. They give me loaner since Kia managers stepped in. Fixed that problem and gave me free extended warranty. 2 weeks ago family trip to Florida air goes out soon as we make it to Florida. Aug. 1st have appt. Today gas flap will not open so I can put gas in car. Kia is the worst brand new car I have ever owned. My problems never end and car hasn't even had first oil change. Yes I have spoken to customer assistance many times. Julie ** is my case manager who is zero help!!!

I have a 2012 Kia Optima. Over the year or so, the car started blowing huge plumes of smoke, especially after oil changes. The dealer said it was probably the place we took it to get the service, that they must have spilled oil and it's burning off. But, it continued, up until recently when we started getting a knocking noise. It was really loud going uphill. We got a notice from Kia to have it checked because it is a problem apparently with other Kia Optimas from 2011-2014. Took the car in with the needed maintenance records, but they got declined by Kia Warranty people. We were told to get better/accurate records that took hours to drive having them printed out at different locations. (It was 114 degrees today in Vegas by the way).

We ended up doing research and found this is a HUGE problem with hundreds, if not thousands, of other Kia owners, and better yet the same problem has been a recall with Hyundai who make the Sonata, which is the same engine as the Optima. Kia has been turning down warranties knowing damn well they are at absolute fault for THEIR crappy designs! Shame on Kia and I will never buy from them again...first and LAST!

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Kia was founded in Seoul in 1944 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts. From there, they began manufacturing entire bicycles and then motorcycles, trucks and cars. The brand is now a global car manufacturer and had record-breaking sales of over 625,000 vehicles in the United States in 2015 alone.

  • American manufacturing: In 2009, Kia opened a manufacturing plant in West Point, Ga., which created approximately 15,000 jobs in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. In early 2016, the factory produced its two-millionth vehicle.
  • Shopping tools: On the Kia website interested customers can customize and price different models, compare vehicles, request a quote from a local dealer and even live chat with an expert. They can also apply for financing from Kia, estimate monthly payments and determine the trade-in value of their current car.
  • Online owner support: The owners’ section of the Kia website provides a wide variety of information to Kia owners. They can find warrant information and instructional videos as well as the contact information for customer service, location information for Kia maintenance and service centers and any recall details.
  • Warranties: New Kias come with several warranties, including a 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty, a 5-year/60,000-mile limited basic warranty and a 5-year/100,000-mile limited anti-perforation warranty. New automobiles also come with free roadside assistance for the first five years or 60,000 miles.
  • Teen driving school: Kia has partnered with B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe), a non-profit organization dedicated to training and educating young drivers, to offer the Teen Pro-Active Driving School. Kids and their parents can attend a hands-on training course for free at locations throughout the United States.
  • Best for Kia’s affordable fleet of cars includes models that will suit every lifestyle.

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