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The Kia Optima is a mid-size sedan with hybrid options. Read more Kia reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed June 30, 2023

Óptima - no problems whatsoever until the engine started burning oil!! I have taken the car 4 times for a 1000 test. 5 months later they don’t wanna fix it. Instead they want me to pay 1000 to get a diagnosis - never again buying a KIA - this is car #18i had bought first and last KIA.

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Reviewed April 6, 2023

We had our 2018 Kia Optima stolen, police found it a few days later with the entire front smashed in, insurance totaled it. Kia refuses to help, even though they know they were selling a defective vehicle. The window was busted in (no alarm went off), I heard that there are certain parts of these cars that should be connected to the alarm system but they are not, Kia knows. Also, Kia claims that their cars are some of the safest (and we the consumer pay a lot of money for this "safe car"), the entire front of our car was completely smashed in, not a single airbag deployed!!

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    Reviewed April 6, 2023

    Kia doesn't care about their customers. I opened a case back in November. I got all the paperwork needed and provided it a month ago, because my car was finally fixed after being stolen.. Had to wait all that time. Due to lack of parts because Kia cars are the number 1 stolen car now and all parts including windows were on backorder. My case was escalated where communication was good before the escalation. I haven't heard a single word in a month and have reached out every week since my escalation with no reply. My mom, sister, and brother all own Kia products (21 Sorento, 22 K5, 20 Sonata, and I own a 2020 Optima) but I can guarantee that's about to change after this experience.

    Kia skipped out on adding necessary parts to their cars and now the customers have to pay. Mine was stolen, first car I've ever had stolen and has been a financial nightmare since. Car insurance shot up after paying the same amount 3 years because of Kia. Nobody else will insure this car for under $300 a month as a new customer. All to save $500 per car but it will cost you more in the long run. Also lost the trust of your loyal customers.

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    Reviewed March 13, 2023

    In 2008 my husband convinced me that allowing teens to drive my Subaru was not wise. We purchased a new 2009 Kia Optima, 4 door LX, 2.7 Liter, 6 cylinder for the teens to drive. Here I am in 2023 and this car is still the most reliable auto we have. It is also gets surprisingly low gas mileage. Fair warning though, if teenagers drive it the car may not be pretty in 14 years, lol.

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    Reviewed March 13, 2023

    If you own a KIA--get rid of it now. We owned a 2013 KIA Optima and it all started in 2017 when we had our first engine failure in the middle of a busy highway. Our car was in the shop for almost 8 weeks, and we had to fight to have KIA cover this. We have always kept up on routine maintenance with the vehicle, but Sept 2022, our car had NO warning, and the acceleration stopped working mid-highway. We thankfully were able to pull over, but once we stepped out of the vehicle it went up in flames. Again, NO warning on the engine light. It took KIA almost 2 months to send out a fire marshal for inspection, and it was deemed mechanical/engine failure. Here we are March 2023, and KIA is taking no ownership. They sent us over to Class Action Settlement as we qualified for the Theta-Class Engine Settlement, but again the communication is awful on both ends. There is no empathy on either side and at this point I am ready to give up. Please if you own a KIA, get rid of it. Nothing but issues.

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    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2023

    I have a 2018 Kia Optima. Last few months every time it rains or I go to car wash the code for knock sensor comes on so instead of fussing with Kia I changed it myself and found out the wires were nicked and broke. I've had this car at 13k now. It has 72k. Put the new one on. No trouble since. Thanks a lot Kia!!?

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    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2022

    I bought my Kia optima brand new in 2015. First brand new car I've ever purchased and not only will I never shop with Kia again I will never ever recommend them to anyone. I've had nothing but problems with the car since day one has been a money pit. Every time it goes into service could be something minor they'll have my car for extended periods of time with no communication. But my most recent experience is the one that topped it all off and made me write this review.

    On November 3rd I was driving down the highway with my 5-year-old and the while car lost power and shut down on me. As if that's not scary enough I pull over and under the hood is on fire!! I get it towed to the Kia dealership because I'm still paying on this car and they call that day, ask what happened and told me they'd get back to me by the next day. 2 days go by and I hear nothing so I call back and they read over the notes in the case and said it was sent to the consumer national affairs because of the fire had to be further investigated.

    Also tells me my motor is seized and it's a known issue with the manufacturer they go thru for the motors so there's some extended lifetime warranty on some motor parts so they were trying to get that covered. Ok cool. In the meantime, I find out there is a recall on the car for fire-related problems with brake fluid leaking or something. I ask for a rental and he said he has to speak to a service manager and will call me back. I wait a week and call again at this point I'm calling a couple times a week because I'm getting nowhere. They can tell me absolutely nothing and they finally get sick of me and give me the number to the cna people.

    I've since been calling them for almost 3 weeks now and same story. They can tell me anything, can't give me a phone number, nothing, said that my case was assigned to a case manager and she'll have to reach out. After calling multiple times they claim that she did try to reach out and had the wrong phone number for me so she called the dealership twice to get the right number and couldn't get thru to them. So I give these people my correct number (which they've called me back on multiple times prior) and they supposedly send an email to the case manager supervisor. I was promised a call back the weds before Thanksgiving and nothing.

    Call back that following Monday and they now say there's a note in there she's to call me Dec 8th. This is now A MONTH they've had my car with no clue what's going on and no rental. I wait all day by the phone the 8th and nothing. Call twice and get hung up on both times. Call back ok the 9th and rep I spoke to is now saying my case manager is saying she called and left me a voice mail on the 5th. I went back thru my call logs and voice-mail and she did not! So now it's Dec 13th and I'm still waiting on a call with no clue what they're going to tell me.

    I've lost my job over this and I have to walk my 5-year-old 3 blocks up the road in the middle of winter to stand and wait on the bus in the freezing cold because they won't even give me a rental car on a KIA DEFECT. I will never ever do business with Kia again or EVER recommend them to anybody. They claim their customer service is top tier and I have yet to see it.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2022

    If I could give a zero I would. I purchased a certified vehicle Kia Optima from them and it has been a money pit ever since. They alleged that everything was good with the car. Knowing this make and model had issues with the engine. I went through two oil consumption test. They identified the engine was bad. Refused to replace it unless the engine blows out. In under a 1000 miles oil has to be put in the engine and you can see it blowing out the tailpipe. The oil is not only blowing out the tailpipe it is blowing over the engine causing additional damage to the following: The Cadillac converter, it's miss firing and unable to go above 40 miles per hour.

    I replaced two O2 sensors. Two coils and spark plugs. Due to the misfires. I have to be inconvenienced for two weeks because it can't be looked at until then. The service department representative feels I'm not allowed to be upset. Despite the run-around I have experienced regarding these issues. This is my only transportation to work. Never missed a car payment and get my regular scheduled maintenance. I feel betrayed and disrespected by customer service when trying to get these matters resolved. Work hard every day as a single mom. I wonder would they treat a man like this? Strongly discouraged a purchase of a used vehicle from this organization.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 10, 2022

    I smelled gas in the cabin of the car, drove car to nearest shop, had the fuel line replaced, said I could have caught fire!!! Called consumer affairs was told had a recall on fuel line with no resolution! So had to pay 381.27 to fix fuel line so I would NOT blow up when driving the car! Weeks later I get a resolution to fox the fuel line at Kia, made appointment and they had to put on another fuel line to replace the fuel line I paid for two weeks earlier. and I can’t get an answer as to reimbursement of the money I had to pay out!!!!

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2022

    CAUTION!! CAUTION!! CAUTION!! We leased a new Kia Optima in 2015 and at the end of the lease, purchased the vehicle. This is our daughter's car, it looks brand new, never had a problem mechanically... until we did. In Feb '22 we had to have the car towed to Kia after the car was making an odd noise. We didn't know what it was so didn't want to drive it and towed it to the nearest Kia. They immediately tell us the car needs a new engine. They had pulled a carfax on the car and didn't see all maintenance records so denied our warranty and told us the cost was between $8,000 - $10,000.00 to replace the engine. We told them we have the oil changed and just need to locate them. I was told the car should have 11 oil changes for the mileage on the car.

    After locating all paperwork, mileage records, I emailed them to the address provided to me. Waited several weeks to get an email saying I sent it to the wrong place. Round and round we go. We are now on the 7th month messing with Kia and asking them to stand by their warranty. We are UNDER the mileage and UNDER the year. Powertrain warranty is still in effect. We sent paperwork to the dealership we had the car towed to, the ones that said we need the engine and the ones that denied us due to incomplete maintenance records... Waited several weeks only to be told I need TWENTY FOUR oil change records. My owner's book says oil change every 5,000- 7,500, online says every 7,500 and that's how we did it and with our mileage... every 7,500 miles calculates out to what I was originally told which was ELEVEN oil change receipts.

    I was also told there was a recall on the car. A KSDS sensor which is a direct issue with the problem we had with the car. It's a "knocking sensor," mind you, Kia performed the recall on my car that was TOWED to their lot with a no good engine???? The dealership collects money by performing the recall so they got their money for sure. When I asked them about it they told me the recall has to be fixed in order for Kia to honor the warranty which is obviously just a comment to pacify me because they have made NO attempt to honor even a phone call back or respond to an email much less the warranty on my car.

    We have NEVER missed a payment. The payment has always been directed withdrawn, even under the lease and Kia did the oil change.. They NEVER did it at 3,750 which is what they are telling me is the required mileage! A simple google search for a 2015 Kia Optima says different. We are done forever with Kia. We have been 7 months with out her car, making the payment, paying the insurance, renting another car so she can get to school and work... WE ARE DONE!!!!

    They have no advice other than we have to have 24 receipts. If not, call consumer affairs! To be clear... crystal clear, KIA CONSUMER AFFAIRS IS THE MOST RUDE, HATEFUL, UNCARING, UNHAPPY PEOPLE I'VE EVERRR DEALT WITH. To the point I told the dealership If my only option is to deal with consumer affairs, I will hire an attorney. I WILL NOT deal with someone that is disrespectful to a customer that spent thousands of dollars with them. DO. NOT. TRUST. KIA - They are "known" for their warranties and standing by them, that's why we went with them... My oh my have things apparently changed.

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