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The Kia Forte is an affordable compact sedan. Read more Kia reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Kia Forte?
    • 4,477,293 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed June 29, 2024

    My daughter bought a 2019 Kia Forte. The engine went out. Because she was the second owner the warranty did cover the repair. So, we bought another engine. Two years later the ENGINE WENT BAD AGAIN!!! The dealership said there was nothing they can do. So, now my daughter owes 12K on a car that needs 8k in repairs!! The worst car experience ever! Please do not trust Kia vehicles.

    Reviewed May 30, 2024

    I bought a 2023 Kia Forte GT-Line. Know remember this was brand new and my passenger window is messed up bad. Had it in shop and supposedly fixed but now it pops when you roll down window. When you go up with window it slows down at the center and takes forever to go back up. So hopefully it's fixed right this time.

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      Reviewed May 7, 2024

      Trying to get a paint defect repaired for over a month. Paint was not done correctly at factory and Kia will not honor paint warranty. I’ve been fighting for over a month to get paint fixed on a new 2023 Kia Forte with less than 7000K.

      Reviewed Feb. 29, 2024

      I bought the car new in July 2021. The first day I owned it the car left me stranded in a driving lane of a local parking lot plaza for 10 minutes while it wouldn’t start. Barrie Kia could not duplicate it. So it’s a non-issue, soon afterwards I started getting random sensor failure prompts for various sensors, that issue is ongoing, again they cannot duplicate. It’s a non-issue. I also have key fob issues for the longest time. I had to be within 10 feet of the car for it to recognize and lock/unlock doors. Took it back to Barrie Kia. They saw this issue but nothing was done. It never got better. Now it unlocks itself 3 out of 5 nights.

      Now for the cherry on top this car has had 4 transmission replacements. Not one, not two, but three. Now the car is past warranty and I got a engine light that went away. Apparently it’s nothing, my car was idling randomly like it had a vacuum leak and sometimes it makes a weird sound when I put it in gear. Apparently it’s fine and in Canada there is no Lemon law so I’m stuck with a car I have another 5 years of payments left on. Don’t be like me. Buy something other than KIA. They don’t even offer loaner cars. Had I of known that I would have saved myself of this headache.

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      Reviewed Jan. 28, 2024

      Recently a salesman here tells me that Kia’s are only good for the first 50,000 miles. At the time I was speaking with him about why they don’t check to see if there are missed recalls before selling vehicles as certified pre-owned. Anywhere from product enhancements to major safety recalls, they do not find it necessary to make sure the vehicles they are selling are mechanically sound and safe for their customers to even drive! I feel like they took extra advantage of a naïve unknowing young lady purchasing her first car on her own. They popped her right in a 2017 Kia Forte right under 50,000 miles. I’m sure it’s the ‘only one she got approved for’ she was not going to know anything about Kia recalls and engine issues, which was perfect for the guys at the dealership!

      Within 4 months her car was overheating, had oil leak and spent 2 weeks in the shop to replace an oil pump, luckily she bought extended warranty coverage and was only out the 200 deductible. She lost her job while her car was in the shop due to not having transportation to/from her job. After bouncing back from that Kia failure, about 2 months later car started stalling out, dying, leaking oil and coolant again. Gets it towed to a mechanic that tells her she needs a new engine due to unknown internal engine failure, throwing codes out that line up with Kia’s recalls for that type of vehicle. Kia corporate informs that the previous original owner failed to get the product recall done so that voided out this Kia from being included in the engine replacement they were doing for those vehicles due to that recall. It did not matter the the current owner had less than a year and was never notified of any recalls for the vehicle by Kia nor the dealership.

      They refuse to help with this. The dealer acted like they cared but wrong! They would not agree to let her trade that car in for another one due to negative equity and no income now that she had just lost her (second) job due to her cars engine failure. She had no choice but to agree to the mechanic fixing it, their solution was to charge her warranty coverage over 10,000 for used engine+labor and then knowing the situation charging another $2500 for idk what that she now has to pay out of her own pocket before she can get her car back! They’ve had it for 5 months now!! Talk about setting this young adult up for failure right off the bat. Give her a dang chance!

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      Reviewed Dec. 15, 2023

      New 2023 Kia Forte GT line 6,000 Miles. Issues the car was taken in for: Random windows do not roll down at random times for weeks on end.. Car randomly dings for no reason.. Right mirror lights up and car STOPS itself when I’m pulling out to the right. Car no longer brakes when I’m close to coming to a collision. Their resolution: Replacing 1 motor in 1 window when all 4 have problems. Just let the car beep that just happens.

      TURN off the automatic breaking so it will not slam on the brakes when I’m pulling out vs figuring out why it does that since it’s dangerous and it’s going to cause me to get hit.. I mean they actually want me to turn off a safety feature and they could not even get the car to automatically brake when coming close to hitting wall. They also left that part off of my service report. It doesn’t even say I brought it in for that. And today 1 day after having it in the shop I start the car to get a message I need service so it’s another 45 minute drive to figure out why I have another warning light on.. This car is garbage. I highly recommend you do not buy one

      Reviewed Sept. 2, 2023

      My first experience is when they have my car for factory recall on my brakes. They have my car 8 months. 2nd said car parts would be in on Tuesday and would have my car back on Wednesday and still don't have my car.

      Reviewed June 30, 2023

      I'm a victim of the social media Kia Challenge and because they only damage the whole steering column but didn't get to steal it I've been without a car for almost a month. They have said that they were going to be putting up a website in September or October. Well I'm w/o a car now!! Still paid the car note then a $500 dollar deductible on top of trying to get to appts. I am on disability!! I can't be waiting till they decide when they want to pay you for your inconvenience. When I do get the car back it's going back to the dealership!!!!

      Reviewed May 19, 2023

      I own a Kia Forte that I can never trust again. These cars were one of the thousands of KIA Fortes that were not manufactured correctly to ensure the safety of the car against theft. My car was in the category of at-risk vehicles for theft of my vehicle. I was told my car qualified for an upgrade to my ignition and instead, I was sent a steering wheel anti-theft device instead of the upgrade being done. I will never trust KIA again and I recommend that anyone considering purchasing a KIA reconsider because of trust issues with KIA motors.

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      Reviewed Nov. 7, 2022

      I have a 2019 Kia Forte, My vehicle was towed to Kia Macon on August 16th. My vehicle has then been sitting at the dealership for 2 whole months. At first there was a lot of back and forth on getting maintenance records etc then I kept getting they are waiting for an approval from the warranty dept. After waiting a month in a half on that approval I was then told the warranty related issue of a Crankshaft, Camshaft, and VVT would amount in replacing the engine which my car has 60K miles on it, and I was told it wasn't approved, no one never gave me a real reason why the warranty wasn't approved - the dealership nor the Customer care line.

      I have requested for the Advisor who made the decision to give me a call no one ever did. I was then told to email to get in contact with the advisor the advisor never emailed me back nor called. After calling again I was then told I can't speak with the advisor who made the decision. This is very frustrating. I have been spending money on a rental vehicle for 2 months. No one seems to care I guess because it's not coming out of their pockets. I have never had to experience or go through something as such and then I am told it will cost $3200 to repair for a new engine on top of paying my car note for it to sit at the dealership lot.

      I am very disappointed in Kia service dept and I want answers as to the real denial and how Kia can help me resolve this issue. I am now left stranded not getting reimbursed for the rental vehicle I have, Not getting repairs and still having to pay my car note for my vehicle that's been sitting on the lot no one has offered me any real help and as a customer of 3 years I am not satisfied and will go to the highest level of corporate to resolve my issue.

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