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The Ford F-250/F-350 is part of the Ford F-Series Super Duty lineup of heavy-duty trucks. Read more Ford reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2021

My truck was ordered direct from the factory. It took almost three months to arrive and I have only enjoyed it for a few days. First it had to go back to the dealership, because there was overspray from the bed liner on the rear lights. Within one week, the SYNC 3 screen went black, while I was driving. I was able to do a reset, but it lasted only a week. We also did the reset by opening the door, locking, etc. to no avail. Now while trying to do a reset, it makes a weird sound. An appointment is schedule for Monday, so once again we will be without our truck. We were planning on using it over the holidays, but it appears if we do, we won't have any of the features (backup camera, map, radio prompts, etc.). If I would have known, that this was an ongoing issue with Ford trucks, I would have never purchased one.

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Reviewed March 10, 2020

I purchased my 2017 Ford F250 (SD 4wd Dsl V8 Crew Cab Lariat) in August 2018. The sales process was questionable and certainly a little old fashion, but this is not the point. I keep the vehicle tidy and make sure to bring it to service always in time. I've had to bring it in for probably 4 or 5 recalls and other warranty issues, including sun roof not working, rear door that would not open, rusty bumper after half a year (it is rusting again!!), DEF sensor... - so many that I lost count.

I started to change the air filter myself since the prices to exchange such parts make absolutely no sense.

The vehicle is just under 100,000Kms and now I have to bring it because the DEF sensor does not work and have to change it as well as the wiring harness for $1100 (Canadian). I am told it is usual for those vehicles at this mileage and not covered by the power train warranty! So basically a Ford is not built to last more than 60k miles?! I will hopefully never again buy a Ford.

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    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2020

    My 2018 F350 developed death wobble (when the steering wheel shakes back and forth uncontrollably) at 11,000 miles. Ford said it was the stabilizer, it wore prematurely. They replaced it and I thought all was good. I didn't know of d.w. then and of course Ford did not mention it. Within 2 months wobble was back and this time Ford said it was the dampers. This time the truck was in service for 1 month because Ford could not get the dampers because they were on backorder because of d.w. problems around the country. After getting truck back it was good for 2 weeks before wobble was back. Contacted Ford was told to make service appointment again they would see what they could change this time. At this time Ford admitted they had a huge problem with their super duty trucks and the front suspension and they basically do not know how to fix problems. Unfortunately I had to get rid of truck and buy a different brand.

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    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2020

    I purchased a 2015 f350 xlt diesel new on 12/19 2015. First problem occurred in first month. Six months later turbo failure. As time went by numerous sensor and engine problems occurred. After 4 years of ownership I only put 30000 miles on vehicle, a third of the miles put on are talking it back and forth to dealerships. I had originally planned on keeping the truck for 10 or more years, avoiding a lot of unnecessary miles. Truck lost another turbo, several injectors, fuel pump, and several other issues. Truck never ran well and rarely ever got above 13 mpg. Truck averages over 100 days a year in the shop and is getting worse.

    Now truck has a bad engine and has been in the shop for 2 weeks, and will probably be in the shop for another 2 weeks, due to Ford's idiotic warranty policies. Instead of just replacing the faulty engine with a new crate engine they are wasting time by the slow procedure of a tear down and inspect. This truck and ford as a company are awful.

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    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

    Living in an area of the country that seasonally is subjected to sub-freezing temperatures has revealed a design flaw in my 2015 F350 SD Crew cab with the 6.7 Ltr Diesel. In sub-freezing temperatures of -10 F. or lower the system was unable to regenerate and clean out the exhaust filter and now the truck faces a $9,150 "repair". The issues are that the system does not get hot enough to completely burn out the deposits in the filter and eventually plugs completely. Upon researching this further this is a common problem in climates that have subfreezing temperatures. My research also revealed that once the "repair" has been completed there is a high percentage of it occurring again.

    As a business owner, the potential of a reoccurring maintenance cost in this category does not make sense to move forward with. I asked the dealership service department about the research I had found and they were very tight lipped about it. I asked about the claims of it reoccurring after it was replaced and they did agree that the likelihood of having the issue again was very high. Ford Corporate service department also agreed that the cost of the "repair" was excessive and didn't make sense. I spoke to both parties about Deleting the system and both of them agreed that the cost of deleting the truck (which removes the likelihood of it occurring again) was more cost effective.

    The Ford corporate representative said that they were willing to pay for half of the repair, if it was done at the dealership. Half of the repair estimate from the dealership is $4,575. I found this to be very generous and an admittance that the cost of the repair may be excessive or possible a design flaw for the climate in which I live. I asked Ford Corporate for a settlement of a little over half of their offer, $2,300 to have the repairs done at another mechanics shop and they said it had to done at the dealership in order for them to pay double that amount, or half of the total. I told the customer service person I would be picking up the truck and they offered to pay for the dealers diagnosis invoice charges.

    In the end I picked up the truck from the dealership and Ford Corporate paid the fee of $378 to the dealership. I will now seek an alternate method to get the truck running. I am very disappointed in the fact that everyone involved, the Dealership service department, Ford Corporate Service person, myself and all of the research I found online indicated that it was a design flaw and that the repair costs would not justify completing them.

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    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2019

    This vehicle is truly a designed for purpose vehicle. It is exceptional at towing large loads and is much easier and less expensive to maintain than the 05 model I had. It drives like a car, is very quiet for a diesel and very comfortable on long trips. Safety features and creature comforts are plentiful on king ranch model. Build quality is very good and ride inside is noise free from wind and engine noise. Power is way more than needed but appreciated when pulling a big fifth wheel through Colorado mountain passes. It makes the drives less stressful knowing that you are safely towing the weight behind you. Manual function and gear lock out on transmission also are great towing aid that make this truck a much more useful vehicle than past years. The 6.7 power stroke is a hit for maintenance power and durability.

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    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2019

    This has been a fine truck that has given me no problems in over 4 years of ownership. The fuel mileage is nothing to write home about but I am pulling a 40 foot fifth wheel trailer and a 12 ft utility trailer most of the time.

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    Reviewed Dec. 20, 2019

    I bought my Ford F-250 Super Crew before every Tom, Dick, and Harry truck maker started selling mini crew cabs. The mileage isn't great, but I don't have to worry that it won't pull my boat. Also, it can get out of its own way in heavy traffic.

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    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2019

    My second F250, first is still running well at 250,000+ miles, my new 2018 has already seen 28 states and 79,000 miles this last year. Truck does everything extremely well, 17 MPG highway and tows like nothing is on the hitch. Only complaint is the drivers seat bottom seemed to have sagged and the cloth is somewhat stiff. Hope to be driving a 2020 F250 in a few months.

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    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2019

    3rd Ford truck; my 2nd F-250. Spent $80,000 on a loaded F-250 Lariat Super Crew with all the gadgets, bells and whistles. Overall, I love the truck but... is it $80k great?? These are the gadgets I could've done without and saved $10K. Some of the hi-tech gadgetry will drive a person crazy... The remote for one. If you unlock the truck while walking towards it, then stick your hand in the door handle, the truck will lock again. It doesn't sense the key fob and simply remain unlocked; the door handle has a sensor and does the opposite of what its current locked position is. Also, sometimes just sticking your hand in the door handle, the truck will rapidly unlock then lock again and you have to start over.

    Next would be the crazy auto high-beam feature which most people will want to turn off. While driving towards someone at night, the high beams would come on and go off briefly in between cars which makes oncoming cars think you're flashing them as though to tell them, they have their high beams on; naturally, they flash their high beams back at you. Then there's the auto cool/heated seats and heated steering wheel. Another feature that can be annoying. If it's cold out, you'll forget about the auto steering wheel heater and wonder why your hands are on fire; the same with the heated seats.

    The push button, automatic lowering tailgate? It's hard to get used to wondering where your key fob is or if the truck is unlocked; otherwise, you can't let the tailgate down. Many times, you'll have your hands full with everything but the keys. There's also a tailgate button on the console, but it doesn't always work; if you shut the truck off and push the button to release the tailgate, it may not open the tailgate; oddly, you have to push the tailgate release on the key fob instead; I still haven't figured that one out.

    The surround video cameras (5) and the viewing options on the console screen makes parking a piece of cake with its 3D view from above the truck as though you were looking down from above the truck. The system doesn't allow you to view the cameras when the truck is moving faster than 1-2 mph. It would have been a nice security/safety feature if there was a record option since it is pretty much a super dashcam; would come in handy if ever in a wreck or someone was to vandalize or attempt to steal your truck.

    The Driver side window... Still a nuisance since the 2012 model with its one touch all the way up or down feature. Sometimes when you just want to put down the window a little and you nudge the control, it thinks you want to lower it all the way and continually lowers the window; the same if you want it up just a bit, the window will automatically go all the way up unless you stop it.

    The center console? What happened? The 2019 console has this big open tray on the driver's side and two cup holders on the passenger side. There is a slide tray so you could technically turn it into 4 drink holders, which were made for the largest fountain drink, thermos or mug you can think of; a normal bottle of water or soft drink just rolls around in them. Petty, but when you're driving and reaching for a drink (which we all do) and you're forced to look down because you're not sure what position it's in. Should have left the 2012 console alone; it was perfect.

    Lights, lights and lights.... There's lights on the side mirrors that let you see what's out your door on either side. You can't turn these lights on when you're moving though which would be great when you're coming to a stop sign and you want to see if a pedestrian is crossing from either side. In a dark neighborhood, you have to pretty much roll down your windows at a stop; all you can see is the reflection of the interior dash on the windows; a side light really comes in handy. But if you come to a complete stop, then push the light button, it'll come on... but the person behind you doesn't want to wait for you to activate your hi-tech, push button side mirror lights.

    All option buttons? Wow... It's as though someone thought it would be funny to make a puzzle out of what switch goes to what. In the 2012, if you wanted an interior light, you literally just pushed on the light; for 2019 you need a flashlight to turn on an interior light or you'll accidentally push the sunroof open or slide the sunshade back or blast off to the moon before you get a light on. Even the sunroof/sunshade buttons are quirky; you'd figure the sunshade open and close buttons would be first but they aren't, it's the open/close/vent buttons first. Many times, I'd blindly reach up to open the sunshade and end up opening the sunroof; ten months and I still can't get it all memorized.

    The 2019 is always a treasure hunt to find what button does what; mostly it is laid out like the 2012, but some things like turning on the fog lights in the dark is a challenge... it's that small micro button next to the BIG round headlight knob, just above the light for the bed. In the dark, all small buttons are getting pushed; I look like a lit up Christmas tree before I get it right. In the end, it's just all about memorization. Oh, and watch out for the sensitive turn signal lever... it's very easy to push it forward while trying to put on your turn signal.. And pushing forward is the high beams.

    The FordPass Mobil Application? This app allows you to view information about the truck such as fuel level, DEF levels etc. as well as remote start the vehicle from anywhere in the World... Not really useful to me. I never think about these things until I'm in the truck; sitting around in the house wondering what my fluid levels are like is really really lazy; this feature would benefit a company keeping up with its fleet of trucks. And, I don't see a need to start my truck from Japan... not even to keep the battery up; Plus, you're lucky if FordPass is even working. Mine says "Sorry, FordPass isn't responding, Please try again later". So apparently, not even the app cares enough to see what's going on with my truck.

    Trailer Hitch/Receiver/Thingy... My 2012 came with a reducer and a pin; My 2019 came with absolutely nothing; I had to go to a store and buy an adapter, ball and pin. The 2019 truck has a larger receiver than previous models, so anything from my 2012 wasn't going to work. Overall, I like the truck; there's a lot of good features such as trailer control and braking, navigation, satellite radio, AT&T mobile service (if you're into AT&T), 5 point camera system with overlay for backing up to a trailer, rear sensors, standard power outlet on the dash, heated/cooled seats, increased horsepower and so on.

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