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I went to Firestone in Birmingham Al to have Tires Balanced and Rotated and Oil Change. When service was suppose to be completed Manager told me that my balance and rotation was free and only charged me for the Oil Change. So I asked him and he stated that my car was fine and I was good to go. I explain to him I was my way out of town and I away get my tires rotated and balance and oil change before I go. He gave me a receipt and I trust that everything was okay. Once I got on the road I was at a 50 mile on the highway and my tires on the front end started vibrating once I got up to a certain speed. So slow down and continued my trip in fear all the way. Once I turned home I was praying all the way that God will help me make it back.

I took the car back and asked them to check my front end tire. They were vibrating and I was told the tire rods needed to be replaced, so I told them my car was not doing any of that when I came to get my tires rotated and balance. I had no vibration or anything like that before I took my car into them. One of the tech's that looked my car say my tires were never balanced. They had just be rotated and he got really smart with me and said "well how many miles do you have on this car anyway?" I guess that was to say "your car is old anyway."

I kept explaining there was nothing wrong with my car until I let them work on it. I went by twice and no one would help me. I am fearful to go back to them and want everyone else to know that damaged my car and wanted $400 to fix it. There was nothing wrong with my car until I went to them. This Firestone is located on Oporto Madrid Blvd in Birmingham, Al. These are some awful people. Please Let me know if there is anything I can do about this.

I have made several visits to the Firestone on 5034 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083 for regular oil changes, as well as some concerns that my car was running loudly. Each time I was told I would be fine. In July, I was told by ** that I had a hole in my exhaust but I would be ok as long as I could live with the loud noise. So I asked him if it was anything major and he said no, nothing to worry about until time for me to get my emissions done May 2017 because it would not pass with the loud noise. I said "are you sure", and he said "yes you are fine". On September 29, 2016 I went in for a regular oil change, new tires and lifetime alignment. I had concerns regarding the loud noise and I told ** that my steering wheel was sticking when I'm driving and I wanted to make sure it would not interfere with my wheel alignment. He said he would have the guys check it out for me.

My disappointment came when I arrived at 11:30 that morning and there was only two other people there. Around 1 pm another gentleman came in for the same services I was getting except they had to order his tires. However he was out of there by 2:30 pm and I was still waiting. I then addressed ** and told him I was not pleased with the fact that I had been there over 3 hours and this guy came in and was out in less than 2 hours. He blamed it on the techs and said it was according to which tech took the ticket. I told him that was unacceptable. I felt like I was discriminated against being...I was a female and I was overlooked. He kept saying that was not the issue and I yet disagree. Although he gave me a small discount for the wait, that service was unacceptable and should not ever happen.

Around 3:50 my vehicle was finally complete and he told me they didn't see anything wrong with my steering and that the hole in my exhaust is nothing major but would just be annoying because of the loudness. He advised me to go to a muffler shop if I wanted to get rid of the noise. Because I have no income as long as he assured me there was nothing major wrong and it was just loud noise, I could live with that. I drove off and the next morning while I was driving, the steering wheel begin to stick again. I called him immediately and he said I would need to come in and have a tech ride in the car with me. I told him I had asked them to test drive it when it was there to check and I thought that's what they had done in order to tell me they didn't find anything wrong. He told me they were too busy to test drive it. So how could they say nothing was wrong if it was never tested?

Well on October 8, 2016, early morning I was driving and lo and behold my muffler fell off in the front. How did they not see that coming after all the inspections they did over the past few months. So May, I was good. July, I was good. September, I was good but ten days later my muffler fall off, that's not good. I was told that I could have hydroplaned and flipped my vehicle had I been driving any faster than the 30 mph. No I have to get that repaired when it could have been avoided had they properly inspected my vehicle. They charge a lot of money to scam you out of repairs that don't need to be done instead of the repairs that actually needed to be done. I think this repair should be on Firestone, no charge.

Firestone is the worst auto repair shop I have ever been to. This one I am talking about is in Phoenix Arizona. I took my car there to have four new tires put on and an alignment and was talked into a couple of other things. I spent like three hours there and over seven hundred dollars only to drive away and find out the Mechanic who worked on my car broke a part for my air ride suspension. It was a part that detects how much weight is in the vehicle then automatically adjusts the height of the vehicle. Well with this part broke my car sat up as high as it could because it was detected that there was a lot of weight in the vehicle when actually there was not. The Mechanic that worked on my car had to know this part was broken because it hangs down under the vehicle you can even see it from behind the vehicle while driving behind it and it was sitting unusually high when it left the store.

When I went back with the problem which was that same night they took it in and looked at it and admitted the Mechanic broke the part during the time he was raising my vehicle as he was supposed to disconnect that bar. The guy that worked the counter said he would pay to repair it himself out of his own pocket even if he had to go to a junkyard and pull it himself. Oh and not to mention the part that is broke is retired and no longer being made so it is not possible to find it they stopped making them a long time ago. I had talked to the Manager and that got me nowhere. I have even filed a claim with Firestone but nothing has been done or heard about it. Now I understand this part is discontinued BUT something needs to be done and there is something they can do but they refuse to do it. They can convert my rear suspension over. Now the time has come for me to contact an Attorney and file a claim against them. This is not over yet.

My car's transmission blew. We coasted into Firestone on Carlisle and Menaul in Albuquerque. A young lady was behind the desk, (Cassiday) she informed me they could do a test to make sure it was the transmission. I told her we have an appointment at ABQ health partners, my Father who is 82 just had hip surgery and is having difficulty walking. She was very gracious and helped me get the Uber app. I could not access an account with Uber. She then offered to take us.

When we returned, we were not charged for the tests. I tried to take my car to a transmission shop down the road, it completely went out. We were stuck on a busy street. To my dismay a driver for Firestone was passing and stopped, called a tow and gave us a ride to the transmission shop. These great employees should be recognized for going beyond their job duties. I cannot express our gratitude. It is not everyday you encounter such great customer service and kind people.

Our car was checked here because it would not start. They charged us $25.99 to check the battery. They called and said battery checked fine. When arrived to pick it up, it would not start. The Firestone guy boosted the vehicle and stated, "That's weird". Took it to another place, who does not charge to check batteries (as most places do not). It failed the test. Big surprise. Battery replaced same day for $52.00 less than Firestone's price and a 6 year warranty compared to Firestone's 5 year. Plus, no fee to install. We have not had any trouble starting this vehicle since then.

Looked closely at the Firestone battery test later and it read: 'Your battery performance has started to decline and may fail to start. Consider replacing before it's exposed to extreme temperatures'. I had to call and argue with the Firestone guy to finally get a refund. Funny thing is... They don't even keep our vehicle's battery in stock. I verified this by calling two other Firestone locations. It's special order only. Only go here if you break down in their parking lot and you don't have roadside assistance.

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In all my years in car repairing never been so ripped off than now, did all my repairs myself but older now can't do them myself, did many radiator jobs in my life. Not a big thing anyway. Last May the radiator went on my van, took it to Firestone and they quoted me at 566.00, since I knew this was overpaying but I had a charge with them I agreed. 14 months later it's leaking badly, went back and was told it was only guaranteed for 12 months, really. I check all the local auto shops and was told the radiator would cost 129.00 and was a lifetime guarantee, when I told them they did not know what to say. Nowhere in my paperwork did it say 12 months, they agreed to put the radiator in free but I had to pay the labor. This radiator job between the two repairs cost me 560.00 in labor repair. Bull, never again, gonna file a complaint with the BBB, and contact corporate, beware!

I took my car into Firestone yesterday for service. My power steering had gone out and I needed an oil change and new tires. I had gone on the website and found tires for my car for $48 per tire and made an appointment to have the work done and tires installed. I was at the store at 7am when it opened to drop off my car because I had to work. At first I was told that the cheapest tire they had for my car was $66 per tire. I had to show him the exact tire I wanted on my phone to get the cheaper tire. Once that was resolved, I explained the issue I was having with my power steering and was told I would receive a call once the problem was found. At 1:30 that afternoon, I still hadn't heard anything so I called and was told "let me call you back in 10 minutes."

45 minutes later, I got a call saying that the problem was my power steering pump. He said that the part was $169 but the labor would be $270. When I questioned why it was so much for labor, he told me it would take about 2.5 hours of work. I hesitantly agreed and was told it would be done by 6. It was. I picked up my car and drove it home, only a few miles from the store location. The next morning, I started my car to go to work and it was making a squealing sound. As I backed out of my garage and started down my street, it got louder. In fact, it was loudest when I was accelerating. When I braked or was at a stop, the squealing was quieter. I'm no mechanic, but I could tell the sound was coming from under my hood. It was obvious. Also, when I would accelerate from a stop, about half the time, the "BRAKE" light on my dashboard would come on.

Since I had no problems with this happening before I took my car to them the previous day, I called the store as soon as it opened and explained what was happening. They told me to bring it in and they would look at it. So when I got off of work, I went and got my kids and we went to Firestone. I explained again what was happening, gave them my keys and sat down with my 1 year old son and 6 year old daughter to wait. An hour went by before they even moved my car from the original parking spot.

After 30 more minutes, the mechanic came to tell me that I needed new wheel bearings and brakes which would cost almost $900. I couldn't believe it. I asked him why the sound was coming from under my hood if it was a brake problem. He told me that brake noise can sound like that sometimes. What??? So then I asked him why my car was all of a sudden having these problems? The sound and the light had not been happening until I brought my car into them. I said "That seemed like a pretty big coincidence." He insisted that it must be just a big coincidence. He suggested that if the almost $900 was too much money, maybe I could just do one side and come back later for the other side. At this point I was furious. Here this guy was telling me that I was imagining that the noise was coming from under my hood and that it just so happened that all these problems happened the day after they worked on my car.

I told him there was no way I was paying the that much money. His final solution was to have his manager call me in the morning to see if he could give me some sort of discount. I truly feel like they took advantage of the fact that I'm a woman and I have little to no knowledge about cars. They overcharged me for labor to install the power steering pump, then broke my car while they were in there. Now I have to take my car to somewhere else and pay who knows how much to fix the damage. Please beware of Firestone especially if you're a woman. They will mess something up just to get you to pay more money to fix it. Never again.

I have many over many years I will continue buying tires there because I believe for the most part they do have some of the best tires being sold. I also am a Firestone employee and get a very good discount on tires. Which makes my treatment by the Auto Care Centers feel so much worst I would think they would treat fellow teammates better.

I will start with my most recent problem I have had with them. I purchased a set of 4 tire for a car. Less than a week later the tire was flat. I aired it up again and sprayed it down with soapy water. It was leaking air around the bead so I'm thinking it must be a narrow bead or lack of tie into the inner liner. I took it into the shop without even looking at the tire. They told me it was my rim that was bad. I assured them that my rim was fine and they should look at the tire for the problem. This lead to a very heated discussion ending with me telling them I wanted to see this rim that was so bad it would not hold air. An hour and a half later they brought my tire back out, told me it was a rusty rim. They repaired it and that the tire would hold air for a while. The rim was so bad that it would not ever hold air long term.

At that point I am very upset they never showed me the bad rim. I get home and notice the bead sealer oozing out. I have seen a lot of bead sealer used and never seen it oozing that long after. Two weeks later the tire is flat again. So I take it to another shop. I explain everything that happened. He comes out and says, "Yep, aluminum oxide is the problem" (at least this guy uses proper term for it). He also continues to tell me that the rim was never repaired, basically that means using a wire wheel and cleaning it off. He says, "Don't worry. We fixed it for you this time, but it will not hold air long term". That's two tire repairs I paid for this tire.

So about a month goes by and it's low again. So I say maybe it's time for another rim. I find one at a junkyard and they say they can install the tire also. When he pulled the tire off the rim he is like, "I'm sorry but there is nothing wrong with this rim and it has NEVER been touched by a wire wheel". He shows me the rim and I can clearly see that it was never ever repaired as I was told TWICE. I tell him I need to find out if it is the tire or not, so go ahead and sell me the rim you have. Again a month later tire is low. I tell my son because he is the one driving the car back and forth to college he is just going to have to keep an eye on it. Less than 10k miles and the tire is shot partly due to him not checking the tire like he should have but he shouldn't have had to check it that often anyways. I purchased another tire and had it installed on the original rim. 2 months later and it is still fully inflated. Yes, I checked the rim was never supposed to hold air.

I have had two tires many years apart that developed bulges in the sidewall both times less than two weeks after having them installed. I take them in and say I believe that an open splice is problem with the tire. They tell me that no I hit the curb and it is an impact damage that caused it and that I should have purchased road hazard. Both times they were heavy duty truck tires.

I ask if these were the same tires they sell to construction companies. Yes they buy lots of these tires so I comment if they are that fragile. How do the tires hold up under the conditions they drive them in? I only had the tires for two weeks and drove on paved highways and city streets. Also why would it be long linear bulge that follows the direction of the radial fabric used as body ply? I challenged both to cut the tire because that is the only way to tell if my assumption was correct and it would be obvious if I was right. The first manager conceded that he would replace the tire this one time. The other manager absolutely refused.

I had taken a car in for a realignment one time after I changed ball joints and brakes. The guy at the desk comes out and tells me my brakes are bad and need replaced. I inform him I don't think so because I just did them myself two day ago. Oh we were just going by the mileage on the vehicle. I find that very hard to believe.

I was very busy and had a coupon for an oil change so I took my car in for an oil change. The very nice lady behind the counter came carrying in an air filter that was extremely dirty. She sits down with a concerned look on her face and say, "Troy, this is your air filter. It needs to be changed". Now I worked as a mechanic in the military and have always done maintenance and repairs to my vehicles. Because of a very expensive air filter bought at a Ford dealership after my wife was getting warranty work on a vehicle that had just been replaced I started writing my name and date on the air filters. The filter this concerned lady was showing me did not have my name or date on it. So I explain that I didn't think that this was my filter and we should both check my car together.

When I get out there they DID NOT even have the air filter box popped open on my car. When I opened it I showed her my nearly new air filter with my name and date clearly written in black marker on the orange seal of the Fram filter I installed less than 2 months before. She quickly says, "Oh, I'm sorry. This is off the car next to yours." Not even the same make or model as my car.

I was busy again so I asked my son to take the car to the care center and have the oil changed with a coupon I had again. When I got off work I checked the oil as I always do when someone else has changed it because of a dealer that grossly overfilled and blew my head gasket. I noticed that the oil fill cap on the valve cover was missing. I called them and asked if they would happen to have it setting around the shop somewhere nope. The tech did remember it having one when we dropped it off but it was impossible that they were responsible for it being missing. I was the only one that opened the hood since the tech closed it less than four hours earlier. They would however sell me one for $20. One from an auto parts store was only 5-6 dollars.

I am well aware that nearly all the service centers operate this way. It's a sales-based industry and one where most customers are ignorant about how their cars operate. Which makes it very easy to take advantage of that ignorance. If I have any more tires that I believe are factory defects regardless of where I purchase them I will be taking them to small claims and posting more reviews based on what happens. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

I don't know where to begin with my frustration with Firestone at 1558 South Wabash, Chicago, IL. I struggle with writing this letter because I have nothing good to say. First, my husband contacted the company to see if we could bring my car in for inspection as we believed my battery was useless. This we explained before even walking in the door. We were told that we could bring the vehicle in as there was no wait; this was exciting as I was already late for work. When we got there, we were asked if we wanted to wait or be called be 10:30 with the results. We informed them we would leave the car and await the call, by 10:30. There was no call! I waited to around 11 and called myself to see what the finds were and was placed on hold and no one returned for about 10 minutes, so I hung up. Hoping that once they realized I had hung up, I would be called back but that did not happen.

So, I called back around 11 and spoke with a technician that told me that it was in fact my battery and the cost would be $188.00. I asked what this price included and was told the cost of the battery was $124 and the fee for the electrical battery test was $24.99 then taxes and fees. I wasn't happy so I indicated that I never asked for the electrical battery test, so he waived the fee. I agreed to have the battery changed out and stated I would be there to pick up the vehicle after 5. This is when the mess goes even further! I went onto Firestone's Website to see the difference in batteries and their prices. In order to do this, you have to enter the make/model, year and engine size. So I did! Only one battery came up for my size vehicle and the price was $99.99 and $14.99 to install. So I called back and spoke with a rep in relation to the quote found on their site.

He told me that the battery didn't fit my car. Again, wait what? I entered all the information that was required on the Firestone's site to provide the quote and only one battery came up that fit my car, so are you telling me that your site is incorrect? This guy went on and on trying to convince me, later to say they didn't have the battery and to bring in the quote and they would price adjust. That didn't happen! The same gentlemen indicated that the quote in which I had was not the correct battery. I asked why tell me to bring the quote if it wasn't going to be honored. He stated that he wanted to see the quote. I was so upset, I asked for my keys and left. My husband looked at the battery and saw that it was the same exact battery that was installed in my car, so he went back. He asked and was told that it was a difference in the battery.

The rep stated that the battery that was installed in my car was the Mega-Tron ll 24FR. My husband asked what 24 MFR meant, the guy provided no explanation just continued to say that it wasn't the same battery. My husband then asked why the article number for the battery in my car matched the article number on the coupon. The guy couldn't provide an explanation so he just refunded $20.00 to my Firestone account. This is horrible! How many people have they done this to? I feel like because I was a woman they just took advantage of me. I feel like Firestone is a ripoff! Why would you treat your customers like that? I trusted you all to provide me with quality and professionalism. I'm second guessing all the business that I have done with you all now and that's not good. I want this to be looked into as this is FRAUDULENT and there is no telling how many other customers this has happen to.

I took my 2000 Tahoe in to get serviced. I purchased tires, and I managed to have my Chevy caps damaged, and they took the caps and just stuck them under my seat. When I went back and ask them to replace them they said all I need to do is buy bigger nuts, and they would put them back on. Had them change my spark plugs and when I got home noticed that I had a leak now on my parking pavement. Took it to a different Firestone and was told I had 4 holes in my power steering hose. Firestone doesn't care about their customers. They will damage your vehicle only to bleed you dry. SHAME on YOU FIRESTONE. Please think twice before taking your vehicle to them. 75th and Wornall in Kansas City Missouri is where I initially went. I need to get my truck serviced and I can't depend on them to do the work. Very Disappointed Customer.

I went here as usual for an oil change and tire rotation. They refused to rotate my tires claiming they were bald (no they weren't) and I really HAD to get new tires NOW... TODAY! I said I'd handle that later (tire gauge showed about 10 to 15,000 miles left on them). Asked them if they rotated the tires, they said "no." And they refused to do so. I paid and left, but later noted that they charged me $20 for a tire rotation! They saw my complaint on Yelp, and indicated that they wanted to resolve this and gave me a email. I sent a copy of the bill to them, but 1 1/2 billing cycles later, I still see no $20 credit. I even indicated that Yelp is just a start, and I know how to use the internet, and don't let the cane fool you - I have a big mouth. I'm on a roll to make sure they lose $20 of business, if not more. Yes I'm a millionaire, and YES! $20 is a big deal to me! That's part of how I got there.

2014 Subaru Outback - tire pressure light came on. Drove into the Firestone at Horizon Ridge and Arroyo Grande. After taking a very cursory look at the tire (barely a glance) we were told the tire could not be fixed but had to be replaced, NO ONE in town carries that brand of tire but they could order it for us, $263. We made a few phone calls and found that Discount Tire on Windmill had our tire in stock. We drove over, they took the tire off, tested it in water and could find no leak, removed a tiny screw head from the tire, put the tire back on and we were on our way. No charge! Want to guess which business we will frequent?

I went to Firestone at 201 W Rio Grande St, Victoria TX 77901 on Friday, August 26, 2016 because I need a tune-up on my car. I asked the sales person to do the tune-up. You will be surprised what happened then. They don't do the tune-up like what I asked, but they did something else that I didn't even ask. They replaced my 4 spark plugs that cost me $59.96 and the labor for removing and replacing the spark plugs is $111.- (ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN US DOLLARS). Can you believe this happened in the USA. Is the mechanic has PhD degree or something? Then they do a COOLING SYSTEM PRESSURE TEST and CHANGED the air filter! What my cooling system has to do with the tune-up?? This place is really horrible and when I contacted the Firestone main office, they said they will make a file but cannot do anything with the price list! I am done with Firestone! Just be careful!!

I took my car to Firestone Complete Auto Care - Dairy Ashford - 2910 S Dairy Ashford St. Houston, TX 77082 for fixing flat tire on 08/02/2016. I talked to Firestone Complete Auto Care front desk person that I recently pumped air in but get flat again so my tire most likely had a hole. After I wait for more than 2 hour, Firestone personal told me that my tire repaired. I drove my car for only a couple of days later and light signal (flat Tire) went back on which I felt very upset that my tire most likely just got the air pump in.

I went back to the shop on 08/19/2016 for tire repair again. Firestone personnel told me that they patched my tire last time and got new holes which need to replace with a new tire due to many holes on my tire. I told him go ahead replace with new tire, but I had a feeling that Firestone did not patch it last time so I asked the guy that replace my tire gave me my old tire. My feeling was correct. My tire doesn't have any patch on it and could be only one hole on it. I still had my old tire with me just for evidence.

I have a 2014 Toyota Tundra. I took it into a Firestone on 90th so and i-15 in s.l.c. UT. The technician obviously did not know what he was doing. Broke my oil filter turning it the wrong way. He opened my driver side door and slammed it into the post that supports the weight of the vehicle putting a huge dent/scratch in the paint. He also was covered in oil and jumped into my truck covered in oil getting oil all over the seats. He left an oil rags in the cup holder. Then when he was backing the truck out he hit my mirror on the same post he smashed my door into. When I ran out there and confronted him about it he dropped a bottle of pain killers/** and says "ya I probably shouldn't be working on this medication." Also in the engine compartment they didn't secure the plastic cover over the motor that was also covered in oil.

I ended up filing a claim against them and had to hire an attorney to get the matter resolved. The damage to the vehicle was $2,800 dollars and I had to fight them in court. I did win the case but it was a major pain in the butt. Terrible terrible company. I will tell everyone I know for the rest of my life how bad this experience was for me.

I am writing in regards to a service performed on my car on August 18th 2016. The service included a wheel alignment recheck (Alignment for life package). Prior to going to FIRESTONE I purchased 4 brand new tires from Tireland USA and there was no noted, discovered or felt problems on my car, but only took it there to (FIRESTONE) to be realigned due to the new tires. I took my car to FIRESTONE at 3:54 p. m and was checked out at 4:16 p. m, which to me seemed fast for an alignment which typically takes about an hour. After leaving the store I took the car for a test drive on the highway because I heard the technician complaining about me because I often have my car repairs done elsewhere because it's cheaper and only bring my car there for the alignment service because it is economical.

While test driving my car I noticed that my steering wheel was shaking very bad when I press on the brakes. So I took the car back and told the service tech about the problem and insisted that they place the car back on the lift to ensure the they tightened all of the bolts back up. When the technician placed the car on the lift he told me that the shaking was due to my driver's side wheel bearing being broken. I explained to the technician that my car drove just fine before I brought it there and asked him if my wheel bearing was broken then how were they able to align the car in the first place and asked why they allowed me to leave the store without providing this information to me. The tech just smiled and said, "We didn't sabotage your car, sir."

I explained to him that the reason for my concern was due to a previous experience back in March or April in which I took my wife's car to the same FIRESTONE for an alignment and was told that they could not complete the service because her wheel bearing was bad and that I had to fix it first. In that case they provided me with a quote, so I took the car to personal mechanic. Had the car fixed and aligned the next day.

Additionally the technician called the police on me because I didn't want to leave until I spoke with upper management. They said me being there was not a good look for customers coming in and my demeanor was not polite. I have All paperwork and pointed out discrepancies in the times listed on my receipt, and the actual alignment paper that shows a different time of service and also shows that the left front wheel was adjusted which is also the wheel bearing in question. However when my service was complete the technician stated that they adjusted my passenger side wheel, which was the only tire out of line. Stay away from this place if you can. They prey on people's ignorance.

Made an appointment two days early for 8 am. Dropped the car off at 8 am for an AC check. Called back at 12:30 to see what they had found - they hadn't even looked at it. Two hours later they call and tell me what the situation is and I OK the work. They call back an hour later to say they found more problems. I ask how long it will take and he says, "end of the day." End of the day, they call to say "it will be tomorrow. Will be done by noon."

At 1:30, I call and they still haven't finished. They tell me, "Give us 45 minutes and it will be done." I wait TWO hours and show up at 3:30. Guess what? Car is still not done. The excuse? They confused my RAV4 with a Volvo that actually was done. It's going to take THREE more hours to finish. Final word - do NOT take your car to these people if you want: A: timely service B: straight answers C: a decent price.

I have a 2014 Jeep Compass that was making odd noises when you accelerated so we took it to Firestone for diagnostics. They ended up telling us that it was a bad clutch bearing. We thought that was weird since the vehicle only has 45,000 miles but we trusted that they knew what they were talking about. So Firestone replaced the clutch kit, charging us $1000 to do it. When we picked up they told us it was still making the noise and they didn't know what it was. We were pretty upset that they charged us this money and didn't even fix the issue we brought it to them to fix in the first place but we paid them and took it home anyway. When I put it in reverse the gears grinded but I stupidly drove it home anyway. I also noticed that the clutch seemed really loose. Over the next couple days shifting into reverse and first gear became increasingly difficult until we could not put it into first at all.

We called Firestone and they had a tow truck come and pick it up. After a couple days they called us and said there was nothing wrong (except the noise of course that they never fixed). So we went to pick it up again and sure enough, it shifted just fine with no issues. Firestone claimed that they did nothing but my husband and I both observed the issues and it wouldn't have fixed itself. I believe Firestone messed up from the beginning and didn't want to admit it. Bottom line is these people are dishonest and don't know what they are doing. They made a GUESS as to what was wrong with my vehicle, and they were wrong and charged me anyway, and on top of that didn't even do - that might the first time!

I purchased a full set of tires a while back. They were on the car a week and one of them kept losing pressure. I took the car back 2 times and was told someone must be letting the air out. Well, I live in the woods so I know that is not the case. The 3rd visit, they decided to rotate them and see if that would help, not sure how, but that is what happened. Now the front right tire leaks, where they put it during rotation. I have since been back to the shop, 5 times and guess what, I still have leaking tire. They can't seem to find why this is happening. So now they want me to buy another tire with my warranty.

Since this was not happening to any tires, prior to them working on my car, I am not sure why I should have to pay for more work. I have been a Firestone CC holder for probably 15 years and used your stores. At this point, I am so disappointed that I will be cancelling my Firestone card and moving on to a company with better standards for customer loyalty. I will now take my car to a different shop in the morning to determine why I am losing 12 psi each week in my tire. But my guess is that when they put the new tires on, they cracked the rim and just refuse to admit it. But we will soon see. SMH!!

Stay far far away from Firestone on General Booth Blvd in Virginia Beach! I have had nothing but issues every time they touch my truck! A few months ago I went in for brake service. When I picked up my truck I had ZERO brake pressure. I took it right back (seconds later) I was told that I needed a new master cylinder. I'm not a mechanic but I'm also not an idiot. After having to question the work and techs, they finally admitted they blew it due to a high amount of hydraulic pressure. I was then told they didn't have the part and would need my truck overnight. Seriously now I was left with no transportation because of this! I still gave them another chance. Went in for 4 new tires and an A/C check. Again I was told my compressor was shot and needed to be replaced. Turns out all I needed was a recharge!!!

They almost cost me several hundred dollars for nothing! And once again on 7/5/2016 I took my truck for an oil change. Less than 2 weeks later my truck is not running! They did not "top off my fluids" as they advertise and I had ZERO transmission fluid! I called and asked the manager Bill about this and he was almost verbally abusive and stated "are you trying to blame my techs for your transmission issues." Well actually YES I am! Had my fluid levels been checked as part of what I paid for maybe my truck would be fine! I was about 45 minutes away from home when my truck began to act up. I was on the side of the highway with my children in the dark. $300 for a tow. Thanks to them! I've sent an e-mail to corporate and I guess they don't care! Do not trust Firestone!!! They don't stand behind the PAYING customer. They will lie and support crap work from the techs!

We'd like to thank Dan at the Covington Firestone. Although the problem with our truck wasn't resolved, Dan took swift corrective action in not charging us for what was misdiagnosed. His actions ensured that we will remain customers with Firestone for a long time. Thanks, Dan and staff.

Original Review

My husband took our truck into Covington, WA, service center because of intermittent problems with truck almost stalling out/running rough and engine light blinking. Over a thousand dollars later and problem still exists. We took it in a couple of times, and they kept it overnight, but they claim they don't see what the problem is. Plus, they replaced things that didn't need replacing. Come to find out the problem might be with the coils and it will cost maybe $200 at the most. This came from a friend who also repairs cars for a living. Never again will we do business with them. They want your money rather than trying to find the real problem. We only went to them because we have a Firestone credit card.

After spending 933 dollars getting my car fixed it ended up worse. Me and my grandchildren almost died on the freeway. I took my car in for a power steering problem. "Oh it needs one hose." Next day, "oh it needs two hoses." Ok they fix it. A week later engine light comes on and it's overheating. Take it back,

"oh you need a new fan." Ok, they fix it. A week later the red coolant lights coming on and the yellow one. I take it in. It doesn't need coolant.

Well the light keeps coming on. Well they say "we don't know." So I call corporate office. I'm like, "look I'm a grandma on a low salary who trusted your company to fix my vehicle and now it's worse." Now I can't afford to get anything fixed because they should of got it right the first time. "Oh man we totally understand. I'll have someone get back to you tomorrow." Well no one never called. So I'm out of a car and 933 dollars because Firestone messed up my car. Thank you.

We had turned in a brand new trailer wheel to have the tire replaced on it. When we went back a little over a week later we were given an old, beat up wheel and were told they couldn't find ours and it must've been given to another customer...SERIOUSLY?! They didn't even try to find out who they gave it to or replace it. I would never go back there again or recommend this place to anybody else. Check your items when you get them back and make sure they are yours before you go home with someone else's old and used stuff, 'cause they sure won't do anything about it. I know they had one happy customer that week (the person who got our trailer tire), but it wasn't us.

I went to Firestone in Linden, NJ to get 4 of the Firehawk tires that promised a $90 Visa card. When I asked the man about this he said it was a promotion that was not active yet. What??? They have this offer all over their website. I met their criteria for the bonus. After waiting an hour, he comes over and tells me my right wheel is in need of an alignment which is an additional $89. I had already waited an hour and had an appointment so I said no. When we were finished he explained the bill and added that the 10% coupon was not applicable with tires. I am done. I wrote an email to the main headquarters and they forwarded it to the same guy to handle. Smh.

A couple of years ago I went in for fuel line issues. It took EIGHT return trips till I gave up and went to the dealer who fixed it that afternoon. Now I bring it in for hard starting, a tune up, oil change & ac check. When I left it not only did it still have hard starting, but the idle was too low and cut out. It took over a minute for me to get it started again- at a stop light and had to rev the engine just to get it back to their shop. I did not have this problem before. The only reason why I didn't give one star is because both times they have promised to make it right or like last time they eventually gave me full credit towards other future repairs.

Firestone located at 7085 E. Main St, Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I purchased 4 tires which I am very satisfied with. I knew I had a leak in heating/temperature valve which they replaced. Also they said an idler arm needed replacing which they did. Here is where things took a turn for the worse. The blower controls are stuck on the defrost setting. I was told they would have to remove the dashboard to fix it. Also was told that all the brake hoses were leaking, the rear caliper was seized and they would not even be able to remove them with a blowtorch (BLOWTORCH?!).

Estimate was $1,130.00 plus, depending on what they had to do to get the hoses off. We are retired and on a strict budget so needless to say I was very distressed by this news. Talking with a friend he referred us to a very reliable mechanic that did an inspection for us. The idler arm was missing the grease fitting so he fixed that for us. He also found no cracks in any of the five flexible hoses and no rusted/corroded fittings that would impede any type of replacement. Reading many of the other stories here it seems hopeless that anything can be done as far as getting the damage inflicted to the AC rectified. I will not let them work on the car anymore, but I feel they should reimburse the costs I incur getting them fixed. I can mail you a copy of the receipt.

If you use Firestone... BEWARE! Today was the third time I took one of our vehicles into the Overton Ridge Firestone store to have a nail removed from a tire. And for the third time there was a reason it had to be replaced, and each time it was after the tire was already off the car or truck. Long story short, the first time I ended up buying a new set of tires as the old ones did have some wear on them. The second time I made them put the tire back on and took it to Costco.

Today they first told me that the nail went in at an angle and tore up the inside of the tire. When I got back to the shop, I wanted to see massive internal damage on the inside of the tire. Now the story changed and there were two nails. One went straight in and the other, about an inch or so away went in at an angle. Either way there was no damage. They couldn't just plug them because it was not within the guidelines published by "the tire manufacturers association."

So the people who manufacture and sell tires are making the determination what can be repaired and what has to be replaced, and of course they are right on top of that. What a bunch of BS. So they used the tire warranty to sell me a tire at the discounted price of $54 plus, of course, every little tack on charge they can think of... Then to top it off they charged me for a new road hazard warranty to the tune of $25. So I left there spending an extra $125 over the $25 state inspection I initially stopped there for.

My experience with Firestone as an organization is that they are dishonest and deceitful. I will never use them (or the Overton Ridge store) again and will make every effort to make sure that everybody I know understands that, as well as blogging this story on every social media site I can find. It boggles the mind, but imagine just how many people they've deceived and how much money they've made doing it. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Living in South Florida it can get very hot in the summer. Humidity is the real killer. My a/c on my vehicle stopped blowing cold air at idle (red lights or traffic). Forgetting I knew a mechanic, I drove it in to a Firestone to have a diagnostic done to confirm what I thought was the issue. I am pretty savvy with auto repairs so I just wanted to make sure before I started buying parts. Anyways, they told me I needed the following: a/c compressor, a/c condenser, drier, evaporator core and finally the expansion valve. The estimate was at $1,486.72. Coincidentally when I said hell no and left, my a/c just stopped blowing cold air completely.

I quickly called the mechanic and he told me to just drive it in and he'll take a look. It turns out it was just my a/c compressor clutch and a/c condenser fan. After he provided me service is came out to a whopping $192 (vacuuming and recharging the system included). My a/c is working back to normal and all for under $200. Beware of these scammers and bottom feeders.

My tires were rotated in May of 2016. Afterwards, my car no longer ran smooth and there was no offer to rebalance the tires.

No complaints about service I receive from mainly Charleston, WV location (and occasionally Barboursville, WV). Management and personnel very friendly and helpful (although very busy). I have an account with 4 vehicles providing considerable amount of business and need tires for a 5th vehicle. Cannot seem to get a break in price further than a normal customer without as much business.

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

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