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Firestone Complete Auto Care Reviews

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2023

They completely drain my car's battery to the point it needed to be replaced. Listen to music while they worked on my car. Also installed my brand new tires and rims and inflated the right front tire to almost 95psi on a 50 psi max tire. This is my daughter's car which that tire could’ve easily completely blown out at that psi. Terrible customer service and terrible work force that I would bring my car back to free of cost. Do not use them for any of your car needs!

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2023

We paid our account in full a few months back, and Firestone has continued to take payments from my bank for a zero balance. Call last month to get $222 reimbursed they said would have by 5th of Aug...Not true. Called again because they took another payment and now owe us $360. The first amount of $222 was never sent. Now they tell I have to wait 30 days, plus 7 to 10 days after that to receive a refund. Shady business practices. Don't trust what they tell you on the phone because they lie.

Oh, also they have a link on their website to request a refund, so I did for the $360 they owe me. Said will be processed within 7 to 10 days, but now the lady from firestone said that will not happened because they never received a payment of $360 from us... Yeah, because they took 3 payments of $120. I filed on them with the BBB. ONLY WAY TO STOP THEM IS REPORT THEM FOR WRONGDOING OF CUSTOMERS...

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2023

Not only did they rush the job, they cracked the part then told me 6 months later - I had to pay to replace. They also didn't close all the clamps they opened & I had exhaust blow through the car vents.

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2023

This is in reference to the Firestone at 10501 S Parker Rd in Parker, CO. I had my brakes replaced here one month ago because they were due to be replaced and heard it was cheaper to get them replaced outside a brand-specific dealership. First issue is they took forever to look at my car. What’s the point of scheduling an early morning appointment if you’re not even gonna look at the car until I return 2-3 hours later to ask you the status? Then, once I begin driving the car on the highway the whole thing shakes violently and even worse when braking.

I take the car back to them to see what the issue is. They take forever to look at it and I’m not sure if they even would’ve called me if I didn’t call them an hour before they closed (again had an early morning appointment). Then they tell me that it’s shaking because I used excessive braking for the first 600 miles of having the car. Makes NO sense. Because it NEVER did that before THEY worked on it. They offer to replace the brakes, but say it’s not covered under warranty because the cause was attributed to me. Then they say even if they replace the brakes they can’t guarantee it won’t begin shaking again. What horse **!

I just took it to the actual brand dealership of the car to get it serviced who said that Firestone on Parker Rd did an “UNACCEPTABLE” job at replacing my brakes and that they recommended I go back to let them know about it and get the problem rectified. Went back to Firestone to tell them what the dealership service department said and they, again, blame it on me. So that’s over $1000 I’m out of because of Firestone’s incompetence. Wish I would’ve just taken the car to my brand’s dealership in the first place so I didn’t have to pay for them cleaning up the useless work Firestone did. I will never take my car to another Firestone. Take some damn accountability!

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Doug increased rating by 1 star.
After a positive interaction with Firestone Complete Auto Care, Doug increased their star rating on Aug. 6, 2023.

Updated review: Aug. 6, 2023

The district manager called to appologize and schedule a call first thing Monday morning. Resolving this complaint but still disappointed with my experience.

Original Review: Aug. 5, 2023

Set up an appointment for Friday between 12 and 3 pm. Waited until 3 pm without any contact and called support for status. Held on call while the contacted tech which said he would ready out now. (3:30) Called support back at 4:30 as no contact had been made. They attempted to call tech again without response. They then assigned to pool for another tech by 6 pm. No further contact from tech or support and was complete no-show for service. Don't trust this service in Austin area...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care
Response from Firestone Complete Auto Care

Hi Doug, we're very sorry to learn about your experience, and we'd like to ensure that any concerns you have are addressed by the appropriate team. Would you, please, email us at with the details of your visit and your contact information? We value you as a Firestone Complete Auto Care customer, and we hope to hear from you soon. ^Brendan

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Verified purchase

Reviewed July 30, 2023

Took my car there to replace the door handle. When they called me several days later to pick up the car, I found a "green" door handle on my "silver" car. It looked awful. They told me they do not do painting, and that I had to go paint the door handle somewhere else. Besides, I found a "check engine light" sign on the dashboard that was not there before. How can you return a car to a customer with a check engine light without any explanation? I refused to bring the car back to them because I know this is one of their habits, maybe to charge customers more.

They also left a very sticky glu-like liquid on the car that could not be removed after I took the car to the car wash. Had to get it brushed (maybe I should say scratched off) by a car wash attendant. Needless to say, they did not deem necessary to clean the car before I picked it up. All that for a price I would not even want to say here. Please avoid Firestone!!!! The government should really investigate these people, they have hurt too many customers.

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Debbie increased rating by 4 stars.
After a positive interaction with Firestone Complete Auto Care, Debbie increased their star rating on July 25, 2023.

Updated review: July 25, 2023

The manager has agreed to a full refund.

Original Review: July 24, 2023

I took my car in for repairs after my oil was leaking. I paid for a Complete Car Inspection which wasn't done. The informed me I needed an oil filter housing and an oil change. Had they done their job properly especially when they did the oil change they would have seen that there was radiator fluid and metal shavings in the oil. That means I would have needed a head gasket and new engine. Instead they did unnecessary repairs and charged me a ton of money. My car broke down after less than 48 hours of having it "serviced " at Firestone. They refuse to take responsibility for this. They have horrible reviews and subpar service and charging $ for unnecessary service repairs. My car was junked 3 days after service. They never should've repaired my car if they had been honest instead they just wanted my money.

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Reviewed July 23, 2023

Today I visited 3 Firesrone Complete Autocare facilities in Dallas-Fort Worth. 1 of 3 had no Technicians and still opened the door (10 minutes late). Firestone should not operate stores if they cannot sustain a via workforce to operate them. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a store to open and the employee manning the desk says they have no Technicians to help service your vehicle. I'm seriously contemplating taking my business to another complete auto care company.

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Reviewed July 10, 2023

Very rude, the guy’s name is Pedro, after getting my car inside the shop for 1 hour for a flat tire, I asked him very politely if the tire is repairable? He replied “we are working on two cars before yours and we will not drop these cars for your car!!" Then he went on to suggest that I can take my car somewhere else. I am still in shock from such aggressive and arrogant behavior.

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Reviewed June 30, 2023

I have had a Firestone credit card for decades, this year they changed the card to a MasterCard to where you can use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard. I activated the new card and it confirmed its activation and have a $450 balance due. That I always pay on time, and I always pay more than the minimum amount due. I went to make a purchase online at Target, my second purchase with this card and my card was repeatedly declined. Target was of no help, foreign reps could not grasp the problem.

So I called CFNA, more foreign reps. They said they sent me a text and email to confirm my purchase. They said they sent me a verification text to my listed phone number... It was my landline! I said how can I receive a text on the landline, she said, "We called and you did not answer." I said it is because I am not home, how am I supposed to answer my landline if I am not home. Then she claimed that they sent me an email to verify my card (which mind you, I already did when I received it). When she confirmed my email address I told her I haven't had that email for decades. She wanted an alternative email and a textable phone number. I said, "I don’t want you texting or emailing me." I gave them to her anyway, but reiterated they were not to contact me on my private, personal information.

Then she demanded that I send them a copy of my driver's license or they would not reactivate my card. I said I am not doing that, I don't want my personal ID information on yet another computer that can be hacked. I advised her that Oregon Motor Vehicles was just hacked and our photos and state ID numbers and partial SS# were compromised. I told her this is the 5th time my info was breached by a company who claimed to be encrypted. She would not reactivate my card. Tell me this, after $450 in verifiable purchases were they insisting I re-verify the new card, when they activated it over the phone and let prior charge go through.

CFNA needs to lose their banking license. I need my card to keep my car running so I can get to much needed medical appts.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 28, 2023

When I arrived I was greeted by a energetic, polite staff member. However, I was told after my truck was on the rack for 30 mins that they were unable to align, do to the truck having lane keep. My truck does not have lane keep as its a level 1 TRX. Once I explained they put my truck back on the rack and tried again. After some time passed I was told that the right castor angle was unable to adjust further and that I needed to send the truck to a frame shop. A few days later I went to another shop (not Firestone) and had the truck aligned with no problem costing me an additional $200.

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Reviewed June 19, 2023

6/19/2023. Do not take your car here for oil changes. The coupon on their website shows $29.99. I get that some cars use full synthetic oil and use more than 5 quarts (which is their reason for their ridiculous pricing when they finish). My car uses 6.9 quarts of full synthetic oil. My total bill after they applied a $10 coupon on "my behalf" was $171.50. When I asked for an explanation, it was due to the "European Oil Needed" for my car. Ok, they put Penzoil in my car! I called Bmw of Plano and it would have cost me $151.62 at the dealership! The local Kwik Kar in Lucas, Tx gave me a price of $102.85 with the same "European Penzoil". I've never in my life (53 years) paid $171.50 for an oil change. This came from their Allen Tx store located at 600 E. Stacy Rd. If you can't trust them for an oil change, I would never let them work on any of my vehicles.

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Reviewed June 8, 2023

Took my car for repairs and was not treated the same as other customers. Some repairs were not needed and the manager was not interested in giving me the truth about what was needed and when I tried to stop some repairs, he told me he was busy, was overcharged for the repairs and some repairs were not done correctly. The manager was just trying to get as much money as he could and I'm a veteran, was told I had a leak in my hoses which was not true, asked that the manager call me. No call as of today. You can't charge customers for unnecessary repairs, it's unacceptable.

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Reviewed May 26, 2023

The quality of service and parts were very poor. Had to take my car in twice for front brake issues. While waiting for my car on the second visit the manager of the store 006823 was overheard reprimanding one of the service employees for not putting on Enterprise's work orders. They needed tires even if they didn't so it could be removed from one of his reports. Really!!!! On my first visit they talked me into purchasing a lifetime alignment package. I have been calling the corporate office for weeks for a refund with no response. Who would want to go back for free alignments after this type of experience.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed May 22, 2023

I left my car due to brake problems and they told me it was a problem with the alternator, when they changed it all the lights would go off, (everything is recorded) they supposedly changed it and charged me $1,500 dollars and returned the car with the same lights on and they told me that I had to take it to the dealer because they don't fix the brake lights. So why didn't they say that from the beginning? These people stole my money because they called me that my case had been denied. So don't trust them. They are scammer!!!

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Reviewed May 17, 2023

I took my car in for the $9.95 a/c check. I was told my compressor was bad & that my car was a stand-alone year & had to be ordered from Ford. It would be $1300. I agreed to have repaired & then they called me & told me they were mistaken & it was a sensor causing my air to shut off. They said they could not repair it because heater box needed to be pulled out & they don’t have time for that kind of repair. Then I was charged $500 for their time & they repaired nothing so I’m just out $500 & still no air.

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Reviewed March 31, 2023

Firestone Policy, Bridgestone Policy and Rubber Manufactures Assoc all agree the correct way to repair a radial tire is to plug and then patch it. Weston Firestone at 6500 Dykes Road, Southwest Ranches, FL who sold the Road Warranty refuses to honor the repair warranty because the tire had been plugged by a tire store one day before while on the road out of town. National Firestone contacted the store and their reason is "Store policy" not to repair or honor the warranty because it was plugged somewhere else. Local store only wants to sell a new tire and pro rate it. The local Firestone store is making their own warranty terms that is not on the Firestone national site and not in accordance with the written warranty that was bought. Other Firestone store stated they would honor the warranty and patch the tire.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2023

IF 0 STARS WAS AN OPTION, THAT'S WHAT I'D GIVE! On Aug. 25, 2022, we were told we needed to purchase 4 new tires and it was recommended to purchase a lifetime alignment by Rob, the sales representative at the front counter. We agreed and paid $758.69, however, they failed to notify me that the rim was cracked when they put tires on the car. When I took the car back because the tire on the cracked rim kept going flat, I was then notified of the cracked rim and it needed to be replaced. I then got the rim replaced and brought the vehicle back to have the tire they just put on the car replaced. We have been going back and forth since Dec. and they are now failing to replace the 2 rear tires as they are bald. How are 50k mile tires bald in 4 months with only 2k miles on them?

Firestone charged me for 4 "new" tires, yet the rear tires are a different brand, not the brand we purchased. So with that, they charged me for 4 "new" tires, only placed 2 "new" tires on the vehicle and rotated the original tires to the rear, thus why they are bald and now needing replacement. Instead of honoring the purchase, they are refusing and attempting to charge us another $450 for 2 more tires? They then claim an alignment is needed, but didn't acknowledge the lifetime alignment that was purchased on Aug. 25 and paid for Aug. 30? This horrific behavior is known as fraud, theft, fraudulent inducement, violation of DTPA and Consumer laws! I expect this to be rectified IMMEDIATELY!

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2023

If I was able to give zero stars - I would. Don’t trust them anymore. Long time customer of this location, just shy of 20 years. I never really received extremely poor service, most times my husband took car in. This management team does not respect people’s time or concerns. They don’t care if you come back and feel they have cornered the market in auto service. They are taking the Firestone name and dragging it in the mud. They don’t stand by their warranties or word. I purchase four new tires five months before this last incident. Which means everything is under warranty and I purchased extra standard alignment warranty at time of tire purchase. I have been communicating with very nice customer service people in the complaint department over the phone for three weeks and they keep telling me area manager or division manager would call me back. No one has ever called back.

The current scenario: Took four days to fix a tire with a slow leak. Was lied to when I asked about the alignment being completed. Was told alignment was complimentary due to excessive wait. Took vehicle to another location and was given proof work was not done as stated. When I went into location for remedy, I was all but told I was lying. Toby and Tim, both managers, were rude and condescending. Treated me differently than other customers. Told me work would be done in seven days and told person in front of me, work would be completed end of day.

Asked for reimbursement for alignment and balancing and was told by Tim “Why should I have to pay for something you weren’t sure you even needed”. Don’t support this location. Also must mention, those surveys Firestone ALWAYS sends after your recent visit/service . Well, interestingly after three weeks I have not received a survey to tell about my visit. Perhaps they don’t want to hear or perhaps the customer service rankings are already so bad they don’t want to add more complaints. Either way, after 20 years of receiving requests for feedback - I have not received anything!

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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2023

I took my car in to have my CV Axels replaced and they put in the wrong parts and caused my transmission to go out. I had to have my car towed to the dealership the next day. The dealership immediately called to asked who did my axles. The dealership said the wrong axles were installed which ruined my transmission. Firestone of course tried to blame Auto Zone and the dealership, but it ultimately comes down to the tech who installed my Axels. Firestone gave the wrong VIN for the parts. Firestone finally accepted liability and said they would pay 100% of the repairs. The dealership is trying to get payment but can't get ahold of anyone for payment.

Robert the Firestone claims adjuster is not answering his phone or returning calls. I do rideshare for a living, and I am out 3 weeks of wages because of Firestone's mistake. All I get is I'm sorry but sorry doesn't pay the bills. Please do not take your car to them. It is not worth the risk. My 1st experience with Firestone was an alternator problem but they said it was fine and the next day my car died in the middle of a busy intersection. I had it towed to the dealership, and they said it was my alternator. I gave Firestone a 2nd chance at a different location, and they ruined my transmission. 7900.00 in repairs and now they are giving the dealership the run a round on payment after they agreed to. I am looking into getting legal representation.

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2023

Left my car for two days to patch a tire. Tire was patched but low pressure light on dashboard was still on. Had to come back. They fixed that light but then the “check engine soon” light came on. Went back. They said it should go away shortly. Thay light never came on before they “fixed” the other light. Now it won’t pass inspection and they want to charge me $100 for diagnostic for something they broke. Never again will go there, and they are rude.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2023

The store located 7808 Military Highway simply does anything it can to reject business. Told "first come-first service" and no appointment to check brakes prior to Va inspection. Came first serve at 07:30 (no customers) and was told to leave the car they would "try" by late afternoon. Did not inspect the vehicle until the next morning. Failed the vehicle on "steering" on an imagination state requirement. The steering wheel was not "straight enough" although the Va Inspection manual specifically stated failure is on modification, play, or operation. The manager was flippant and felt he did not have to point out to repair and that I needed to take it to the dealer (really). So there is no mechanical reason for the dealer to correct. Waste of customers valuable time.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2023

Everything that I had to get done I had to get redone from another repair shop and they charge me money that I barely could afford and I had to redo it all over again and I'm paying the credit card high interest rates for stuff I had to get redone and I don't think is fair.

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Reviewed Dec. 20, 2022

I went online and bought my daughter 4 tires, I added all the bells and whistles so that she wouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket. This is the first time I have used Firestone since we are new to the Raleigh NC area. I spoke with the shop on Monday and she went in on Tuesday to have the tires put on. When they were finished, they told her she owed them 115.00. She paid them then called me because I have done this for her every year for over 10 years and she never has to pay out of pocket.

So I contacted the store for a 2nd time and they told me that the tire I had purchased to be shipped to the store wasn't in stock and that they chose another tire to ship without contacting me. I wasn't notified at time of purchase on 12/09 and we had to wait for install for it to ship. The store upsold the tire, installed it, and then notified us after the work had been completed that there was a 115.00 difference in price. They got us this time but will never get my business again. If I had been told at time of purchase it wasn't in stock or even when the store got the tire in on Monday the 19th that the tire wasn't what was ordered but they intentionally baited and switched... BAD BAD business practice.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2022

Firestone complete Auto Care at 16556 Bernardo Center Dr. San Diego, CA 92128. This place used to be ExpressTire and got acquired by Firestone. The service is getting worse under Firestone ownership. First of all, they will charge diagnose fee for most of the repair. You have to pay the fee even if they can't fix it. This was one time (6/8/2022), I sent my car for repair of "check engine light", They couldn't fix it and I paid $50. That was a waste of time and money and I had to go to other repair shop to repair and the Firestone's diagnose was useless and Firestone knew that. And I spent time to argue with the service manager, but it got me no nowhere since the manager gave me all kind of reasons not to refund the diagnose charge.

I went there again on 12/10/2022 for replacement of radiator. I called first to get the quote, it quoted as $799. When I went to the service desktop, the manager mentioned they would charge me a diagnose fee and I began to argue with this kind of diagnose fee and saying that if for some reason my car cannot be repaired, can I have the diagnose fee waived? I did not understand his "not so straightforward answer" and later became an argument. Very soon, he told me to go away, he did not want to do business with me. To sum up: do not go to Firestone to do any repair since they may not be able to perform the service you want, and you may lose time and money (diagnose fee) for getting nothing.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2022

I brought my Infinity QX60 into Firestone for 2 new tires and an oil change. Unfortunately the oil change didn't occur and after a few months my oil pump light came on. I brought it to infinity who after research said the oil was sludge and compromised the engine. I had to have it replaced. I filed a claim with Bridgestone and the case manager let me know that the site in Rock Hill, SC did indeed change my oil and since I didn't give them first right to look at the engine they couldn't help me. I told them that when light comes on for something under warranty I bring it to Infinity since it is a newer vehicle. They said they had an invoice showing it was changed but I showed them that the original filter was still in the car which was what the claims person said was changed. The idiot then said that infinity could have said anything to get me to change the engine and they wouldn't cover the cost (Are you kidding me).

Basically this idiot said infinity would just make it up and put a stock filter in to get an engine change. When I told him that he is basically calling Infinity liars he said if I had a problem to send my Lawyer to talk to him. Unbelievable what a piece of crap this guy is. And to top it all off I filed a Better Business Bureau claim against them and the BBB came back and said Bridgestone doesn't take BBB complaints. Then I got a lawyer with experience with Bridgestone and he told me Bridgestone keeps things in courts until consumers quit trying due to the cost of battling them. They would rather piss off consumers and screw them over vs doing what is right I guess. I will never use them again and definitely will ensure nobody I connect with does either. For the 15K they are screwing me over, I guess the best thing I can do is make sure I lose them as much in sales as possible. Plus it puts consumers in a better position working with quality companies.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2022

My alignment and simple all around check turned into a disaster and honestly it all felt like a scam. I always receive a call of something to have fixed other than what my original visit is. I always decline because as a female I typically have to get 2nd sometimes 3rd opinions because it is very common to be taken advantage of. Tanner contacted me and informed me of my battery going low and a few other things. My total would jump from under $15 to over $500. I selected one of the things on his list to go ahead and fix. When I went to pick up my vehicle, it did not start. As soon as I mentioned it to Tanner he did not seemed surprised and simply asked if I wanted a jump.

Long story short, 2 days later, and after another $300+ (and not through Firestone since I refused any further services,) my car finally worked. I did state that it was very funny that all of a sudden it did not work after I was told that it was low. And per 2 other trusted individuals, I believe my battery was not working on purpose, not due to my maintenance on it. Also, any time someone (not aware who,) looked at my battery at Firestone, it was never put back together properly.

My recommendations for anyone, especially women, stay with your vehicle while they work on it if possible. Verify everything has been done properly and do not trust them. This isn't the first time with this company that I have been suggested additional work on my vehicle. Do your research on better options and most definitely someone who is willing to bet you wrong probably for egotistic purposes. Stay woke!

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2022

Updated on 12/08/2022: Again for second time since I filed this complaint someone said I would be contacted and again nothing. How many more times are they going to lie? Firestone completely showed what a bad company they are! Charged me for routers on 1st invoice then on 2nd invoice they claim I refused but mechanic claims he did them for free?

Updated on 12/02/2022: Contacted by Bridgestone thru this review asking for specific info so this could be escalated to regional manager regarding my complaint. That was on November 30th. For the I think 5th time now as I have lost count. That this would be sent to a regional manager and guess what? It is December 1 and not one person has contacted me AGAIN! I guess I need to escalate this myself! I am so tired of this company lying to me and could care less about their consumers and their safety and they're stealing money from people to make a profit for themselves! Do not ever take your car or truck to any Firestone Complete Auto Care as you will regret it!

Original Review: Regarding Firestone: My truck had wheel bearings basically go out. I saw Firestone when driving home and pulled in. Next day they quoted me close to 700 for wheel bearings and brake job. Day after that they call and say spindles we're shot on front, right and left side, price jumped to 1630 for repairs, 799 of it was labor. And that ended up being for one side. They called on Sep 21 to tell me truck would be ready in couple of hours. I at this point still had no clue they had only done one side. It was already getting to be traffic time so I told guy, I would be in in morning. Went in and truck was still on rack in air w/ passenger side wheel not even on truck.

A few hours passed and my son was with me so I asked what issue was. Manager said mechanic was have heck getting spindle off. I was under impression that truck was already fixed. They were doing everything they could to get it off, I asked him what that meant as it was to already supposed to be completed which I never got answer to, he said they were back there grinding on it and would let me know something soon. More hours pass. After some research, I now know they were probably talking about the nut that attaches spindle to a knuckle and a lot of times they just get basically melted together and it's hard to get nut to come off. So manager says, "I'm going to send my guy to a pick and pull and I will eat spindle." My son was sitting right there when manager said this! Meaning as he said he will not charge me.

So again hours are passing and they close at 7, around 6 poor guy in front I kept bugging front store attendant as I was getting very angry because I had not seen one person all day, even touch the truck, we could see it thru window. Guy finally decided to tell me the mechanic that was only one that could do the work had left for day! I was about to explode. So I told guy I was now going to have to pay for a Lyft again to go back home as me and my son were exhausted being there all day. Next morning they call and tell me that truck was done but they couldn't get a spindle but I could come get truck, they would order spindle which would take 4 days to get. I could then come back and they would put it on or I could leave truck another week till they got part. I asked if it was safe to drive, guy said, "Oh yes, only thing is it will wear out your bearings faster and we would be in same situation."

I had my phone on speaker and again my son heard every word. I like most people believe our mechanics like we do our drs. So I go and get truck pay 1630 for other work that was done. 799 in labor and saw they also charged me for two routers I did not give permission to even do. Nor know they needed to be done. They claim they told me well I paid, went home and week later no call so I called they say manager not there, left message for him, he never returned call. Two weeks later, I'm on highway taking my son to chiropractor. Fixing to exit Coit Rd. Brakes completely gave out on me with horrid squeeling sound from pads and was able to go side of highway. Called them, they said they would have it towed to them. Passenger side tire was about to break off, it was leaning! Guy called, told me it was all under warranty and it would be 4 days.

Again every conversation was heard by my son. Two days later manager calls, tells me it's going to be 7 days instead. I again asked him if under warranty, he said yes except spindle and cost would be over 700! I was livid. I said, "What about you supposedly eating spindle?" He said he never said that. I basically had to hang up because I was so mad. Found out with issue like that we could have been killed as that is usually what happens on wheel bearings failure the tires can fly off! I called corporate 3 times, have still not had call back. Today Nov 8th, called Bridgestone, filed my fourth complaint because I have not gotten one call back from corporate whatsoever regarding my complaint! ** The manager finally called back today at around 2:30 said part was a mile away and truck should this operative word should be ready tommorow!

They did not give me my old parts back either as I had requested they do. I also noticed they slipped a piece of paper into original invoice stating I refused left spindle! Complete lie! As with second invoice they slipped another piece of paper in stating I refused routers! I have been charged over 20000 dollars and not sure they even did what they stated they did as far as work done on truck. I will be talking to other mechanic to check what they claimed they did! These people at Firestone are liars and thieves! Why would I have went in and sat all day if I had refused spindle? I have proof of calls and of my Lyft drive and location as to when I was at Firestone and my son as witness as to messages statements!

Also claimed they did not charge me for 2 routers which is not true as it shows on first invoice I was charged for 2 in the amount of 359.98! Truck went in on 9/10/22 then out on 9/22/2022 first time second time went in Nov as supposed spindle just broke on its own? Spoke to manager stating I wanted some of the money back he refused. Firestone should be ashamed as to treatment of consumer as we are ones that pay their bills. I want full refund of second invoice and some off of 1st invoice for all the lies and not doing a good SAFE job which could have killed me and my son whom is handicap having only one leg due to losing his left due to cancer. And I have heart failure and this stress is not good. I am petrified to even drive it now not knowing what they have or haven't done!

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2022

I’m disgusted. I made this appointment 3 weeks ago because I had my brake pad checked at a shop close to home but I was coming to Olympia WA for some business and figure be good timing. Made appoint for 9 am it is currently 11, a few minutes ago, the front desk manager guy came out, said, "Oh after our ‘inspection’ you need new calipers, etc. It’s all gonna cost over 1000 $." I said, "Nope just the oil. I’ll find a place closer to home," still waiting on my car,

I Google this place and read similar experiences. I came here once a while ago but was a younger kid who was awesome. At that time they are efficient and did recommend any nonsense stuff. Do not come here if you're in Olympia on Herron near the Capital. Not only will the manager guy refer to you as my guy a million times but time is a luxury here apparently. So excited me now while I go pay for my overpriced oil change to boot and lost a couple hrs of my time. Do not recommend ever

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Reviewed Oct. 27, 2022

I made an appt. on Firestone's website for my state's required vehicle inspection in order to renew my registration. Once there at the service center, the person assisting me at the counter provided me with a quote of $30.00. When I went to check out, it was $40.00. The difference was a $10.00 charge to inspect my windows for tint. My state's required inspection checklist ONLY requires window tint inspection if the tint was applied AFTER market. I purchased my car brand new with no window tint and I have never added or changed anything to my windows after I purchased it.

I would have expected if they were going to charge me extra on top of the quote they provided, they should have addressed it BEFORE beginning the inspection and asked me about my windows. Lastly, $30.00 is not customary for a state inspection as after my visit to Firestone, I shopped around and found other non Firestone service centers much less expensive. Won't be going back to Firestone.

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