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Bought a hardtop convertible. Ad says car was in perfect shape. Be assured this car is perfect... Well it arrived and convertible does not work. Took it to Chrysler and they find hydraulic fluid in the trunk and under the backseat... $2,200. Talked to seller and they say that can't be. We replaced the pump... Ooops. Anyway called eBay. Motor vehicle specialist didn't even know what a convertible was. Really? Filed a claim. They reject it. Escalated it and they point me towards a clause that says option associated with a trim package are not covered. OMG. I guess a hatchback would be a trim package option.

My only recourse is bad feedback but if you read you know there is no way that does anything. I have bought 4 cars so through them so guess 75% is as good as it gets. I would recommend not buying without inspection... I would also at this point say eBay doesn't have qualified people or anything close to what they say they do for buyer protection.

eBay has a feedback system where buyers can give sellers a feedback; whether positive, negative or neutral. This method is supposed to give buyers an idea about how trustworthy each seller is. Well, this method is fraudulent and misleading because sellers can remove the feedback they don't like by claiming that the particular buyer (who wrote the negative feedback) didn't pay them. By opening a "no payment" case with eBay, the seller can remove the negative remarks and put a negative mark on the buyer's account (i.e. form of retaliation).

I contacted eBay about this car that I bought from a dealer in FL who had a 100% positive feedback on eBay when the car had numerous unlisted defects. eBay didn't do anything to protect me. They said that they will only intervene if the car was a total wreck and couldn't be driven. When I gave the seller a negative feedback, he opened a "no payment" case against me and was able to remove my feedback, even though that I paid him by a wire transfer, in full. I sent copies of all of my documents to eBay to prove my case, but the most they did was removing the negative mark from my account. I was not able to write a feedback on the seller who continues to enjoy a 100% positive feedback on his account and continues to run away with his lies.

I was recently shopping around for a car. I found this beautiful car on an app called "OfferUp". I messaged the seller and he said he posted the car for his sister and gave me her gmail. I emailed her asking about the vehicle which was listed for $1000 and this is what she replied to me with. "Hi, I have received your email regarding the 2003 Nissan Murano SE. The car has 87k miles, 3.5L V6 engine. The car is in perfect condition with clear title, no accidents, no liens or loans and it has just been completely serviced. The engine runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The price for the car is $1,000 (including delivery and handling to your address). I'm selling this car because my child of only 23 years died 2 months ago in a bike accident, the car belonged to my son and it brings me bad memories and that's the reason I want to sell it.

"Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through eBay Motors (Buyer Protection Program), so if you're interested in purchasing the car just reply me your full name, full address, phone number and email address so I can notify eBay. Once that is done, they will contact you in the next 12 hours to explain the entire procedure".

eBay Motors emailed me telling me about the deal and how they would hold the money and I'll have 5 days to decide if I wanted it or not and if not they would pick the car back up free of charge with full refund. So I emailed the seller asking for a mobile number so me and my dad could talk to her and she said she was around her boss and couldn't talk on the phone. Then I asked the next day (today) if she could provide me with a number. Her excuse this time was that she was at work and couldn't talk on the phone. I asked her when her next off day would be and she told me that she only get 3 days off each month 10, 11, 12. She started to tell me to let her know whether or not I wanted to go through with the deal because she had 3 other potential buyers.

I did some research on Google real fast and was like "If I purchase a vehicle online through eBay motors and don't receive the vehicle could I sue?" Then ConsumerAffairs came up and I was going through a couple stories and found one very similar to mines. Same bad memory of child's death story. Only difference is they used 26 and this person used 23. So I contacted eBay customer service and let them know what was going on through their company. If it wasn't for ConsumerAffairs I would have been out of $1000. Don't fall for the spams guys.

We purchased the 97-10 Ford Explorer Mercury Mazda 4.0L SOHC Engine Timing Chain Kit VIN E K #**. Purchased on Jan 16th 2016. Went bad August 6th 2016. Warranty stated 1 year. Contacted the seller and they have refused to reply and ignored several attempts to resolve this. When we tried to repurchase the product the seller (topcn-autoparts) had already blocked us. Clearly they intended to sell bad product and then not warrant them when they fail. Stay away from topcn-autoparts ON EBAY. THEY ARE VERY BAD SELLERS AND CROOKS!

We were told as seller with service case # ** by Resolution supervisor to call on certain day and the case will be closed in our favor. Of course we called twice after that phone call to make sure that is what it says in the system. Was told "yes that is true" and when we called that day, resolution department doesn't want to honor this promise which we have the Service request number and left us with no choice at all. Don't trust Ebay supervisors and don't trust them whey they give you case # which doesn't mean anything. Bunch of non-reliable people. Amazon is much better.

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I bought an RV off Craig's list which cost me $2000 dollars. Then was told l needed to send another $1500 to cover the shipping cost for insurance but would get it back. Well guess what - no RV and no more money. Now the same RV is showing up in Columbus Ohio for same price and same number to call. Have filed complaint and waiting to file charges.

A week ago I decided to look on Craigslist for a truck. I did find a 2003 Blk Silverado 1500 for $1,800, 114165 thousand miles. The whole nine... Clear title, great paintwork, garage kept. While checking the ConsumerAffairs site I saw a comment from another person who actually had the same experience as I did. Below is the email I received from a Barbara **... the seller. Everything was all a LIE! Please read below...

"I have received your email regarding the 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT with only 114165 miles. The truck is in perfect condition with clear title, no accidents, no liens or loans and it has just been completely serviced. Never had or need any paint/body work done, garaged keep always, without any mechanical problems, tires and wheels are in great shape as well, electric is working perfectly. The engine runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The price for the truck is $1,800 (including delivery and handling to your address).

I'm selling this truck because my child of only 26 years died 2 months ago in a bike accident, the truck belonged to my son and it brings me bad memories and that's the reason I want to sell it. Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through eBay, so if you're interested in purchasing the truck just reply me your full name, full address and phone number, so I can notify eBay. Once that is done, they will contact you in the next 24 hours to explain the entire procedure."

If it wasn't for the comments on ConsumerAffairs I probably would have been scammed by this person. I received at least 5 emails from her. She came across extremely anxious. She told me that I will receive an email or call from eBay motor in 24 hrs, the email came about 30 mins later no calls. Something about the contract seemed fishy, no credit card required (red flag). I leave a paper trail with any contract dealing with money. I'm thankful for this site. Fortunately I lost no money but want to warned anyone checking Craigslist looking to spend your honest money on pathetic criminals. Be extremely careful if it sounds too good it probably is. This person has to be danger who uses a lie about a child death to scam hardworking people out of their hard earned money.

I "purchased" a car from a eBay seller who was rated very highly on her profile WITH eBay. Ada ** was stationed in Hickman AFB in Hawaii and her car she was selling was located in Offutt AFB in Nebraska. I ran a check on the Vin # of the car and it was indeed owned by military personnel and was located in Nebraska. I also checked with eBay customer service who assured me that this was a LEGIT offer and that I was indeed covered by the buyer/seller protection plan. (I have copies of all the emails.) I sent my money, it was tracked and confirmed received, and I was notified that the car was in transit. I would be notified by the transport when they were close to my location so I could sign the paperwork and take ownership of the car.

NO CAR - NO REIMBURSEMENT... Don't trust anyone from the military who is selling their car and DON'T TRUST EBAY MOTORS!!! I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the NCDOJ. I called the consumer services number for eBay and the lady verified she worked for eBay. But when she found out I wanted to talk to her supervisor regarding this transaction, she hung up. I'm beginning to think eBay has a hacker who works on their payroll. They need to clean house and clean up their act. Shame on you eBay Motors!

When looking at cars or other parts, you list a price, then put your best offer. I have bid on several cars when they have a reserve set, then when it gets down to the last 5 minutes and I am high bidder, the item is said pulled by seller. Then a week or 2 later same car with a higher reserve is on it. Also if an item is priced at example $100 OBO, if I want to bid $75, it says must enter $101 to bid. That's not proper business nor is that what you are advertising. You are advertising that the item will go to highest bidder when there is no reserve. If it's $100 reserve, then say so.

The seller eBay handle Autotowncars AKA Dealership Name Globe Trading Financing Inc. AKA seller's actual name Ignatios ** is a crook who lied and scammed and robbed me. I bought a car he had listed on eBay. The ad said it was in "excellent condition." He told me I had to leave feedback before he would ship my car. He wanted me to leave feedback on something I had not received. This was the first red flag. I contacted eBay immediately. They said that was not right nor allowed. I contacted eBay also before sending my cashier's payment to the business Globe Trading Financing Inc. They assured me protection under their vehicle protection program. I felt reassured and then decided to mail my payment. Had I had known all of what transpired I would have never done such a thing.

I decided to drive 15 hours away to Florida to see this car that I was not allowed to have unless I left feedback. So I drove out there to see it. When I got to the dealership the dealer said my car was at a storage facility thirty min away and man who sold it to me was over not there. Upon further research and a little driving around I saw my car parked right around the corner. So they lied. I called eBay again to tell them what was going on - they agreed this was suspicious. I called the man and we wanted to meet him at his lot 3 PM. I went and waited by the car that was never moved. At 3 PM I walked over there. This man was never present. The other man Michael had the title in his hand. I asked for it and he handed it to me. He got the keys and walked over to the car that was there all along.

They had to jump it to start it. All these lights in the dash were on. The overheating light, the ABS light, the airbag light. It finally started and was on almost no fuel. We wanted to test drive it. We needed gas in it. So we told him we were driving it to the gas station to get gas. When I say we I am referring to me and my mother. My mother was with me the whole time.

First of all this car's ad says it was in excellent condition. It most certainly is not. The inside of the passenger door panel is all falling off. The bottom of the car is rusted out. The back window seal is not a seal - it's more like some thick glop of black goo all around it. It has sun damage on paint. It feels like it is going to fall apart when you drive it. The passenger door will not open. The key gets stuck in the ignition. The brakes feel like they don't work and are about to completely not work at all. It barely can stop. It will not drive in D, only in T which I have no idea why. It is leaking coolant everywhere, overheating and I have no idea what else is wrong with it. It is a complete lemon car. I think it needs something underneath because it literally feels like it is going to fall apart.

I knew immediately I do not want this hunk of junk. Then the car died at the gas station while getting gas. I called the police because when I called the man and told him I do not want it he won't respond to me. The police come and I meet them at the dealership. I drove the rental over. My mom stayed with the crappy broke down car at the gas station. The police officer told me this was a civil matter and unfortunately because the lack of laws in Florida regarding vehicles this happens all the time. This was the first time I got to meet this man as he was across the street at another dealership hiding. I begged and pleaded for him to give me my money back that I am a mother of three children and I needed a car that was reliable not something like this that is pretty much just a lemon car. I paid over 4,000 after everything was said and done. For what? To be ripped off!

Then I left and my aunt called me, told me about buyers remorse. Said I had three days to change my mind, told me to call the police back. I called the police back. This time I got the guy's legal name. The whole time he was avoiding telling me. I even questioned it with eBay who said it was okay because they were a dealer. Well now I know his legal name Ignatios **. If I had known that prior I could of googled him. I googled his business and could not find anything negative. But I googled his name after finding it out and turns out he has three other rip off reports on him.

Again I was told it was a civil matter. I then was looking over the title with my mom later that evening and realized he did me dirty that way too. On the title the dealer can reassign it up to three times. The last time was where he signed as the seller and left it blank for me the buyer. However the reassignment just above that was where carfax was the seller and sold it to his dealership. The problem is he never signed as the purchaser for that transaction. It was left blank. So technically according to this title he sold me something he didn't even own. The sale was void. I didn't want this vehicle anyway. I tried texting and calling about it and he just threatened me.

The last time I was at the dealership he told the cops he wanted no trespassing put on me because I brought the police to his business multiple times and it was not good for business. I never felt so much anger towards someone before. I did not lash out at him or curse. Instead I cried my eyes so hard my chest hurt. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I could not believe someone could be so cold I was in such disbelief. I was angry and hurt. I hope no one ever has to feel the way I did. It was completely horrible.

I went up to the police station and asked them if an officer could accompany me back to the dealership so I could show him the title and get my money back since it was not a valid sale or get him to sign it so I could at least resell or fix this junk vehicle. The police officer told that it was a civil matter and he would not send an officer with me. I told him about the no trespassing. I did not want to go to jail. That was the only thing that could make this nightmare worse.

The police officer literally told me that there are 298 officers in the town and everyone does things their own way. That there was a 50/50 chance of me being arrested. I could not believe this. I had to try. I took my mom with me and we went up there later on. What happened next was even worse. I went up there and asked for my money back. He told me no and I wasn't suppose to be there. I told him he hadn't signed the title the sale was not valid. He reached out for it. I asked him to sign it and make it a legitimate sale so I could at least get tags when I got home. The tag company I went to in Florida said he had to sign it so I could get tags.

He didn't give the title back to me. He told me to leave or I would be arrested for trespassing. He kept the title. So now I have a broke down lemon car and no title. I called the MVA in my state and I need the title to tag the vehicle no exceptions. I have notified the department of motor vehicles in Florida of his illicit business practices and hopefully they will go after his bond. He ripped me off of over $4000. It was not right. It was not fair.

I have notified eBay relentlessly and have been seeking their help as well. I have notified the Better Business Bureau, the federal consumer protection agency, the internet crimes division, the police, the social media, the press, and I have sought after legal counsel. I stand by my feedback and this seller should not even be allowed on eBay and has no business selling cars either. I hope he loses his business license after this. To know I am not the first person to be scammed by this man is very sad. I hope I can prevent this from happening to others. I pray he finds God and one day changes his ways. I have been praying on this and that is the only thing helping me through this nightmare.

I would like to be refunded for the $299 deposit I paid via PayPal with a credit card, the $3546 cashiers check I provided, the shipping cost of $495- cashiers check (cost of shipping the vehicle from Fort Lauderdale to Maryland), and the cost of my hotel stay in Fort Lauderdale $199 via credit card, cost of the vehicle rental to drive to Fort Lauderdale to pick my car up which was $81.84 via credit card and the gas to and from which rounded down is $200.00. I am asking for a refund of $4,820.84. If I cannot be refunded for the hotel stay, rental car and gas I understand but I think it is more than fair I be at least refunded the full total price I paid for the vehicle plus the shipping charges I had to incur which totals $4,340.00. eBay should refund me.

They tried saying because the vehicle is over 10 years old it isn't covered. I don't have a title. It should be covered. They promised protection all along and made me feel safe and secure about this transaction and now they are not helping. eBay stop helping criminals defraud people and instead stand behind your consumers you promise to protect.

I made mistake and ordered one of these cheap HID kits from "trusted" eBay seller. One of the ballasts didn't work right away so I had to buy replacement from my local store (didn't have time to wait for replacement shipped from eBay), while another lasted only 2 rides and died off as well. Bulbs came without reflector housings - meaning I ended up blinding all drivers in the area. The whole kit was of much worse quality than I expected, even though I didn't hope for much. I ended up buying both new ballasts and DIY reflectors and spent hours and extra $ just trying to make the whole thing work, which is way far from advertised plug and play design. This kit was major disappointment and headache. On top of everything seller refused to issue a refund and closed the case for me so that I couldn't even leave the feedback. Whatever you do beware of usautopart4u scam!

I seen this ad on Craigslist for a 2004 Honda Accord. With 86,000 miles for only $1500. So I email them about it. ** she told me that her husband and son was in a car wreck and both of them died. She wanted to sell that car because it brought back too many memories. That I need to send my name, my address and phone number. So I did and not even 5 mins I received a email from eBay motors. Say I needed to download the invoice and read it. So it had a place where I could chat with somebody. The name popped up as Anna **, she gave me more info and I downloaded the invoice. It said I needed to buy 3 $500 iTunes cards and send them a picture of it which I did not.

So later on I was to ask more info just to see if I would talk to somebody different. Nope same person's name popped up Anna **.. So I asked her why the iTunes cards and she said that they have a contract with Apple blah blah blah... I told if the car wasn't what I wanted then I couldn't return the cards and she said that they would send a check or money order. Then I told her that it's just weird that I ended up talking to her again I never get anybody else. Then told her that I was going to contact the BBB and then she left the chat. No reply, no nothing... This is so a scam so don't do it... Because I was about to do it and I would of been out of $1500. Something needs to be done to whoever this is. We work hard for our money and she is just sitting there sucking in all these people's money. SMH.

Please read this. This is a scam with a lot of victims! I replied to an ad on Craig's list for a 2007 Honda CRV. Jessica ** replied back and said her son of only 26 years died in a bike accident, that the car belonged to him and brought her bad memories. She told me she only wanted $2,000.00 for the car with only 93,000 miles on it. She said that it was in eBay motors warehouse #11 in Lynnwood Washington and that someone else had agreed to purchase the car from out of state and it would be shipped to me at no additional charge, as she had already paid shipping for that person. She said her and her husband travel for work and the deal would be done through eBay motors for the protection of both me and her.

I agreed to purchase the vehicle from her and an email from a FRAUDULENT eBay motors was sent with instruction to purchase $2,000.00 in eBay gift cards, which they required I pay for in cash, no debit or credit cards to cover their criminal tracks. Luckily I did no such thing after I read some of the reviews on this website from people who have already given her money for the same car, and other vehicles she is scamming people with. I want everyone to know that I have contacted the FBI on the behalf of all the people who have given this woman their money, and I strongly, strongly suggest that anyone who has been victimized by her do the same at fbi.org/contact us. Scroll down on the page until you see a link for their internet crimes division.

Give them any information, no matter how vague, that you have, what website you found her posting on, her phone number, her email address, a description of what happened, how much money she took from you, the name of this website where they can find more victims, anything you can give them. If the FBI receives enough of these complaints they will be forced to make this case a priority and the sooner you will get your money back and she will be brought to justice. This makes me very angry that any human would concoct such a vile lie in order to steal from trusting and empathic citizens. I really hope all of you that have been scammed, and those who are about to be scammed do as I did and contact the FBI. You don't need a lawyer, once she is in prison where she belongs you will be reimbursed. The best way to make sure that happens is to contact the FBI directly, and remember don't go after eBay motors.

What she sent you was not from them. It was a FRAUDULENT email, eBay motors had nothing to do with this scam. I wish you all the best, and together we can get justice. God bless you, and be careful. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Even if they use such evil methods to fool you. Be well, and good luck I've got your back and I will help you fight to ensure she meets the justice she deserves! One more thing, it is very important that you KEEP ALL receipts, emails, and any other evidence you might have!

My wife and stepdaughter purchased a vehicle advertised on the eBay Motors website and the ad stated that the transaction was covered by their Buyer Protection Plan. All steps were followed, yet the vehicle never arrived. eBay claims it was a scam and won't honor their Buyer Protection Plan as stated on the web page.

I recently bought a '54 Lincoln on Ebay that turned out to be a piece of junk and "not as described". I have bought cars & motorcycles on Ebay before & had good luck but this is an awful car that no one would buy if they could inspect it in person. I have sent 4 requests on the Vehicle Protection Plan and have not received any acknowledgement from Ebay and they simply disappeared as if they didn't exist. I sent 2 copies to my email address but they are just copies of my complaint. I can't believe there has been no response.

Ordered incorrect visors and asked for exchange or refund. Customer service was very helpful and cordial in directing me to the correct process for returning my item. Very pleased with the help, since it was my fault for ordering visors for the wrong model cab on our truck. Giving a five star rating!

A friend of mine who is 75 and otherwise homeless asked if I would finance a motor home he had seen on eBay. The price was $2000 - the amount had to be sent in PayPal cards. We stupidly sent it. The same afternoon we were asked to send an additional $1500 as 'insurance' if we wished for the vehicle to be delivered. On checking this wonderful site, we thankfully discovered that many others have suffered similar fate. Any lawyers out there willing to take on this obviously ongoing scam before thousands more are harmed? I would like the people at eBay Motors to know that as a result of this, not only have I lost $2000 but a 75 year old man is now homeless.

I own this car on 6/4/2015. Called eBay before purchasing cuz I felt a little worried about some of the emails I got after purchasing for topsandwheels. I was told that, "Don't worry about it, just pay them we got you covered. If it comes there and is not as advertised then we will take care of it." HAHAHA. Well it got here and the car was the biggest pile of crap ever. The transmission was out, the power steering was out, and many other things. I called the owner, they said that they will take care of it. 2 weeks later nothing. Call eBay and they said "well, there's nothing they can do because it's over 10 yrs old." I should have had a mechanic check it out, like it's my fault the seller is a crook. Just called today because the seller STILL hasn't paid to get the car fixed and refuses to answer the phone. So I looked him up on the internet and he has an F rating with the BBB but eBay won't do a thing to stop him.

This is to all using eBay Motors. It is a scam and not with eBay.

I have reported this seller tons of times in the last 8 months to eBay about the shill bidding. I have called eBay Motors and reported them over the phone a number of times also. It is plain as day what goes on with every car they sell daily. I even showed the person I was talking to at eBay Motors on the computer as we talked. They all are in agreement yet NOTHING has been done to stop it. They sell cars on Cars.com with a posted price which is a good thing. On eBay they list them with no reserve yet they have a lot of different shill bidders running the prices up on unsuspecting buyers. It is a crime and they need to be prosecuted for the actions. At the very least they should be removed from eBay once and for all. Thank you for this chance to let consumers know that there are bad sellers on eBay Motors and this one has to one of the worst.

This is the first time that I have used eBay motors and my last. I listed my motorcycle with complete details as to its condition, location, and where I would ship to. As offered by eBay, I required a $100 deposit within 48 hours and full payment within 4 days. I contacted the buyer congratulating him on winning the bid and reminded him that a $100 deposit was due in 48 hours, no reply. 48 hours came and went and no reply. I contacted eBay and was told that the deposit did not mean anything and I had to wait the 4 days if he did not pay full, and to then to file a nonpayment claim then. What good is a deposit requirement if it is not enforced?!? 4 days came and went and still no reply or payment so I made a non-payment claim.

Later that day, I received an email from the buyer stating that they did not want the motorcycle because: it was too far away and they did not want to pay shipping and that it needed work, all of which was extremely detailed in my listing. What a moron. I sent a message to eBay concerning the claim containing the buyer's email assuming that it was now resolved and I could relist the motorcycle, was I ever wrong!!! I received an invoice from eBay the next morning for the fees on the item that WAS NOT PAID FOR AND THE BUYER SAID THAT HE DID NOT WANT.

I called eBay AGAIN questioning the invoice since the item is not really sold and was told that even though I sent eBay proof that the buyer is NOT going to pay for the item, I cannot do anything until after the claim runs its course and can be closed 7 days later, I could not even close it myself. And if I cancelled the transaction (which is the only way I can relist), I would have to pay this fee. I will have to close the claim in 7 days to get a refund on the fee and not before, and if I do not close it within 37 days the fee will stand. This is because per eBay's instructions, I filed an unpaid item claim when the buyer said that they were not going to pay. This locks the item for 7 days even if the resolution is prior. So I cannot relist the item OR even send a second chance offer to other bidders who did not win the auction because this moron screwed me.

As I suspected, the seller pays eBay but the buyer gets the protection. If a transaction goes smooth and the seller pays, there is no problem. But if the buyer changes their mind, the seller gets screwed. Keep in mind that if a buyer does NOT pay, you MUST file a claim to receive a refund on the fees and this will prevent you from doing anything with the item for at least 7 days. Not only that but a seller cannot leave negative feedback about the buyer in this situation so the buyer can keep playing games with others. So in essence, eBay offers the seller nothing and the buyer everything even though the SELLER is paying for the auction. It's pretty bad when Craigslist is a better option. I hope this helps anyone who may be considering using eBay to sell.

I purchased a used travel trailer that when received I noted it was full of rotten wood and water damage. I contacted Ebay who said, too bad, this item was not covered by the warranty. The trailer had been in FLOOD. I contacted them again, who said, the item would have been covered by the warranty had you told us the title of the item said FLOOD VEHICLE. Well they did not give me a multiple choice where I would know WHAT WORDING I had to use to get a reimbursement.

Please note my feedback is based on what was for me, an incredibly emotional and disappointing pre-owned purchase experience. I attempted to buy a pre-owned car from First Acura in Seekonk Massachusetts in mid-February 2015 on Ebay. Based on the written and verbal description of the car as well as my excitement, I made the choice to wire transfer the full purchase amount to the salesperson. After my decision to send the full amount, which clearly was a mistake on my part, I discovered a potential mileage discrepancy problem on the vehicle as reported by Carfax.

It is my opinion this information should have been disclosed upfront and the salesperson and or dealership more transparent about a fact that could have a significant impact of the resale value of the pre-owned vehicle they were attempting to sell. Once I discovered the potential mileage discrepancy reported by Carfax, I attempted to get a full refund on my purchase and instead felt bullied by the salesperson who did not return any of my calls but did respond via email once. Out of my own desperation, I agreed to forfeit more than a $2,500 deposit in order to secure the rest of my funds.

I attempted to utilize the VPP service and they were not interested in learning more facts related to my concerns (i.e. email correspondence). I feel as if I did everything to get a refund, to include escalating the situation to two different managers on duty and am embarrassed I was not smarter and did not run the Carfax report prior to wiring my funds and for believing in trust and transparency. An expensive lesson for sure.

I purchased a vehicle off ebay Motors in Dec 2014 and never received a title for the vehicle rendering it useless and illegal in my state. I filed a claim under ebay's Vehicle Purchase Protection in Jan 2015 (through Auction Insurance Agency in Birmingham, AL - who are under contract to ebay) and still have not received payment for my loss (in the thousands). They do nothing but delay and delay - Avoid ebay and its VPP - I've reported both to the FBI, FTC and the state insurance agency. Also be forewarned: ebay, once a claim is filed under VPP, DELETES the entire seller and ebay item from their site making it difficult for the buyer to follow-up - total sham.

I had wanted to buy a 2003 Honda Accord 4 door automatic ex. I had paid for the car at the money gram 1500$ then later on eBay motors said I needed 1000$ to insure the car to get it shipped. Then I can't get in touch with eBay motors by phone or email. Please call or email me. Please return my money back.

I found a car on eBay and the ad stated "Pristine Classic Cars". The car was listed as everything works even the clock. The clock was about the only thing that worked, all original paint and garage kept, ice cold A/C with 62K miles and the Co. has 100% positive response back. Was that all a false! The ac did not work, the heater core was disconnected so no temperature control, the carburetor had been replaced and needed to be replaced again. The radiator was rusted and needed to be replaced along with a hose and the radiator core could not be reused as a core. The spark plugs were all fouled and the wires needed replacing, the chrome on the bumper was stained and the Lincoln grill and hood ornament were bubbles and peeling. The radio and cassette did not work, the leather seats were all cracked a dye and the door storage compartment covers were off and in the back seat.

The paint was said to be original. Some was but there was over spray on the pinstripes, chrome. Windows and the cruise control button was missing and I was promised a button which the ad said was on order but it is not available unless you can fund new old stock somewhere in old inventory or online and worst of all a cracked windshield which had been fixed and could only be fixed by replaced by a new windshield. I tried to work it out with the owner I had been dealing with: Michael Calhoon and I ask him to fix the car, exchange the car or return my money and he offered me $200 plus a heater core. I have spent over $2000.00 to get it running and I have estimated for approx. $4000 to $5000 to get into the shape to compare to what the ad stated on eBay and on www.mjcclassiccars.com, his website.

I did not see any negative postings until after I purchased the car and mainly from the 100% positive posting. And I was told the I had to wait on delivery because his mechanic had to check it out to make sure it was ready, what a joke. In my day there were dishonest companies but not like I have seen, MJC classic cars. I called and sent certified mail to eBay and eBay won't respond. Why should anyone buy on eBay when they don't weed out the crooks!

I've seen a car they had on Craigslist. So I respond to the owner of the vehicle, which he said the car was for sale and if I was interesting in buying it and I told him yes and he told me he would need my name and address which I gave it to him. He then text me saying that the vehicle was at eBay storage. Ebay contact me saying that I have to send $2,000 three Western Union which I did. Then eBay contact me back saying they have received my money and that the car would take 3 days and that they would deliver it to my front door.

So eBay contact me again saying that I would have to send $1,000 more for insurance and I told him that wasn't the agreement that the owner of the car said. The owner told me that he would take care of getting the car to me and I have 5 days to see if I like the car and if I don't to send it back to him he would take care of paying for it to come back. Ebay contact me again saying that the phone line was down and won't be back up until Sunday. I tried to get back with the owner and eBay neither one is responding back to me. What should I do? All I want is my money back.

I went to this site. I was directed to another site that lead me to some site that privately owned people had used cars for sale in different states. So I picked the area closest to me and I am a single mother with 4 small children and have to walk them to school everyday and catch the bus to work and have to pay so called friends $20 to go a few miles to get to important places to be on time since my mother died who was my only help. So I seen this car that fit my budget contacted the seller. She said she was in the air force and that the car belonged to her father who died of cancer and that the car brought memories and she needed to sell so I agreed.

So she emailed me back saying we are going to handle everything through ebay motors. Got 3 emails from them. I didn't send money. Something seemed funny cause I got emails from ebay before and when it comes to money I'm do my research first. Then I came to this site. Reading these emails confirms the suspicions I had so I thank y'all for putting this out to warn others. I'll definitely warn others and I thank God for giving me the ability to be a thinker and guiding me with my mom as well. Sorry for y'all lost hope. Y'all get blessed again.

Let me start by saying, it pains me to have to put in a complaint for any business, but eBay has gotten so bad at what it use to do without any problems. Now, is a bad joke! Last time the person I talk to could hardly speak English and all I got was a lot "sorry." Okay, I found myself finding it hard to understand what was being said because I could not get my point across. Total waste of time for the both of us! Next, I spend six days watching and bidding on a truck I wanted. Then I win, only to find myself not able to pay for it because this is what I see: item in red, reads "shipping fee's not specified." First, there is no shipping! This has happen again and again to me. Each time, it cost me 15-30 minutes just to be told it's a problem on their end! Now after three times, you would think things would have been fixed by now. NOT!!!!

Took two days to get a simple book paid for. Took me having to go to my own bank and do a wire transfer, and believe it or not, turn out that truck had a bad problem.The only good was the guy returned my money, but only after two and a half weeks! How get this, Me eBay, still to this day, shows this truck not paid for!!! I have ask and ask for them to take it off. Nothing happens. Only, "I'm sorry." Next, today, after winning the bid (for another truck), sure enough, I cannot pay for the truck. I just got off the phone with the guy I won it from and I told him I would pay him in full. eBay said that's not going to happen, today but did offer to let me pay a down payment. That would do nothing for this guy I just won the truck from. He wasn't paid, and paid now! Next, I call them up (eBay), wait again, then put on hold. Are you kidding me!

Next, another person as me to hold (again, I'm on hold). After some time, I then am put through to auto department, you think! Hold on for this, you are not going to believe me - "I'm sorry, the problem is on our end." You think? "We are sorry," I'm told, "but we will let you pay a $500 dollar deposit and we ask the seller after we hang up with you, and tell them it's on our end." I then tell them, "I'm sorry, but I need to pay the whole amount. "Sorry," they say, "but you cannot at this time do that. But we are sorry for the problem we've caused you." I then tell them (the eBay person I've been talking to) that yes, it would be a really good idea that they call the seller I've just won the truck from on eBay, and hope for the best. Unacceptable!!! After more than five years, things have changed not to the good, but to the worse! It didn't take long before you guys give us out to the wolves!

Now car dealerships charge us for their listings, only to turn around and pass onto us, charge it back to whoever wins the auction!! Dealer fees, paperwork, DMV so-called fees, fees for filling out the paperwork for you, so to speak, right!! Or a $20-80 dollar fee for so-called temp tag! Or cleaning fee (you got to love that one). Who sells something without cleaning it? I'm thinking, I'm done. You already have my bank account info and it's end date! And you get paid very well for me buying or selling that now, you decide if and when I can pay with my own money, when I can or cannot buy anything! The problem - on your end!!! My money - I should be able to spend it when I find the need for anything I may or may not want to buy!

A month, still same message: "Please fix the items in red." YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER AND I LOST ANOTHER TRUCK!!!! Thanks for teaching me... Be careful who you trust, because they may just not care! Thanks for teaching me..... Be careful who you trust, because they may just not care! It's about them, and what they can get out of you! Last, what was once a good place to shop and buy has turn into something really bad!! You guys started out strong, but then something happened and it's still not fixed. It's not even close to what it use to be!

EBay had a car for sale, no reserve for parts. Watched auction for 2 weeks. As time counted down by day, then hour, then minute, I put in bid with one minute left for $501. All of sudden got email that item had been listed wrong and seller would have to re-list it. Next day I checked auction, 3 hours after I got email, another buyer got car for $550 dollars. But car was never re-posted for more bids and no new description was shown, so evidently, it's who you know at eBay gets you products, according to my experience!

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