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Almost four years ago, June 2012 I bought a 2003 Dodge Durango SLT. Great rig. Love it. About a year and a half after I got it, I started having problems. Loud knocking in the engine. I had the check engine light tested, said cylinder 4 misfire. Not sure why. I replaced a few things, still nothing. Took it to Dodge dealership, they were going to charge me a diagnostics fee for looking at it. Not less than an hour later they called back and said I would need a new engine.

Pretty much has been sitting since then. It's to had cause it's a beautiful rig. Nearly perfect interior and one small dent on back bumper. A few months ago did some diagnostics stuff on the engine. Started it up and pulled the plugs from each spark plug, out of the 8 cylinders only half of them changed the RPMs. My understanding is that is no good. I don't have money to fix this and still am paying on a loan. Thankfully only about a year and some change left on it. Anyone else have a similar issue? Recommendation on what to do?!!

I purchased a new Dodge Durango Limited for nearly $45k. I was happy with my previous Dodge Durango (2006) and was hoping for the same experience. I was wrong!!! I have followed recommendations and at 16,000 miles the service technician reports to me that I will soon be needing new tires. WHAT??? What they don't tell you is that your tires on the OEM (new vehicle) are not warrantied by the manufacturer - Kumho. This KL21 tire is warrantied for 60,000 miles if you buy it from Kumho, just not on a new vehicle. This makes absolutely NO SENSE. It is poor quality and Dodge could care less. They are not helpful and wash their hands of it. Details such as this should be in BOLD print on the window sticker when shopping for a vehicle. I feel cheated & robbed!!! Shame on DODGE. Shame on Kumho.

We purchased our Durango November 2013 and were completely in love. Fast forward two years, we go to get in the car and it is completely unresponsive to the key. Will not lock or unlock, certainly cannot start the car. We call a tow truck driver who shows us how to override the key and we are able to drive it home. The next day we got start the car, same issue. Except now the car will not do anything. No lights coming on, like it has a completely dead battery. We take it into the dealership and they tell us it has a recall on the alternator. They make the repair and send us home.

Two days later - same issue. Car will not recognize key. Have car towed in again. This time they keep it for a week. They decide the frequency module is faulty and replace it. Everything seems fine. Well here we are two months later - go to start the car and same thing. Car will not respond to anything. I dropped it off and have not received an answer on what the issue is but will update once they are back to me.

I bought a new Dodge Durango a 1998 from the dealership. Drove it 305,000 miles and traded it in on my new 2013 Dodge Durango. All cars have issues but I have loved both of these models. Wished I had done something in the way of anti-rust on the "98". I fluid undercoat the 2013 every 10 months. Hope to get better results. The original 318 ci engine in the 1998 was a proven workhorse and never had any problems. I am concerned with the 5.7 hemi in my current ride. Just do not feel this motor has the ability to go 1/4 of a million miles and beyond without extensive support! I do not think I will find out. Most likely trade for a 2017 before I run the resale value to nothing!

2014 I bought a used 04 Dodge Durango limited edition w/ 5.7 hemi. I had car for 2 months, it only had 129,000 when purchased. At 133,000 miles I threw power steering pulley thru my radiator. Replaced pulley, belt, radiator, power steering pump. Ran great for about 3 months. Brakes went out, rotors cracked, replaced pads and rotors. Great again on road. Then started driving funny, rear end out. Replaced then rain came and tried drive thru car bath. Truck stalled.

Asked Reno Dodge, no answers. "Bring it in, we can check it for almost 200$ to diagnose issues". Replaces O2 sensors did not help. Went to store, locked doors, walked away, shopped. Unlocked door, unlocked hatch by driver door. Nope mirrors won't move, doors won't unlock, can't adjust driver 1 & 2 so I'm upset. Use remote to unlock. Get bags in, go to start, makes a funny noise, no spark. So I pop Hood, check cables, all good. Get back in, turn key, loud bang with a loud tick.

Call my mechanic, he tells me to bring it in. Oil was just changed??? Well 158,000 I need a new motor??? Really?? Have drove 2000 more miles and need a new water pump. I have 160,000. Are you kidding me, what has Dodge become??? They recall for airbags but not their parts. No wonder why we put our money into China's car products. At least they honor their vehicles almost 100%.

I think we all need to find a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit and go after Dodge for all money we have dropped on their crappy vehicles + all our pain and suffering, loss of jobs or days off because of faulty parts, the rentals we had to try to get or loaner cars from friends and family. We need to show Dodge we will not tolerate spending thousands for crap they put available to us to risk our lives and others lives. They must think!! We have loved ones that need us home safe... This is out of control. Stop Dodge!!! Please let's get something done and stop complaining of our 1998-2008 and make Dodge make it right!!!

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Purchased vehicle in April 2013. Within first week had to have fuel pump replaced, thought it was a fluke. Had fuel pump replaced again in 2013 and 2014. In 2014 also replaced cowl as recommended by dealership and service bulletin. Water runs down the driver side windshield under the cowl. It is not routed away from the engine and the seal is not enough to keep rain out. Had the 4th and 5th fuel pump replaced in July 2015. As I type this, the truck is in the shop having the 6th fuel pump replaced. Cowl is no longer keeping the water out. I have paid for 3 fuel pumps and 3 were covered by warranty. This is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed. I love the truck but I can’t continue to replace parts for the same problem.

I had a 2001 Dodge Durango given to me with no problems. It was spotless, nice, clean engine, looked brand new and passed emissions. Then a week later, after not even much use, the cooling system just stopped working. The electric fan, water pump and hoses leaked out, and the gasket was shot after standing in my driveway overnight. The most I drove it was about 10 minutes to a local Walmart for food shopping and not even hard driving. I drove maybe 40 mph since the car was new and I babied it right before that night. And of course... I knew would cost me over 980$ at the least to fix.

The car sat in my driveway for weeks til I had a job only 4 minutes away and I was forced to drive it anyway. For a few days it shut off on me in the middle of driving and sounded like it was dying. I just ignored it and thought nothing of it since there was no check engine light and it wasn't close to even overheating.

Two weeks later on Monday morning, I backed out and went on my drive to work. Not even a minute into driving down the street the dumb needle jumped to red and overheated and there came my check engine light and check gauge and trans temp light. I was amazed it was below 37 that morning. But I had no choice, I couldn't cause traffic by stopping.

After work, I drove to Pep Boys and had a free code read check and was told "cylinder 3 failed and jumped out". I drove home, it made a loud ticking sound and smelled like gas. It was only maybe a 3 minute drive, since I live right down the street from the gateway plaza which has that car shop on the drive, the suspension squeaked and every turn I made sounded awful. The tachometer was a mess and the car was impossible to even go up the small hill to my street. It got stuck redlining after only a normal drive. I had to park it down the street and walk home. I was already tired from earlier at work after unpacking and stocking ShopRite.

The next day, before I had the car towed away to the scrap yard, I at least had mechanic come to look at it. He said the car needed a new motor for 1,980$ and all new spark plugs and entire cooling system and that the trans was no longer working and the EVAP started to leak (causing the gas smell). He said nearly all Durangos are terrible and have the most problems and especially 4.7 engines are to be avoided. I included my picture of the car when I first got it. Impossible to tell how many problems are behind that beautiful looking car. 3,500 dollars not well spent.

This is my second post here. Back in 2007 I commented about my Dodge Durango but recently received an email advising me it has been useful to people. So I figured I'd share a bit about my experience so far. Well I had that Durango till 2012 when I traded it on for a Chevy Traverse. Let me tell you, BIG MISTAKE! To this day I will tell anyone and say it often I miss my Durango and wish I didn't trade it in. The truck had 180,000 miles when I traded it and it ran MINT. The whole time I had it I had to change a water pump (and thermostat which should be obvious), and regular maintenance like brakes, tune up, oil change, etc.

I took very good care of that truck by way of cleaning the fuel system (including injectors), flushing the engine cooling system and transmission every 50,000 miles, upgrading the ignition system and spark plugs, upgrading the brakes, changing the differential fluid every 3rd oil change, changing the transfer case fluid every 50,000 miles, and many other essential parts of the vehicle. Whom ever bought that truck at auction got a steal cause it was MINT. I recently purchased a Chrysler Town and Country and though it had a transmission problem at first that's all it's had. I love my Dodge vehicles and will recommend them to anyone who actually takes the time to take care of them. Any vehicle will be great if you take care of it. I have a 94 Suburban that runs mint cause it's taken care of. Treat it right and it'll treat you right. I will definitely be buying another Dodge as soon as I can as well!!

In 2009 the fuel tank line on the 2005 Dodge Durango was recalled. Upon receiving notice I called the place up in Gatesville, was advised I was not affected over the phone. It's been six years and I have told every Dodge place "no, the recall was not fixed." They put in their system they repaired it. It never even made it in. I cannot fill up my tank without getting gas on me, my car, the parking lot and smelling the fumes. Everyone says "you'll have to pay for repairs." Why, because Dodge cannot get it right or because one Dodge place did shady business to get payment for work they did not do and they are now shut down. Hmm, I wonder why they shut down. I want this recall fixed. This is ridiculous to have to deal with this.

In 2012 purchased a 2012 Durango and 1 week after driving it off the lot my engine overheated leaving me stranded. Dealership stated engine needed to be replaced! Can you imagine? Driving something brand new and stranded. Recently I had the joy of dealing with the TIPM recall that caused my truck not to turn over and run. Dealership stated part was not available... Chrysler stated it was available and the vicious cycle continued for 3 weeks. NO VEHICLE. Chrysler denied rental because they said part is available. Which is wasn't. They ended up using a part from a different vehicle. Then get call from dealer that TIPM connector is $300. Chrysler states that part is not recalled and denied paying for it. But if I didn't need TIPM fuel pump replaced then you would not need the connector so tell me how is or part is not recall related?!

Daily 2 hour phone calls to get this situated. Ended up caving to pay $300 since I desperately need a vehicle to drive. Chrysler in a class action lawsuit now and I want in! Take your Dodge Durango back! I will never buy another Chrysler product. I had a GMC once with transmission issues and they treated me so well. I wasn't even upset about the transmission. 3 weeks with no car and of course still financially obligated to make my payment... Can't wait to trade it in!

Transmission went on my 02 Durango. Replaced it and the new transmission is dragging in drive. Like you're pulling a house. You can burn the tires in reverse. Took it to the transmission shop. They said the new transmission is bad. Replaced it again! Still the same problem. I really need help. I don't have very much money. Do all the work ourselves, replaced every line, sensor, filters, everything I can think of. Shifts great though. Idk. I bought it with my tax money and 2 days later the transmission went.

My love for Dodge is fading fast. Could it possibly be caused by the transfer case? That's the only thing left to change. So far I've replaced brakes, rotors, half shafts, filled the pig. Full tune up, exhaust, o2 sensors, map sensor, 2 transmissions, all new lines sensors and filters, power steering pump, rack and pinion, manifold bolts. I hope someone can give me advice. I'm a mom of 3, carless and broke.

Unfair! Chrysler/Dodge has "recalls" published on these bad issues that occur. But the dealers, Chrysler nor Dodge tells anyone/any owner about the inherent parts design problems or the original PCM software issues. These are recalls issued by the manufacturer to "fix" the problems at no cost to you. But if you don't know, you will end up paying a boat-load of cash for "their" manufacturing mistakes, faulty parts and software. Several of these issues simply require a re-flash of your PCM to load new update no charge to you if you know about them.

Also, faulty connectors are an issue because of their locations. Wet rainy weather can turn on these lights and log codes until the connectors dry out, which usually takes a long span of dry weather to do so. Again, going to the dealer service center can and will costs you $$$$ if you are not prepared to defend your rights as the owner based on the manufacturers listed/posted recalls! As with my local Dodge Service folks...I quote..."Once bitten, twice shy" and may I add, bank account broke.

I purchased a 2004 Dodge Durango on January 17, 2013, for $12,302.45. Three days after purchasing the vehicle the engine light came on. My wife and I took it in to two different Pep Boys, to have a free full diagnostic run on the engine. It came back with one code for emissions. We changed out the gas cap, and still the engine light is on. Shortly after that, the belt broke in use, and we changed that. Shortly after that, we had to replace the the battery, because we were constantly losing power. Shortly after that we had to change the water pump and radiator, because they were both leaking.

On Mother's Day of this year, we had to have the vehicle towed to our mechanic, because the timing chain or a valve in the engine head broke loose and a piston was bouncing it all over the head. We were told that vehicles this dealer sells are quality vehicles, and also states quality vehicles in the paper work he gave us when we puchased the vehicle. The exact statement on the papers is: "Remember, quality cars and excellent service are our goal."

We have already put in over $1,000 of repairs into this vehicle, and at this time with the vehicle at our mechanic now, the cost to repair the vehicle could be $2,000 or more. My wife is the primary driver to get back and forth to work. She is now riding her bike in the dark in the mornings, and in inclement weather, while we are still making payments on this rotten lemon of a vehicle, that is supposed to be paid off in full by October of this year. My wife is EXTREMELY upset, and we both want the total amount of the vehicle we paid refunded.

I bought the 06 Durango with 60,000 miles on it in 2012. No major issues. I did the oil changes and the brakes like was supposed to. All of a sudden in 2014 it started shutting off while driving in the winter months of GA. I have taken into the shop three times and each time they say they don't see anything wrong.. It shuts off a minimum of once a day... Sometimes 6 times a day... I'm at a loss because I still owe $8,000 on this truck

I bought a used 2011 Dodge Durango in 2012. The vehicle only had about 14,000 miles on it. A few months after I got it, I started having intermittent problems with the transmission. While driving, the transmission did not seem to be changing gears. The RPMs would increase, but the vehicle would barely move. I would have to stop, put the vehicles in neutral and then back into drive. So far, that has worked. However, the problem seems to be occurring more frequently now. My Durango has less than 52,000 miles on it, so there is no excuse for the transmission (or whatever is causing the problem) to be having this problem. I have gotten 3 recalls notices since purchasing the vehicle, and each time I have taken the vehicle to the dealership to have the recall part replaced, I have mentioned the problems with the transmission. I have an appointment today to have the transmission looked at, but the diagnostic fee is $95.

I do not know what exactly is behind the transmission problems, but the problem needs to be fixed because it is a matter of safety. The fact that the vehicle slows down to the point that it is barely moving concerns me greatly. I am surprised that I have not been involved in an accident due to this problem. This is the only vehicle my family has, and we cannot be without a vehicle for an indefinite period of time if the dealer has to keep it for some reason, or if the problem eventually results in my vehicle not starting or in it breaking down.

I bought this truck back 2007 with 48,500 miles - 2004 Dodge Durango. So far it's been a good truck - 5.7 Hemi v8. In the past 6 years everything has gone out in it: my speedometer stopped working, my anti-lock brakes pump stopped, air condition stopped working for no reason at all. I've had some repairs. When it rains the motor acts like it wants die. Now the truck was running fine until this winter. Here in Texas we have had a bad snow and sleet storm for about week or so. During February 2015, I didn't use my truck at all. When I went to start it, it made loud sound like something explode it inside the engine. Then it was making a loud clicking sound, then the motor locked on me...out of car. Don't know what do...

My 2005 Dodge Durango SLT blown a head gasket and I have a warranty on it. The problem is the warranty won't cover the head gasket if the cylinder block isn't damaged and my mechanic is pretty sure it's the head gasket that's blown. All I have to do is pay a deductible on my warranty but if the warranty isn't gonna cover the problem because the other issue didn't occur, why hasn't Dodge fixed this problem throughout the years? I know somebody had to complain! And if I take it to the dealership I have to pay $100 to have its diagnostic and then if it's what my mechanic said originally, I could be looking anywhere from $1,000 repair to a $4,000. This is so not fair and something needs to be done. I haven't had this car a year yet.

I bought a 2000 Dodge Durango used in December of 2014 used, it had 107,000 miles. I was driving last week when I lost total control. Ran up someone's yard, almost went through house. The right front tire came off with all parts with it. I'm lucky I wasn't still on 95, I would have been dead or someone else. The insurance said they couldn't fix it.

We purchased a 2000 Durango SLT in 04 at an auction with 38000 miles on her. Only reason we wanted was because had to have 3rd row, V8 and a Dodge. At 85000 had transmission rebuilt, 13 months later rebuilt again shops fault. I love this truck haven't had any electrical issues, but go thru hubs every 2 years, pads and rotors the same. Just started getting what sounds like a lifter tick, and quite few oil leaks, just hit 196,000 miles. I'm planning on pulling motor and rebuilding and driving it myself back and forth to work, love the truck.

I never had a vehicle worth more than $500. I worked hard and saved my money for over ten years to buy me a nice ride. I fell in love with the 02 durango body style and had $10,000 of HARD earned cash over ten years of minimum wages. Borrowed the rest. After 30,000 miles of babying, polishing, cleaning, no smoking, garage keeping, no 4x4-ing, I've got a beautiful yard ornament built by dodge. Nobus.... you da-* right no bus - pcm, tps, plugs, coils, plenum gasket, hood to cowl seal, ball joints, tie rods, speed sensor, lifters, rocker arms... I'm getting upset, Ima stop here. The list goes on. Still not fixed - smokes, knocks, shakes, won't pull out of garage it was being worked on at, had to pay tow!!!! Thanks a lot dodge. Every nickel I made since high school is in your purse - you're welcome. I'll never recommend you to my worst enemy. Kumho tires still holding strong 1000 bucks. It's a disgrace to you to be on that pile. I still got her though in garage hoping Mopar will man up - got all my paperwork ready. Brokenhearted. Don't even get close to this poor boy's american white collar. Thank god for my $500 87 ranger still holdin' strong - go ford.

No power to key in on position or start position. Only power is to lights and tail lights, rest of electrical is dead?

We would be out on a long lonely desert road and the Durango would shut down leaving us stranded. And dash says no bus, which means to us you are walking, but not funny if it’s 118 degrees. And worst we are just about to get a seventh PCM put in and programmed and it only has 143 K miles on it. It’s putting us in the poorhouse. Chrysler needs to man up and recall these lemons. So many other people have same problem. Called Chrysler while back and they hadn’t heard of this problem. **!

Over heating with out warning caused Blown head gasket. No known cause for the over heating. At 176,000 miles still runs good on the highway but cuts off at slowdown and stops. Not sure of the real reason. Engine light on and off reading show problem in cylinder 4. Awesome highways driving.

I have had nothing but problems with my 2002 Dodge Durango. I will be replacing the ECU Unit for the 4th time in the last 6 years this week. Driving down the road...everything just goes out. The power steering and then just shuts off and won't start again. I'm tired of having my car towed...and can't afford a new one but as far as Dodges go...I will never buy one again.

4.7 dodge. I have a 2000 Dodge Durango. I have replaced the motor 6 times and now needing a 7th. Something needs far as a lawsuit.

I am second owner of a Dodge Durango 2004. I bought this truck in 2005. I have had maintenance done to the truck. I've had a lot of work expenses work done. I had fuel injectors done not even a year ago and picked it up. And the check engine light has been on ever since so now it's beginning to run bad again same problem fuel injectors... It rains in my truck and nobody seems to know why both driver and passenger door water streaming down from the top.

Well it started with driver's back door wouldn't open, next pass door wouldn't open. Don't know what to do. Can't get into the back two doors.

I have a 2000 Dodge Durango and it has started to turn off while being driven and won't start. Have had it towed several times had numerous parts replaced and this continues. I will disengage the factory alarm and the gas gauge will not move and the truck won't start. Then after a while of messing with the remote, turning it on and off, the truck will start but after a while, it does the same thing. Almost wrecked this time while trying to get on the freeway. It turned off at the on ramp. I'm disabled and can't afford anymore bills. Please HELP, any info greatly appreciated.

Bought 2004 Durango from first owner with 30,000 miles on it. Did my research and found nothing about the engine trouble in the Durango Hemi. Maintained as per manufacturer recommendations. I loved this truck... Hemi engine, sun roof, DVD player, etc! There is a leak in both passenger doors that lets rain get inside the door, sloshes around until it drains over a couple of dry days. I could have lived with that. Dropped at airport in April 2014, had 110,000 miles or so. Came back from 3 day trip to knocking in engine. No warning lights. Checked oil... it was fine. Let it idle - still had knocking. Drove 10 miles home and let it sit. Next day it was still knocking. Drove 6 miles to work, was going to drop off for service. Blew rod 1 block away. Research turned up hundreds of people experiencing similar quality issues. I won't buy another Dodge/Chrysler product again.

As I was reading through all of these reviews of the 2004 Dodge Durango it was like reading a nightmare of my own description. Just about every problem in this forum I have had with my Dodge Durango from the Cowl leak to the electrical starting issues to the stopping issues and finally the engine just blew up on me leaving the car wash. I really love the Dodge truck but the Dodge Durango is worth staying away from. I had the paint issue where the paint peeled off the side of the Durango. I had the electrical problem with my DVD player and it doesn't work now. I faithfully change my oil on time every oil change and I run full synthetic. There should be no reason the engine would just blow at 120,000 miles.

The stalling issues were a big danger as it was my wife's vehicle and several times we were traveling at highway speed and the vehicle would just stall for no reason. Then the tie rod just fell off the passenger side and luckily that was in town. Again if that was at highway speed it would've been very nasty. As a matter of fact all our miles were on the highway mostly and the vehicle was never abused. If anybody wants 04 Durango with a blown motor you're more than welcome to it. It has just over 120,000 miles and if you need a parts vehicle you can have this planter for a song. Good riddance.

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