Until everything started going wrong with this car. When I got the car I was told right away that I need to get the two latest recalls one for the ignition switch and the other one was for the electronic power steering motor -- which was done without delay. One month after this one of my headlights started getting water damage and both of the bulbs stopped working (150$ repair). Right after this my driver side speaker stopped working (which makes the blinker noise - another 150$ repair).

The next issue that occurred was my whole power system unit stopped working (not even two months past getting the EPM recall fixed - 1200$ GM only repair) which resulted in them breaking my steering wheel cover (that they weren't trying to tell me about or fix). The steering wheel was crooked and didn't drive straight (told the GM dealership and there wasn't anything wrong with it supposedly). Reported this to the appreciate channels -- Chevy shouldn't be able to get away with this kind of malfunction when the problem was identical to the EPM malfunction. Of course, no recall or any form of help came of it. Not even one month later and my gear shifter it almost getting to the point where it won't go into gear (hard almost stuck like feeling to get it into position). Once again GM dealership says that there is nothing wrong with it.

Finally weeks after this issue my check engine light is on (yet to be diagnosis), have a feeling I'm not going to be happy with whatever is broken this time. I seriously hate this car so much and I have low mileage. My 04 Chevy cavalier (that was burning oil, and ran dry a few times) never gave me any problems and ran like a champ. I seriously hate this Cobalt and the Chevy dealership I've taken the cobalt to. As soon as I can I'm getting rid of this car and never ever going to buy another Chevy (it use to be the only brand I've ever bought but your newer models are lemons).

Chevy found a way to get their newer models to a certain mileage and then one by one everything stops working or malfunctions! I've never spend so much in one year on car repairs and they call the Cobalts sure money savers and even found a way for local news programs to market them like they are cherry cars. DO NOT BUY A COBALT OR ANY NEWER CHEVY MODEL-- YOU'RE GOING TO REGRET YOU EVER DID.