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Chevrolet is an American car manufacturer that makes cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Read reviews for their models:

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Chevrolet Reviews

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2023

Purchased a 2023 Colorado Trail Boss in early July. Knock Sensor bad at 250 miles. Miss-aligned passenger front fender, dent In roof as well as an imperfection in paint on roof. Scratches on driver side door pillar with poor attempt at covering. Radio starts playing while muted. Altimeter off by 100 feet. Theft alarm sounded with no one around vehicle while sitting In the driveway. I've had it to 3 dealers and one refused to service because I did not buy it there, one fixed the knocked sensor but did not address the body issues. (They had it for 2 days). The third could not duplicate any of the issues (they were not advised of radio issue as it was not an issue at the time). And never followed up on the body issues. (They had for 2 days as well). So right now I have a 41000 truck that I am completely disappointed in. It is scheduled for a visit with a 4th dealer this week. Hopefully they are more competent than the last 3.

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Customer ServiceOnline & App

Reviewed Aug. 25, 2023

Traded in a Silverado custom pickup. Rolled over $3,300 in equity and bought a 2024 Chevy Trax. They heard a "tick" from the engine which is not normal. The dealership (Salvadore Chevy in Gardner, MA.) did an engine swap authorized by GM. Everything was working fine before the engine swap. After the swap the dashboard would fail and blackout. My android cell phone would no longer connect. Dealership stated it could not be fixed. Dealership took the Trax and I had to buy another "older" vehicle. Unfortunately, they did not factor in my $3,300 equity into the new vehicle. I requested an accessory to be included and the manager stated he cannot do that! After a few trips and haggling I was able to get the $500 accessory thrown in. Also noticed the Trax was back on lot for sale with a stock number. I thought it could not be fixed. Did they repair the Trax but wanted it back to sell? Did they want to get rid of the 2023 vehicle which I had to buy.

Contacted GM about getting a $2,800 credit towards another vehicle which my wife was interested in. GM/Chevy returned the call and the woman on the phone was ecstatic to tell me that they contacted the dealership and Chevy. They will give me a $100 voucher towards future service! Really Chevy? Either GM/Chevy is really out of touch, or they were just breaking my balls. I can see why most folks are going to Toyota and other imports. Most vehicles are manufactured in Mexico anyways. So here is a company that makes billions but can only give me a $100 voucher for my $2,800 loss and a dealership that makes millions but cannot honor the loss either towards another vehicle.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    We purchased a new 2023 Chevy Traverse. We thought this would be a good vehicle for our family. We owned the vehicle for only a week before all the electronics, and safety alerts on the vehicle started to glitch and not work. It did not alert on the proximity for backing or objects in front of the vehicle, even the lane assist only worked now and then. We went back to the dealership and they said we needed to contact GM directly about the issues before they could do anything. Once we contacted GM, after several tries, they kept giving us the run around and blaming the dealership and the dealership kept saying they couldn’t do anything until GM authorized it. It has been 6 weeks now that they have not assisted us and we continue to have issues, this is now a safety concern.

    We purchased this vehicle due to the so called safety features and the hands free phone and guidance. Now that this is glitching it has become a safety issue. It does not alert when you are close to things in front or in back of the vehicle. Then it will alert when nothing is in the area. The contact at GM has not been helpful and said the dealership is too busy to help. I feel that we are just being brushed off now that we purchased the vehicle, so they don’t have to deal with us because they already got our money. Way too many issues with this vehicle and really bad customer service. I would not recommend GM - Chevy. Go get a Honda, they will treat you better.

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    Reviewed June 24, 2023

    Jeanine ** was very friendly, respectful and she knows her job. She treated me as if I was family. She was not your average service rep. She went the extra mile to get my situation handled and I LOVE HER!!!! She’s definitely “THE REAL DEAL.”

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    Reviewed June 15, 2023

    I bought a 2019 Chevy Malibu LT and it has a little over 22K miles on it. Within the first 30 days of me having the car there's an error message that repeatedly pops up saying my car isn't in park even if it's cut off. Also, my USB ports to charge my phone have shortages in them. I'm highly displeased because this is my first major vehicle purchase and I actually went to a certified Chevrolet dealer expecting to receive a durable vehicle. Thank God for the extended warranty because the fact I haven't had this car 60 days and I already have to have major maintenance done to it is ridiculous.

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    Reviewed June 8, 2023

    I purchased a new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe High Country. I have owned six Tahoes over the years. I am disappointed in this one. It has been in the service department numerous times Lifters twice. Automatic Back hatch has never worked just comes up at random times. Just had to turn it off and do it manually. Now paint is coming off the grill and it is still under warranty. Chevrolet and dealership seem to think this is normal. Just hit some rocks. No it literally is peeling off when I hand wash it. Frustrating when you pay so much for a vehicle and nothing gets resolved. I will not be purchasing a Chevrolet when I decide to buy a new SUV.

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    Reviewed May 1, 2023

    I have purchased a BRAND NEW 2022 Chevrolet Malibu November 12th, 2022 for my daughter as her first car. It has been in the shop off and on from November 14th, 2022 to January 13th, 2023 to now as of April 30th, 2023 it completely came to a dead stop in the middle of the road! Thank God it was in our neighborhood and no one was behind her!!!! Between all this, a Trade Assist and now I am just done. Will not own another Chevrolet.

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    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2023

    TLDR: These people don’t know diesels. They lie. They mislead. They make up excuses. They play stupid. They do not care about you. They do not care about your car. You have been warned. Yes, this is a true story. And yes, everything in “” was actually told to me.

    INTRO: I made the grave mistake of taking my 07.5 3500 here with a P0087 low fuel pressure code. After 4 months my truck was not only still broken, but the only improvement made on it was 2 new batteries. And a $3000 bill. I was royally screwed, lied to, misled, and the entire time and I refuse to let myself get mad or angry, even now. So, trying to see the positive in this, I have convinced myself I paid them $500 for new batteries, and $2500 for a new business model that other shops can use to deal with customers they don’t want or just blatantly hate, sometimes for no reason but in my case, because of my gorgeous physic. So here is the business model I paid $2500 to learn called “THE TYRRELL” and it goes like this:

    PHASE 1: When the customer calls asking when you can get it in, tell them the end of the week. Backlogged 2 weeks? “Yeah, end of the week.” Someone stole all the cat converters in the service lot that month? “End of the week.” Don’t even want the job? “Yeah, end of the week.” The customer will be excited and tow their Duramax there at which point you enter PHASE 2.

    PHASE 2: Don’t get to it for 3 weeks. The secret in this phase is every time the customer calls tell them you’d have to go look at it and you’ll call them back immediately or COB at the latest. Never do. Ever. Once you approach the 3 week mark or if the customer shows up in person, explain a convoluted bureaucratic story of how the work order for their truck was “opened then immediately closed.” No one knows why. Or how. Promise you will work on their truck next day so they will leave. Don’t touch for another week and move onto PHASE 3.

    PHASE 3: Batteries. Convince them first thing you need to do is replace batteries. Both. Fuel problem? “Needs batteries – Can’t diagnose it without batteries.” Rear-end collision? Batteries. Broken windshield? Batteries. At this point, over a month of waiting for some sort of news or progress the customer will be so worn down they will just have you do it and justify it to themselves with something like “I was going to do that later this year anyway”. Congrats on your easy $500 – you may move onto PHASE 4.

    PHASE 4: Replace the most expensive part you can find. Oh, the customer already replaced it? Re-replace it. But wait-ask for proof! If they show you proof just find an excuse that it wasn’t good enough, such as “You got this from O’Reilly” or “This isn’t an OEM replacement part” or “No remanufactured part works”. Or all 3. The key here is to ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to do any other work or diagnostics on the vehicle until they consent to it. The customer – after 6 weeks – will be so worn down and desperate for their vehicle they will have no choice but to authorize work. Move onto PHASE 5.

    PHASE 5: Wait for parts. 2 weeks. At least. Stretch it to 3 if you want. Who cares.

    PHASE 6: Take apart EVERYTHING! When replacing an injection pump do you need to take out the Y bridge? No. But do it anyway. Does the cab need to come off? No, but do it anyway. Front bumper? Front grille? Parking brake? No. No. No. But do it anyway. More hours to bill. Also, hook up the fuel lines backwards, can’t risk it actually fixing it.

    PHASE 8: Wait, what about phase 7??? Who cares, the customer is an idiot and doesn’t know any better. This is THE TYRRELL business model, we do what we want. Move onto PHASE 9.

    PHASE 9: Blame someone else. Uh oh, that part didn’t fix the problem? Like the customer tried to tell you? Well God forbid you tell them they were right, blame someone else. “That truck had an aftermarket part on it.” “Big GM told us to and they are stumped on it like we are.” “That was the previous Service manager, not me.” Repeat PHASES 4-9 as needed until the customer begs for their truck back, at which point move onto PHASE 10.

    PHASE 10: The bill. Bill the customer whatever you want. You deserve it! $200 core charge, slap it on “it's non-refundable, and no you don’t keep the part either, it’s company policy.” At this point, you may also insult the customer and their vehicle however you want in the comments. Go ahead, call it “a hack job” and “probably wouldn’t run properly after previous repairs.” The customer probably won’t read that or mind, in fact, we believe the customer probably can’t read at all – they’re the customer!

    BONUS PHASE! At any point if the customer ever wants to just trade in their truck on a new one offer them $500 for it. Yeah, only two 0’s. Five hundred. What? The part that’s currently getting put on is $950? Oh well, $500. Oh, we just put $500 worth of batteries on it? Oh well, $500. Screw them, it’s just the customer. Who cares. Besides, we don’t have any 1-ton trucks on the lot anyway.

    TO THE DIESEL “TECH”: If you don’t know what you are doing, just stop. Save yourself, the dealer, and the customer the trouble, money, and drama. I hope you stick to something you’re good at instead, like oil changes or coloring or maybe a hobby? Common rail diesel just isn’t for you, and that’s ok champ! Just leave it to real pro’s like the guys at Mr. Diesel who correctly diagnosed it as injectors, fixed your mixed-up lines, and did so in a week.

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    Reviewed Jan. 5, 2023

    Bought my 2015 Chevy Equinox in 2020 with 70,000 miles. First problem I had was my rear main seal busting. Luckily I didn't ruin my engine. There is a bulletin as this is a common issue in this car but no recall. Paid $1600 to get it fixed. It is caused by the poor design of the pvc. Also this car consumes oil and you have to check your oil levels once a week to be safe as I would have to add oil in between my oil change. Never does an low oil light come on. Now I am dealing with the timing chain issue that is also common in this car. I am left with no car and still owe money on it. The sad part is that 2010 to 2017 equinoxes all have these issues so chevy kept making them even tho they knew this engine had problems. They refuse to to fix the problems. I will never purchase a chevy again!

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    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2022

    I bought a brand-new Colorado. I was not allowed to buy a stick shift because that just is not done anymore... You can special order one but that is a lengthy and costly process. The truck also comes with a $700 theft protection device that you are forced to purchase whether you like it or not. You can refuse to buy a new truck, or you can eat it and buy the $700 piece of crap electronic device. Then I tried to install a lumber rack because the bed is super small. Immediately I found out that I could not install a lumber rack because of the wiring system. The electrical loop must be complete for the electrical system to work. Removing the antenna on the roof to use the lumber rack disables the whole electrical system. The whole truck is electrical... Now I have a jerry rigged stereo system hanging from the dash so I can listen to an iPod while I drive because the radio is inoperative.

    At this point I was upset and decided to return the truck. I was confronted by 2 angry ** that threatened me with a lawsuit. Horrid people at Chevy. Now I am trying to use a trailer I just bought. The people at Chevy put on a dummy trailer hitch system so that it looks like a trailer hitch is there, but no, there is no trailer system and no electric wiring, just a dummy door. After visiting Chevy they happily told me for $1,700 they would fix that little problem. I refuse to give 1 single penny to Chevy. They installed a dummy system just to dupe the buyer and then charge $1,700 when you try to use a trailer. Horrid business practices at Chevy. Not just the truck but the lying cheating people at Chevy as well.

    Chevy sells trucks with 4 doors (useless) and tiny truck beds (useless) and then prevents the buyer from using a lumber rack with the wiring system/antenna on the roof. The truck comes with radials (car tires) and no stick shifts allowed. You need to throw out 4 new radials and install LT (light truck tires). Add in a cheap and weak frame and an electrical system that does not work because you need to remove the antenna which breaks the loop and disables the whole electrical system. Bottom line is I am 15,000 miles into the worst vehicle I have ever bought and the people at Chevy are trashy as well. Do not buy from Chevy.

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