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CarHop Auto Sales and Financing

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Last updated: Dec. 29, 2017

172 CarHop Auto Sales and Financing Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2017

This company is I will say is a great company is what they put themselves out there to be but don't really live up to their own motto... I got my 2004 Chevy Malibu in 10/2016 and for the most part this car is wonderful. I understand that older cars have high miles and may at times have a little more issues than newer cars...however when you first drive off the lot and immediately have an issue that looks poorly on not only me as the customer but on you (CarHop/UAC). I read many reviews and most of them are very similar to my own experience with this company just not as extreme as some. I got the car and literally about 4 days later it starts making a loud noise so I take it to their mechanic and he said it is the exhaust pipe (also this mechanic of theirs is the only one I go to and trust because he tells me many stories about CarHop and their warranty).

So the guy said it would cost about $600 to fix and he gets CarHop to approve the warranty claim for it. I consider taking the car back down to have the exhaust pipe fixed but I hesitated only because this mechanic told me CarHop finds the cheapest and sometimes used parts to fix problems on the cars and he told me CarHop disregards his suggestions of what parts would be best but CarHop chooses cheaper parts...with that in my mind I didn't want to risk having some used cheap exhaust pipe put on my car so I take the car to MIDAS who shows me the problem with the exhaust pipe and it was literally hanging by a thread LITERALLY!!! So MIDAS tells me the cost to fix is only $200 to fix and I'm surprised (I actually wait until tax time 02/2017 to fix because I didn't have the money then so I used my tax return to fix it in 02/2017).

I drive away from the mechanic shop and around the end of 11/2016 or the beginning of 12/2016 another problem occurred which was the thermostat misreading so I take it back to the CarHop mechanic and he gets CarHop to approve the cost and fixed the thermostat... I still have the exhaust pipe issue going on with it being loud as ** and it's embarrassing...but continued through 02/2017 that exhaust pipe got fixed after I filed taxes and got my refund taxes. A few months later around 04/2017 the car has another problem which the fuel gauge is misreading and I cannot tell if the car is on full or empty so I go back to CarHop’s mechanic and they diagnose it that it is the fuel pump sensor which is not covered by CarHop’s warranty.

So their mechanic does me a favor and tells CarHop that the issue is causing the fuel pump to not work and the car is not drivable just so CarHop approves because he knew they would the fuel pump gets replaced and I am good to go...driving again and about 3 months later around 07/2017 car has another problem after I filled the tank to full and I got to the traffic light. The light turns green, I start to accelerate and immediately the engine loses power. I turn the ignition off and start it back up and it starts, I put it in gear, I make through the intersection and the engine loses power again. I turn it off, start it back up, put it in gear and drive about 2 or 3 blocks up the hill and the engine loses power again and I stop in front of subway… I turn it off, pop the hood, start it again. I notice as the car sit idle I hear the engine slowly fade on power.

I give it gas and I see black smoke coming from the I ask my sister to come and she drives behind me with our four ways on and I drive it home which was literally 3 miles away and the car lost power maybe 10 times on the way home. So I park it at home... I knew I didn't have money for a tow to get it to CarHop mechanic again because in PA tow trucks charge like 150 or more just to go 5 miles so that wasn’t happening. So I hop on Google and I start looking for maybe a mechanic to come to me and behold I found one that is based in San Francisco, CA but they had one guy who services my area.

This Mechanic company is called YOURMECHANIC that will come to you with parts and all to fix your problem and they charge reasonable prices I have YOURMECHANIC fix the problem which was the Gasket Manifold that was cracked causing fuel to not reach the engine which is why the car lost power because it wasn't getting fuel. So thank God I paid them and now my cars runs again. NOW...from 11/2017 through the beginning of 12/2017 the ignition starter would like hesitate to start sometimes until finally in the beginning of this month 12/2017 I came out of work to start my car and I was completely dead... I waited about a week later to sign up for AAA's plus membership so I can get 100 miles of free towing and have the car towed back to my home where it still sits to this day possibly until February 2018 to get it fixed which I will probably use YOURMECHANIC again.

Meanwhile I was not able to make my second car payment for December because I paid for AAA's membership, and also paying rental car fees to get my son to and from day care and rent, and I also had to help my son’s mom pay a little of her rent too...and trying to set up a payment arrangement with CarHop is completely irritating and nonsense after talking with five people that literally told me I can pay something in order for them to start a payment arrangement which I could only put $8 and when I called to let them know my so called account manager is telling me I need to pay more to start a payment arrangement and she hung I call again and got a much nicer lady who took the time to explain why they couldn't do the payment arrangement after 5 other people in one day said all I had to do was pay something and we're good to go but now they say I have to pay $80...

I am not mad or losing sleep over it because I told them when I get paid and I asked the nicer lady if she could notate my account to expect payment on Tuesday January 2nd at around 930PM so I am hoping she really notate that just in case repossession was up their they will get payment then and after that I will use my AAA to tow the car to their mechanic and have one half of my car's new problem fixed which is both the camshaft sensor and a starter replacement... CarHop only covers the camshaft sensor which helps me so now the only thing I have to have YOURMECHANIC fix is the starter replace which is $200 compared to $388 which was the price of both. Now it's just the starter for $200...

I am not looking for an attorney but if anyone needs help with their reach out to me at my cell ** or email ** and we can figure out what is wrong with your car and I can give you cheap idea that won't break you but you will still get quality car parts if CarHop doesn't cover your issues. I understand their customer service ** but I can help you talk to them if you need help because I don't give in to their lies...and I record my calls which I have rude ** recording too which maybe kind of a lawsuit start but we shall how it goes from here. I never had any issues with customer service until now but of course I never call them so...but reach out to me if you need help.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2017

I had looked for a car for a few months without success. I filled out an application online and I was approved before I even met anyone at the office. I was about to lose my job as I could not find a car and the car I was driving was about to fall apart, quite literally! They had a car on the lot I bought and I really like! Rhonda was nice and very helpful, friendly and went out of her way to help me even though it went above and beyond her job!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

Do Not ever Believe anything they say when it comes to getting approved with No Credit or very little. I was screwed over and denied due to the amount that I make which is defiantly enough to afford car payments since I am a college student who doesn't pay much at all to go to attend. I was told I was Pre-approved... Just needed paperwork verification and everything should be fine. They were eager for me to set up an appointment to come in and I put it off since I would have to take an $88 Uber there from where I live.

I finally go out my way yesterday to go to this dealership (Topeka, KS) hoping to come back with a car... instead denied causing that $88 to double to Uber back... Let's not even say how horrible their timing was just to find out bad news. It took close to an hour to find out. Do not believe them, try to figure as much as possible out via phone before wasting time and money. I tried to but they promised me and then I was let down. Please read reviews of this company and then make an educated decision, I found out the hard way and will continue to find a way to report them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2017

At first I was thinking... maybe I shouldn't get a deal with CarHop after reading all of the reviews. But my friend is with CarHop and still currently with CarHop for two years and from time to time she has to fix her car here and there but there's really nothing wrong with her car. But I was thinking... If her car came out okay... mine will too. But I guess it's different for everybody right? So last week on 11/2/17 I decided to fill out the application for carhop and it looks like I was approved for a car. I was a little bit excited so I went in the very next day. Looks like I was approved for a Grand Prix 06... which was something that I thought I am looking for so I quickly accepted.

I put a down payment of 650 and got the hell out of there with the car... (Value of the car 9,000 and wanted me to make a payment of 189 for next 2-3 years). First thing what I notice when I got home there was completely no oil in this car. You would think that they would inspect the car and write it down as for the next thing to do on the list right? So anyways I went to go get an oil-change because I thought I would keep this car. The car is super fun to drive. The sound system was great. I was really happy with my choice.

So I ended up telling my dad I went to carhop and got a car and my dad was soooooo upset with me. He thought carhop was ripping me off. So I completely ignored him. Why? Because I was happy with the car. So then the next day which was day 2. I was thinking about what my father had told me and start to wonder if carhop is ripping me off. I mean if I was gonna pay this high for the car I might as well get a brand new car right? So I started to shop around dealerships just to be safe. Then I ran into the most awesome dealership in St. Paul MN. He offered me a 2016 Mazda 6 speed car and I just couldn't say no! He also stated that my father is right and carhop is ripping me off!

So I quickly returned my car the next day and was told that I will get my refund back in 10 days. Moral to the story never settle for less because these crooks buy car at auction for less and sell it to you twice as more! I don't have a driver's license and I got approved for a 2016 car. If I can do it you can too! Oh and they never reimburse me back for the oil change.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM CARHOP. I read the other reviews (all 1 star except for 2 that were probably written by CarHop employees.) My experience was very similar to all of those reviews. I bought my car from a Spokane, Washington dealer, but it seems to happen at Car Hops throughout the country. So - my story: In May 2017, I bought a Ford Expedition from Car Hop. I was told it had been inspected by their mechanic, and that it had a warranty in case anything went wrong. My payments were to be $150 every two weeks but in fact, were $192 every two weeks. Pay off would have been over $8000. My research showed (sadly after the fact) that the same vehicle sold at dealerships in our area for around $3500.

I was making consistent payments. Two months after I bought the car, the alternator went out. I called because supposedly there was a warranty. I was told to take it to a Car Hop sponsored shop and pay $75 to have it looked at and then if what was wrong was under warranty, they would reimburse me. I told them I did not need to take it to a shop. I knew it was the alternator and asked if that was covered. I have mechanics in my family so knew for sure that was what was wrong. She would not tell me if it would be covered. She just kept repeating that I should take it to the shop and pay the $75. I just kept asking - is an alternator covered. She finally told me no. So she knew all along that I would be paying $75 and would not be reimbursed. I bought an alternator and had it replaced. I also had to buy a new battery. Besides this issue, it leaks coolant, the air conditioner doesn't work, the heater doesn't work, one of the turn signals won't stay on.

They sold me this car for $8000+. The same car sells at other lots for $3000+. I consistently made my payments until about a month ago. At that time, the money for the car was in the bank, however, a gym that I had had a membership with a few years before (and paid off), took, without authorization, money out of that account for a new membership. They were not authorized to do this. They had been authorized on the new contract to take money out of another bank account. It caused overdraft charges and my Car Hop payment not to go through. I called Car Hop and told them the situation. I told them the bank was refunding the money, but it would take a while to straighten that all out. I made arrangements to pay 1 1/2 payments the next payday. Three days before the payment was to be made, Car Hop disabled my ignition. I called them and told them I had made payment arrangements.

She said I had to pay some money that day for the arrangements to be made. I told her I couldn't do that. I had no money. That the money would be in there on Wednesday (this was Sunday). She told me to take out a payday loan - which I don't do, EVER. I know too many people that have gotten into a mess with payday loans. IT WAS 3 DAYS BEFORE THE PAYMENT FOR $288 WOULD HAVE BEEN MADE. She refused to wait. I hung up. I decided I was not going to deal with people like this. They were ripping me off. I was paying almost 3 times what the car was worth. When I went to Car Hop, I was told my payments would be $150 every two weeks, they ended up being $192 every two weeks. They told me there was a warranty, yet nothing is covered. I spoke with someone last week at Car Hop, and he told me the alternator should have been covered.

I was done with the whole mess, but last week I received a text stating that there were new options. Since I really wanted to keep the car, I called. There were no new options. That was just a way to get me to call to bully me about paying on a vehicle I could not use. So I woke up today and the car was gone. Now I'm getting emails and texts say the ignition is disabled - which it already was - and wanting me to make payments on a car I don't have. I called Car Hop and asked if the car had been repossessed because it was gone. The person I was talking to did not know or would not tell me. I still don't know whether to report it stolen, so I'm just going to assume Car Hop took it.

So the I got an email, saying they wanted to help me work something out. So I called. Same old thing - rude person trying to coerce me to pay for a vehicle that I do not even have. Stay away from these people - I have bought cars from used car dealers my whole adult life (I'm 62), and I have never had to pay so much money for a car with so many issues.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

I purchased this vehicle approximately 3 months ago. 3 days after purchase the driver side door stopped opening, they sent me to a shop to pop the door back out not even fix it. 5 minutes after I left the shop the water pump went out, belt ripped off, car overheated. At first they attempted to have me pay for this work but realized I was still under a 7 day grace period. So that was covered. A few weeks following the car stops acceleration and I find out I need a new engine. They also tried to refuse this work even though it was covered under the powertrain warranty. After 2-3 weeks I get the car back after still having to pay over $200 even though the replacement and labor was supposed to be funded entirely by CarHop according to their warranty.

Next a week or 2 later the starter went out. They refused to help with that. So that came completely out of my pocket. Throughout this time the driver side door has gotten worse and I now literally must squeeze through every time to get in the car. Now the security light is on and it has disabled the starter completely no matter what. They tried to do a quick fix up which costed me $145 including the tow only to have to bring the car right back before I even made it home. Now they want over $800 to replace a "module" and part of the ignition so now I will be walking back and forth to work in the winter time while I try to save money over the next month and a half while still paying the car note which in total is over $9000 for a 2003 Pontiac grand am which has a top bluebook value of less than $2000.

How does it cost more to replace a module then it did to replace the entire engine? These people are crooks. I lose circulation quick in the cold and they are forcing me to walk daily in this Minnesota winter. They refuse to pay anything on the vehicle even though they and the car shop it's stuck at admit that this was a problem present before I even became the owner of the vehicle. Yet I am still somehow responsible for that and because of my accountability I'm forced to continue paying while I suffer physically. There has to be something that can be done because this isn't right. It isn't fair to me as a consumer nor to the thousands of other people who have suffered at the hands of Carhop.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

They are rude to the customers. They will sell you anything to make a sale. My car has been a piece of junk from day one and I have told them over and over about what's going on with the car but they do not want to help get the car fixed so I decided I'm not going to pay them so they turn the car off. All I want is to be treated fairly and I feel like from day one I was not treated fairly. I am a customer and I should be feel like I'm getting good service. They are rude. They don't care about their customers at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

I been with CarHop since last year of December 2016. I got this car went into the store the guy drove the car around like, "This is your car. You don't do nobody like that." I'm a tall guy in this car. I have now is like a Flintstone type of car. Might as well be paddling with my damn feets so let me get to it at carhop. They love saying, "We here to help you." Yeah you here to destroy folks' credit.

They charging me a $172 every two weeks with a car with over one hundred thousand miles on the damn motor. The body of the car is damn rusty underneath. Had a inspection coming up couldn't even get that done cause of the damn flex pipe broke. Now it makes a loud noise. These people is scam artists. The ** they do to others will come back and bite them in the ** cause it's not right. They talking about if I turn the car back in I'm still responsible for the loan. Talking about they will get they money one way or another. Talk bout they can report it to IRS. I can tell you all what at carhop y'all can kiss my ** cause I'm not paying **.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

In December 2015, I purchased a 2001 dark blue Ford Focus from a car company called Car Hop, in Aurora, CO. They obtain loans for people wanting a car through the Universal Acceptance Corporation (UAC). The car allowed me to start my own business through a rideshare company. For more than a year I maintained a great history of making on-time payments with UAC and always communicated when I was struggling with a payment. The year of 2016 also involved extensive repairs to the vehicle, over $3000, which is shown in the attached files. My payments were contracted to be paid on the 2nd and 16th of the month to reflect my bi-weekly payment schedule at the doggy daycare in which I worked. I lost the job at the doggy daycare and started driving for a rideshare company in the same month that I purchased the vehicle.

The entire year of 2016 went off perfectly, while I used an auto-pay feature to pay the loan. The payments were contracted to be paid on the 2nd and 16th of the month. Understand that I do not expect this company to look for any funds from my bank account before those two dates. But then, on December 30, 2016, the administrators of the loan debited my checking account for a third time that month. They gave no warning. They sent no text. They did not call or email me. They debited my account three times in the month, without my permission. Their financial callousness and negligence ruined my livelihood and it is only now, ten months later, that I am beginning to recover from the shock of what that company did to me.

Let me try to explain. On Saturday December 31, 2016, I checked my account balance. I found out that UAC sent a financial request for payment to my bank on the 30th, a Friday, when the funds were not there. From further research from my then bank, Chase, I learned that they were performing this haphazard approach to obtaining funds for the entire previous year. I just happened to have the money in my account at previous times and did not notice UACs unprofessional conduct with my bank account. (Never mind that the New Year holiday was approaching and the 2nd fell on the Monday that the holiday was observed, because none of my other payment responsibilities deducted money from my accounts before the dates that were agreed upon).

I was preparing to make sure that the money would be there as the 2nd rolled around, but they requested the money four days early. Therefore, the money that I was going to use that weekend to pay my internet, phone, car maintenance, and a payday loan, could not be addressed until I put my bank account back in the black. I was incredulous, is a gross understatement. All my weekend plans were destroyed and when I called them they refused to help me in any way. They blamed the bank, the bank did not care, and on and on I left the bank in tears because I had to drive all night to put my bank account back in the black and get back to life the way I knew it. However, the marathon driving and my mental state left me depleted emotionally and physically. I could never recover from UACs intrusion.

The next three months were torture. I was in some kind of financial shock. Every phone call with UAC was a heated argument with them. The bills kept coming and they would just never admit their fault. I refused to pay them, as this would be termed rewarding them for their gross mistake in my mind. Internet bills still came, along with the car loan bills, phone, and everything else. I had to turn on overdraft protection on my bank account, just to function financially, which was a huge mistake because I could never replace those borrowed funds either. There was always that $176 car payment in the way of me moving on.

Finally, I started educating UAC when I called, because their staff was always combative with me. I had to talk to them like little children and say things like, Ok, when you talk, I will listen. When I talk, you will listen, ok? This is how I had to start every phone conversation after three months, January to March, of arguments with them. Nothing got settled, but at least we were moving forward as mature adults. They usually violated that simple agreement about how to communicate, but at least I could be heard most of the time. All they wanted was more money after destroying me and making a gross error like that. They stepped in front of my means to make money and wanted me to reward them for such gross negligence.

I talked to a different person every time I called the Aurora UAC office, as well. One person said they never send a request for funds on a loan early, this was not true. One person did not know that the bank puts requests for funds right into my account the moment the bank receives it mind you. Whether the money is there or not, it is up to me to fix any errors, this was actually true. The nature of my payment agreement was such that these people could invoice my account anytime they wanted, regardless of the contracted dates. (I did not even know that!)

One person said that UAC ALWAYS sends requests for funds three or four days early, this was not true. I went to my former bank the bank account now closed for nonpayment because of UACs activity but, the bank showed me an inconsistency in when they transmitted the request for funds. My former bank is ready to show that UACs funds request are all over place. I just happened to catch their inconsistency in this instance while my funds were low. Anyway, talking to UAC was hopeless.

Did I mention that I put over $3000 worth of repairs into that vehicle, during 2016? Yes, new tires all the way around, rear shocks, bearing press, sensor for the radiator, and other various repairs, including a new $1000 computer, from Ford, for the car. Finally, people say I should have paid and some people even gave me money to pay and then get on with my life. However, I could not let a big company like UAC be so heartless and ignorant with an individual's life. I rejected their offers to negotiate and the car was repossessed in the Spring of 2017.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

I applied online with this company and a few others. As expected I received a phone call and email regarding my "approved status". Alas when I inquired about the down payment and percentage rate they couldn't disclose until I would come in due to "inventory". Sorry but I won't be coming in until I know what I was approved for. Sorry but I will buy a car elsewhere.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

I unfortunately have been with CarHop for about almost 2 years. Have done my best to maintain payment and maintain car and today 9/26/17 my front left wheel fell off and my car collapsed while I was driving. It was the most scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I called CarHop and all they could tell me is that they can defer a payment. I have a car with only 3 wheels and that it is clearly not safe and that is what you tell me? No one at least said, "Are you ok? Are you safe? Were your kids with you? My goodness. I’m sorry. Let’s see what we can help you with.” No. I got, “We can defer your payment.”

I’m scared to get in it. I don’t know what to do and no one at this raggedy place can give an idea or even lets make you feel safe. This is a shady business, people. Please be very careful going through this company. They are definitely the devil. I’m still shaking and it was this afternoon that this happened. Do not do it, people. Please figure out another option.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

CarHop is the worst place to get a car from. Anybody thinking about going to CarHop, DON'T!!!! I got a car from them only put 200 down and even test drived the car it ran cool. So I went through with the contract due to I needed a car for the winter. So my high payments were 195 biweekly 380 a month. So about 2 months after having the car the check engine light comes on so l take it to AutoZone to see what's wrong. After they do their thing they say I was misfiring. So I made plans for a tune up when I get payed. Well before I could get it to the shop the car started running like crap would not go over 40 mph. So I went and got the car a tune up spent 180 on the job the car still ran like crap after the tune up so I can't even drive this car because it takes a long time for the car to get up to 40mph so I was pretty much slugging around town too slow.

So I called CarHop. They tell me they will help but I need to take it to one of their shop for a 100 dollars diagnostic fee. I went somewhere else than their shop and got it done for free due to I was already paying too much for the car and for it to keep running, I could not afford CarHop's shops diagnostic fees. So I figure out it was a bad Cadillac converter which was not covered by warranty and was costly for repairs. Now this is 4 months into this contract I should have never did. 4 months and the car start to break down!

Man I got a car for $1000 off the streets and that car lasted me until I lost it due to being in jail but the point is I got that car off the street and that car lasted years and probably would still be running to this day, but CarHop a legitimate car dealership sold me a piece of crap that would not even last 6 months. Man all CarHop is a place that will take advantage of you due to your bad credit and eagerness to get a car. They got me with their high priced hoopty's. Don't f with CarHop and I'm down for a class action against these clowns cause I gave their hoopty back cause I would rather deal with my credit than keep getting robbed by CarHop!!! F CAR HOP!!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

I bought a car at CarHop four months ago. I had poor credit. When I went in I just thought I would give it a shot. I was approved for a car right away with only $300 down. But out of thirty cars on the lot I was only approved for one car. A 2002 Ford Taurus with 72,000 miles on it. Wow!!! That is really low mileage. 8,999 total. My payment were only going to be 90 dollars per week. Sounds great, I was so excited to be getting a car.

Three months later the check engine light comes on. I think, it's under warranty so I take it to their shop. It needs 1500 in repairs. None of the repairs are covered under warranty. I tell the mechanic, "I can't afford that." He says ok I owe him 100 dollars for diagnostic. I tell him he will have to wait a week or so for me to get the money together. At which point he tells me he will be charging me 50 a day storage.

At this point the car was costing me over a thousand dollars a month in expenses and if I tried to keep it I would be homeless. So I called CarHop. And told them I could not afford the car. And I was giving it back to them. They repossessed it. And then sold it for $148. Subtracted that from the 8,000 I still owed them and sent me a bill for 7,866 dollars, saying I have ten days to settle or they are going to pursue legal action. How is a car that they sell me for over 8,000 dollars. Only worth 148 three months later? DON'T GO TO CARHOP WHATEVER YOU DO. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. They shouldn't be allowed to take advantage of people like they do. The lawyer I talked to said what they do is not illegal but it should be. If anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit against CarHop let me know. If we get enough people in on this we can stop them from doing this to others.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

Like most people who went to CarHop, I was down and out and needed a car ASAP. I was in desperate need and jumped at an offer from CarHop and went home with a 06 Pacifica. After 2 months, the car broke down and warranty was able to replace what the parts. I ended up paying out of pocket for the engine frame. That was in March. In July my alternator went down, and again the engine holder needed to be fixed on another side and they found the exhaust had been lifted so it could pass the last smog. I paid over $500 out of pocket to fix the alternator.

In December we had electrical issues that almost caused our engine to blow up on our way to take my kids to Santa Claus. We had to have the vehicle towed and costs another $300 dollars to fix. In March, we had another electrical issue that we had to have the vehicle towed AGAIN to be fixed. During the times the car was out, I had to pay friends/family/public transportation to get to and from work. I have always been on time with my auto payments.

Last month, a spring in the gear box broke and the car will not shift from park to the other gears. We "**" rigged it, and are able to get it moving. It is at the shop to get looked at, and per the shop to fix that, as well as 3 engine mounts will be $1000. I'm tired of paying my car payment, paying for the car to be fixed, and paying for rides while my car is down. I've emailed my concerns as well as voiced them over the phone. I've asked if I could exchange the car for something else, as I have the money to make payments -- I've gotten NO response.

Once I spoke to them, I told them the best way to contact me is via email, and they said they were not allowed to email per their corporate. Personally I like to have a paper trail to show evidence of what was talked about. I'm done with this company and will most likely turn the car back in and pay for my mistake on my credit report. After weighing out my options, 1. Continue to pay the car payment, and the car repairs 2. Return the car, get the negative points on my credit report. I feel #2 is better... This sucks!!!

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Original review: July 27, 2017

First gave me dirty car. Took me 4 hours to clean. Ever since I had this car I have issues with from the gasket, power steering, electronic, never had a oil change then sent me to the CarHop mechanic. They messed up my car and when I got the car they put the wrong battery in my car so now I'm dealing with some mechanical issues because of that. So yeah I wouldn't refer no one to this car dealership.

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Original review: July 26, 2017

PLEASE HELP!!! I have had an account with CarHop for almost 2 years. The place I opened my account at was in Richmond Ca., which is closed down (never relocated). When I went in, I was desperate like most. My credit wasn't the best but I was working on it very hard, and still am. I was instantly approved for a vehicle and was BLOWN away. Even tho they offered people with bad credit I didn't think to get approved but was! So I had to come back the next day due to me being there almost 7 hours the prior day, but wasn't upset at all, I was just APPROVED!! When I arrived the next day I was able to pick a car I was eligible for, which was every car on the lot at the time... hmm.

Well there was one main car I had an eye out for. It was a newer 2012 Nissan lower miles, but was told it didn't have a title and would have to wait a lot longer till it came in. Since she knew about my desperate situation she knew I would have to pick another??? Jannette was her name, she offered me to look at the website and pick another car from another lot, so I did. I seen a better car and this is where the story really begin??? I was with my B.F of 12 years on this run to the Hayward Ca., Store to get the other vehicle I was looking at. First I thought it was EXTREMELY weird they wanted us to go and pick up the vehicle we wanted but did no problem.

On our way back from Hayward back to Richmond, right after we passed the toll bridge we BROKE DOWN!! This is a "key" part here, so we got out of the vehicle and I had my purse in the back seat with my wallet in there. I had a 1,300$ cashier's check in my pocket tho, NOT MY WALLET (SIGNED). When we stepped out the key was still in the ignition and the doors locked on us automatically!!! It also was a light drizzle at that time and we were waiting outside the vehicle for about 45-60 mins. When someone arrived it wasn't a tow truck, it was an employee from CarHop!! They Advised us that a tow was on the way and should be right behind us. I reminded them my belongings were still in the vehicle. By the time we arrived back to the Richmond store we were waiting for about 20-30 mins for the tow to arrive.

At the last moment I had to use the R.R. by the time I'm coming back out I noticed my B.F wasn't where we were sitting, I went to the office and Jannette brought to my attention to look in the vehicle and make sure everything is still there!!! I went and my B.F who was frantic searching the vehicle for MY WALLET!! I immediately went to Jannette and let her know my wallet was missing!!! Her and the employee who came to pick us up started getting on the phone. (So my other vehicle had some form to hold up my driver window b.c the crank for it had broken. So you are very able to push the window down to unlock the doors.) After the search in the vehicle I decided to go and check my vehicle. (Possible but very doubtful) that I left my wallet in there. LO AND BEHOLD it was IN THERE!!!! I was baffled b.c I knew at that point I would never had left my wallet out the way I found it in the vehicle.

Jannette then came up to me and TOLD me herself that she moved my wallet out of the truck we were driving and put it in my vehicle so it was SAFE?!?!?! Jannette was trying to take my CASHIERS CHECK!!!??? Sadly I still ended up picking out a vehicle. I drove off with a Mercury Mountaineer 04' with 126,000 that same day. There were problems with the vehicle right away. I was able to go and get the parts fixed with no hassle at first. A month or so having the vehicle, the tire blew on me on the freeway going to work. Mind you I work graveyard in San Francisco. You can't get ahold of anybody at that time but family if that!! I'm capable of changing a tire on my own but they sold us the vehicle WITHOUT A SPARE TIRE!! So later on down the road in and out of Contra Costa Auto for maintenance, the vehicle's transmission ended up going out RIGHT AFTER my warranty.

They decided to work with me since I was a good "paying customer" they will pay for parts/as I was to pay for labor. I was a upset a little bit but paid the $800 for labor. Also had to get a rental b.c they don't provide any services like that for the lemons they sell. After I got the vehicle back it was worse than before. Very rugged driving, the mechanic advised us it will be like that for a bit b.c its trying to get used to its "new home." It never was Better. After that I found out that I couldn't pass smog b.c of my CHECK ENGINE light is on. But when you look where my check engine light should be, it is not on!!! Well come to find out, one of the parts they fixed is called a Cluster which is basically the speedometer. They put in a part with a NON-FUNCTIONING check engine light!?!?

After that once again they decided to pay for the parts and I'll pay for the labor. $1,600 in Labor. Plus I had to get another rental!! So 1,900$. Right after this the car was done for, there was something else major wrong that nobody was telling me! The car broke down right after all that work. I drove and broke down right on the freeway. Not even 10 miles from Contra Costa Auto. I called Carhop (which is the worst place to get ahold of ANYBODY) but I did and they told me they would have a different mechanic come and tow the vehicle off of the freeway. This time they have sucked me dry for money and was starting to fall behind on bills and rent and didn't even have enough for another rental so I asked the few people I have in my life for help and they gave me their car. They ended up doing a Engine tear out and found that the harmonic balancer had split in 2 and sent a screw shooting thru and lodging in the engine!!!

That possibly could have been lodged in ME or ANOTHER PERSON!!! Plus that harmonic balancer had just been changed in less than a year!!! To end up this terribly long irritating story they ended up letting me choose another vehicle from the Hayward lot. I had a choice of only 2 vehicles, a Red 2011 Dodge avenger in good condition on the outside/or a 2001 Blazer in bad condition on the outside... I was pissed at my "selection" b.c I received a better paying job and my credit score had gone up 200pts since and Bob at the Hayward store was not so informing about my bracket I fell under, but I was at this location for 6 hours and was ready to GO. I picked the dodge and left on 6/27/17. The car broke down on 7/18/17. There was a huge problem with this deal.

As soon as I left the lot the headlight burned out right when I turned it on, there were electrical problems on the inside, I took it for an oil change and they said it was like a family of slugs were living in there. It's like no one ever changed it since it was sold 6 years ago!! A week later I took it to their recommended mechanics and found $2,800 worth of work. Carhop DENIED the work!! WHAT!?!? I just drove off the lot in this car not even a FULL week and I most DEF. did not put 2800$ worth of damage into this!! Carhop and I had a discussion and they told me it was Outrageous they "found" that much work, and asked if they did a "FULL" diagnostic?!?! I thought that's all it was, not a half ** diagnostic!!! They told me to get a second look and I did. They happen to find half the work. $1,500. Still a lot of work.

They once again offered to pay for the parts and I pay for the labor!!! I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE. I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY MONEY TO DO THIS ANYMORE. I BLEW WHAT LITTLE SAVINGS I HAD INTO THIS CARHOP VEHICLE!!! They now wanted to have me sign a paper to cancel the contract since I'm an "unsatisfied customer" and I won't have to owe them ANYTHING!!! I agreed to that, I had to use my own tow and had it sent back to carhop. When I arrived back there to end this nightmare I read the document they had TYPED out for me... Again I was overwhelmed!!! THEY SAID I WAS AT DEFAULT AND THIS WAS A DEPT TO COLLECT. I DID NOT SIGN.

I was advised to walk out do not sign and find an attorney. I currently have 20 days to sign that paperwork or find some magical help against my contract with this company. PLEASE HELP. This is a domino effect. If I have no car, I can lose my job (that I had to call in from, no job, you have no income, no income, you have no house). PLUS BAD CREDIT.

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Original review: July 23, 2017

I got a 2003 Saturn from them. A month later the sunroof leaked so they offered another vehicle, a 2003 Jeep Cherokee. I have had problems from day one, they don't service their cars before putting on the lot. Car needed oil change, transmission fluid, brake fluids all of which I paid. They say they offer 18 month warranty which they won't honor. The Jeep needs engine coils. Not covered they say, but manager at Sacramento store offers to go half with me on the cost. "Really."

This place charges over 20% interest on in house loans ex. My jeep worth $1,526, my payoff is $12,326.02. Where is money going since this is not a bank loan? And paying off WILL NOT HELP IMPROVE MY CREDIT. This is not right. How can this be legal? They take advantage of poor people who need a car. They "say" they want to see you driving but their cars are LEMONS and OVERPRICED. How can they live with themselves. I won't recommended them to my worst enemy. If you're in need of a used car go elsewhere. Save yourself time, money, and headache. They should be put OUT OF BUSINESS ASAP.

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Original review: July 13, 2017

I bought a car at CarHop in Tulsa Oklahoma and they were great. This is my second car from CarHop. I would tell every one to go to CarHop. They are friendly and I told them what I wanted and it was the best car.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 8, 2017

So what happens when you pay off your vehicle in a timely manner and no misses? Let's find out: One huge red flag for those that are checking to see if this is a good company, they use WESTERN UNION, NOT a bank. That alone should scare off just about everyone. I did not know that or I would have quickly passed.

So, at the beginning, unbeknownst to original info above, I had a bumpy start with UAC auto-pay. Do not use the auto pay, mixing W.U. with UAC = Messy bank issues - Just make your payments on time and you'll be fine. So Three years later - vehicle paid off. I checked my score. DOWN 75pts!! Why? because they "closed" the account, which is bad, instead of marking it paid. They say they are not a car loan service, but instead a credit repair - There must have been a fine print I missed - because paying off my vehicle in a timely manner without any mishaps DAMAGED my credit. I was gonna give them a good review - vehicle wasn't too bad, but them. I am a mechanic and can repair what ails it. But killing my already bumpy credit DOWN almost 100pts!! Yeah right. My recommendation - if you like your credit - do not use this. Find a co-signer and go to a normal dealer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2017

No money down is a ** lie. Also these people have the heart to screw over a 19 year old girl who hasn't even been able to build their credit instead of warning her they insisted on selling her a car that actually broke down on her a year later. Broke down so bad they had to give her a replacement car so she doesn't go against them in court because it was illegal on carhop’s part. They say they care and want to help but they could of steered me to a real dealership that was worth it to build my credit but instead they took advantage of the fact that I didn't know ** at all.

Now I'm about to have a baby and mine at still isn't paid off and I'm 21 now. I owe 7,000 dollars on it still and it's a Chevy Malibu Maxx 2005. Not even worth it. The front wheels are about to fall off and I can't afford to fix them, I've made it on time with every payment. All 5,000 dollars’ worth. I am running out of options and I'm scared because I'm about to have a kid and I can't afford anything!! The government won't help us with food or cash because my boyfriend makes too much! We are about to lose our roommates which means we won't be able to pay rent. So now I'm desperate trying to sell my car for 7,000 dollars and no one will buy it because it's not even ** worth it...

The car itself they told me was 9,000 dollars. The interest was so much that they upped it to 12,000. The car isn't even worth 7,000 let alone 9,000!!! This company is so ** I can't even handle this anymore, it's too much for me. I thought I could handle it because I thought that a dealership would be better than getting a beater car. But, I thought I needed good credit to go to any other dealership. Imagine buying a 500 beater car that will break down probably in a couple months, add 10,000 dollars to it. Then add more because of interest. Boom, you got yourself debt waiting to happen. But I'm lucky I'm a stubborn ** and that's why my credit is 768 points is because I don't go down without a fight and I'm not going to let some trashy company make a fool out of me and ruin my life. But I swear, I'm starving as we speak because we have no food! What am I going to do when the baby comes!!! I NEED A MIRACLE! This company is the devil!

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Original review: June 19, 2017

CarHop and UAC are the absolute worst. I had issues with the vehicle from the second week I got it. I made them aware. I called the warranty company and was placed on hold for almost two and a half hours before I hung up because I had to make it to work. They charged 12000 dollars for a 2004 Ford Focus with over 150000 miles on it. They refused to fix the car until went on the website and complain. All my payments were on time for the first year. Once I lost my job I was late. I called them and made them aware that I needed to modify my payments. They told me I needed to go back to work so that I could make the standard payments soon. Just two weeks ago I was in an accident. Totally the other driver's fault. They stated my car was a total loss. Thanks Geico.

They wanted to issue the check to UAC but UAC does not want to give me another car and they me to continue making payments. My car still moved so I asked if I could keep it. Geico sign the check over to me. They said "No. It must go to UAC no matter what." I said "Okay. Can I keep the car and it not be considered a total loss but you still sign a check over too." They called UAC and she stated that they are not able to do that. They need to received the full value of the car. Then I would still need to make payment on the vehicle even though technically they are selling it to Geico. I asked "So either way I would be paying. Correct?" She said yes. I said "What is the difference?" Difference was they wouldn't be obtaining $2200 immediately.

I asked while Geico was on the phone "Well if I don't relinquish my rights to the vehicle on paperwork can you still send UAC a check." GEICO stated "NO. Not without your permission." I will not give my permission. The CarHop lady was stunned and didn't say another word for the rest of the conversation. I urge anyone DO NOT GET A CAR. IT'S THE WORST DEALERSHIP TO GO TO. CHOOSE ANOTHER PLEASE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2017

I purchased my 2002 Elantra from CarHop in Sacramento. The sales rep told me that the car has been checked by a mechanic and it is certified to be sold, but that I might want to get an oil change soon. This was on 9/29/16. The car had 122,000 but I worked from home so I wasn't driving it all that much. April 1, 2017 I began the commute to Fairfield from Roseville, and by the middle of April, I felt like I needed my brakes checked. I had done the oil change a few months earlier, but that was it. I called CarHop and they said my warranty had expired.

So I took to a shop close to my work, and they informed me that my back rotors were so worn down it was metal on metal. They were shocked when I told them I had just bought the car in Sept. that cost me $386. Then the timing belt had to be tightened, which was done by a friend. Shortly before I went back to working in the office when I would put gas in the car it would click off every few cents. I have found out that the flaps are not staying open, and my air conditioner hasn't worked since I bought the car. Now, this morning I couldn't start it. My dad checked my battery which was good, so it's probably the alternator or the starter. This is a money pit, because I pay $170/biweekly in payments.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2017

Bad service, lied to and sold me a piece of junk. Second day I had it the check engine light came on. Wouldn't pass emissions because of a hole in the gas tank. Had to get a waiver sticker cost me 500.00. Now they want to charge for a new tank and the cost is 1500.00. Car’s not worth it. 2000 Buick LeSabre. 9000.00. Bought it in July 2015. It's now June 2017. I've put 3000.00 in it already. No more. I'm done. They were rude to me when I called on day 2. Said they won't cover it. I fought with them, but I was stuck needed a vehicle. So now with 7 more payments they can have the car. They made their money ten times over. Goes bad on my credit. Oh well credit was bad to begin with. In fact after two years of paying on time my score only went up 50 points. They don't report on time. Do yourselves a favor. Don't buy there. All overpriced pieces of garbage. Well they can have it back.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 31, 2017

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Worst rating. They can possibly get zero. Two car payments later still waiting on the mechanic shop. We haven't drove since we paid. No, oh, for a couple hours. Worst, worst experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2017

I was in need of car. I told the salesman I want a 18 month payment plan. I didn't know it was a 3 year car note. So when I pump the gas the gas will squirt out all over the car, splash on me. I took it to get a diagnostic. All the engine work estimated at $1398. I called the warranty number. I was told I had the car for 280 days so NO they can't pay for it. I have to pay for it. But warranty is 18000 miles. So the gas charcoal canister is not covered under warranty. When I pump gas and it shoots out all over me and the car that is a hazardous. Don't buy cars from them. I was told after I pay 6 months straight. I could trade it in. They said once it is almost paid off to 300 balance then I can trade it in.

Original review: May 18, 2017

Signing a contract with UAC was the worst decision of my life. Their customer service is horrible, their customer service workers do not communicate or update their system so every time you speak to someone you have to go over the same information over and over again, which is a complete waste of time. I was constantly being given different information by different customer service agents. They also were extremely rude to me and my father who is elderly. They spoke to him like he wasn't a human and they didn't care about him at all.

We were lied to and given different information all the time. I don't understand why is it so hard for them to be on the same page. This company should not be allowed to treat people this way and lie to people over and over again. If UAC is your last loan option for a vehicle I would highly recommend you to turn away while you still have a chance. I wish I would have purchased a bike or walked to work instead. Worst experience of my life.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2017

CarHop people are not professionals. They don't care how they treat people. They just want to sell some junk cars. I bought a car from them that had the head gasket broken, messed up engine and they still wanted for me to pay on the stupid garbage car. I called Laurie Swanson for the general office here in Minnesota which she is an amazing attorney. She wrote to them how I felt. Well to finish the dispute the car should of showed up in my credit as settled for less. Well today I looked at my credit and it says charged off. They took the car back and resold it as it in another shop of theirs. Please don't buy cars from them. They are high prices and don't follow their own words. Worst mistake I ever did.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2017

I was sort of in a tough spot due to my car just stopping while I was at the gas station and it didn't want to move. So I had an epiphany while watching the CarHop commercial and was like, "Ehh, let's give it a try." Worst decision ever. I went in there with an appointment and sat down with some guy. Firstly, his customer service attitude was more raw than red meat. Like dude, not even a smile? So he went over all of this stuff that I needed and I wasn't told over the phone that I was supposed to bring proof of income.

So I had to go all the way back home and snatched up the only two pay stubs I had at the time. Went back there and the guy started to complain about how recent the pay stubs were. Like dude, really? Then he went back and forth with me about my income and then had the nerve to say, "If you are making $850 per paycheck then where is the stub for that?" Mind you, I just started this job back in February so I didn't have all the stubs from my job yet and we just opened so a lot of things err just scattered around. But his attitude was unbearable.

After going back and forth, he finally said, "Well, since you have direct deposit through your bank, you can log on and show me that you have $850." Boy bye. I was done after that. I told him I was uncomfortable signing onto his computer with my bank information because I don't know how secure their servers are. And he had this idiotic look on his face as if I really didn't have the money. His attitude sucked and I will never recommend CarHop to anyone. They are frauds and they want your information.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2017

Me and my then fiance decided to purchase a vehicle and at first it was all excellent customer service and then we tested out a vehicle. As far as looks we liked the vehicle but there was a check engine light. The sales manager says it's just in need of a new gas cap. Put a new one on and reset the indicator light. We then drive off and of course the indicator comes back on so we call and they say take the car to one of their 3 shops they use and the mechanic runs down a list of all things wrong with the vehicle and also says this car should never have been sold or pass inspection in the first place. They sent report to CarHop and they said that the shop were shade tree mechanics and that we needed to take it to another one of their mechanics. We take it to a second and third shop with a end result being we were not allowed to pull off with the vehicle.

The third shop fixed something with the transmission and said that CarHop would not allow them to fix anything else. Soon I return for the vehicle two weeks later and pull off while attempting to find out why they wouldn't fix the car that should never been sold when the indicator light comes on once again. So I take our vehicle to one of our mechanics to find out we had a bad O2 sensor, bad steering pump, bad fuel pump, transmission slipping, ETC. We talked back and forth with the financial company and CarHop pleading with them about this car. We didn't have a month asking them to fix or put us in another vehicle to have nothing done to alleviate the situation and was turned away. Long story short we return the vehicle which now leaving my husband and myself with negativity on our credit. I would not send my enemy to buy a car from these people and anyone I know I tell them run far away from that rat hole.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2017

So I got a car from them and there is stuff wrong with it like I have to buy power steering every week, and I pay all this money and I call to get a PA, and the lady is very rude and she says she is a manager. Haha what a joke... All I wanted was an extra 5 days. It's bs. DON'T EVER GET A CAR FROM THEM. They don't care and they sell you crappy cars.

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