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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I thought I was getting a deal on a domain name and hosting. I purchased a 2 year plan. I used a discount code. They gave me two accounts: labeled both as "fraud" and charged me for one account. The domain worked long enough to install WordPress, it's still an active domain, they locked me out of the control panel... And they will not refund my money. It's been seven weeks. My debit card had the money removed, it's in my statement, and this is absurd. I have absolutely no idea where this company is located (probably India), but this is literally the absolute worst customer service experience I've ever had. Nobody on here seems to have a single positive experience. I legitimately hate these people. It takes 2 weeks to even get an email reply.

In the last 6 months they stop the service for more than 100 hours, without any previous notice. No-one replied to tickets for more than 48 hours. If you'll try to use the chat (technical support) they can only apologize and escalate a problem to a non-existing super tech team. A lot of promises of ETA and email, but the truth is that they have a lot of issues and not enough skilled people to solve it.

Currently everyday I have problem with ftp and email. My website is down for over 2 days and nobody from their customer service give me good explanation of this. They only claim that "lot of senior specialist" working on it. I attach you my ticket and it is visible that nobody respond and web page is still down right now (when I am writing this post).

The joke is that Arvixe offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The joke is on me, because in the last five days, the web server was up less than a day. Refund? As if! I submitted a refund request a couple of days ago, of course no response. Arvixe used to be excellent. I have been with them for eight years now, hosting 5 - 6 active sites, both in the US and in Europe. Things changed for the much worse after they were acquired by EIG. Reliability went out the window and their ability to resolve the issues right along with it. Do you want to hear another joke? Arvixe support.

Wow. I can't begin to express my discontent with this company. After having continual support problems, I decided that I was going to switch to another company. The hold time on the phone alone should tell you that they are over their heads. It became a joke in our office as we would put them on speaker phone while I treated patients and they would repeatedly not answer for over an hour. No kidding!

So, I made the switch to another hosting company and they ended up charging me for another 6 months of hosting early! When I submitted various tickets regarding this problem, they did not respond. After countless attempts to get them to refund my money, nothing. It was such a headache. Unbelievable really. Their automated emails won't let you respond to them and ask that you submit a support ticket that gets answered by a person who listens to your problem and then says the same thing every time, "Oh, I'm going to need to escalate this ticket to a supervisor who will get back to you." Who... you might have guessed... never get back to you.

There's more to this story as well. I haven't had hosting with them in 6 months. Guess what? They are trying to charge me again for hosting. If I hadn't disconnected my automatic PayPal payments to them, they'd still be charging me for poor service that they aren't even providing me! Now, I'm fed up and thinking of having a lawyer contact them as the emails they continually send to me are getting more aggressive. DON'T HIRE THIS COMPANY!!! It was a complete nightmare.

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I've been an Arvixe customer since 2013. In July 2015 after I paid for 1 year of hosting they moved my website in an "emergency migration" to a new server in August 2015. In January 2016 this new server failed. They said my account used unusually high resources which is why they migrated it to a special server. I did not have a problem with this. When the new server failed in January 2016 they sent out an email saying the server failed and they could not recover the contents and that they would "cancel my account and provide a refund."

As of July 2016 I still have not received a refund despite contacting their support several times. They tried to charge me in July 2016 to renew my hosting even though they had cancelled my account. I have sent multiple emails back and forth and they are still telling me they don't know why I am asking for a refund when I did not pay the July 2016 invoice. They also said they don't understand why I am complaining since my website is still up. I moved to a new hosting company in January and have had no problems since. Arvixe hosting are just interested in taking your money and when they cancel your account you will spend hours trying to get anything back. Save your money and look elsewhere!!!

Do not waste your money! We had a server down for over two months, which we were paying for that was completely unusable. The ticket kept getting escalated and escalated never to be resolved. Finally, after over 2 months, the server worked. We migrated all of the information over to a different company and then tried to cancel the Arvixe server. It has been over a week and they still will not cancel the server. I was told we did not give them 60 days. What about the 60 days that we were paying them for a server that was useless and they could not fix? Save your money. DO NOT USE THEM. Their customer service is atrocious. I have been on hold with Live chat to talk to a rep for over 2 hours, only for the rep to place me on hold because they are having issues with their browser. Very hard to deal with or get anything done. DO NOT USE. You will regret it.

I have been with Arvixe for a number of years, and they've been good. But now they are beyond abject. For the second time in as many months my sites have been down for over 10 days. To add insult to injury they've renewed my subscription during the latest outage. No FTP to retrieve the sites and move elsewhere, that's down as well.

I want to let everyone know my experience with this Arvixe web hosting company. Their customer service sucks. I was renewing a domain name and their system charged me 6 times for the same amount in the same minute. I opened a ticket and it has been 7 months now and the ticket still open and the last thing they said was that they were only able to issue one refund. Well I had to call PayPal and let them know what was happening. Well again 7 months later my ticket still open and now they are charging me my own money because they said that the disputed balance was use to cover other invoices. I don't have any hosting with them since 2 years ago because of the same problem, their system sucks, and I only have like 3 domain names with them and they are not set to auto renew, so how can they say that they are charging me the same amount I disputed to cover other invoices. Well I don't know. Stay away from Arvixe.

We have been customers of Arvixe for >2 years. Until approximately April, the service was OK, not great, but at least it was a decent value. Since April we have experienced MANY issues and nearly ZERO support response. Our Arvixe server has now been down for 2 days, costing us HUNDREDS of dollars in contract penalties every day. We have received NO response from Arvixe support. Do not put your business at risk. Stay away from Arvixe.

For weeks now I've been unable to access cPanel for my site. The site is completely offline. I get many emails telling me they are "escalating" my ticket, but no action. A password reset would take less time than all the emails I get from them promising to fix it. I would move my site to another host today but as they refuse to fix the cPanel login, I can't access any of my files to move to another host.

I have been with Arvixe for 4 years, and since their acquisition by EIG (who owns a ton of other hosting companies including Bluehost and even HostGator), their service has been terrible. You cannot contact support via email anymore and the live chat folks can't help, so they open a ticket for senior admin. and promise someone will get back to you in 24 hrs. My site has been down for 6 days and I have paid ongoing marketing ads in paper and online. I communicated this to them, they keep lying to me that it will be fixed. They don't get back to me, and feel you are stuck with them due to the hurdle of transferring your website to another host. A word of advise, stay away from them. Pay a few more buck for a reliable hosting company.

I have use Arvixe for seven years. When I started they were ok. Now the service is horrible. I have constant downtime. I have several tickets open for compensation. For a few months now they don't even answer. I have a ticket for a technical issue for a month now with no reply. I have been on the chat. I have called them with no result. I get promises that they will check or that they have escalated it to management still nothing. Months have gone by with no answer. ARVIXE IS BY FAR THE WORST HOSTING COMPANY BY FAR. DO NOT USE THEM.

ABYSMAL - If I hadn't experience this level of "support" myself I wouldn't have believed it was possible. 3 support tickets submitted, 6 sessions over chat with "support", 3 phone calls - NOTHING done, nobody replies ever... Anyone has REAL telephone number of their head office in Austin pleeeease? All numbers on the web lead to call centres in Philippines etc. NO way of calling anyone who knows anything or takes any decisions.

I have been an Arvixe customer since 2008. Arvixe had a mail server problem with the server that hosts my two domains around the 10th of June 2016. I began receiving "delayed" messages on sent email around the 12th. By the 14th, all email sent from my two domains was failing and I put in a support ticket that day. After a number of "we are working on it," "we fixed it" (they had not fixed it), "there is nothing wrong" (there IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG) and "we have escalated the ticket" with no resolution, I called Arvixe on the 23rd. The woman on the phone was rude, and demanded that I "understand" that their first level support doesn't have the tools to see what the problem is.

However, 1. they said they had escalated the ticket, so this must be a lie, and 2. I simply went to, a free tool that anyone can use, and could easily see the problem -- they have the RDNS for the mail server my domains are using SET INCORRECTLY. I had already told them this with the online support ticket a couple of days earlier. The woman on the phone ultimately said she was escalating the ticket. Nothing changed by 6/24 so I used the online chat and that guy said he was escalating the ticket. Today, 6/27/16, nothing has changed and nothing is being done to correct their errors.

This used to be a pretty good company. I understand it was sold recently and the new business owners have completely ruined it. I am shopping for a new web hosting company and will definitely be moving. Meanwhile, I will keep calling these geniuses to beg them to make the simple fix of correcting the RDNS settings they messed up in the first place. What a complete disaster these people are.

I have had the same terrible experience with Arvixe as everyone else writing reviews. My story: well over two weeks of limited or no service. It's intolerable. Is a class action suit a possibility?? Doesn't a company that takes your money have to keep their end of the deal?

Seriously, I'd even use GoDaddy over Arvixe. They used to be awesome a few years ago. Fast forward to today... If you have any problems, and if you're lucky after a 2-hour IM or phone wait, you'll be connected to an Amish or Samhira or Rajesh who is most likely a high school freshman equivalent who will tell you they are very sorry about your problems and they are investigating. Then you're on hold for 30 minutes (while they are apologizing to one of the other 30 people they are simultaneously talking to) and you will NOT BE HELPED. There's a reason that they have a 1 out of 5 star rating on If you're a current customer, dump them. There are plenty of good alternatives. If you're considering them, buyer beware.

I hosted my website with Arvixe for a few years and had a few hiccups but nothing major until about a month ago when my website went down. I reached out to support no less than 10 times and was told every imaginable story from server issues to denial of service attacks to "we are aware of the problem and are working to solve it as quickly as possible". The list of excuses was endless and I would go days into weeks before receiving a response to my request for help to get my website back online.

The long story short is that my website was down the better part of a month. Wait. What?! Yes, a month. I don't know who would ever find it acceptable to have their website down for a month. Fortunately it was not an e-commerce website but still important for my client and Arvixe acted as if it was no big deal to have your website down for this length of time. When I requested them to move me to a working server this was their reply: "I see you are wanting to move servers during the server issue. We can move you to a new server. The steps needed are below: Order a new hosting package, move your site over to the new hosting package. Once site is verified moved, cancel current hosting plan."

So in short, they wanted me to pay for another hosting package and do all of the work of moving it over when "Hello, Arvixe. Knock. Knock. Anyone home?", I can access my website to get my files to move them because the server it is hosted on is down. They should have done all of this for me because the problem was on their end and I had no control over it. I just received an email from them stating that they will not be refunding my money because it was more than 60 days since the hosting package was purchased even though it was down and not working for the better part of a month. I wish I could give a negative star rating because that is what this company deserves. Be smart and look for another hosting company that stands behind their level of service.

I've cancelled my Arvixe account due to problems with their service and they are still trying to bill me a year later! Their customer support is horrible! Find another hosting service as this one is brain dead. please don't take the service from them. If you don't believe mail me. I can forward all the issues which raised as tickets with them. Till today many tickets are still in open. Very very worst service, I have lost many customer because of them. Suddenly the server will not, I have two domain with them both were down at least 4 times a week. Technical support really I cannot say in words. For anything you want to know about them mail me to **.

This company since 2 years is acting in a nonprofessional and nonresponsible manner towards their customers. Our hosted websites at their servers are prone to their 90% downtime and testing circumstances! Their customer support sucks... I just need to sue them!!!

When I first started using their hosting services, I was amazed at the feature number, the price and the excellent support I got. I only had one problem and with a call they fixed it in less than 5 minutes. The fault was on their part (they forgot to add an option included in the plan) and they gave me that service for free as a way to forgive them.

Sometime I had trouble configuring things but with their excellent support, they solved all the issues. Support was a breeze: instant answers and clear progress on the situations. Back in the day it was a service that had nearly everything you need, excellent features set and they were willing to help the customer in configuring things and even installing a CMS for you (not my case but some clients were quite happy to know of this possibility). Then the company got bought and the company fell into the abyss: what was a certainty of being helped turned into a bet with a high chance of losing with a phone call or a support chat that during the sun hours of the USA, could turn even in a 100 minute wait.

After this wait... You are assisted by someone who clearly doesn't know anything about servers. You are not talking with an operator but with a dispatcher. Even simple things turn into a 10 day wait (correctly enabling a PHP option included in the plan) by jumping several chain of commands. Don't try to talk bad of them on forums: there is an high risk that they will hunt you down blaming you.

If you search "bad experience with Arvixe" you will find that some people got tracked by an Arvixe employee that either blames the user or try to defend the company. They try to blame you and to hide the real problem when it's on their part. The last time I messaged the chat was for the site not loading properly. After 30 minutes of waiting the chat didn't work or the operator didn't answer me. I was forced to use a new chat session and had to wait an additional 40 minutes time. The chat lasted for 2 minutes.

After a few days the issue got closed and the site was still non functional. I had to open a new chat during the third day and had to wait 30 minutes (don't think you can leave the chair. The chat can start even before the time indicated and if you don't answer fast you risk them closing the chat. I got burned two times in this way). The technician told me that the issue has already been solved and after some tries, I convinced him to open the site and he opened a new ticket. An additional 2 day wait and the site got fixed. Luckily it was a test site.

Talking about the services: the plan has a lot of features but together with them there are also a lot of problems. In the last two years I heard an ever increasing number of people having problems and they stopped being friendly on the site. On a shared hosting plan I needed a CMS that could only be installed by them. I found the page that publicized it and contacted support to install it. After the aforementioned ritual, they told me that they stopped installing CMS and forgot to delete the page.

Arvixe was good, no doubt about it but the past is far different than the present. The present is: Terrible support wait times. You will wait hours on the chair and then days even for critical issues and/or critical projects. Terrible support: persons that don't know a thing about servers that are forced to call other persons to fix even simple things. Sometimes they don't understand what you are saying or start asking unrelated things or repeat questions of minutes earlier. A lot of times you will clearly see that the person you are talking with only knows basic English. They will even reach a totally different conclusion than the one contained in your messages.

Shady tactics: They want you to buy the priority support ($20 a month) by making the standard support a nightmare. People writing about their negative experiences with Arvixe have been tracked by their employees and got blamed and/or them writing messages trying to defend the company. Good feature quantity: The only good thing currently (other hosting companies are offering similar things now though).

Very poor reliability: The service has frequent problems. Even the more expensive plans are experiencing them. If you are planning to host with them a mission critical project then you should consider the priority support. If you don't do this, as other people on Internet said, you will risk losing half your clients. Very poor client consideration: Even if they did errors or broke something while fixing, "Sorry for the inconvenience" is all you will ever heard from them. Similar problems keep happening to different people so they are not directly fixing all the problems and will only wait for the clients to ask it, even if they know that something is broken. If you are truly sorry for something, you don't need words to prove it. If you are really sorry, you will find every occurrence of the error and fix it.

I have been using Arvixe for just a few months and it has been nothing but a nightmare. I've had more problems with them in just a few months than I have had with several other web hosting companies in the last decade combined! Since the beginning, email service has been terrible. When it goes down, it is down for DAYS. For the last three months I have not had email working for days at a time - so far this last time has been 5 DAYS.

Two days ago they informed me I was BLACKLISTED - no explanation as to what that is. Said they had to work on de-listing. My email dumped 15,000+ OLD emails into my Outlook, all with multiple copies of the same email. Even after deleting email through Webmail from my email accounts - it is still continuing to dump OLD emails. I cannot send emails nor am I receiving NEW emails - it just keeps dumping OLD emails into Outlook. Now I can't even get on through WebmaiI. Says "Server doesn't have valid license". I've contacted them three times and they still don't seem to care. Seems BLACKLISTING is something that happened at their end but their Customer Support doesn't care and has no sense of urgency. Am cutting my losses and going elsewhere.

I went Arvixe because they were located here in the US and had US operators. Ever since they were bought out by EIG and the team was off shored to India another example that offshoring DOES NOT WORK! I have had nothing but issues. In fact their support went from A+ rate and at this point I rate them a F++. Now I will have to swap out again. I would have given Arvixe all kind of recommendations and I had... now I won't recommend them to save my life. Thanks EIG for yet another destruction of another US-based established business with your offshoring tactics. Garbage!

I have been with Arvixe for several years and as anyone knows switching hosting companies can be a nightmare. But this past year, there are no words to describe the terrible service. My site is constantly - literally constantly down. And now for the past 48 hours (yes, continual 48 hours) my site has been down and no email access. Every time I contact them it is the same answer. "Let me check" and nothing gets done. I pay to be on a private server and I now have learned I have not been on a private server. They lie, they are ignorant, and they commit fraud on a daily basis, especially lying about their uptime. Since I can't get access to any of my logs, etc. I am trapped (with no emails and a site that is down) and can't move to another hosting company until my site becomes live again (if that ever happens).

Arvixe is worst company. Don't buy hosting with them. They are not at all good, takes 4-5 working days to respond to ticket/support request, and they are confuse about the stuff so they will ask more questions and then will reply after again 4-5 days. They have closed down their phone lines as well so they don't get any calls from their own customer about the issue and they claim that they money back guarantee on 99.9% uptime but they don't return the money at all even when they have their server issue for more than 2 days in single week and in month they had about 3 times for 8 days. DON'T BUY anything from ARVIXE.

We used Arvixe for years, and years, and years, both for a personal company and my employer's company. They used to be one of the best and affordable hosting companies. A couple of years ago they started downhill. When they were bought by EIG, reliability and support started to drop off a cliff. At least we were smart and didn't purchase our domain registrations from them, so moving to a new hosting company was fairly easy in that respect. The Site Backup file that I created using Arvixe's CPanel was missing huge number of the files. Had to have their support create a zip that I could download. So even with 10 months left of the contract, moved the sites over to InMotion and have not regretted.

It is the most NOTORIOUS COMPANY EVER I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE! They will keep lying all the time. DO NOT SIGN UP! Boycott this company! It is now also an Indian company! They hire all cheap Indian labors who has no idea about web hosting or any background about it! I have been with Arvixe since 2005 but about 8 months ago this company was purchased by the Endurance International Group and this Endurance CEO is the most notorious creature god ever created. His name is Hari Ravichandran, CEO & Founder, Endurance International Group. However, it is looks like the original CEO and founder of Arvixe is still as a CEO for Arvixe and his name is Arvand Sabetian, Founder/CEO, Arvixe, LLC, El Dorado Hills, California. I do not why he's still there? Obviously he also ruined his reputation.

They are in the process of getting a huge lawsuit now. I can assure that I will bring this company to their knees! Probably I'll buy it out of the public auction. NO one should subscribe any of their services. They do no need any more customers. I was told by one of their chat rep. Their service is not even up for 10% of the time. They never provide any support to their customers! ALL EXISTING CUSTOMERS MUST LEAVE THIS COMPANY ASAP. There are plenty of other hosting companies out there!

I was with Arvixe for quite a few years. I had a $100/mo ASP VPS server. They ended up doing some sort of migration and I couldn't login to the VPS remotely. It took them a week to respond to my request for the login info. Before this support was average at best but the last 6 months it has been abysmal. In January I moved my sites to BlueHost and HostingSource.

Immediately after signing up with them I had severe problems. That should've been enough of a red flag but I chose to give them a chance. Over the course of 2015, site down, email not working, you name it, it went wrong. Finally cancelled at renewal time, easy right? WRONG! Every ticket I submitted asking to cancel and issue a refund was CLOSED immediately after a canned response from their support staff. For 3 weeks this went on until finally I decided to contact my cc company and have the charge removed. Funny how my cc company fixed this problem in 5 minutes. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

Expert Review

ConsumerAffairs Research Team

The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services.

Arvixe is a fairly new web hosting company. Established in 2003, it now offers a wide range of web-hosting services. It is best known for offering free domain registration to customers throughout the entire client-business relationship.

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth: Every web hosting plan Arvixe offers comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about needing to upgrade when you want to expand your website.
  • Free website builder tools: You can easily build your website without having to pay anything extra for this service.
  • Big one-click script library: You can install a wide variety of apps to improve the professionalism of your site without having to know any coding.
  • Control panel options: There are a lot of options and it can be overwhelming or difficult to navigate the control panel at first.
  • Customer service: During peak times, you may have to wait on the phone for long periods of time.
  • Site transfer limits: Although you have unlimited storage, there is a cap on the size of websites that you can transfer from other hosts. If you are switching to Arvixe and want to take advantage of their free website transfer service, your website cannot be larger than 5GB for personal and reseller accounts, and 10GB for business accounts.
  • Best for Bloggers, writers, artists, small business owners and web hosting companies.

Question and Answers - Arvixe

What sets Arvixe apart from the competition?

As a key player in the web hosting business, Arvixe strives to help our customers successfully launch and keep their websites online. Whether you’re just launching your first website or you require an enterprise-level hosting environment, we offer a full range of hosting solutions that cater to any need.

What problem is Arvixe trying to solve?

Since 2003, Arvixe has had a customer-first philosophy. Ensuring both our support and the hosting technology we provide is the best sets us far above our competition.

What needs do your products and services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

Arvixe specializes in small and medium sized businesses. Our goal is to quickly, easily and oftentimes automatically deploy the latest blog, eCommerce, and CMS solutions for our customers.

How does Arvixe measure success?

We measure success by the success of our customers. First and foremost, we want to make sure our customers’ websites or software is online. Secondly, we want to quickly address and efficiently resolve any issues that arise.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry? Your company?

One common misconception about hosting is that it's all the same – whether from Arvixe or from one of our competitors. There are such subtle differences in the technology and service that, at first glance, aren't apparent until you start using the service. This is why Arvixe uses only the best technology and provides the industry-leading support that we do.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

Every industry has its changes. In more recent years, the hosting industry has seen cloud hosting transition from being available exclusively to enterprise-level companies, to now being more widely adopted. Cloud hosting still has a long way to go, and we expect in the next few years it will be more stable and feature rich!

What is something you wish every consumer knew about Arvixe?

We would want every consumer to know that Arvixe is here to ensure their success. Like we previously mentioned, we offer an unparalleled level of support and technology that really helps our customers succeed online. Give Arvixe a try for your web hosting needs and we'll show you the difference Arvixe makes.

Has your business received any awards or recognition that your customers should know about?

In 2011 and 2012, Arvixe was named among Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, and from 2010-2013, Arvixe earned HostReview’s Readers’ Choice Award. In 2013, Arvixe earned multiple awards including Hosting Review’s “Best Windows Hosting” and Ten Hosting Review’s Award of Excellence. Arvixe also received the 2014 Hosting Review Editor's Pick Award and were named “Best ASP.NET Hosting Provider” by Windows Hosting ASP.NET in both 2013 and 2014.

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