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Washington Gas

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Last updated: Sept. 27, 2017

149 Washington Gas Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

My gas bill was sent to a wrong address for few months and suddenly without any warning my gas was cut off. The customer representative was rude and uncooperative and refused to connect with a supervisor. According to Washington gas policy I was asked to pay $2000 upfront for the gas bill, reconnecting charges and security deposit. I told them it's their fault for sending bills at a non-existing address but I was informed it was my duty to call and inquire about the missing bills. I have a special need child and aged parents home, I requested them to spread the payments for couple months and reconnect the gas as they need hot water, but all in vain. I had to borrow money from my relatives to pay them. Still waiting for a reconnection, none of the operator was customer friendly and am hoping someday this corporation to go belly up.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

In our most recent gas bill, we consumed $65 worth of gas, so I was surprised to see a bill exceeding $500. As it turns out, Washington Gas is asking for a $450 DEPOSIT due to "credit status". I have very good credit. After using their services for four years, I am befuddled as to why they would be demanding such a large deposit? I see the other reviews on this site with the same complaint. Unfortunately, this is the problem when there is no competition. They can get away with bad billing practices, bad pricing, bad service, and poor customer support. I too will be contacting my state representative and the State Corporation Commission of Virginia. These guys are crooks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

Received a statement from Washington Gas that my account had a credit balance and they would be mailing the credit to me. Two months have passed and no payment. Called Washington Gas and they said I had to call to receive the credit balance. I told them that isn't what it says on the bill. Now they say it will take another 45 business days to send me my credit. Absolutely ridiculous. So they are essentially keeping my money interest free. You think they would wait 45 business days for their money? I don't think so. If you're stuck having to use Washington Gas, be prepared for the worst customer service in your life.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

My husband died last year -- account was in his name. I switched this to my name last month, but was not told I would have to pay a $25 "Service Initiation Charge". Apparently this is "mandated" which I think is daylight robbery. We have had an account for over 50 years and yet they charge me because I had to switch service to my name. NO other Utility has done this -- all fees have been waived. If I could give this company ZERO stars I would do it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2017

I have been a Washington Gas customer for 19 years. My wife has been one for 22 years. Our first time paying a bill late was last September. We paid the full amount due but 10 days late. We expected a late fee, but instead we got a "Request for Deposit." We called and customer service said that they needed a deposit since we paid late and that it would be refunded to us if we paid every bill on time for a year.

We disagreed that this was fair because we had been a long time customer and asked why they didn't use a late fee system as Water and electric companies. They basically said this is "the way they do business." The following month I paid gas charges and a $40 deposit. The next month I received a bill for "current usage" AND another $40.00 deposit. We continued to pay our current usage and we continued to get additional $40.00 deposits added to our bill every month. We were paying on time. In January of this year I noticed they changed our account number for us without any explanation. We did not ask for a new account number.

The January Bill listed current charges and a "PAST DUE AMOUNT" equaling the total amount of $40 deposits they had tacked on each month (with the exception of the one we paid). They no longer labeled this amount "Requested Deposit." This month no bill came at all. We called today and were told that our "Deposit of $300.00 is already paid, but we have outstanding gas charges for usage, delivery, etc."

May's bill listed "Past Due Amount" (Actually "Requested Deposit Amount" without saying so) as $275.00. Mind you that THEY ALREADY HAD A $40.00 DEPOSIT I HAD PAID LAST FALL. They also said we had been sent a shut off notice. Again we received no bill and no shut off notice. We explained on the phone that we had been experiencing financial hardship and that was the reason we had made a late payment last fall. So on the phone today they also said that they "would help us out" since we were having a financially difficult season. Their way of helping us was to tell us that we didn't have to pay this month's bill, but for the 3 months following this month we would have to pay $103.00 per month "and that's it, we would be 'current' on what we owed." So 103 x 3 = 309.00.

So they extremely MISLEADING and basically liars. They took money we paid for current charges every month and then applied it to the "deposits" they were "requesting" and FAILED to send us a bill when they had the amount they wanted in deposits (which were TAKEN ACTUALLY when I paid one of them then denied their further requests for deposit). Then when we call they say "YOUR DEPOSIT IS PAID BUT YOU BETTER PAY YOUR GAS CHARGES. DIDN'T YOU GET THE SHUT OFF NOTICE ON YOUR BILL?"

What kind of company gets away with this kind of DECEPTIVE BILLING PRACTICES??? I am going to call their corporate hotline. Their corporate offices are located in Philadelphia, PA. I will also be contacting my elected Representatives for the Commonwealth of VA and US Congressman and Senator about the Washington Gas's billing practices which I find completely dishonest, haphazard, and underhanded; the kind one would find within a reckless. mismanaged monopoly. BTW, the corporate hotline number for Washington Gas is: (Corporate Compliance Hotline) 800-249-5360.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

My gas bills are normally $60-150 per month. The July 2017 bill was for $523, which was for $78 of gas use and a $445 charge for a "Cash Deposit Request". I called them and found out they wanted to directly draw their bill from my checking account and if I did this they would refund the $445 "deposit". I said ok, but they then said I had to still pay the next two payments by check manually. How do these people stay in business?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2017

Washington Gas Company is the WORST! My neighbor was gardening and smelled gas coming from the side of my house on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 6:54 p.m. I called the Washington Gas Emergency number to report a gas leak and was told a technician would be dispatched as soon as one was available because they took calls according to the emergency and if I didn't want to wait I could call 911. I happen to think that smelling gas is an emergency and called 911. The Fire Dept. arrived about 15 minutes later and confirmed there was a leak, as did another neighbor who stopped by and also smelled gas. One of the firemen said he would also place a call to Washington Gas.

Finally, a technician from the gas company arrived and checked inside the house for gas and finding none he checked outside and confirmed there was a leak in the line supplying gas to the house. He worked on it for about an hour and said he put holes in the gas line so the gas would evaporate into the air which would not pose a danger and since he measured the leakage as 46% that was considered safe (I consider any kind of gas leak UNSAFE!!). However, he said he would submit an order for a truck to come to my house to dig up the yard and repair the gas line going into the house the following day (Sunday) although it would probably be Monday (Memorial Day).

I called Sunday morning at 9:38 a.m. to check on the status of the repair ticket and was told it had been canceled. I again explained my concern and questioned why it was canceled, but was not given a reason. I again asked that the work be done to repair the leak and was told that they would have to open another ticket and send out another technician to evaluate the leak for a 2nd time. The 2nd technician arrived later that day and told me what the 1st one had said and said he would do exactly what the first one did(???) which made no sense to me at all. He also checked the house and did find a leak at the gas meter in my basement and called for a repair team to repair the leak inside. Before he left he told me that he would submit an order for the gas line to be repaired (just like the 1st one did) and they would be out sometime during the week.

Two technicians arrived a little later to repair the meter gas leak in the basement. On Wednesday, May 31st, I called the Washington Gas Customer Service line this time to check on the status of my work order and told it was canceled because according to the work order the problem had been resolved and that the amount of gas escaping was safe at a 46% leakage. I told her that I didn't feel any amount of gas escaping was safe and I didn't feel safe.

Whatever rebuttal I gave she said there was nothing else she could do (after she put me on hold and checked with her supervisor) and asked me if I wanted to talk to her supervisor and after much frustration I said no. She asked if I wanted to be transferred to the Emergency line and I said yes. I spoke to someone at the Emergency number and was told the same thing the customer rep. said so I have not been able to get any resolution to my problem. Suffice to say there is still gas leaking on the side of my house and the pipe needs to be repaired. As far as I'm concerned it was a "band aid" fix and not repaired. What recourse do I have? Are there no safety regulations in place? Feeling helpless and worried.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2017

They are Fraud. I have exact same issue as other reviewers. Auto payment was set up from my account. They did not request the bill pay for long time and sent me $652.75 bill after a year. They are Fraud. I don't know how regulators are allowing this company to run. I am going to send a letter to my local Senator and will refer this review website in the letter. Also after spending hours discussing on the phone and reading the absolutely complex bills of last seven months I found unjustifiable $183.99 additional charge in February bill. They were trusted with our bank accounts and were free to debit any amount of money. This is absolutely insane. MY ADVICE. IMMEDIATELY STOP AUTO PAY TO THEM. CHECK YOUR EVERY BILL (I know not convenient but trust me worth it in this case.). DON'T JUST TRUST WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE SAY WITHOUT GETTING VERIFIED. (They will get you confused in bills and will end up saying charges are right.)

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2017

Washington Gas stopped drafting money out of my account and for months didn't notify me until my bill had quadrupled in size. I called them after the recent bill frantic because they threatened to shut off the gas and I have a disabled elderly person living in my home who requires assisted living. The company told me that they, for months have been attempting to draft money out of my account. My financial institution would later tell me that no such attempts were made. They charged me numerous $25 return check charges and refused to waive the fees.

For no other reason than to charge numerous additional $25 return check charges this company allowed payments to go undrafted from my account. This is predatory behavior and hurtful to the customer. They will blame you or your financial institution for the payment failures and then refuse to reimburse those charges. Be extremely careful when reviewing your bank charges or bills or you could spend many hours on the phone trying to resolve issues. This company will create a problem, blame you for it and then charge you for the problem they created.

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Original review: April 4, 2017

Business Model is Awful. Washington Gas requires you to be home from 7am to 5pm without any better indication of when they will be home. The first representative promised me that we would get a call 15 minutes ahead of time. The day of, I called and confirmed we would be getting that call and she told me probably not and that it was the discretion of the driver. We were all already at work and had plans for a close by friend to come when we got the call.

It already took them 5 days for the first available appointment to literally come, turn on a switch. Also, if you put our address in the GPS it sends you to another house, so I asked if she could put in our file or alert the driver of a correct address to put and she told me no, it would push our appointment back until tomorrow. The driver was already assigned and en route, so I don't understand why he couldn't be contacted. She told me because he was en route he would be there within the hour. We have now surpassed one hour and he has yet to show up.

If I didn't have to use this service, I 100% would not. I would also tell everyone I know to never use Washington Gas. On top of that the first representative, put in the wrong email (@gmail. Not even the correct domain) and had such an attitude with me. The second representative was better, but was unable to help solve any issue. Long story short, even the cable companies have a better system.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

We just moved to our home which uses gas - for the past 30 years we lived in homes with electric heat pumps. We get our first gas bill and it states because of my credit status I must pay a $330 deposit which they will return to me after one year if I make timely payments. This is the first time I've been asked by a utility company to pay a deposit because of being "not credit worthy".

I first talked with Doris who stated that TransUnion was contacted for my credit score. Because my FICO score is in the high 790-819 range I knew something was amiss and asked for the phone number to contact them. Doris came back on and said it was not TransUnion but Equifax and gave me the number. I called Equifax and they said no one contacted them from Washington Gas about me and the Equifax rep wanted to know why they said I did not have good credit. I called Washington Gas again and spoke to Cameisha. She said that Washington Gas doesn't contact Equifax but does a "soft" credit check which means they look at other utility companies I've used. I knew that was not accurate because I have faithfully paid WSSC and Dominion Power for decades without missing payments.

I asked to speak to a supervisor or the accounting department. However, no supervisor was available and the accounting department, who makes the final decisions, does not have a phone number for customers. Cameisha had to email them and ask them to contact me within 3 business days. Nothing happened so I called back after 4 business days only to find the accounting department stated I must pay my deposit and leave it with them for the next year. I spoke with Lewis, who was the nicest rep of the group. He talked with a supervisor and asked if anyone had taken my SSN when setting up my account. I could not recall, but it would make sense since the answers they are giving demonstrated they could not have done any investigation on me. Lewis assured me a supervisor would call me back within an hour. Well, that didn't happen...

Next I got Jannika who read me the same response from the accounting department. I asked for a supervisor, but again she said they would tell me the same thing. I explained it all again to Jannika and she said the only thing she could do was write another email to the accounting department and wait 7 to 14 business days for their response. When I explained that Doris lied when she said my credit was checked by Equifax, when it wasn't. Then Cameisha and Jannika could not tell me which utility was contacted as a "soft" credit check because I would contact them myself to ask why they gave me a negative report. It wasn't until much later that Jannika said because my SSN was probably not taken when setting up my account, they would need to communicate that with the accounting department.

In addition to the customer reps' unhelpful suggestions (except Lewis), no one could explain to me how they came to the conclusion I had poor credit when I told them I am more than happy to have them check my FICO scores. It was obvious no one checked my scores. But, they would not share any of that. Instead, it appears they do anything they can to require a deposit from customers and keep that money for a year for their own benefit. If Washington Gas does that to someone who has superior credit, what will they do to the person with average credit? This is why I decided to explain my displeasure with Washington Gas so that others with good credit can question their tactics for requiring a deposit.

Just before we hung up, Jannika must have noticed that my account had a $330 credit (I had already paid the entire bill including the deposit as I didn't want any late charges while I disputed the deposit). Jannika stated a credit had just posted on my account (how did that happen?) and she sent an email to accounting to have them send back my deposit via mail. Again, it will take between 7 to 14 business days for them to send me the check. We'll see... I'm not holding my breath. If this experience is indicative of their service, I have no faith they can resolve this within the next 14 business days. So sad we are stuck with this inept company - the worst utility company I've dealt with in my 30+ years here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

We have been waiting for hours for your serviceman to come today. I just called your customer service number and spent 15 minutes on the phone with them - most of that time I was on hold. According to customer service your service rep called me at 12:34:15 and could not reach me so he left. My phone records all calls - there was NONE!!!! Nor was there a voice message.

I was told he could not get in the building so he left. The front doors to the building are all unlocked and the garage door is broke and left wide open. He could have walked in and taken the elevator to unit 102. We have been waiting all day in a cold condo waiting for someone to come turn the gas on. We asked last Wednesday for service to this unit. Now I am told someone could come today anywhere from now, 3 pm, until 10:30 pm. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE!!! Sadly I have no choice but to use your firm.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

We bought a new house and called to transfer gas service into our names as of 12/21. We weren't moving in immediately, but live locally, so a few days later we stopped by to drop off some stuff and notice that the house is freezing. We call Washington Gas and the woman on the phone confirms that they shut the gas off as of 12/21 and that as far as she can tell, it is their mistake. They have no one available to come out that day, but she assures us someone will be out the next day by 5pm, and they will give us 30 minutes notice. The next day it is creeping up on 4pm so we give them a call to confirm they are still coming out. Yes, they tell us, but it could be anytime until 9pm, and the notice given is only 15 minutes, so we better be waiting around for them. Long story short, no one ever shows.

We go through the same thing the next day and we are told the same thing about 9pm. When it starts getting late my husband calls and they tell him actually the techs work until 2am, so it could be anytime until then. I find this ridiculous to believe, since they need to gain access to our house, and of course I am correct because, after sitting in the driveway of our freezing cold house until after midnight my husband finally just comes home. This time my husband is pissed and gives them a call the next day and they tell him they aren't activating any new accounts until their system comes back up on 1/3 (first we've been told this). They try to give us an appt (the first available) on 1/11 which my husband says is unacceptable considering they have stood us up multiple times already. Magically they are able to squeeze us in on 1/3.

According to their website the system will be back up at 10am, so my husband waits until 10, gives them a call, and they tell him he's not on the schedule for 1/3, but he's on the schedule for 1/5. He argues, speaks with a manager. Nothing is resolved. He now has to take more time off work to sit around at their beck and call tomorrow, and God knows if they'll even show up. I am beyond annoyed at this point and if we had any other options I certainly would go with anyone other than Washington Gas. Thankfully we aren't living in the house yet, but they don't know that, and with the freezing cold temperatures if a pipe burst it would be on us, not them to eat the cost.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

I understand Washington Gas is updating their systems. However to be forced to pay by waiting for someone to pick up the phone for over an hour is unacceptable. The Online Recourse is long enough. This is just a complaint from today. Last year I failed to pay. Had to wait for payday. They disconnected me. Fair enough. However I paid my reconnect fee and my bill in full. Obviously before they would come out ok, I paid everything on a Friday. They WOULD NOT come and turn my service on until Monday (mind I paid all fees by 10 a.m. on that Friday) middle of November with a small child in my home.

I hate this company. The manager was so rude and nasty and inhuman. I begged for him to send someone out as it was mid November and was cold. He said absolutely not its policy. Since when is it policy to let someone and a child to go cold with no hot water in Mid November really!!! They are an evil company and I wish I could move slowly so I do not have to deal with them!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2016

Transfer calls to Philippines. Rude customer service... they charge whatever they want for the bills. Shady meters - some old or leak since their contractors do not service them or install them properly. The leaks on their meters make your bill insanely high. The government must be getting some cuts from this company since they let them operate freely. Criminal monopoly that operates freely and legally stealing from people.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2016

Customer service is non existent with Wash Gas. How is a utility company closed on a Friday? Even their online site is closed. I live in another state and I've been trying to connect gas to my Alexandria home for a week and they've been impossible to deal with. They should be shut down by the government. Worst customer service in history!

Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

In Feb 2016 I had a gas leak. I was told a temporary fix would be placed on it and they would be back when the ground was not frozen. I realized in Aug they had not been back and sent an email. The first email did not elicit a response, the second one did. Two days after the second email 3 people called and arranged an appointment the first day I was back in town. A contractor from WGL arrived on time and said he was there to replace the meter. He did not know about the leak. He found it and called in another crew. They worked all afternoon and into the evening. I had to leave at 530 pm and they said just to call to get the pilot relit. I have been trying to do that for over a week. They can only book day of the call and it is an all day appointment. I called in late afternoon for the next day and they booked the same day. They told me this late in the call and I said to cancel and I would call tomorrow.

I called the next day and waited all day and they did not come. They did not book the appointment correctly although they acknowledge the call. They booked that night and never showed. They booked another day and did not show. Now supposedly I am a priority but have been waiting since 7 am and it is almost noon. The call center provides different info, there is no escalation. They do not know where the techs are. The techs do not call you. I understand emergencies happen... Why not call and say they cannot make it? I truly feel I am in a third world country. This is rude. I need a shower and a life. I noticed you ask for order number. It would help if they gave them. There are so many little things they could do to make this experience better. I can only assume they do not care.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

I have to use this gas service company when I moved to Washington area. I am feeling extremely uncomfortable with this company. First of all, I have to spend more than 5 calls to setup my account. Then for my first two bills, whatever I tried, the payment could not be processed online till I finally got chance to speak one of the customer officers and I was told the computer system was not working properly. However, I was still charged $20 penalty fee and they claimed that the charge from my bank was returned. When I called to my bank, they told me that they didn't receive potential draft from Washington Gas. Lately, I was charged twice for the same reason. I really want to switch to another Gas company if I have another choice. Also, their customer service officer's attitude is very rude. I complained them and asked the manager to call me. As it was expected, their manager didn't call me within 24 hours, and never.

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2016

I have never dealt with a company this awful before. When I started my gas service in May I was told to pay a $45 processing fee and that I wouldn't have to pay a security deposit. Next month I get a bill stating I need to pay $200 plus the monthly bill so I called customer service and they said they would break the deposit into monthly payments. So the next month I open my bill it says "pay $400 deposit" and when I call customer service they rude and they don't help resolve the situation at all. I'm a very dissatisfied customer who is not going to let Washington Gas rip me off!!! #HELP!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2016

I see many reviews of Washington Gas mis-charging, over-charging, and not providing proper customer service for one reason or another, likely due to its monopoly status in this area. And I too have been treated ridiculously in trying to dispute overcharge of almost $1000 to my account. Rather than simply trying to resolve this overage, I am also requesting an in-kind credit to my account for my time and inconvenience, as I would expect for any responsible company with which I do business. I suggest we all add this additional layer to our complaints, which sometimes produces results in other industries. Even they do not oblige, it will be the principle that is demonstrated.

Verified Buyer
Original review: July 29, 2016

I am writing because I feel that the deposit of $205.00 for being late 2 or 3 times in the past is an unfair practice and abuse of power by one company which is WASHINGTON GAS. Unfortunately for us, this company has a monopoly on gas and we have to put up with their threatening letters of disconnection and collection. We are also aware that these letters are computer generated and if they are, they need to correct the programming of their computers so it does not trigger one of these letters. I have not call Washington Gas but I did send an email for which I did not get a response. I will call tomorrow and see what they say and maybe even demand for interest to be paid monthly on my deposit. I have not done the calculations at this point. I can be certain that it is in the thousands if we combine other customers like us. WE WILL PAY THE BILL, IT HAD TO BE SAID.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2016

Can utility billing get any worse? I don't think so. Their online and paper billing systems have been broken since early 2016. Billed amounts have nothing to do with reality. Payments don't get posted. The only way that anything moves forward is with a complaint with the Public Service Commission, and even then, for every step forward, things move two steps back. In June 2016 they moved their telephone customer service from the Philippines to somewhere in Virginia. Although it is now possible to understand the CSRs, it is still impossible to obtain a correct bill. For decades, the billing systems worked flawlessly. What did Washington Gas do that broke it? This has all the indications of an attempt to outsource information systems programming and operations to India -- and as anyone in I/T can confirm, those attempts often turn into programming disasters.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2016

I called this morning to set up move my services for 7/15 and was told this was not possible because of a balance left by a prior account holder. If I'm transferring my services from a completely different address, it's quite clear I am not the person who left the account in arrears since my current account has been active for several years. The company is complicating my account process due to another customer's actions. They should deal with the old customer directly and not prohibit a good relationship with the new customer.

Also, since I am not in DC at this time, I was told to fax in the information but it would take up to 10 business days to activate the account. This is completely unreasonable for a documentation review. What is even more dissatisfying is if I go in person, it will be handled immediately. This is completely inequitable to customers who are unable to travel to downtown DC, pay high parking costs and spend time getting their account turned on. Also, the office hours are completely inconvenient to any working person (only open 8 am-4pm). It forces the customer to take time off from work to ensure they will have the utility services they need which is completely unacceptable and is NOT customer centered.

Washington Gas' current process inconveniences customers and causes them undue stress. My (probably accurate) assumption is the prior customer is still waiting on their old bill to settle the account. The Washington Gas system is so archaic, it can't electronically send the bill to an account that is closed. I know this because the bill for my old unit has to be mailed to the new unit even though I have an online account. This system is set up for the customer to fail, chase old paper bills in an electronic-centered world and inconvenience everyone but themselves. I will truly take them up on your offer of accessing my gas services through another company because they don't care about the customers they serve.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 24, 2016

I have been disputing this bill since its inception. There is a carryover amount that should not have been added to the bill from a previous account which was settled in court. My requirement to pay that amount along with the current payment placed me in a financial hardship that kept building every month as usage continued. Washington Gas eventually disconnected my services even though I have an agreement with the court to pay an additional total of $1300, which in fact, does not add up. I am being essentially penalized because the collection agency, Nationwide Corporation, was not sending Washington Gas my payments until recently, October 2015 even though I have been paying them through an attorney for over 1 year.

Washington Gas reinstated the carryover amount onto my total payment. I am without gas for over a month. Christine **, in collections, promised to get back with me and HAS NOT. You are double billing me because I am required to still pay the courts for a balance that no longer exists, at the same time, the utilities are not on. Please resolve this matter immediately.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2016

I signed for paperless billing. The last bill I received was on 2/18/2016 then did not receive bills for March, April and May then received bill in the Mail on March 9 for 4 months with the warning of disconnecting my service. The same issue happened last year too. When I contacted customer service I was not believed I had not received bills for 3 consecutive months.

Original review: June 8, 2016

Can you give a rating below one star? The only reason this company is still in business is because they have a monopoly in the region. Their computer systems have been down now for six months. No automatic bill pay, no online services, nothing. If you have set up automatic bill pay in the past, they stopped billing it and just let your balance accumulate until they threaten you with collection. The real irony is that while on hold for a half our waiting to talk to representative, the automated recording was telling me of the convenience of their automated bill pay. This is the 21st century. Only a company full of incompetents would take six months to do a computer upgrade during which time they would cut off all their customer's online access. When I finally got to speak to a representative I was told that it would be another month before the online system would back up and running. Of course, that is what the rep said last month as well.

Original review: June 2, 2016

Im a Washington Gas service representative, Im responsible for taking the calls along with a few hundred other people. Ive been with the company just three short months and I see the way they treat their customers, there are a lot of hidden mistakes made that end up costing the customer an arm & a leg. Ive had customers call to inquire about their bills and even when me & the customers have done calculations and see the discrepancy, Im still told by my supervisors and higher ups that they're still responsible for those bills. They've had systems errors since I started working for them and it doesn't seem to get better, it only seems like a tactic to get more customers money.

I had a customer just yesterday, call in to ask why we hadn't been processing his auto pay plan that he had been set up on for the past year. Of course, I had to reiterate the systems errors we've had, or at least that's what Ive been told to say. He then goes on to tell me that there was no notification given to inform him of these changes, instead there was just a lump sum bill accumulating over time. He then told me, he called the customer service number to dispute that bill he got at the end of 6 months charging him over $900. He was set up on a payment plan as a courtesy so that he could pay in installments, only for Washington Gas to still send him to collections for non payment. As you can imagine, he was furious.

He read to me the letter he received from the collection agency and also made it very transparent, the change in his credit score. I informed my supervisor of the problem, and I was told to instruct my customer to THROW AWAY the notification he received from them and to disregard it. I did as I was told, also telling him my own input, which was not to discard it but to go to a walk in office and dispute it. The walk in offices are honestly more helpful than calling in, as rep Im just being honest. Im 21, a college student and Im even disgusted at how the company I work for operates. Its truly sad.

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Original review: May 31, 2016

On MANY occasions we have paid our bill online and for some MAGICAL reason the payments are never processed. The only way we find out the bill is due is a guy comes knocking on the door wanting to shut us off. There have been a few garbage companies in my day, but this is a full fledged online payment scam. They are scamming people out of MILLIONS in fees.

I pay the bill, get confirmation, they come to shut us off then guess what it is STILL MY FAULT. So what happens I end up paying a late fee plus fee for services. It's a classic scam. They rely on people not doing anything about it and they are winning that bet so far. I will be contacting the AG office here in good old VA to file an official complaint. I am just one of many military households in the God forsaken state that utterly and truly hate WASHINGTON GAS CO.

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Original review: May 14, 2016

On 2nd May, I called WasGas complaining about a very strong odor by my meter that could be smelled over 20 feet. They had me wait for several hours and at 6pm, tech showed, walked thru the house tracking mud, went outside, and 15 min later said he found NO LEAKS. On Friday the 6th, I called the emergency number again. The techs came and found NO SEAL in the main ingress to the meter - blamed the "plumber" for "stealing" gas and claimed "no Washington Gas employee could ever forget to put the washer! Your plumber was stealing gas." Really? Potomac house with neighbors everywhere and my "plumber" who worked in my house for 4 hours stole the seal?? I had no plumber on the Monday I called with the complaint.

After fixing the leak, the tech informs me that ANOTHER team would come sometime today, maybe, to turn the gas back on!! What?? If you are repairing my meter, why does another resource have to drive here to turn the valve on?? No one came. It's been 5 days - they had me waiting until 10pm tonight. I have called every day since Monday, 4 times today. I have no heat and no hot water since Monday. Washington Gas are the thieves - disrespectful individuals out in the field with absolutely no regard for anyone's time or need for timely resolution. It's a shame such an organization exists! Absolute disgrace to the DC metropolitan area.

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Original review: May 9, 2016

The worst customer service at Washington Gas. They messed up online payment. System is still not in place since Jan 2016 and they have no patience to talk to customers? What kind of service we get? If there was a thumbs down I would have selected that instead of giving even 1 star.

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