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Tried to cancel the renewal after years of being satisfied and was transferred 8 times because they said they could not see my name phone number address or account number or even customer number. They said I was not their customer over and over for hours. So I hung up and called back and gave the customer number and suddenly I was real to them... So I told her to cancel and they transferred me to someone to try to save me which I said "just cancel me" and was switched again. Another 40 minutes and finally I get a cancellation number. Ruined my whole day.

I have NO SOLICITING signs, but it rang bell & asked for my BGE bill. I said "not interested" she followed me knockin door & ringin bell. Hubby gave her hell, shut door & she kept ringing. IT got ugly.

I have received a mail couple of months back stating that I will be automatically enrolled to Constellation energy and strange thing is that it came with PSEG bill. My overall monthly bill doubled and at times tripled after switching to Constellation Energy. I spoke to PSEG today and they told me that it was optional and will take one billing cycle to switch back. This is a scam and need to be stopped. Why would PSEG encourage this and impact their own business.

We were duped into this 'alleged' contract. We kept asking for proof of one and were told it was 'verbal'. The owner was under the impression he was locking his rate in for 2 years and Constellation stated he signed up for 4! They now want to charge over $800.00 to get out of this 'alleged contract' and refuse to lower their rate to what they are now offering to other customers. If we make the switch to another company (which we are going to do) the cost for cancellation will be absorbed because of the SIGNIFICANT difference in cost. I had to speak with a supervisor to get the fee for cancellation after several promises of return calls I never received. THIS COMPANY IS A NIGHTMARE- I WOULD STAY FAR FAR AWAY!

Just like the other reviewers I was sent a letter by PSEG on March 11th 2016 stating I chose Constellation Energy as my New Jersey Energy Choice provider. And like the others I always blocked telemarketers and the numerous soliciting letters ended up in the trash bin. CONSTELLATION ENERGY SERVICES INC. SWITCHED MY SERVICE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! This service and their telemarketers are hijacking people's energy provider service. Please take notice if you receive letters by them and you did not elect to make the change. I'm lucky in that I contacted PSEG to cancel the change.

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This is one of the worst electric sub companies I have ever had. Their door to door person selling their electric didn't disclose the cancellation fee. I paid double for a year ON MY ELECTRIC BILL and what I was told was a year term. So after a year I went to another company... I start getting harassing phone calls FROM CONSTELLATION ENERGY that I owe them 1000.00 for a disconnecting my electric with them and with all the added fee it would be 1555.55. That is when I found out it was a 3 year term. Now I have a collection agency breathing down my neck. I see in a lot of these reviews all THEY HAD 150.00 disconnection fee. I'm thinking this is freakin’ crazy what they do to people.

Who could afford their energy prices and all the lies they tell you to get you locked in and they hold that contact over your head. I have to call today to pay this just to get them off my back. Yes I don't have that kind of money so I have to put this on a credit card just so I get these people off my back and it's sad that this company is allow to take money from people that are barely getting by. So to save my credit history I have to pay it. This will be the last time I have anything to do with this company. Their people steps on my property I will call the law. Harassment!!! AND TRUSTPASSING!! THIS COMPANY HAS BEEN WARNED! STAY AWAY.

On 03/14/2016 I received a notification from JCP&L that I selected my new electricity supplier to be Constellation Energy Services Inc, 1716 Lawrence Dr, De Pere WI 54115 tel 800-5360151. The notice stated that if I do not call to invalidate the change within seven days, it will be reflected on my next bill. Now let me tell you that I've learned to screen my phone calls and avoid telemarketers 100%. I have received numerous letters from Constellation Energy but they all end in the trash as soon as I empty my mailbox. There is NO WAY I ever gave my consent (verbal or in writing) to this company to make a switch and use their services. So now comes the question: How can Constellation Energy Inc. forge an agreement and make me waste time to fix a problem that I never created? Is it possible that in fact JCP&L has some hidden interest in this business and does their part in this scam?

Do not opt into anything from constellation energy. They claim to have lower electric rates than energy providers but it is a total scam. What happens is you get charged both by them as well as your energy provider. These people should be ashamed of themselves, as they are scamming money under false pretenses.

I've never heard of them before today. They sent me to a collection company for non-payment of $75.00. I honestly didn't believe it was a legitimate company, I thought this might be a scam. I'm happy to find this site, now I know what I am up against.

We were solicited by a door to door salesperson promising to lower our bill with a locked rate of .063/kwh if switching to Constellation. After switching we received our first invoice at a rate of .32/kwh which effectively tripled our energy bill at the beginning stages of our business. Talking with the salesperson's manager (whose territory had been moved) the bills were to have been removed. One year later we now have received a collection call for the invoices that were supposed to have been removed!! A quick search of this company will show the same complaint for their fraudulent business practices. I'm contacting the media as well so to help others that may be preyed upon by this business.

This company called my business and we kindly declined several times. Upon declining their services, the representative from Constellation became very irate and would not take no for an answer. Then she tried to tell me how to run my business, well thank God I read all the reviews before making a decision to decline!!! My suggestion to Constellation is tell your sales reps not to curse and yell at potential customers because that is a definite way to not get business. I did not even work with this company and I feel sorry for the people to do!!! LEAVE THIS COMPANY A.S.A.P.!!! BE WARNED!!!

Constellation advised PSE&G (my current supplier) that I wanted to switch to them as a 3rd party without my knowledge or consent. I received a letter dated May 11, 2015 in the mail from PSE&G. In this letter it states "This letter confirms your choice if a new electric third party supplier..." It goes on to list: CONSTELLATION ENERGY 810 Seventh Avenue SUITE 400 New York, NY 10019 8779979995. The letter proceeds with "...if you have decided not to change your current electric supply provider, please contact PSE&G...You must call us within 7 days from the date of this letter."

I called PSE&G, told them I certainly did NOT want to switch, and asked how this even happens. I was told that some of these 3rd party suppliers are obtaining customer's "pod" numbers, and initiating the switch of companies without notification of the customer. This is not an ethical way to gain business and/or customers. Thankfully PSE&G notified me and I paid attention in time to prevent it from happening. Senior leadership of Constellation Energy should be aware of these practices, and if they already are...they need to take a Business Ethics 101 class.

They call our business everyday and you can tell them you are on the Do Not Call list, and to please stop but they won't. I realize they could outsource their marketing to a call center, but nonetheless this is a reflection on the company as a whole. You can tell them you are not leaving your current power company but they regard you as "stupid" for not wanting to "save money". Uses the name of your current power company in a bait call technique and refuse to acknowledge what company they are calling from at times. This time after I hung up, the telemarketer on the phone called back and stated she would be calling back until she got someone who could "make decisions". Informed her I was part owner and to please stop calling as I have asked several times.

Completely unprofessional and never experienced such harassment. I cant imagine anyone switching to their company in with the belittling speech their telemarketers use.

I had signed up with them for a year. Mistake. Their rates were not better. At the end of it they tried to roll me into another year with even worse rates. WITHOUT my permission. Customer Service was a joke.

This company has been calling my house for the last 2 weeks day and night. The last 3 nights the calls have been at 8:30 pm. I have an infant at home who wakes up crying every time. We've asked each time to be taken off the calling list and still no luck. Once again tonight we received the call. We're really fed up with this harassment.

While trying to cancel my service, I spent 17 minutes on the phone with two agents. The first couldn't find my account by searching my phone number and entered my Com Ed account number incorrectly multiple times before finally finding my account. He then verified that the phone number linked to the account was the one I was trying to have him search by, so I'm not sure why he couldn't find it. After going in circles with him for about 7 minutes, he placed me on hold to speak with the cancellation department. I held for 5-6 minutes, and finally spoke with someone who could efficiently assist me. I did have to give her all of the previously provided information, however, so I'm not sure what the purpose of the first gentleman was, other than to frustrate customers. I'm glad to be moving out of their area so that I don't have to interact with them again.

I assume people probably read these things thinking, "Oh these people are just mad" or something along those lines to somehow justify that their case is probably not likely to happen to you. I know I have done that. And more times than not, I was correct. But this is a different story all together. I'm not really mad, but I feel the facts of how things happened here need to be shared. First, let me start by saying that a company like this has an interesting level of flexibility to failure. It's not like some merchant shipped you a box of damaged goods - this is not a product review. This company provides electricity. A utility. A service. We can only really rate them on their customer service because their "product" is going to work. You're going to have electricity from them - it is as simple as that. It is all in how they get their customers and "keep" their customers that I see as a huge problem.

According to customer support, my account originated October 2nd, 2014. This happen when a young man rang my doorbell later in the evening, probably sometime after 7PM, and explained the "great" deal he was offering. He told me the following selling points: (1) it was a fixed rate of 8.21 cents for 2 years; (2) there was a 90 day satisfaction guarantee; (3) they would send me a $50 visa gift card 4 to 6 weeks after I signed up. The negative side was it was a contract deal. 2 years and early termination was $150; but with 90 days, I didn't see that as a large concern partially because he was telling it wasn't. That said, oddly enough I had actually just decided to look for a decent fixed rate program to get in, but hadn't really started looking. I told him I wasn't really sure about it yet. He then quickly started to leave explaining he'd be back shortly; that he wanted to give me time to discuss it with my wife.

A little while later, he returned. I explained that I planned to look into other options; that I knew people in my area were getting better prices on a fixed rate and I just wanted to be sure before committing. He explained that there was no harm in signing up at that time; that it would guarantee me a 50 dollar visa and that, with the 90 day guarantee, I would have plenty of time to shop around. If I found something better, I could make the switch; if not, at least I'd have this to fall back on.

To this, I considered it; but ultimately came back to him with an "I'm not really sure yet". Again, I explained that I wanted to be sure before committing. That seemed to irritate him and he took a condescending attitude toward me explaining that it wasn't a commitment; I'd be able to get out of it easily enough and that he doubted I'd find a better rate, saying, "You really think you'll find a better price?" He continued explaining how rates were due to increase in the next month and so on. Annoyed, and rather uncomfortable, I reconsidered and figured - what the heck. It would get him off my porch, give me 50 dollars, and be easily canceled. So I said, "ok", while showing physically that I wasn't completely comfortable with the situation.

He got on the phone and called the registration number. The person on the phone tells him the rate is 8.82 cents. He looks to me and makes it seem like it's not a big deal. Asking if we can continue. With a sigh, rolling my eyes, and shaking my head, I said, "sure, I guess.” Then had me walk through the standard questions on the phone. One of the questions, he told me I'd have to lie about. It was "had the rep left the property". Apparently I had to say yes, so I did... though he was right there the whole time. Anyway, so I stupidly walked through the questions and became their newest client.

My next bill came, and there was nothing new. No bill info from Constellation. The next bill, for my November payment, came and showed data for Constellation. My fixed rate was 8.8 cents and the current variable rate was .76 - first bill, already losing money. I was less than satisfied for sure. Near the end of November, I was contacted by IDT Energy. The rep on the phone was very nice, even though I left them to go to Palmco months and months prior. He explained he had a fixed rate deal to offer me - in the range of 7.6 to 7.9 cents per kwh. It was fixed for 12 months and there was no contract; no termination fees. After talking to him for a bit and considering the options, I decided to go with it.

Today, December 5th, 2014, I got a letter in the mail from Constellation explaining my account was closed and I would be charged $150 for the early termination, unless I called them before 12/3/2014 (I won't blame them for the mailing time). So, I decided to (1) get clarity as to how early less than 60 days of time was somehow exceeding my 90 day guarantee and (2) let them know why I was leaving.

I was told that my 90 days ended on November 23rd. Which means my 90 days started August 25th - yet the customer service rep was the one that told me my account started October 2nd. I'm willing to admit that the guy stopped at my house as early as late August (though I don't think he did), but even if that is when I signed up, how can I evaluate my satisfaction before my service begins? At best, the 90 days should have began on October 2nd. Of course, this conversation was a lost cause. I told the rep that I was beyond unsatisfied and that I would do all that I could to inform friends, family, neighbors, and anyone interested as to how much of a scam their company was; to avoid doing business with them at all costs. I asked her how anyone could evaluate service that they didn't have; how I was to know I would be unsatisfied much sooner than I did - but the only answer I got was that I could have looked at the first bill and called them then. I didn't bother explaining a bill cycle is 30 days, 90 divided by 30 is 3... so I should have been able to get 2 bills before I even had to worry about calling in.

It cost me $150 and 1 over priced bill to get 1 billing cycle worth of service. On top of feeling betrayed, I didn't even get that 50 dollar gift card they promised me. I'm not complaining really. I know it was my decision to sign up for them AND change service after that. I am merely sharing and informing here. I do not believe a company that treats its clients as expendable is a company that deserves to be in business; especially in such a competitive market.

To end simply - I urge everyone - do NOT do business with Constellation. They are a fundamentally broken company. In fact, for those of you considering it, I would even go as far as saying not to go with an electric provider that locks you into a contract with early termination fees. Should have saw that as a red flag. Early termination fee means they expect people to leave and they want to make sure they juice them for all they can while they can. Hope this helps someone.

I have been with Constellation Energy for over 3 years and never had a problem until my Heat Pump (HP) was replaced, a contractor who did not correctly install the unit. This caused my HP to run non stop for almost 5 months and made my electric usage 70% higher than normal. I contacted them for help since my budget billing was overstated because of a HP problem which is now resolved. I provided them with supporting documentation and they advised that they could not adjust my budget billing for 12 months. Now I have $400 electric bills and only use about half this amount! They would not consider making any adjustments for the next 12 months and I cannot afford this amount every month.

Today I had to cancel my contract with them which cost another $150 and wait 1 to 2 months for my service to be transferred back to BGE. Their customer service really sucks and even with all the supporting documents that I sent nobody could provide me with a reasonable solution. Thought selling my home was the only option. Will never again go with any other company that the service provider. Third party suppliers do not work with you to resolve any issues or problems! Do not use Constellation Energy because they will not help you resolve any simple problems or issues!

We switched to Constellation in order to potentially lower our rates and save money. Well, our rates were a little lower for a while. Our bills ran around $200/month. We then received a $1200 bill for April. We called right away and they said that was indeed what we owed. There was no way. I insisted they investigate. While waiting to hear back, I received the May bill for $1200 as well. I called and it was still under investigation. Mean time, I'm receiving disconnect notifications because I'm not paying the $2400 due. I kept calling and they kept saying there was nothing they could do.

Supposedly they were fighting with Delmarva, our supplier for information. I finally had to contact the public service commission. Only then did I hear from Constellation. Even then, they were rude and they weren't sure how much I actually owed. It took over 7 months (and MANY hours of wasting my time) for them to resolve this issue. Once the issue was resolved, I called to cancel my service with them because I was done with their terrible service and they told me there would be an early termination fee because I still had two months on my contract!

WHAT?!?! They wasted hours of my time and gave me the poorest service of any company I've ever worked with and they were still holding me to their contract? They absolutely would not let me out. I am now on a mission to warn potential customers/victims of the terrible service they provide. The sad part is, they really didn't save me much money - even if all had gone as it should have. The few dollars I saved was absolutely not worth the aggravation and headaches they caused. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

I switched to this company after discussing with a representative over the phone knowing that I would sign a 24-month contract. 3 and 1/2 years later, I realized that my contract was automatically renewed twice and I have to pay a termination fee if I want to switch. After calling them, I was told this was disclosed to me - I said I was never told so when I signed up over the phone and they said my agreement was recorded. I demanded my voice recording and the representative just hang up on me. No other companies would do this - after 24-month contract, they would automatically renew you without your consent. Whatever disclosure they claimed they provided was simply taking advantage of customers. Stay away from this company - very, very bad practice!

I got tired of the high charges that they let my electric provider charge me. So I changed suppliers. Immediately I get a letter from Constellation saying I owe them $150.00 for an early termination fee even though my contract has expired with them. They have lied to me from the beginning. The rates continue to raise. It seems as though this is one of those companies when they get in trouble with the govt. they just change their name and keep going with their same tactics. They have many many complaints to the BBB, but they don't seem to care. I have called them and they are very rude and told me if I'm not happy with the service to call my power co.

Contract renewed automatically at higher rate for electricity. Early cancellation fee if you forget to call to opt out. Very deceptive. The renewal does not reiterate the early cancellation fee as part of auto renewal. BEWARE of this Constellation Exelon Company. VERY DECEPTIVE PRACTICE. BEWARE.

In the first year of the contract with them, the rates were comparable to my local utility company (Elizabethtown Gas) but after the contract, they claimed that I didn't renew my plan with them, so they placed me at the "Variable rate" plan. The point is that, it's way too VARIABLE. In December 2013, the rate was $0.799. In 2014, January and February, the rates were $1.2999 and $0.8999. Basically I was paying double of the comparable rates the local company offered. When I tried to cancel and I was put on the waiting line for a long time. So I logged in to my account to do the "Live Chat" at the same time. The "Live chat" didn't provide the "printing" function, as such I requested them to send me the cancellation confirmation, they said it would take 2 days to send an email and the entire cancellation process will take 1-2 billing cycles (basically, they want to rip me of another 2 months).

I had been in a two-year fixed electric supply contract with Constellation. In late 2013, I received a reply by mail letter asking me to extend for another year. I promptly signed it and returned it in the mail. In February 2014, my electric bill was almost $700 for the month. I quickly called and was informed they never received my letter so I was rolled into a variable rate plan without my knowledge. I cancelled with them immediately. Sadly, it takes two billing cycles to switch to another supplier. My March bill came in at close to $500. I live alone in an 800-square foot apartment! They refuse to do anything about correcting the error. Beware!

This MXEnergy group calls my home phone on a daily basis, and often, more than once per day in an attempt to gain my business. We have repeatedly asked them to stop calling and to put us on a no-call list, but to no avail. Now, I don't answer my phone unless I look at the Caller ID first. I hate this invasion of my home privacy and their refusal to stop calling my number. I am on the verge of having my landline disconnected in order to avoid these people. Aren't there laws stating that when you demand to be put on a no-call list, that your wishes have to be respected?

I switched to this company over a year ago. I agreed to a one-year fixed rate and if I cancelled before my year was up I would have to pay a cancellation fee. They claim they sent me a letter a month before my contract was up saying they were going to renew my contract unless they heard from me. I never received that letter. I recently switched to a different company because they were a lot cheaper. Now, I get a cancellation fee of $25 that I knew nothing about. I will make sure that everyone I talk to never switch to this company. I see a lot of people everyday. I work in customer service myself.

I sign on March 2011. Two months later, BGE stop sending a paper bill, because MXEnergy was not applying the gas charges to the bill,charges that have been adding up since May. I have been trying to resolve this matter with MXEnergy since May, but every time I call, I'm talking to someone different who claims to have no knowledge of what they're talking about but promises to look into the matter and get back to me in five working days which they never do.

The credit I have when I cancelled my account in December 2009 (it is now July 2010) will not be issued for 6-10 weeks. Meaning that I may not get my $1400 credit back to me until ten months after my service was cancelled. They said that it is their policy and they can do nothing to expedite my claim. Other utility companies when I've had a balance after, will instantly issue a refund check as soon as they see the positive balance in a closed account. I never received a single correspondence indicating that I had a credit on my account after I cancelled the service with this company. Do not do business with them!

For the month of March I received a gas bill totaling $408.77. The previous month was $110.80. This is for a residence that is a 2-bedroom 1-bath house. I am the only person that lives here and there is no gas leak. I contacted the company in April about my complaint and said I would agree to pay another $110.00 because the month of March was cold. They were okay with that and said that the meter reading did not look accurate and would call the company to do another meter read. Since that time I received and paid a bill of $31.00. But today, I received a disconnection notice for the unpaid amount. It clearly states on the back of the bill that any amount that is in dispute is not required to be paid until it is all sorted out. I called the company today and they said I was responsible for $267.00. They said they would send someone out again to reread my meter, but that I need to pay the bill and if they found that the meter was wrong, then they would credit my account. I’m sorry this is not acceptable to me, especially when not less than a year ago, at my prior address, the same thing happened. What do I do? Do I just go to another gas company, which I will eventually do anyways, or pay the bill? Thank you for your time.

They called my house , and my husband Alix Pericles talked to them. They offered him to switch electric company from Con Edison to their company. Our electric Bills are going sky high. I called to cancel the policy. The person who talked to me said we have to pay $150 cancellation fee. I told theem that was not discussed with us when we the took the contract. I need them to prove to us the voice on the tape recording stating that we agreed to pay the cancelation fee.

We have been paying extremely more money for electric bills since we changed to them.

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