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    Last updated: Jan. 8, 2018

    89 Nicor Gas Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 8, 2018

    My husband and I recently moved in our new home December 9th, 2017 and when we called Nicor Gas we found out that they never disconnected it from an apartment back in 2007 or 2008 till 6 months after we moved out of there and they never billed us. Now we have an $1000 bill hanging over our heads and they say we're responsible for it. I could see being responsible if they would have shut the gas off when we told them to but they decided that they didn't want to. So now I have to make a GoFundMe post and raffle off some of my crafts just to get it paid. They keep arguing with us that we're responsible for it.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

    I moved into my new home in February of this year. I opened up an account with Nicor, which has been my 4th new account/address in 6 years. In August I suddenly receive a bill with my normal monthly amount plus a $455.90 amount they claim is from an old account from an address I shared with my ex-husband in 2008. The account was in his name, but they have been unsuccessful in getting payment from him, so they just now slapped the balance onto my account!! Again, I've opened 4 subsequent accounts since moving from that address with no issues or mention of this previous balance. This balance has never shown on my credit report or anything. So now because I still have his last name and they were unsuccessful in receiving payment from previously trying to tack the account balance to his mother's account, they have tacked it onto mine. His mother recently moved in with her boyfriend so no longer has an active account in her name.

    This is the only reason I can think of why they suddenly added it to my account. If it was truly my balance, it would have shown with every account I opened since they use your social security number to open new service. I am on social security disability with a fixed income and 3 children. I have tried to speak with representatives who have all been extremely rude and not helpful at all! I am so fed up with this! I really hope the BBB complaints can obtain results from them to fix their crooked operating procedures!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

    Worst gas company ever. They do not consider their customers a priority!!! Spoke with a manager named Kelly. She can’t even tell me basic information about the company and how it works so I guess they let anyone supervise there! HORRIBLE COMPANY. I wish we had more companies to choose from in my area but unfortunately we are stuck with this crappy company.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

    Nicor Gas has the worst customer service. I never knew my autopay was not active since many months and I never got a phone call or email regarding disconnection. They said they sent a letter and called my phone but got a busy tone! No one gets busy tone on my cellphone! They should have at least left a Voice Message before disconnecting. I came to know after the gas line was disconnected and immediately called them. After I came to know that autopay is not working since many months, I immediately paid entire amount over phone and requested for getting the connection back as soon as possible (Entire amount was paid within minutes after gas supply was disconnected).

    But the customer service agent and the supervisor handled the situation very unprofessionally and scheduled a connection date after 5 days! Now no hot water, no kitchen gas, no home laundry, no dishwasher for 5 days while we have 2 kids at home. They should deal with customers like they are in a 'business' and not like 'they are doing a favor'.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 22, 2017

    I selected paperless billing. Then my credit card expired months later. I think because I turned on paperless ~ they did not call or email me or mail me a nonpayment notice. They just shut off the service. The phone folks insist I was called and sent paper notices. That is a lie. I use my phone for all business and answer ALL CALLS. They did not call and I know that. Awful service. Have to wait 7 days to get heat and hot water and gas for cooking and clothes dryer. This is criminal.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 7, 2016

    I am a disabled single mother of two little girls. I signed a lease for a new rental on November 1, 2016. I wasn't actually moving in until November 14, 2016. Well I came here and there was NO GAS METER!!! Which meant no heat, hot water or to even use stove for Thanksgiving... I've called over 20 times and I get a different story from them each time. So I made a complaint to the BBB on or abouts November 17, 2016. I know that Nicor received the complaint but they told me that they tried contacting them but haven't heard back from the BBB.

    I called back the BBB and they said they haven't received anything from Nicor... OMG... so the landlord gets involved and Nicor pretty much implied that if I drop the complaint they would be out to reconnect everything on a sooner basis. Can you believe that? Then I called them and they implied the same thing. Now the gas just isn't shut off. THEY TOOK OUT ALL THE EQUIPMENT!!! So at this time there isn't even a line to my house!!! It's been 29 DAYS without any heat or hot water. I mean almost a MONTH!!! I mean REALLY NO ONE CAN HELP???

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 5, 2016

    In October I received a notice on my door saying I havent used much gas and needed to contact them. I did and I told them I travel for business and had been gone for 2 months. They said my meter needed to be exchanged and I had to be there when they did it. I explained again that I travel for work and most likely wouldnt be home until the holidays and set my appointment up for the week of Christmas. A week later they shut off my gas service, exchanged the meter and put a lock on it. I have a 16 year old at home and they left her without heat, hot water or the ability to cook. It has been 2 months now.

    I was finally home today and called them. "We'll be out within the next 2 hours ". That was at 3:51pm. It is now 11:46pm and they still havent shown up. Ive called them 3 times today! I have to leave again in a few hours for another 2 weeks. It has been well below freezing lately and we now have about 5 inches of snow on the ground. Exactly what am I supposed to do to provide heat for my child and house for the next 2 weeks? Luckily I have a fireplace and have had wood delivered for her, but seriously wtf?

    Before anyone complains, I live in a very secure, private, gated community and have a security system. It is just the 2 of us since her father passed away last year. Traveling for work is the only way I can continue to pay the mortgage right now and normally wouldn't be a problem if idiots wouldnt turn off the damn gas to my house during the winter. Isn't this illegal anyway? How can they justify doing this and worse yet not bother to show up when they are supposed to?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 19, 2016

    I'm new to the whole out on my own scene. I just recently moved to Rockford and am renting my very first apartment on my own. I'm responsible for paying for gas and electricity. Electricity was easy. All I had to do was make a phone call and I was in the clear. Nicor, not so much. I called a week ago to set up my gas account. They told me the soonest they could come out would be today (a week) to get a meter reading and what not. I set up the appointment for today between 8am-12pm.

    Now since I live on my own and all my closest friends and family live back in Chicago, I had to take off work to be home for them to come out. Today is the day and I've been up since 7am waiting. I even posted a note on the apartment building door to knock on my window (I'm on the first floor. The building also doesn't have doorbells) if they have trouble getting inside. I've been sitting in the dining room watching the door waiting and waiting and waiting. I can hear when someone pulls into the driveway since my apartment is right by it. I can also hear when someone enters the building since the security door is loud af.

    At 12:49pm, I began to worry that I might have missed them. I have some experience with utility companies who would pull up and not even attempt to knock on your door or anything before leaving. I called the customer service desk and was told that someone will be out in 20-30 minutes. I said cool. Waited 2 hours and still no one showed. At 2:50-ish, I called again to see where they were and was told that someone would be here by 4pm. I said okay, thanked them for their service and hung up. By 4:01 when no one still showed up I called back and was told that someone would be on their way, but I was waiting so long because they had a high number of "emergency leaks" in my area. Which I believe is total **.

    It is now 6:05pm and I tried calling again only to be told the customer service desk is closed and to call back during business hours. I don't know where this company learned how to do business but this damn sure isn't it. I basically wasted an entire day sitting around to be stood up by the damn GAS COMPANY! All I want is for the gas to be turned on. I've already had to struggle through a week like this using a hot plate and what not and if they couldn't meet the damn appointment they set they should've informed me as soon as possible and I wouldn't have had to miss an entire work day! Now I'm sure I'm going to have to call off work again to be here for these incompetent idiots to come out and turn my gas on.

    Before I wrote my review I looked at other reviews and saw just how trash this company is, and how they're the only ones providing gas. The beauty? I will keep tabs on these idiots, documenting every incident and if they so much as cross me one more time I will sue the entire company into the ground. Nicor Gas Company, do better you heathens!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

    Nicor Gas has the worse customer service, simply uneducated on how to be courteous to customers, regardless of the customer's circumstance. They must remember they are in a "business". They are getting paid to answer calls. Their paycheck depends on us customers, and if they dislike their job, they must get educated and begin a better job search that can teach manners, better yet, the company should hire educated individuals. The customer service reps that take my calls take joy in being rude, take pride in being the worse. REMEMBER THERE ARE OTHER GAS SUPPLIERS! I'm switching today. Can't deal with that anymore!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

    Had a bill shut off due to non-payment. Paid it on a Wednesday and they said nobody would be out until Monday between 8am -12pm. Nobody showed up yet. Called them and of course "no supervisors are available" **! Why would you tell them a time frame if you dont show up at that time. I asked if or when the next available worker would be here and she said they dont have that information. Lies! I'm to the point of switching everything to electric. Horrible customer service.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 25, 2016

    My gas got disconnected without notice. I called and paid the bill then was informed that I had to wait 5 DAYS to get my service restored after I told them I have four children in the house one including a 5 day old baby and still nothing. I think this is by far the WORST company ever. I feel they need to reevaluate their policy because as quick as they turned it off they should be able to turn it back on with a confirmation of payment. It's that easy... IJS.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2016

    My gas service was disconnected by Nicor on Friday (6/17/2016) due to an oversight of payment on my part. Shame on me. I didn't even know until I tried to cook dinner that night and the stove wouldn't light. I went downstairs and checked to see if the water heater pilot light was on, which it wasn't. My next step was to check the meter. When I went outside, I found out my gas was shut off and locked. I immediately found Nicor's number and called only to find out their customer service department was closed. This was at 6:15 pm. Now I have to wait until Monday morning, because they are closed on the weekends, to call and schedule an appointment for reconnect service.

    So I call first thing Monday morning to find out I won't have gas until Thursday (6 days after disconnect) between the hours of 4 and 8 pm. According to the person I was speaking with, this was the absolute soonest it could be turned back on. I explained to this person that there are small children in the house but he didn't care. Nicor, you service more that 2 million customers yet you only handle customer service calls until 6 pm Monday - Friday. No weekend, no holidays, except for emergencies. This is unacceptable!! Once a customer is in good account standing, you shouldn't have to wait up to seven days to get your gas turned back on. They have no problem shutting it off, it shouldn't be a problem to turn it back on.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 17, 2016

    Horrible company!!! No bill, no notice at all of shut off. Then told I owe for 5 months. But no bill sent. So I paid bill. Then they tell me to get it turned back on I have to wait for 5 DAYS!!! After speaking with 5 different people and two rude as hell supervisors then told I will be transferred to a manager. Then amazingly my call keeps being disconnected. THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, HORRIBLE!!! SCAM ARTISTS! SHADY AS HELL!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 16, 2016

    Terrible customer service and billing system. I added my credit card information and set up auto-pay when I opened my account. Not only did their billing system delete my credit card, it also never initiated my auto-pay, even though the website confirmed it at the time. This resulted in late fees being tacked on to my bill without my knowledge, and no notification that my credit card or auto-pay was removed. On top of that, no phone call, letter, or email was sent saying that there was any unpaid billing issue.

    The customer service rep just tells me auto-pay was never initiated and gives me the steps to set it up. WOW, thanks, I've done that on every credit account I have, this isn't my first rodeo. So I escalate the issue to a manager. The manager claims that their system is perfect and any billing related issues are completely my fault. Since they don't have any records of my credit information, it must be MY fault. Thankfully I'm moving and will no longer need to deal with this joke of a company. BEWARE, you're better off sending in a physical payment every month than dealing with their bug riddled online auto-pay system.

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    Original review: June 12, 2016

    I tried to change the information on my auto-pay today, to update the new expiration date on my credit card. I couldn't. It wouldn't let me enter the new date, and wouldn't let me call it a new card. And when I tried to find a way to contact Nicor, there was NO WAY other than email and a 72-hour wait. I called the phone number and got an endless loop -- "I'll need to look up your account." and then a pause and right back to the main menu. This is a terrible company with a monopoly in the area, so I have no choice but to use them. Also, they are archaic when it comes to contacting them.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 11, 2016

    Worst company you can even deal with. I hate Nicor gas and I pray day and night for them to go out of business. They shut my gas service for $200 dollars and I am set for auto pay. They never called me about the bill and I didn't know until the service shut off. I called them and paid it and still they didn't come and reconnect it. I have 2 kids and wife and my mother who's 80 years old who has a problem breathing and yesterday at 1 a.m I took her to the emergency room and Nicor gas knows about all that and they don't care. It's 20 outside so cold and don't know what to do. I think we live in the 5th world.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 19, 2016

    Nicor Gas decided to turn off my gas on April 18, 2016 to replace our meter. There was no notification on the door prior to the shut off and no warning telephone call which I understood was legally required. Our account is in good standing. We knew nothing of the gas shut off until the next morning when there was no heat and no hot water and no stove on which to cook. When I called Nicor, they told me that if I could stay home from work today they could have someone come out to turn the gas on. Terrible customer service. It is like we live in a third world country.

    Original review: Jan. 1, 2016

    We moved recently and had just made a payment. We had been on the payment plan. The customer service agent told me she cancelled the account. I call when we move and we would continue with the payment plan. I Called and apparently they didn't transfer service. My meter got shut off yesterday. I called this morning and paid bill in full and transferred service but they won't turn on for 4 days. It's 20 outside and my children are freezing. I have nowhere to bring them and they just can't seem to get here sooner. This company sucks. We need an alternative to Nicor. Not only are my kids cold but I have Raynaud's Phenomenon where I lose circulation in my fingers and toes when it's cold. I could lose my fingers and toes.

    Original review: Nov. 9, 2015

    I am set up for automatic, fixed payments with Nicor. However last month Nicor took an additional $724. I discovered this when my debit card was declined at a store. Nicor admitted their mistake but said I would have to wait ten days to get money back. This was a huge problem because this was money allocated for mortgage. It's been over ten days and not only did they not return my money, they are helping themselves to it. My latest statement shows a credit balance of a little over $500 and they took $200 for current bill. This bill isn't due until the end of the month. I need my money back to pay my bills due the 15th.

    Original review: Sept. 16, 2015

    After husband tried to establish service Nicor sent letter stating he could not obtain service because of a bill I had from 9 years ago. This bill was from before we were married or even knew each other. I explained and they stated when you marry someone you marry their debt in Illinois. Unbelievable. I have all conversations copied, recorded from three different Nicor employees.

    Original review: Sept. 11, 2015

    My lease was going to be up at the end of May 2015 so I filled out two stop service forms and requested for my service to be shut off and taken out of my name as of May 30, 2015. My service was not taken out of my name and the vacant house was still being billed to me. After my bill was racked up to nearly $200, I called and asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor advised me that she would stop the service and send me my final bill to my new address, which I supplied her with. I never received my final bill; instead I received a letter in the mail indicating that my account was now being handled by a collection agency due to my unpaid balance. I then called Nicor and asked to speak with a manager again to see what had caused this issue. I was informed that a supervisor would call me back within 24-48 hours. That was over 72 hours ago and I have yet to receive a call back from them.

    Original review: Sept. 3, 2015

    Nicor stopped sending monthly bill in January or February 2015. I sent 100 dollars. For a couple of months asking to send a bill. They never did. Since April of 2015, the gas was on. I did not receive any kind of bill. Not even a shut off notice. I came home today Sept 2nd 2015 with no gas service. I don't owe that much and will pay on the bill til caught up. Is this against the law to just shut off service without sending prior notice. Of any kind?

    Original review: Aug. 21, 2015

    During the evening of 8/19/2015 we found that our gas service had been suspended. Prior to this I had scheduled the payment online to be taken out on 8/21/2015 in order to avoid disconnection. The bill was less than 30 days past due (it was due 7/26/2015). Of course we didn't discover it was shut off until after their customer service line was closed for the evening. On the morning of 8/20/2015 at 7:02 am I called to schedule an appointment to have a tech come out to turn our meter back on. During this call I was provided an appointment time slot of 8/21/2015 from 8a-12p (today). By 11:30a today (8/21) I was concerned that I had not heard anything and called the appointment department regarding this.

    Here I was told that the tech already came by, but left as there was no response. Considering my dog barks uncontrollably when anybody comes home, at the mail truck, garbage truck, neighbors in their driveways, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. I find it hard to believe that he stayed quiet when the Nicor tech came to the door. In the end, I don't believe for a moment that the tech actually came to the door. I think he pulled up, saw that there wasn't a car in the driveway, and left. After an hour on the phone with 4 different reps, I cannot have service restored until 8/25/2015. If you care to know the details, they are written below.

    11:36 am (27m 32s) - I call and speak with a representative (Annie) who confirms that my appointment was scheduled from 8a-12p today. She goes on to state that a tech came by at 8:26a and that nobody was home. I explain to her that this is not accurate as I have not only been home, but also awake since 6:30a. She said that the tech's note stated that there was a car in the driveway, but nobody answered. I explain that my car is on the street, and that my dog would have barked hysterically if someone knocked on the door. She then said that the notes said there was no car, but he heard a dog bark. (So the car was in the driveway and NOT in the driveway at the same time? Suspicious.) She said that there was a notice left by the tech that he had come by.

    While talking to her I check outside and there is no notice left by the tech. When I tell her this she says that he wouldn't have left a note. (So he left one, but wouldn't leave one? This isn't adding up.) I explained to her that this cannot be accurate, as my dog freaks out when the neighbors are in their own driveway, and that there is no way he would have not barked incessantly if someone knocked on the door. Additionally my 13 y.o. son, whose open bedroom window is a few feet from the door, did not hear anybody knock at the door. She apologized stating that there is nothing that can be done except to reschedule 8/25 from 8a-12p. Although she was totally polite, the flip-flopping of information she was giving me was very concerning. So I ask for a supervisor, hoping going up the chain will help.

    The supervisor I spoke to (Rose) was completely rude to me. At this point I was crying as I explained to her that I am 8 months pregnant, had to cancel a doctor's appointment to be home this morning, and that there is no way that the tech actually came to the door and knocked without myself, my son, or my dog knowing about it. I explained that the information provided by the previous rep and tech did not add up, and that it sounded more like he didn't come to the door. During this interaction she repeatedly interrupted me stating that it can be rescheduled for 8/25 or not at all. I explained that this won't work as I have to register my son for school that day, and I work later at 2p. I explained that today was perfect as I don't work on Fridays. Her solution was to offer an appointment on 8/28 instead, pushing it back another 3 days.

    I literally sat there crying, completely speechless at the situation. I asked, begged, pleaded is there any way, any way at all, that somebody can come out sooner. After all, I was home throughout the appointment window, I had the payment scheduled before the shut-off occurred, and the payment was less than 30 days late. Nope, nada, zilch. I tell her I'll take the appointment for 8/25 from 8a-12p. Then she hung up on me without even saying anything.

    12:36p (45m 39s) I realized that I called about the "missed" appointment within the appointment window. I decide to call back, hoping beyond hope for a different rep that might be able to help. I get a new rep (Rosita, who was really nice) and explained the situation as calmly as possible. I asked if it makes a difference that I called about the "missed" appointment prior to the close of the appointment window. She said that it was possible, but it would have to go to a supervisor. I explained my interaction with the previous supervisor and requested that I do not speak with her again.

    She was able to get me another supervisor (Peg) to speak with. I explained to the new supervisor the entire situation and requested to know the *exact* notes made by the tech. She said "8:26a no answer at the door, no car, dog barking." I reiterated that my dog would have gone bananas if somebody knocked; my son or I would have noticed this, especially as we were waiting for someone to come by. I questioned if it was possible to be put back on the schedule for the end of the day as I called about the issue during the appointment window. She said that it is not possible at all. I asked, "But what about the time he didn't spend at my house restoring service, isn't that time still open for him? After all, that's 20 minutes that he didn't spend working today." Apparently the techs are so overbooked that the moment he left my property that 20 minutes of time literally disappeared, despite the fact that time cannot be sped, slowed, or changed.

    I questioned how it was possible that when I set the appointment initially it was scheduled for 25-29 hours later, whereas now I have to wait more than 80 hours. Apparently when I called yesterday at 7:02a it was just the right time before they got calls from all of the other people they shut off gas to this week. I asked if the techs ever call before they come out (you know, like EVERY OTHER COMPANY OUT THERE). I was told that they only call first if it is requested. Being completely defeated by the situation I confirmed that the new appointment is for 8/25, and asked that I be called first. All in all I have a hard time just accepting this whole situation at face value. Shady business practices, poor service from supervisors, and poor service from their techs. Nicor should be grateful that they have a monopoly over natural gas in northern Illinois.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 23, 2015

    I was having my service reconnected. My appointment was from 8am-12pm. I was home during that time. My wife came home at 10:30 from errands. She sees a note attached to the door stating Nicor was here at 9:45 and they would reschedule for Thursday. I immediately called customer service and request the service tech to come back to my residence. I told the supervisor that no attempt was made by the tech at the door to contact me because I have 2 dogs that would have barked if the doorbell was pushed. He tells me that they do not ring the doorbells. Odd I thought. I asked him to send back out a tech so I would not have to wait 2 days since we were still in the 8-12 appointment time. He apologized and said that was not possible since the appointment was already met and that they were overbooked.

    I tried reasoning with this supervisor, but he stuck to his protocol. Bravo, he won. He would not allow me to speak to his superior. That must be in his job description. So now, from the time I paid my bill to the time I will receive service is 6 days. Again I asked the supervisor if he can see if there is a tech in the area. He said they know where their techs are at all times. I asked him to contact one in the area and see if he can swing by. He would not. Why is there not an effort to contact the customer, phone call or doorbell??? This is very traumatic for my wife.

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    Original review: June 16, 2015

    I filed bankruptcy and everything was discharged Nicor Gas said they didn't receive any paper, so lawyer sent the 341 they requested and got confirmation they received and they still won't turn my gas on. I just moved, my son is asthmatic, my daughter is 9 months, and everybody I spoke to was rude. ** the representative, ** the supervisor - ** the representative just sounded like she just don't care - as soon as I told her what was going, she said "I'll get a supervisor", which was rude **. So frustrated my kids don't have hot water. Is there another gas, 'cause Nicor sucks!

    Original review: May 21, 2015

    This company is the most bogus gas company ever. I separated from my husband 8 years ago. I had an old account which were in my name. My husband's server were interrupted at his new home of 5 years and Nicor combined my account with his account. I thought it was illegal to add someone else account to another person. They lied and said that he was a co-applicant on my account so that they can get the money that I'm responsible for. Nevertheless, I never seen his name on any of my bills. Shady in Illinois.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 15, 2015

    They shut gas off after I sent partial payment in. Wasn't able to get any customer service until after disconnect. I see that this is typical. Also online wouldn't accept partial payment. Also 4 days before service restoration. Crummy crummy crummy customer service.

    Original review: April 24, 2015

    Nicor requested a date to come to my home and replace the gas meter. The date was arranged and they defaulted on the 4 hour window "due to an emergency in the area." I rescheduled around an impending vacation. My neighbor called me during that vacation to inform me the meter was exchanged in my absence and Nicor taped a notice on my front door announcing they would need to return to light the pilots. I'm livid that they disregarded the appointed date, came on my property placing this notice on my door, and I returned home to no heat or hot water. Once you call to have the pilots relit, they are suppose to do so within 2 hours. Four and a half hours after the call they did arrive. During this time I was on the phone for 55 minutes waiting to speak to a manager. Apparently no one efficient is running the shop.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2015

    Nicor came to my house to read the gas meter. Tore the lattice off of the bottom of our deck off, and damaged all of the lattice. No reason to have done this. The gas meter has a trap door on top of the deck. I called to report it, they said they were not liable for any damages. I going to call the media. Who do they think they are!!!!

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 14, 2015

    It's sad, I call to get my gas turned on and they say since I got married I have to pay my husband's bill that he had before he married me, a bill from 2009. I wasn't even with him. Lawyers say that they can't do that but they did hate Nicor. Wish there was somewhere else. Sick of this crap.

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