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I lost my job and called DTE to make arrangements. They lowered my bill from $180 to $160 or told me to call the state for assistance. I was not able to get the state's help because I had not receive approval/disapproval for unemployment. DTE shut me off and I didn't even owe 2 bills. They re-instated me after paying $481. We need to have other options/companies that we can choose from. I have always paid my bills with DTE for the past 35 years!

I have been on the LAP program 2x. All my payments were reversed. My bill for DTE has been over 3000 dollars for over 3plus years. I been paying on this. Bill for well over 3 years. Very unfair. Due to me being disabled. Very poor service. Thieves if you ask me.

It seems I'm not the only one, nor the last one who got to pay almost triple the bill charge before new technology with new meters showed up! We rarely get an Electricity bill above a $100 but since they changed their meters to the new one, the bill start to increase in not that frequent manners but stalled to fall on your head soon or later upon the same as actual reading doesn't exist. Frustration as we have limited budget to go for month to month! To get a bill close to $300 is not a joke! DTE sucks to bare responsibility. They have monopoly! So why they should care?

I had DTE protection plan insurance for our appliances, so our refrigerator stopped working. I called DTE and they sent technician to fix. Technician says circuit board problem due to power outage, so insurance does not cover. Technician told me call DTE main number, not DTE protection number, so I called, filed claimed. Somebody called me after six weeks and said, there was no power outage problem in our area weekends when our refrigerator stopped working. So, I called back DTE protection number. Rep flatly told me that they will not cover repair since it was power outage problem related. In short, DTE protection plan and main DTE office, both are not pointing each other, but nobody wants to cover refrigerator fix.

DTE is nothing short of obnoxious- apparently because, with a monopoly on power in the Detroit area, they can afford to be. They send harassing emails threatening power shutoff even when their website explicitly indicates that a payment isn't due for weeks; when a payment is missed by even a day or two, the volume of emails increases. On top of this, their rates are outrageous, their customer service stinks, and their website is often inoperable. Some consumer affairs advocate needs to topple these clowns. I'm getting pretty sick of their relentless abuse. And I'm not alone, apparently - witness the other complaints on here. DTE doesn't quite get my vote for the most insufferable company I've ever dealt with - Charter Cable holds that honor - but they are certainly up there (or down there, whatever the case may be).

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They are crooks and they only do these things because there isn't any other electric company. Cut my device off for being a month behind then charged a deposit to restore services and I didn't get a billing statement for September. Someone needs to put a end to these crooks.

DTE always give us hard time. I have Department with 6 different account. They face power with DTE. What make it worse they ask for the owner. He do not have anything with DTE and when he involve they said, "we do not need you." This month we have 3 time electric shut off with no reasons. Every time we call the customer service in the same day for the same problem different reasons. It is same to us. The do not have same system.

One time I called to ask why we have power off without notice: First customer service said payment due. Second, said information needed (this account been 2 years open). Third, said deposit needed. The last one, ask us to come to the office yet when went there they do not know what to do and why they ask us to come. I suggest DTE to ask deposit from everyone in the same day to open an account, but they do not agree. They ended to shut off the account with no reasons. As you can see, DTE have to improve their service.

I HAVE BEEN A GOOD PAYING CUSTOMER WITH DTE FOR YEARS. NEVER LATE!!! And when I move, deposits are always waived due to my good history. I'm moving again and all the sudden $300.00 bill comes in the mail and added to my upcoming bill ripping me of 408.00. This is what a good customer gets. There are many people who don't pay their bill. There are many people who get shut off notices before they do anything. Why do your good paying customer like this?! Now I can’t even afford to move into my new home. THANKS TO DTE RIPPING ME OFF JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY CAN. I'm calling for action.

DTE energy is always right. They refuse EVER to accept they make any mistakes. They have had a billing mistake running with my account for over a year. I paid them $1600 more than my account shows online. They refuse to correct the account to this day. I have called no less than 34 times on that item alone. I bought a house that needed power line added. It took 5 weeks for them to line the house. Call after call to get the meter crew there. Twice the crew told their boss they came but never actually came to the house. Then finally meter crew came. By then we had a thunderstorm.

3 weeks later the line crew came out. They drove into my backyard and destroyed my yard and pathway. Cracked concrete and nearly foot deep ruts from the truck. They could reach the pole from the apt complex parking but drove into my yard instead. Then when you complain they send a form and do nothing about it. You see NO ONE makes DTE do the right thing. No one seems to be watching these people.

Then I asked for a new construction start. They said a crew would call in 3 days. 3 weeks later no calls, no service. If you call the number they give you it is only a VM. I have left VM every day. NO CALLBACKS. Then they wake me up this morning, to ask about a $26 last bill on another address. This other address was turned off 2 weeks ago. Are you kidding me? The bill hasn't even been sent yet and they call on that but can't help when you need new service. In my opinion, this company is a corrupt disgusting example of what is wrong with utility monopolies in America. They are bullies that talk down to you on the phone like you're the idiot. If you could just understand that DTE is never wrong then you will get along with them well.

I want all my late fees refunded since I paid more than they told me to one year ago, still unresolved. I want them to correctly report this billing to the credit bureaus. They repeatedly report I'm late when I paid over what was owed. I want DTE to properly and immediately install my new service. I know in my heart none of these will happen.

DTE has only one office in Michigan consumers can interact in person with them over problems. I have 4 addresses with them, and they call on 26 bucks. I am considering moving my construction business out of DTE area so I can function properly with my utility company. That is what a huge obstruction these fools are to my business. If you can use any other company do yourself a favor and don't even think of these guys. I now ask what electric company before buying properties. I believe this terrible care is not a mistake, I think this company is corrupt. I believe they make millions ripping off customers. Just think how much they get off incorrect fees they refuse to discuss or repair fairly.

Took $105.76 too much out of account. Still waiting for refund. Money taken out electronically but not returned electronically. No later than Sept. 1? Sept. 2 and no sign of check. IF it arrives tomorrow bank will be closed. Next auto payment that came out put my account $8 over giving me a $36 overdraft fee. Working with bank to see if they will waive it. The ONLY thing I received from DTE September 1st was my next bill showing the huge credit to my account. I don't want the credit, I want the money put back in my account.

I got a little card in the mail saying, in effect, "we tried to contact you; we need to update your meter; you need to contact us now, or get your service cut off." Nobody tried to contact us: I have email, two phones, etc. We are retired, and around most of the time. No notices. Instead - right for the gonads. I called, and set up an appointment. We'll see if they show up. Last time I got an urgent message saying they needed to update, I waited at the appointed hour - nobody showed up. I waited around all day. I called and was told what I had done wrong. Made another appointment. When two people finally showed up, they did something on the outside of the house - I wasn't needed at all.

I attempted to make payment online to DTE and the automated was having problems accepting payments. So after two failed calls, I checked my account statement and DTE took two payment instead of one. So since Monday I've been trying to get one payment back. Still hasn't happen. Now I going to receive two payment back and then turn around and send one payment back. This make no sense!!!

I enrolled in DTE's "Budgetwise" billing when I lost my job a couple of years ago. After speaking with a representative about my monstrous bills, I was told that I could be put on a budgetwise plan that would substantially lower my bills. I WAS NOT told at the onset that if I went over the 'budgeted' energy costs that I would be penalized by owing the overage charges. In the interim of this plan being enacted, my 3000 square foot home went into foreclosure. I am now living in a tiny 900 square foot house but am still saddled with the bills from my previous home. I feel very deceived.

If I would have known that I was going to be charged the absolute full amount from month-to-month for my previous home, I would have altered my lifestyle to have the ability to pay this bill. The representative that I talked to kept repeating the same thing over and over again... I know this technique well as I was a long-time elementary school teacher... This is what you use with small children who do not hear you or respond in the way you want them to. You keep repeating the same thing over and over until 'submission' sets in. DTE did this same thing to us about 8 years ago when we initially moved into our home when they installed a new meter and sent us a bill for their own error in previous billing to the previous owner of the home. We owed over $700 this is a total monopoly. I feel 'kicked' when I was down.

People are usually inclined to write reviews after a bad experience with a company, but usually don't take the time to show appreciation to a company after receiving good service. I've been behind on bills lately, and they've been so helpful to me, so I need to write this review. With DTE I'm given a decent if not generous amount of time to try and catch up before even receiving a shut off notice. On two occasions I've been unable to pay come the day of my shut off date, and both times I called expecting little to no help or leniency. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to speak to a very kind woman, who both times gave me a generous time extension to pay, and they never shut me off. She even explained other types of help they offer as far as making payments, etc.

Normally with utilities I'd end up without service during a situation like this, because I make 'too much money' to 'qualify' for an extension. I never have to wait to speak with somebody, the reps are truly helpful and always extremely kind. I've never been without electricity and I know if I were dealing with any other company I'd likely be SOL. Oh, and I've never had any problems with my bill amount, like some others seem to. I just wanted to say that If you're reading these reviews, keep in mind that most people only write reviews to complain, so the nature of these reviews in my opinion, is biased. DTE is the only utility provider I have only good things to say about. They're great.

DTE updated their system in April 2016. Using the log in I have used for my current account for 9 years it said I had no open account with that log in. I called and was told they needed to cancel that login and activate a new on. DTE will no longer accept my email address. There is a problem in their system. At first I was told they needed to escalate it to the tech department and that would take 2 weeks, I would be contacted when it was fixed. After 2 weeks I called back. Nope it will take another month, and that is what I get every month when I call. Every call I make says it will escalate it but nothing never happens. DTE has no problems sending me email about any number of topics but I can't have an online account with my email address. I do not want paper bills and I want my account to be auto drafted to my Visa. Nope, can't do that without an online account.

I am writing this letter in regards to a situation I am having with DTE Energy. I purchased a home in Harrison Twp in March of 2014, when I received my 1st energy bill it was $750.00 for just 1 month. My home is 1600 square feet, I live alone and am always away working, so this bill made no sense to me. I called DTE and they sent someone out to check my meter for malfunction. Their technician said there was nothing wrong with the meter, but my bill continued to climb. I called 2 more times and both those calls resulted in the same thing. Nothing was wrong with the meter so it was not their problem.

I have had 3 electricians come out to look at the electrical in my house. The first 2 said they couldn't find anything wrong. The 3rd electrician said it may be a ground runoff from before I moved in and explained that it is a live wire somewhere just sucking energy. He instructed me to keep a few selected fuses off and insured me my bill would go down. It didn't. To make matters worse I was laid off from my job where I worked as a Graphic Designer in January of 2015. So over the year they put me on various payment plans that I could not afford. The last plan I defaulted on, I paid $980 down and they wanted $576 a month. I paid the downpayment but could not afford to make the big monthly payments.

They cancelled my payment plan and turned off my power. It's been 3 weeks of having no power and running a generator and staying at my family members' houses. Now that I work I am unable to get any help from DHS or THAW. I have a job but I do not have the almost $4,000 they want to get my power back on. The best DTE says they can do is $2,000 down and $400 a month. I do not have the $2,000.

I have no idea what to do. I do not have anyone that can lend me the money and If I pay it then I would not be able to pay my mortgage payment or any of my other bills. I am a hardworking single woman with a college education but DTE is treating me like I do not matter and that none of this is their problem, even though I have paid my bill every month for years and years. The fact that there are no other electricity companies in Harrison Twp, I have no choice but to go without power until I can figure out a solution. Does anyone have any suggestions? I already filed a complaint with the company and guess what? They do not care!

Over the last 6 months, I have lost all trust and confidence in DTE as a regulated supplier of essential services. For several reasons: (1) the so-called "deposits" that you must pay in order to start service (that is, have heat and lights) or you are SOL. (2) The "estimated" billing that lo and behold is just under the deposit ($565 - for ONE MONTH??!) (3) The meters that read over 3500 kwH per month??! I had one tenant say that her meter was 1733 kWH for ONE DAY. (3) The time suck each time I have to contact customer service to demand fair billing - I spend hours on the phone on hold and often get cut off or require to be transferred to another department, where I am subsequently cut off. (4) The exorbitant cost of utilities - based on the "actual" meter readings is equal to minimum +$460 - FOR ONE MONTH??!

(5) The website - the bill history of DTE's website is not trustworthy. I do not recognize some of the billings and payments under my account - it looks like other people's accounts are under my history. I have a total lack of trust of DTE's website. (6) The lack of competition - I do not have a choice to switch to a supplier that offers essential heat and lights at a reasonable price - DTE acts as an unscrupulous monopoly. My tenants are paying for utilities that are more than the monthly rent. DTE price gauges. DTE should not be allowed to continue as a monopoly; as a supplier of essential services (heat and electricity) they do not act responsibly. They act as predators and bullies to those who are in most need of their services (the poor and infirm).

About two months ago I get a letter in the mail that the new "smart meters" are going to be installed in my neighborhood. I thought okay sure, whatever. Maybe my bill will drop a bit, since they claim they are more accurate. Boy was I wrong! I got my first bill just yesterday 4/21/16, for 31 days of service. 103% higher than last month. In the last 5 years of living in this house my bills always hovers between $80-$110 a month. (Higher in the summer because of the AC.) My highest bill ever was $130, but I knew the cause of the spike and it was only for one month.

DTE claims that I have used 1344kw! For the past 5 years we have been consistent at around 400-600kw. Nothing new has happened where we are using more electricity. In fact we had a septic failure this last month, so I have been doing wash at the laundromat and I haven't owned a dryer since moving into this house. I never leave lights on, or anything running that isn't being used.

So after having a small heart attack at my over $200 bill, I called DTE. The lady I talked to didn't have anything helpful to say as to why its so high. She did set up to have someone come out and check that the meter is "working properly" on Monday 4/25. This gives me no peace of mind. They'll come out, look at it, tell me it's fine then I'm still stuck with this outrageous bill, that if I don't pay I'll have my power shut off.

About the only thing I have as "proof" is all my bills since living at this house which clearly shows a pattern of usage. So I blame these stupid "smart meters" which I have read many other people having huge bill increases since having them put on. I want my old meter back! But I think it's BS that I have to pay over $60 for them to put it back on...since it only takes a minute (!) and that I then will have to pay almost $10 extra because I have an old meter. I hate DTE, but higher ups have made it so there is no competitor so we are all stuck with these thieves!

My utilities was cut off because I was sent a 59 day bill and I'm on a budget at this time because of 7 chronic illnesses, lupus and Kidney disease being 2. I went from a 0 balance to owing $564.70 for one month. I had my brother call them for me because of my breathing problems, I had pneumonia at the time, to ask them about this. They had given me a shutoff notice because I was unable to pay the entire 59 day bill. My brother sent them $203.00 on 3/8/16 which wasn't enough. They wanted the entire amount. I sent them $333.00. 4/16/16 they cut the power off while on the phone with my Brother and added $258.00 plus $20 to the bill. This should not be happening because it wasn't my fault they sent me a bill for 59 days and cannot tell me why and expect me to pay it right away.

I went to my doctor because all of this had me feeling ill. My doctor gave me a letter to give to DTE because I need power for my medical condition. They told me it will still be 48 to 24 hours before they let me know what they were going to do. They make a mistake and cut off my power and treat me like it's my fault. How can they get away with this kind of treatment of people? I pay my bills but it doesn't matter because if they make a mistake you still suffer for it. This is not the first time going through this with DTE.

I am also here annoyed with this company. I've had nothing but negative experiences with them since I've been getting electric service. My problem lies in recently checking my credit report and what do you know good ole DTE is on there. A 9600 charge mind you. LOL. How that's even possible is beyond me. Upon further review I notice my Dad's name, social, and address on it! Now the account in question was my parents FORECLOSED home and no one even lived there at the time of service. House was torn down! Now my Dad and I have the same name so perhaps that's how the screw up happened. I'm Jr. and he's Sr. I'm so annoyed, filed 3 disputes thru the credit bureau and they do NOTHING. It's not my darn bill. I plan on filing as many complaints I can and am going to hire an attorney. I also have a problem with this monopoly as well. It's a total injustice.

We have lived in our home for over two years and have always paid our bills on time and in full. Our bills have always averaged between $150-200 per month. This month we received bill for $2000.00 and it said it was for 353 days of billing. I assumed there was some sort of mistake so I quickly called to get it taken care of. We were told that DTE has apparently never billed us for the Geothermal portion of our bill so they are back billing us for the last year.

Now, we are not the first people to own this home and it has had geothermal installed for years. I have called several times but nobody gives a crap. Not sure how I am supposed to be able to cover a bill like this. I can understand paying a higher bill if there was something overlooked, but in no way should we be responsible for something that was their mistake. I can't seem to get any sort of help on this and can't afford a lawyer, so I really have no idea what to do from here. It just disgusts me that a business can get away with stuff like this. Screw you DTE, everyone hates you guys as a company but unfortunately have no other options.

DTE put all of those different peoples bills on me which I had nothing to do with. I once call them and said "cut off the power at a address I move from". The last bill I gotten was 964.00, yet I got another bill for 9,000 and something. I want a hearing or I'm suing because I had nothing to do with those ongoing bills. I am not a thief.

I paid my Dec. bill on Dec. 4th by mail in DTE's envelope they send. In Jan. DTE called me in am saying I had not paid my Dec. bill so I gave them my credit card no. and paid the bill again. As I checked my banking statements it showed that I had paid the bill, DTE had deposited the check into their Fifth Third Bank account. When I called DTE back I was told they did not do business with Fifth Third Bank by 2 different reps at DTE, one being a supervisor. I then went to my bank and they tracked the check to DTE and called DTE back telling them they have made a mistake and owe me 112.33. Still nothing was done.

DTE would not return our calls and the rep you talk with keeps repeating the same thing, "YOUR ACCOUNT IS PAID," and I said "you are right but it was paid twice because of DTE's mistake and I want 1 payment back or apply it to my account." I then went back to my bank telling them I still have got anything back but now have another bill they sent me. My bank went further and finally I have money applied to my account but the only reason I found that out is because I stayed on the phone again to DTE only to have the first rep I spoke with to repeat what all the others have said. I asked to speak with someone else so transferring me to Lauren FINALLY I was told by her that the money has been credited to my account. Would not have known this if I had not called, set on the phone for 1 and 1/2 hrs again.

Thank you Comerica Bank for fixing this for me. And to DTE you need to help your customers especially when it is your mistake. Furthermore your employees need to know their job (they do not - they only know what is written down in front of them). And this goes for you supervisors as well. Your supervisor Crystal would not even return our calls. Shame on you DTE. Very poor business ethics. Very unhappy customer. PS. I have done business with you 48 yrs and never missed a payment nor been late with one.

DTE energy does not deliver reliable service. Lost power 12/23 at 730pm, given estimate of 845PM. Called at 9, given estimate of 11. Wanted to contact customer service, told 17 min wait. Gave up after being on hold for 83 min. Called 12pm, told service was fixed. Re-posted service outage. 12/24, got text at 2AM saying truck scheduled. 9am given message that would be back at 4PM. 1230pm 2 trucks parked in neighborhood. At 2PM still there doing nothing. Filed frequent outage report **. Called supervisor Tammy, was helpful. They were still waiting on tree trimming & new pole. I noted broken crosstie and called it in. Drove by 530pm. Now 5 trucks working. Went to hotel as still no power. 12/25 came home 11AM, no power. Told restored by 4PM. Saw 4 trucks working at noon. Left for movie.

Power on around 2PM. Examined broken crosstie. Saw no tree or branch, appeared rotten. Examined road near outage. Poor tree trimming. Why do I have all this documented? Because this has been going on since at least 2012. I have written to the Michigan Public Service Commission. I have received at least three different $25 credits for unreliable service due to frequent outages. I have spoken to Kellen in quality, many times. No satisfaction.

1. Anyone who has been screwed over by DTE should file a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission. Even though the Commission does DTE's bidding, it's a governmental entity and at least your complaint gets logged. 2. Anyone experiencing health problems after the installation of DTE smart electric or gas meters should contact the Smart Meter Education Network, which is a consumer advocacy group. You should also contact your state legislator and ask them to support HB 4916, the Analog Choice Bill, so that you can get a meter on your home that won't harm your health and won't misread your electrical usage or cause fires. 3. Anyone who has had electricity rates skyrocket should do #1 and #2.

My own health and the health of many others has taken a terrible nosedive since DTE installed smart electric meters. DTE doesn't care how ill you are--heart palpitations, insomnia, breathing difficulties, ringing ears, etc. They tell you you can get the radio-transmitter in the meter turned off. It doesn't help. Your ears still ring, you still can't sleep, etc. WHY CAN'T I KEEP MY OLD ANALOG METER?!! It costs DTE NOTHING to leave it there! This company is the most uncaring company on the planet!

The other day, I called about Home Protection Plus. They will not give you any useful info over the phone, and they will not send you any literature regarding the contract you are thinking of making with them. They tell you, "It's not a contract. It's a service." Baloney! After reading the reviews here, it is very clear that DTE does NOT back up their service, and lies about what the contract covers. Get involved! Writing these reviews really helps. Get involved with the consumer group, Smart Meter Education Network. There is power in numbers!

This last year my area has been affected by power outages over and over again. I can not tell you the inconvenience it has been for the same 381 customers. If you fix the problem why does it keep reoccurring? I live on the east side of Evergreen and we get hit with outages several times a year. I know some call this acts of God. However, we are paying man to repair this problem accurately so that it doesn't keep happening to the same customers. Our food spoils, schedules and activities are canceled, and now not mention the cold dark house. This time we have been without power since yesterday around 8:00 pm. My question is, does this outage time really get deducted from our bill? You lobby legislature for increase after increase but your service does not meet the needs of the citizens who constantly keep getting higher and higher bills! Right now in my book DTE SUCKS!!

We moved onto a new job site at the end of October. The superintendent called to have service hooked up to the job trailers we were moving on site. He called and left messages and no one contacted him back. We are passing under power lines entering and leaving the job site. We normally post the line voltages on our signage to alert those passing under the lines with large trucks, excavators, etc. what the voltages are so we keep the proper distance away. I tried calling on numerous occasions and also left messages for a call back and have heard nothing from DTE. Both instances are unacceptable business practices as I see it. Very disappointed in DTE.

I called regarding an issue with two of my appliances which I thought were covered under the but were not. They don't actually tell you that in the original sign up paperwork but it does say it covers "major appliances" so you would think it would be covered. In short, this is just another scam by a big company who claims to be an advocate for the little guy but they aren't.

Here's what they say verbatim -No additional charge for covered labor and parts, No trip charges, service fees or deductibles. That's a huge lie! There is a $75 service call and they only cover a certain amount. If your furnace dies they give you $700 toward a new one- not sure if the deductible is included but lets face it, a new furnace is between $3000-$6000 installed. They basically don't cover what they say and I expect a Class Action Suit will be in the works sometime soon once they piss off enough people. I'm disappointed really and I'm sure they have that reputation changer company taking care of their negative press so they don't lose there silver star status. How do people like that actually live with the fact they know they are misleading people who can barely afford their outrageous charges as it is? I'm disgusted!

I had an agreement with DTE to make payments and sending a letter from my doctor stating that I am on an oxygen machine. So I did that and I have been making the large payments. Then they turned off my electricity out of the blue and I call them and they said they did not get my letter from my doctor. So I called my doctor's office and they said that they faxed it and it was confirmed on November 2nd 2015. I call DTE back and they said they still didn't receive it so DTE should have your doctor's office fax another one so they did and it was confirmed and they're still saying the day did not receive it and we have the right fax number. All they are doing is lying. I have a perfect record with DTE so if somebody gets in a hard place they don't care. Please just turn off your oxygen machine so you can die. I hope you're happy.

About in the middle of summer they came through and no knock or nothing, just kill my power to put in the new meters. I was on net when they did that so all data gone. So then, about two weeks later I have a lady show up to ask me about the new meters. I told her I have cancer so my wife deals with that for me, she smiles says ok I will come back the next day to speak to her I said ok. So the next day comes, she never comes back. Ok, not a big deal I guess? So for like two months, no bill. I said to the wife maybe they are having issues with the new meter to my surprise I get a shut off notice in mail so the wife calls on October 28. First time she got discounted with a women. The second call she talk to a gentlemen who said ok we can make a payment arrangement for the 6th of Oct, to wake up to a cold house, the power off on weds the 3rd of October.

So we call the supervisor, tells me just cause you made a payment arrangement It doesn't stop a shut off. Really? then why make my wife spend half a day talking to them to have them shut me off and tell me the only way is to pay this ungodly amount of money. Really? Then why make arrangement. It makes no sense. Unreal I have cancer and to do this to me and my family is called strong arming and I know there's laws against this and I know for a fact I ain't the only person, they did this too on my street. If you need any more info please feel free to contact me thank you.

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