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    Last updated: Dec. 1, 2017

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

    I had to close my bank account so my automatic payments stopped going to CenterPoint. Not their fault but the issue I have is that when they didn't receive my autopayment in September, they stopped sending me bills for October or November and they didn't send me any notification that my payments weren't being made. They came out, shut off my gas, charged me an outrageous fee and won't come turn it back on over the weekend. It's unreal that any monopoly can exist and even worse that it's a scumbag company like CenterPoint.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

    CenterPoint Energy is awful! They have a monopoly in my area, so I guess they don't have to care about their customers. First, when they go to connect to your service, you have to be on THEIR TIME. Meaning, they'll call you at any time of the day (they'll call you at 9am even when you've told them that you don't get off work until 1). I scheduled to have the day off, so I could get my gas. I went outside to take out the trash, and when I came back I noticed I missed a phone call. I called them back immediately (3 minutes after the call) and they said if I wanted the service that day I'd have to pay a $40 fee. Luckily, my dad helped me out to get my service the next week (they kept calling me at 9am when I told them I couldn't be home until after one... So I had to get someone else to help me because I couldn't take another day off).

    Also, I've enrolled for automatic payment twice. I have all my bills automated, so I don't ever forget. The first time I enrolled I used my savings account number (which is what I've used for ALL MY OTHER ACCOUNTS), and they told me it didn't draft because it wasn't a checking account and charged me a fee. I figured okay fine I guess it's my fault for not knowing (even though they never send you any sort of notification to let you know your payment didn't go through... Only a notification to let you know they're shutting your service off after they've charged you a late fee). I re-enrolled with my checking information.

    Two months later I get a call saying they're going to disconnect my service. They said after I enrolled I unenrolled (I swear I didn't do this!). I have an email to confirm that I enrolled in automatic payment. When I mentioned this, they said, "Well, you must have unenrolled after that. We don't notify people who unenroll." I don't believe that I unenrolled and it would have been nice to be sent a notification to let me know the payment wasn't received. So, I paid yet another late fee. This time I documented my phone call and have all the emails to prove I enrolled. I'll make sure they draft it next time. If they pull this crap again, I'm reporting them to BBB. AWFUL, TERRIBLE, NO GOOD COMPANY.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

    Just spent last two days trying to move, but because of someone ELSE owing a balance on the address I want to move to, CenterPoint is making us wait 5 days until they complete an investigation. The lady that just moved out was there 10 years!! If she is the one that owes they had 10 years to take it up with her and if she's not, then OVER 10 years to figure it out! What does a balance from someone else have to do with a new tenant?? I was also told I could bypass this 5 day hold, 2 days later), if I fax a copy of my lease. I was given 3 different fax numbers all for which didn't work, and 3 days later was told no one has my "case" yet so no one knows where on earth my information went to so back I go to wait for the 5 days to be up. I can't WAIT for another gas company to come along!! When businesses have no competition, they treat their customer's poorly and CenterPoint is no exception!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

    I had gas disconnected after a minuscule outside leak was detected whilst installing a different meter (may have been CAUSED by the install). We had to fix the issue, but after reporting the fix and requesting that gas be turned on we were promised for 2 days given different times that it would be turned on. 2 days later, still no gas! Quite heavy-handed by a company, fully aware of its "power" and monopoly. I contacted my state representative, as I have no recourse...

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

    You can be a victim like me. Flooding victims, watch out for a second injury! By accident, I have found out CenterPoint ruined my credit for a $100 charge-off reported to Equifax in March this year. CenterPoint has never contacted me to collect it before; so I never even had a chance to pay or dispute it. Legally, they can do it!

    This turned out to be a possible unpaid bill by my tenant. CenterPoint told me they could do it legally and they just did it! When I found out this bill, I paid it immediately before I even attempted to dispute it. However, CenterPoint has just ignored my pleading to remove this charge-off from my credit report. If you have similar experiences, please write your regulators. In Houston, you write ARA Utility Complaints. In other jurisdictions, you may need to write to: Texas Railroad Commission. Also, we need to write to our lawmakers to rein in this monopoly monster. Flood victims, make sure your bills are paid even the bills got lost in the flood.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

    When power was lost during Hurricane Harvey infinite energy was back by Monday night. We lost power sometime Sunday. I went to club quarters Monday morning since they had power. I wake up Tuesday, no power. Why? Because they use Centerpoint energy. For some reason, which is VERY unfortunate, our cooling tower/a/c is on Centerpoint energy. Centerpoint energy told Rice Lofts we would have a/c within 24 hours Thursday at 2:30 pm. It's Friday at 3:12 pm... does Centerpoint Energy have our cooling tower running? Nope. Will we get a/c at all today? Nope. Horrible.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 26, 2017

    I am moving to a new location, but not completely moved yet because the property is still being painted and cleaned. I had an appointment for 3 different days and missed all of them because after they call to say they're in route, the wait time was 3 hrs or more. Why call if it's going to take 3 hours. Call when you know you're on your way. It's not fair for someone to wait that long. Then I called them back to check the status they tell you you're next they'll be there, then you wait another hour. Ridiculous!!!

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 17, 2017

    Thursday April 13th CenterPoint Energy has to do something some kind of job and didn't notify me in advance so when I go to work and come back home that night after 11 pm my gas is off with this card just saying, "You weren't here so they did what wanted." I tried to call them and messenger stated they were closed. I'm pregnant. Due to give birth any day. Shouldn't have to be worried like this or scheduling myself around them without them notifying me first. I went 3 and half days without gas source and had to wait until Monday April 17th to get anybody and the representative had the nerve to make up an excuse that didn't flu. I told them that when they're doing work they should call their customers in advance because this inconvenienced me. They could've called me at work. I would've come home to be able to cook, wash, and bath with hot water being pregnant. I'm seriously let down by them.

    I called today about 8:30 am this morning and have yet to see them get here to cut my gas on. It's after 1 pm and cloudy. Looking like a storm's coming. This is the most disrespectful way treat a paying customer. Had I been behind in my bill my gas would've been cut off already. It's a shame when it takes them less time to cut it off and more time to cut it on especially when your bill's paid and I didn't cause it to be off, they have me a mere 25 dollar 3day credit for it being off and told me, "Next time place it as an emergency call." Had I known I could do that I would've. It's the inconsiderate way. They went about it and made light of it and here I am still waiting for them to do the I'm on way call that hasn't happened yet so I say next time I'll seek legal counsel on this and them investigated and put on the news.

    Something's not right about this. All I say is had I got a call leading up to this work order we wouldn't be here. CenterPoint just call your customers in advance even when the work is done so the gas can be cut on since you all cut it off and left as is. They didn't put the order number on card ironic. Only checked off no one was here and had to repair service line leading to meter... Hope it helps contact me anytime to follow-up, thanks.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 7, 2017

    I believe I have been the victim of a fraud by a public utility sub-division. I had a contract, an insurance policy, if you will, with CenterPoint (CP) Energy, Home Service Plus. This contract called for the repair of my large appliances should the need arrive. On two occasions I was denied service. Once because "parts were not available" which doomed my gas range to replacement with a new one. I went to the internet and found repair parts in 5 minutes, ordered them and CP did install them and pay for the parts. The point being, had I accepted the fact that CP could not find parts with their local supplier, I would have had to spend $800-$1000 for a new range. Had I listened to the repairman, CP would have saved labor & parts expense and been insuring a new machine with very little likelihood of service for at least 10 years. Sweet deal for CenterPoint!

    Second refusal to repair a machine (Maytag Washer/Dryer); A repairman called to repair the washer of my combo, examined it, ordered available parts and said he would return to make the repair when the parts came in. Unfortunately, he was not available, and two repairmen showed up in his place. One, as described to me by the dispatcher, a "senior technician". I assumed the other to be new at the job. They spent 1/2 hour examining the machine when the senior repairman informed me the machine was "unrepairable junk". I asked why the first repairman went so far as to order parts, saying he would be back to make the 2 hour repair. The senior said, "no one at CenterPoint will repair that machine". They left, I kept the parts not accepting his diagnosis and called a Maytag repairman who came out, made the repairs using the ordered parts and charged $115.00.

    I maintain I was victimized by CP. Not only did they fail to live up to their repair contract but, had I taken this senior technicians' erroneous advice, I would be out nearly $2000.00 for a new machine, delivery & installation and removal of the old machine. Clearly a FRAUD by CP! Again, company policy is apparently to condemn older appliances to be un-repairable, immediately save labor & repair costs but most importantly to now be insuring a virtually, repair free, appliance for at least 10 years. This scam is very clever and the poor, unsuspecting consumer, usually, naive, elderly or trusting accepts this condemnation of their appliance without question. CP has successfully removed the very machines from the pool, the customer purchased this repair plan to protect. The profit to CP using this technique has likely gained them millions over the decades.

    I only ask that a "second opinion", should the customer request it, by an unbiased inspector/advocate be required any time CP declares a large appliance to be un-repairable. Not too much to ask. This policy is in CP's best interest in verifying their reason for avoiding the tenets of their contract in repairing a broken appliance. The inspector/advocate would be paid by CP who would still profit should their assessment be accurate, in the saving of repair costs and long range avoidance of costs in insuring a new machine. This would hold true in claiming repair parts not available. CP searches only to the extent of their local vendors. Should the inspector/advocate find parts available on the internet, CP MUST make the repairs.

    CenterPoint has a fine little operation going here at the expense of their customer. CP and ALL other pre-paid appliance repair companies must be regulated to be responsible. I hope the obvious policy by CP, as described, is not pervasive throughout the pre-pay repair industry. When I complained to CP about the above-described situations, I was offered 3 months free coverage to address my concerns. Obviously I refused, as I now know the scam and will call servicepersons I can trust.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 1, 2017

    Account fell behind due to surgery and emergency hospital stay. Received notice of past due and complying with "cold weather rule" I paid what I could. Gas service disconnected with no warning. At time of disconnection account was paid in full, nothing past due. Refused to accommodate for my medical restrictions. Six days with no hot water, making my injuries worse. Representatives are rude, unfriendly, and lack the minuscule amount of empathy it takes to deal with the public. Also reached out to CEO, VP, and various other "leaders" and received no response or action or apology.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 23, 2017

    I have called multiple times about not receiving bills but nothing ever gets done. I paid 66.17 for my services and the next day they disconnected them. I told the worker I already paid but she jumped my LOCKED fence anyway to turn it off. I called and asked how is this possible but they could care less. I would have to pay 40 for reconnect and 20 for the statement charge for... get this SENDING OUT MONTHLY BILLS. I told him look at my account. They rarely send my bills, I was told call the post office?!! Then if you want same day service then the charge is 47.00. This is by far one of the companies I loathe the most besides UPS. Their customer service is non-sympathetic because they know you HAVE to have them.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 9, 2017

    What's the point of having a customer support department when all the employees are trained to default blame to the customers. First, CHANGE YOUR ONLINE PAYMENT FUNNEL. You are able to tell people their payments were received, but if it doesn't go through you MAIL A LETTER? Ever heard of paperless? If a payment doesn't go through, or checking information is incorrect, then your multi-million business can afford to send an email saying, "Hey, your payment was declined for this reason." That way your customers can immediately fix the problem. By sending out mail, it takes a few days to receive, and if for any reason the mail isn't received, you send a tech to turn off their gas, and charge your customers $75 to turn it back on. I can see how that in itself is a business. Swindling your customers out of reconnection fees for your poor notification process. These days, sending out a letter is NOT ENOUGH.

    If you are reading this, be prepared to get NOTHING from CenterPoint's customer service. Don't expect much from their Customer Support because they do not fear you leaving, they have no reason to try to work with you. I was literally told on the phone by the customer service rep: "You must have put the number in wrong, that's not our fault, that's yours." LOL. Who says that? If this was said by any employee in my business, especially in customer support, they'd be fired. The fact the employee even said that, means they weren't trained right. If you don't know what feeling helpless feels like, call CenterPoint. As a customer, if there is something we can actually do to change how this company treats their customers, please contact me. I'm on board to do whatever I can.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 28, 2017

    Never fought so hard for $30 only to lose to ridiculous rep. I called to pay my mom's final bill after she died on Feb. 1st and to get the $30 returned payment charge removed. The charge was incurred when the company attempted to autodraft her final payment from her frozen bank account (as happens when someone dies) on Feb. 14th. My brother had called to activate service at the same address (he is assuming ownership of the home) on Feb. 3rd. She claims that when that happens, they have no obligation to contact the previous owner.

    I pointed out how absurd that is considering I could just activate service at someone else's home, change my preferred contact method to email, and disconnect service the next day, leaving the victim with no gas service and no warning that it's being shut off! While I will admit that's a pretty great prank they're allowing people to pull on each other, it's absolutely ridiculous how hard this woman fought for that $30 charge. She said that if my brother had expressed that he was calling on her behalf to indicate she had died, they would have asked how he wanted the final payment processed (autodraft or mail a final bill). I pointed out that that is still stupid because when someone dies, their accounts get frozen and you CAN'T autodraft from them. This is exactly why every other company I've ever dealt with just mails a final bill!

    Screw you, Centerpoint Energy. You will get my $30, but you will also get my eternal disdain. Oh, and not my business because I don't live in Arkansas, and you just solidified another reason I don't ever want to move back!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

    CenterPoint has the worst customer service practices and holding monopoly on the gas services in the area. Why? Someone please listen the complaints and anger and deep dissatisfaction of the customers!!! I own several investment properties and set up the account with CenterPoint with a billing address different from service address. Never received the bill and service got disconnected without notifying me. To reconnect CenterPoint asking for outrageous, high fee. Surprise, they found my mailing address to mail the final bill!!! We need alternative to CenterPoint!!! We need a fair gas rates that would reflect a current historically low gas prices!!! Get rid of this greedy CenterPoint!!!

    Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

    For me, it can't get any worse than this and the idea that gas services can be monopolized at any part of a state is just absurd. I have never been treated this way in my life. They just shove it down your throat because you don't have other OPTIONS. I came home yesterday 2/7/17 around 3 pm and there was a note that my gas has been disconnected. I called CenterPoint immediately and explained to them that I had made the payment thru Bill Pay with my Chase account about 5 days ago. The lady wasn't hearing me out; she was extremely rude and at some point it felt like I was talking to a robot because she couldn't have been human. I have a new born in the house so I wanted them to reconnect same day. I had to pay my Bill which apparently had not been remitted to them by my bank, pay a disconnection fee and them pay for same day reconnection.

    At around 4:30 I got an automated call concerning my service. I chose ON SITE to let them know I was home. I waited in the house until 6 pm at which point I was late to get my son from daycare. My mother was in the house also with my newborn in the living room. At 7 pm still no one had shown up so I called CenterPoint energy but they were closed and the system informed me that my service had to be rescheduled because there was no one at the residence when the tech got there.

    The next day I called back and really I wasn't upset. I just want my service turned on. The agent told me that I have to pay another 47 bucks for expedited service so I explained to her what had happened the previous day and the fact that I already paid for the service. Laura decided to transfer me to David a supposed supervisor. David told me there was no way around it. I had to pay AGAIN or my service would be turned back on until the next day and this was at 7 am on 2/8/17. They were rude, heinous and without any remorse.

    I work in customer service and I understand how difficult it can get that's why I have never written any negative comment about any business but this is monopolistic exploitation. It is a blue collar robbery business that should not be allowed to stand. The tech claimed to have knocked twice on the door but there was a car on the driveway, there was door bell, and them my phone number on which I had received call previously. This is a complete false service but I had to pay again. I have read so many similar reviews and I know nothing will be done but I commit all this in God's hands and I know he interfere in the affairs of men and he will fight this battle for me because justice is his.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 7, 2017

    I paid my bill via phone last month. The first time, the company's automated payment system cut off prior to finishing my transaction. I attempted to pay $30 which was about 3 over because the amount payable increased after I selected "pay all". Selecting "pay all" left a small balance. After I was cut off the first time, I went back in to attempt to pay balance again because I wasn't sure the first payment attempt was successful, after their phone system cut me off. I paid approx $28.

    Today, I came home and my gas was cut off, the explanation was that my bank account was nonexistent. I validated my banking info when the info was read back to me. I was charged for both the $30 payment which supposedly did not go through and would have technically been an over payment, the $28 payment which was a legitimate bill, in addition to a $20 return charge. I ended up paying close to $200 for a $28 charge. The account was valid and there were adequate funds.

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    profile pic of the author
    Original review: Feb. 3, 2017

    Service appointment on 02/03/2017 was cancelled without notification. When I called them only I came to know that because of the upgrade to my account after making the appointment resulted automatic cancellation. This is not my fault. The person whom made the appointment should have noticed this cancellation. This is total negligence on the part of your representative. We were waiting for weeks for this repair as some parts were ordered. Dirty clothes piled up and wanted to wash them during the weekend. I came home taking half days leave to be at home for the technician as this repair is so important to us. NOW we have to wait for another two days. Shame on you HSP TODAY. PLEASE DO NOT MIX UP YOUR PROMOTIONS WITH SERVICE APPOINTMENTS.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

    On January 25 in Houston I was working from home and was in an important conference call with my boss (no less) when a Center Point worker knocked on my door (for an installation they were doing NEXT DOOR, not me). I chose to stay in the conference call with clients and not answer the door. The worker could hear me since my desk is close to the front door (and the window was ajar), so he chose to knock more loudly. I chose to ignore it again, since I had no appointment, I was home alone and at work, and I could not have verified this was a Center Point energy worker, anyway. At that point, he became enraged that I did not answer the door. I suppose he assigned "motive" and probably had no sensitivity training from Center Point - he assumed I didn't care or was lazy or something.

    He began to beat on my door with both fists, at which time the "jig was up" and my company and clients heard him. So, I got up and answered the door. To my surprise after he rudely barked at me what he wanted, and I explained the conference call, and told him he could go in my backyard for my neighbor's installation, he stormed away angrily, without EVEN SO MUCH AS AN APOLOGY. I have been entrusted to be an employee work from home - not a contractor - so I have responsibilities to maintain an office environment.

    I am the only employee in my entire company who is allowed to work from home. He could have actually cost me my job, or they could have reviewed the work from home and made me move to a distant city, but I have an understanding and good company (lucky for Center Point). I asked for a call from a supervisor and reported the incident, but no one called. I had to call back two days later and got a case number, but no return call yet. Really, I just want to know if he broke protocol or if Center Point tells their employees that if the homeowner (neighbor) is home they HAVE TO get permission, regardless of the cost to the person, to get into the yard without appointment.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

    I missed my bill date because I misread the date and my gas was shut off. The bill was 34 and change that has since turned into 155 just in fees and charges. When you call their call center you get people who don't have a clue on what they are doing and will lie to you just to get you off the phone. It is sad that this is what we have to deal with. Rude employees who don't give a damn about us. I was told my gas would be cut back on yesterday. Waited all day. Nothing. This is day 8. My bill has been paid, tech came yesterday and I didn't even know he was here. He lied and said he knocked on all windows and doors and called. Lie after lie. I had no missed calls from them. Here it is. Scheduled day and still no sign or word from them. Sorry excuses.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 21, 2016

    My husband and I purchased land and I needed CenterPoint to come and run the wires from my weather head to the transformer. It has taken over 3 weeks and STILL nothing. Although I have called, text, and pleaded with them to call me when they are headed to the property so that I can meet them there and bury any objections or concerns they may have and get my order completed, they continue to turn down the order and cite absurd reasons as to why they can't get this simple task completed! My gosh, what will it take? AT this point, I am emailing ALL the news channels to inform them of the situation and see who will pick up my story. It is Christmas time and I am fully aware that they are looking for stories that tug at the heart strings and boy do I have one for them.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 22, 2016

    Centerpoint Energy has no business doing ANY business at all. I paid my bill almost two week ago. The first time they were supposed to call, my phone crashed so that was on me. I called to reschedule, I was home all day and they never came but sent an email saying they did. Rescheduled again, they DID NOT call at all. They sent another email. I don't always have time to check my email. I seen a Centerpoint worker down the street from my house, asked if he could do it and he said, "no I can't." Here it is almost two weeks later, called today and of course, got the ** Houston location. They expect you to pay a $45 reconnect fee for same day service. I refuse to give them anymore of my money for something that is on the company. Asked to talk to a supervisor and she was just as ** as her employees. She told me if I didn't stop talking over her, she wasn't gonna help me. Shortly after that, she hung up on me.

    I'm in the business of customer service and THIS COMPANY is not customer service oriented. Only money oriented. I'm a single mother of a two year old child that is sick. Heartless witches and money hungry. Centerpoint just needs to go out of business and let someone else that is about the customer take over. And they really just need to get rid of the Houston location for Louisiana services or ANY service for that matter. Worst company to ever do business with. They are lazy and just want money.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

    My husband had a massive stroke and has been mute and cannot walk since 9/25/2016. He always handles bills. I am a grandmother with custody of my disabled grandson and we have lost my husband and have very little to live on. In my grief and distress I desperately tried to pay the bills and accidentally out the wrong number in for my debit card. They charged me bounced check charges, and now won't accept a check made out to them even from my husband's company from which he received a grant to help us. Now the check is being returned and made out to CenterPoint. I cannot cash it. They are rude on the phone, too. Nothing to help, and make you feel as if you should be punished. The most horrible company I have dealt with. They do not care about disabled children, critical illness, widows, etc. They are sickening.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

    I am disabled with Stage 4 congestive heart failure. I had rented my house out to someone while I was living at my sister's while getting things taken care of for my disability. The people that had rented my house trashed it and moved away. I had no clue how to reach them. I moved back into my house and had my gas service reconnected. A week later I get a letter in the mail from CenterPoint Energy stating that I had to pay the other people's bill or my service would be disconnected.

    I called them and tried to explain the situation. They said, "Sorry," but it would have to be paid or I would lose service. They didn't care I was disabled and on a fixed income. So I had to pay it to keep my heat on for the winter and had to miss out on buying food for the month and get my medications. Someone should really do something about these **. If something happens to me you can bet my family will launch the biggest lawsuit on them anyone has ever seen and in the end own every one of them smug bastards.

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    profile pic of the author
    Original review: Oct. 11, 2016

    Never got a notice of disconnection. Paid immediately. Paid ridiculous fees and then they want $47 to turn on today? This is a monopoly run by arrogant employees who take satisfaction in ruining your day and then stealing your money!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

    I was leaving my house and I find a yellow card on my gate stating that they shut my gas off. I go inside and sign in to my account and find out they disconnected me for a past due of 28 dollars. I was floored so I payed the 28 bucks owed and the 35 for current bill. I also had to pay a 20 dollar reconnection fee. I then wanted the gas back on same day and they said that would be another 47 dollars. What the hell kind of scam is going on here??

    I just moved to Texas and I did miss the email sent to me. I was home at the time of the disconnection, the person could not ask for 28 bucks?? No courtesy call before the shut off. Maybe a 24 hour call to give me a chance to pay. This needs to stop. Texas do your job and protect your citizens from this scam of an operation. We need rules and regulations regarding how they handle shut offs. At least have a reasonable dollar amount owed before shut off... Not 28 bucks. Geez..

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2016

    I am completely disgusted that I came home to an envelope containing a statement that Centerpoint Energy disconnected my gas. I received NO disconnection notice. My bill was less than $63. When I called to complain they told me it wasn't their fault that I had not received my notice via mail. They said I was sent an email which I also did not receive or went to Spam mail which I would not see. I asked them to re-send me that email which they said they could not. I told them I wanted the reconnection fee of $28 waived due to these circumstances.

    I was told by a Centerpoint Energy supervisor that the state of MN REQUIRES they charge the fee. That's garbage! The state caps them at that fee charge. These utilities are monopolies and treat their customers like CRAP because we have NO recourse. I HATE CENTERPOINT ENERGY AND THEIR WORTHLESS UNCARING LOUSY EMPLOYEES!!! I would rate them a -10 stars if that was an option. Also, they can only give you a 12 hour window to reconnect! WTH!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 21, 2016

    This is our second PowerShell in two weeks. What happened? A minor thundershower occurred. If CenterPoint cannot sustain a thunderstorm, we all can expect then a major outage if any type of abnormal condition occurs. The infrastructure is entirely too soft, even with their so called "Smart Technology". If you ask me, your smarts is not working!

    Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

    I am beyond frustrated and annoyed with this company. I wish I didn't have to deal with these people ever again! So I knew my bill was due on a certain day and I left my house with the gas still on and went to a nearby fiesta food mart to pay at the window thinking they would receive it that day but it turns out they don't receive the payment until 2 days later at that store. It would have been nice to know when I was paying. So of course when I went home my gas was off so I called and had to pay again with a debit card. I had to ask someone to borrow, and it was an extra $60 plus to get it turned back on. The automated service is horrible by the way! I have to repeat myself about 20 times and they still don't understand what I'm saying & the hold time is always so long.

    When I finally go thru to get my refund back they said I have to wait 2 days to call back then request the refund so I did. Then they said they had to keep the money for 7 days on my account and if I happen to have a bill in those days they will automatically take it (which they did). So finally when I called in the 7th day I repeatedly told them to send me a refund and not to apply it to my next months bills but of course I got a bill saying they applied to my next months bills, so I called and all the time I finally get thru to someone. They're so rude. So they finally sent out the remaining my refund which took about a week or so. I went and tried to cash it and they didn't let me. They put the check to where I can't get any cash back, I can only deposit it in my bank account which I do not have one and cannot get one for personal reasons.

    So once again I had to call and they basically gave me no solution and told me I have to open a bank account in order to get the money back. I was livid. I paid them in cash so why can't they just give me the damn cash back!?! So basically I'm stuck with a useless piece of paper and they're just not going to do anything about it. Now I have to bother someone and see if I can maybe sign the check over to them and maybe they can deposit it in their account and give me the money. I hate asking anyone for anything. These people are so quick to take my money but make me go thru a million obstacles to get my refund back. ** CenterPoint Energy!!!

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2016

    My doorbell rang tonight. I was napping after a hot day at work and having recently taken a shower. I quickly threw clothes on, but they were gone when I got to the door. Only a call tag was left. Apparently my meter was upgraded without any prior communication. Common courtesy dictates they might want to check to see if the customer is home before replacing the meter, right? Nope, another company was hired to replace the meter which required turning off service, but they locked my gas valve and ran to the next job WITHOUT any real attempt to restore service. It didn't take more than a minute to get dressed!

    This was not an emergency (claimed or real). Mine meter was one of the last in the area to be upgraded and a while back they insisted that they needed to come into the house to check my meter. Only the meter is located outside. They gave no other explanation so I hung up. I was working 70 hours a week and couldn't be home plus they didn't seem to know or understand that the meter is OUTSIDE for easy access.

    When I called to schedule an appointment to restore service they wouldn't answer questions as to why, how long it might take, or give any window of time they might return. The meter must have been replaced after 7 PM. I turned the gas water heater OFF and get to take a cold shower in the morning. I'm not waiting up all night to see if they come back. It took two phone calls and many wasted minutes (15-20 of my monthly 100) to get some answers and schedule the restore appointment for tomorrow.

    IF I had known they were on my property they could have turned it on immediately after it was hooked up. NOPE, run to the next job and let the gas company restore service! CenterPoint doesn't care. "We're sorry for the inconvenience..." Yeah, if they were truly sorry they would communicate with the customer and ensure the company that replaces the meters checks BEFORE swapping the meter to avoid these terribly annoying, and totally avoidable inconveniences!!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 20, 2016

    DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT use CenterPoint Energy. I paid a deposit to have gas turned on. When I moved, the reps (3) I spoke with all said there was no deposit on file. Made 5 telephone calls, each time on hold for 12-19 minutes each time, only to be treated like TRASH from who answered incoming call. RUDE, ARROGANT, UNPROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE PLUS TOTALLY did not want to assist me. I will go anywhere else for service, but NOT CenterPoint. I paid a double bill for one month, just to get rid of this unethical company. Please beware.

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