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We had no choice to be checking in at 3 am and checking out for good the next morning so a cheap hotel was good enough. But nightmare wasn't expected. I'll begin with the minors like a rusted stairwell and hole in the door frame outside our door. Sorry for the residents around us but we had to bang into the door 4 or 5 times to get the door open after unlocking it. My daughter took one full bed and my husband and I passed out in the other. But not before my daughter realized she was laying next to a semen stain on her bed.

So after a few shrieks of disgust we laid and contaminated OUR OWN PERSONAL blankets on the bed and we slept on that. If it wasn't a ridiculous hour, we would have raised hell but it was 3:30 am at this point. We couldn't wait to get OUT in the morning and we all kept shoes on due to the floor being sticky and a few dead bugs scattered around. I think I slept 2 hours because I was so disgusted about the unclean sheets. Never a Red Roof again.

Woke up at 1:30 am on the morning of Sept. 27th at a RED ROOF INN in Clinton, Tn. itching in several areas. Turned on the lights and got up to discover 3 bed bugs crawling around in the area I just got up from. I was packed and out there in 15 minutes after I collected 6 in a clear plastic cup the room come with. I stopped at the office and showed the bugs and the bites and I was all but called a liar by the TOOTHLESS wonder behind the glass. Right!! I self-inflicted 4 bites and ALWAYS carry around a half dozen bed bugs with me when I travel for business. I was told I'd have a room refund and 3 days later no such refund has appeared. Wish I could post pictures here. NOW, I have to take all these precautions at home after looking up online just how easy it is to transport them. And how difficult it is to get rid of them once you have them. SOMEONE is going to pay for this mess.

Very good. Worthwhile. Very nice. I would stay at this Red Roof Inn if I were in Jacksonville again. The location was good, the service was excellent and the room was very nice. Everything was what we expected it to be and more.

We were visiting family in the Little Rock area and checked in on Thursday and checked out the following Monday. PROS: Dog-friendly, indoor plumbing, working electricity. CONS: room keys failed to work consistently. Rooms smelled absolutely disgusting, the carpets haven't been steam cleaned in forever (my son's white socks turned dark brown after walking on the carpet for an hour). The window to our room (on the first floor) did NOT LOCK. There was no safe in the room. The deadbolt to the room wasn't operational. The air conditioner hadn't been serviced or cleaned properly by an HVAC technician - it blew out disgusting smoking residue foul-smelling air into the room (this was a non-smoking room).

The bed was soft, hard, and lumpy all at the same time. The sheets used as a bottom sheet didn't fully cover the mattress. The top sheet covering the duvet smelled like urine, and when it was pulled back the urine stain on the duvet was revealed (very gross). The drain in the shower was clogged with someone else's hair and body particulate. The fan in the bathroom was non functioning. The wifi never worked. The breakfast was pathetic (and they would run out of coffee!!!! ). I found a plate of food in the microwave (THAT WAS A PREVIOUS GUEST's) that smelled horrible, and the POOL? A RAZOR BLADE was found poolside when we went out to splash, and lastly, there is a car without wheels, on blocks in the parking lot.

Wait, maybe lastly should be that there was always some guy hanging out in the front lobby on the couch or the chairs, and at one point, he was laying on the couch, with his barefeet, as if he was in the privacy of his own house. Was this the manager, Devo **? Could be. Normally, I would bring all of these issues up to the hotel and ask them to make it right, however, I didn't see the point in this particular case. The first room we were originally assigned, I lasted maybe 10 seconds in there before I turned right back around and went back to the front desk asking for a new room because of the horrific ODOR.

My PROS and CONS above are based on the New & Improved room I was assigned. Due to safety issues, I brought the attention of the razor blade up immediately with the front desk staff who seemed to respond with haste to the safety concern (kids out on the pool deck, etc.). What you also need to know is the kind of neighborhood this hotel is in. I was traveling alone with my 9 year old son and our toy breed dog. My husband later joined us in the weekend once he was off of work.

I was extremely concerned about my safety as a guest here, as I was addressed EVERY TIME I went outside to walk my dog by men staying at the hotel, men walking by on the street, or just random men loitering across the street behind some industrial buildings. They would walk over to me, or slam on their brakes and start talking to me from their vehicle, or hang out in their vehicle and call to me from across the parking lot: "Hey baby, looking good!" "Hey beautiful, whats your name? Come over here and talk to me!" Really? Like I am actually paying money for this experience.

On one side of the hotel is a daycare that has a travel van with the back windows busted out and at least one flat tire. Behind the hotel is what looks to be low-income apartments, at least, that is what I gleaned from the looks of the automobiles going in and out of the apartment complex - broken windshields, bumpers dragging, older model vehicles blasting loud club music. During the day and night, there are always people walking up and down the street in front of the hotel, as the street in front of the hotel is the main conduit to the shell station at the corner, and the Mcdonald's across the street. Walking is a verb I use loosely here, as most were swaying back and forth looking like they were about to fall over into the street or oncoming traffic at any time. I'm no stranger to poverty and I know ghetto. This was that and so much more. Caveat emptor.

This was the letter submitted to Guest Relation Management with resolution, apology or even refund offered. If there was one issue I could have avoided but being there was countless issues and one complaint and the outcome was beyond unprofessional and disrespectful. Please read below all the events that has taken place at this establishment for the 5 months I have stayed at this location. This matter was not resolved nor addressed just ignored. Then I was abruptly asked to leave since they could not satisfy me? As if in over 5 months they heard from me but accepted my money. Obviously unavoidable issues never addressed below nor even a respectable call to address or rectify my claims. I am in the process of taking this to a higher level until I receive not only a apology but a refund since my hard earned money for a peace of mind. Clean room was not met nor was it top priority.

To Whom it may concern: I am staying at your BWI Airport location and I have had several unfortunate situations occur since being here. From leaving my room only to return to find the ceiling full of mold and bacteria almost covering the whole ceiling over the bed area, to the bath tub full of rust and hairy mold, changing rooms then in this room, to floor soaking wet from the ceiling, water fall that came down onto my clothing in bags were soaking wet from upstairs room sink overflow. I had to actually go to laundromat to wash and dry my clothes "no offer" for compensation to wash here on premises, to "NOW" fungus mushrooms growing out of the air conditioning units???

I have small pets - a Yorkie who is 10 pounds and Imperial Shih Tzu who is 4 pounds and they have been sick since Thursday, vomiting and sluggish. We did not know why. At this point we searched for anything they could've eaten or came into contact with while in this room and that is when we found the fungus mushroom underneath the air conditioning unit. We have documented all of this not only for our records but corporate to address deep concerns. I have asthma that has been triggered by these circumstances on many occasions I mentioned above. Also we have had stomach viruses since Friday. Not sure why but it was strange very strange it occurs in these rooms.

This has just become unacceptable to continue to afford to pay for these type of situations to keep repeating itself without proper compensation for reoccurring issues out of my control. I have traveled from the Texas area 2000 miles to relocate here in the Maryland area only to have so many unfortunate situations occur at this particular location. I must say I have never experienced such unfortunate situations in 25 yrs as a professional. My field that requires me to be on the road 6 months out of a year so I have many frequent flyer miles and have stayed in 2-5 star accommodations never to experience anything to this severe. This I can say has never happened. I can truly state at this great magnitude.

Now I have to take my pets to the vet not knowing what they have been exposed to since the maintenance staff on duty never ever seen mushrooms grow under air conditioning units here before? I am now "VERY" worried as to why it is happening and what is it exactly? And through it all I received "A Free Night" which is not equivalent to all I am dealing with and have been very patient and understanding, while I do fully comprehend some things are truly out of our control YES; but it is all in how it is handled by management when they are made aware of the issues that continue to occur that they try to come up with any reasonable solution. To a problem your guest has not caused. (Keep in mind I do receive a free night based on my Redicard membership.)

The amount of money I am spending at Red Roof BWI for comfort, cleanliness and rest I should not have these issues or I should be compensated a lot more than "A FREE NIGHT" for all that I have dealt with and to deal with. I have not reported the practices here such as: the sex trade activity the desk staff decided to book her next to my room, connected doors, my latch to mine and for 2 days all I heard was loud sex noises and many strange men knocking on my door by accident so much we had to sit in our truck to watch this. At least 10 males entered we witnessed. In order to block the sound and not hear it we had to vacate, sit in our vehicle. It was unbelievable. Or the cooking of drugs. We were abruptly woken up too early Sunday morning with drug needles in front my door on the ground. I took to the office. We had vacate again for hours to sit in my vehicle.

Not mention the exterior massive trash and dog attack situation at 8 am one Sunday morning on my window and attacking of a mother outside my room door and how that was poorly handled and brushed off. We were offered nothing at all, and a lot of other major violations I have witnessed here - I still remained silent and patient hoping the manager would address this. Due to me relocating it is hard to move from hotel to hotel for comfort and cleanliness with pets and my profession. It is a hectic schedule so I need my rest when I do stay anywhere. I think I have been more than fair and have not complained even when I had justifiable reason to do so. But this fungus and mushrooms issue is the last straw and "NO", one free night does not make up for all of these situations. I pay weekly here until I close on my home which I pray for any day now but in the meantime I am here and feel this out of hand.

I truly am beyond upset about this and need action taken now so that these sort of situations do not occur to others who are undeserving and simply in town for work or relocating. This has caused me to not sleep, stress and for health reasons to be afraid for myself and my pets. I am asking that you look into this and please take this very seriously as it is. I am seeking an amicable solution to these reoccurring issues in a timely manner.

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I booked a room for 8/27 online for the Williamsport, PA location. On their website it clearly states newly renovated. When I arrived I was very disappointed. Nothing was renovated, but in really bad condition. Especially the carpets all around and in the rooms. It was ripped, old, stained and not vacuumed for quite a while. The wifi did not work at all, only 2 bars - couldn't even open my FB. My room was dusty, not vacuumed and my toilet would not flush. There were stains all over the walls. The parking lot and driveway were full of deep potholes. I felt scammed. I go there once a month and even got the RediCard thinking I will need it for future reservations, but now I honestly don't think I would ever want to.

This was 8-28-16 in Middletown, Ohio. The room was disgusting and I found hair in the drain in the bathtub and the comforters were dirty then they charged me for different charges on my account and two deposits!!! I do not recommend this place to anybody!

I stayed at the Red Roof inn, in Santa Ana California August 9th, 10th and 11th with my church group which we took up three rooms. Who I also recommended Red Roof Inn to another church group that took up 5 rooms and yet another church from Northern California that took up two rooms. I have stayed at the Red Roof Inn previously three other times in Santa Ana for Celebrate Recovery Summit AT Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. I noticed this year a lot of the people staying in the hotel seem to be practicing drug addicts, practicing alcoholics and there was what appeared to be ladies of the evening.

Upon checking in, our church had sent them a check in advance paying for all the room and as I was checking in, they proceeded to tell me that they didn't take checks and I proceeded to tell them that they did take the check because it had already cleared the bank. After a lengthy discussion they went online and found that the check been cashed. Our church group checked out the morning of August 12th and the other Church groups we're checking out on the 13th of August. Upon talking to our state representative, I was informed that the room next to me room 154 had been broken into and my room which was 152 was also broken into, however I had already checked out.

I understand that the room next to me that was broken into there was some prescription medication that was taken and as far as I know that was all that was taken. After reading some of the reviews at different states, different towns, in different locations of the Red Roof Inns, I won't be staying in the Red Roof Inns anymore. They have lost a good customer. They did file a police report with the Santa Ana Police Department and they were told that every hotel and motel in Santa Ana is low income. With what we were charged, it wasn't low income.

Red Roof Inn, Lanham Md, I've stayed in for the second time on 8/13/16, and this was by far the worst. The room looked clean, but as the night went on I kept feeling uneasy, like I felt itchy, so I'd turn on the light and nothing. Then say around 5 am, my phone buzzes so I check it and then I feel a pinch on my arm so I shine the light from my phone and there it was, A BED BUG. My poor boyfriend sleeps hard, so they had a field day on him, he was so pissed. Needless to say we checked out early... and had to wait a hour for a refund. The staff was nice, but who wants to take bed bugs home with them and leave with bite marks all over. The mental anguish, RIDICULOUS. Inspect the mattress before you lay down. They hide well. Beware of those dark coverings they put over the box springs, it's where they live... never again!!!

After spending the weekend at the Red Roof Inn, I checked out Sunday, July 31, 2016. I forgot my pair of dress shoes and tried to call the Inn directly when I discovered them missing Sunday afternoon. I called the Inn five times during a period of two hours and let it ring at least 15 times each time without an answer. I finally called the 800 reservation number and the agent who answered said she would try and reach them at another number. She reached them and connected me to the front desk. The desk clerk said she would check to see if the shoes were turned in. After 20 minutes on hold she said the shoes were not turned in. Now, the shoes were on the floor in plain view and the cleaning staff would have tripped on them upon entering the room.

So, I suspected something was wrong and called the customer service number Monday morning. I got a recording and was put on hold for 18 minutes before I was cut off. I then tried emailing customer service and requested a receipt for the email. That was three days ago and I've given up on recovering the shoes. I should have suspected there would be problems at the Inn because when I checked in the Wi-Fi was not working. Saturday morning I notified the desk clerk the clock radio appeared to be a fire hazard and I had to disconnect it. The staff took no action to replace the radio. Also, the refrigerator was not bolted down. So, when one tried to open its door, the entire unit came out of the cabinet. Needless to say, I lost a pair of shoes and Red Roof Inn lost a customer.

Redicard Rewards are misleading. My husband and I stayed at a Red Roof Inn near Boston for 10 days. We earned enough points for a free stay. When my husband tried to use the points, we were told he was not eligible because the card is only in my name even though we earned the points together. Nothing was explained to me when they handed me the card. It seems the card cannot be in both of our names and cannot be transferred. They have carefully set up their rules to reduce the chance a customer might actually be able to use their points. We also belong to Hilton HHonors and they allow both husband and wife to use their points. Red Roof Inn just pretends that its loyalty card will earn you benefits. Their arbitrary rules only leave me with a desire to avoid them in the future.

The is the absolute worst location of any Red Roof Inn that you can imagine. I paid $250 for a Suite for myself, my wife & 2 children. The entry door to the room was broken; the security peephole was taped over; no microwave; no coffee maker, room had a terrible odor; 2 towels for 4 people; bath tub was filthy; exhaust fan in the bathroom had so much dirt & dust that you could not even tell it was working. After reporting these problems to the front desk, the clerk told us that he would report it to the manager. The manager said he spoke with the disinterested owner and he offered an offensive $30 off. We had to send the children to another location because of the terrible conditions. Don't stay here as you will not be happy!!!

We made our reservations through We arrived at the Red Roof Inn in West Arkansas. The first day we were there the room was filthy. We requested for housekeeping to come back and clean it. During her cleaning we noticed roaches. The water will not go down in the sink. The toilet seat was broke. Once again nothing happened. We checked out two days later. We were scheduled to stay 3. Manager has not contacted me yet. This was May 29th.

My family and I stayed one night at the Red Roof Inn in Amarillo TX. All was fine during our overnight stay. The front desk person was pleasant, the room clean, although the tv did not work but we were not there to watch tv. I paid for the room prior to our stay and again no major problems... fast forward two weeks and I noticed a second charge for our stay. I immediately contacted the Red Roof Inn and they were able to pull up our information and realized that I had indeed been charged twice. The lady was very helpful, apologized for it and issued a refund for the second stay. I waited patiently for a week for my refund to appear on my credit card but no refund showed up.

I again contacted Red Roof and spoke to someone else, who informed me that the first refund had been cancelled, again she was able to pull up the information and see we were indeed charged twice. She informed me that a refund would be issued and again I received an apology. Well it's been a few days and guess what NO REFUND!! I guess I will be contacting them again. I take this as a lesson learned. I will no longer stay at a Red Roof Inn.

Red Roof Inn in Beaumont, TX - Enter lobby, chair has sponge coming out. Ask to check room before checking in. Thank you God for giving me the knowledge to always check the Room before checking in. Expedia gave the hotel 3.8. OMG! Opened the door and the computer chair was worn out 5 years ago and was the worst hotel I have ever been in. Run! Don't stop. When opening the door there was a sign saying "Wipe the mud off your boots..." no joke. Hotel looks 5,000 percent better outside than inside. All they had going for the hotel was the friendly front desk and maids. They even pulled the carpet off the floor and never replaced. RUN, FOREST RUN!!!

I and my gf stayed at Red Roof Inn in Los Banos, CA on May 14 and 15th. We checked in on the 14th. I asked how much is it for one bed 2 people one night at first. The lady at desk (manager) told me she had no regular rooms available, that all she had was a deluxe. Whatever the difference is I seen nothing extra or better as a reg room. I had stayed there months ago. But anyways she said it was 61.80 and 50 dollar deposit. So I pay all. The room was nice and cozy but the shower curtain didn't do its job. It let water thru and flood the floor. So we dried it with the towels. The tv had its flaws you'd turn it up and got a loud buzzing sound so you had to keep volume down in order to try and hear it. Well with the ac on, as it was hot outside, you couldn't hear it. But that's the least of my complaint.

Well the next day I went to pay for another day. The lady, same one, said I was the first customer to pay for the day out of approx 50 rooms. I'm the first? Check out time is 11 am Pacific time. I went there 10:50 am. Well first off the maintenance guy and room service girls looked like they were people off the street and on drugs. Lousy room service. Turned in towels. All of them remember we had to dry floor with them. The lady had knocked. I told her I paid for another day and that the manager said to let her know we need towels and toilet paper. The lady said "ok give me your towels. I'll be back in a few mins with clean ones and tp". About 2 hours later she is at the door. I heard her say to maintenance guy she would be done with our room in 5 mins. I went to door to open it to get the towels and tp. She had started to open door and said "oh my God I'm so sorry forgot you were in there...towels right". I said "yes and tp too".

She said "here's two bath towels and a med towel. I don't have anymore. I'll bring some wash cloths and hand towels later." I asked for the tp and she answered "ok I'll bring with towels". Never arrived. I went and got two rolls from my van. Thank God I had those emergency nature called lol. Anyways we stay and ready to check out at 11 am May 15th. Mind me say that when we rented room the manager never inquired if I wanted a smoker or non smoker room. I smoke pretty much about a pack a day. Well I'm loading my stuff in my van I see the kind lady manager walk past me and talk with room service. I had left our room door open as I was moving our luggage to van. She walks into room, says something to my gf and walks off and turns around and tells me for the first time there's no smoking in that room, it's non smokers. That it would cost her 120 to have it repainted so it maybe a non smoker room again.

I felt bewildered and told her "sorry we weren't told it was no smoking and never was asked if we wanted a smokers room." So she walks off a little irritated but I seen thru her cover. She couldn't been very upset since I know she knows she messed up by not mentioning it when we first checked in. I thought to myself oh no this lady did that purposely to trick us into giving her the 50 deposit and owe her an additional 70. So I finish loading up and go to office to turn key in and discuss the issue and have her take responsibility of failing to let me know it was non smoking. Well I turn in key and as I expected she says she can't give me the 50 deposit back because we smoked in room. I told her she never asked which we wanted and even though she didn't ask she didn't say that it was non smokers. She says "deluxe rooms are non smokers."

I said "well I didn't know and you have nothing posted documenting that." Then she says that she did ask me that which I wanted, smokers or non. "Well that don't make sense to me. You just said deluxe are non smokers but yet you say you asked me. Why would you ask me if they are non smokers only?" Then she tried to say I picked that one because it's cheaper than smokers. I told her "quit lying, for one either for or for non smokers room is same price anywhere you go." So she goes on to say that she clearly remembers asking me because there is no fridge or TV in there. I look at her and say "yes there is fridge and tv in there. **." I asked for remote which she gave me the day before. Then she stayed like surprised didn't know what to say then she says "sorry I got confused. I talked to room service. It was a different room."

I said "no you know exactly what you're trying to lie about and exactly what you're doing. You either did this as a trick purposely planned to keep the 50 dep or you really made a mistake by not letting me know it was non smokers. So now you're responsible for the painting and would come out your pocket. I'm not to pay for your mistake or pre-planned trickery." She says no that she told me it was non smokers. I even told her I smoke nearly a pack a day why would I inconvenience myself to have to step outside all times of day or night to smoke? I smoke often and would have picked a smokers room upon request. She said "sorry I'm not giving you the dep. I can call police." I said "call them. What are they going to do. I'm not breaking no law and besides they'll say it's a civil issue." I told her to take responsibility. Mistakes happen. She stayed thoughtful then burst out "I am not refunding your deposit. Have a good day."

I look at her and said "you know in your heart if you have one that you made a mistake. Fine keep that money if you need it more than I. Needless to say I only had 12 bucks to my name at this time. I was depending on this 50 deposit. You have more money than I but you don't have to trick anyone into a non smokers knowing they smoke." I say this because she seen me smoking prior to going in office. I even finished my cig in front of office door and window area where she looked at me and I waved at her. So I asked her "don't you remember you saw me smoking before I checked in. Besides do you smoke?" She answered "no". I said "since you don't remember me smoking, do you remember smelling cigarette smoke on me as I checked in and I was approx 2-3 ft from you and as a non smoker you should have smelled it all over me as one who doesn't smoke will smell it even hours later on a smoker. Same as a non drinker. You can smell alcohol on someone a mile away.

She said "no." Then I told her "I even wondered why there was a plastic tall ashtray outside my door but on walkway." She said there was none. I said "yes there is. Let's go look." She said "no it's ok." She then even argued she had video of our conversation at check in time where she advised me it was non smokers and she asked me which I wanted. I told her "please get video, let's review and see who's right." She said "oh no sorry. It doesn't record audio." I said "bs it records audio. That's an expensive dvr with like 10 camera system. I've had one cheap one with only 4 cameras and it records audio." It was a no win situation for me. I can't force her to give it back. I just told her "God knows you're wrong and you're robbing me a barley making it good hearted guy who is honest and would not have purposely smoked in a non smoking room to cost them money." That her in her self and conscience knows the truth. May God forgive her and bless her family. gb.

What a cold blooded non professional lady of a nice pics of rooms online motel. I will never rent there again and I don't recommend anyone to rent there either. I forgot to mention I should have thought it weird when she said the day I checked in that she tells customers even if they booked online for cheaper she would match the lower price to pay there in office because the website gets a percentage of the rate. What a loser lady tricking the web hosts out of their portion for their advertisement of their motel. I need to contact the sites and let them know what the lady said and what she is doing in order to deprive the sites of their agreed portion of rate. Straight robbed me.

Recently my husband and I stayed at Red Roof Inn in Poori Georgia. I was very disappointed in the lack of cleanliness of the room. The floors were filthy despite the fact that they are vinyl plank floors, so therefore easy to clean. They should be mopped in between customers. This should be required by the health department. Invest in a steam mop. They are not that expensive. My blanket had a hole in it. No double sheets between the blankets for sanitary reasons. I was trying to read in bed and had to lift the light shade to see better. There was so much dust around the light fixture it looked as though it had never been dusted. I could not sleep that night because I was so concerned with germs. We got up early the next morning and got out of there as quick as possible.

I stayed two nights at a very nice Red Roof Inn in Delaware, then found I was charged for one of the nights twice after I noticed two separate changes on my MasterCard bill. No one at Red Roof could account (nor find) this second charge. It was finally resolved by my credit card dispute office who had to cancel my card and reissue a new number. The cancelled card had everything from my EZ Pass to my mail away drug plan linked to it. To his credit, the manager at the Inn was very apologetic, helpful and gracious; not something that was the mind set from Red Roof's Corporate Office.

I received two dismissive, rude letters from George **, a Regional VP with Red Roof, the last one stating "Occasionally, we are unable to resolve a situation as a customer requests". This wasn't a complaint about a coffee maker not working; this was tampering with my financial records since MasterCard did find the name of the person whose room had been paid for with my card. He was a no-show, and I'm realistic enough to know mistakes do happen and when they do, take ownership, fix the problem and do something to maintain goodwill with the customer - it's how I ran my business 35 years. Had I run it with the goodwill Red Roof generates, I would have been out of business 34 1/2 years ago. In short - check your charges very carefully and don't hope for help from Red Roof if something goes wrong. I'm not just doing "one star" across the board since my interaction at the actual point of service was quite good.

I stayed at the Florence, SC hotel. I paid for 2 nights and they only keyed my cards for one. When going to get a new one to get in the room, I was giving so much crap for it. I don't feel that I souls have to pay extra on top of the $70 price just to get a fridge and microwave when I can go somewhere else for less and actually be given those things. No hairdryer, no coffee maker. My shower leaked and ran under the toilet on the other side. 2 towels for a 2 double bedroom. There was black hair all over the bathroom. I am a redhead. There was also trash and you could tell that they don't do a good job of cleaning, let alone wiping anything down. Coming back to the room, the cleaning people had thrown trash bags down the steps and the stuff that had falling out was left there at the bottom of the stairs. There was an open condom wrapper on the stairs.

Water was at the top of the stairs that someone could have slipped and fallen down from. Extremely rude people working at the front who all acted like they hated their job and would rather be anywhere else than helping us. The glossed over look of a nicer hotel is a joke and a lie. It covers all the dirt and grime of a staff who could care less. I will be spending my money somewhere else. And customer relations is another big joke. They don't care as long as they get your money.

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Palm Springs, CA and it was absolutely horrible. There were roaches, flies, mold, dirt across the floor, no A/C, and get this the towels were not available to shower to get the hell out of this hell hole of a hotel because we were already given 2 (the size of a dish towel) and the maid put up a fight. She directed me to the laundry room, where a fat ** (I can say that I'm fat) was sitting on her ass folding a stack of towels and refused to give me a towel too. Was overcharged... The list goes on and on.

I contacted RediCard (18007337663) to verify if I earned free night at the Red roof Plus in Newark, Delaware. I earned free nights in the past thru the "stay 3 nights earn 1 free night" offers at the Red roof in Philadelphia, Pa. In December 2015 I received emails from RediCard saying "stay 3 nights earn 1 night free." I thought this was a the general offer. I thought I would be eligible for this offer. I checked in to the Red Roof Plus in Newark, Delaware on 2/10/16-2/16/16. I paid direct to Red roof Plus for 6 nights. I thought I would be eligible to earn at least 1 or 2 free nights.

When I called RediCard today (2/14/216) to verify how many nights I earned I was told I had not earned enough points yet and it depends on the area you are staying in also???!!! And - since I am staying in Delaware will need more points to earn free night???!!! I told rep at RediCard no one ever said it will also depend on the area you are staying in until today. I asked to speak to supervisor and transferred me to a different dept. who could not help me. So I called back and spoke to someone else who told me to call Guest relations in the morning.

Had I known I would not be able to earn free nights I would not have stayed here. They are full of ** and will do anything to get your money. Then they don't want to honor their side of the bargain. It sounds like a scam to me. I spoke to front desk clerk at Red Roof as advised by RediCard and she said nothing she can do. Handled by RediCard. A lot of back and forth B.S.

Came into town because my father was ill January 22/23 2016. We had to rush out the morning of our departure. Left two items in room 133 San Dimas California. My father passed that morning. When I noticed I left my shoes I called. They said they would call if they found them. To my disappointment I never heard from them. I hope whoever got them realizes what they have. No I won't be back.

They took it upon themselves to charge my husband's debit card. He didn't know so he paid in cash and no one never told him that his card had been charged. I (his wife) told him when I seen the bank statement. We have contacted them several times and faxed in all appropriate forms and receipts as to when he paid in cash. But Amy is continuing to lie about everything.

When my husband tried to contact her before he left Maryland, she was never available. Now she is trying to call us liars and also saying I called and cussed them out. When I have never called the Red Roof Inn. That would have been stupid on my part because I wasn't staying there, my husband was staying there because he was up there working to keep people's lights on. They also has the worst housekeeping service also. They would get my husband's dirty towels but not replace them with clean ones. He would have to go to front desk and ask for clean towels. He also had to take his own trash out because they were too sorry to do it. I would not recommend anyone to stay at the Red Roof Inn in Aberdeen, Maryland.

We stayed at Red Roof Inn, Lackland AFB recently and thought we got a good deal on the room. I can see why the price was what it was. My initial impression upon checking in is that it wasn't well taken care of. Lobby does not feel warm and inviting at all. Breakfast area included. The night gal at the desk was not excited to have us stay, nor to be at her job period. We proceeded to our room and over the course of our few nights' stay, I realized that there were a lot of strikes against this place.

Vinyl floors were filthy, had not been swept with lots of dust bunnies and were sticky. I never walked without shoes. The heater/air conditioner was loud and clunky, so must not be tuned up. The TV did not work upon turning it on. I mentioned this at the desk. They said they'd fix it. Next night same thing. Clerk told me I had to change the input settings. Really? It worked, but why wouldn't you have it ready for customers?

No phone books. No info to call to desk. No Bible. No extra blankets/pillows. Coffee making ingredients, no coffee maker. Hair all over the sink. Plastic bag over the smoke alarm above the bed. Crumbs of something all over the top of the frig in front of microwave. Pillows are small enough for travel and were stained as if they were washed with something blue, but made me check the bed thoroughly. We had one queen bed, but lots of additional space, as no chair or table in the room like every other hotel room I've ever stayed in has. And cosmetically, it appears they had tried to remodel it, but the job was awful. I'd fire the person who did it. Breakfast was limited and each day got less and less. First morning, 2 bananas available - both nearly black.

Reservation was made on Oct. 18, 2015 # **, messaged the motel to cancel the reservation on 02 Nov. 2015, received message that I would be refunded in 3 to 10 days... I have been checking my credit card statement and have not seen a credit... I spoke with the motel on 18 Nov. in ref to this...

The Red Roof Inn has pictures including a fridge and a microwave, there are none in normal rooms, only the master rooms that cost $20 extra. Basically every hotel in the country has these. This hotel will not give them to you unless you pay $20 extra for it. It's a floor based hotel meaning your door is open to the ground and anybody can come by knock on your window/door, on the plus side they give you triple locks, but for me having $3,000 of equipment with me on a business trip it's still a worry that they don't go through a central corridor.

Worst point for me was when I paid for Sunday to Friday figuring this gives me all of Friday and then leave Saturday, they locked me out of my room and would not let me go and get my $3,000 worth of stuff (a felony is stealing $900 worth of stuff fyi) and they ended up charging me another $50 (half price because I was about to flip my ** in their lobby). Incredibly unprofessional. The lady at the front desk was just doing her job no problem there, but the company holding my equipment hostage is incredibly illegal and unprofessional.

We checked into room 101 around 9:15am on Wednesday, Dec 30th and noticed the room was quite small and the beds were not queen sized as we thought we would be getting. Thinking this was a simple misunderstanding, when we returned that evening we went to the front desk to inquire further about the beds and other issues we were having at the room. These additional issues are summarized below.

I would like to point out that at this time, the general manager, was not available. We were told that she had left because it was a holiday. We spoke with front desk associate, who assured us our complaints would be documented into the computer system and to return in the morning for follow-up about being moved to a King Suite Deluxe room. Additionally, she, stated she would print out the incident report of our complaints and provide us a copy for our records. The next morning, at approximately 10am, we went back to the front desk to follow-up, and again told the manager was unavailable but that a King Deluxe room had opened up and was being cleaned for our stay. At this time, we were told to return in the evening and the room would be ready for us.

When we returned at 8pm that evening (12/31), we were told that the room had been given to another guest and there were no more available rooms. At this point, we had endured 1 night in the cold room, and still could not contact the manager. During our entire stay, we were never contacted by cellphone, no paper note of attempted contact was placed in our room, and no voicemail in our hotel room was received. The lack of communication is an egregious oversight and did not make us feel like welcomed or valued customers.

On January 1st, at 5am, we were finally able to get a hold of the general manager. Instead of pulling the 2 of us (the 2 guest paying for the room) aside and explaining the issues with the room, she proceeded to attempt to invite only one of us into her office to speak with her. We felt extremely uncomfortable with this and asked to speak in the lobby. At this point she again insisted on us entering her office. The two of us then entered her office and attempted to explain to her the issues we were having. She continuously interrupted us while we were speaking and showed no regard for our disposition. She proceeded to tell us she had contacted the Vice President of the District, concerning the issues with the bed sizes. The manager's appearance at this time was concerning as she was disheveled, her eyes were red, makeup running, her speech was slurred, and balanced impaired. She appeared intoxicated.

When we mentioned our inability as well as hotel staff inability to contact her, her tone of voice became very loud and aggressive which made us feel extremely uncomfortable. When I said there was no need to get aggressive with us, she became very angry and told us to leave her office, slamming the door behind us. She acted as though she did not want to help us resolve our grievances and showed no empathy for our discomfort or concerns. The lack of professionalism demonstrated by her at the managerial level was absolutely unacceptable. As no attempt to please us as guest was being made on multiple occasions, we requested a copy of the incident report from the manager documenting the issues we described with the room. However, we're met with opposition and told we could not be given access to this information.

The following is a summary of issues we discovered with the room itself: Heater/air condition unit started smoking within 30 secs of being turned on the heater option, which caused the fire alarm to go off. Out of fear of the heater catching fire, we slept in the freezing cold room for both of our 2 nights. Consequently, our sleep was disrupted and we did not enjoy our stay.

Cleaning person did not empty trash and did not replace toilet paper roll. We had to retrieve an extra roll from the front desk. Gold ring that placed on top of the water bottle cap at the nightstand was taken from the room. The bottle had not been moved and was in the same exact place from when we left the room. Shower door did not close properly. Every time we tried to close it shut, the door would swing back open. This caused the shower water to spill all over the floor, making the bathroom slippery. We had to place many towels on the floor to prevent us from slipping. See attached images of the shower door.

Electrical outlets malfunctioning. The outlet located on the lamp directly next to the right bed did not work. Also indicated by the attached images and more concerning, the socket next to the coffee maker is collapsed in the wall creating a potential spark hazard. Carpet is ripped and missing at room entry door and at the bathroom door.

My 4 year son, myself and a friend stayed at the Red Roof Inn on December 4th, 2015 at approximately 11:30. 2 men were at our door and able to open it. The only thing keeping them out was a latch. They unlocked our deadbolt which only a master key could do. They tried 5x to get in. We yelled. We had a gun and would shoot them. They took off about 8 minutes into it. The police came and the front desk person didn't apologize and lied about how they key. I had to call the manager the next and he acted as if there was no threat. I am getting the police report. If the people were staying there, they should be identified. No cameras either. Cameras should be mandatory! Let that be their wife and child!

Booked three rooms and was quoted a price. Was told needed card to guarantee room and we could pay with different card when we checked out. Day of arrival my card was charged. Very upset since I was not paying for all three rooms. I called and was told when we arrived it will be credited and everyone could use their card. When Rick did this we were charged $17.00 more for each room. This is not what we were quoted. After we were checked in we encountered many problems.

Room 203 - stains on the rug. Dirt in the corners of the bathroom and tub. Chair in room falling apart. The following morning we went to breakfast. When we came back the cleaning lady had taken our washcloths and towels and never replaced them. Never cleaned room either. When I asked for washcloths and towels she didn't understand. I had to show her. She then handed me very stained ones. This was unacceptable.

Room 205 - Room dirty stains on rug. TV did not work. Contacted front desk and a woman came up to look at it. She could not get it working. She informed us that a maintenance man would be up. After 2 hrs no one came. I went to the front desk and Rick said "he is not coming". Informed him had two children and need a TV. Another man came up to try to fix it. The back of the TV was very dusty. He tried to get it working with no luck. He then stated "it was the cable Company's problem". I asked for another room and he said "we are booked can't move you". After several minutes he fixed it.

Room 115 - This was a Ada room. This room had no iron, no tray in microwave, refrigerator stopped working, food went bad and no phone in room. I do not understand how a handicap room has no phone. I have contacted guest relations for Red Roof Inn with no avail. Rick at the front desk was very unhelpful and did not seem like he cared. This hotel was dirty and management does not care about its guest. Guest relations does not want to do anything.

While making an online reservation for December 28th stay at Red Roof Inn San Antonio Airport, I did not realize that the date of stay had changed to November 29th until I was getting email on my review of my stay for that November day. On Friday evening, 12/4 I called the 800# for Red Roof and explained my mistake, and they referred me to the Red Roof San Antonio Airport Inn. When I talked to the nice gentleman he informed me there was no manager on duty until the next day 8 am to 3 pm and his name was Bob. I left my number on the manager's extension. I waited on Saturday for him to call until 9:30 am their time and called, he was out having coffee and would be back in a few minutes. I left my name and phone number. I called back in 30 minutes, an hour and he still was not back. I called back in an hour and he was there, got the message and said he would call me back.

Now each time I called I got a very nice young lady who would take the messages. I waited until the afternoon, about 2 pm their time and was told he left for the day but lived there at the hotel. They took another message and put me into his phone into his room and left another message. I realize I may have been a pain with all of the calls but I had already been charged for the stay, and needed to see about getting it credited and corrected to the 12/28 date that I needed. Now why would they need a manager who never seemed to be there and then left early?? What kind of customer service is this? I know that I was persistent but I don't have money to spend on something I haven't used yet. I wonder what kind of customer service I would have if I had stayed. Employees mirror the way management treats guests. It is Sunday and I understand that Bob is on duty again today, still no call. Must be out for coffee again!!

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