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This is the second time within 6 months I have rented a Hertz car with PlatePass and the second time I have been ripped off. The first time was for over $300 of erroneous charges and this time for $129. I will never rent another car that uses PlatePass. It took me a month and several calls to get my money back the first time. This time I disputed it on my credit card. Instead of PlatePass looking into the charges versus the transponder record of where the car really was, they just told the bank they all were valid charges. The bank first credited me and then re-debited my account for the money. I then had to call PlatePass. They said on bank disputes they don't look into anything, only when the person calls. They said they would contact me by e-mail within 48 hrs.

4 days later I call them and after being on the phone for a half hour they agreed the charges were indeed bogus but said they couldn't return the money until I sent them a copy of my bank statement showing that the bank had re-debited my account. I have complied and am now waiting for my money, one month after they took it from me. When is Hertz going to wake up and do away with PlatePass? I think such practices should be illegal and the consumer should have protection from such unscrupulous companies.

I'm a Hertz President's Circle member for 17 years. I was just ripped off (again) by PlatePass a week ago down in San Juan, PR. It's about the 5th or 6th time this has happened (getting ripped off by PlatePass with no help from Hertz). $29.95 for 4 tolls amounting to about $4. How many customers will Hertz allow to be screwed by PlatePass before they end this romance? PlatePass is an unscrupulous, devious, criminal organization that needs to be dealt with by the U.S. Federal Court system. Hertz needs to be made to pay restitution to thousands of customers who have been screwed by PlatePass. Hertz customer service is worthless and will not help you with PlatePass.

Been scammed by PlatePass and hertz. Rented a car, transponder was either cloned or stolen. Got screwed and ended up paying almost $400.00 dollars in tolls. Neither platepass or hertz gives two **. Will never rent from hertz again!!!

So I rented a Hertz car in Denver and the only way to head north is to take a toll road for a few miles. I was on this about 5 miles, getting off at the first exit, but not before passing under the automatic toll booth which reads your license plate. THERE IS NO WAY TO PAY CASH AT THE TOLL BOOTH. So I figure Colorado will figure out who I am and bill me. British Columbia, Canada did this. The toll was for $3.55. But actually Colorado bills Hertz who passes it on to PlatePass who then sends me a bill for $28.30, the difference being the fee for their "service". (I pre-paid for the car through Priceline, so they didn't have my credit card number.) They say it's all described in the rental agreement. What a scam. I'll pay the $3.55 but I'll go to court over the fee. These guys are nothing but Roman tax collectors.

I recently noticed a charge on my AMEX bill from a company I did not recognize. Upon investigating, I found it was PlatePass and the charges were for two tolls across the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philly at $5.00 each and a $24.75 administrative charge. I never went over the bridge in the five days I was in PA. When I contacted them via e-mail the response was "we found nothing to invalidate the charges". They did send me the information regarding the dates and times of the tolls. I was lucky that I had receipts from restaurants for both nights that proved I could not have been on the bridge to incur the tolls. After I sent an attachment to them with copies of the receipts, they indicated that they would have the charges to AMEX removed -- we will see.

However, there was no attempt at an explanation as to how these charges could have occurred nor was there any indication of an apology-- just a typical form e-mail. From what I have read, this kind of BS is not uncommon and they make it very difficult to have the charges reversed-- I was lucky to have found the receipts stuck in a side pocket of my camera bag. If you have no concrete proof-- you are screwed. I suspect there is a serious scam going on here and there are multiple entities involved. Some agency needs to get to the bottom of this.

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I was charged $25.20 by PlatePass onto my credit card. I sent them an email asking for a copy of the picture of my plate and the Florida invoicing of the plate at the toll. There was a major problem because I was never in the state of Florida on the date they assess that I went through a toll. The car was parked in my driveway in Tennessee! This has to be an obvious fraud upon customers. I have written them back and told them that I have proof (receipts, etc) that I was not in the state of Florida on the night of the charge - I left for Florida the following day. No response from them. Hmmm...

Got a Prius from Hertz and traveled to Florida and back. Then got charged additionally later for using a Transponder that I was not aware was in the car. I call the local office and they told me that sometimes it is in the glove compartment. This is because I did not see any on the windshield. I went online and saw that I was charged for eight (8) tolls. The thing is that I was not anywhere near these places. Like Holland tunnel etc. I was on my way to FL. Cannot understand how they have the wrong transponder to the wrong car.

Terrible experience with Hertz Rental. I will NEVER rent from them again and am advising anyone I know who is renting a car to stay away from Hertz Rental. I was charged for 5 tolls on the Illinois Tollway from the time of 10:41 a.m. until 12:02 a.m. and I paid cash for all my tolls and had 2 witnesses in the car with me to vouch for my paying all the tolls in cash. Then to top it off Hertz charges a fee of $19.80 for a Administration Fee to process these bogus tolls. NEVER AGAIN HERTZ. I am forced to give them 1 ✭ to process this complaint or I would have not given them a ✭ at all.

$1.50 toll, which should be automatic using the transponder on the Hertz car, and they charge $30 administrative fee. This is a scam. Credit card companies should stand up to Hertz and tell them to discontinue this scam charge.

What a total SCAM! I was never told about this and it just showed up on my credit card. Top it off, the administrative fees are higher than the actual charge. I'll never use Hertz or any company that uses PlatePass again. Someone should investigate them for fraud.

I had a very bad experience with PlatePass Hertz Tolls today. I rented a Hertz car in Orlando, Florida on February 26 and paid cash of $1.50 for my toll charges while passing through a toll road. After 8 days, accidentally while searching for another transaction on my credit card account, I noticed a charge of $16.35 from Plate Pass Tolls made on March 5, 2016. On my inquiry I was told that "you were charged unpaid toll of $1.50 plus Administrative fee of $14.85 calculated @4.95/day for 3 days". Luckily, I had returned the car after 3 days on Feb 29, 2016, otherwise administrative charges continues to add up. It is a clear case of unfair, unethical, fraudulent business, which ask for an action lawsuit in millions of dollars against both Hertz and their partner PlatePass Tolls. Can some good lawyer help us all harassed customers from Hertz and other rental car company who use platepass tolls services for fraudulent charges?

I just thought you should know why, after 33 years of loyalty, I will no longer be renting from Hertz. And, it only cost them $1.50 to lose me! I recently rented a car at Orlando Airport location on 02/08/16. I was not informed at the time of rental that PlatePass would be part of the contract. And, since I use my own SunPass Transponder when traveling, I would not have seen this as a potential issue.

Well, it became an issue when I found a charge of $26.25 on my American Express Card. The $26.25 was for a $1.50 missed toll and a daily charge of around $4.95. So, I contacted Hertz and was transferred to PlatePass. PlatePass told me that I had neglected to pay a toll of $1.50 and the daily charge kicked in at that time even though no further charges were made using PlatePass during my week of rental. I knew my SunPass had been charged. It beeps when charged.

So, I inquired about how to resolve the charge and was told to send a copy of my SunPass toll payment to them. I followed their specific instructions and did this on 02/18/16. I received a reply that said the daily charge would be reversed, though it still has not been reversed but they would not reverse the toll charged. I then asked for a copy of the toll charge showing the date time and location of the toll charge that they would not reverse. They supplied the receipt and it showed a toll charge for passing through the Forest Lake location at 9:01:43 am on 02/08/16. I had previously provided a receipt of mine showing I had paid this same toll at the same location on 02/08/16 at 9:01:46 am., within 3 seconds of the time stamp on their receipt.

I am now on my third letter to PlatePass with the PROOF and same documentation and they tell me it will take another couple of days to research and resolve. How can Hertz work with a company like this that has no integrity? This is a scam and I would guess most renters just pay it rather than fight it. So, there are likely to be a lot of others in this same boat. That leads me to think this would be a great case for a class action law firm. I am also guessing Hertz makes money on this scam so they would be included in such a class action lawsuit. I have invested 2.6 hours of time that I will never get back. This should have been resolved with my first letter on 02/18/16 and it is now 02/29/16 and I am still working at a resolution. Thought you all should know.

Today I received a bill for $22.10. We were in San Francisco and on the 28th we drove across to see the Golden Gate bridge and now I received a bill for $22.10. I am upset why charge me administrative fee of $4.95 for 3 days. It is more than the toll. I think this very unfair to bill me for 3 days.

I checked my credit card after a trip to New Orleans. I noticed a bill for $59.46 from PlatePass. I had rented a car during my vacation but Louisiana has very few toll roads. I never went near any of them. I could not figure this one out. I called and they said my rental car had gone through toll booths in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Strange since I picked the car up in New Orleans Airport and returned the car to New Orleans Airport and only put on 800 miles in a week. It is over 1,100 miles one way to Delaware even further to Pennsylvania. WHAT A SCAM. I guess they just charge someone's card hoping they don't check their charges.

DO NOT RENT FROM any COMPANY WHICH USES "PLATEPASS FOR TOLLS." I just signed up for consumeraffairs just to post this review. We rented online from EZ car Rental, yet when we got to rental desk, the sign said Advantage. First clue something not right. Rented for a week, and turned in the car without incident. Once we got home and reviewed our credit card statement, we noticed we were charged the amount we agreed to, about $200, but also found almost $400 additional fees from Advantage in "tolls." We never went through any tolls, just traveled north of Boston.

Multiple emails, calls to customer service, no reply. Finally went through American Express and they reached someone from "PlatePass," a company many car rental companies use to do the toll piece. Platepass told us we incurred tolls in Delaware and Maryland. We have never even been to Delaware or Maryland. After multiple additional phone calls, Platepass promised to credit the money back to our credit card. This is clearly a built in scam, they are counting on people to not have the time or the stomach to deal with this. This is highly unethical, possibly illegal. Renter beware.

Make sure you keep your hotel, food eatery, store, restaurant, gas, and toll receipts even if you don't use PlatePass. They told me they picked up charges for tolls from transponder in NYC and I was in Savannah,GA. Now how is that possible if vehicle rented in Georgia is over 950 miles away. I asked them to give me video of rental car going through the toll booths. They never answered and refunded my monies after I gave them proof where I was. Good thing I saved my receipts from my trip. I know from experience, had this same problem in May 2012. Looks like I had the last laugh.

Reading other reviews (AFTER WE RENTED), it all made sense. How the government lets this scam continue is mind blowing. We rented in San Francisco Airport from Hertz. The rental agent never told us anything about a transponder, tolls, etc. After we went many times through tolls on the various bridges, we "paid cash" every time except one. The Golden Gate Bridge coming back into San Fran, we went through the "cash" lane, to find out there was no attendant so we had to go through. We read our agreement, and called the appropriate numbers, Hertz, PlatePass, the toll company, and was told to report it to the Hertz desk at the airport when we returned. We did. We waited at the counter forever while a Hertz Agent supposedly called PlatePass who told us that they were only going to charge us $4.95.

Well when we got home, GUESS WHAT, we have a charge for $32.00 on our CC. We have made numerous calls to Hertz, PlatePass Tolls, etc., gotten major runaround, promised last time they'd refund $19.80, and as of today almost 1 month later, we still have that charge! Never, ever will we rent from Hertz again!!! I have attempted to once again call. Did get an agent who promised that "Oh, I am so sorry this wasn't taken care of by Emily. I am submitting the credit today!" Let's see of Delilah does as she says.

When you sign on the rental agreement, do pay attention to the details or else risk getting ripped off by advantage and Platepass... I was charged by platepass for all 5 days of the rental agreement even though the service was used on the last day..without my knowledge!!... Stay away from Advantage and platepass..

Hertz gets you on this one! Never again. We used Hertz in Texas. We were charged the 24.75 fee for their Toll Tag and used the 290 toll road once and the toll was a big 2.50 cents. What a ripoff! Will never use Hertz again for sure. The customer service at the desk never even explained this to us when we picked the car up at the Austin Airport. On top of it they were suppose to give us a full size car and they did not have any so we had to take a mid sized and they still charged us the same. They are scammers for sure.

I rented a car from Hertz, in North Carolina. I returned it to the same location in which I originally rented it. I stayed within North Carolina. I drove a total of 257 miles upon return. Two weeks after I got home, I got a charge on my credit card for PLATEPASS HERTZ TOLLS for $33.80. I called them. They told me it was for a toll in New Jersey and then said "Oh no, we meant New York." I told them I was not in either state and was told they would investigate this. It was clear by my mileage that this was impossible to be there.

Now, it is up to me to prove to them that I was not there??? I have disputed the transaction with my credit card company and hope they can help me out. I started searching online and have learned that this is becoming a common practice with rental car companies. I guess they are just hoping that we, the general public, will not notice the charges, will just pay them and they will make millions on this scam. I am hoping I get my $33.80 back. Based on the comments I am reading, it does not look good.

I was charged for tolls that I never went thru and after a back and forth with my credit card company they tell me that PlatePass has some receipts showing I owe them these tolls. I live upstate NY and these are from NYC. Never again Hertz.

We received a charge on our credit card for 38.22 for toll charges to PlatePass. We were never told from Fire Fly that we would be charged a toll fee, had we know this, we would have went a different route. The toll charge is only 4.95, why was the total so high? Once you go down the toll road you're charged 4.95 for each day you have the rental, it doesn't matter if you go down the toll road or not. WHAT A SCAM. SHAME ON YOU! Be aware people!

I got a from Hertz and I was told that I can use my transponder and to put theirs in the glove compartment. A month later I received a bill in the mail for $470.00. Then I called Hertz, they directed me PlatePass. No response then it says dispute fax a copy of your ez-pass bill. I've been calling, no answers. It's been since April 2015, still no response. Hertz never again and PlatePass, take your bill up with Hertz.

My first Hertz PlatePass incident was in Florida a couple of years ago. It had one of those boxes on the windshield that specifically says if you want to use it, pull out the box, otherwise don't open it. Because we had our own SunPass -- which did get charged -- we did not use PlatePass. However, a month or two later, lo and behold a charge appears on our credit card and Hertz refused to remove it. At that point I stopped using Hertz, until this past spring when I had no other choice up in Boston. So I asked two different Hertz reps about using our own EasyPass and they said that there was nothing we had to do to deactivate the Hertz one -- just leave it in the glove compartment and use our own. Which we did -- and we got charged anyway a month later. We challenged it on the credit card and Hertz had no reply.

I went back to using Enterprise but last month I had to use Hertz again. This time, although the Hertz rep at #1 (I am a #1 member) at Logan again said that I could just leave the PlatePass in the glove compartment and use our own, but I told her that I tried that last time and it didn't work. So I told her that I was handing in the PlatePass at the Hertz rental exit, which I did. So there was no PlatePass in the car!! Just opened up my credit card and, wouldn't you know it, there are PlatePass charges on there??? There was NO PlatePass in the car??? And our EasyPass was charged for all the tolls!! When I called HertzPlatePass, the rep said, "Well, they get the license plate #". But if that is the case, then the charge would have been traced back to the car, not back to PlatePass!!

This scamming of customers has got to stop!! I tried PlatePass customer service -- they were useless. They gave me the # for Hertz Customer Service, which I tried but it gets the caller back to PlatePass. I tried posting a comment on Hertz's Facebook page, but Hertz deleted it within seconds of my posting it, so I posted another letting them know that I knew they deleted the first. That one is still there.

On 8/8/15 I rented a car through Hertz and returned in Destin, FL. I had to use the Mid-Bay Bridge 2 times managed by Plate Pass and the total for these tolls should have been $4. Upon returning the car in Destin, FL, I asked Hertz about the tolls and they said they charge the tolls plus an administrative fee. To avoid, they asked that I check on every day until my charge showed up. I checked pretty much daily for 5 weeks and my toll charge was never posted and sure enough a couple of days ago, I was charged $32.76 on my credit card! This was 8 times the amount! I disputed the charge with my credit card company. On a side note, I rented a car with Budget Rent-A-Car later that week and used the bridge once. They only charged me $5.45. I'm not doing business with Hertz again.

On 8/2/15 I rented a car via (prepaid in full) for two days in Tampa, FL. I used a toll road four times and always paid cash; the total of all the tolls was $5.00. One week later something called 'platepasshertztolls' billed my credit card for $19.42! As far as I'M concerned, this is nothing short of fraud. I have disputed the charge with my CC company, and have filed a complaint with No more Hertz for me...

I received a bill on my credit card for almost thirty dollars, a month after renting my vehicle for six days from Hertz in Clearwater, Florida for something called PlatePass. I was never told about this and I told the person from Hertz that I paid the two tolls I went through in cash. She said the toll sent them a photo of my plate. I am very upset about this. I think it's another way for Hertz to make more money off of their unsuspecting customers.

They are a bunch of crooks! $24.75 for the convenience of using their service is ridiculous. If you use it once, you pay for every day of the rental, NO matter if you used the service or not. After I accidentally used it once on day 7 of a 8 day rental I was on the hook for the maximum convenience fee of $24.75. PlatePass is worse than Ticketmaster, which is hard to accomplish.

I rented a car in May in New Haven and traveled to PA. I knew the issues with PlatePass. So I asked Hertz to disable PlatePass in the car. But I got a bogus charge from PlatePass saying that I crossed GWB twice in specific times. I actually used Tappan Zee bridge twice in different times. After I showed my Google GPS locations, PlatePass agreed to refund the charge. PlatePass is completely bogus. I will not use Hertz because Hertz cannot guarantee the removal or disable of PlatePass from their cars.

I was charged $31 by PlatePass when I rented a car from Hertz. Since I had never heard of this company I disputed the charge with AMEX. They told me after investigating the matter that the charge was in relation to my Hertz rental car. AMEX sent me the statement which showed that PlatePass (alias Hertz) had charged me $24.75 for administrative fees and $6.50 for using a toll road. As far as I know I avoided all toll roads. I was never told by Hertz that I would be charged more than $4/day to have a device installed on my vehicle that I did not want to use anyway. A total rip-off and scam. I am very disappointed in Hertz. I have been a gold Hertz member and loyal customer for years and liked Hertz because there were never any unexpected charges or other problems. Not anymore. I received a dumb message from Hertz customer service to call PlatePass. The whole thing should be illegal. Shame on Hertz! Company Profile

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