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Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 9, 2022

I rented a car from Hertz through Uber. I rented it for 4 weeks. I returned the car and paid the rental fee. A week later they charged me $2942.38 from PlatePass. They said it was for tolls. I reported their mistake and they investigated my claim and concluded that the charges were from a malfunction and that I used my own EZ pass in N.Y. They told me I'd receive a full refund. I could use it since it's the end of the month and my mortgage is due.

3 weeks later and they say they have no record of me paying the fees, or that they were suppose to refund anything to me. Wait. Hold on. I have all the emails to prove your investigation and concluded Platepass owes me almost $3000 that they fraudulently charged me. An emailed from them signed by an employee and finally an email stating I should receive my refund in 5 days. Now almost a month and they claim to have no such documentation. Now it's get a lawyer and sue them. PS because I rent from Hertz for work I am now out of work until they return this money.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 15, 2022

I got billed a few weeks after my rental with Hertz for a toll in California. We had rented in Utah but never even went to California. The customer service of plate pass is very limited with hours 9-5 eastern and they have no care to resolve your matter. It was only a $10 charge but this appears to happen all the time.

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Customer Service

Reviewed June 29, 2022

I rented a Hertz car for ten days while in Lynbrook New York State. Used the car for ten days to drive locally around Hofstra University as my daughter was graduating. We only drove locally I will emphasise. Two weeks later I get a Hertz toll charge of $920. Hertz admitted my rental was not associated with these tolls but refused to help and told me to contact PlatePass. Platepass says there is nothing to indicate my rental didn't use these tolls, which were in New York City, New Jersey area. I've asked for photos of my rental using these tolls but have yet received no reply or evidence proving my rental used these tolls. It's fraud and criminal activity and Hertz and Platepass are doing nothing about it to seriously assist me.

My rental wasn't any nearer than 25 miles to these toll roads and Hertz and Platepass are deliberately hiding something to avoid giving me a refund. It's an impossibility the vehicle I rented used these tolls so either it's a glitch or the transponder was removed from my rental and used in another vehicle. The whole matter could be cleared up by looking at any of the 96 photos taken when the road toll was used as it will will show it isn't the same car that I rented. Hertz must know this and so does Platepass. Question is so what are they hiding?

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Reviewed March 29, 2022

Charging a $12 processing fee is ridiculous for a time toll charge. Why does the government allow such egregious practices in today’s day and age. Disgusting and unethical business practices of gouging unknowing customers and giving no alternate recourse. Does Hertz have a stake/investment in this service? If they do it is all the more heinous.

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2021

This is insane that this company even exists. I had an EZpass already for my rental and then I get a statement from these con artists for $6 in tolls, costing me $12. Infuriated. I can’t stand companies like this. A total con. So I get my EZpass charge, till charge, plus their insane “convenience fee”. This company has got to go.

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Reviewed Aug. 24, 2021

I rented a vehicle and paid all tolls with my personal toll tag registered to my rental. ALL tolls were paid. PlatePass keeps randomly charging my card months after my rental ended. No invoice, no details - FRAUD.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2019

I rented a few different cars through Hertz to drive for Lyft. If you don't have your own Fastrak (I am in the Bay Area) they have a company that will automatically charge you the toll crossings plus a 5.95 fee per day. (So if you cross the bridge 3 times in one day it's just the one 5.95 fee plus the toll crossings). Before booking the car, they have a sign on the hertz desk saying if you have your own fastrak just load the license plate number on your fastrak account and walla. Chatting with Plate-pass customer service, they will automatically bill you every time you go over the bridge and all you have to do is pull your own fastrak tolls and send to plate-pass. They will review and waive/refund the tolls plus admin fees. Great right?!?

My issue is simple. I have my own fastrak and sent in every toll crossing to Plate Pass. I had accumulated a lot of toll crossings and had not sent in any info to plate pass till very recently. They said none of my fastraks matched what they had. In example, my fastrak and ride with customer on lyft app shows me going over said bridge on March 17th @ 9:35 AM but plate pass has no record of me going over the bridge on March 17th @ 9:35 AM; they have March 18th @ 10:22 AM. That's really interesting to know since they supposedly get their billing information straight from the bridge imaging system. My theory is they forge the date and time in order to show your own fastrak doesn't match the info they have in order to double bill you.

My fault as I should have been paying attention to my fastrak and plate pass billing system. I would have stopped using their rental car service knowing this. In conclusion, I would advise anyone from using hertz, Dollar or Thrifty as all 3 companies are owned by hertz. I don't know the other rental companies but there are plenty of options out there. Just got to do your research. I neglected to do my own before getting into this mess.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2019

I rented a car from Hertz and thought what a convenience it was to have a transponder. Nah, I'd rather pay the toll. Trying to pay PlatePass online is a waste of time. Their "Pay now" button doesn't work. It's 2019!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2019

PlatePass is convenient and obviously necessary since so many tolls are cashless. I don't mind paying the tolls but the add on service fees in this day and age are exorbitant. I don't mind paying a surcharge but when the toll is $1 and the service charge is $12, it's out of whack.

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2019

It’s annoying Hertz enroll you in a service that marks Up the toll by around 75% without telling you. It’s more annoying when you are a foreign customer And have to spend hours on the phone trying to pay them because their website isn’t Compatible with safari, their self help options only work for American residents etc etc.

Never renting anywhere where PlatePass is contracted.

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2019

Dollar Rental car from Logan Airport in Boston. Transponder rental per day $12.50 per day declined. 10 day rental. $6.90 in tolls. No problem as MA has a no cash system. Problem is a FIFTEEN DOLLAR per transaction "Administration Fee" which brings a $6.90 toll bill to $51.90! OUTRAGEOUS. It is not worth it to rent the transponder when you only know you will be going in and out of the airport and perhaps one more toll randomly however the "Administration Fee" is a racket and I will question it. One time fee for the rental may be tolerable however NOT per transaction. Hope that they do NOT qualify for BBB certification. This is a scam. Pity help international travelers who rent cars and then receive this charge automatically.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2019

For $1.85 toll they will charge $5.95 for their fee. This company legally rips people off. They think they can continue with this but it's so simple to rent local people's vehicles at a much lower rate plus no hidden fees like this that will hurt your pocket. Because this is just one of 5 tolls I passed. Total toll charges were $5.75. PlatePass charged me $17.85 thats a whooping $23.60!!! thanks but not getting me again EVER!

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2019

I've been a long time Hertz rental customer and sadly the PlatePass program is going to force me to switch to another rental car company. I've already had at least 3 different disputes on toll-charge for rentals even though the tolls were paid cash. I was able to provide evidence. However, the company can care less. I refused to pay one of the said tolls and the charge went to collections. This is a horrid service in which Hertz will pay with loss of customers. Do yourself a favor and find another rental company that does not use PlatePass. Just an example, I rented from Hertz recently, paid a $1.05 toll with CASH and PlatePass billed me $1.05 plus $14.75 "convenience fee". That's like a 1000% markup! I have the receipt and can fight it but don't have time for the nonsense. I give up on Hertz.

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Reviewed July 23, 2019

April 22 2019 I became a driver for LYFT and used one of their cars because I do not own a car right now. Just finished battling cancer for the second time and need a job badly. I signed up and started working. After about 1.5 months I received a bill from a company called PlatePass, I did not know who they were. SO called them and they said the car I used to drive LYFT is a Hertz Car and I said yes. They said PlatePass was the company that pays for me when I cross a bridge here in Northern CA. I said, "No I do not own a car right now." But I use to and I have a FASTRAK account and every time I have taken passengers over a bridge I held up my FASTRAK responder and I heard the beep that it was accepted. Then FasTrak kept sending me emails stating I need to add more money onto my account and I did (about $200.00) which I could not afford but needed in order to do the job.

I called FasTrak - they pulled my record and somehow the transactions they had did not match the transactions PlatePass had??? The funny thing is after driving for Lyft all day I do not use the car for my personal use... too tired. Yet I get a bill from PlatePass $264.00 and another for $119.00 which I cannot afford to pay. I went to the LYFT office at 2500 Arden Way in Sacramento CA (which is where I trained to drive LYFT and got the car). Hertz and Lyft employees do not seem to talk to each other. When I asked Lyft why didn't someone tell me about PlatePass they stated, "You have to ask Hertz," which the Hertz counter is right next to the LYFT counter. I asked Hertz but no one could tell me anything because if I had known that PlatePass was going to charge me it would make no sense in driving for LYFT.

The rental of the car is $245.00 per week, you have to make 20 rides and then and only then after that money is made you can make your money. I never made more than $290.00 one week. I no longer drive for them because I am not paying PlatePass and am waiting for FasTrak to figure out what the hell is going on. LYFT is also pretty scamish as well. While training you they never mention PlatePass or anything and I recently sat in on a new class of drivers when I was returning their car to see if they mention that to them as well and THEY DID NOT. I will turn this over to an attorney very soon.

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Reviewed June 20, 2019

PlatePass is the company that the rental car companies use as a scapegoat to gouge customers for tolls. Avoid this issue by bringing your own EZ-Pass that you have for your personal car. Because if you go through a cashless toll then you will automatically be enrolled for PlatePass and by then it's too late. They already nabbed you and you'll need to call them up to complain and plead with them to reduce the fees. What an unreal business model.

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Reviewed May 14, 2019

Received bill on the mail after Hertz gave PlatePass my info (which they should not have done in the first place). Tried to pay via their website, but THEIR system does not recognize the very info they sent me in the bill (Hertz rental agreement, return date etc). Called phone number to try to pay, same result: their system does not recognize their info. So, the only option left is to send them payment via mail. Now, what guarantee do I have that a company this incompetent will not misplace my credit card number?

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Reviewed April 8, 2019

I rented a car from Hertz and used my personal SunPass to pay tolls in Florida, and received a bill from PlatePass for my 1st toll out of MCO along with a 1 day service fee. THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME THIS HAPPENED!!! I guess most people just pay the $7.70 instead of wasting an hour on hold to fight it, but since this has happened to me multiple times, as well as, others I know, they definitely need to be investigated for this practice. Note - PlatePass will eventually reverse the charges, but only after you also contact SunPass and Hertz and provide proof of the time of the rental and SunPass rental vehicle activation. Hertz keeps blaming PlatePass and PlatePass says it's Hertz - PLEASE HELP!

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Reviewed March 25, 2019

I rented a car from Hertz to go to work while my car repaired. 1 week after returning car I get a bill PlatePass invoice. I was shocked because I drove local never left state. I called Hertz. They directed me to PlatePass who told me according to their toll records I was driving around NYC used for tolls!!! As upset as I was I figured they will look into their mistakes and fix. Instead I get email saying I'm responsible for these charges!!! Last time I was in NYC was 4 yrs ago! I was at work the whole time in CT. I'm going to report to BBB.

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Reviewed March 1, 2019

BUYER BEWARE: I’ve been a loyal Hertz Presidential Circle member for about 2 years now & I’ve noticed in the last 2 months (so a pattern is developing) that Hertz in partnership with PlatePass has been charging both my credit card & now my debit card with tolls for areas where I never drove through, or tolls I just never incurred. Whenever I rent any car, my first option is to avoid toll roads & if I can’t do this, then I make sure I pay my toll with a CASH attendant so I get a receipt ALL THE TIME, but as some of you may know, or may not some roads are strictly Cashless now which PlatePass seemingly is aware of.

If you google PlatePass complaints you shall see all the things they’re with Hertz are doing to their customers across this country & it’s just not right. Their business practice is to just take whatever charges out of your card account, at which point you’ve to contact PlatePass to dispute this, then as usual they waste your time, saying they shall review the case & contact you in a few days by email, perhaps refunding the money. The question I asked one of them (the Supervisor mentioned below) is why didn’t they do this before they charged my accounts, perhaps just as a courtesy for being a Loyal member? But no, it’s about getting into your pockets at whatever cost! At the local Hertz where you’d have rented a car, even if you speak to the manager there, they just give you the 800# for PlatePass so you’ve to get back your money yourself.

I just wasted time this afternoon talking to the Supervisor at the PlatePass # (877) 411- 4300 making my complaints about this form of thievery, & yesterday too I had to call the manager at the Maplewood Hertz in NJ & complain to him too: both said they’d pass it “onto their higher ups” which is code for they can’t do anything for you. Like I said you shall have to get your money pretty much on your own, & why is the benefit of the doubt in their favor, when you're the customer who honestly didn't incur that toll charge? Before these 2 calls again I had on different days wasted time calling PlatePass & talking with someone, then I did that weeks ago for charges which seemed to reappear this week. I'm now concerned for the rental car I returned a few days ago, PlatePass will charge me who knows what for tolls I paid in cash.

Perhaps they’re hoping none of you shall notice but like I started this BUYER BEWARE when renting with Hertz. I’ve never had any such problem with Enterprise who I’ve rented longer with, & don't be afraid to complain since probably the extent of the problem nationwide will remain hidden with loyal customers just taking this abuse quietly, & this they're probably counting on.

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2018

All. Was just scammed by Hertz Plate Pass. They're charging me for Illinois Tollway tolls that were PAID via my IPASS on locations, dates and times on their invoices! These folks NEED to be taken to court. These are the BUMS who operate RED LIGHT cameras around the US. Chicago and Illinois THREW them OUT after years of shady dealings and fraud on drivers. Any lawyers out there? Class Action?

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 3, 2018

I picked up rental from Hertz at Boston Logan Airport and was charged 17.80 for toll charges on my credit cards. #1 I had no choice of paying this toll myself which would've been 1.50. I was not aware of the outrageous toll charges that these two vultures are ripping off people for. 5.90 plus a "CONVENIENCE FEE" of 11.90. That is abuse and something need to be done about it especially when they take it upon themselves to charge your credit card. Disgusting and very abusive!!

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2018

This is my 4th time having to dispute Plate Pass charges. I call and complain to Hertz who always blames PlatePass but I sign a contract with Hertz. First PlatePass sent an invoice for tolls in Long Island. I rented in Rochester and stayed in Buffalo. I sent two dispute messages from their site which they did not respond to. I should have been able to reply to the invoice. Then they charged my card automatically. Meanwhile I have to prove that I was not on Long Island while they already have my money. They are going to drag out this dispute and see if I give up. But it's $150 in tolls. They will continue to abuse customers who didn't want their services until they end up in court.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2018

I picked up a rental while my car was having insurance work done. I asked about the toll fees because I normally take a toll road to work. I was told that any toll charges would be billed to me after the car was returned and that I could pay them then or see about transferring them to my NTTA account. Over a month later I received the bill from PlatePass, has the charges and a $5.95 per day fee for "convenience". When I asked about transferring them to my toll account they told me I would have to contact NTTA to see if they would do that, the rep said this was a pause as if she already knew what was going to happen so I'm guessing this is the norm with these crappy service offered by Hertz.

Called NTTA and they told me the only way I could have paid the reduced rate and avoided the $5.95 per day fee is if I had contacted them the day I got the rental and added it to my account. When specifically asked about it at Hertz I was not told this was an option but when I called back to complain they said it was explained to me as an option. What a load of crap.

My company employees 20k people across the US and I work in a department that handles travel for our sales team and management. I received a list of the companies that do NOT use PlatePass and we are re-aligning our guidance to traveling employees not to use Hertz, Dollar, Advantage, Avis, etc and stick to Enterprise for rentals to avoid this scam.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2018

The same thing just happened to me from Hertz and PlatePass for 101 dollars there has to be something we all can do about this. Please help. I'm sitting here crying. I'm a single mom in school and I feel like I have been robbed by Hertz and PlatePass. I complained to Hertz and they said the charges are mine. I never went to New York or the other place on the invoice. I disputed them with my credit card company and they decided the invoice was correct and closed my dispute. Now I'm waiting to hear from PlatePass. I sent them documents of my whereabout, I was at the hospital work at the post office, etc. Someone please help.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2018

Rented a car from Hertz which is partnered with PlatePass. Our rental was covered by insurance. PlatePass sent me a bill for $147.65 for tolls in NY, MA, NJ and NH. Neither my husband nor I, who were the only two people on the rental agreement, ever drove it out of our state of CT! My husband called the company and complained of the bogus charges. He got an email the next day about us having to send proof that we weren’t in these places on the stated dates. What a sleazy company. We will complain to Hertz and have filed a complaint with the BBB. We will see if it gets resolved. I will never again rent from Hertz because of this experience.

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Reviewed July 5, 2018

I rented a car from Hertz for a tournament. After I returned the vehicle, I was charged an extra fee onto my credit card and had no idea where it came from. However; the description was listed as “gas or tolls”. I contacted Hertz immediately because I returned the vehicle with more gas then I received and, I knew for sure that I didn’t go through any tolls. Hertz directed me to PlatePass for further inquiry since, they assured me it wasn't for gas which, was kind boggling to me since, again; I didn’t go through any tolls. In fact, I made sure to avoid tolls because I didn’t take the EZ pass from my car. I contacted PlatePass who asked me to submit a meal or gas receipt proving I was not in the area the tolls were recorded at. Please take into consideration, I had only filled up the gas tank once while near my home (because it was much cheaper) and packed lunch for my children and I for our hour journey.

I sent them the tournament schedule detailing where I was and asked if they could consider the mileage which would contradict a trip to NY (which did not occur). I was only an hour and 20 mins from my home all the while NY is about 2 hours and 15 mins from my home/Hertz rental. Since I didn’t have any gas or to receipts, because I didn’t get gas in Ocean Township where I was; the charge remained. Further, the initial customer service rep assured me sometimes prior renters take the PlatePass with them, as a mistake. I will never rent from Hertz again thanks to PlatePass because this was the worst experience ever!

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2018

Problem #1 - there is no way to opt out, even when I asked before signing paperwork with Hertz, I was billed. Problem #2 - there are multiple toll roads in California that are not covered by PlatePass so I got a ticket. Hertz's response was that I should have remembered the list and avoided those toll roads. Not realistic. Problem #3 - related to the above, I was charged a 78.75 cent ticket - $75.00 for the ticket and 3.75 for the toll I unwittingly didn't pay. Note there is no toll booth or person to ask "am I covered with PlatePass?" and the signs on the highway said "PlatePass." Problem #4 - Hertz wouldn't help me. I had to call PlatePass who made me write a letter explaining what happened and beg them to forgive the ticket. Ultimately they did but then get this... Problem #5 - Hertz charged me a $30 "getting a ticket" fee!! They would only refund that if I sent them a scan of the forgiven violation, which I did.

Problem #6 - these charges do NOT show up on your Hertz receipt. And they do not show up until months later by auto-billing your credit card on record. How is it legal for a 3rd party company to auto-bill your card for something? I travel for business and am reimbursed for my expenses. I had charges for the RENTAL in 2017 but the PlatePass charges did not show up until 2018. My company's accounting department is upset because an event in 2017 is being billed in a new fiscal year. Problem #7 - PlatePass's customer service reps are rude and curt. I spoke with many of them to get this resolved. Not one was kind or helpful. This is a scam and should be shut down, period.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Feb. 16, 2018

I recently rented a vehicle from Hertz for a week in San Francisco. On the last day of my rental, I used the "speed and convenience" of PlatePass to avoid a wait on the cash-only toll lanes of the Bay Bridge. This speed/convenience cost me $29.75 -- $5.00 for a single toll, plus SEVEN DAYS OF ADMINISTRATIVE FEES @ $4.95/day. I have absolutely no issue with the cost of the toll, nor do I have a problem paying an administrative fee for the day I used the PlatePass service. However, I do have an issue with being charged daily administrative fees for the six additional days of my rental where no tolls were incurred. Looking at the number of online complaints posted by others, this scam has been going on for years. No doubt this scheme is quite lucrative for PlatePass (and perhaps for Hertz as well).

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2018

I purchased Platepass at Dollar Rent a Car at LAX, specifically asking the agent if it would cover toll roads. He said the cost would be refunded if I didn't use it. Not only did I pay $11.99/day, I received 2 charges from the 91 Express and a $30 administrative fee from Dollar. What a ripoff!

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2018

In 2013 I rented a Hertz car for about 12 days while on vacation in Florida. I paid all toll charges at the booth as they were incurred. About a month later approx. $27 in charges came thru on my card; some were other toll charges plus a daily "convenience fee." I called PlatePass who told me to call Hertz. Neither was helpful. I ended up disputing the amount with my credit union, who removed the charges. I will never rent from Hertz again; I'm surprised they would allow this type of sleazy company to scam their customers.

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