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The money maker motto is "YOU PAY OR YOU STAY". On July 15, 2016 I traveled with FRONTIER AIRLINES for the 1st time, DC to Orlando. Confirmation number **. At the departure gate there was only one, aggressively rude, male employee handling all passengers and the flight was packed full. Without measuring any carry-on bag this employee demanded a carry-on fee payment from several passengers. They had to pay $60 and threatened not to let them board if they did not pay. I didn't have any alternative but to pay. I asked him three or four times to please measure my bag because I was certain it would comply with their size regulation. He wasn't even listening to my requests. He collected payments from several passengers without even measuring one single bag. He was so busy collecting money it was even funny watching him trying to handle the flight departure. His motto was "YOU PAY OR YOU STAY".

At the plane's entrance door an employee took my bag into the airplane's luggage compartment. I was greeted by a flight attendant and she couldn't believe I had just paid for that carry-on bag she had just seen; and she apologized for Frontier Airlines. It's inconceivable that they take your money without any respect for the client. So instead of $135, I ended up paying $180 for the trip. Remember the dreaded "you pay or you stay". We wondered if that gate employee gets a commission.

Frontier gouges its customers by charging additional fees for your seat and carry on luggage. These fees were not disclosed, as I purchased a vacation package from Expedia (another poor service provider). I flew from Denver to San Diego on 7/16/16. The Frontier employee at Gate A40 (Carry) and her coworker (Winter) were extremely rude to my family as a result of changing seats because a child cannot sit in a seat with an exit in that row. Also, when "Carry" announced boarding instructions, no one could understand her muffled instructions. What a bad and costly experience. I will NEVER fly Frontier again and will make sure to inform everyone I know about my horrible experience. It's not worth it when you are crammed into a small space with a food tray the size of an ipad.

Sunday July 17th we flew from Minneapolis to Denver and on our arrival my son's hockey bag with all his gear plus his smaller personal bag (inside) did not make it. We went to the lost baggage counter where we filled out the appropriate paperwork and were told that it was still in Minneapolis and would be put on the early flight (333) at 7:11am and they would get it to the house. The woman at the counter either didn't know what she was talking about or just plain lied. The bag never showed and we did not get a call. MONDAY - When we called the number they highlighted on the form (303-342-7697), we had to leave a message 8 TIMES throughout the day, NO RETURN CALL.

Tuesday - Left a couple more messages on the above number, no return call. We then called the main reservation number and were given the central baggage number (303-542-1490) where I was on hold for half and hour twice that morning in between appointments. My son tried later in the day and after 45 minutes on hold, was able to talk to a person who told him that the bag was still in Minneapolis and was put on a flight to Denver at 1:50pm (again it seems to be another lie), no bag.

Later that afternoon we went through reservations (they always pick up the phone there, go figure) and were transferred to 3 different people (Ryan, April, and Lorretta), who over the next hour and 15 minutes, could not get through to the baggage counter in Denver or Central. Even Frontier can't get a hold of Frontier. Still NO BAG and NO CALL. Great Customer Service!!

WEDNESDAY- NO BAG, NO CALL, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Let's try the Denver lost baggage number again, another message and of course no return call. On hold (1/2 hour) with Central again and finally get through to Lisa who tells me she just got off the phone with my son (also calling all day long) and tells me that she will call me back after talking with Denver in a half hour.

One and half hours later she does call back (that's how long it took her to get a hold of Denver) only to tell me that they don't know where the bag is!!! I then explained to her as I have with the others that this is not just a bag with dirty underwear, tee shirts etc., but hockey gear worth approximately $2000.00 in it which my son needs NOW. He has already missed one night of a hockey camp on Tuesday which has already been paid for and needs to be there again Thursday. I don't feel I or anyone should have to go through all the crap they put you through to get reimbursed from these incompetent, dishonest and responsible people.

I can excuse the carry-on bag fee of $45. My bad for missing the fine print. The crew really could care less about you and your needs. You bought a seat and that's all you can expect. If you are elderly or have special needs, please think twice about flying with Frontier. Shameful and embarrassing airline. Thanks for my half of cup of warm water as you took the tray away before I even could get a hold of the cup firmly. You obviously cared more about what was on your iPhone than customers. Shameful!!

Enter: Nicole **. Shortly after 1600 Eastern Standard Time on Sunday July 3rd we arrived at the Frontier Airlines ticket counter at the Port of Columbus Airport (CMH) in Columbus, Ohio. We were greeted with a loud and harsh "I can't take your bag!” by the customer service representative at the counter "Nicole". She was the only representative at the FRONTIER AIRLINES along with another ** lady, who appeared to be very calm and reserved even though Nicole/Frontier Airlines made an error with her booking and had her waiting at the counter for over an hour as well, leading to a re-booking of her flight also. Nicole told us, being the only representative at the ticket Frontier Airlines counter repeatedly that it was 1638 Eastern Standard Time, even though after several minutes of a back-and-forth, everyone else's times were 1622 Eastern Standard Time.

She later went on to explain that it was 1700 flight (even though we were well aware of that), and that a domestic flight going, literally 1hr 10mins down the road to Orlando (MCO) needed to be checked-in for 45 minutes to departure. Either FRONTIER AIRLINES need to better clarify its policies between, check-in, and departure times or/and it needs to better provide its customer service representatives/managers better training, when it comes to delivering this message. The other customer, that I arrived after us, for this very same flight, saw the way we were being treated by Nicole, and tears began to stream down her face, as a look of hopelessness dangled over her she stated "I'm the only one here...", after Nicole indiscreetly barked at us that Frontier Airlines next available flight was not until Tuesday, July 5th, after the holidays.

Nicole's behavior forced us to contact the third party that the flight was booked through (Orbitz), who told us that once the flight is booked it's out of their hands. After obtaining a customer service number from Orbitz, 2 customer service representatives, 1 supervisor and over an hour later, we were finally getting somewhere. Nicole disappeared from the FRONTIER AIRLINES ticket counter and a more personable and approachable company representative had arrived to assist customers. Having spent more time and money to rent another car from Enterprise (who may very well be next on this list of grievances) we found ourselves under even more unnecessary stress, in an attempt to catch our rebooked flight (not mentioned by Nicole in her Tues Available Flights List) @ 2010 Eastern Standard Time, at another Airport further south, all the way in Kentucky. Our destination Cincinnati's very own CVW.

106.7 miles later we were finally there. The airport representatives for FRONTIER AIRLINES here had a slightly different outward expression here, but the same unwillingness to provide assistance as I questioned the reason for the cost of a $30 check bag costing $40, there at the counter. The very reason if I had paid for (a nonrefundable "online" baggage check) and having unforeseen events rear its ugly head, that we would have had to possibly re-range an entire schedule, i.e. driving 13hrs to Orlando in order to make it to my destination.

Arriving long before the scheduled time for a flight at CVW wasn't enough, as just as I thought UNforeSEEN events shows its UGLY face again. The overhead intercom sounded with "Flight blank, blank is on time and scheduled for an early departure". Seriously, I mean where dey do dat at? The devil is a liar and him mumma tu. Trying to instill some kinda stress or fear, by implying that we have yet to miss another flight "not so!" Sayeth the Lord of Lords... Enters Truth... Cincinnati/Kentucky's airport, does not have a rental car center within the Airport BTW. No matter how much those posted signs may try to lie to you, don't believe the hype. I went downstairs, through another baggage claim with a check-in desk right across from it and there was no rental cars or office there.

This all occurred as those in my party drove through and through the airport, parked the car, was lied to by Frontier Airlines representatives about my checking in, or even being there for that matter and driving around and around the same mountain in an effort to locate the quote unquote airport "ENTERPRISE" office so that, the vehicle we were in could be left with its rightful owner. Needless to say, that did not occur and a very friendly-fellow-Ghanaian, who was at the GVW Curbside Valet counter at that hour and day, provided us with some much needed assistance to dropping off this piece of almost-plastic piece of metal, that cost $110 for a 1 hour 10 minute drive from Columbus, Ohio to Cincinnati, Kentucky.

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I was told by your Twitter Rep to file a complaint here. My girlfriend and I were flying to Denver on 7/1/16 for a wedding. Bags were packed, we were about to take the subway to the airport 3 hours early as instructed. She checked the airport website and it said the flight was delayed until approximately 2:30AM. Prior to leaving for the airport for our delayed flight, we decided to check the website again. The website said our flight was canceled. We received NO communication from Frontier about our flight cancellation nor any information on how to proceed with rebooking.

I called customer service, spoke with 4 different representatives and was told the soonest we could get flown out of NYC was July 3rd, 2 days after our initial flight. I told each rep it was bad enough we were already missing the rehearsal dinner, but absolutely needed to be there the following day because we were both in the wedding party. I was transferred from supervisor to supervisor, spanning a 3 hours, asking each rep to speak to the person who they directly reported to. Each time, they stated their manager was busy and I would have to hold. Realizing we clearly weren’t going anywhere that evening, I had no problem holding, despite having to explain our situation OVER AND OVER AND OVER to each new “supervisor.”

After about 2.5 hours in, I reached a supervisor that said we could fly out of PHL the following evening, getting us into Denver in the early evening. We would still be missing the wedding ceremony, but could at least still attend the reception. We reluctantly agreed, were promised a $100 voucher per person, booked the flight from PHL, but I clearly stated that the $100 voucher wouldn’t begin to cover the costs and inconvenience of traveling to NYC > PHL > Denver, missing the rehearsal dinner, the wedding reception, and possibly the entire wedding. EVERY single rep told me they could cancel our flight from PHL after I CLEARLY stated MULTIPLE times that we needed to be in Denver that weekend and DO NOT CANCEL OUR NEW FLIGHT out of PHL.

Why would we fly out, miss the entire wedding, and fly back in 3 days? Although I was furious, I was respectful to your reps/supervisors, but got nothing back in terms of compassion, understanding, or empathy. They would repeatedly tell me they could cancel our flight completely (Again, I told them at least 20 times DO NOT CANCEL OUR FLIGHT FROM PHL) and provide us with a voucher. After being on hold for about 45 minutes, a rep said, “Our manager is on a very long call. Can we call you back tomorrow?” I stated I would have no problem waiting for 3 more hours as I had nothing better to do and, again, the $100 vouchers would not cover fraction of our costs getting to PHL, let alone the HUGE inconvenience of missing a rehearsal dinner and wedding. He said to hold and after about 10 minutes and then we got “disconnected.”

The next day, we did not receive any sort of communication from a supervisor. I called again, had to explain the same story to another 3 people, and got the same response: “we can cancel your flight, you can fly out of NYC on the 3rd, and give you a voucher.” At this point it was clear I wasn’t making any progress and we had to leave NYC to catching our flight in PHL. To do so we had to take a $30.08 cab ride to the train station (would have just taken the subway to the airport), a 120 min train ride to Trenton ($33.50), a 35 minute train ride to Center City PHL ($16) and then a 25 minute train ride to the airport ($18). To reiterate, one cab and 3 trains to get got an airport 100 miles away, luggage in hand.

When we arrived at the airport, the check in staff ignored us as the woman at the kiosk was more concerned about talking on her cell phone than assisting customers. When we were finally assisted by another rep and checked our bags, we were charged $40 per bag. When we inquired why it was $40 instead of $30, he informed us that the $30 fee is only if you checked bags in online. We asked where on the website it said that, and he informed us that it wasn’t. Why would you NOT INCLUDE A BAGGAGE SURCHARGE CLEARLY marked on your WEBSITE WHEN BOOKING a FLIGHT?!? We had a reasonably priced meal (receipt included for $62.09) because instead of eating for free at the rehearsal dinner, we were stuck at an airport.

Upon boarding the plane, we went our seats and they were clearly not cleaned from the previous flight. Crumbs and used tissues were everywhere, hidden in the front seat pockets and on the ridiculously small tray after folding it down after taking off. A flight attendant apologized, cleaned things up and we finally took off. Upon arrival, we arrived in time and sat on the tarmac for approx 45 minutes. It became clear we were going to miss the entire wedding after 13 hours of travel to get from NYC to Denver. I can’t begin to express my frustration with your airline.

The return flight back was delayed and once again, there were used tissues in our seats. Please keep your planes clean. Additionally, the $100 vouchers are completely unacceptable. I’ll have no problem sharing this customer service experience on social media, yelp, facebook, twitter, etc. I look forward to hearing back from you about this miserable experience. Expenses total $159.67, plus compensation for missing a rehearsal dinner, wedding and 12 hours of travel time. I just want to make things VERY clear that I won’t stop until we are compensated fairly for our time, missed experiences with loved ones, and monetary costs.

Frontier air is the absolute worst airline experience I have ever had. They overcharge for baggage and then charge for carry ons. No other airline does this. The ticket counter in Denver is totally chaos. I'm surprised if anyone ever makes their flight. The plane itself is a cattle car. The seats do not even recline, table trays a joke and no type of entertainment on a four hour flight. To make matters worse. They charge for snacks and drinks. I did not pay discount bare bones pricing. My ticket cost over $400 round trip. On top of this all. The flight attendants on both legs of this experience have been the rudest I've ever experienced. I guess they pay them peanuts as well. I will never fly Frontier again.

First time flying this airlines, and already had flights delayed twice without explanation or apologies or offers to help with missed connections. As everyone also states, you could actually pay less with better airlines when you add up all the hidden costs for everything Frontier charges for (hundreds $ in baggage, seat selection, $12 tiny sandwiches, soft drink, water, etc). Overall a seriously lame experience. I will avoid after this.

I found a super cheap ticket on Frontier Airlines and didn't give it a second thought until I got closer to my trip date. The airline does not participate in TSA pre, I didn't think that was a thing. They have some of the smallest seats of almost all of the airlines. They charge you for EVERYTHING! Checked bag, seat assignments, carry on bag. Yes, I said carry on bag. They even charge you to print a boarding pass.

After reading all of this I decided to book another flight on a different carrier for the same price with NONE of those issues and what do you know, there is a $99 cancellation fee. If that's not bad enough, they don't refund you the difference. They give you a credit that you have to use within 90 days with them. If I don't want to fly you now, I certainly won't want to fly you in 90 days. In short, I paid them $160 for NOTHING. I don't know of any other industry that can get away with such a ridiculous business model. It seems like business practices such as this would be illegal but I guess not. NEVER flying with Frontier ever.

Frontier Airlines is a SCAM. They will CANCEL your flight at the last minute and leave you stranded at the airport for MULTIPLE DAYS, offering you no car, or hotel or refund (thats what happened to me & hundreds of people in July 2016). If you want to be stranded at the airport and not reach your destination, fly Frontier. Their cheap tickets are a SCAM. They charge extra for baggage - so the final cost of Frontier is as expensive same as other airlines. If you HAVE to be somewhere important on time: a graduation, funeral, wedding, birth of a child, interview for a dream job: DO NOT FLY FRONTIER! DON'T SAY YOU WEREN'T WARNED!

The airline is filthy. The plane was this way when we boarded. The flight attendants are sloppy. The plane had a foul odor. We were 1.5 hours late for take off. It took over an hour for the bags to come once we arrived to our destination. The female flight attendant kept going into the cockpit. Once she went in. 10 minutes later one pilot came out and went to the restroom. Another ten minutes the other pilot came out and went into the restroom - another 5 minutes the flight attendant came out looking disheveled. Also a ghetto customer service agent verbally abused me because she thought I was breaking the line.

I write this on my laptop at Denver International Airport. My family and I have been quietly and unceremoniously bumped from Frontier Airlines Flight 676 even though I had confirmed seats (Trip Confirmation Number: **) this morning (7/10/2016) and at my demand, put on standby on Flight 688 (Denver-Orlando) leaving Denver at 11:59 p.m.

I had reserved this round-trip flight (# 676) online in April 2016. At the time of booking, I found that Frontier's reservation system just would not allow me to reserve a seat without charging me for checked-in baggage and carry-on baggage for all three of us, even though my son has no checked baggage and none of us have carry-on bags. Finally I gave up trying to fix it online (in April 2016) and decided that I would let the check-in crew know that there had been a mistake

in the amount that I was charged at the time I boarded the plane.

Today, 7/10/2016, the day of the flight, we left Colorado Springs, where we live, with 3 printed boarding passes in hand since I had checked in online the previous evening (7/9/16). This morning, we walked endlessly in the renovated Denver airport looking for the Frontier counter, and finally joined a line where a woman was scanning boarding passes and moving people through to Security checks. She provided very poor service -- instead of letting us know that we needed to go upstairs and check in our bags upstairs at the Frontier counter, she tried to scan our tickets and told us that our printed tickets would not scan and that we had to go upstairs and get new boarding passes.

We trudged upstairs and stood in another line to get to the Frontier check-in desk. By now it was 12 minutes to 6 a.m. and Flight 676 was leaving at 6:45 a.m. While we were in line, two different women wearing Frontier airlines uniforms called out to some people to make a different line for flights leaving for San Francisco and Houston since their flights were about to leave, they were given preferential treatment by checking in their bags before others.

By the time someone called us for Orlando, it was 6:42 a.m. and the woman who served us told us that they could no longer check in our bags since checked baggage must be checked in 45 minutes before the flight. So she was going to put us on the next confirmed flight to Orlando, which would not happen until 2 p.m. the following day (7/11/2016).

I demanded that we be put on standby, and told them that we had been misled and had lost time, and finally she put us on standby on Flight 688 leaving Denver at 11:59 p.m. tonight. I was quite angry at the counter and asked to speak to the ticketing agent's manager who acted high and mighty and sneered at me when I told him that passengers on San Francisco and Houston flights had been called because "their flights were leaving." He said that the Houston flight was leaving after Orlando.

I am filing this complaint because we were misled in the first line, ignored in the 2nd line, and because my 15-year old son starts Space Camp at 9 a.m. tomorrow (7/11/2016) at Cape Kennedy. If we are not confirmed on tonight's flight 688, my son will lose the first day of camp that we paid for in April 2016. He will also not have the chance to go to Space Camp ever again since he is going into high school. He has waited for five years for this trip. We are devastated. We believe that we were deliberately bumped and then categorically ignored. I will never fly Frontier again and I hope that the US Govt. will notify Frontier about the dissatisfaction of their customers. I have also filed this complaint with the US Department of Transportation.

The tickets are reasonable price because you pay for your seat and you pay for overhead carry-on. Carry-ons are FREE when I fly Delta, American and United Airlines. The seats range from 5.00 - 50.00. I paid about 200.00 something for round a trip ticket and an additional 195.00 total for seats and bags. In all actuality I spent 400 and something for my flight. Delta was asking for less and so was American. I will never fly this airline again. Customers beware. Its a reason the ticket is so cheap.

Frontier banks on the fact that most customers will simply give up. Frontier is short sighted. If they are going to cheat their "valued" frequent flyers, I can only imagine how they treat non-members! I flew Frontier for the first time in May 2013. It was awful. I needed to change my flight and get back sooner. Not possible. I swore never to fly them again.

A year later, I notice this program "the works" and decided to give them a try again. The works allowed for full refunds, luggage, and premium seating. I flew them fairly often and it seemed to be working despite the fact that their website had issues. More often than not you couldn't select the city in the drop down menu when booking, the system stalled, etc.

The 2nd to last ticket I booked, the system rejected my credit card. My replacement card was entered and it said it booked. I needed to cancel the trip the next day. I went into the system twice and tried to cancel. The system reported my card was declined and there was nothing to cancel. I printed out the notice (because, I don't trust their website). Sure enough, weeks later I received an email it was time for my flight!? I checked the website again and tried to cancel.

The website said there was no trip to cancel due the credit card. Lo and behold I got another notice it was time for my return flight (THAT I DIDN'T TAKE). That is when I finally called. Their service center is in India. I explained the glitch to 3 people. None of them could understand that I had tried to cancel a flight the website claimed was never booked 3 times. Yet, they charged me for not showing up for the flight. I wasted 1.5 hours trying to get my $400 back. Nope. They want to keep my money and there is no recourse. No one who spoke English as a first language was available and no one cared that they were losing a loyal customer.

Out of necessity I booked one last flight with them. I went to cancel it on the website. The website wouldn't allow me to cancel. I called customer service (Customer Service always recommends using their DEFUNCT website) and they told me I would be receiving a $99 cancellation charge. Nope. I told them I booked with the works and there is no cancellation fee. The representative told me I did not book with the works. Here we go again with the crookedness... I insisted that I did and for her to check again. She came back in a monotone and said, "Yes you booked with the works" then took 5 minutes to cancel my reservation. We'll see if this really gets cancelled. That is my last straw.

This was my first time flying with Frontier and it's my last! Their ticket prices being low is a smokescreen. By the time pay all their fees hidden and otherwise, one might as well spent 400 or 500 dollars for a ticket. They charge for everything. There is nothing complimentary and something should be. They are not a major airline. They are no better than off-brand products my mother taught us to avoid at all costs. You get what you pay for. I will never use them again!!

Worst airline ever. So let me begin. First off they booked 2 people in one seat. In turn a senior citizen had to be moved and stand for over a hour in plane till they figured out where to seat him-- so uncalled for. Then they would not even give you water on flight without paying 2 bucks. Really. So we get to Denver on our 3 hour layover. Not too bad but 10 minutes before we should board they move gate and not say or announce the gate move so almost didn't make flight. So on way back we get to our layover again in Denver. This time we were waiting over 10 hours when they say "oh we're delayed even more." So after 12 hours of waiting they again change gates with no announcement.

At this point I had enough. I went and asked for supervisor and young girl Lauren was standing at gate-- very rude and non-helpful. She tells me "supervisor should come around." I asked "what do you mean? I'm requesting to speak to her." She said "well at some point she will do a round." Really. So hour passes and no one shows up. I locate the office of supervisor and she informs me she can't be bothered so I say "well I would like a refund." She snatches my boarding passes and say "fine. You will not be getting on this flight." I asked to speak to her boss. She said no one was higher than her. Come on.

She walks out her office and throws my tickets and a refund slip at me and starts to walk away. I was like "you can't leave me and my kids stranded. She said "yes I can" and walks away. I go to baggage claim and 2 wonderful employees in front of baggage 3 help me get my bags and call her boss who said nothing they can do. So me and my 2 crying kids are stranded in Denver and had to find a new flight out to LAX. Never ever fly Frontier Airlines. They say they're cheap but by time you give 35 online or 60 at gate to check bag and 50 to pick seat that reclined or pick a seat period and pay 15 for a soda and chips you end up paying a lot more. And don't forget the very long layovers. Their hub is in Denver so I believe they leave you here forever just so they can make you spend even more money on drinks and food.

Try to stay away from these money devils!!! No words to explain how terrible they are. I booked a flight tonight, had an emergency and needed to cancel. Not only that you have to pay a $99 "Cancellation Fee", but also these liars keep your remaining amount as a "credit" that you have to use within 90 days else you lose everything. Their price is always $100-200 more depending on where you travel. Customer service is terrible and you talk to a bunch of people that you don't even know where they are talking from with terrible accent. At least hire someone who speaks English.

I flew today from Denver to CVG. I had surgery so I required a wheelchair. They wheeled me to the gate then just left me without telling me that the flight had been delayed for over 90 minutes. I boarded the plane and they took my crutches away from me, telling me that I could not place them in the seat below me. After the flight, the flight attendant told me that he could not get my crutches that he had stowed several overhead bins away. As I cannot walk without them, I had to rely on a random passenger to go get them and return them to me. Additionally, I bought a new bag today to use on the flight today. I checked the bag and they returned it to me with huge grease stains and torn. I tried calling and was told that they could "make a note in the computer". I tried emailing them and tried calling the number they gave me and no one responded.

This is disgusting; I wish they would have told us we're going to be spending at least an additional $140 for 2 bags that can be carried on (the check in price is even cheaper than the carry-on!). Also, for some reason, we were charged an additional $5 to confirm our seat? Sounds like we have an additional experience to look forward to, very long security lines – obviously that's not Frontier's fault. All the more reason to avoid the airline industry.

We purchased 3 tickets for our grandchildren to fly from Houston to Denver. I had received an email from Frontier advertising relatively low fares. I started with Frontier and then discovered I had actually booked with CheapOair. This is the third year that these 3 have traveled unaccompanied with other airlines. They are quite seasoned travelers. Marvin was very pleasant and helpful. He had all of the birthdays and assured me that there would be no additional charges if the bags were within limits. To our horror we were charged an additional $390 and told that would also be added on the return trip. I had just been told never to fly Frontier. I came to your defense. Now I know. NEVER AGAIN.

I flew with Frontier Airline on 6/24/16 from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Upon checking my luggage in while in Atlanta the staff was very unprofessional and rude. Then when we arrived in Vegas my luggage was nowhere to be found and I was then given a small kit with a toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, deodorant, and comb which have never been used. I had to go purchase new clothes and personal items upon arrival (with a $50/day spending limit).

I was told by the staff in Vegas that they had 5 days to locate my luggage and if it wasn't found the corporate office would contact me with more details concerning my claim. I waited until day 6 and not one word from anyone, so I made the phone call to Denver and was then assigned to an agent. She then emailed the required paperwork to be filled out (I was then told to call her back with any question/concerns) and while filling out the paperwork I stumbled across a few things that I had questions about. Not to mention that the paperwork had to be notarized and had to have full details about each item that was in my luggage (item, qty, color, material, brand label, store name, size, gender, purchase date, price), but still no returned call from my assigned agent.

Finally this morning (7/5/16) I get to speak to someone to only get disappointed again and was told that they had until 7/24/16 to find my luggage or reimburse me for my items, but was originally told that on day 6 they would start the process. I have been given the run around ever since my luggage have been missing. I wouldn't recommend this airline to anyone and I wouldn't use their services not even for free. I forgot to mention that when we were getting ready to leave from Vegas 4 other people were there complaining about their lost luggage as well.

June 28, 2016. Flight from Houston to Las Vegas. Supposed to leave at 12:24 midnight, delayed until 3am. Luggage sent to Denver. Finally got it 11 hours later. Luggage destroyed by mishandling. Did give us a new one. Could not sit together on flight. Wanted to charge us double on luggage check in. Return flight, delayed 5 hours. Bad customer service, rude attendants and bad service.

I was supposed to fly out of LaGuardia to Denver on July 1 at 10PM. My flight was delayed until 2AM. I was notified via email on my way to the airport at 6:30 PM. Upon arriving at the terminal and attempting to get my boarding pass from a self service kiosk, I was informed by the kiosk that I would have to go to the front desk where I found out, at 7 PM, that the flight had been canceled. I had many other friends going to the same convention in Denver from New York and saw that they were all able to get to Denver at a very delayed rate. They were all flying with Jet Blue, Delta, United etc. For some reason, Frontier canceled at 7pm, not delayed. Keep that in mind.

Because the flight was canceled, there were many people that were stranded at the airport with nothing to do on the Friday of the holiday weekend. Frontier did nothing to accommodate these passengers. No hotel, no refunds, nothing. Because Frontier is such a small airline, they have no interline relationships with other carriers and cannot find other flights with Delta, Jet Blue etc. If your flight is canceled, it is up to you to do the footwork and find a replacement. Speaking of them being such a small and inept airline, remember how I said everyone else was able to get out with delays? This is because, according to Frontier's Customer Escalation Department, Frontier flies smaller planes that are not on par with the other carriers. Their planes cannot fly in the type of weather that the others can despite the fact the others had the all clear from Air Traffic Control and the FAA to fly.

The rebooking process is a mess. You have to call in exactly when someone else has canceled in order to get a seat on the next actual available flight. My flight was canceled on July 1. I was put on a July 3 flight. Another friend of mine was put on a July 2 flight however... he was originally on a July 3 flight. It makes no sense, but because he called in, he was granted the seat. They don't have a system in place to say "people from July 1 need to be moved to this flight in case a seat opens." Overall, I definitely will not be flying Frontier ever again. They've already gone through one bankruptcy and now I know why. They'll be gone in a few years.

My question is can I receive half the money from my plane ticket purchase? The plane has a malfunction that has nothing to do with me. Everyone had to leave the plane due to plane not being ready. We got off the plane around 7:45. They said it can be anywhere up to 40 mins to 2hrs. I have business to handle and now I missed out on an opportunity I will no longer get. I just ask for half my money back. I read all the comments and it seems this has happened way too many times. I'm scared to get on a plane that is not up to par. I wouldn't recommend this flight to a enemy.

This is the worst experience I ever had. I had a flight from San Diego to Orlando. When I bought the ticket, it said free on carry-on bag but then when I reached airport, they insisted me to pay for my carry-on bag since it's season for the airlines. And worst services during flight. The air hostess are very rude. I asked for a cup of water and they refused to give me some.

It is quite amazing to see how many people are dissatisfied with this airline. We were so proud initially that they launched their hub in Denver. However they simply do not care about providing a decent customer service. On-going flight delays and cancellations have become a norm, so is overcharging and squeezing whatever they can out of their customers. Last night I flew from New York back to Denver. The flight was scheduled to leave at 10:50pm and got rescheduled to 1am. We were stuck in the airport for two hours and Frontier's personnel did not even apologize. We arrived Denver at 3am, which also inconvenient the ones who had to pick us up. On top of that I was not able to recline my seat during the whole flight! This is just another poor experience with this airline. This time it is the last and final one!!!

Flying for the first time with Frontier Airlines. I was unpleasantly surprised at the airport that they charge for carry-on luggage $45, at the gate it is $60 and online it is $30. Check-in luggage $40 unless it is too big then it is $75. We threw away lots of skin and hair care products at the hotel to make sure we can use our bags as carry-on. It cost us addition $160 for 4 bags (there were 4 of us, one bag per person. Who knows what they charge for the second bag!) Very disappointed.

This company doesn't deserve the star that has been given. There is a lack of honesty (hidden fees that are in small print at the bottom of the page as it pertains to refunds), poor customer service and a history of not fixing the issues. I bought a ticket on June 17 to fly from Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA. I continuously tried to use the log in found on the website, however, it did not work, as it did not send me any emails of my information to allow proper logins. Once, those efforts failed, I called the corporate office to request a refund. Those in the office notified me of the $99 changing fee and the airline credit, both of which I thought was honestly, a pun because it wasn't clearly expressed on the website when purchasing the ticket. My issue is that I don't want an air credit for plane that doesn't fly all over the world, especially one that does not provide great customer service.

Arrived to counter on time, but due to ridiculously long line and only one, very rude person at the counter, I was 6 minutes "late" and they refused to print me a boarding pass. After speaking to several people I can tell this business is poorly run from the top. People are not valued or empowered. I am going to short this stock to get my $100 back -- which should prove to be easy money.

My girlfriend, her daughter and I flew Frontier Airline for the first time (this past weekend). It was the worst traveling experience ever and I will leave it at that. If Frontier do not get their self together within the next year or two (for your customer complaints) you will be out of business.

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