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Last updated: Nov. 25, 2017

33 Airbnb Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

We rented a room through Airbnb at 4603 Skyline Boulevard Unit 6, Cape Coral, FL from November 9 - November 15, 2017. Nice condo, however, we were eaten alive by bed bugs. So we rated our trips with one and two stars with a note about its infestation of unwanted bed bugs. First response from Airbnb next day was: "Reconsider your evaluation". We did not do it- nothing to reconsider. Second day response from Airbnb: "You are not in compliance with the rules therefore we cannot post your comments". When we tried to response and include a photo of our bites we found out that we were blocked out from the system. Basically they want to hide any bad experience due to their future profits that are above all for them. So we cannot warn the future guests for this situation.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

My wife does not understand English very well and when I stepped in to question an unethical by an Airbnb "professional" he immediately said I was not on the account and he terminated the phone call. Please be VERY VERY careful if you so choose this company. Airbnb's relationship with its property owner is contentious. If something goes wrong they will each say it's the customer's fault. Just a terrible representation of a business.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

Airbnb is getting extremely unreliable. A few months ago my husband booked a place in Paris. It was canceled. He rebooked a place again and that one was cancelled less than 2 weeks before he was leaving. A few months ago I thought I would give it a try again and booked a house in Barcelona for a very reasonable price. Dec 19th I get a notice that the booking was canceled. Another friend of mine told me something similar happened to her in Madrid.

Dana the women who I booked with in Barcelona didn’t answered he emails or sends messages in a timely manner. Then she sent me an email telling me her friend will meet me and I had to call him when my plane landed. When I got the cancellation notice I was stunned and upset. I sent AIRBNB a message. They told me she had a problem and all her bookings were cancelled. I find out later on she had 2 accounts and one was canceled by AIRBNB. Why didn’t they just rebook me in the house instead of canceling?

They kept my money for 2 months and they knew she had an issue. 1. If I canceled the trip I would have lost 50 percent of the booking fee. 2. Why is there no recourse for us when the host cancels? 3. It leads me to think < are some of these listings a hoax and what is AIRBNB doing with our money when they hold it and then the host’s cancels. 4. Why didn’t Airbnb know that she had account issues? And why wouldn’t they just rebook me internally instead of canceling? Airbnb is providing a service, however they need to do more on their part to ensure that hosts are more responsible and reliable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2017

My family and I booked an apartment in Catania, Sicily for two nights. After one night, we were forced to leave because the smell of natural gas and mildew permeated the apartment leaving us all feeling nauseous. We first addressed our concerns with the owner, who seemed to think we should just keep the main doors open (keep in mind, the doors faced a street with heavy traffic). We then addressed our concerns with Airbnb customer service and finally submitted a detailed review to notify other Airbnb users of our disturbing experience in hopes that the owner would rectify the situation for all future guests. This was one week ago.

We just received a notice today from Airbnb that our review would be removed from the Airbnb website because my husband inadvertently included details about an Airbnb investigation into the matter in the review. Furthermore, because the review had been published (and subsequently removed) we were no longer able to post a new or revised review that did not include these so-called details that violated Airbnb's review policies. Why? Because that is Airbnb's policy. To make matters even worse, the owner of the horribly smelling apartment was allowed to leave a review of us that said she could not recommend us to other owners because we left early. Go figure, she did not leave additional details on why we left early, but Airbnb did not seem to have a problem with that.

My husband and I have been traveling outside of the United States for 7 months; using Airbnb for the majority of our lodging. We have 12 other reviews outlining how we are "perfect" guests that take considerable care of the apartments / rooms / houses where we stay. This review from the owner in Catania is the only poor review we have received thus far.

The main reason we are so irritated by this situation is had we read a truthful review - like ours that has been removed - on the Airbnb website we would NOT have booked that place and we could have actually enjoyed the two days we had in Catania rather than searching for a new place and moving across town with my elderly in-laws. In conclusion, when we raised our concerns about the owner being able to submit a review of us and our review being removed without the possibility of submitting another, we were told by the Airbnb customer service rep that this matter was considered closed by Airbnb. End of story. How's that for customer service.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

I made the following complaint to Airbnb about a fraudulent listing of a two bedroom apartment and they denied my complaint... there is no standard as to what someone can list a room as a bedroom: BEWARE!!! I have one simple question: What standard does AIRBNB use when allowing owners of properties to define a room as a BEDROOM? Is it the IBC (International Building Code) The ICC (International Construction Code) The IRC (International Residential Code)? OR Do you just take the owners word for it without any defined standard?

I used your service to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv that was listed on your site as a two-bedroom apartment. I actually canceled a Reservation at Raphael Hotel just down the street because I am a restless sleeper and sometimes snore very loud. It is common for me to move to a second bedroom in the middle of the night so my girlfriend can sleep. That was my major consideration for spending almost twice as much for the apartment I rented on your site rather than the hotel room just down the street. (Ironically I could see the hotel I canceled from the balcony of the apartment I rented from your site) Rubbing salt into the wound.

I called the owner of the apartment and asked to be released from the contract. I gave her a list of the problems. We were having problems getting the air conditioner to work so we had to leave the door to the patio open to get cool evening air to come in. Being at the intersection of two busy streets (noise from Buses, Trucks, scooters and the ever present honking of horns by impatient Israeli drivers made it almost impossible to sleep). The TV in the living room kept freezing making it impossible to watch any movies. The TV in the bedroom did not work at all. BUT my major complaint was the second listed bedroom WAS NOT A BEDROOM. There was no window and no ventilation of any type in the room.

The owner's response was the air conditioner did work and as for the noise I should take a pill or put earplugs in my ears (She told my girlfriend the same thing after I handed her the phone because I got too upset to continue the conversation after hearing that). She also said the Bomb Shelter was a bedroom and I should look at the previous reviews she received on your site. I told her my reviews would not look anything like her last reviews.

I called and spoke with your service representative Mika **. I complained that one of the listed bedrooms was not a bedroom; as it had no window and no ventilation of any type. The door to the room was a steel airtight blast door. The room was a Safe Room or bomb shelter (required in Israel in case of an attack). I sent her pictures and she denied my request to be released from the contract. Mika's response was to tell me the pictures were accurate and that I could leave the apartment forfeiting one day's rent and 50% of the remaining unused days. I couldn't afford to lose that money and pay for another place in Israel. I still owe money for this apartment and I'm not rich. I just couldn't afford that so I suffered with what I had.

A simple search on the Internet International Building Code requirements for a bedroom yielded many results. This is the simplest explanation. 1. ENTRANCE: FAILED A bedroom requires at least TWO METHODS OF EGRESS. The room In question has only ONE. 2. CEILING: PASSES THE TEST. 3. ESCAPE: FAILED only one steel air-tight door (No other window or door). 4. SIZE: FAILED the room should be at least 70 sq. ft. The dimensions of this room were 175 cm (5.74 ft.) by 318 cm (10.43 ft.), which works out to 59.87 sq. ft. That is less than the 70 sq. ft. requirement.

There also an additional requirement I discovered during my research. If the room is to be occupied by more than ONE person the code requires that 50 sq. ft. be allotted for each person. She placed a queen size bed in that room and her listing states that up to 5 people can be accommodated one on the couch two in the main bedroom (king bed) leaving 2 for the queen bed in the BOMB SHELTER making the size requirement for that room 100 sq. ft. DID YOU NOTICE THE DIMENSION 5.74 ft.??? The IRC STATES the room Cannot be less than 7 ft. in any horizontal direction? 5.74 ft. does not satisfy the 7 ft. requirement. I am 5 ft. 10 in. tall and I could reach my arms out and touch both walls at the same time (I have videos showing me measuring the room and touching both walls if you would care to see them).

This room was a concrete coffin. If a fire were to occur in the living area there would be no means of escape. A definite safety issue and one that you would most definitely assume some liability for that should be a concern for you. This fraudulent listing damaged me. I saved for and I am still paying for this vacation. Rather than having another bedroom I could retreat to I was forced to sleep on the couch. The BOMB SHELTER was HOT, CLAUSTROPHOBIC and UNINHABITABLE. It was basically a closet with a bed in it. It became a point of contention between my girlfriend and me as she thought I was basically stupid for not asking more questions to find out what we were actually getting. It turned what should have been peaceful, relaxing time in a new country for the first time into a tense unhappy visit.

I did visit many of the country's sites that were enjoyable, but having to return to that apartment threw a wet towel on the experience. I believe a refund is due not only for the fraudulent listing as to it being two-bedroom apartment but also for the aggravation it caused ruining my vacation. I would request that all prosperities listed by the owner of this property be suspended until this matter is resolved and then only reinstated when her listings descriptions conform to the IRC. You have travelers from many different countries using your service. Using a recognized international standard would be useful to all travelers. I suggest Airbnb adopt the IRC (International Residential Code) as a standard to protect future customers from the aggravation and disappointment I suffered from this fraudulent listing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

I want to love Airbnb. In 4 stays over 4 mos - average $100/night I found some very aggravating things hosts could easily fix. My suggestions: Check your cleaning service! 2 coffee pots were filthy - one impacted with moldy grounds - Clean often with white vinegar! 2 places had coffee pots - no filters. I'll bring coffee but the correct size filters provided by host would be nice. 1 had awesome espresso machine - that didnt work. Dust! Sneezed all night at a $100 guest house - in the AM I found the wall at the head of the bed was covered in dust! Under the bed same (Same place with moldy coffee pot).

I now check door & window frames - often filthy. Charge me for cleaning - but make sure it's clean! I'm not that picky. TVs! If I have to download apps on my PC and register I live for 30 min etc to use the TV: 1. Tell me upfront - it takes forever! 2. Provide written instructions. 10:30 PM after a 12 hr workday is not the time to learn the ** TV doesnt work.

Other: Written info for thermostat, appliances, lighting & other stuff that is not obvious to a new user would be great. Upkeep: 2 recent stays included broken towel racks, TP holders, no trash cans in kitchen, had to supply our own TP & paper towels beyond 1 roll. Thermostat controlled in main house - nobody home so we sweltered 2 nights. Some hosts have never traveled or need a basic hosting checklist. Hope this helps someone. No I didnt do negative reviews - too much controversy there - but will not book any of these again. PS if the place is a guest house hosts should be required to prove it's up to code - One place had bare light bulb in shower, kitchen faucet falling out of the socket, smoke alarm disconnected & hanging from ceiling - obvious electric issues for starters.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

Booked for first time - their site has location bubble (bubble is about 250 yards across) that shows right by LA Convention center for my daughter to stay at for a convention. Reviews had multiple Claims of "LITERALLY RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE CONVENTION CENTER." Asked Host before booking if access to Pool as pictured - she wrote back Yes with smiley face. I booked and "Get Directions" showed address as 1355 Flower Street just across from Convention Center. My daughter drive and the Property manager drove her to a unit 1.2 miles away from Convention Center in a bad neighborhood - On top of which pool is under construction and not accessible on top of Unit was Filthy dirty inside.

Had to have my daughter stay one night - and then got her out next morning to a Hotel and cancelled the next 3 days with Airbnb as the Host had basically said "too bad" and that "Distance" is an opinion and that if we had waited as he would have someone clean the unit. But now would keep all the funds including the cleaning deposits. After 4-5 calls with Airbnb and sending multiple pics and screenshots to show how their site completely misled - They said eventually later "Not sure why/How this happened." That property is at a distant "Bixel Street" address and so Too bad we will side with the host position as she "decided" and they are just 3rd party - all after pretending that they cared if my daughter was Ok from night before.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

I found a condo, my card was charged, and immediately I get a response from the owner saying my dates were unavailable. I had just reserved and paid. So, my card was charged. Why? I had to request a refund which can take up to 5 days to go back to my card. Luckily we have plenty of funds. However, what about people who can't afford to book another place without that money? This is a scam. Should not trust your card with these people. Hopefully the refund will show up and we don't have to go through a dispute process. I will not book with Airbnb again.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

I booked an Airbnb home from host S.F. Maple in Jupiter Fl. After full payment they canceled our reservation a week prior to our stay with no explanation. I had to share my negative experience here because it's obvious that Airbnb filters negative feedback from its website. Beware!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

Every time I try to make a booking they show a higher price than what they advertise. What is happening here. This is not something that changes based on for example day of week or month but this is very consistent. Stop lying. I won't use you if that continues.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

Whoever want to use Airbnb must know that if issues occurred, they will not help you, they just a platform where you can see vacation properties. I have invite a place through them in Venice (Los Angeles), I have arrived to this place, and it was terrible and far from the description. I have left the place after about 2 hours (when not getting responses from the owner), and Airbnb refuse to do anything about it and even refuse to let me write a review on that place. They did not give me any money back (and even did not offer to give me some small discount in future reservation, just to be nice).

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

We were looking forward to a trip to the TN Smoky Mountains and thought renting a cabin would be a great way to "get-away" from the crowds. Well the picture of the cabin we chose was really cute and it looked so nice that I booked it for 3 days. When we got to the cabin it was NOT what it seemed on the Airbnb site and not what it was described as being. The cabin was only about 100 feet off a country road with 2 other cabins right in front of it. The people in the both of the front cabins looked like they owned their cabins and the front cabin had parking right up to the front of our cabin. There was no "mountain views" and the people in the front cabin made noise up to 10 pm.

I was so worried about these people I could not enjoy myself and we left after the first evening. So we told our "host" and he was very belligerent and did not take it on himself to give us any of our money back! He could have at least given us the cleaning deposit as we left everything even the bed that was too small to sleep in as we found it! I left a very honest review and he berated me about it. I will never rent a cabin again that I do not double check on satellite view and read all the reviews carefully. I wish more people would be more honest in the reviews. Some talked about the view not being what they thought and the bed being very small for a double but nothing about the 2 cabins and the short driveway. Very disappointing experience!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I was having a major issue verifying my payment option which lead to a delay in my reservation. I had no other options and hadn't heard back from the host. I spoke with James ** who remained on the line while navigated the system and waited for a response from the host. He then offered to contact host in a attempt to make sure I booked the location time and price I wanted. James ** went over and beyond and was literally a guardian angel and prevented me from being on the streets that night. After speaking with him I was immediately verified and booked at my chosen destination. Thank you James ** for understanding the importance and urgency of my booking.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

Horrible communications and very difficult to deal with. Just takes too much time and just can't get answers. Sometimes they answer quickly, but often takes a long time, and they have changed their email on me twice in the past three months. Will go elsewhere.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

We rented a Condo in Colorado for 3 nights. Katie is the host (probably the owner). We paid around $544 dollars and it was including some "extra fees" and a $100 cleaning fee. When we got there, it was a clean place, quiet, and nice. She had food (pretty much cans) and everything we needed. The only thing we used from her few food items was some pancake flour. THAT was it! According to the rules on the website there was NO charge for extra people, $100 cleaning fee, and check out time was Monday at 11:00 am. This woman sent me an email every day (which was extremely annoying) and on Sunday asked what time was I leaving so she could send her cleaning people.

I HAD UNTIL 11 TO LEAVE THAT PLACE!!! SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO ASK ME ABOUT IT. Finally, we left and cleaned the condo more than we had to. We took the trash out, organized, and put the unclean dishes on the sink because we paid $100 cleaning fee for them to do it. Who goes to a vacation expecting to clean a PLACE? Nobody!!! That's why we paid for it! Well, next day she writes an extremely unprofessional review about me and my guests! Claiming that I used every single towel she had, eat all her food and left all dirty dishes on the sink!!!

WHO DOES THAT? ON MY AIRBNB PUBLIC PROFILE??? What type of person is This? I paid her $100 to clean the Condo! She didn't have to write such horrible comments about me and my family. I am not able to delete the comment she made and now every time I try to make a reservation all the hosts will look at her crazy review. I have attach her information and message she sent me. I'll like to ask for a full refund of my money for making go through such an embarrassing situation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

I went to NYC this summer through a private room that I booked in Manhattan for a really good deal. I had been traveling from Penn station to the apartment since it was relatively close by foot so I walked. I had been contacting the host all day but I had no answer. And I even messaged her the days before and nothing. I arrive to the location and still I have not received any information from the host as to what apartment number. This was my first experience with Airbnb in NYC and I am 18 years old in this city. I contacted Airbnb after two hours of no contact with the hostess. She had read my texts but no answers. Airbnb then left me on hold for an hour and a half and when they contacted me the person who answered was not sure as to what to do.

They passed me to the manager who tried to help and he said that they were not able to get a hold of the host. In those moments I received an Airbnb notification that the host canceled the reservation. I was very stressed in that moment and confused. I had gotten there on time for the check-in and I still didn't have any contact with the host. Now that Airbnb was not helping to their best capacity, which all they could do was offer me other rooms in Airbnb for that price but what they did not notice and I don't even know how, is that all those private rooms were booked for that night when I checked to book them last minute. How do you send someone links for a place to stay that they say is available but they truly are not available?

I am very disappointed and I made sure that the Airbnb agent knew my discourage with them. He told me could do is give me a refund and when I told him that the links he sent me were all booked he didn't say anything. In that moment last minute in NYC I had to book a hotel very expensive for the quality of it which was a holiday inn express which the elevator didn't even work. I ended up paying $287.04 a night for two nights, a total of $665.76 with taxes and fees included. Airbnb only returned me $150 six days later after my stay in NYC.

I find it amazing how Airbnb will leave their clients stranded on the streets of NYC at almost midnight with no way of resolving this issue with the costumer except giving them a refund. They should have contacted the host before and made sure that she was prepared for her guest. They are extremely lenient with who hosts and this is ruining their reputation. This was an experience from hell with this company. I hope for them to be able to help me solve this issue now after I review them here. I used to love Airbnb when my family and I go to vacations but now after this horrible experience I am terrified of using this company's services. All I want is for them to have covered the hotel stay that I had to last minute alone in NYC reserve due to Airbnb's failed services.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

I rented a place in Las Vegas. It was everything described but when I went to check in it said my reservation had been cancelled and the clerk suggested I call the host. I called the host and co-host, phone #s have been disconnected, so had to get my tablet out and look at my email to call the host, explained what happened and by this time I was very stressed out. He took care of it and asked if this was the first time I rented from Airbnb, yes it was my first and certainly will be my last.

No one wants to go to a place that they have paid hundreds of dollars to find out that your reservation has been canceled. The host said that the clerk typed my name in wrong. I doubt that cos he had my driver's license and if he typed my name in wrong then it wouldn't come up, he even put in the room # so no I will never rent from Airbnb again, I don't trust them now after that experience.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

I contacted the host to ensure I did not have a reservation within 24 hours of my inquiry. The reason why is the site said his place was inactive. He responded that he did not receive my request and noted he was booked in the same email exchange. Days before my trip, I received an inmail noting I was booked with him. I responded and reminded him of our previous conversation only to be told no, I was wrong. I have a long string of emails to prove I am right. Airbnb complaint did not resolve, they kept my money for the $1,800 booking. With proof of Suhail's emails noting I did not have a booking.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

First let me start by saying I have been a host and traveler on Airbnb for 2 years now. I have always had a good experience both hosting and traveling. That was until I actually had to reach out to Airbnb for assistance. My last reservations booked and stayed 5 nights within my home. Upon returning the day they checked out I found multiple damages in my home, one of which the guest told me about upfront. Both damages were very similar however the guest is only taking responsibility for minor damages and not all. I attempted to work it out through the resolution center as instructed by Airbnb however it was clear the guest and myself would not be agreeing.

I have since contacted Airbnb support a total of 6 times. On every call I have been told that I need a case manager and that my current case manager is in the wrong department and they will need to transfer my case to the correct department. They then follow that up with "someone will be in contact via phone shortly". This all started on 9/17 (day of checkout) and I have yet to be contacted by anyone via phone. I have received 2 different emails by 2 different people sending me help links that lead me back to the resolution center, none of which are helpful or explain how to get my security deposit.

Airbnb gives you the ability to request a security deposit on your home. This is similar to a hotel asking for a credit card to be on file in case after your departure there are damages. They do not email you and negotiate the fees of the damages. They simply charge them and move on with their day. This is what Airbnb hosts are lead to believe with the security deposit. After all, why would you add the additional security deposit on your home and make it available to your potential guests if it's not enforced.

I have now been on hold for the 7th time with a "supervisor" of one of the customer service teams for an hour and 26 minutes and counting. Majority of which has been spent listening to terrible music. During the actual conversation part the "supervisor" admitted that they are not actually a manager and that if I did not get a callback this time I could call BACK IN and they would escalate it to a manager. This was infuriating considering the last 3 calls I have made I have asked to speak to a manager and was lead to believe that was who I was speaking to. At that point I interrupted the rep and told them how upset and shocked I was that he just admitted that he was in fact not a manager and that I had just wasted an hour of my time for him to tell me exactly what the last 6 reps had said and then rat himself out about his lie of not being a manager. I have now been waiting 27 minutes on hold for an actual manager to pick up.

I am unbelievably shocked, disappointed, and infuriated with the lack of service I have been given. Yes, Airbnb offers a good product. A place for people to list their homes but they also make it seem that they will have your backs and act accordingly when things go wrong, like damages. It is VERY clear to me now that is not the case. I have no idea if I will ever get someone on the phone who can actually assist me but I do know I will be posting this review on every outlet possible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

AirBnb Experience. On Monday August 7, 2017, I checked into Heidi's Granny Cottage, an Airbnb sponsored accommodation, in the Daytona Beach area. The next morning after I showered, I noticed several sizeable red spots on each of my front shoulders. I took my hand mirror and noticed that more of the same were on my back upper arms, and a trail of red discs led up my neck into my hairline.

My plan for the day was to meet with my friend for an early lunch and to do a bit of shopping. When I picked her up, I showed her my arms and also the picture I had taken of my back while still in the cottage. She said she hoped they were only flea bites but I should check for bedbugs. She explained how that should be done. I cut our shopping trip short, because it seemed as if more bites were appearing. I went back to the cottage and asked Dorothy, Heidi's mother and the person who showed me around and got me settled into the cottage the night before, if she could tell me what she thought the bite marks were. She said she had lived in Florida for only two years and didn't have a clue. I went to Urgent Care, and the doctor without examining my body said they were bug bites. Not specifying which bugs.

I returned to the cottage and wanted to satisfy my mind to stay another night, but decided to check the mattress and box springs as my friend had suggested. Well, at the outer corner of the head of the bed, I pulled the piping/cording around the box springs and a full-grown bedbug and a cluster of eggs and nymphs fell onto the top of my shoe. I went back around front and summoned Dorothy to show her she had an infestation. Since I had disturbed them earlier, she didn't see any. I didn't stay around for her to check other areas of the bed. I was almost running to get out of there. She said she would refund my money, her portion. I needed to contact Airbnb about their share.

I contacted Airbnb and the first Customer Care agent said he needed proof, so I spent the next four hours trying to send the picture back to the email address he had used. It kept bouncing back. I finally found a place to send the picture after going to Airbnb's Help Center. He did refund the total $175 I had paid for a three-night stay.

Before I returned home, I went to General Dollar Store and bought bedbug spray and let off bombs in my car. I did not bring my soft side bags with my clothes and medicines in immediately, but I did wear the shoes in that I had on when I examined the box springs at Heidi's. Since I've never experienced anything like this, I thought after the bombing, my belongings could be brought back into my house. I immediately started washing my clothes. But it was soon very evident I had some hitch hikers. I then went to Ace Hardware and bought the most powerful kit they had and started using it. I also turned the furnace on and a small electric heater, hoping to eradicate them with heat. After doing this from August 9-13 with still bites each morning, I called a professional company. I wanted them to come the next day, but it took extensive preparation, and since I had to do it all myself, I did not have them to come until a few days later.

By the time they arrived, I had thrown out nearly all my clothes, bedding, beds and any soft items that could easily provide a nesting place for the bugs or their eggs. The professional returned three times to do both the car and the house. Each morning I still woke up with pinpricks somewhere on my body. After the first time they were there, I returned from the car with bites on both sides of my back just below my arms. My sister sent me over $200 of Say Bye Bug, which I used to spray over all surfaces and I washed all linen each day, sometimes twice each day in the laundry solution. Still pinpricks. I have followed all suggestions. I went and bought a steamer and shop vac and steamed each inch of my bedroom floor and up the baseboards. I finally bought 10-lbs of diatomaceous powder and spread it throughout the house. It looks like it's a bombed-out shelter in a war zone.

To keep from impacting my health further by inhaling fumes and dust, I asked my sister to please come get me. She called me when she was about 30-minutes away from my house. At that time I took a shower, stood in the middle of the living room and waited for her to come to the door to hand me a change of clothes. She gave me the clothes, and I handed her a plastic bag with my medicine in it. I told her to wait for me in the car. I quickly put on the clothes and left with another bag containing the rest of the Say Bye Bug which I sprayed on myself before I got into her car and after I got in. I anticipate being many miles away from my home for at least four months because I read that a bedbug cannot live longer without a blood meal. Since I was their host, I hope they will starve.

As far Airbnb, they are full of hot air. They want the public to think they are concerned and responsive to a guest's problem, but they're not. They had the gall to send me pictures of someone's lovely vacation to comment on. I did. I told about my not so lovely one. The thread had over a hundred responses. Several were from Airbnb personnel who monitor the information. Each one continued to publicly post that they wanted me to contact a Case Manager. Each time I did, it was the same smoke-blowing. Their final compensation offer was to WASH the clothes I had in Heidi's Granny Cottage. At that point I said, What clothes?

Airbnb wants to wash my clothes. I have thrown away most of my possessions, can't use my car or stay in my home, interact with my friends, participate in my social activities or have a normal life and they offer that as a solution. Folks BEWARE. Yes, this could have happened at a hotel, but at least there are inspectors and regulatory agents for them. With Airbnb, you're on your own.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

Hotels are expensive so the idea to rent a room with a local is a great option... However, I have tried it 3 times and each time, it was a pretty poor experience. Yes, the rent was low but so was the quality. My first experience in an "urban" location turned out to be a room in an very inconvenient location where I was kept awake most of the night by barking dogs and then awoken in the early morning by roosters! The bathroom was pretty dirty. Fortunately, I was only staying there one night so I held my tongue and coped. On the next two trips which were longer, I found dirty rooms full of mosquitoes, no hot water to shower and no air conditioning even though it was listed as an amenity. What do you do - you are basically stuck!

Do not count on Airbnb's reviews because if the guest writes a poor review, the host can also complain about the guest so many people (including myself) are reluctant to write the whole truth. Customer service? AirBnB told me I had to demonstrate to them that there was no air conditioning!!! (I wonder how I am suppose to photograph air temperature???) Meanwhile AirBnB just collects their money... Like many other people who have posted here, accommodations made through AirBnB can be a risky business and can completely ruin your travels!

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

I went to the area in advance hoping to at least drive by the property before committing thousands of dollars to the rental, Airbnb would not give me the address unless I paid up front with no option to cancel. Therefore I rented a property that was not as stated. Also, while there, a Hurricane came into my hometown. Airbnb was totally unhelpful in helping me resolve the issues of the home or in helping me if I needed to go home due to the storm. They totally leave every thing to the owner's discretion even though I rented through Airbnb.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

Their customer service is wanting and so is the site. It's not user-friendly at all and very confusing. They change it often so you never really become familiar with it. They must continue to get complaints about it if they have to change it so often. Also, because their policy is to never remove or edit a review or your response to a review, you can't dispute them even if you have documentation that the review/response is an error.

I think they must get many complaints about their review policy too, because after speaking with 4 different agents about the policy, it seemed they had heard these things before and were quick to get off the phone. They have no power to help you even if you go to a supervisor. They have become robotic in the way they operate their business sort of like the cheap airfare sites and other 3rd party sites that have bad reputations and for the most part are unable to assist. But, they will take their service fee out of the total. So, there's that.

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Original review: July 16, 2017

On two occasions, in a matter of hours, I registered to rent a vacation home on dates listed as available. I sent my credit card info and received a confirmation code for the rental and a confirmation of the charge which had immediately been made to my credit card account. Hours later I was contacted by the owner/host of the property telling me that it was not available on the dates I had booked and therefore my reservation was null and void. He stressed that he had told Airbnb that his property was not available on those dates yet they booked it anyway. I was at this time told by Airbnb that they would apply a credit of my payment to my next booking and refund the difference.

I proceeded to book another property, only to be contacted the following day by the host that their property was also not available and that they had clearly communicated with Airbnb that those dates were not available. This host proceeded to contact Airbnb numerous times to straighten the matter out but I continued to receive confirmations and a guarantee that they had contacted the host and all was OK. If I had believed them I would have been stuck without housing when I arrived in Massachusetts from Texas! I called the host directly, as Airbnb had given me their number in the confirmation, to make sure this information was correct, only to find out that she was very upset with Airbnb and their lack of proper response to her communications. The property was unconditionally not available.

There have been innumerable communications between myself and Airbnb, yet no refund of my money. It has now been 4 days. 2 days ago I was told that they had escalated the situation to a case manager but I only received an anonymous email saying they had contacted the host for a refund after which they would refund me! I told them they were a business and they were responsible for refunding me after 2 false bookings but still no refund. I phoned the host again today to see if that would help and she told me that she had never received any funds for my booking, nor had she been contacted in that regard! I'm out $1,200 with no response from Airbnb!

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Original review: July 5, 2017

I would never have used this service had I read reviews first about AIRBNB. I stumbled upon the site while looking for week long lodging in Atlanta, GA and one of the properties listed came up on one of the many websites online with hotel listings, like TripAdvisor, Priceline and from there, of course, I began scanning all of AIRBNB's listings. It seemed like a great idea but it is nothing more than a classified ad service, worse in many ways.

The website is nothing more than a classified ad service, or eBay in the early days when all it had going for it was a "review system." BUT Airbnb knows you're not likely to look into THEIR PERSONAL REVIEWS and nowhere on their site is a system to review them! You only get to review their hosts, BUT ONLY IF YOU STAY REGARDLESS OF THE CONDITIONS YOU FIND UPON ARRIVAL!

Let's say you arrive, turn on the lights, and OMG, there are literally 50 roaches running for the corners? Or, the bed is unmade with soiled sheets and there is unflushed urine sitting in the toilet? If you cancel your reservation, YOU CANNOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANYONE ON THEIR SITE and they do nothing to assist you. Or, imagine you rented a place for a week in an area where it is difficult to find lodging last minute, and your host cancels on you upon your arrival? NO REVIEW ALLOWED! Are you getting the picture? Dangerous and unsafe conditions upon your arrival? You are screwed! Airbnb gets a hefty sum in service fees and does nothing for them other than HOSTING THE ADVERTISEMENT ON THEIR SITE and using a review system they intentionally ensure will not reflect poorly on their hosts or their site!

If you get canceled on when you arrive, you are forced to pay outrageous fees for last minute lodging elsewhere, and more than likely much further away than you needed to be! AND they offer people huge incentives to encourage others to use their site -- I'd only do that if I were nasty and wanted to screw someone over. I'll stick to using places guaranteed safe and available and warn everyone I know to stay far, far away from AIRBNB! If you have a problem and contact AIRBNB, nothing, they are nothing more than a classified ad service!

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Original review: June 30, 2017

Below is an excerpt of a letter to the host in Paris, where I arrived after a 24 travel experience, alone, to an inaccessible flat with no communication available from the host. This is one of many messages explaining the situation, most recently sent after trying to contact Airbnb repeatedly and being told only the host could refund the money, and she told me that only they could refund the money. Neither is replying at all anymore.

3. With regards to the contract/agreement, both parties must fulfill obligations. You and by extension Airbnb have failed in this matter on several counts prior to the cancellation: (a) substituting a different apartment after I reserved and paid for another one, without my consent in advance or details on the new place. (b) failing to honour the stated time of checkout as per your advertisement which is 12 noon... upon which I had made my plans to arrive in order to, not check in necessarily, but drop off bags as the previous tenants should have been gone. At the last minute you accepted their whim to leave at 2.00, leaving me stranded. With no communication.

(c) providing a key for some other flat entirely, left in a mailbox in another building as the host was unavailable, which did not work when I tried it. No communication after several attempts. Had to go to a hotel. Lost $500. Airbnb cancelled and refused a refund due to strict policy, and I quote, "while disregarding their own rules for the host to responsibly rent and supervise guest experience." Many Airbnb experiences go fine, but when they don't, the company will abandon you and you have no recourse.

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Original review: April 5, 2017
Go stay here. The owners are so friendly, nice and sweet. The house is beautiful, feels warm, clean and smells delicious!!! The bed is so great and comfortable.

Dublin centre is in walking distance. Really great place!!! I going to stay there every time I will go to Dublin!

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2016

The property I rented was far from the one described in the listing on It was filthy and many of its appliances were broken. And even worse, the room shown in the listing's primary photo was not in the house at all.

When I reported this to Airbnb, they dismissed me out of hand. Ever since then, they have ignored my emails or sent curt, unproductive, and dismissive responses. They have even refused to deal with the Better Business Bureau.

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Original review: April 23, 2016

Airbnb will take a listing from anyone, not just vacation rentals. There are less than 100 legitimate vacation rentals in our area, but airbnb has over 300 listings because they are allowing Inns and B&B's to list their rooms individually. That's not the way a vacation rental website was meant to be and that's not what they advertise. Airbnb is trying to get business from priceline, groupon, travelociy and all the rest of the booking agencies that hotels and Inns use. Owners do not pay to list their property on airbnb, so why shouldn't they list as many rooms as they can..

Airbnb makes their money by charging a hefty service fee, so why shouldn't they take as many listings as they can. With vrbo now blowing up with their service fee debacle, the vacation rental business is a mess. Flipkey by traveladvisor is still legitimate where owners pay to list and guests do not pay a service fee. Hopefully they will not start gouging too.

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Original review: Dec. 15, 2015

Airbnb tried to cancel my reservation, stating that I could not assign the room I rented without their approval. Sorry, but, that's not the LAW and your unwritten policy does not trump my legal rights. This occurred after I tried to cancel with the host, giving a legitimate extenuating circumstance (their standard for cancellation without penalty), and an offer of some form of (25% of what I paid) cancellation feel; to rectify the hosts' inconvenience. The host told me "no, that he would lose his 'super host status' (lie) and that I had to keep my reservations."

I escalated to Airbnb, where they told me I was out of luck as well. I then utilized my law degree to inform these clowns that 1) No clickwrap agreement is going to bind me to anything; 2) I am legally entitled to try and make myself "whole" by way of assigning the room rented to another individual; 3) Tenancy Law > Terms & Conditions of a corporation.

The law allows for cancellations within a certain time period, regardless of some clickwrap agreement; meaning if you book a place 6 days in advance, when the website claims in its fine print that if you cancel within 7 days, you pay x fee -- it's not contractually binding, as you are not given any grace period to cancel without penalty. After educating a low-level employee who threatened me; a supervisor quickly offered me a full refund. However, days later, I have not seen that amount applied to my paypal balance as they said it "would soon." Soon, to me, means within a week.

Do not deal with Airbnb unless you feel like being strong-armed and ganged up upon by a host and Airbnb customer service. If you do, remember, when it becomes reasonably inferable that the host is an agent of Airbnb, they become vicariously liable for the actions of said agent and are prime targets for litigation. Cheers.

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