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Mr.Tire in Rio Grande NJ is the worst customer service I have ever had! I called their customer service & they were just as bad! The tire mfg told me to go back to them & have them measure tread depth & call them. I went back to Mr.Tire & was told to come back on a Tues, Wed or Thur. I called their customer service & could care less!!! I will NEVER go back to Mr.Tire!!!

Had a bolt stuck in driver's side tire from road debris. I have a lifetime tire warranty with Mr. Tire so I took my CRV there to get it fixed as they did fix the damaged tire. But in the process they had broken one of my wheel studs and told me as I was leaving the store and said it was completely ok to drive on 4/5 bolts. They needed to order parts from another parts store which won't be in till the next morning. So as I got home I noticed that one of other the bolts on the same wheel was missing now, the stud was there at least, so now I'm driving on 3 lugs bolts with 2 lug bolts missing. Called them to tell them about the other lug bolt, they said another bolt will be in when you come in the morning.

I was worried to death that my wheel was going to fall off vehicle with this dangerous situation they put me in. With me being so upset about my wheel falling off, I ended paying the $30 bill for the tire to be fixed in which should have been repaired under the lifetime tire hazard warranty. I'm not happy at all with this customer service and the fact I was charge for something that should have been covered under the warranty ended up getting a refund. They did at least follow through and fix the unsafe problem they created, but I was very dissatisfied with the service and will take my tire needs elsewhere.

I sent my daughter out for an oil change expecting to pay $20-$30 as has happened many times before. This time she took the car to Mr. Tire. They charged $35.89 for the oil change, filter and a $2.90 "oil recycle fee." So my daughter comes home with a bill for $89.18. Seems she let them change 3 wiper blades for which they charged $16.99 each including $3.00 each for installation. To this they added $8.68 "shop fee." You can draw your own conclusions, but my advice is that you go anywhere else.

Last 4 oil changes I paid advertised price of $17.25 plus disposal fee. Today when checking in for appt. the manager (who appeared hung over) pointed to a stack of Goodyear tire credit card applications and informed me the price of service would be $8 higher unless I filled out the credit application. My response was, "Never before was this a requirement," and I didn't feel that was right. He just chuckled and said, "lotta things in life aren't right" to which I said it might be best for me to just leave and he then spit a little more gas on the fire which I too think that would be a good idea. Bait and switch for $8 or $800 it's all the same to me. Mr. Tire on ML King Blvd., New Bern, NC should be ashamed.

I went to Mr. Tire (#764) on Cady Dr in Fort Washington Md. on 7/16/16 to get my Air condition (AC) serviced and an oil change. After a 3 hours wait my car was returned with a list of things that is that made my car unsafe to drive. None was about the AC. The AC worked for 2 days and was back to the same. I brought the car back on 7/22/16 and was told that my high side AC line needed to be replaced. I asked Mike if this problem could have been found last week when I was here and he said no. They had to shoot dye this time and be lucky that I have another car to drive because he don't have that option.

I looked at my receipt and I was charged for dye on the first visit. So basically I was charged $150.75 plus taxes and other shop supply fees for a problem that should not have costed no more than $29.99 for me to find out this problem on the first visit. To top it off I had a appointment this time and still had to wait 3 hours to get my car back. The reason for this review is to get some help from corporate on being overcharged for a basic service and to help others from making the same mistake as me. So hopefully I can get some help with this issue.

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WHAT A DISASTER! I took my car in for an oil change on May 24, 2016. Mr.Tire in Ellicott City, Maryland. They drained the oil, but FORGOT TO POUR NEW OIL! I started driving my car as usual and found out that the car has no oil after the engine oil light came on. It was too late! Mr.Tire sent someone from the Travelers Insurance Co. to inspect the car. The agent submitted his report to Mr.Tire for replacing the existing engine with another used engine. Now, Mr.Tire told me that they wouldn't accept any responsibility or liability for this DISASTER. BUYERS BEWARE!

Took my truck in for check engine light. They charge dealer like fees of $115.00 to diagnose. Said pvc value hose bad code po171 and p0174 was the cause. Hose not in stock and was special order taking 2-3 days to come in. Like an idiot I paid the bill and pickup truck thinking hose on order. 1-month later, I am out of my money and still no hose and now they say no refund locally must come from corporate hqs but payment taken locally. Bottom line: this is the worst, sorriest, poor excuse for an auto repair shop I have ever seen in my 60 yrs. Kids are running the store, unprofessional, no customer service skills, have no authority to make decisions on site, everything comes from regional or corporate offices out of town. Work is shotty and unsafe at best and by the look of all these complaints, are allowed to rob and cheat folks and many states without assistance from state attorney general's office or the state BBB. This is sad.

I contacted their corporate office by phone, and in writing, to complain that their advertising in Ohio appears to blatantly violate the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. The text of the Complaint is at the very end of this introduction. I received no response whatsoever which is a tip off to me that my Complaint is valid. That is, the company's non-response is simply CALCULATED to make the COMPLAINT "evaporate" (i.e., they bury it under the rug, hoping it blows over). Although I am not an Attorney, I am nevertheless fully entitled to formulate an intelligent, well reasoned opinion as to the legality of the company's ads here in Ohio.

Without getting into high detail, my present position is their failure to CLEARLY AND CONSPICUOUSLY disclose their 9.99% fee has caused ACTUAL economic damages to a substantial class of consumers here in Ohio. Consequently, in my opinion, a capable licensed attorney here in Ohio could and should sue this company to recover consumers' aggregate economic losses here. Furthermore, at a bare minimum, that is regardless of any potential for a class action, an action for declaratory judgement and/or injunctive relief could be successfully prosecuted here. Contact me at ** and, at no charge, I will provide you with all of the information that I have collected (including the theory of recovery).

Corporations generally have declared war on the public in that they are, in essence, stealing from the public. A key strategy to effect that theft is deception in advertising. Not surprisingly, then, we clearly can see that deception in advertising has become a habitual, systemic, routine, fully entrenched "feature" of day-to-day economic life. It is time for the public to fight back. And, really, the only recourse at this point is for attorneys to sue these companies. Both state AG offices and the BBB have little interest or motive to get involved. So, we are counting on you attorneys to save the day! Feel free to contact me for details.

Here is the text of the Complaint, as sent to Mr. Tire, and which has been totally ignored by the company: A full page ad promoting eleven Columbus area Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers was published in the 2/7/2016 edition of the Columbus Dispatch. 1) Buried at the bottom of the page, and set in incredibly small microscopic type, is a footnote stating that a surcharge of 9.99% will be added to customers bills. The OAC at 109:4-3-02(C) specifically prohibits the use of footnotes to disclose material extra costs of this sort.

2) The ad has a coupon for Flush & Fills, namely: Cooling System; Power Steering; Fuel System; and Transmission (type of trans. not specified). The coupon makes a global claim of gas savings. I am unaware of any evidence from technical or scientific journals that cooling system, power steering system, and transmission flushes generate any measurable fuel savings for typically situated consumers.

Furthermore, the fuel system service is unlikely to reduce fuel consumption to any meaningful (measurable) extent inasmuch as only a tank additive is used (e.g., there is no direct cleaning or technical testing of injector condition). OAC 1345.02(B)(1) prohibits vendors from making a claim, such as gas savings, unless the vendor possesses competent, credible evidence substantiating the claim. For example, does Mr. Tire possess documentary evidence proving that flushing the cooling system in a typical consumer's car improves vehicle fuel economy?

3) Mr. Tire is a fictitious name registered in Ohio to Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. However, the businesses vending the goods and services are Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers. The latter fictitious name is not registered with the Ohio Secretary of State's office which is a violation of state law as well as the Consumer Sales Protection Act.

Had a nail in front left tire on Saturday around 4:30 pm. Went to Mr. Tire Auto Center, because this is where I use to get my oil changed. So they could fix it. They were busy so they didn't close til 6 so we left the SUV Toyota 4-Runner to eat dinner. Got back just before 6 as we watched the manager was leaving. Went inside to pay bill. Was told it cost 29.98. Really to fix a tire. I have the nail it was about 2 in. thin one. I have called around to other shop. Here is what the charges I was told by them were: 10.00,15.00 24.96 that one was tax included. So I would never tell anyone to use Mr. Tire for it cost way too much. Thank you for listening.

In May 4th of 2014, we took our 2004 Honda Odyssey to Mr.Tire for tire service located at 2315 Davis Drive, Cary, NC. During the service, we received a phone call from store technician, recommended us to do the power steering flush since we were told the steering fluid was dirty (we were asked to do this service a couple times before), after negotiate with store manager who gave us the discount. We agreed to do the power steer flush to maintain the vehicle in the good condition.

After steering flushing was done for couple days, we had noticed immediately there was a problem. It was very hard to steer the wheel. We went back to the store and talked with technician and someone in store told us "the new steering fluid doesn't match with power steering pump and you SHOULD change the pump with $396." Recently, we found vehicle steering hose is leaking and take to the another mechanic shop. They diagnose there are components damaged due to wrong steering fluid. We had to replace the steering pump and couple hoses which cost about $800. We have contacted with Mr. Tire customer service and headquarter, they denied and refused to do anything to compensate our lost. My suggestion to other customer is never go to Mr. Tire to do your vehicle maintenance.

My wife scheduled an appointment on a Tuesday for a Wednesday appointment at 4:00 for an oil change. When she got there she was told it would be two hours because they had a lot of people come in for tires that evening. I am assuming this means she got bumped for the more costly job. It may have been that or perhaps it was because she was a woman or perhaps it was nepotism. Regardless she finally went up two and a half hours after the original appointment time and the work was still not completed. Mr. Tire does not understand the concept of the term "Appointment".

Purchased a vehicle from my family in PA. Had a local Mom and Pop shop do the required MD state inspection. It failed because it needed tires. I purchased tires at Mr. Tire (overpriced by the way). When they called me back, they told me the front AND rear brakes were shot and needed replaced. Pads were worn beyond the legal requirements and the rotors could not be repaired and needed replaced. This vehicle PASSED STATE INSPECTION 4 DAYS PRIOR to this by a state sanctioned inspection shop. (Mr. Tire is not authorized to do state inspections!)

I called the Mom and Pop shop and he insists they are fine and would not jeopardize his inspection certification with they by passing me (a stranger to him). Local mechanic stated he would have at the very least informed me if they the measurements were borderline but they were not. That makes all the sense in the world to me. Conclusion: MR. TIRE WANTS YOUR MONEY AND WILL LIE TO YOU TO GET IT. CAUGHT RED HANDED.

I took my son's Nissan to have a new alignment for the tire. When I asked how much it would cost he told me it would be about $99.00. He starts to write the bill until I asked about a printed coupon I received from their official website. He told me he will not honor the coupon that would take off twenty percent, because the job was already discounted. I am okay with the cost of the job, however I am wondering why they would advertise this coupon if it was already admitted in the cost of the job, and why the website told me to print out this coupon and to hand it to the mechanic.

I brought my vehicle in for NYS inspection. Was told in order to pass inspection I needed all new brakes! I had all of them replaced last year. No squealing, grinding, no problems stopping, etc. Took my vehicle to another shop and passed inspection. Brakes fine!

We decided to drop off our vehicle for an oil change and tire rotation at the Mr. Tire, located in Mt. Airy, Maryland off of main street. We had a 1:00 pm afternoon appointment for them to service our vehicle. We locked our vehicle and turned in the keys/key fob remote to the service representative. The service representative told us that they would call us when our vehicle was finished. We never received any phone call, first issue. Second issue, in the late afternoon when we were going to check on our vehicle, I caught a Hispanic lady rummaging through our vehicle in the parking lot of the Mr. Tire. I came up beside our vehicle and I saw her in the passenger seat with the door open, going through the glove box, center console, and the driver's sun visor. I literally caught her "red-handed" with the $60.00 of cash that we had stored in the sun visor for road tolls.

When I confronted her, she quickly put the money back into the visor and acted like she could not speak English and told me she was "confused". I kept asking her what she was doing in our car and she kept telling me that our car was her car, along with several other excuses. Really? She then tried telling me that her remote key fob had unlocked our car. Really? Kind of strange when our vehicle keys are with the garage front desk. My wife immediately called the police and took pictures of the lady, along with her license plate. The sad thing is, the lady's two little daughters (suspected ages of 6 to 10 years old) were in her Chevy Suburban, asking her if the police were going to take her to jail...again. A Maryland State Trooper finally arrived at the scene thirty minutes later and we explained the situation to him. He wrote down both of our information and told us to check our vehicle.

Luckily the cash was still in the sun visor and nothing else was taken. Third issue, after the State Trooper released us, we immediately spoke with the garage supervisor and they told us that our vehicle was NOT yet serviced. Even though we had a 1:00 pm afternoon appointment, the supervisor explained to us that they did not touch or service our vehicle yet and it was 5:30 pm. Our vehicle was sitting in the parking lot for 4.5 hours and how did our vehicle become unlocked? The garage supervisor "promised" us that our vehicle would be done in another hour. Really? My wife and I were not upset, frustrated, and just wanted to leave at that point and go someplace else. The garage supervisor was "apologetic" and seemed somewhat concerned at what happened in their parking lot but told us that he and Mr. Tire did not want to "get involved" in the matter. Nonetheless, we left our vehicle with Mr. Tire for another hour.

We came back at 6:30 pm to pick up our vehicle and pay the garage. My wife walked over to check the doors of our vehicle to see if they were locked. They were NOT locked. I spoke with the garage supervisor and told him what we found. He explained to us that the doors should have been locked and "...perhaps the mechanic left the vehicle open because you guys were coming back". Really? The bottom line is this, Mr. Tire does NOT take the time to lock customers' vehicles when they are sitting in the parking lot (even though they have a policy to do so). Stay with your vehicle when it is getting serviced. It is a true shame that no one "respects" other people's property. We will NOT be doing business with the Mr. Tire, located in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

I went to Mr. Tire & Co. in Westerville for an oil change and tire rotation. I paid for a high-mileage oil change and was charged $48. After the opening oil change was completed, the technician pulled my car out and was parking it, so I walked outside to get into my car and thanked the technician and ask him if he put high-mileage oil in my car and he said "No." He said he was told to put standard oil in my car. I went back inside and confronted the assistant manager and he said it was a simple mistake. I now wonder if this is a standard practice for Mr. Tire to rip people off. I will never do business with this company ever again. BEWARE!!

Do not use the Owings Mills Mr Tire. The staff took my car in for four wheel alignment and tell me AFTER performing the alignment that I need new tires immediately. Now with new tires I need to go back and get the alignment redone and, of course, I will have to pay for it again.

The ad said "oil change for 17.99" - they charged oil $15.00, oil filter 14.99, recycle 2.90. Free tire repair - then they charged service 9.39, Tire repair 13.99, discount $13.52. Out belt unnecessary replaced for total @174.99, because I changed the same belt 3/29/2014. Then they added another shop supply fee $21.75. (This auto only drive less 8,000 miles since last belt changed). So do not visit Mr. Tire at 1811 N. Harrison Ave., Cary, NC 27513 for services. I always question their services. They never explained clearly to the customers what their charges are.

I ordered a new set of tires from and had them delivered to Mr. Tire on Arlington Blvd in Arlington, VA where I made an appointment to have them installed. It was supposed to cost $66. After about an hour, the technician came out and told me I needed new brakes - which was going to cost over $900. Although my car only had 45,000 miles on it and the onboard sensors said the brakes were good for another 17,000, it had been driven at autobahn speeds in Germany, so it was not unreasonable that I needed brakes. I reluctantly agreed. Then they tell me there is a crack in one of the alloy rims (which they showed me) - cost of that repair $350 and three more days.

There was nothing wrong with the rims when I drove into the shop - the old tires held air fine. They could not explain that and refused to admit they damaged the rim while mounting the tire. I needed my car that weekend and could not leave it there, so I drove out having paid $900 for new brakes that I probably didn't need and a cracked rim (on run flat tires). A miserable experience.

Dropped off my daughter's car at the Mr. Tire in Mentor Ohio on Mercantile Drive on a Tuesday to have a mass airflow sensor and hose replaced and an oil change. I had always had great service at another Mr. Tire location in Mentor, but that location had closed. This Mercantile Drive location was new to me, but the manager told me some of the staff from the location that closed had moved to his location which made me feel confident in their work. I was so wrong. The manager called me the next day and said the car needed one of the control arms replaced. The cost, along with the other repairs needed, would be ~$620 - an additional $200+. I gave the go-ahead and was told we could pick the car up Friday (two days later). My daughter and I arrived Friday at 12:30pm and her car was still on the rack. The manager informed me that the other control arm was also bad and he was waiting for the part to come in.

I had never been called about the second control arm or asked if I authorize the repair - he just assumed. I asked him if it would be an additional $200 (which was the price he quoted me for the first control arm). He said it would be tight, but he would "do his best" to get it at $200. He then said the car would be ready the next morning (Saturday). I told him I'd be there around the time they open (8am). We arrived Saturday morning at 8:30am. The car was still on the rack and - by the way - it had been the only car on the rack the previous day too. The manager couldn't find my paperwork for ten minutes. He finally found it, scanned my credit card for $714 (I also had a $20 coupon) and tried printing the receipt and services performed on the car. The printer jammed and he said he would just mail a receipt to me. I asked, "Don't I need to sign something?" and was told, "Not unless you're going to give me a hard time about it." Really?

My daughter left and drove straight to the gas station less than one mile away to get gas and smoke began billowing out from under the hood and her coolant indicator was above "H". Completely livid, I called the Mr. Tire from where we had JUST picked up her car and surprisingly the manager was out for the rest of morning. I informed the person who answered that the car I had JUST picked up had smoke coming out of the hood. I was told I could bring it back there if I wanted (HA!) My daughter also called and was told the same thing. Beyond livid at this point, I then called Munro/Mr. Tire corporate office to complain. They contacted the District Manager who told me tow it to Mr. Tire in Mentor-on-the-Lake and they would ensure that the issues would be resolved. This location was very professional.

They checked out not only the overheating issue (which they determined was due to absolutely no coolant present - the other location never filled it - and a very, very sloppy oil change) they also checked over the "work" the Mercantile Drive location supposedly performed, which also resulted in a replacing hose that was still torn. This work was at no charge to me. The Mentor-on-the-Lake Mr. Tire team did a great job. They are professional, provide quality work and care about customer service and satisfaction. The Mercantile Drive Mr. Tire is absolutely terrible. The manager is rude and the quality of work is non-existent. And surprisingly, to this day, the manager has never returned my call or my daughter’s call.

Went in to the Mr. Tire on Front St in Binghamton, NY, just wanted front rotors and brake pads. After a 45 minute wait the manager came out and gave a quote of $850. He said the car was unsafe to drive and needed stabilizer bars and other things. After refusing the service we had to pay $32 for a "free" brake inspection. Took car to nearby competitor and was told nothing was wrong with the car except for front brakes which we got for $300. Manager also tried to add in filters for $120 which he never mentioned. Thank goodness we left.

I went to get an oil change at Mr.Tire (store #728) and the next day my oil lamp came on. I checked the oil level and there was no oil in there. I called Mr.Tire and was told to bring the car in so they could check it. I drove the car back to their shop but before I could make it the engine failed. Now the dummies should have had it towed instead of having me drive the car with zero oil in the engine. I am a computer geek not a mechanic so I am at the mercy of car professionals. Needless to say they have to pay for a brand new engine instead just because they didn't want to pay for towing.

Made an appointment to have an oil change. Was told I needed shocks and they could not rotate my tires until I had new shocks. Also told I needed a new air filter and cabin filter. Told them NO. In 15 minutes my car was done, according to them. Took car to a mechanic. He said that was a crock about the shocks. Tires can be rotated regardless. But my shocks were fine. As were my filters. Found out they did not put in synthetic oil but regular oil and did not change my oil filter. I am disgusted beyond belief and found corporate does nothing. Will be putting a sign up in front of their business in Chambersburg noting they are frauds and thieves.

I went to the Mr. Tire in Charlotte Hall, Md for an oil change last month. I have only owned my car for 2 months, although I am the 2nd owner. On Monday of this week, the oil abruptly leaked out of my engine and it seized up. After having my car towed to a Hyundai dealership, it was inspected and needs a completely new engine.

Apparently, when my car was getting an oil change at Mr. Tire, they put an ill-fitting gasket on my oil filter, and then, realizing it was ill-fitting, this terrible person, put a 2nd ill-fitting gasket over top of the first. This caused a distortion in the both bad gaskets and the compression built up and left me stranded on the side of the road when it spilled out all at once. I now need a new engine for $10,900 and a rental car. I reported all of this to the manager today and have yet to hear back from him. Read this cautionary tale and DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO MR. TIRE EVER!!!

I went to use coupon for tire rotation and also get wheel balance and alignment checked. Front desk person said that they checked wheel balance and alignment but they really did not even check them. I saw tires being rotated but they did not install anything to check alignment. They kept the car in workshop for only 20 mins and returned it. I asked front desk person multiple times on wheel balance and alignment check and he said that everything is perfect. No action is needed. And he even said that all my fluid levels are verified and topped up as needed. I later verified and see that my windshield fluid was less than half and my oil level is lower than expected. I got suspicious and requested a copy of readings of alignment. Then he lied that they verified the readings but there is no way to print them and they are now erased now and I cannot get them now.

When the website made a promotion/coupon, I was expecting them to honor it. When the staff went to this level of lying, it is time for you to introspect the offers you provide on your website and publicize them only if all your branches are able to implement them. How can anyone trust this kind of businesses who lie to this level? I had to go to Goodyear next day to have wheel alignment checked and alignment done. I had to make two trips and hassle of appointment with multiple shops when I was expecting that Mr. Tire would rectify and fix it in my first trip. I had quite a disappointing experience with Mr. Tire.

Later I saw another review of the same shop where a lady complained that they lied to her in the same way. She asked multiple times whether her tires are rotated and they kept lying that everything was perfect but when she went home and verified, she realized that they never rotated her tires. This is the worst lie I ever heard from any business.

They failed my vehicle for inspection claiming I need $600 in unnecessary repair. Took my car to another licensed mechanic, they told me my ball joints and break pads were just fine and passed the inspection. They draw people in w/ their cheap inspection fees but then fail them, telling people they need all kinds of repairs done when they don't. This is a scam!!! A scheme to draw business in!! Very untrustworthy and dishonest people running that place. They manipulate naive, ignorant people into replacing and fixing parts that work fine. I don't recommend to anyone. NEVER take your car there!!!

I called to ask if they would be able to re-issue the receipt of service in my name. A friend took my car in for the repair of my back tire. His name was on the receipt. They said no. They stated the policy of whoever brings the car in is whose name is on the receipt. I asked them to just email me that statement so I could get reimbursed by my company and show why my name is not on the invoice. The customer service manager and the director of customer service were rude and ridiculous.

Took my car in for a regular oil change. This was not the first time we have been to this location so I assumed we would get quality service being a customer already. They had a sign up saying they beat competitors pricing for oil changes, so I presented them with a coupon for a $17.99 oil change at Sears. The employee stated that was their price as well before I could even ask. She then proceeded to tell me it would be around $20-$21 with tax. I was already there and like I said we had gone there before so I agreed. She then told me it would be an hour minimum wait. At the time my husband was deployed so I couldn't leave the car, so my 1 year old and I waited in the waiting area. There were no other cars getting worked on since it was early in the morning and I seemed to be one of the first ones there.

While waiting several other people came in wanting service and the girl at the desk kept turning them away, stating they didn't have enough employees that day and they were pretty busy. As other customers could see there were 4-5 people working in the garage with only my car and another being worked on. There were about a half dozen empty bays and employees just sitting around. When it came time for me to be cashed out, the front desk receptionist (the same as who checked me in) rang me up for a total of $38! That was almost double what they told me it would be even with a coupon! The girl swiped my debit card and said it didn't go through but it was because their computer systems were "Old and Crappy" (her words). She then proceeded to swipe my card an additional 2 times and told me the error must have been in my end.

Having mobile banking on my phone I logged on and saw that the transaction already was pending through my account. She insisted it was an issue with their system processing transactions with my particular bank and that it "happened all the time." It suddenly went through and I left. That night I noticed it cleared my account and thought nothing of it. Until the next day when another charge from them (showing up on my statement as Monroe) was pending for the same amount. I immediately called my bank to dispute the second charge and was told they not only charged me more than once but froze my accounts!!!

So I drove down there and tried talking to both the receptionist and store manager showing them I had been double charged and they both seemed irritated that I was there. The manager stated he couldn't do anything about it since it was the weekend but he would call corporate Monday morning and I would for sure get a resolution. When I asked for his name (since they don't wear name tags) he became even more bothered and stated "Don't be calling me Monday about it." Well Monday came and went and I received no phone call.

Tuesday morning I called and asked to speak with the manager. He got on the line and didn't even know my name or for which car it was for but told me he called me about it. When I asked him what number he called he gave me a number that was nowhere close to mine. (If he didn't know my name or the car and had a bogus number one would believe he never called.) He said he would call corporate again and get back to me. (If he called already like he claimed he should have had a resolution.)

Knowing I wouldn't hear from him and still not able to access my account I decided to call corporate myself. That got me nowhere. The woman who I spoke to in the customer service department was extremely rude and said she would forward me to accounting. I have still yet to hear back from any of them and my accounts are still locked because my bank is flagging their multiple charges as fraud! Bottom line, from the receptionist to the manager and customer service at their corporate office, everyone seems too busy to be bothered. If you want awful customer care, a long wait and false advertising by all means take your car to Mr. Tire but I for one will not be back and I will make sure neither will my friends and family!

Came in for a simple oil change and a flat repair. The flat repair was free but then they add the mounting. The oil change itself was a basic oil change and even with an appointment it took well over an hour. Very frustrating especially since there were 4 technicians working and only 2 people in the waiting area. Will never use again. This was absolutely ridiculous. And to top it off when they finally found the leak in the tire they quoted me $36 to patch it up and claimed that they were not sure if it would hold and recommend I get a new tire. The tire was only 8 months old with plenty of thread left. So much for a FREE flat fixed. I ended up paying $40 for a conventional oil change and taking the tire somewhere else to be fixed. Then to end the day they killed the battery while they were working on the car. Stay away from this place.

A friend of mine was confronted with a scare his last visit to Mr. Tire. His power steering fluid was dark. If he did not replace it, he might lose his steering. I knew this was BS, and told him so. He still got it because he was scared by the service rep. I researched it and found out this is a major rip off. All fluids darken. As long as the fluid level is OK - NO PROBLEM. This cost him over $100!! I just had an oil change, and heard the same pitch. When I told the guy he was wrong, he still tried with the safety issue, and also the car dealers themselves recommended this. When I asked: "Which ones?" he had no answer. This is plain fear mongering at its best. They are not the only ones that do this, but they should be more honest.

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