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About Tesla Energy

Tesla Energy is Tesla’s clean energy company. It creates solar panels and fully integrated solar and battery backup roof options for customers who want to switch to green energy. The company offers a price-match guarantee to help make solar more affordable for homeowners and businesses. Tesla Energy provides a virtual consultation with an experienced energy advisor to help you decide if solar is the right choice.

    Pros & Cons


    • Free virtual consultation
    • Simple online quote process
    • Powerwall battery backup system


    • Can’t add on panels after purchase
    • Can be a lengthy process

    Bottom Line

    Tesla Energy produces customized rooftop solar system designs. The panels integrate seamlessly with Powerwall, a battery backup system that provides reliable energy during an outage.

    Featured Reviews

    Bristol, NH

    Choosing Tesla Energy was an easy and simple decision. ... I didn't have to tighten a single screw myself after the installation and I still haven't needed to. The whole thing cam...

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    Troy, ME

    While the price seems to be a bit higher, at least in my experience, the overall quality is absolutely worth it. I have no concerns about anything not working or breaking after a ...

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    Tesla Energy panels and equipment

    Tesla’s solar panels each have 400 watts of power. They have black solar cells with a backsheet encased in a black anodized aluminum alloy frame. Including the frame, each panel measures 74.4 inches long by 41.2 inches tall by 1.57 inches thick. The solar system designed for your home will likely have multiple panels that work together to meet your energy needs.

    Tesla solar inverts are 97.5% efficient, according to the company. The panels work in almost all weather conditions and can endure extreme hot and cold temperatures. They operate in temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Tesla solar installation

    Your Tesla energy advisor works with you to ensure your home is ready once installation day rolls around. They can help you identify any preconstruction needed before installing the solar panels, such as upgrading your main electrical panel or repairing your roof.

    The company partners with certified solar roof installers around the country, so you can find a solution even if you don’t live in an area where Tesla does installations.

    The team can install most solar systems in one day. However, if you’re installing a larger or more complex system, it could take longer. During the installation, expect to be without power for several hours so the crew can work without injury. Your installation team mounts the panels directly onto your roof, so they’ll need to set up ladders for easy access. It’s important to keep your kids and pets inside to avoid injury.

    Once the installation is complete, Tesla submits documentation to your utility company. After approval from the utility, you’ll get permission to turn on your solar system. This approval process can take several weeks, so you may not be able to start generating solar power immediately.

    » LEARN MORE: Solar panel installation guide

    Tesla Energy services

    In addition to solar panels, Tesla Energy offers solar roofs, the Powerwall integrated battery system and charging systems for Tesla vehicles.

    Tesla offers both glass and steel solar roofing tiles that look natural on your roof. Its systems come with a 25-year tile and power warranty. Steel tiles are corrosion and weather resistant, and the system has a high rating for wind and fire safety. The solar roof fully integrates with the rest of your solar energy system.

    Powerwall is an integrated battery system that stores the solar energy produced by your system. It is designed to be a backup battery that can be used whenever the power grid goes down.

    Tesla offers retail electricity through Tesla Electric. The company offers a home charging plan that is exclusive for Tesla vehicle owners in eligible territories of Texas. The plan allows customers to charge their vehicle overnight at home for $30 per month.

    Tesla Energy cost

    Tesla Energy does not list solar energy prices on its website. You can get a quote online to learn more.

    Overall, the cost of Tesla energy products and services depends on several factors, including your location, energy usage and local utility rates. Tesla provides resources to help you estimate and manage your energy costs, such as the charging calculator and the charge stats feature in the Tesla app.

    Financing options

    Tesla Energy offers two financing options: Tesla Financing and cash purchase. Both options result in full system ownership, qualify you for an investment tax credit and offer 10-year comprehensive and 25-year panel performance warranties.

    Tesla Financing requires at least a 10% down payment due at inspection. The first monthly payment comes 35 days after your system receives permission to operate, with the following payments due on the same day of the month as your first payments.

    Cash purchases require the full cost due at the time of inspection.

    According to the company website, the following financing options are no longer available:

    • Subscription
    • MyPower Loan
    • Power Purchase Agreement
    • Lease

    Tesla Energy warranty

    Tesla offers a 10-year comprehensive warranty for your entire solar system, including the Powerwall batteries, solar inverter and roof-mounting components. The company also guarantees its solar panels to perform at 80% or more of their stated power capacity for 25 years.

    Tesla Energy FAQ

    What is Tesla Energy?

    Tesla Energy manufactures high-quality solar panels and solar roof options. The company has nationwide availability and a price-match guarantee, making solar energy accessible to more homeowners and businesses.

    How does Tesla energy work?

    Tesla Energy works with you to design a solar energy system that meets your current and future energy needs. You can schedule a free virtual consultation to learn more about the process and have an energy advisor answer any questions.

    Where are Tesla solar panels available?

    The company mentions nationwide availability, but depending on your location, you may work with a Tesla-certified installer instead of directly with Tesla Energy. Before you begin the design process, the website clearly states if you’re outside the service area, so you can decide if you want to continue.

    Does Tesla Energy offer storage or monitoring options?

    Yes, Tesla offers the Powerwall-integrated battery system for solar energy storage and backup protection.

    Where are Tesla solar panels made?

    Tesla solar panels are made in the company’s Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York.

    Is Tesla Energy legit?

    Yes. We like that Tesla Energy offers a competitive price-match guarantee on qualifying solar energy systems. It also offers Tesla Powerwall batteries for energy storage, though they can be expensive.

    Tesla Energy Reviews

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    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Feb. 16, 2023

    In March 2022 I decided to proceed with solar options for my home. After an extremely bad experience with a smaller veteran owned firm, I decided to cancel them and transition to Tesla in September 2022. The experience and efficiency with their process was soooo much better and simple. They were efficient in working with the utility and city to get permits approved and from there when install was scheduled, the team that arrived was professional and courteous. They explained everything they were doing. From there final inspection from the utility and city was scheduled and the person that handled this was the same way, professional and courteous. If you're thinking about solar you should definitely go with Tesla.

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    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Jan. 4, 2023

    We have planned on Tesla panels being installed since summer 2022, speaking (only by text) with the Tesla team from California was difficult. Once a date for installation was set, we spoke (actual phone calls) to the actual installation team from Albany, NY. They had to drive 2 hours to get to our home. They were fantastic! Polite, knowledgeable, hard working men who knew the facts of installing solar panels during a New York winter!! They drove through bad weather, They had to shovel our roof twice. They had to work in our attic, not once did they leave any mess, they insisted on vacuuming and moving items that they thought might be in our way. They kept us updated on every step of the installation, and what to expect that would be coming next.

    I want to strongly suggest that the project manager that texts clients actually spoke to the installation team in order to give correct information! We were told that things had to be done that did not, and never told us what actually did happen. Please learn the laws of each state!! I have nothing but high praise for the team that completed our work yesterday. They need a raise!!!

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      Installation & SetupPrice

      Reviewed Oct. 27, 2022

      I love having tons of information that's easy to digest. I went on the Tesla website and had a quote at my fingertips in a matter of minutes. That quote price never changed, even after installation. I was able to fix my monthly payment by adjusting my downpayment and never had to speak to anyone. I was later contacted by a project advisor who set everything up for install. Not a single hiccup along the way. Once my system was installed and handed over to me a rep called within 10 minutes of the install guy leaving to schedule touch up work for the next day! Tesla operates like a well oiled machine, very impressive and highly recommended.

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      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPrice

      Reviewed Oct. 21, 2022

      Had a great experience with Tesla Energy. I ordered my system (16.8kW panels and 2 powerwalls) in Dallas, TX, July 21st, and have the system installed less than 3 months later (October 18th), including having to wait more than a month for HOA to approve the installation. Yes, it's hard to get someone on the phone, but the support via the website and chat work great (I had some back and forth on my design, which would normally be changed within 1-2 days, and some occasional questions which quickly got answered), the equipment is great, the price is way better than anything I got from other companies, and the install crew (Tesla employees) was very professional and friendly. System is operating without PTO, which should take another month or so. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking into solar!

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      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTechPriceOnline & App

      Reviewed Oct. 9, 2022

      The communication was excellent from the day one. Planning worked without a hiccup, they showed up as it was planned and installation was completed as it was stated. My system was up and running before they left the premises. The lead technician provided me with a good introduction to the app on the phone and some critical parts of the solar/powerwall system. My system has been generating enough energy as it was designed, my power bill is near zero. The most unbelievable part was the cost, which was the same at the end like the beginning., no change, go figure. Not like many others out there, you sign up for something and pay extra due to many excuses they find. Thank you Tesla.

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      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed Sept. 4, 2023

      I bought my house 2 years ago and took over the loan that was with Tesla solar. When we were going over the contract the rep had conveniently forgot to tell us that this loan you have to pay over your payment in order for your balance to come down. So for 2 years we have made payments and still have a balance of 40,000! Who does this **? So for us to ever get this paid we have to pay more than our bill which Is at least 200 a month to begin with for a home that people are gone for 10 hours a day and it's less then 1200 Sq feet.

      Also our system goes out all the time. Tesla will email me and say it's out then trying to get anyone on the phone is impossible. All it is recordings. No one wants to speak to you because they know they are wrong. Once you do get someone to talk to they schedule appt way out in the future knowing your system is down. We pay out the ** and they have never offered a credit since it's their system. I would never recommend tesla. They are worthless. Their customer service is zero. All they care about is making them money and don't care about the consumers. If any one has any idea how I could get out of this contract please let me know. We are just a family trying to make do. Please people don't waste your money on tesla. Don't get yourself in this huge mess.

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      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTech

      Reviewed Sept. 2, 2023

      My Tesla solar panel inverter failed within 2 weeks of installation and tripped my two solar 20A circuit breakers. I was out of town for 5 weeks and didn't discover the problem until I returned home. Tesla won't send a service tech out for 5 weeks. That is 12 weeks from the actual failure and 5 weeks from when I reported the warranty problem. I am without solar power and have an electrical safety issue. I can't talk with a manager about this issue- as Tesla makes it impossible to speak with a manager.

      I want an answer to the question of why the breakers tripped while we were away and the house had virtually no electrical load conditions? I spent 2.5 hrs on chat and customer support phones and was told the earliest I could get a service call is Oct 3rd - 5 weeks after I reported the outage and 12 weeks from the actual failure date. That is absolutely ridiculous. My solar panels are not operating - why? My smartphone app is not working - why? My system shut down by tripping the circuit breakers when I was out of town. Why? This is an emergency - and the best Tesla can do is schedule a service call 5 weeks out? Absolutely pathetic customer support.

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      Customer ServiceMaintenance

      Reviewed Sept. 1, 2023

      We ordered the Tesla solar panels and Powerwall in August, 2021. They came and installed them in Jan, 2022. But they didn't work at all. It took them more than two months and sent 3 groups engineers to figure out that they connected one line incorrectly. During these two months, I have numerous calls to their customer department to ask them to send someone to fix the problem. The experience is frustrating.

      In August 2023, my solar system stopped working. The customer service told me that someone will contact me in 15 business day. It has been about one month now and I haven't got any updates from Tesla. When I called the customer service, they just asked me to wait and nothing they can do. So don't waste your money and time on Tesla Energy.

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      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsTech

      Reviewed Aug. 24, 2023

      Tesla Energy Operations have not performed for me while I was attempting to request a solar panel with 2 power walls estimate/installation. The first virtual consultation was restricted to a 30 minute phone/video conference call. During that call I explained to the Tesla representative that my previous 12 month SCE billing cycle was a bit low due to the fact that 3 months out of the year I was away from home, with almost no usage. Example was a June month billing that used 100Kwh, extremely low for a June billing. I also explained that once I purchased solar I would be purchasing an electric vehicle which I thought would also raise my electrical consumption. The consultant seemed to understand and provided a second estimate for a system size that I felt was more realistic to my needs. Prior to moving forward with Tesla a $100 refundable deposit is required.

      Then I received an email from my “Project Advisor Patrick K”. Keep in mind Tesla will never meet with you in person and almost never over the phone. Business is conducted through email and through their website dashboard. This makes it extremely difficult to convey a point about low electrical consumption and my past 12 month billing cycle being low or to have any questions or concerns answered without multiple emails. I still have doubts from my questions after days of emails. Most of the information I provided to the Virtual Consultant, Rodolfo C., was not conveyed to my Project Advisor Patrick K. Therefore lots of time was spent going over my consumption concerns.

      After my consumption concerns were thoroughly conveyed and I requested a specific size system, my project advisor stated the new system would take a week to design. I was shocked since the first two designs provided by Tesla were during my initial 30 minute virtual consultation. In addition to that I have also discussed my needs with at least 4 other local solar companies, all provided estimates within an hour, and some provided second estimates within a day. All came to my home for a face to face visit, a walk of my property to inspect installation possibilities and other related requirements all at no cost to me.

      Tesla also sends out a Required CPUP solar packet, this document must be read and initialed and signed prior to any contract being signed by any company installing solar in the State of California. One of the items this document recommends you do is asking for references. When I asked my Tesla solar advisor for references in my area, he declined my request. He came up with some excuse that providing references from previous customer is against the company privacy policy. That makes no sense, I have worked with many contractors in my personal life in the recent past and references are part of the business. Usually when a contractor completes a project they ask the customer if they are happy with their performance and if they can use them as a reference. I have also worked with contractors in my business life and references are usually a requirement to procure a contract. Tesla seems to be hiding something.

      Another thing the CPUP solar packet suggests is to check the company contractor’s license. Tesla provided their license as **, when I looked up this contractor’s license on the State of California contractor’s license board site; it came up with 8 disciplinary actions since 3/10/2020. As of this writing Tesla has 1 disciplinary action citation from 3/16/2023 open and pending. When I asked my Project Advisor about their contractors license and the disciplinary actions he really did not have an answer, just if any damage was done to my home Tesla would make it right.

      I have reached out to my Project Advisor more than 6 times during my wait for an updated system size with no real answers. I even requested to discuss my issue with a management member, only to be told he, the Project Advisor is my point of contact through the remainder of my project. I diligently scoured the Tesla website to reach out to a customer service member or anyone that could help me with my issue, with no success. Some responses to my Project Advisor in reference to when the estimate would be ready were, we are busy, the estimate is coming soon, I have discussed this issue with our management team and the estimate will be ready in a couple days. It has been over a month and I have still not received an updated estimate for the system size I requested. I have requested Tesla refund my $100 deposit and am awaiting a response.

      One of my big concerns was the oversized system being approved by my utility provider. When I asked my Project Advisor when my utility provider will see my oversized system for the first time? More specifically will they see it when I sign a contract with Tesla, will they see it when Tesla pulls permits, or will they see it when it is 100% installed a paid for. The Project Advisor responded at the end when it is installed and paid for. I asked about the oversize agreement document my provider has and my Tesla Project Advisor seemed stumped.

      So keep in mind, do your homework, Tesla does not tell you what is going on with your energy provider. Tesla simply wants to sell a product, read the CPUP packet sent out and ask lots of questions and visit some of the sites recommended within the packet. Tesla has no paperwork; it is all electronic that Tesla wants you to review and sign to move forward. Bottom line Tesla is not concerned with their customers, only with selling. This was a horrible experience.

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      profile pic of the author

      Reviewed Aug. 23, 2023

      Expensive to buy. Battery cost outrageous!! And nowhere to store used batteries/toxic! Not nearly enough charging stations. Takes TOO long to charge. All electric world is never going to happen. Only affluent consumers can afford this. The majority of American drivers are NOT that wealthy.

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