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OptumRx specializes in the delivery, clinical management and affordability of prescription medications and consumer health products. Our high-quality, integrated services deliver optimal member outcomes, superior savings and outstanding customer service. We are an Optum company - the world's largest provider of integrated health services.

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Online & AppStaff

Reviewed Nov. 21, 2023

I've been trying to move my prescriptions to my new insurance for some time, and the home delivery service, which was previously so easy I took it for granted (Express Scripts). My first experience was just trying to find my medications and find my doctor so I could enter the information. Their website is a nightmare to navigate, and I work in IT! Once I figured out the website enough to have everything entered, I clicked "Submit", and got an error message. Trying to start over I never made it back to that point, and eventually the whole site was down and unreachable.

Online research indicates their outages go back as far as six years, and their reputation is sufficient to make me not even want to use them at all. I guess my recent experience is not a one-off, and I'll have to go back to manual pickups again. I miss mail order, and hope that United Healthcare finds a better mail order provider, because I'd sign up if they had a competent one. I don't know what's going on at Optumrx, but it seems a lot of people in upper management need to get fired and replaced.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2023

I called in to see if my mother's prescription could be filled correctly, she was in the so-called Donut Hole of Medicare, and her ** prescription was on back-order. I was told a lower dose was in stock, but each pen of the prescription would cost $267. I received an email saying three pens were ready. I called, and was told I would receive all three pens for $267 because the order was written as 12mg per month. I was told I would receive 9 pens for a bit over $800, so I approved the order. What came in the mail? Three pens for over $800, only enough for 6 weeks of medication. I could not get this refunded, and was told the agents cannot be trusted, "they just try to make the customer happy." So, do not trust this company with anything that requires any nuance. I am a physician, by the way, as well as a patient and daughter, so if I can be fooled, so can most people.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2023

    I received a tier exception for the expensive medication I've been on for 15 years for an autoimmune disease. It has kept me alive and I've had several tier reductions before I moved. Had one last year with OptumRx for AARP Medicare Supplement/UnitedHealthcare. When I applied this year I had to call OptumRx 14 times, being put on hold for an hour, having calls cut off, being told a variety of outcomes. I was rejected, they said, because doctor did not provide information. He did four times.

    I have his communications: what I was on, why I was on it, if anything else offered, etc. Not only did I receive ANOTHER letter saying that he did not provide information, I received a hand-lettered barely literate envelope addressed to my care representative (no last name). It was in fact to my doctor's assistant, who had been sending and resending doctor's instructions to OptumRx. I had not requested a representative nor could she have been mine. They are just waiting for me to give up.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2023

    I have been trying to fill a common generic drug for 9 days now. Multiple calls to Optumrx have been fruitless. My doctor's office tells me they have sent my prescription multiple times. Talking to Optumrx customer service seems to be pointless. I am having to make an appointment with my PCP now just so I can get this nightmare straightened out.

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedProcess

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2023

    I called the company asking them to sign me up for a month later so I could pick up that months meds at the local pharmacy. I needed them quickly. They started the process immediately and I was denied locally insurance-wise. Not only that they kept sending repeat order and I called them to stop. I will not pay double. What a mess over and over right from the start. Even cancelling them and he told me he would take them off the bill. One he did. Now I get another bill. This is exhausting. I will avoid them and encourage others to.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 6, 2023

    I have been dealing with OptumRx pharmacy mail order for 3 years now. The first year of dealing with them was actually better than the last 2 years, as they actually mailed my mother-in-law's Rx medications to our house, as planned. My husband, my mother-in-law's son, and I, have been filling her medications since her move to an Independent/Assisted Living facility. I am an LPN, and my husband is an RT. United Health Care and OptumRx are affiliated. OptumRx outsources to The Philippines; that is who I have talked to on the phone for customer service for the past 3 years.

    I have worked with some outstanding nurses here in the States, from The Philippines, so there is no bias feelings towards this group of people. It is just that, as polite as they sound on the phone, the OptumRx group call center from The Philippines usually do not understand what you are saying, after many tries, or they do not care, it seems. Sometimes I get ones that are rude. They are not properly trained on specific information on the prescription, for starters. Some background information.

    Problems: 1.) It has taken many phone calls to the call center to hopefully get my mother-in-law's TWO accounts into one account. Meant some important information on each account, but depending on which account they were looking at, there was not all the information together. Meant they would ask redundant questions that were answered many times before. Meant that they were literally not on the same page to understand things like 'The Doctor's office had already sent them Scripts for meds needing to be filled'.

    2.) Sometimes the medications get mailed to us, as originally set up; sometimes they get mailed to my mother-in-law's apartment at this facility, not knowing. Sometimes the meds don't get mailed at all. Even when the scripts have been updated per the Doctor's office. I have 2 meds that she's been out of, one for months. Saving grace is that have been able to break an older dose into two (better than not having it at all) parts for her updated dose. It's come to my calling the Doctor's office to have a script sent to a local pharmacy so she can have these important meds. This is after having made many calls to both OptumRx, and the Doctor's office. The problem is not with the Doctor's office.

    3.) Sometimes OptumRx mails way too much of a prescription that you did not order and do not need. I see that, as well, in the nursing home I work in, where OptumRx mailed about 10 tubes of a Rx cream that is only PRN (as needed), and only wanted one tube of. They are sneaky, and seem to try to find ways to bill one for more than what is required, by doing this. They can not be interested in integrity and honesty for the American people, from what I've experienced personally, and also see with other patients/residents.

    I would not take the time to write all of this down if it were bogus. Plus, look at all the other complaints from many many individuals. Why does United Health Care Insurance continue to use them for their mail order needs? Because it's cheap for them, and money is involved, and no-one seems to be putting the heat on this insurance company to make some serious changes.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2023

    I recently tried getting 1 medication from OptumRx. I was called and told this medication qualified for home delivery though Optum and that it would be a seamless transition. I have been on this medication for a decade, and my Dr. sent me a 10 day supply to Walgreens while sending a escript for a month supply to Optum, as she knew the shipping would take some time. After 1 day I went on the OptumRx site/app and tried to order the meds as I was instructed. The site wouldn’t allow me to do it. It wanted me to wait till the day my current prescription for 10 days ran out. That seemed completely screwed up to me as the shipping would take 7-12 days or 3-5 days if I paid for expedited.

    Neither of those options do anything if you must wait till your meds are gone to place the order. So I chatted in the app with a rep, they placed my order and said it would arrive Nov2nd -4th, I get a text confirming the order was placed and its est. arrival. The next day the order was cancelled for some reason. I called and talked with a rep, they ordered it and gave me a est. arrival Nov 6th-8th. Text confirmation and the next day it was cancelled again. Both of these calls were made Oct 25th-27th. Meds run out on Nov 3rd. Nov 3rd, the day before my bday and the last day of my meds, OptumRx processes my order, but does not ship it out. Gives est. arrival between Nov 9th-12th, but does not ship it. It doesn’t ship it Nov 4th either, still processing, nothing they can do when I call them on the 4th.

    This Company is Horrible. I’d blame it on the Non native English customer service and a lack of knowledge about U.S. prescription Regulations, but this is a Ownership and management issue. The rep I spoke with was pleasant and I believe truly wanted to help me. She gave me the pharmacist 1-800 number, and that coupled with my wonderful Dr and her staff who were aware of all this from the beginning, and the super friendly pharmacist at the Walgreens I use, they were able to call Optum on a Sunday morning and get an override and cancel the original script so they could fill the new script my Dr. sent to them on Saturday, originally as a bridge till the Optum order arrived.

    My entire experience with OptumRx has been horrible. I will never again try to get meds through them. There is no one you can get access to that can do anything for you. Not like at a Physical Pharmacy, where the Pharmacist and their under appreciated techs are capable of getting things done or walking you through most issues.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t even try OptumRx. It isn’t worth the added stress, anxiety, frustration and the extra depression of knowing that no one you call and talk to there is capable of doing anything to get your RX to you. Someone you have no access to who you will never talk to is in total control of your fate and they either don’t care, are too busy, or are under orders to screw as many patients as possible. You need human interaction in complicated health and personal matters. 99 percent of those that use Optum will go through some frustrating avoidable stuff. If not be outright killed or lose money having to be admitted to a hospital because of their Corporate ideology and incompetence. In my opinion.

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    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2023

    For the last year I have had terrible experiences with OptumRX not filling prescriptions and then not notifying me they would not be filled. I have had the same prescriptions on file for years, but suddenly they need additional authorizations from doctors to fill. I missed a whole month of medications recently, causing health issues but sure they don't care. They probably saved their company a lot of money by not filling the prescription. Once again today, while waiting on prescription, checked their website and order had been cancelled. When I called they said they needed another authorization, but the RX doesn't expire until December. I believe they do this so they don't have to distribute higher costs drugs to patients and even if one dose is missed, imagine how much money the company makes. I would not recommend any employer use them for prescription needs on the medical plans. It's been a nightmare!!!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2023

    This has got to be the most incompetent and exhausting pharmacy I have ever encountered. Not only do none of their customer service reps have any idea what they are doing, but the amount of texts and calls and updates they send you will have you wanting to change your phone number. It took me 4 hours over 2 days to get a very simple billing issue updated and corrected. My delivery is shipped on ice and is packaged incredibly poorly. No sharps containers provided which was standard for all other online pharmacies used. The invoice process is a nightmare as well and is sent via Cisco email that looks like phishing and makes you go through 4 screens/steps before just letting you view the thing. I couldn't possibly hate this company more. I thought Acredo was rough, but Optum makes them look like the most amazing company ever. I'd give anything to be able to use them again instead of this garbage dump called Optum.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2023

    Absolutely positively DO NOT use this pharmacy. It is SCARY how untrained and unprofessional these people are.

    1. It's a foreign pharmacy. Super thick accents, all different countries, not in America.

    2. VERY badly trained, all speak and act like untrained 5th graders, try to bill the wrong companies, don't have access to any of your doctor's information even if you wrote it down all on the website and the company page, so they'll ask you for your doctors information over and over again every single time. I told the one person I was talking to four different times I didn't have a pen and paper because they kept trying to give me different numbers to call instead of just transferring me over. It's like the guy just didn't hear what I was saying or he wasn't intelligent enough to process the information.

    This place is utterly awful I'm going to be going back to my regular CVS pharmacy tonight. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get medications and finally I just gave up because the people are so unprofessional, untrained and unintelligent it's not even worth it. This place is a complete joke and it's scary they have your pharmacy and insurance information and drug information at all. Where is the US government to look into this when you really need it? Again, they ask you the same information over and over and over and over again including doctor's names, doctor's numbers, doctor's addresses. It's like they don't use computers over there at all they just use a pen and paper to write your information down, it's very scary.

    If you can avoid them, avoid them at all costs. Now they're telling me I have to pay for a certain medications that they just shipped to me last month no cost because they are over-the-counter, which they're not. Please don't use this company. You will be spending an entire day begging for medications and in the end you'll probably just give up. After 3 hours I hung up the phone with a person I don't even trust to get my medications out. My blood pressure and my diabetes numbers have skyrocketed in the meantime because it was such a stressful experience. I will be ending our relationship today.

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