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I went to the store in response to a "same day store pickup" order I placed; 2 days had since passed. I understood that this might be the case at minimum because their website warns you, if the request is made within 2 hours of closing time of your local store, the "same day" request might not be honored. (This would lead one to believe that at minimum, the Vitamin Shoppe is checking real-time in-store inventory, and will fulfill your order from said in-store inventory at your local branch; since there's not much chance that even a timely morning order placed to a store could be fulfilled by same-day evening, if the store has to have the order shipped to it from a different locale.)

Well, clearly this is not the case, as my appearance in-store on the second day, was greeted with "We never received that order." After which point I apparently had no recourse except to purchase the same item from their on-shelf stock. To be fair, I would later note that my spam filter had misplaced an email sent 90 minutes earlier from the Vitamin Shoppe apologizing for not being able to fulfill my online order; regardless of which, why? I have money in my payment source, and the Shoppe said the order was approved. They simply said I had to "Wait to be able to pick it up."

If they aren't ready to fulfill the order, don't email customers saying your order is approved. If I wanted to wait several days for the arrival of a single simple supplement, I'd have ordered from a place that doesn't boast 2-day in-store pickup, max. At least when one orders from Amazon they tell you when the package will arrive, thus giving you a chance to accept or deny their shipping timeframe before you press "buy". Very poor process on the part of the Vitamin Shoppe.

Hagerstown, Maryland branch is run by a very short angry man. Unlike all other locations he hides his free samples of protein and energy drinks in the back of his fridge like some kind of freak. They are normally set out in a cooler for customers to help themselves. I spend $4-20 a day at VS stores. This guy told me I wasn't allowed a sample as I had a sample the day before on a separate TRANSACTION. He told me no. I asked again and he said it cost him money... personally. Forget the 15 or 16 years of customer loyalty of $2,000-$4,000 yearly. These guys told me no repeatedly. It wasn't a joke. I'll just go elsewhere. Keep your samples. The few cents you saved cost you thousands.

I was in the Burnside Portland, Oregon store today to pick up some **. The sales associate seemed very rude. She had black hair and was about 5 feet in height. When my change was handed back to me she "threw it" at me, while giving me rude looks as I left the store. Being a national nutritionist I used to send clients to your store, however in the future I am having serious reservations about using your store as a referral service for supplements and vitamins for my clients.

I don't appreciate being treated disrespectfully as a customer in your store and if this continues I will no longer shop at your store, and refuse referring my clients to your store. I have shared my experience with numerous online customer rating networks so they too may be warned about this behavior that is occurring at the Portland, Oregon Burnside location.

I order from here because of deals and the product I want is always in stock. I am done with it though, shipping is ridiculous!!! I can't track it. They take forever, and CS was useless!! Not once but almost every time! I will pay a bit more and order from elsewhere now.

Shipping is ridiculous to track. They ship partial orders without any notice and never reship the backordered. You get standard answers when you write customer service. Order anywhere but from here.

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They claim their slogan to be "everyone matters". Hahah what a joke this crappy company is. Spent over $200 with them early April 2016, I know is not much but to me it's $200. Received my first order after a few days even though I did same-day store pickup, whatever. I got what I order so I didn't complain. Ending of April 2016 I ordered again to take advantage of their BOGO sale of their crappy brand, spent $127.06 waiting for the product. I get an e-mail saying that the order is cancel with no reason why. I call the number provided. I am told I am out of luck and can try to re-order as they can't tell me what happen. lol. This company is a joke, they have terrible customer service, sell really crappy supplements that they attach their name to sale BOGO deals and get upset when you question what happened with your order. I will never give this terrible company a dollar.

On April 22 at The Vitamin Shoppe located at 2205 N. Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale 33305 I purchased two items totaling $50.98. This morning, April 23rd upon a review of my checking account, I found two pending charges for the exact same price of $50.98. The Vitamin Shoppe must have accidentally charged my account twice. No big deal... Let me give them a phone call and try to rectify it or ask if I need to bring in a copy of my bank statement. When I explained the dilemma to ** the manager on shift, his response was, "That's impossible, we can't double charge". In response, I suggested I bring in a copy of my bank statement showing the two pending transactions with two different transaction numbers from The Vitamin Shoppe.

He told me there's no need for that because there's nothing he can do to help me. Not once during our conversation did he ask for my name and information to at least look up my transaction. He suggested I call my bank and attempt to resolve it with them, at which I then stated, "This is why I shop with because they would have looked up the transaction, verified the situation and resolved it... making my shopping experience a smooth, happy experience."

** then became upset, argumentative and interruptive. I expressed my dissatisfaction with his behavior towards me as a customer and this will all go into my review of my shopping experience at their store, plus I'm going to use his behavior when I call The Vitamin Shoppe corporate office. ** hung up the phone on me. Hmmm... The Vitamin Shoppe charges me twice (accidentally) and owes me $50.98 and then I receive abusive attitude from the manager on duty and he hangs up on me.

How interesting is that? If I had a problem with a transaction with, they'd have been apologetic and extremely cooperative with me, thus making me feel as if I am a valued customer. Upon contacting The Vitamin Shoppe customer service, I spoke with a representative named Elley and explained my experience thus far. I was calm, but obviously a very dissatisfied customer. She apologized for my experience and told me I would receive a call from corporate on Monday as they are not in the office during the weekend. I do expect to be refunded the mistaken transaction funds, but I sincerely hope the manager ** receives some sort of disciplinary action and training in customer relations. An apology would be a good start. I will be holding off from submitting my review pending the outcome of our investigation...

April 27, 2016... It is now 5 days after my purchase at The Vitamin Shoppe and 4 days since I initiated my complaint with customer service at The Vitamin Shoppe. I did not receive a call from corporate Vitamin Shoppe in regards to my financial issue nor the abusive treatment from Ike the local manager. I instead initiated a call regarding both issues and was told my funds will be refunded. In regards to ** and his abusive customer relations skills... Well, I haven't been contacted by anyone from The Vitamin Shoppe which is indicative of a much bigger problem at The Vitamin Shoppe.

The Vitamin Shoppe clearly does not care about their customers. This is why their employees are completely unskilled in customer relations. Hence, this is why I do the majority of my shopping (spending my hard earned money) at a company which clearly has a complete training department on customer relations. Amazon has the exact same products for $9 less with 2 day delivery which will be subscribed to for a very pleasurable monthly delivery. Thank You **. Thank you Vitamin Shoppe for a very long drawn out disastrous $50 shopping experience.

I purchased a supplement for $30 at the Vitamin Shoppe. When I returned home, I opened the jar to find that the foil seal had a huge hole in it - as though someone stuck a finger through it. I took the supplement and the receipt back the next day. They did not have the another of the exact supplement that I purchased, so I chose another brand. There was a price difference and I was owed money from the exchange. I was told that I could have a credit to the store, but not cash back (I paid with cash for the original purchase). The lady who works at the store is very helpful and informative but told me that since the original jar was opened, I was not able to get cash back. I went ahead and purchased other things to make up for the money that I was owed. For future purchases of this nature, I will go to GNC.

I received my award coupons approximately a month or two ago in the mail. I have a couple of accounts with them, one under my name, one under my son's name. I received another $25. award coupon in the mail to my surprise. So I went to Vitamin Shoppe and when paying and trying to use the new award coupon I'm told it has been used already. Turns out they sent out a duplicate coupon a month or two later in the mail just like the first time. The cashier said that it happens many times. Once you're online with people behind you, chances are you'll just tell the cashier, "No worries just ring me up". I believe this is exactly what Vitamin Shoppe is hoping for and that's why they are sending out duplicates so they can drum up business. We are the customers that are their bread and butter and this is how they are returning the favor. When I called customer services I pretty much got a, "Oh well" from them. These kind of business tactics cannot be rewarded!

Vitamin Shoppe advertises they have same day shipping if ordered by 6pm eastern. I placed my order Thursday night, so it should have shipped Friday. Today is Wednesday and I haven't received shipping info, so I checked VS website, which lead me to UPS. Tracking info is as follows (most recent scan on top): Secaucus, NJ, United States 11/24/2015 (Tues) 12:28 A.M. - Departure Scan. Secaucus, NJ, United States 11/23/2015 (Mon) 6:56 P.M. - Origin Scan United States 11/22/2015 (Sun) 5:07 P.M. - Order Processed: Ready for UPS.

My complaint isn't that it's taking 16 days for my order to arrive (and not the "2-6 days" they claim), but that VS states orders ship the SAME DAY. Since they had my order bright and early Friday morning, why did my package not arrive at UPS till TUESDAY NIGHT?? I ordered online to save time, but it looks like I'll have to go to the store to buy my products and then take this package back to VS for a refund. I will not be shopping at Vitamin Shoppe again, online or in the store. There are many alternatives to choose from, so why support bad business practices?

I ordered a shampoo and conditioner almost 2 months ago. They never mentioned anything about a back order when I ordered the stuff online but then later I only received the conditioner in the mail. Now, almost after 2 months I still have not received the shampoo. I called in to tell them how dissatisfied I was with the customer service but they couldn't care less. WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY IN FUTURE.

Service is ridiculous. My last order was on holding pending review almost week without tracking number.

I went to buy some protein, and I saw a couple of the Vega protein on sale 50% so got the 2 last one and 1 of the soy protein non-gmo $50% too. When I got to the register they told wasn't on sale. I showed them the sign and they told it's for the product on the side also a soy protein, so I took one of those and the price was regular. They told "I am sorry we messed it up." But they don't gave me the discount. I have to look for other protein. Very sad. :(

Warning you're paying for placebos. I bought a thyroid supplement "kelp" that was supposed to help increase iodine. The recommended daily amount for iodine is 12 mg daily. Each pill only contains 250 mcg. You need 1000 mcg to equal 1 mg. I can get more iodine just by eating iodized salt for a fraction of the price. Also their protein shakes are double the price you can find elsewhere.

We have ordered several hundreds of dollars via online stores. Have ordered 2 times from this outfit, as I thought it cannot be so bad a second time. It was worse. The pricing is good, however the Customer Service is the worst I ever dealt with. Next day shipping? Will not happen... Next week shipping? If you are lucky that may happen. Took 8 days from order date until receiving a tracking number..... (Free advice) If you don't like to get aggravated stay away from this company.

Beneflex is advertised on their website as costing $47.99, purchase it monthly. Last week was at the store and was charged $50.99. Why? They say because from week to week, the prices change. How about that? I just cannot wait to go there and see what the next surprise price will be...not. I explained the matter to the salesman there and he was just too busy unwrapping products to be placed on the shelves to even listen to me. Go to now... Get the price that is posted on the site, which is less and they deliver it for free to my home in a couple of days.

Called the store just today to inquire again as to why this happened. A man on the other end said the same thing... Prices can change from week to week. I was offered a refund but gee, I had already opened the bottle. So this is a 'hit or miss' shopping experience. This is a product I purchase every month. I don't need to play stupid games with prices. No thank you.

Purchased two deodorants on 1/31/15 for myself and daughter. The deodorants are actually causing high body odor than the usual. I called the 12 4th Ave Store to stated I would like a full refund for the item not a Merchandise Credit and he (the Manager) insist upon providing a Store Credit. The company sells products that don't work and then you force the consumer to continue shopping at your store with a Store Credit instead of offering a refund. I understand it is a hygiene product. However, they are insured for faulty products. This is my first time shopping with them and my absolute last. Will post this on all my Social Media pages.

The site was unresponsive to sending an email to reset password as they said the would. I received an email regarding a sale. The item was only to be on sale till midnight of that day that I read the email. It was only for online purchase. I was not able to log in to make the purchase without my password. I received an automated reply that someone would be respond within 24 hours. That automated response came through and a response to reset the password should have also. I was pretty upset because the sale item was 50% off and I was not able to order it.

I also had a very bad experience with them. I placed an order over the phone, because their site was down. Next day I got a confirmation e-mail with my order which had completely wrong name and address. Somehow my debit card was charged, even the name, billing and shipping name were wrong. That's very strange. I wasted 2 hours, calling them 3 times to fix my order. They would still make mistakes in my name and address. Those people do not care about service or their customers. I will never again order from them. Such a bad company.

I ordered four bottles of 32 oz UDO oil on 9-29-2014. On 10-10-2014 the package arrived at my post office with oil dripping out and glass rattling in the box. I refused the box and came home and called the vitamin shoppe. I was given a replacement order number and was assured the replacement items would be shipped immediately. By 10-30-2014 I had not received the replacement order and again called the vitamin shoppe and was told the replacement items were never shipped. Once again I was given a replacement order number and was assured the items would be shipped overnight. By 11/4/2014 I had not received the order. Once again I called the vitamin shoppe and now requested a refund. The box showed up today 11/6/2014 at my post office with oil leaking out and glass rattling in the box. I refused the box. By my count now I had received 12 smashed UDO oil. No wonder the shares are dropping. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS BUSINESS.

Very bad customer service. I ordered 2 products since October 3 and I was supposed to receive my package 3 weeks ago. However, I only received one of the products. The company had not provided me tracking number or any shipping information of this product, and it is exactly 1 month since the day I purchased it. When I contacted them recently, they said my products was back-ordered (Well, I don't mind waiting for it but they should have let me know about its delay). I cancelled my product. No solution offered! Never buy here again or refer anyone buy here!

In the past, I have written 2 reviews about vitamin shoppe products and cannot find the reviews on their website so I am guessing reviews are removed if not approved. I had terrible headaches after using VS stevia. It took months to figure out what in my diet was causing these terrible headaches and finally figured out it was VS brand stevia. Prior to that I had a review about another product and that review disappeared. Now I am questioning VS brand Melatonin. I still shop at the local VS store but I no longer buy any VS products.

I contacted Roxy and Kathy concerning non-delivery.. They did nothing for five days. Finally Kathy put me on hold for 30 minutes telling me I had no alternative if I wanted a refund. Finally came back online and supposed to get refund in two weeks. Stay away from these people. Very poor customer service and products do not get delivered and no explanation given.

I have ordered supplements 2 weeks ago and haven't received them yet!!! How long does it usually take... This is my first time to order from Vitamin Shoppe - If I don't receive my supplements soon then I will never order from them again ever.

6/2/2014: Merchant advertised free shipping on ALL orders. Website processed order and AFTER accepting my credit card info, it added shipping & charged it to my credit card! Took several days of emails to rectify that issue. 6/7/2014. No goods received. Phoned 866-293-3367. Automated system said should arrive by 6/9/2014. 6/16/2014. No goods received. Phone merchant, spoke to agent who apologized, said it was lost by post office and promised to ship replacement by UPS for delivery 6/17/2014. 6/17/2014. No goods received. Phoned merchant for 3rd time. This time they said order was not processed! IMHO, is an absolute FRAUD and should be shut down or heavily fined by FTC.

Do not use Vitamin Shoppe Online. I am a fan of their stores but their corporate on line customer service truly could not be worse. I received supplements HOT - not warm - HOT, compromising the effectiveness of all the supplements I bought. This all had to do with the way they ship their supplements without any insulation. When I emailed them to ask for a refund and a return tag, they promised me IN WRITING that they had sent a call tag AND had processed a refund for me.

I had to ask for a call tag twice and then they NEVER processed the refund for a full 20 days AFTER they had promised they had and AFTER I demanded proof from them that they had processed the refund - and yet they still never offered proof or an apology. This is about 17 emails later. I did finally get the refund, without apology and without any acknowledgement that they had made absolute statements that things had been done that were never done. It took stating that I would contact the Better Business Bureau to get my refund. STAY AWAY!!!!!

I went to the VS in Deerfield Beach to look for a product that I have bought there before, knowing they were a smaller store and did not have everything in stock. Needless to say, I could not find the product and the salesperson had no idea what I was talking about. I decided to drive to the Pompano Beach location about 3 miles away as they have a bigger selection. Of course, they were out of the product and the manager was not helpful. In fact, he walked away during the middle of our conversation to help another customer not even excusing himself.

I then asked if he could look it up in the computer and he said he could but products change every month. I asked him if this is the way he treats all customers and he said, "I don't know what you mean." I asked if I could get the manager's name and he said he was the manager. I told him I was not coming back and he lost a customer. He responded by saying, "What do you mean by a good customer?" Best part is I left and ordered the product 50% off online and saved over 25. I will never set foot in one of their stores again. Thanks for listening to me.

I went in to buy 1 specific item that was advertised in Muscle and Fitness magazine and ran it on computer. It was advertised as being on sale at Vitamin Shoppe stores. The product is made by Universal and called Cuts. The original price was $59.50 on sale at $28.79. They did not have it in store and I got a clerk to run it on computer and she said it was not there. I'm confused as it is being advertised and it’s on my computer. Thanks.

I ordered from them over a month ago. This shipment was performed in 3 parts. One part didn't make it to me as it was damaged. The re-order was done to replace this part. This shipment was damaged and none of the order was delivered to my address. I asked customer service reps to just issue me a credit or refund and I would just buy the item at their local retailer. I was told that a refund would be processed that day. I then went and purchased the item directly from one of their local stores and waited patiently for the refund. It never arrived. I contacted their customer service people again and had to explain this story a total of 5 times before a gentleman said I would get a refund processed immediately. That was yesterday. I still got no refund in my account.

I contacted customer service again. I refused to explain yet again what happened, because they don't take proper notes on orders. And I demanded to speak to accounts receivable. She refused and said she would review the notes. I sat on hold for over 15 minutes until I decided to contact their corporate offices. Every time I asked to speak to a manager or legal department or someone live about the problem, I was directed to a voicemail. Finally about 20 minutes after the initial call with Teresa, she called me back to tell me that she spoke to corporate and a refund was being issued today.

I'm not going to hold my breath. I was promised this multiple times already. I'm now filing complaints with the NJ Attorney General's office and the FTC, as their company is basically defrauding me by taking money and not delivering the promised goods. I am majorly displeased with this company. And when their direct competitor GNC is so easily accessible, I'm hard-pressed to find a reason not to take my business there. Their company's lack of customer service, ability to package a shipment to protect against damage, and overall fraudulent financial procedures are next of kin to criminal

I ordered an amino acid supplement in early April 2010 via their website. I was told the product was on backorder. As of June 4, 2010, I have still not received my order or a reason why the manufacturer has not delivered. Every time I email them asking about my order, all I get is the following:

"In response to your email, our records indicate that item CL-1546 is on backorder until approximately 04/25/10. However, please be advised that this date is not guaranteed and is subject to change. Once the item becomes available, it will ship out and should arrive within 3-6 business days"

They will not give me the next level manager's contact information or name. So tomorrow, I am going to place a call. They are giving me a total runaround so sending a complaint directly to their business development (sales) VP should get their friggin' attention!

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