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I have been a VITACOST CUSTOMER for several years. I placed my latest order in September 2016 and it took a week to get it to me. I called VITACOST customer service numerous times and was always promised an immediate call back which only once happened. I even called the shipping company only to be put on hold for 20 minutes and no one ever came on the line. I called the shipper the next day and was told they will review and call me back and they did not. Their customer service did not care about my order or its timely delivery. My other complaint is that there is no way to get to upper level management to voice my complaint.

I and a small group of friends all order from Vitacost every month or so, for over 3 years. If I forget something, my friends will add it to their order, or if we don't have enough to make free shipping, we pool our orders. None of us has had any problems with the company so far. Occasionally we've had to return items we ordered by mistake, and customer service was prompt and returns were easy. I noticed many of the negative reviews of this company were questionable in their complaints, and many were obvious errors made by the consumers themselves. I think this company is great and deserves a high rating.

About two weeks ago, I ordered a half dozen bars of Taza 87% dark chocolate from The items arrived within a few days (timely), which was good. Peeling back the wrappers, I realized one by one, the bars of chocolate were aged/heat damaged, while others were spotted with mold. 100% of the shipment was poor quality, thus raised a question in my mind about inventory control and supply chain management. I asked for a refund and received one immediately. All in all, a couple of good things happened (shipping time and quick refund) but not all together. They didn't truly solve the issue - at least not in my mind.

I was surprised Vitacost did not want me to return the product. Why are they not interested in seeing what the issue was with the product? Was it the cost of shipping to return? Hey, that's the cost of doing business... sorry. Businesses have to take opportunities as they arise to improve themselves. To share my experience with other shoppers, I took time to create a review with pictures to support. A week after submitting, it's still not up. I guess my negative review wasn't accepted by the editorial review board. On the submission, it stated that someone may contact me to discuss. Today, still no type of communication has been made by Vitacost. The combination of Vitacost not wanting to see the problem and not allowing me to share it with other shoppers via online review left me with a poor impression.

I made an order on 7/13 and was promised to receive it within 2 business days. Well, by 7/15 nothing, and there was zero tracking info as if the package was in limbo somewhere. I contact, via email, Laser, and they admitted something went awry, but give it another 2 business days, get what nothing and no tracking. Contacted Vitacost via email, but no answer. Contacted via chat, and they admitted there was a problem, and whether I wanted a refund or replacement. I choose the refund. I need to wait 3 days to see it. Poor and poor customer relation, avoid these people at any price. Many people in my building have complained about Laser and their lack of responsibility, such as leaving packages outside the lobby, so anybody from the street could grab the parcels.

I placed an order for vitamin supplements through Vitacost. They advertised "free and fast shipping" with my order over $39.00. Unfortunately, their "free and fast" shipping was contracted through LaserShip. I placed my order on 6/28/2016 and received a confirmation from Vitacost that delivery would be made in a two-day timeframe. I got busy with family and the 7/4 holiday and didn't dawn on me that it was 7/10 and I still had not received my order. I went to my Vitacost confirmation page and it gave me my LaserShip tracking number. When I clicked on the link, I was taken to the LaserShip site where it showed that the order was shipped to the wrong LaserShip facility so it was shipped back to the vendor. The next day I checked it read "delivery attempted -- wrong address." I verified my address on the original order and it was correct.

I was corresponding via email to both Vitacost and LaserShip about this error. Being held on hold for more than 15 minutes, I elected to contact each company by email. I received the same "We have received your communication and will check into the matter" three separate times from Vitacost. The third message on LaserShip's tracking was "attempted to contact buyer -- was unavailable." What the **??? No one had tried to contact me and I was home all week and no one attempted to deliver the package. Finally, after a fourth email to LaserShip requesting they contact me by telephone and not email, I listened to a voice message later that day that said, "Sorry your order was messed up; apparently it was sent to the wrong part of the country. We have returned the shipment to the seller. You will have to contact them to re-send the merchandise."

I'm just as upset with Vitacost because I have now asked twice to just cancel the order and refund my credit card. Twice now I've received emails asking me to verify my address so that they can ship out my order. Are you kidding me? I don't want vitamin supplements that have been on a hot truck that has travelled to another part of the country. GIVE ME MY REFUND AND I WILL SHOP LOCALLY FROM NOW ON, EVEN IF I HAVE TO PAY MORE -- at least I won't have to go through these hassles!!! Poorest customer service I have ever experienced from BOTH companies. As of today, this is STILL not resolved.

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This is the second time I have had an issue with their shopping cart system. On June 22, I submitted my order. I received an e-mail and I found it had over $100 of items that I had previously ordered added to my new order. Within 15 minutes I attempted to submit a request for correction via their online customer service system. It was denied because the system said I had an invalid order. I got up early around 6:00AM EST and sent the e-mail again.

At 12:09PM I received the following e-mail: "Unfortunately, due to the swift nature of our ordering process, we cannot make any changes at this stage. I am so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. For future reference, when placing your order through your online account, you can delete items or cancel your order within 15 minutes from placing your order. The good news is that your entire purchase is covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with any product for any reason, you may return it or request a full refund or replacement within 60 days of purchase. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via chat, phone, or by simply replying to this email." Needless to say I am going to locate a reliable vendor.

I placed an order through Vitacost and within enough time that my kids would not be without their much needed supplements. The package arrived and the probiotic, which is supposed to be shipped with an ice pack, came wrapped in paper. I immediately got on their website to get a replacement. I marked in the reason area, "item not shipped cold". A few days later the same thing, no ice pack! Again, why did I waste my time ordering a replacement and put a reason just for it to be ignored! Waste of my time!

I called customer service and I was told that it is a warehouse issue and will take 3-5 business days to fix. More time wasted! She would refund the product and I would have to call back and re-order. As a courtesy for my trouble she would waive the shipping. I had free shipping on my original order so how does that do any justice? She was also laughing during our conversation with another employee. I was not happy and she got a manager.

The manager came on and repeated exactly what the first representative had told me. I explained that they needed to refund the product and ship me a new one for free in a cold pack. It states right on their website that "item ships cold". Since they cannot bring back time or take back any aggravation or frustration, the only way to compensate me is to send me the product for free. She offered me 10% off and 1 day shipping (which she bragged was an awesome deal because shipping is usually $14.99.)

She also went on to say that they recommend 1 day shipping with items that need to be kept cold and since I did not pay for that the first time I was getting a "deal". She just could not understand how that is NOT doing anything extra for me. I have a 12% off sitting in my inbox and I ordered in enough time to not need 1 day shipping. The 2 day shipping in a cold pack is enough to keep the potency of the product. They created the problem so basically I would expect that they would at least refund the product and send it ASAP! I am not being paid to be their quality control and it is not my problem that it takes them 3-5 business days to fix an error in their warehouse.

So, here is the irony: the manager was adamant that she could not send me the product free, but the warehouse will continue to send out a faulty product and waste tons of money (much more than sending me the free product) while they try to fix the issue. In addition, it was highly offensive, like previous customer reviews have commented, that they act like they are giving you a "deal" by doing what they should already be doing. I.E. shipping it out ASAP and at least offering more than a discount that I already have in my account! Bottom line: Order at your own risk. Vitacost does not care about their customers or the quality of their products!

Anyone who knows me knows the vigilant lengths I go to protect my sobriety. I don’t use cough syrup or mouthwash, I don’t take anything stronger than aspirin for pain and I don’t eat food that has alcohol in it even with the claim that it “cooks off“. Late last year I ordered vanilla extract from I get it from here because it’s hard to find a non-alcoholic version that isn’t synthetic and loaded with preservatives. I don’t use it very often but I know that vanilla extract is 41% alcohol and shouldn’t be ingested by someone like me.

Since I don’t use it that often it took me a few months to realize the mistake that had been made. I was making a cake and spilled a drop of the extract on my hand. Instinctively I went to lick it off. Something was wrong. I looked at the bottle and noticed it was not the non-alcohol version. I immediately dumped the bottle and washed my mouth out furiously trying to get that taste out. I went online to check my order and saw that it was not my mistake – I had only ever ordered the non-alcohol version.

Now if I had used this for baking I wouldn’t have been in a total panic. But I do not. I use it in smoothies and yogurt and don’t know how many times I have accidentally ingested alcohol in the past few months. I protect myself so vigilantly because I don’t want to take any chances with my sobriety. I don’t know if the taste of alcohol or having even trace amounts in my system will trigger me to go back out. The thought terrifies me.

I wrote to the company. What I received a string of emails – from a different person each time – asking me what ELSE they could do after they refunded the $9.47 for the wrong product they sent me. They also said they checked the warehouse to make sure this kind of thing never happened again. They told me this no less than 7 times. Am I glad that this won’t happen to someone else? Of course. Am I glad I got my money back for a product I won't use. Sure. Is that enough? Hardly. They also apologized for the “inconvenience”. It’s so much more than an inconvenience. SO much more.

I got one last email today telling me how seriously they take this claim. They offered me 15% off my next purchase. I actually laughed out loud. Anyone who signs up for their services will tell you I get emails offering 15% off several times a day! And countless flyers sent to me each week! 15% off is a joke. They clearly don’t care enough about keeping my business. I order so many things from them each month and have referred many friends to ordering products from them as well. So much so that it will actually take some time to order all that stuff from some place else. Which I am going to do this afternoon. I write this to not only alert alcoholics but also alert anyone who values good customer service. These people are not that. I may be overreacting but I value my sobriety more than anything else in my life because with it I have nothing.

I've been a happy Vitacost customer for several months and my experiences have all been great, so great that I've begun recommending this company to friends and family. The correct products have been delivered in a timely manner consistently and the prices are competitive. A recent experience, however, has me questioning their integrity and my one-star rating is in regard to this. I believe this company is fixing their product ratings.

Recently, I purchased a spirulina powder from Vitacost. After receiving the product I decided to do further research into spirulina and the manufacturing process. This particular product was not only from China, but there is no additional information to be found on the manufacturer. Not through Vitacost and not through the distributor, Starwest Botanicals. Because of this lack of information and minimal information on the product label, I submitted a low rating and warned consumers to do their research on where their spirulina is manufactured.

Two weeks later and my review has not yet been posted. This prompted me to do a little digging and in doing so I noticed that the bulk of their products have a five-star rating. I even found a spirulina product with an overall 4.5 stars, only to find one reviewer gave two stars and the other rating was five stars, but the five stars was generic. There was no name or information of any kind tied to it. It was simply there to boost the overall product rating. This has to be illegal. If nothing else it's immoral and I'm not giving Vitacost anymore business until they can speak to this matter and also post my review. My concerns were voiced to a customer service rep today. We'll see how we go.

I tried to change the arrival date of my package. I spent an hour trying to get through to the shipper who could not help me. I spent over an hour between two different Vitacost chat representatives who both assured me the package would be rerouted back to them and my money refunded. This never happened and the shipper left the package in the parking lot of a different building. Vitacost customer service never got back to me even after leaving multiple emails and speaking with multiple customer service representatives. What a waste of hours of my time. Worst customer service ever. Shop at your own risk!

I've started ordering from this company about 3 years ago, here and there. Lately, I've had the need to order from them much more, on a bi-weekly basis after comparing prices, they were the best. After multiple orders, I've made two mistakes on details of my orders but they've taken care of me both times! First time, I meant to order shampoo but carelessly ordered conditioners. So, I got to their site and chatted with a customer service and within seconds a rep helped me out. I thought, man this is so convenient and they're response is FAST & FRIENDLY. In fact, I ended up with free conditioners.

Then this week, I contacted them again because I thought my order didn't arrive as expected. It actually did come in right after I chatted with the rep. I was just impatient (got spoiled with one-day shipping). They took care of it in a speedy manner. I'll just leave it here because this is getting really long, but I just want to say, I've NEVER experienced such customer service as I have with them. AWESOME company with AWESOME price and customer service. One more awesomeness, their shipping is only a day or two!!

All of a sudden the website is impossible to use. Boxes cover the site and it says "slow script". I cannot keep anything on the screen. The little round ball keeps popping up. I called several times and cannot get help. I am looking for another site.

I ordered product online and applied a promotional code. I received an invoice online. Part of the product arrived several days later with an invoice indicating 2 of the 6 items arrived, the adjusted cost including the promotional discount and that the other 4 items were shipped separately. They never arrived. After contacting VitaCost they indicated the 4 items were cancelled. They never sent me notice of the cancelled items. The amount charged to my credit card was more than the invoice amount. Upon contacting VitaCost they said they didn't know about any promotional code. Nonsense - they printed the invoice and their site applied the discount. They refused to honor the invoiced amount. They never notified me of the change in price. I disputed the charge with the credit card company and they promptly credited me the amount. seems very much to be disreputable.

2 different $100+ orders were supposed to arrive in a couple days. They didn't. No response from the shipping company, OnTrac, who is equally as horrible. NO response. Vitacost finally said they would issue a refund and I actually have email confirmation saying they would do so. They did not and now say they will not issue a refund. They have completely ripped me off. 10 days later, no product, no refund, multiple attempts to get help. Nothing. Do not do business with them.

For years I have bought from Vitacost without a problem. I can find the latest and even unusual products, in stock, packed with brown paper, shipped soon! I have been very pleased with Vitacost.

I made the mistake of buying from them and now they spam email me constantly, relentlessly despite having unsubscribed a dozen times and being told by the customer service people that they'll stop.

We, the consumers, are needing to dispose of excess materials. One bottle of supplements I ordered (glass container) was wrapped in double packing paper to excess.

For several years I have been a loyal customer that have recommended them to many of my health and fitness clients. It is with a heavy heart that I have to share my past week of dealing with I ordered on Sept. 2nd before you guys were even open. I placed my order and paid using my Paypal account - like I have for many years as a customer. After I placed my order, I realized that I forgot to remove an item that I didn't want. So, I went to go modify my order but all of my items were still in my cart and I refreshed the page thinking that would give me my order # and allow me to modify. I checked my email that I have always used to receive my order #. No email. I assumed (my bad) that the order didn't go through and removed the unwanted items and placed the order again. Then everything was removed out of my cart and I was given an order # and I also received the confirmation email.

All was good but to be on the safe side, I emailed my experience and my concern and asked for customer service to look into it. Later that day I realized that I was charged for both orders on Paypal but I still only had one order on my account and had only received an email for the one I wanted. I call at that point and your customer service assured me that the second order would cancel out the first unwanted order and that what I was seeing on Paypal wasn't correct and it would naturally be removed.

It wasn't removed so by day 3, I emailed my concern and asked someone to please help me figure out what was happening and to actually help me. I get back an email that it was my Paypal account that messed it all up and that the package had already been shipped and that you guys had signed me in as a "guest" and that is why I'm not seeing it in my account - even though I was SIGNED IN when I made my order. Also, I was told that there was nothing they could do about it now. But if I got back to them, they could notify FedEx to just returned the unwanted package. I quickly responded that, "yes, have FedEx just send it back to you."

A whole day later, I get another email saying that they were unsuccessful but that I could return it and that Vitacost would refund me the shipping. So, I had to get my own label and I sent you the receipt for the shipping and the next day I get yet another email saying that you can't refund the shipping after all but that you would just give me a store credit. After being on the phone for 30 minutes yesterday, I was told that a refund could not be given to me but that they would request a check mailed to me if the Refund Department approves it and that should be decided by this Thursday and then after another 2 weeks, I should receive my check for the shipping label. At this point I'm thinking I will never see this refund. My impression after this past week is that website and customer service is not trustworthy or caring, or knowledgeable and it is NOT worth my time or money to use.

I've made quite a few orders from Vitacost in the past and was lucky that nothing was lost in transit but can't say that everything arrived in desirable condition (broken carton, very dusty bottles...). Everything seemed OK until I made an enquiry of a product to which I was told the manufacturer date was September, when I asked in March that same year! I remembered the staff member having confirmed that that was indeed correct. So I pointed out that the product would have had been manufactured six months later that year, which she had no reply to. I then insisted to talk to a supervisor to clarify and I was told that he will contact me, which never happened. That made me very suspicious of their products and so I stopped ordering from them for some time.

One fine day I received a supposedly personal email from the CEO of the company asking if there was a problem because of my refrained orders. I ignored that email and passed another order thinking everyone deserved a second chance. But then a problem arose again with my last order when I received 4 bottles of a Vitacost BOGO product that were about to expire, like in less than 20 days. I supposed they might have assumed that I'm a big consumer and I'd finish all 360 capsules within the 20 days! Since my order was placed from overseas, there was a no-return/refund policy, which left me no choice and I had recourse to PayPal. Vitacost then wrote to me for details which I provided. They then offered to reimburse me, but only partially. But PayPal advised me to sit tight and wait for Vitacost to reply them directly, which they failed to do.

I think it's fair to state that a warning is in order here: Vitacost doesn't seem to put much importance to dating their products CORRECTLY (and perhaps even, truthfully). Let's be clear here; we're not talking about a tin of tuna or a bottle of jam but pharmaceutical supplements, which involve the health of the consumers, which is no light matter! In retrospect, I should not have given them a second chance, and neither should you (unless you like taking your chances).

I have been shopping Vitacost for quite a few years, even had a few orders shipped to me when I am in Switzerland on several occasions. They have a huge variety and just about always the best price. More than that, the staff is super! Also enjoy reading customer reviews, but of course with a grain of salt...

I ordered a product from Vitacost. They offered a discount for a second purchase for the same product. I bought 3 regular and 3 discounted for a total of $58.13. They billed that to my credit card then billed an additional $81.29, like I bought all 6 at full price. I contacted Customer Affairs. They said they would refund $21.62. But the difference between the two prices is $23.16; so, Vitacost still is not honoring their original offer. Later that day, my bank called me saying my credit card had been compromised on the internet and was being voided. I am waiting for a new credit card to come in the mail. Be warned before you make any purchases from Vitacost. Beware of any discounted deal they offer. Check your credit card immediately after making a purchase from them and check to make sure they billed what you charged.

I've had this happen to me twice now with Vitacost; I receive an email from Vitacost stating that my items are shipped and I'm provided a tracking number. The items were never shipped! First time, I thought it was a fluke, and I had them ship me another package and I received it. No problem. The second time, I wanted a refund. I received a partial refund because of promotion. When I called about the partial refund, customer service was condescending to me because I questioned their practices of notifying customer of item being shipped but it actually hadn't been shipped and only providing partial refund. I'm done with Vitacost, and I can't recommend it. Buyer be aware.

Since, I was able to contact customer service via Chat during designated hours. They fully refunded my money and I have ordered since then with no problems or issues

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After many successful orders and delivery of great product by Vitacost, I just received my current (NON) order in a small empty box! There was no product in the box and my order could have never fit in that box... I have left emails for customer service and I'm still waiting for them to rectify the missing product. This is a disappointment with a company I have referred many friends to. If they make it right for me, I will write again on how they handled this packing, or lack thereof, situation.

Sent me the wrong color & I have to pay the enormous shipping & handling charges. Customer service was not helpful at all.

I should have taken more time to read all the ingredients in the Synergy NeuroPower vitamin product from Vitacost, but since my doctor recommended it, I went ahead and ordered it. After taking two capsules the first day, my eyes started twitching and I felt extremely weird. Caffeine is toxic to my system and I recognized these symptoms to be caused by caffeine based on past experience. I re-read the ingredients in the label and found that Green Tea extract in the amount of 500mg is in each capsule! Green tea has caffeine and I have never heard of a multivitamin containing caffeine in my life. Beware of this product if you have a problem with caffeine like I do.

I wrote to Vitacost three times between 3/5 and 3/25/15 to ask about a product (their Noni juice) that tasted MUCH different than usual. Product delivered end of January. Opened it after finishing the last bottle we had left at the end of February. Taste and smell have changed considerably. Used this product for years and years. Know Noni juice isn't supposed to taste great, but the last order/lot # 692074 tastes REALLY strange or possibly turned. Also has a different and bad smell. Husband and I noticed we haven't been feeling too well since we started with it. Just a coincidence? Sent in review (and notified that Vitacost would let me know when my review is posted) but never made it to the web-site's product reviews (nor were any for this batch). Hate to throw out since we stocked up on the last BOGO sale. Just waiting to find out if it's safe to drink.

It's been almost a year now that I've been ordering most of my supplements from Vitacost (every time $400) and I always used to choose UPS shipping, but had a problem last time (one my boxes were missing and when I received it, it had a hole on it and one of the products were missing) so this time I decided to choose the normal shipping which is Landmark Global and it's been 1 month now haven't received it yet!!!!!! I kept sending them emails (they don't have any phone number that I can call and follow up which is ridiculous) and I haven't received any email from any of the companies and I really don't know what to do now.

Vitacost sent me an item different than the one I ordered. I have so far been on the phone for 53 minutes with customer service. At the website, I tried to do "live chat". It doesn't work. The website takes you around in circles. I click on 'select order', it takes me to 'return' , click on return, it takes me back to 'select order'. Meanwhile the voice on the phone is telling me at the website, service central, I can request a replacement. Wow. I just got picked up by customer service. Only 53 minutes!

On February 23, 2012, I bought the same products in the My order number is **. I spent $75.06. I have decided this package for my wife, mother and child. The shipping method is DHL? Tracking Number: is **. Destination is China. On March 19, I sent an email to customer service to ask some information about my parcel. The customer service told me all the international order must wait 21 working days. On March 28, I still have not received my package. I want the company to return 100% payment. But the customer service want me to provide some proof that the package is not being held by customs. If I am unable to provide this documentation they can issue a credit for the items minus a 20% restocking fee.

China has many customs. I don't know which customs my package is in. So I wanted them to provide tracking number to me or provide proof that said the package arrive to customs. When I wanted Vitacost to offer them for me, they changed the strategy. They told me that my parcel have liquid and they received information that liquid products are not allowed to be shipped into China. There are liquids on my order and it is possible that my order has been confiscated. I am really disappointed to hear this news. However, I asked about the customs of the people and some mothers bought the Vitacost products. They have not heard of these provisions of the liquid.

I am sure that every day there are many customers from China buy Vitacost products. These products include solid and liquid. After post, most of them can get these things. So I want VITACOST to provide these specific provisions. I have Chinese customs entry product tax payment table. In the above entry of goods for taxation everything I bought is in line with this policy. From then on, I have never received any reply. I believe that my e-mails are filtered by Vitacost. Every day I send an e-mail, but receive no reply. I have no any method but to turn to the BBB.

As a big company, this is not accepted. For the shopping, I'm disappointed. A whole month in the past, I have not received any thing. I'm very disappointed. They want to deduct the freight and the poundage of 20%. This requirement is not accepted. I want VITACOST return 100% paid to me or send you a replacement without delay. The shipping method should provide the electronic tracking.

I ordered over $300 worth of vitamin products and was supposed to receive a free box of Kind snack bars. Received all but the free item, but shipping document said it was expected to ship 12/7/10. Have since e-mailed and chatted online with Vitacost and they have refused to honor their offer.

They HAVE THE PRODUCT (per their website), contrary to one excuse they are offering. Serious lack of integrity here.

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