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An employee was so rude in her response when I suggested the Lindt Candy display was in the window and would melt with the heat coming through the glass. Her response was that they had many intelligent employees that would figure out the best way to display items. I had no response to that remark. Her name was Patricia and she was at the Cypresswood Parkway and Champions location in Houston, TX.

This store in Tucson AZ on Ina Rd and Shannon is horrible. The manager's name is Liz and she is a worthless piece of space. She never returned any of my phone calls and when I called her she was plain stupid. Has no idea how to do her job. Then I went in to shop and that was a mistake. I stood at the counter for over 10 minutes before anyone noticed I was even there to check out. And even then the associate answered the phone with me standing there and didn't even thank me for my business. Just handed me a receipt and went on with the call. This manager Liz is ridiculous. Doesn't know a thing about customer service.

Oh and when I called the district manager Laura to complain she basically blew me off too. Said she would call me by Friday and here it is Wed of next week I had to call her. Then she didn't even know why I was calling. She took no responsibility for anything. She said it was up to me. And I did follow up but this is where it got me. SCREW YOU TUESDAY MORNING. YOUR COMPANY AND THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR YOU SUCK!!!

I was surprised to see the reviews about rudeness of staff at some of the stores. I am "new" to Tuesday Morning, having been there maybe only three times. However, the employees have always been friendly and welcoming there. They ask if I need help finding something, offer to get items down from a high shelf, etc. Maybe the staff in other areas, if indeed they are that "rude", need to take lessons from the people who work at the Stow, Ohio store!

Returned my items that were purchased by debit card 3 weeks prior. Was not informed by the clerk that it could take 5 to 7 business days before my credit would be posted to my bank account. This information was received by calling Tuesday Morning's Customer Service Center @800-457-0099. Upon speaking with a representative there, she stated the return is dependent upon your bank releasing the funds back to me. Ha, it's when Tuesday Morning sends the ACH to my bank. Clearly this needs to be changed. I feel cheated as a customer because not only do you have your merchandise back, by now I have to wait for Tuesday Morning to decide when they want to refund my money. Buyer Beware!! If you shop here, use cash only!!! Tuesday Morning can't hesitate returning that!!!

I am in Bradenton and wanted a product that was in Sun City. I called and a Darlene ** at that store offered to take them to the Sarasota store for me to pick up. She went the extra mile to make me a very satisfied customer. I hope her company appreciates her.

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Yesterday morning I shopped at the Tuesday Morning store located in the Brighton Park Shopping Center, Frankfort, Kentucky. I have been in this same store NUMEROUS times, but yesterday will probably be my LAST visit! The employees have NEVER been very friendly, to say the least, but one in particular tops this list! Like some of the other posts/reviews, they must be trained to be very COLD and NON-FRIENDLY to their CUSTOMERS (the people SPENDING their HARD EARNED MONEY -- isn't that why you are in business?)! And like in previous posts, the employees always seem to be more interested in talking to each other instead of being focused on the needs of their customers!

But yesterday I was treated VERY RUDELY by **. I have NEVER been asked to show my ID when using my debit card in the past, but this time she demanded that I do, and when I asked if it was a new policy, she said "no, because the back of the card was not signed." Well, it was signed (was worn due to frequent swipes, I suppose) but when I pointed it out, she very RUDELY said "I can't read that." She made me feel like a criminal. I called the store after I got home, but am not satisfied with the result! ** needs to work on her people skills IF she plans to stay in this line of work.

I have been in most of the stores in the Kansas City area for a couple specific items that they put on sale and are not available on the first day or anytime during the sales. After getting rude management remarks, it ends up that they are trained to be that way by their district manager Kim. I talked with her and wow--she represents the worst of people in retail. Just because of Kim, I will never enter another Tuesday Morning and will pass on my feelings to as many people as possible through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Arrived at store on Sunday Nov. 29th at 9:40 am 20 minutes before store opened. For a specific sale item. Which she had no idea where the throws were, the ones on sale for 4.99. She said that it was not on the chart, which shows where the items are located. After an hour of waiting to locate the throws with no luck, she takes my name and phone number, the number of throws I wanted and colors. Promises she will locate them and call me to pick them up. Well no call came! I call the store today thinking it's a busy time of the year. Everyone is busy, she just had no time to call. No Worries she'll have them for me. The women who picks up the phone said they have sold out. And YOUR sales person has not set any aside for me.

There was No! I'm sorry! No! explanation for this mishap. Just "we have none!" I'm outraged over this. I was the first person at the store for this SALE! Thanks! Just for the record Prescott is a small town of mostly retirees and you can bet that word travels quickly here! This is just poor business. Don't say you will do something that you had no intention of following through on! Oh! I was not the only customer that she took name and phone number from. Also! I called your customer service I have typed this entire letter and created an account. Guess what I'm still on hold 51:00 minutes later. Your office closed at 5:00pm that was 14:00 minutes ago. Still on HOLD. Someone explain that! Hanging up phone now. Merry Christmas!

I have read all these complaints, mostly by those who do not have even a rudimentary grasp of the English language, and I wonder how my experience can be so different from those described. I shop in both the Granite Bay, CA., and Citrus Heights, CA stores. Sometimes I visit the Rocklin store, and I must say that in all three places, I have had great service by friendly people. I always find something to buy. I like the products, and have never regretted a single purchase. The employees have never been rude to me, and if I must make a return, things have always gone well. I think that in many parts of the country, it may be difficult to find educated, hard-working people to work for close to minimum wage. And we can all thank Obama for the cutting of hours to part-time: that is happening all across the country in every industry. Employers cannot afford the required benefits to be paid to full-time employees. I wish everyone well.

I went into Tuesday Morning and purchased a comforter that had just been put out that morning (only a few coming to that location they said). I bought it for $39.99, nice and soft king size - Great deal right? NO, it was not worth .02 cents! After only 2 weeks on my bed the seams that run through the blanket to keep the stuffing in place when you wash it unraveled. You could visibly see where it was all coming undone with a long line of thread. Of course I did not keep the receipt (I thought it would hold up longer than that).

I took it right back as soon as I noticed it and the lady was just plain RUDE. The whole store heard her. "This is used." Well yes mam, that is why I purchased it to USE it. But you can see this was not my fault, it was the making of the blanket. She said she could not even give instore credit due to it being used. I gave my name and phone number to her for the manager (never received a phone call), emailed with pictures the corporate office (no response). I went into this store every week and purchased items. They know me and I have never returned one thing there. I definitely will not go back. They lost me and my friends when they did this.

I will go elsewhere to do my shopping. I guess I should've read all of these reviews first too. I was happy about this store when it came in about 8 months ago. You lost some dang good customers. I am in the customer service business and would never treat someone as bad as that cashier treated me. My friend and I walked out with embarrassment after she stated "How do I know a toenail did not do that?" Really, I am not something out of Jurassic Park lady. I am human! Treat people how you want them to be treated!

I've shopped at the Tuesday Morning Store in Lake Grove/Smithaven New York twice within the past month, purchased at least $100 in merchandise and both times I was not given a receipt! I know the 2nd time this happened (only last night, in fact) is my bad, but really, I'm angry and I'll be reporting this to their Dallas headquarters.

My additional grievance is the way my check payment was handled last night. It seems to me that because I checked out exactly at the store's closing time, their staff was in too much of a rush to close the store and leave for the night rather than pay proper attention to what they were doing with my transaction. The sales help at the register were having trouble getting their technology to recognize my check (for $180). Instead of apologizing to me for the unnecessary delay, one of the women snapped at me and wanted another form of payment. When the check was finally processed, did I hear an apology or receive a receipt? No! Instead I was rushed out of the store.

This particular location has employees that do not greet the customer, busy talking among themselves. I have gone to the store in Germantown, TN on 2 occasions within 6 months, at least 3 months apart on each. I walked in the store no greeting. "You need help? Let me know." Nothing. As if I was not even there. Mind you it was only 2 of us in the whole store. I started to leave but that would have defeated my purpose, love Tuesday Morning, this was my "treat day" to myself. Watched like a hawk, by the male employee, but you can't greet me?

OK, checked out, was not thanked, very talkative with customer in front of me, carried on long conversation about books, and them being shredded, etc. OK, no problem. Fast forward to 06 / 19 / 15, 1:55 PM, ** and her coworker, same thing, no greeting, no nothing, they are talking to each other, mind you again, few customers, they just standing behind the counter. I checked out, she gave my change and said "Here 'ya go". What happened to "Thank you and come again". Last time visiting this store, I see what the problem is, will go to the store I normally shop, if I need something.

The price on a comforter I found on the clearance aisle. "What's wrong?" According to the cashier. I spent more than half an hour buying sheets and pillows that would match the comforter, and in the end I was forced to leave everything behind, due to Manager would not honor the price the comforter was tagged with. I really think that the staff at Tuesday Morning need better training on how to handle this kind of situations. I was a very loyal customer of Tuesday Morning, but due to this incident; and a previous similar one, I doubt that I will be coming anytime soon back to Tuesday morning in Glendora, California. This is an example why and how big stores end up closing down.

I worked at Tuesday Morning from 2011 until 2015. And during my 4 years, we were left on our own most of time as they could not keep a store manager. The first 3 years I had the same manager and then the last year we had 3 in less than a year. We were left to struggled through the everyday task of keeping the store going and were not allowed to work but 28 hours. We managed the store on our pay scale not the pay scale that was given to the store managers... So Tuesday Morning saved a whopping large sum of money. And also Tuesday Morning does not give their part time workers any benefits at all. No pay for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Fourth of July or even Labor Day. And this after you have labored hard for them all year.

This past 3 months without a store manager. I opened and closed the store and did it alone. With no other associates in the store to help. With a bunch of college kids that I consider millennials - you know the ones who stand at the register and text all the time that they should be working... Needless to say I got angry. And it was in the tone of my voice so HR said Of course it was. I am retired and 74 years old and had to go to work and do the job of an 20 year old.

However I quit and now I have a job as a customer assistance and I do not have to deal with the type of employees that apply for a Tuesday Morning job... That would be the folks who do not want a full time job with benefits. They just want to text at the register, get food stamps and be on Medicaid. But the same folks have their nails done, glaze their hair and go out and get spray tans. It amazes me that corporation do not realize that in 1983 a CEO make 40% above the average worker and that in 2014 it is 330%. And all of this while you treat senior, working class and the middle class like crap...

I was returning a pet bag that I had used. I found the zipper difficult to zip and unzip when animal was in it. I explained this to manager. I did not have a receipt. The manager said it was used and stained. It was used 3 times very clean and the stain she was referring to was Mark that was made by the store and was on the other bags in store also. I showed her the other bags. The bag was in New condition. The manager embarrassed me and was so very rude. The store was in Merritt island Florida.

The manager or whoever he was in your New Hartford, NY store is very rude. I wanted to purchase 6 solar lights and he told me that I could only get two. There was no limit mentioned in your ad. He also yelled at an employee that sold a person before me 2 sets of sheets and said that she was only allowed one. Why advertise items that you can't buy the number that you want. I will never go there again.

I have gotten some nice things at Tuesday morning. But I got an email that directed me to Pinterest which would not accept anything, and so I called corporate and what a bunch of nonsense. For this reason I am quitting. She said I have to use it and they will not respect me by removing it for me and if I do not like it so be it. I do not like it, many people do but not me. THE END.

Current employee. By my own admission, this entire account has fake names--including the email address associated with it--because our managers are so in tune with feedback but out of touch with workers that they will definitely see this and I need this job too badly to be fired.

Everything the employees have said on these reviews are true. You work 10-20 hours a week (20 if you're lucky or if people continuously call in), and somehow, those hours are the most exhausting times of your life. My branch doesn't put more than 2 people on, which means you man the registers, sell, stock, unload boxes, open boxes, and do paperwork all in the same four hour shift (if you are an associate and your shift is more than 4 hours, it's a very lucky day). If you're lucky, the manager puts out effort. If you're standard, they sit in the back and text or read because they've got a sense of entitlement.

At my own branch, I get along with everyone, but I respect two of my coworkers out of nine. The head manager is brilliant and one of our younger managers tries harder than anyone else, but two of my coworkers constantly try to get you to stay home so they can take your hours, one manager locks himself in his office and reads, one gets complaints to his face about how rude he is every shift and despite our protocol for handling such things, he never does anything about them. I'm one of the few people that receives positive praise and so far, I've been rewarded with cut hours. As it stands, my shifts cover exactly rent. Not bills. Not food. Rent. When I asked if any more hours could be kicked my way, the response I got was "If you get a second job, yeah, you'll get lots of hours that way."

I've tried to. Even for dead end, part time jobs, people expect loyalty. I am stupidly loyal to this job because my clients really make my day, but it's loyalty that may end up putting me on the street someday if I don't find a second job (the interviews I've had, even though they were for part time, were not cool with me having another job) or get more hours. I see the comments on other sites, too--"get some real skills and stop working minimum wage." I have real skills. I'd name them off, but again, my managers know me and that would identify me, but let's say I have the qualifications to make really nice money... in a field that dwindled to near death in the pacific Northwest after the economy crashed. Tuesday Morning is a good job for the desperate, such as myself, but it's no career unless you stick with it for many years, which no one with options should.

Worked at TM from October 2003 till Dec 2006. I suffered a cerebral aneurysm while at work on the sales floor. So from Dec 2006 thru Dec 2007 I was on disability, then in January 2008 I went back into work and was rehired by my former manager. Trouble with the rehiring was that the company wouldn't put my pay at what I had previously made. At the time I believe I had been making 9.00$ an hour. Well I wasn't too pleased when they started my hourly wage at $8.00 an hour. My manager couldn't do a thing about it, although she tried.

And of course, the way TM works their employees is absurd. I went back there due to the fact that I was in need of a job, and I needed one fast. My former manager suddenly became ill and went on Workers Comp, (they got rid of her is what they did), and the new manager was a complete nightmare. I went from working 30 hours a week to 10 or 12 hours a week. She barely spoke English (Spanish, not much English) and she was the classic 'Hater', gay as the day is long, and she'd really hammer the employees if they dared to joke with her living girlfriend.

This manager was a complete wreck. I made it a point one day to get into an argument with her so she'd fire me and she did, thank God. THAT was a blessing! Good luck to all you hard working TM employees, that place is awful to their employees, yet the employees are great hard working folks (sans my former manager of course). The store I formally worked at was # 609 in Anaheim Hills Ca. (shuttered now, awe what a shame)!

I was a loyal employee with tuesday morning Lafayette la. In july late 2014 I changed my availability due to hardship and stated I could no longer work on weekends. Then about 3 weeks later august, my store manager amy ** pull me in office 5 minutes before my shift ended. Told me I need to give my 2 week notice because I changed my availability. I told her why there are manager and key holders and workers that don't work on weekend. Told her I had to call someone and she said it was ok. This took place Monday.

I contact tuesday morning corporate office, spoke with human res regional manager in texas, told her we had a discussion. Within that time my hour have been cut from 20+ to barely 12 week. I have been harassed at work. Within that time frame I have been in contact with tue morning co office regional manager. Within this my manager amy ** Lafayette la store manager leave notes for me to follow, if I don't she keeps a list. Monday we had a truck, I was scheduled 10/2 and note stated I was to work register.

The truck pulled up and across the store the asst manager Shirley screamed for me "get in truck." Told her I was suppose follow amy ** notes. I went to back and Shirley was on register. I called amy ** to tell her I was doing truck and see what she wanted me to do. She told me that I need to listen to Shirley. I said "ok I'll go get with her after truck" and stated I walk to front. Called amy about 11:48 am. 12:00 I'm in back of truck, shirley came to back fuss and cursing. 12:15 still doing same. 12:30 saying I'm going too slow. 12:45 bad comments and saying I don't make no since and she not play with me. 1:00 pm still had truck and she was cursing.

I stop and ask her if she had a problem with me. She was cursing and ugly with me. I ask her if she wanted me to leave. I got out back truck, clocked out, called corp office. Corporate office wanted to know why store manager was not there and who was doing truck. Corporate office told me stay working. Corporate office stated she would call store. I clock back on and shirley said that amy ** told me go home. 1:10 pm clocked out and left. Shortly after called corp office 3 times, no answer, I left message with all my contact info stated that they were sending me home and I did not walk out. This is because I used my right to call corporate because of what was going on and I have been harassed since then.

Also my store manager amy ** gave me a copy of someone's check in an envelope. September 11 2014. I clock in at 10:00 am, then I turn and amy ** says "because of what happen monday you are terminated." I said "whoa ok." Told her I need my pink slip. She stated she does not know how to print it. I called human resources corporate office at 10:10 am, left message.

I bought an 8 x 10 rug and the employee helped me get it into the back of my SUV. Then he slammed the rear hatch down and the rear latch broke. The malfunction light came on immediately when I started the vehicle. I told the store manager in Sioux Falls about it and she was extremely rude. I had to get the rear latch replaced costing $520.00. I contacted the corporate office about this and made a claim which they denied and said it was most likely faulty before I came to their store! It most definitely was caused by their employee and they simply don't care about their customers and damage caused by their employees. I will not be shopping there ever again!

My elderly Mother (88) purchased two lamps from local store. One quit working and while in store later asked if she could return. Was told yes by store mgr. (who I know) for a credit. My Mother had a heart attack and lost a young grandson, therefore, it was sometime later when we took lamps. We were confronted at front of store by Mgr & another lady telling us without receipt could not do anything. My elderly Mother did not anticipate any issue with lamps and threw receipt away. They said did not know price & did not offer to investigate/look up. Very rude to both of us & I've shopped here for years! Suppose TM is more concerned about numbers & managers about bonuses to care about their customers. My Mother could not believe the treatment... nor could I! We will not shop TM again. This is how to lose good customers. You retain them by providing great customer service then folks want to return/shop. TM just another company that had not learned this... too bad for them!

Employees there are telling customers they cannot buy things because they are on hold for another employee. I went there for a certain doll and was told another girl was buying it. The girl then took it off of the shelf and put it on another behind some things. I asked for a manager and was told there wasn't one there. All of this after I shopped the store for at least 40 minutes while listening to the employee talk about her other job taking pictures for photographers on craigslist nude! She looked to be very young so how dangerous is that? I will not go back into that store even though I wanted to pray for that employee. Even so one would think employees monitor what they say around customers. Hearing about nude pictures and what has been said and done at the shoots is something that most customers like me do not want to hear!!

On April 5, 2014, whilst shopping at Tuesday Morning, an object the size of a business envelope flew off the shelf and hit me in the center of my face. The in-store staff apologized. The corporate staff ignores me. Tuesday Morning has sales approaching 1 billion dollars. I have been many times. I am sorry to learn that the well-being of their shoppers is apparently of no concern of theirs.

My husband and I were shopping at this store on March 30th. We found a couple of items to purchase and walked up to the check-out counter. The employee, I believe her name was Judith (according to the receipt), had a scowl on her face and rang up our items without even speaking. My husband, being a very friendly and outgoing person, was telling her about how excited he was about one of the items, as it was perfect for his son, who was having a birthday soon. She interrupted him by shoving the store's copy of the receipt at him and telling him she needed him to sign there.

The scowl never left her face. After he signed, she shoved the receipt and bag at him and turned her back on us - again, without ever speaking. We were both shocked as we left the store. Monday morning I called "Customer Service" (and I use this term loosely), and was told that I would receive a call from the district manager within 48 hours. Never heard from anyone. So I called back after 2 1/2 days and was told that the district manager would be called to see what the problem was. After waiting another 48 hours and hearing nothing, I sent an email to the Board of Directors. That was on Friday. Monday afternoon, I received a call from the district manager. My husband and I were already upset over our store experience, and then to not hear from anyone for a week - we were not happy with Tuesday Morning. She never explained why I never heard from her earlier. All I got was "We will talk to this employee." As far as we are concerned, we will NEVER go back to Tuesday Morning again. There are plenty of stores where our business will be appreciated. We don't need this kind of treatment.

I work for Tuesday Morning about 15 years. Tuesday Morning okay, president not okay, push me and other employees working like a slave and no rate that is okay. They are not giving us more money but we're still working the best we can... But this morning the new president yelled at us. He screamed at us. He acts like we're slaves. I hope somebody can talk to him about this. I don't know why TM hires the president like this guy....

The quality of the products sold is absolutely horrible. I purchased flatware and within 6 months, almost all of the handles became detached from the utensil. I purchased a bath rug and after two washes on the gentle cycle, it was completely pilled. I also purchased food storage containers; the seals came off. I wiIl never shop there again.

I must say start by saying that I do love this company and the quality of merchandise I purchase as a customer, but as an employee for many years, I've never seen so much harassing and disrespectful behavior as I've witnessed at this company. On a daily basis, other employees and I are harassed, written up or mocked by the store manager while she spends the majority of her shifts on the phone, finding more ridiculous reasons to write or get people to quit. There is no use trying to contact the regional or loss prevention managers because she does that on a daily basis. When it comes time to investigate our complaints from corporate, the regional and loss prevention managers only talk to the store manager which is the person who the complaints are about from other employees and customers. She gets to tell her side and they seem to believe her and are only friendly w/ her. They always seem to be on her side without even hearing our side. People like this don't deserve to have management positions.

I'm not sure who I should contact on this matter since this company doesn't seem to care about teamwork, how their employees are treated or how they can even work in such a hostile environment. They might as well take down their signs about harassment because they do nothing about it but a mere sweep under the rug. It's appalling. You have not heard the last of me and I will continue to state my concerns on this issue until we get heard, because store associates are as important to keep a store running as its management. Thanks.

I worked for this company for a little over a year. They are slave drivers mainly. I recently got terminated for planning a vacation in July 2012. This is during the time they close for inventory. I was called into the office by the store manager and the regional manager. I was basically being blackmailed. I was told to either sign and accept a write up or cancel my vacation. Well, I have already paid my money for the vacation and there are no refunds. Then, I told the regional manager that people take vacations during the holidays. It's a normal thing to do. I also stated to him that I neither see him nor anyone else on the executive level inside the stores counting crap. He immediately fired me for questioning his actions.

This company trusts no one and they are write-up happy. I have been written up for wearing shorts due to surgery, swapping shifts with co-workers, not having tasks completed on time, with that meaning getting 10 hours of work done in three hours; it can't be done. The list goes on and on. The regional manager had it out for me from the start. I am in the beginning suing this company and the regional manager for wrongful termination. This company believes they can do whatever they want and that labor laws don't apply to them. I do not recommend that anyone should give them any business because of the way they treat people.

I hesitate to write and complain about the service at the Tuesday Morning store in Seguin, Texas (Court Street), for I have never been treated unfairly or been dissatisfied with the merchandise and would not be writing if this incident were a one-time occurrence, but it has been a fairly consistent happening. There have been numerous (many) times that I have waited at the check-out counter, often for several minutes (never an hour for of course, I wouldn't wait that long). I'm waiting, not because there is a line in front of me, but because there is no one to check me out at the counter (where I am waiting). I will see employees walking here and there (not waiting on another customer) or at a computer on the side of the store.

After attempting to capture any employee's attention, I will sometimes walk to where they are and ask to be checked out. It is frustrating. I've been shopping at this store since it opened in Seguin and this occurs more times than not. I'm not really bothered that when a checker does come, she will carry on a conversation with a friend or another employee during the time I'm there to check out (although it is rather rude and also happens with great frequency, but that is not my complaint). She will tally up the merchandise prices and bag my merchandise while still talking to another person, but I most certainly can tolerate that. It is just poor manners. This is extremely poor customer service in a store that should have good employee training. Well, every store should have good employee training and good service. I certainly won't stop shopping at Tuesday Morning and I always treat the employees with respect and courtesy. However, I am quite dissatisfied regarding the above complaint.

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