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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2023

I purchased several items and wanted to return 2 pairs of clothes I bought and it was within the 30 days (which I actually tried to return them 2 weeks later) and they refused to give me a refund. They said my membership was expired and I would have to renew my membership for the refund and I wasn't going to pay the forty some dollars to renew my membership when the 2 items I was going to return cost a lot less. I should of disputed the charges on my credit card but stupid me didn't think about contacting the bank. Their service has went way down. Screw the little guy! All they care about is making money and robbing people blind for the hellishness membership fee.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Aug. 20, 2023

It is with great disappointment that I feel compelled to share my experience with Sam’s Club. As a paying member, I had anticipated a certain level of customer service and consideration, but my recent encounters have left me utterly disillusioned. One of the most fundamental expectations when patronizing any establishment, especially one that charges for membership, is the provision of basic necessities. Shockingly, [Store Name] fails to provide even the most essential amenity – water. In an era where hydration is paramount, the absence of a water fountain or accessible drinking water is an astonishing oversight.

It's almost as if the store's management believes that our membership dues aren't worth the provision of such a basic and universally appreciated service. What's more concerning is their blatant disregard for their patrons' well-being. The absence of a water source becomes an even more critical issue when one considers the necessity of taking medications promptly. Are we to believe that the health and comfort of their customers take a backseat to their profit margins? It's hard not to be cynical when faced with such a glaring contradiction between their stated commitment to customer satisfaction and their actual practices. The most alarming aspect of my experience is the apparent strategy of attempting to force customers into purchasing their products.

Not only are they charging for a membership, but they seem to continue to capitalize on the almost gone pandemic to exploit their customers further. It's disheartening to witness a business exploiting a global crisis to bolster their earnings, rather than genuinely supporting their community. This reveals a lack of ethical integrity and a misplaced focus on profit maximization. In a time when genuine concern for customer well-being should be a top priority, Sam’s Club appears to have lost sight of the essence of customer service. The absence of basic amenities and the evident profit-driven mentality only highlight the disconcerting priorities of this establishment.

As consumers, we should not stand for such blatant disregard for our health and comfort. I implore others to consider these factors before choosing to support a business that clearly values its bottom line over its customers. In conclusion, my experience with Sam’s Club has regrettably been marked by disappointment and frustration. The lack of accessible water, the apparent exploitation of the pandemic, and the overall lack of consideration for customer well-being are indicative of an establishment that has lost touch with the principles of genuine customer service. It's high time that businesses are held accountable for their actions, and I urge prospective patrons to think twice before supporting such a place.

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    Reviewed Aug. 18, 2023

    Both locations east side El Paso Texas either the computers don't work or there's a shortage in fuel but only in Sam's. Costco has fuel so does Circle k DK and other convenience stores around the area but not Sam's. Members pay a high price every year for pennies saved. Then you speak with one of the supervisors and they are condescending and of course not caring. They never provide an adequate explanation.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2023

    I stood in line for 30 minutes for new membership. Sam's promotional flyer says "Become a member for just #25 after savings". After taking all my information, they tell me to pay $85 - because it's actually $25 off regular membership of $110. "Read the fine print. That's what fine print is for" said the arrogant ** at Sam's on 28 mile Rd in Kentwood, Grand Rapids. When I tried to get clarification, she says "I'm trying to help you understand" and simply calls the next person in line. Cheats employing Arrogant staffers to run their Swindlers game. This is what Sam's has become. I terminated my membership 5 years ago and thought I'd give them another try for $25. How can such misleading ads legal. How do people like AnnMarie work in Service and call themselves Manager. Zero Stars. This store is on its way to Bankruptcy. Quality of employees they hire or are able to keep is often signs of chronic illness! RIP

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    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

    Member's mark heavy whipping cream in the last couple months comes with all the thick cream stuck to the top of the container, so you need to shake and shake to even get the cream to come out of the container and when it does come out, it's all lumpy like it's spoiled. The cream gets stuck all over the pouring spout and makes it really hard to get the top on and off. I will not buy this anymore unless Sam's is the only place that has any.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 30, 2023

    I am deeply disappointed by the appalling experience my husband and I had at Sam's Club on July 29, 2023 around 4:45 pm. As upstanding members of this community - my husband is a sheriff's deputy and I am a speech-pathologist in Davis School District- and loyal customers of Sam's Club, we expected better treatment and respect from this establishment. During our routine shopping visit, my husband was subjected to what I believe was racial profiling by one of the store managers. It was embarrassing and distressing, and it made me never want to come back to this location despite it being one of the main places we buy groceries.

    While shopping, we used the Sam's club app to "scan and go". We double-checked and counted our items and paid for them as usual. When we went to leave the store, the person who checks receipts told us he was going to have to detain us. I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. He was listening to a manager on his headset telling him that we did not pay for our groceries and our transaction had been voided. They also accused us of abandoning another cart at a register. We had no idea what they were talking about. We used the same cart for the entire time we shopped, and we never went to the registers (as we used the scan and go app).

    The man checking receipts said, "In all the time I have worked for Sam's this has never happened before. My manager is telling me I can't let you leave. You have to give us your cart. She said to stop the man in a green tank top". My husband was wearing a green tank top; that is the only detail they had correct in the entire exchange that we had. We thought it was weird they only mentioned my husband when our son and I had been with him the entire shopping trip. I was holding the baby and he was pushing the cart. I scanned and paid for all the items on my phone.

    After going back and forth, counting our items, counting them again, scanning our items, and making a huge scene, they finally determined that we weren't stealing, and we had paid for everything (as we had told them from the start). The man checking receipts told us we could just go, even though his manager was telling him to hold us there. He was very nice, and seemed incredibly frustrated by his manager on his headset who kept insisting we were stealing. We told them we wanted to talk to this manager, but the checker just told us to go. In the time that they held us at the front of the store, they caused a huge back-up of store traffic, and I was starting to cry from being so frustrated and embarrassed, so we just left.

    We hope that by sharing our disappointing experience, Sam's Club will have a chance to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and take appropriate disciplinary action against the manager involved, as per your company's policies and anti-discrimination guidelines. No one should have to endure such humiliation while shopping, regardless of their background. Even if it was just a simple mistake and there actually was another 6'3 ** man wearing a green tank top who abandoned a cart and had his transaction voided- which seems kind of improbable to me since we don't typically see many individuals who look like my husband- the manager should have at least taken the time to come to the front of the store and apologize for the mix-up.

    In light of this deeply distressing incident and the inadequate response, we cannot recommend Sam's Club as a place of business that values its customers and upholds the principles of fairness and respect. We implore the management to take immediate action to address this issue and ensure such incidents like this are prevented in the future.

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    Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed July 26, 2023

    To a customer, this is one huge store. If I use the app that they provide that allows to store the credit card with them too- I expect to use it at the cash register to pay for all items. Well I can’t- and employees are clueless when can I not use the app- so I have been finding out this the hard way after esos it f time picking items - to find out I can’t scan any go or scan certain items or show them my form of payment store- so I can’t pay and they can’t understand why- only that it can’t be done because they do not know how. We have a shared credit card so two people can’t carry the physical card at the same time- so the person (me) that only carries the app (with card in it), is affected by not being able to pay for certain items.

    Of course employees also have no clue that this can’t be done until you are standing in front of them and they discover they do not know how. I asked for a list of items that can’t be paid with the App- no answer. And employees get mad at the customer for the many things they don’t know- not understanding this is a huge failure from this giant store- that can’t advise customers or their own reps about their many limitations.

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    Reviewed July 20, 2023

    Nicole, John and all the staff at the Sam's Club pharmacy on Spring Mtn. They go way out of there way to help you. I come there a lot and every time they take care you. I want them to be told by someone in Management. Please commend them

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 19, 2023

    I usually never order more than three items at a time from Sam's Club online, and delivery is usually two days, if not delivered the next day. This time I ordered seven items. This was on Sunday and the estimated delivery date was Wednesday. When I checked the order on Tuesday evening, it was still "processing." So I canceled the order. The website confirmed it was canceled. Wednesday morning I checked the website, and it did not say it was canceled so I called Customer Service. The polite lady verified it was NOT canceled and said she could not cancel the order even though it had not shipped. No tracking information was available. Something to do with the vendors? The polite lady said I could not cancel my order and I could not request a refund until after my order was delivered, but she could not give me an estimate for when it would ship.

    Because this was a particularly difficult month for me, and I was trying very, very hard to stop adding to the burden of my credit card debt, I had used my debit card for payment. After all, it was only 15 days until I would receive my pension and these staples would help get me by. As it turns out, Sam's online is not sending me my staples and is holding $112 of my money hostage, until God knows when, and I have 12 days left to get by. All my decisions, all my own fault.

    I believed a Sam's Club Plus card was a positive decision and would save me money in the long-run. I thought processing and shipping standards for online orders were consistent and reliable. Thinking shipping might be a day or two late, that's possible. I had no idea it would just be in limbo. My fault for using my debit card (the last of my available cash) instead of my credit card, which I have never done before. Just trusted that Sam's would keep up their end of the bargain. The very one time I needed them, they let me down. Never again, Sam's. Never again.

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    Reviewed May 15, 2023

    Not worth what they're charging for membership. I'm pretty sure they are stocking the stores at the southern border states, saw on CNN that due to migrants coming over border the government and charity agencies are buying all goods needed through Sam's Club to maintain the people coming from all over. I live in the Northern Midwest and can't even buy a bag of Doritos! The meat section was totally empty as well as the produce section, smack area, no tide for laundry, etc. When you look online it says items are there but when you show up it's empty of the items you want. Cosco here I come!

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