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Last updated: Jan. 3, 2018

84 Salvation Army Thrift Stores Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

To Whom it May Concern: I went to the location in Chicago, Illinois on Clybourne. The date was 11/30/2017. Within the last year I have frequent with locations with friends and gotten some valuable items that I’m quite pleased with. This particular day I went in the store in the latter part of the afternoon/early evening with no coat no bags just myself and my wallet. This particular day I was searching for an record player. No plans to purchase anything more. Well in reality I got in the store and lost focused and saw other things which included two of the items that I found on the regular racks (not from the boutique section). One item was not priced so an employee got the item priced for me and another item the tag was obviously damaged.

Needless to say at check out I discussed this with the (very kind cashier) Karen. She told me due to the one tag being damaged she could not sell to me and she questioned the other item because it was not priced correctly. (It was a boutique item not a regular store item.) No problem. As I was walking out I realized my receipt was incorrect. I was overcharged for two items and not charged for one item in my basket. My total was well over $100. One charge was for one of the items I couldn’t purchase. She actually rang it up ($14.99) however never removed off my purchase order and the other was for an item I decided I no longer wanted instead of the item I did want. (I knew it was a simple mistake because Karen and I were chit chatting about another item I was purchasing which distracted the both of us.

I voluntarily went to the (very kind) manager on duty (Daryl) whom was speaking to another female employee at the time. I told both parties the situation since they were standing right next to each other. He explained to me that he could not refund my money but could give me a credit and if I saw something I could use my credit... AGAIN. That was No problem!! With all of this being said I asked was there any way I could get the items that couldn’t be sold to me tagged correctly so I could purchase them that day those items I really wanted. The female that was speaking with the manager at the time (Takisha) went on to say that wasn’t possible. It had to go through a process and would not be able to be sold until the next day.

I asked Takisha then does she happen to know what time will the items be processed to be placed back on the floor the next day and is she sure it wasn’t any way they could be tagged at that time only because in the past something that wasn’t priced etc I have seen it done in that store for others. Moving forward after the conversation (again I had no bags no coat just myself and my wallet along with the items in my cart) Takisha asked me for my receipt. (I provided the receipt to her as she requested with no problem.)

Takisha decides to go through all my items in the cart. Compared them to the receipt, found the item that had not been rung up (mind you that is ONE of the reasons I brought it to the manager along with the overcharges in the first place). States to me "Well there is an item that you werent charged for which was half off of 19.99." (Now we all know half off of 19.99 is not 14.99 which I pointed out to her. Then Takisha said "Well she accidentally gave you 25% off and I said that couldn’t be either because normally when they give the discount of 50 or 25% it clearly states that on the receipt which was not on it. It was obvious I was charged for the item that an employee had tagged for me of $14.99. The charges I had on my receipt that was in question was 14.99 (the item I wanted that I couldn’t get) and another amount for the item that I didn’t want.

Takisha subtracted the item from my credit leaving me a credit of $10 that I had to sign for in the logbook for store credits. Now after all of this time I was in the store, bought all of this stuff, got to the car and realized what I went in there for which was the record player I didn’t even look to see if they had one. Lol. So I put my items in the car and went back in to look to see if they had a record player. Now this is what gets me. As I was walking out saw 2 more items that I liked and purchased those items as well. Now what gets insane is at this time I was totally unaware that this employee Takisha believed I tampered with the tags. I wasn’t aware of this as of yet. No one said anything to me regarding them thinking I tampered with the tags. How I was enlightened that she believed it was me I learned later in an extreme unfortunate way.

Next Day. Dec 1, 2017. Went back to the store around the time Takisha stated to find the items (around noon 1pm latest). Went to the proper section she stated they were going to be in (the boutique section). I asked the employee working the area at the time... had she seen these items (even described them to her). Mind you she was putting out clothes at this time. She told me NO & walked off. The employee watched me go through each and every rack in that section. I just happen to glance over and one of the very same items she claimed she had NEVER seen. Sure enough she had one of them. Now this annoyed me which led me to asking her what was her name (she stated Rakita). I go to ask her after that about the other article which was some pants that should have been tagged with this shirt.

I questioned her, "Have you seen those... Because you already told me you hadn’t seen this top and clearly that was a lie." While this is transpiring here comes Takisha the woman from the night before. Now I’m not going to say she came up there due to me now. I am assuming now she came up there because I have recently discovered her and Rakita are good friends. I asked Takisha about the other item. She claimed she doesn’t recall what the pants even looked like whatsoever. However when the boutique tagger came up to the front Takisha described the pants down to the color and the material. Second problem if you don’t recall, how did you just described them? Which made me ask Takisha what was her name.

Moving on... the boutique tagger asked me the brand of pants etc and he would go look to see in the back. Takisha walked back there with him. I waiting a good 10 min. Takisha comes from the back eventually and said to me verbatim if he finds them he won’t be able to give them to me until he fills up an entire rack and brings the rack out. A few more minutes passed he comes out I inquire did he see them. He states no. I told him then that I felt this was being done intentionally. It was quite obvious that the scenario wasn’t right. I already realized at this point in time I wasn’t being provided the item INTENTIONALLY. However I couldn’t pinpoint was it due to them wanting the item or what the true issue was.

I go to the register to purchase the shirt. I told the cashier I have a credit. She goes to the log book and there is no credit log sheet from the night before that could be located. Let them tell it. I asked them to contact a manager which the cashier did. The cashier asked whomever she was on the phone with was I provided a credit. Apparently she was told yes however whomever she spoke with told her I needed to have my identification and the actual credit receipt. I just so happen to have this credit receipt in my vehicle so I went outside (overly annoyed as I should be), went back to the car, got the receipt. Went back to the cashier which she took it for their records. I purchased the top but not the other item because it was nowhere to be found. Let the associates tell it.

So now we come to Dec 30th 2017. Went in there at approximately 358 pm... was not in there 10 min. A random associate walks up to me and states she was informed that I was told by a manager I was not able to purchase anything from the store anymore. Now I was totally thrown off. I asked for what reason and the employee states verbatim she doesn’t know why. After being told this, I proceed to say to her I will need for her to have a manager provide me of a reason why along with what manager and a date that this transpired because I was not aware of anything of this.

A few minutes later a manager by the name of Lorena (alongside with security) both totally clueless of this matter states, "Well the employee said you was told by another manager that you were banned from the store." I go on to ask, "What employee told you this and what manager did I speak with because I was just in here within this month and I know nothing of this." I also ask what date did this occur and is there a witness or paperwork but no one has informed me of anything.

The next thing you know here comes Rakita. (Now mind you this isn’t in a back office or off to the side. This conversation was brought to me in front of customers on the floor while I’m looking through a rack of clothes.) It is myself, manager, security and all these customers. Rakita goes on to say in customer view and hearing distance I was told by a Demetrius that I was banned from the store (I have never had a conversation with a Demetrius ever and don’t even know what Demetrius looks like by the way). Then Rakita goes on to say I was caught switching tags then I left out, came back in the store, switched tags again and purchased.

At this point I’m pissed. Because THE EMPLOYEE (no intervention from management might I add... Management allowed her to continue with this story in front of customers) accusing me of switching tags twice in 1 day. That made no sense which led me to ask, "If that is the case if I switched tags the first time how was I allowed to purchase over 100 dollars worth of stuff then you guys messed up my bill. I voluntarily bring it to you guys attention and I get a credit. Then go to my car, put my items up, come back and then purchase again?!" That alone made no sense... then she continues still in front of customers at the point TO WHERE NOW customers ARE RECORDING THIS ON THEIR CELLPHONES goes to say I knew I’ve been banned and that is why I had not been in the store for a while. ANOTHER BOLD FACE LIE.

So now I said, "Okay let’s cease all of this and let’s review the tapes." I asked this at least 3 times questioning, "There are tapes correct? Better yet you should have a log book. If I was banned how did I come in the next day and purchase again if I was banned for switching tags. How did all of this occur and there was no police called. I wasn’t escorted out. No anything? How did I come in the very next day and saw you and Takisha and purchase if I was told that I was banned."

Rakita admitted I was in the store and purchased the very next day as well but that apparently was not an indicator that her story didn’t quite add up then to the manager. Now at this point it has escalated. There is back & forth and security said to me I’m making a scene yet you allow your employee to over talk management and do this in public to a customer. Let alone it’s me thats making the scene yet you allow your employee to state verbatim yea she talked quote on quote ** about me and Takisha (employee used profanity mind you) regarding intentionally not giving her items.

I questioned Rakita at that point yet again, "What did I have to say have anything to do with the issue at hand unless the real issue is the reason why you are coming up with this is due to you being mad because I called you out that day and asked your names?!" Rakita goes to throw up her hand??? As **as she wants to be and said anyways and continue talking again with no intervention from management! The security said to me I won’t allow her to talk and no in my opinion why would I. She isn’t management. The employee should not be allowed to say anything to a customer or address a customer about anything nor should it have been allowed to even go that far let alone in public!

Furthermore who is Demetrius. I never spoke to him and where are the witness of this and on what day did he tell me this?! No one had any clue or could or was willing to produce what I had asked for! After this being said another girl comes out someone that was not even around the day I was there not to my knowledge by the name of Kearra vouches for this foolery of a story of Rakita’s stating everyone knows about this. I go on to say if everyone knows then how come this manager is unaware and I am unaware and there is no log or tapes so I proceed to say let’s go ahead and call Demetrius. They eventually call Demetrius.

Lorena speaks with him, asked him did he ban anyone, he apparently doesn’t recall so then Rakita goes "Let me speak to him" and the manager passes her the phone. Rakita proceeds to say "remember that girl" and goes to provide him a description of me (doesn’t know my name or anything), goes into the scenario (still people are recording). This is all done with management there and ends the conversation, "Yes. It’s the girl we were telling you about. Yea her." Moral of the story Demetrius supports the lie and states he told me he banned me after I never had a conversation with him whatsoever. I even requested the credit log to prove I had been in there the very same month.

I was told by Lorena the store doesn’t keep records of the credit logs. Another lie. I also requested corporate's number for Rakita to chime in and say to me verbatim, "Girl stop it!! You aren’t calling corporate," (yet again in public) leading me to say to her, "You don’t know me like that," for her to respond with, "You don’t know me like that!!!" This all occurred in front of management and yet again management had yet to cease her unprofessional behavior. So now my question posed is what kind of establishment are you really running? Is this how you are treating your customers that also makes donations?! (It appears this isn’t the first time for this kind of shenanigans.) It also appears the employees takes things personal when they are called out and takes things in the matter of their own hands.

Lorena nicely provided me corporate's number and names and I left as requested. The amount of HUMILIATION IS INDESCRIBABLE AND TO KNOW THAT ALL OF THIS WAS RECORDED BY CUSTOMERS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Leading me to consult legally for me to also find out not only is Takisha (the first girl) is a manager and it gets better is good friends with Rakita and the girl that vouched Kearra. Not to mention I have also learned how the lie was supported by this regional manager that I had never spoke to by the name of Demetrius. I couldn’t quite understand how did he support this lie of his employee. Well the answer is because they are all very good friends with him as well to where I have a proof of that.

How is this behavior condoned in the workplace and how many people is this done to is now the question? Do the employees have personal issues to the people that they label that acts like a snob because that is what Rakita insinuated when she stated in her argument in front of customers yet again with no intervention by management! VERBATIM per Rakita, "I walk around the store like I run the place since people flirt with me." I take that as personal vendetta by this one particular young lady and I say that for numerous reasonings.

Is it because I’m ** and she feels I think I’m better than by her smart aleck remarks that she was nervy enough to mention in my face. Esp when I know for a fact that there was a person stealing yet they were not banned but I’m falsely accused by a clique of friends (heck it was so bad I had to question do they know me outside of the establishment) more than once in a day of tag switching, no viable proof, allowed to purchase both times given a credit and came back another day purchased yet again but was lied on that I was banned.

Then to make matters worse your employee stated I was informed of being banned. Nothing of that occurred! IS THIS WHAT YOUR ORGANIZATION SUPPORTS?! I’m am outraged and utterly humiliated. Not only am I twice their senior in age and could care less about who they think thinks I’m attractive or flirts as the employee felt the need to bring to attention which is irrelevant and childish! I work in the political public eye thats starters and this was recorded by customers. I also own an successful business in the Chicago land area and something of this caliber can tarnish my name due to false accusations. THIS HAS TO CEASE!

I can just imagine whom else they have done this too. Some of your employees in that store not all need better customer service training and their attitudes is horrible and **. The last thing I need to do is switch a damn tag. That’s the last thing I need to do and my question I pose now is with what because I came in there with not a damn thing just myself and my wallet!!! The behavior from the employee was quite unprofessional and uncouth and is a disappointment for the organization representation. Unbelievable and a disgrace!!! It was embarrassing and this nonsense has to stop! I have attached the initial receipt I took a picture the day of and you can see behind it they gave me a 10 credit slip. I no longer have that. They took it for their records when I purchased the next day.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017
******NOTE TO APPROVER: published elsewhere >>>

To Whom It May Concern:

On December 1, 2017, at approximately 5:35 PM, after an hour and a half of shopping, I was both UNPROFESSIONALLY and FALSELY accused of "tampering with tags" by Guthrude, whom identified herself as a supervisor, at your Redford location. I call this location my home location, because it's the Salvation Army store in which I frequent the most.

Guthrude rung up over 50 items, mainly clothing and brick, which were buy one/get one free (via a FB post) before coming across two items for $0.49 and $0.69 to accuse me of "tampering with tags." I was so EMBARRASSED while standing in line! Other customers in line/in the store were all starring at me. I've never been SO humiliated in my entire life!! !

When I shop at stores like Von Maur, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Lane Bryant, Torrid and other mid/high-end establishments, I never endure such treatment, lack of respect and/or humiliation. Even other thrifting establishments such as Grace Centers of Hope, Goodwill and St. Vincent treat me with more dignity and respect and they see me less often.

NEVER in my life have I been accused of such a degrading thing! Even Guthrude's colleague, another supervisor, whom always shows customer appreciation when I go into the store, apologized and offered me a $20 store credit (and she wasn't even the offended). She even mentioned how often I frequent the store and alluded to the notion that "tampering with tags" isn't my character.

I informed Guthrude that I spent over $20, 000 at Salvation Army ALONE this year and showed her bank statements on my phone to prove it. So, how DARE she accuse me of such a thug-life thing as "tampering with tags." I have class, style and grace (and look like it). I'm HIGHLY OFFENDED!

I wasted an hour and a half in the store only to leave out empty-handed and HUMILIATED. In addition to that, I missed out on the buy one/get one free promotion. Furthermore, my integrity was compromised and questioned. Something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY to rectify this matter.

I tried to work this out in-store (and not via an online complaint) when I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager. But, Guthrude rudely told me she was THE supervisor. When I asked for the manager's name/contact; she wouldn't give it to me. That, too, is unprofessional.

In closing, I'd like to make it known that Guthrude always has a nasty disposition when I come into the store. She's very short, rude and disrespectful to me (and other customers). I understand having a bad day every now and then, but she's ALWAYS cold-natured, tight-lipped and rude.

Below, you will find photos of some of the items I was accused of "tampering with" in addition to a photo of the employee in which I'm speaking of.

I can shop anywhere, so I REFUSE to be a victim of false accusations at a place where I shop the most and spend THOUSANDS of dollars annually. I'm expecting an immediate reply and compensation.

Former Redford SA Customer,

April H.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

We recently moved and have a lot of big furniture, patio set, BBQ grill, etc. to donate. It’s great stuff, we just don’t have the room for it. So I scheduled a pick up nearly 6 weeks ago. It was the ONLY day available!!! I followed the directions and left my items outside in the driveway with a sign that said SA. At 5pm, I came home from work to find it had just started raining and my items still sitting outside. The truck pulled up a few minutes afterward and one guy got out and said it was wet, they couldn’t take it. He went back to the truck and they started leaving! I’m sure he just wanted to get home, it was 5:10 on a Friday night! Terrible service. My phone rang and it was the Salvation Army pickup office and the lady repeated that they won’t take wet items and, this is what really gets me, she said, “in addition, there was no one home and no sign left on your items marked for Salvation Army”.

I responded with, “Oh, really? It’s after 5pm, you should’ve been here earlier, before it rained and by the way, There is a sign on my items and I’m home, watching your truck leave right now.” Click, she hung up. I don’t see how wet patio furniture or a grill would be a problem. I am now so frustrated after I could’ve put it outside weeks ago for a free pick up but I tried to be nice and donate it to a good cause. I won’t do that again. How can you plan the weather or being home when they give you 1 day they can pick up? And they don’t tell you what time they’re coming! What a joke. I could have left it all in my garage as I was here when they finally came!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

You were supposed to pick up a big screen TV on 10/2/2017. You did not show so now I have taken it off the porch and will be taking it for trash pick up next week but I am sure someone will stop out road and pick this up before then. The tv does work and I am sick of waiting on you. If you did not want it you should have said so. Good thing heavy trash pickup is next week. Will never donate to you again. Your people do not show. You did the same thing when we had you picking up at my mom who passed 3 years ago. You did not show. Called you back. Donated a lot of stuff. I know they are volunteers but they are not dependable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

I lined up a donation pickup online on 9/11/17. It stated that the items were in a garage, they were the only items in the garage and we would leave the door open with a sign that said "SA" on it. 11 days later they called me to state that they need someone 18 or older there because they couldn't set foot in the garage. I told them with only 4 days notice I didn't' know if I could find someone. They stated they'd put my pickup "on hold" and to call back when I found someone.

I called back two days later, was on hold 27 minutes and finally hung up. Called back Monday morning and Alonzo told me that my order was still in the system and to hold and he'd call Dispatch to make sure we could get it back on the schedule for Tuesday. He came back and confirmed they could and someone would be there between 7:30 and 3:00. I gave him a new contact number for the person who was taking off of work to meet them. I later looked online and confirmed my pickup was not scheduled.

Tuesday morning SA calls the number that I give them and hangs up. We call back and they state our pickup had been canceled. I called them back to ask why and they were very rude and stated I had canceled it the week before, which I had not, I had put it on hold. Then I talked to the same person again after being on hold 20 minutes (Alonzo) and he said that there was a mistake no one could come until Thursday. I explained that wouldn't work. We had a demolition crew coming Wed to tear down the garage that this stuff was in and it had to go today. I had lined up the crew, the dumpster and the person to meet them there Tuesday AFTER I talked to him on Monday. He was very unsympathetic and said there was nothing he could do.

I asked to talk to his supervisor. They put me over to dispatch and this man was very short with me and wouldn't let me explain my story and how this was their mistake, not mine and that I was in a bind because I needed to get this done to get my mom's house on the market who had passed away. He told me to drag the stuff outside. I told him it was going to rain and it would be in the way of the demolition crew. He got short with me and said "Home Depot sells tarps, I am sure you can go buy some!" I got mad at that point and told him that this was their mistake and they should send a truck out today, like they had promised. He said my town wasn't even part of their area anymore.

I stated the website said it was and he said "Oh well... That's a national site... We're local, it's a recent change." Then he told me that I was the problem, not him because I wouldn't agree to Thursday's pickup. I hung up at that point. I then arranged to haul the 3 truckloads of stuff to my local thrift shop and I vowed to NEVER use Salvation Army again!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

Never returning. Paid for two items, total of $6, with my card. The lady, who had already ignored us waiting in line until told by a supervisor to help us, informed me she didn't like how I signed the back of my card and that my signature didn't match my name of the card. She claimed it didn't match, because she couldn't read it. I had gone to this SA for 4 years and have NEVER had this checked. She argued with me that my card wasn't right and I got a no to "what, do you want my license?" and "should I sign my name in front of you to prove it?" and two minutes later, she demands my ID. She claimed it was store policy to check but I've never had this issue.

My card is signed, which I get is allowed to be checked, but she had no right to nearly refuse me because SHE didn't like how I wrote my name. She was insanely rude, telling me I was in the wrong for being flustered, and if this is the quality of employee SA is hiring, I want none of it. You have a right to check my card, NOT to judge the way I sign my name.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

I scheduled for a furniture pick-up almost 1 MONTH prior to pick-up date. Spoke several times with their services... clearly describing furniture AND location of furniture AND facility. NOT ONCE did they say I had to move furniture to street level. NOT ONCE. My sister died, and I had to empty the apartment! They came, day of pickup, "Oh, we don't do stairs, bye". Left with an apartment full of French Country antique furniture!! 5 days before I need to have apartment cleared. I hope they ** get what they deserve!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I was contacted by an Agent from the Salvation Army to confirm a pick- up I had scheduled and to also verify that the items being picked up are not used. The agent who called me sounded extremely annoyed about the call. Not sure why when she was the one that called me. If you're going to call someone uninterested do not even bother in calling. At least fake the funk for the time being as we are Donors giving to people in need! Not calling and harassing you about an item that had been purchased! That one incident. I had then called back to cancel the pick up as all the item are indeed used. When calling the first agent did not allow me to finished my statement in why I was calling. Immediately said: "Let me transfer you to that department". When transfer the final agent to assist was also rude.

When asked the reason for my call I had explained. She then stood quietly not sure why until I asked if there something else she would need to locate the account or any additional information. She then went in rudely asking me for my telephone. When providing this information she rudely asked to repeat it. She processed on cancelling the scheduled pick- up rudely telling me is done cancelled and then just hung up. Is unbelievable how 3 different agents in one day can be rude when calling you or when you are calling for assistance. Why would you as a business call someone rudely that's just insane. WHY BE RUDE TO THE DONORS. (If you are not happy with the position or job you are in please search for something new!) As we the customer should not tolerate this!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

Two weeks ago I set up an appointment to have some furniture donated. This morning I go online and it says ETA 2:45. Okay, no problem, this gives me time to get some errands done in the morning. I come back at 12:30, thinking they will be here around that time. Two thirty comes, 2:45, 3:00, 3:15, no truck. I log into my account it says canceled. WHAT?!?! I call them and ask why. A "manager" said they came earlier and they left something on my doorknob saying they were there and they canceled because I wasn't home. There was nothing on my door. Why wasn't I contacted about them coming early??? Then they try to see if the driver went to the wrong house, and ask if I have a green door. My door is red!

I'm put on hold and a few minutes the idiot manager says I made the mistake of not saying what color my front door was. I said, "Are your drivers colorblind?" What the hell difference does it make what color my door is? Drivers are supposed to know how to read house numbers and street signs!!! Idiot then says that he's looking at the pic of my house and I have a "really big house". I live in a 2 bedroom condo!!! Finally he tells me that we can reschedule. I asked him if his company can get the job done correctly, and he said yes. I told him it needed to be ASAP, because I'm moving. He told me the soonest he could get it done was in 3 weeks!!! I told him to go ** himself!!! Anything to avoid taking responsibility! I just can't!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

I was shocked!! While shopping I wanted to try some clothes on before purchasing them. The attendant on duty unlocked the door and told me I can take 3 items in. I noticed empty hangers in the room and asked her "Do you want these (laughing)?” Just so I don’t get blamed for them (haha). She replied "oh yes” and said "besides we know who does it.” I said “you do???” “Oh ya we got the camera” she says (and pointed up). I looked up as I walked in turned and asked “CAN IT SEE ME?” “Oh no” she says. So I shut the door and stood there staring up at this 360° camera that’s right in view with the entire fitting room that has no ceiling.. IF I CAN SEE IT THEN IT CAN SEE ME!! Bothered by this I took a picture of camera from inside fitting room and walked out not making a purchase. Not able to stop thinking of this for 2 days I decided to Facebook my story asking what my friends thought on it.

Everyone was shocked as I was. I sent a Facebook message to that thrift store’s FB page but got no reply. So the next day I called a listed # for local office. Asked to speak to person in charge of overseeing thrift stores in MODESTO, CA. I was transferred to a nice man who took my concern seriously and told me he would contact the headquarter’s office in S.F. for that location and would call me back by 4pm that day then he thanked me for bringing it to his attention. I said “Thank you. I just think this is wrong especially if children are involved and I think the camera should be moved.”

He agreed. 4pm came and went. Then days went by and still no call from anyone. I think this could be a lawsuit waiting to happen I don’t know but want to let people know “LOOK UP. THEY HAVE A CAMERA WATCHING YOU UNDRESS. IF YOU CAN PLAINLY SEE THE CAMERA IT CAN SEE YOU!!!” I’m very disappointed as I like bargain hunting at this store. Sadly this experience along with my concern being ignored has change my outlook along with a lot of my Facebook followers. BUSINESS WILL BE LOST FROM HERE ON OUT. I will be contacting MPD to file report next.

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Original review: July 27, 2017

I have tried to make a pickup donation multiple times. I scheduled the original donation months in advance, then they call the day of to tell me they can't do. I reschedule and then the same thing happens. I have had the same appointment scheduled 4 different days now and they can't make the appointment. At this point, it is all going into our town bulk trash pick up and they don't seem to care. I am trying to do the good thing and they make it impossible!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2017

My sister bought a couch from the Rome Salvation Army last week and after getting it home she was sitting on it and her phone had slipped down inside the couch and when she reached in to get her phone she pulled out two pencils, 2 pens and a syringe needle with a cap on it. She had no idea what she was pulling out as she was just reaching in for her phone. She is quite upset about what was in her couch and is afraid to look to see what else could be in there. She doesn't know who to contact on this matter. If they are cleaned and sanitized like it says, why did this happen? She had to sign for it when she picked it up so they do have a copy of it. She has her copy. Any advice will be deeply appreciated.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 20, 2017

Last week I was in Salvation Army and I commented to the cashier, "Who prices this Stuff? The prices are ridiculous." Boots that were used for $69.00 that were almost new. She said another employee priced them but she was on vacation. She goaded me to get her when she got back. She also agreed the prices were too high. Yesterday I was in the Rome, GA SA and the employee was back from vacation. She didn't speak to me either because she had customers or wanted the store to clear out. After the store mostly cleared out she said the other employee had told her that I was getting loud about the prices and was going to say something to her.

This employee started saying that those boots were Rockport and I'm like, "Yeah but they are used." I said I could buy them cheaper on eBay for a new pair because the completed auctions had them between $30&$100 for new ones. She let me know that if customers thought it was cheaper at Goodwill or eBay and then that's where they should shop and besides she didn't make the prices the manager does and I shouldn't complain to the cashiers that I should say something to him. He was out to lunch. I told her the problem I had with her was that she was defending the high prices and her comment about customers should shop at Goodwill or eBay. I let her know with that attitude the customers would, told her bye. For the most part I like here fine but she rubbed me the wrong way. Besides I have shopped here over 10 years.

Next day, this is where the accusations/abuse happen: I'm in SA and an elderly lady that is very nice cashier was working up front. I told her I had a run in with someone and was the manager in. She said, "Yes he's in the break room." The break room door has a sign employees only but door was half open so I asked if I could talk to him. I told him about the incident the prior day. He didn't really comment on the cashier but went into pricing of how they can price it high or higher and then lower the price. Never apologized for the cashier's rude remarks. Then he said he wanted to talk to me about something that happened last week. I said, "Sure what is it?" He said that I had said something inappropriate to the elderly cashier. I couldn't believe it but I had to ask what I said? He said he really didn't know or didn't remember but it was having sex with the elderly cashier.

I'm in disbelief and said I know I didn't say anything like that. He said going forward he would say something to me then. I've known this cashier for better than 10 years so before I left I asked her, "Did I say anything inappropriate to you last week?" She said she didn't hear me but a new cashier, same one that was goading me to get the rude cashier that was on vacation about the high prices had told the manager that I had said something about sex with the elderly cashier. So here's 2 against one and I'm thinking what is going on. I went home shaking and feeling beat up.

A few hours later it came to me what was said, my mind wouldn't let it go. This new cashier asked where I lived at the prior day and I didn't reply. She was asking again. Honestly, that made me uncomfortable and maybe the reason I replied the way I did. I said, "I can't tell you that." She (elderly cashier) might show up on my doorstep/sleep on the doorstep, so then I'd have to let her in and I only have one bed and she'd probably refuse to sleep on the couch. The elderly cashier and I have always had a humorous friendship. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I never thought it would get twisted to sex.

I called SA again because I wanted to set the record straight and clear my name. I was in my car at the time and we got disconnected. I called back and the manager was with a group of people I was told. Someone in the office took my name and number and said she would have the manager call me. Since I was out running errands I go by SA to let my elderly friend cashier know I remember what was said. She said she didn't know because she didn't hear the comments anyway.

I felt relieved that I had figured it out and the elderly cashier and I are fine. So I decided to look for some slacks, the reason I went in earlier that morning. While looking through the slacks I heard the rude cashier talking to someone in the break room. Door was open. She said, "You know that guy that comes in here?" She continues, "Well the manager had a talk with him today because he said some vulgar things to the senior cashier and that's why he complained on me." Once again, I was in disbelief! I went to the door entrance and told her that wasn't right and that's not what happened. She was surprised that I overheard her. She said, "You complained on me," and I said "Yes I did."

Just when you don't think it will get worse... A few minutes a ** male asked her if she was ok? Guess she lowered her voice but I heard his reply of, "Do you want me to slap him." The heavy-set rude cashier came out of the break room stopped and looked at me, not in a mean way like she wanted to say something. So I said, "Look, we've known each other a long time and this is getting blown out of proportion." She agreed and said something like that's par for this place. I've always got along with her until the other day. I said we have always got along and what she was told and repeating wasn't truth and it has me upset and I told here what had been said and it had nothing to do with sex. She said she was sorry but that's what she was told by the manager.

I don't think a manager should have told an hourly employee specifically who the complaint came from but more bothersome is his lack of professionalism to tell her that I had only complained on her because he sat me down because I had said inappropriate vulgar things to the senior cashier. Unacceptable treatment. I didn't get a return call from the manager today. I wanted this to be a short message but I wanted to make sure it was complete.

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Original review: April 6, 2017

I was in the Salvation Army Thrift Store in San Bruno last week. I went to the one in South San Francisco first as I was looking for a couple pieces of furniture. I was so appalled at the high prices, I left. I saw a glass, Pyrex loaf pan and it was listed for $12.99! I can get it cheaper at Target or Kmart. Even with 50% I wouldn't have purchased it. I looked at an old CD player and it was listed at $25.00. I found one on Amazon, brand new for that price. They used to be my go-to store for fun shopping and kids clothes. Not anymore.

I went into the San Bruno store and browsed. I found some canning jars that I needed. There were two jars, taped together with a price of $2.99 and they were 50% off, which is great. Then there were the same jars, in singles with no tags. I asked how much they were and the lady said she couldn't sell them to me because they had no tags on them. I said, "Can't you give me the same price as the ones with the tags?" She said no, because they were originally a part of a box set and she's not allowed to sell anything without tags. I asked again because I couldn't fathom that she wouldn't sell me four jam jars. She said, "I'll sell them to you for $3.99 each."

I walked away and then came back to her and said, "I don't meant to be rude, but this makes no sense. I have two jars here marked $2.99 and you're telling me you won't give me the same price on these other jars because they're not marked? Why don't you just mark them and sell them to me?" She said people were doing that "today." I asked to see the manager and she said she was the manager. I can't believe they would lose a sale of jam jars because of no tag. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I also told her that they sell for less at Target. They go for about $1.50 per jar if you buy them separately. Ridiculous. Won't go there any longer. She was so rude and unhelpful. I just couldn't believe it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2017

This store is selling a handbag for $50. It's not real and it's used and second hand plus donated. l spoke to manager regarding bag being a cheap imitation and being sold at a ridiculous price. She informed me she was aware it was not a real Jimmy Choo handbag. But that was still the price. How can this shop selling it. What a ripoff.

Original review: March 22, 2017

My sister and I visited a store on Alexandria Dr. In Lexington, Kentucky on March 21st when we saw a wagon there for $39.95. The sales clerk Said it was tagged as furniture and if we waited until the next day, March 22nd it would be 50% off. The sales clerk then put the wagon behind the counter for my sister until the next day. We went to get it and was told that it was NOT furniture and they were not allowed to hold stuff! My sister was lied to about this and she should get the wagon! You all get his stuff free and my sister was treated badly because the sales person LIED!! The sales clerk even wrote her name and number down and put it on the wagon. I wished someone would call me about this. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2017

On Saturday 18th March 2017 I went to visit the Salvation Army Family store on Grey street in Hamilton. Unfortunately I had arrived after closing time, so before leaving I thought I would look at the display items in the window and was appalled and offended on seeing two children's books displayed, one was entitled "Three Little Golliwogs' and the other Ten Little **. Being a person of colour and having grown up being likened to and called these names I found this very culturally insensitive. I also feel as a nationally recognised organisation that works with disadvantaged and marginalised people, this surely goes against respecting all races.

Hamilton East is a culturally diverse community with many people of colour using this shop. This book display reflects an insensitivity by the organisation to some of its users. I would like to see these books removed and not displayed. I would also like to hear that the staff (who I am sure were well meaning and possibly unaware of the offence) be given the reason for the removal and provided with guidance around displaying culturally sensitive material. My email address is **. I would like to receive a personal response to this review and hear how this has been addressed.

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Original review: March 15, 2017

Unbelievable experience. My husband and I moved a lot of HEAVY, HEAVY furniture onto our driveway had it bundled nicely and ready to be picked up. A HEAVY SLEEPER Sofa. Hardly used. A HEAVY Queen Bed. Hardly used. A HEAVY Freezer. HEAVY DRESSERs etc... This company left EVERYTHING but the Freezer. SHAME on you Salvation Army. We are NOT talking junk here!! What a waste of time. Will no longer feel guilty going to GOODWILL.

Original review: March 15, 2017

As many people on this site, I wanted to donate two major pieces of furniture instead of just tossing them. The furniture I was looking to donate were two pieces of Ethan Allen furniture - a coffee table and bookcase. After having it booked for weeks, the drivers immediately come in and say "no way can we take that - someone should have called you ahead of time to make you send them pictures" which they NEVER did. He was very rude and abrasive. He then asked if I "actually" had clothes to donate or was this a complete waste of their time. Incredibly unpleasant and irritated.

I then called them to suggest they provide more disclosure on how selective they are on accepting furniture and express my disappointment with how rude the driver was to which the person on the phone was equally if not more rude and then hung up on me. My family has always donating to the Salvation Army and I will encourage them to find another charity moving forward.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 2, 2017

I thought I was doing a good thing trying to donate furniture and clothes to the Salvation Army. Instead I learned never to deal with them again and highly recommend everyone avoid using them. I called and arranged for this pickup and was asked to email pictures of the furniture which I did. They contacted me and said that everything was acceptable and we confirmed a delivery date. They were supposed to pick up my items on 2/27/17. Never showed up and never called. On Tuesday 2/28/17 I contact them and am told they will pick up on 3/1/17. At 11:15 a.m. I receive a call saying they are 3 stops away so I leave my office and wait for them. After 1.5 hours of waiting I called them and asked for an update and am told they are a few miles away. Another 15 minutes go by and they arrive.

The driver looks at everything and says everything looks good. He and his helper load up the clothing bags and walk back to the furniture and the driver says "Oh I can't take this, it is worn"? I said "Yes it is a used loveseat?" He said "Yes we don't take worn furniture, it has to be perfect?" What? He then walks over and looks at the chair again and says he can't take that either? I call their office and tell them they approved this furniture for pickup and am then told it is at the discretion of the driver. Had I known the hassle associated with trying to do a good thing with this agency I would never have contacted them. What a complete waste of time. I could have given this away on Craigslist and been done with it. Rest assured lesson learned and will avoid SA in the future.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

Due to a kitchen remodel, a couple of years ago, we donated kitchen appliances that were in like-new condition; all worked and I made sure that they were all spotless. When they came to our home to pick them up the men said they couldn't come into our home, due to insurance reasons. What? Too weird... My husband and I ended up loading them onto our own hand trucks, wheeling them out to their truck and placing them on the truck lift.

I have very nice pieces of furniture along with several other useful items I have scheduled for pick-up from our storage facility. The first cancellation was due to Weather conditions. Apparently, here in WA where it snows every winter is a problem for trucks, but not most cars. Anyway, it was re-scheduled for two weeks later. Today's the date, but a man called to say there is something wrong with the pick-up location; it doesn't match my address. I said that's because the items are being picked up at a storage facility, not my address. This was all outlined on the form that was prepared online. He says, "Well, the truck that going out today is not going to that area; it's a different zip code".

I let him know that although it's a different zip code, the facility is very close to my home address because I live right next to the town (within walking distance) where the facility is. He tells me it can be picked up there in a few days. I say, ok and then ask him why this wasn't the apparent big problem when dispatch told me it was being re-scheduled due to a truck being stuck in snow? He rudely says I don't have to donate to SA if I don't want to. I tell him I don't appreciate his attitude and expect them to pick up the items in a few days. I guess SA has too many people donating and can afford to pass on very good merchandise, not anything that should go to the dumps instead. And, apparently, they do not keep records of prior donations. I have donated to SA for years, and have also placed cash in their kettles during the holidays. If they don't show up or if I get another person speaking to me they way this employee has, ALL donations will cease.

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

My wife contacted the Salvation and gave a list of items to be pick up and when they arrived, the driver said the items were not on the list. I said not true because they were listed by computer. They act as though they want certain items only. Being a disabled Veteran I will no longer give them anything and ask all veterans not to donate along with my friends. It's all about money. From this day forward I have nothing good to say about them because this the second time this has happened. I would take it to the dump before I ever give to SALVATION ARMY. I have already called some veterans and friends and asked not to give to them ever and explained why.

The other issue is they left items out in the rain that they did not take. All additional items were in good shape and cost more than they could ever afford. Trying to do the right thing with these RIGHTEOUS BEGGARS who would not have nothing if it was not for donations. I am sending tweets daily about these deplorable humans. Thanks.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

I bought a couch and chaise for my teens gaming room. I return the next day to get furniture and bring it home to notice an infestation of bed bugs. I called the store and spoke with a clerk and all I got was "I'm sorry". I'm very livid. I spent over 200 dollars on furniture that ended up in the trash within 30 mins of being at my home. I was smart enough not to bring the furniture into my house but took my carpet cleaner outside to clean and shampoo it. That is where I found live bugs and a severe infestation. I know it's the law to treat and sanitize anything being sold second hand and in this matter I don't believe it was. I'm livid and will be calling corporate. I have been a long time customer of the Salvation Army stores but this has done me in and will no longer return. I have multiple pictures of the furniture and I will make it seen for everyone here in my town so they know the store does not sanitize or even look over furniture before selling!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2017

Scheduled a pickup for a denim loveseat. Sofa was 3 years old, never used, foam seats could be rolled for an overnight guests which I never had. Room being changed to a bedroom and sofa had to go. Salvation Army came this morning and refused to pick up the sofa because on top of an arm they found some cat's hair. I do have a cat and this cat has never in her life Sat on that sofa which was locked in my room HOWEVER because cats are curious and because I had moved the sofa from the room upstair to the front door to make it easier to be loaded on a truck, my cat Sat on one of its arms for 25 minutes this morning until she bored. I volunteered to vacuum but they were not interested. Talks followed about not having place in the truck, or when unloading other people would have allergies, in few words they did not want it. I will never make a donation to the Salvation Army either in goods or money.

Original review: Jan. 3, 2017

Disastrous. Unacceptable. Idiotic. And that's the NICE things I can say about SA for now!! They NEVER come for Home pickups; I scheduled a pickup in 5/2016, only to be told they're booked, do it in late June. Got a pickup for 7/1/16, only to be told (after NUMEROUS follow-ups on MY part) no one is coming because all the drivers called out sick! Rescheduled several times until 1/3/17, only to be told the truck broke down! 8 boxes of Media sitting in my home to donate, only for this! I'm not even doing this for a tax write-off!

It's VERY clear that certain 'hoods' get shafted by the SA, because they're thought of as 'unimportant'. They may want to look into the racist inclinations of the reasoning of their 'pickups'. I'm beginning to sense something... Regardless, for a company that is religious based, why do they have me screaming, "Bloody Hell" in regards to their professionalism?! I KNOW for a fact customers constantly steal their Media oriented material in their stores, but I thought my items would still help their cause. Now I just have 'cause' for concern giving anything to them! Oh, another word... RIDICULOUS... Very fitting for them.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2016

The service is supposed to be for people. They are against everything they are there for. I will never donate through them again. They are a team of ignorants/robots who don't care about anything and have no other answers than "there is nothing we can do about that" as if they are only there to respond to the phone. Unethical bunch of ignorants.

Original review: Nov. 10, 2016

I called to donate items and they came and would not take my items. Told me the beautiful Ethan allen end tables were outdated and not real wood. What they were wood. A new not used bicycle had a flat tire. Also a kitchen table was not wood. This was also real wood. They would not even take a glass table. They told me they don't take glass. I wanted home all day to be told this. They are horrible. The driver told me they want new items... Who donates new items these days. I will never call them again. Never...

Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

I was checking out a jewelry bag which was $45.00 and the tall blonde lady behind the counter asked if she could see the bag for a minute. Of course I gave it to her and even though there was staples already in it she had to put in more like I was going to open it and take things out. Then she takes it and puts it back on the counter instead of giving it back to me. I am 58 years old and have never been treated so rude!!! I shop lots of Salvation Army Stores and also donate but I will not spend another dime at this store as long as they don't know how to treat people. I also called and the manager Brad was very condescending to me and all I have to say is look at the camera on 11/4/2016 at 9:30 am!! I have never been so disrespected by a rude employee that dresses as if she is an escort!!! I will NEVER shop there again and I have actually been going there for ten plus years!!! This happened at 9:30 am and has consumed and ruined my day!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

(Originally the inheritance amount said was, $60 Billion) The US continues to dominate in every category, from the most Health Problems, to producing the most Poorest Quality of Food, to giving away the most Poorest Quality of Food, to throwing out the most food, to the most prison inmates, to the most Mental Health Patients, to most domestic violence cases, to most homicides & crimes in general, to the most greed of any country based on the highest rate of disposable anything, to building the most weapons.

To even killing the most people in other countries, and yes moderation team US also leads in Homelessness & what has salvation army done with $1.8 Billion in aiding the homeless? It sure isn't been keeping our homeless off the streets &/or eating healthier food by reducing the health risks. Keep on cutting out the voice of the American people and any room for improvement, quality, and freedom, from such domination. Boo hoo on Consumer Affairs! You're helping hand is -0- to worst.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2016

I used to love the store but not now. The Asian assistant manager is a long time employee with Salvation Army and plays all kind of games for her own interests. The bottom line is she should not force me to play the game with her. When I did not go along with her, she turned around gave me hard time, even harassed me and humiliated me. Salvation Army management did not discuss the problem with me, the meeting to discuss the problem never becomes true. I received a letter that management asked employees to give client senior discount after regular discount and ignored the fact that she violated rule and regulation in employee hand book.

Mission Values of The Salvation Army Our Vision - The Salvation Army - a growing, loving community of people dynamically living God's mission in a broken world. Please see Salvation claimed: Our Mission - The Salvation Army raised up by God for the work of: Transforming Lives; Caring for People; Making Disciples; Reforming Society; Our Values - Recognizing that God is always at work in the world we value: Human Dignity; Justice; Hope.

Please see what Salvation Army did. May 29, 2015: On May 26, 2015 the Asian Assistant Manager repeated that no senior discount after 50% off of blue tag according to store policy. She did not bother to check the policy, she did not bother to ask other employees about the policy, and she did not bother to show me the policy at all when I asked her to show me many times. Why all other employees know store policy except her??? What kind of assistant manager she is???

I did not fight with her after she refused to give me senior discount. I left the counter and did not purchase the item. It was her came to me while I was talking with my friend in other side of store.

She did not show me the policy and she did not let me talk to higher position person. She had nothing else to do but harassing me for a long time. I finally told her to leave me alone to stop her. Is this a correct way for an assistant manager to treat a customer like this??? She then complained about me to other customers to humiliate me. This is a serious harassment. Other customers may think I am a crazy woman according to her words. Is this a professional way to treat a customer like this???

Friday, May 29, 2015 2:20 PM. She said "hi" only to certain customers that she liked. She treated customers differently. For example if there was no tag she would tell me or my friend that she would charge full price. One day a customer in front of me was checking out. Some stuff did not have tags. She let him pay half price of similar items that he got. One time she charged me the yarn double price because it was a little bigger. Few days later I saw same size yarn marked half of the price I paid. I did not argue with her. Another time she told a customer in front of me that she could not sell him the book like before. She did not explain why, but asked the customer to the other side and whispered to him. Why she could not talk to him in front of everybody so we all understand the rule?

She did not allow me to use refund. She said next time. Then next time she still did not allow me to use. So I asked her when I could use. She finally let me use. Why she gave me hard time??? She always told me to deliver massages for her to other employees, or told me to close the door. I did what she said, yet she was still mean to me. No other employees told me to do this or that like her. One day she was arranging clothes and I was passing by. She refused to move her skinny body a little bit so I could go through. Instead she told me to walk around from other side. I did what she said and did not argue with her. She was not friendly to other employees. She always told them "you have to" without "the reason why".

She had nothing better to do till I told her to leave me alone. The price of the item sometime was according to what she said. She could lower it or double it. It was according to her relationship with customer. She was not doing the right job and she was not a qualified worker. CC. I went to the store on Oct. 13, 2015. I was sexually harassed by an old widow. I was hiding on second floor and some customers went to Linda for help and she did not care at all. She said that same thing happened a week ago and even worse. Georgia was not in at that time. Finally the guy David went to talk to the widow and told him do not come back. He also offered me to walk to my car. What kind of assistant manager Linda was besides harass me?

November 10, 2015 11:41 AM. She violates Salvation Army Employee Rules and Regulations. #5. Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or interfering with fellow staff, customers, clients or other visitors on The Salvation Army's premises. #13. Using offensive language or indulging in malicious gossip. #15. Collection of funds or solicitation for any purpose whatsoever on work time unless expressly authorized by management or mishandling of any donation to The Army. #19. Discourtesy to one's fellow staff, clients or to the public in any manner. #21. Participation in, or silence regarding any illegal activities connected with the work place. Knowledge of any such activities should be reported to one's supervisor or the next command level for confidential investigation.

#22. Sexual harassment and other forms of harassment/retaliation tied to such employee characteristics as age, religion, gender, marital status, race, and nation of origin, disability, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, or status in any group protected by state or local law. All employees have a responsibility to report harassment/retaliation of any type to their supervisors. Should an incident involve a supervisor, immediate contact should be made with the next level of command? Strict confidentiality will be maintained regarding any such report and its subsequent investigation. Our anti-harassment policy applies not only to staff of The Army but to its clients, customers and vendors, etc. (see section on Anti-Harassment Policy in this Handbook.) #23. Immoral Conduct of any kind.

#24. Indulging in any behavior either on or off the job that has a negative impact on The Salvation Army's public image, religious goals, or programs. #26. Any actual or potential conflict of interest may preclude employment eligibility or result in termination if it occurs after hire. Any possible conflict of interest must be discussed immediately with Administration who will decide whether corrective action must be taken. When a conflict of interest is found to exist, an employee will be given the opportunity to remove the conflict before termination or reassignment is considered.

Please see attached letter from Salvation Army. Management has no intention to solve the problem. Management did not read my complaint. Management did not even know what the problems are. The problem is Asian assistant manager not the store or other staff. The problem is she violated rules and regulations not all staff do not know store policy and procedure. In fact all other staff knew after 50% off senior gets another 30% off on Tuesday. Christina ** also has problem herself to understand and solve this problem. Somebody should do something right to solve the problem.

November 24, 2015 9:12 PM. I am so surprised to read your letter dated Nov. 16, 2015 from management. I believed you never read my email dated Nov. 10, 2015. I complained about Asian assistant manager. Your response was about Alhambra store. I did not complain about any other people or any other things of the store. I brought up Asian assistant manager violated rules and regulations. Your response was making all staff understand stores policy and procedures. Looks like your staff do not have training before working in the store; especially Asian assistant manager, she is working there over ten years. You have no respect on customer. Asian assistant manager could violate rules and regulations and do not take any responsibility with your protection. I said that I did not agree, now you said again. No wonder she told me recently that give up fighting for justice against her.

Oct. 13, 2015. I was sexually harassed by an old guy in your store. Customer reported to Asian assistant manager. She did nothing. December 02, 2015. There is a new complaint against Asian assistant manager. When I bought furniture, she told me that staff cannot help client to move. She wanted to call her friend to help me move and I have to pay her friend. December 10, 2015. What is your policy when your employee Linda violated rules and regulations again and again??? December 17, 2015. Asian assistant manager was selling spring rolls in Salvation Army for her friends on Chinese New Year. Is it allowable? She also called her friend to move furniture for clients. If you did not use her friend, buy her stuff you got the treatment like me. Is it allowable? She always persuaded clients to buy certain items. If you did not buy, you are in trouble. Looking forward to hearing from you.

April 13, 2016 12:56 PM. Area manager told me to have a meeting with assistant manager, however later on there was no meeting and all my phone calls and email was totally ignored. April 12, 2016. I met area manager in Alhambra store while he was training the staff. Later on I asked him about my complaint. He said it was happened last year. Just because he ignored me over a year my complaint was over? July 06, 2016 1:05 PM. I went to Alhambra Store yesterday. July 5, 2016. I could not find other staff and I could not wait, I have to check out with LINDA. She said to me that she did not treat me bad and she wanted me to forget what she did.

I asked her that: Why she did not give me senior discount after the regular discount but other staff did and why she complained about me to other clients. She said other staff did not understand rules; she did not respond about why she complained about me to other clients. Why she did not sell me an item without price tag but sold to other clients. She said that items without price tag is final sale. However to me she just told me that she could not sell the item without price tag and kept the item. Why she told me that store staff could not move furniture for me and wanted me to call and pay the guy she referred me, but she asked store staff to move furniture for other clients. She could not respond. Why I did everything she asked such as closed store door, find staff for her many times, but she could not move her body a little bit and let me pass. I understand this is second hand store, I am second hand client, and management is second hand too.

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