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Me and my wife come in for shoes and we meet very helpful and friendly staff. She help us out. Me and my wife, we want to thank you Barbara for help. Now my wife she told me we be back for this store if we have to do any purchase.

A few months ago I made a purchase at Marshall's in Turnersville, it turned out I had picked up 3 items that were very similar in style to things I already had... I never even tried these items on the tags were all on the garments, my only problem was I misplaced my receipt.... I didn't think I would have a problem since I had just purchased the items no more than 2 hours before...

I couldn't have been more wrong...after waiting online for 10 minutes this woman behind the counter motions me to come forward and I proceed to explain my situation to her explaining everything including that I had just been there 2 hours before.... She then proceeded to tell me that she didn't care that the tags were still on the garments, I needed a receipt to have the money refunded back to my card but, that she could give me a store gift card.... I kept 3 other items... I am a Marshalls card holder... I frequent this store at least once a week... (not anymore) don't understand what was so difficult but the most disturbing part of this encounter was when I had asked to speak to the Store Manager she informed me she was the store manager (which judging by her appearance and demeanor I didn't believe it) I will be paying off my card and never intend to visit this store again.

Purchased a comforter, on Clearance, FULL of BED BUGS!!! Bed Bugs then INFESTED my entire home. Returned comforter. Managers didn't care. According to Corporate office, they did EVERYTHING WRONG. Never filed insurance claim. When they were told to, I received call from Zurich Insurance Adjuster, who basically called me a LIAR, BERATED & HARASSED me to tears. Spoke to a different adjuster, who said 1st Adjuster was SO OUT OF LINE. All he said was PROVE IT, PROVE IT, over and over. It CAN be proven, on store video, just watching me when returning comforter.

I am a 55 yr old 100% disabled women now sleeping on hardwood flooring, barely sleep, full of white scars from bites etc. Feel like I'm losing my mind. Had to throw out bed, couch, zero $$ for exterminator. BEWARE. NEVER PURCHASE BEDDING OF ANY KIND FROM MARSHALLS, ESPECIALLY IF ON CLEARANCE! I STILL haven't received ANY empathy, nor compensation for the thousands of $$ I've lost!!! Marshalls, YOU'RE PATHETIC!

In the Austell, GA store I found a pair of shoes on clearance. When I went to checkout, they told me that they needed an additional tag, and could not honor the price on them. They found a second pair and insisted I pay that higher price. I told them their ticketing error was not my fault. This is dishonest, misrepresenting pricing. I won't shop here anymore.

We stopped into Marshalls HomeGoods to purchase a list of items, knowing your excellent quality and selection. Upon arrival I inquired if a wheelchair was available as my mother has trouble walking long-distance without a walker and somewhere to sit. Mind you on the doors are the large blue handicap accessible stickers. I was told "No we don't have the motorized carts." No problem. Just a wheelchair would be fine. "No we don't have one of those either!" Come on guys. You're missing a huge part of the population! For about $79 and a 8" by 3' spot? Are you kidding? We left spending our $400 between Kohl's, who has a wheelchair and Target who has the motorized carts! It is not just little old ladies. With the men coming back from war, you're also doing them a disservice. Please look into getting a couple of wheelchairs at least for your customers, the ones who are a "top priority". It would be a win win!

Updated on 07/09/2016: Here is the response to a complaint of no wheelchairs the handicapped. WOW!! "Thank you for contacting Marshalls Customer Service regarding motorized shopping carts and wheelchairs in our stores. We apologize for the delay in responding to you. We are very sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities. We have carefully considered providing wheelchairs and motorized carts for our customers and have decided not to offer these in our stores at this time. That said, we will continue to evaluate the matter in the future."

"However, our Store Management teams will make every effort to do whatever is necessary to assist you or any of our customers at any time. As you may have seen in our stores, we have signage for people with disabilities indicating that if a customer requires assistance, he/she should ask one of our associates, they are always glad to help. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to contact us and for sharing your concerns. You are a valued customer, and we look forward to seeing you in the stores again soon."

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I didn't know so much Marshalls store before but Some my friends are big Marshalls fan. They used to West 125th St and Broadway store so I join to go with them sometimes. Good quality and nice brand of the item there and all items are happy price!!! So many people go shopping Marshalls is popularity store. Please do not say complaints!!! Such as fancy shops of arrangement or wish to same like a high class store. This store seem like a discount store. When I go to Marshalls, always find something good item was to come at a happy price. We also went to the shop of it since TJ, but there are more shopping at Marshalls.

But Recently we experienced the unpleasant situation in the Mistake of a person's recently cash register of employees Broadway Marshalls store!!! It was purchased a few items for my family's gift and I gave them already but... When I back to home once again see the receipt I noticed that cashier double charge the same product. So We explained the contents on the phone to the store. They ask me to bring receipt and back to store because to refund the wrong amount of money. For the cash register of the mistake, we must go back to the store. OMG.

Also it takes transportation costs and time up there. But will have to correct the amount of money. It was again explained to show the receipt to the person of the cash register to go to the store. But women of the cash register, did not immediately suspected refund because it does not have the items bought. The register lady ask Store Manager then The Manager Lady told to her Okay let refund. To the number of the same items, such should be understood that it is immediately mistake from are twice cashier beating. And surprisingly, what is more unpleasant is that They never apologize to customers by embarrassed annoying mistake of employee. I want you to hire a professional employee who received more shop of education. It was not happy day!!!

On June 6, 2016 at approximately 6 p.m. I visited the Marshalls store located at 310 E. H Street in the Terra Nova Shopping Center. The reason for my visit was to purchase conditioner and essential oils. I found the essential oil I was in search of, a rejuvenation mix, however, to my dismay the seal was broken on the bottle and it was the only one in stock. When I arrived at the register I informed the cashier, **, that the particular bottle I was intending to purchase had already been opened and some of the oil appeared to be missing and I wished to receive their standard damage discount because of this. ** examined the bottle and confirmed that it was opened but stated that in her opinion none of the oil inside was missing and she did not feel it warranted a discount.

I stated that I had in fact purchased numerous bottles of that particular oil brand and they are generally fuller, but in any case the seal was broken thus warranting a damage discount. ** then told my husband and I to wait a moment and she left her station. She returned after quite a few minutes with four separate essential oil bottles (none of which were the same brand or mix as the one I was wanting to purchase) and held them up for my husband and me to see and said "see, this bottle is no lower than these, so we can't give you a discount just because the seal is broken". I told her I no longer wanted the bottle in that case, to which she responded rudely and placed the bottle to the side and completed my transaction.

Just after leaving the store, I called and requested a manager to be put on the line. ** then answered the phone and I explained my situation to her. In response, ** put me on hold to speak with ** regarding the situation. When ** returned she stated ** had done what she was supposed to and shown me, the customer, that the product I wanted to purchase with a damage discount didn't warrant a discount. We spoke for a few minutes longer, during which ** continued to justify **'s actions. I requested **'s name as well as **'s name and told her I felt very disparaged after both the treatment I was given in store as well as the treatment I was being given from **. Only then did she say that maybe ** handled the situation incorrectly but did not apologize for her own ill-mannered behavior during our phone call.

I feel that the quality of customer service being given in the particular store is in direct response to the management team after conversing with **. Both ** and ** felt that the 50 cent discount requested by a customer for an item that was in fact opened and slightly used was too unreasonable. The level of customer service at this store is terrible. The managers are clearly untrained and care only about making their own associates happy.

I purchased a discounted skin care product that had a security box outside the box before purchasing! The plastic wrap was perfectly intact. Looked like never opened before that gave you the sense that just a brand new product. A week later, I opened the plastic wrap... I was in total shock!!! There was an empty eyeglass case instead of the skin care product that I expected.

When I returned to the store and talked to the store manager in Dedham MA. She just refunded the money but claimed that she never saw this happened before. I said "how could the customers shop here to trust what they bought inside the package was what it said outside the box." Was it a scam? I feel like I was being set up. I have a professional job, but felt like being set up as a "theft" and couldn't believe this company was selling this "product" to the customer. It's true that customers expect discounted price products here but the products inside the package were exactly what it said outside the package! I will never go back again as I just lost trust in this company. Shop at your own risk if you can't see what's inside the package!

I have a TJM credit card... when I want to return something I bought at Marshalls, I have to go back to Marshalls to return it. I have a card for all 3 stores. Why can't I return it at either store. It makes me very angry not to return it to either store. All stores are affiliated... Please change your policy...

I went to Marshalls in Greenville, TX and this lady watched and followed me and my son around the store. We went there to find a yellow and black shirt for my boys, which I found. Even after she saw us in line to pay for the shirts she still continued to watch us, until we left the store. I will never go back to that store again!!! Every ** person that comes in a store is not a thief!!! She never once followed any of the ** ppl in the store. Those other ppl in the store could have taken whatever they wanted, because she was so busy watching ** ppl who don't steal and not the ** ppl who could have been stealing. ** are not the only race that steal!!

I know Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and HomeGoods are all separate companies under one name. I have always found similar items at the same price, between Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. New Marshalls in E. Naples FL, opened 4/1/16. I found luggage that I wanted, but no price. Not another like it in the store. Clerk says "I will price it." I thought the price seems high (and new employee) and she bluntly said "Well, do you want it?" She made up a price. I bought it for $49.99, telling her 1) it did not seem like a Marshalls price, 2) I was going to keep my receipt, and 3) check other stores and the Internet.

Later, I found the exact same merchandise at T.J. Maxx, Naples FL, same color, but $10 less. I wanted both pieces, but a credit on the Marshalls receipt when I paid $10 too much. While in Port Charlotte FL, I had both pieces and receipts with me, and proceeded to explain to Diego, why I felt I was owed a credit. Diego turned to manager Bruce, and I explained. Bruce said Marshalls and T.J. Maxx were separate stores with separate pricing, and he would not give me a $10 credit. I felt this was inconsistent among sister companies where I could use the same TJX charge card for Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and HomeGoods companies.

The associate in the original transaction just randomly made up the price. It was later explained to me that in Marshalls' merchandising protocol, that there was no way to look up a price on a piece of merchandise, when there was no other in the store exactly like it. Manager Bruce, could have credited me $10 for a fair transaction and customer service.

12/24/15 I purchased 16 items, for $217.00 of merchandise at store #273 the Metro Colma Mall. On 3/22/16 I returned Five items. I had the receipt and all merchandise had store tags attached. There was a pair of athletic pants which was on the receipt with tags attached $15.00 I wanted to return. The cashier Catherine started looking at me and the merchandise strange. The manager was approving the returns and Catherine, cashier started to claim the merchandise did not match the tags. Well I could not believe THIS. The manager Mike then decided to decline the return of the $15.00 athletic pants... Claiming the same reason. I could not believe this. A clerk overriding a management decision!

I explained I did not know what happen but the merchandise and tags were exactly how I purchased them, and the purchase was on the receipt. Well the cashier Catherine started looking at me as if I was scum, and a thief. I asked to speak to the manager and Mike responded he is the manager. I asked for the district manager. He said that would be him. So I asked for the number to the Regional Manager and he gave me the number **. The number was always busy.

I have been a Marshalls Customer for over 15 years but if customer service consist of lies and bad management decisions I can spend the approximately $400-600 per month at Ross, Nordstroms Rack, or Loehmans and be treated with respect and consideration. You can thank Mike and Catherine for my quick exit of Marshalls. This is a difficult decision. I have always had very good service at all the Marshalls stores. This incident occurred over a week ago and I am still disturbed. I will be returning the items I purchased that day soon.

The cashier was horrendous. Couldn't even put my ** in the ** bags correctly. Then this ** tried asking me if I want a damn credit card. Like no ** I don't want a card. Then she kept asking me over and over and over and over. Like seriously? Then I went in the bathroom and there was green ** all over the floor. Truly made me want to puke. They have cheap ** here that breaks within a week. You're actually lucky if it doesn't break on ya way home! Lmfao so funny yet, so disappointed. NOBODY wants a ** card! Hate this place seriously.

I live near Ossining, NY and sometimes go to Marshalls for perfume. 2 times I bought perfume where the wrapping stated women but it turned to be for a man. These items were rewrapped. I was told by the cashiers and a manager that they never rewrap anything which is a lie. I was able to return because I had the receipt and box. I again went to this store because I needed to buy a gift and bought a few bottles of perfume 2 for me and one for my niece as a gift. They were all wrapped and in boxes and the wrapping had the name, price and stated it was for WOMEN - I gave the gift to my niece and when she wore the perfume a couple of weeks later she was told by her friends it smells like a man's perfume. The wrapping said women not man - I did not have the receipt and she threw away the box.

When I called Marshalls woman answered and I asked to speak with a manager. She transfers me to a man. I asked for his name. He refused to give his name so I continued to explain that I bought a perfume that was wrapped stating it was a women's perfume but it was not it was for a man - he said if I did not have the receipt or the box he can't help me. I stated this happens all the time in this store. "I would like your name and the phone to your corporate office." He refused again to give me his name. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I called the corporate phone #. Spoke with a woman who was professional and took my name and number and my complaint. She stated she would have the manager of the Marshalls store in Ossining, NY call me back. At this point I don't care about the perfume or getting my money back or store credit. The Marshalls in Ossining, NY customer service people as well as the man that stated he was a manager which I don't think he was they should be trained properly and the store and products if rewrapped should be wrapped correctly. This is the worst Marshalls that I have ever been to. It's messy and nothing is where it should be. Signs are incorrect - I SAY SHUT IT DOWN. Thank you. From an IRATE Customer.

Store 1238. My friend and I went into Marshalls for her to return a jacket. The jacket still had the original tags attached and she did not have her receipt. I know for a fact she has not worn the item and it was sitting in a plastic bag for exactly 3 weeks. The cashier was new so he had to call the manager up to assist him the return which was fine, we didn't mind waiting. Once the manager approached the front of the store she was very rude as to saying my friend wore the item. Then she let the young gentleman step aside and create the marked down price with the handheld scanner while she assisted another customer.

My friend looked at me frustrated saying she never wore the item and that her attitude was uncalled for. The manager overheard her and left the customer she was assisting to come to my friends face and tell her that my friend had purchased a label gun and placed the tag back on the jacket after wearing it. My friend at this point did not care about getting her money back she just wanted them to know that she did not in fact wear the jacket and that she was providing horrible customer service.

I'm sorry but I worked at this exact Marshalls for a year and not once did any of our previous managers treat any customer with such disrespect no matter what the situation was. Not to mention that half the employees are always talking about partying amongst each other. I would rather shop at Wal-Mart than ever go back I'm here again.

I spent an hour and a half looking for clothing for my daughter. I found a pair of jeans and a top for her and was trying on another top for me when they announced the store (Route 256/Hill Road (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)) was closing. So I took what I had found to check out. Once home I showed her the top. She saw pulls in the material so I put it back in the bag WITH TAGS STILL ON. I took it back and the manager said it had been worn even though tags had not been removed. I told her the tags were attached and I was returning it because it had snags. It had a spot of makeup on it but my daughter is black, and the makeup was a drop of white people's makeup... Obviously not hers. I hadn't seen that before but was returning it because of snags.

The top was full price ($24.99). Not a sale item. She refused to let me return it. I will be in contact with Corporate offices about this. Also the jeans stretched out. My daughter informed me the day after I tried to return the top. Oddly, the girl I first spoke to was getting ready to write me a store credit for the top 'til the manager walked up as was the policy at that store. The manager was rude and insisted that I HAD WORN THE TOP! Don't you just hate it when someone calls you a liar and you KNOW you are telling the truth?!! I'm through with these cheap stores. I can do better at Macy's and Nordstrom... They have sales and items are good quality, unlike the things I bought at Marshalls.

01122016 19:00 hours Store: 12520-F Westheimer Street, Houston, TX 77077. I shop at this store often, which is near my home. While attempting to purchase 4 items today, cashier name ** attempted to remove the 2nd markdown sticker on 1 item. I felt that if she altered the sticker, it would not be as obvious that the neatly placed sticker had been done by an employee. In addition, I knew I left 4 identical items with the same markdown on the shelf, so I wanted a manager to confirm the price. ** told me that she would not call the manager as the manager was busy. Wrong answer. Then she started whispering to the boy working behind the counter with her.

Definitely, I preference speaking with the Manager. When ** finally arrived, she performed the price check, and confirmed the other items with the same price; but added that she had not done the markdowns. My view on Customer Service considering I work with the public--clearly, the item did not sell at the regular price or 1st markdown. Your staff should understand that the goal is to make the sale. Secondly, which employee did the markdown is of no concern of the buyer. Your employees are to make the correction when I leave but honor the price that was obviously placed by one of your employees. ** should perhaps be assigned elsewhere like cleaning the restroom.

On Friday January 8th at approx. 9:30 am (right at store opening time) my husband and I entered the San Bernardino Marshalls. I was there to return some items and to do a bit of shopping. We are what I consider loyal Marshalls customers but not after the Manager literally called me cattle. I entered store and the Manager and approx. four employees were just standing at the registers, no customers at registers, and I was only three feet from the Manager when I told her I was returning an item. In a sane intelligent world I should have been able to walk right up tho the Manager at the register but this Manager told me and my elderly husband with bad knees that "you have to go through the corral." She made us walk all the way through the "maze" to get to the registers and called it a "corral' so literally calling me cattle. What a **! So hey Marshalls customers, Marshalls considers us cattle!

We went shopping at Marshalls and got to the cashiers to pay. The clerk claimed that he really liked the shirt that we bought, scanned the item, and then suspiciously took it back. We asked him what was wrong and we were told that the ticket price was incorrect and the correct price was $15.00 instead of $5.00. THIS WAS A STORE ERROR, so we called for the manager and he proceeded to make claims that WE SWITCHED the price tags, and refused to sell it to us for the marked price. The manager's tone was beyond rude and condescending, and borderline racist towards us. This is of course impossible because the price tags are attached onto the clothing with the plastic fasteners. It is also illegal to change the price of the item after the tag has clearly been marked in the state of New Jersey.

There was no apology and then the manager Cy rudely kept insisting that "SOMEONE" (aka "WE") somehow changed the tags and refused to give us the price on the tag. There was not a SINGLE apology for the error and the attitude was absolutely TERRIBLE. We refused to buy any items from the store and left promptly. We will never be visiting this Marshalls in New Jersey ever again.

Myself and my daughter were shopping in store and had a few items to try on. We went into the dressing room and as we were trying on pants at 9:23 pm and in comes Doreen ** and told us we had to leave the room because they were closed and we could purchase the clothing without trying it on if we wanted it. She told us she didn't care if we bought it or not. We proceeded to leave while she was having an attitude with us and I told her she should be nicer to the customers and she said she was only nice to customers who were nice to her.

I went up front and reported the incident to the manager on duty who was stunned and said that we were absolutely able to try on clothing until the store closing time. At that point we had already returned the clothes to the rack and were leaving. On a final note, I shop in this store at least 2 days per week and have found every other employee exceptionally friendly and helpful. Hopefully you will remove this woman from your employ as she makes people not want to do business here.

I found a suitably priced lightweight parka hanging on a size small hanger, and purchased it. I later discovered that the jacket was an extra-large. I took it back to the store and looked for the same jacket in the right size. None was to be found. On return, the salespeople asked if I had checked, as if that were a novel idea. None seemed willing to help me find a substitute. I asked if they would call their nearby store to see if the jacket was in stock and was told that they did not know how to do that. I excused myself by saying I would return later, but it seemed clear that I was being passive-aggressively dismissed. It worked! I did not return. I am out one jacket and Marshall's has lost a customer.

They are the rudest people on the face of this earth, omg! If you have a receipt and the item was just bought 10 minutes before. They are the nastiest people, I was so embarrassed and it continues to happen all the time. Nasty managers, nasty cashiers, just nasty people. They don't care if you have the correct item, the tag is on, and you have a receipt, and you just bought it 10 minutes before. You go home, your daughter tries it on and says it's a no, you go back and they are nasty and refuse to refund you. Omg, I have never been so embarrassed in all my life and in front of my daughter. I'M done! So far they have done this over and over saying "there are thieves everywhere" 10 times so far, are these people calling me a thief? I don't think so, omg, I have never been so upset in all my life.

This happens all the time. I will never go in that store again as long as I live and I am telling everyone I know in Rye and Epping NH what they have done, no one cares. I called and called Marshalls' customer service and reported them. Nothing changes, it's a big joke, and I have neighbors that could be in line staring at me, how embarrassing, especially for my daughter. Do something!!! Do something!!! Get normal, professional, nice people in there that goes for the nasty managers and the nasty employees cashing you out. Is it that difficult to be normal, professional, not embarrass customers, treat them like thieves??? I know it won't change and I'M wasting more of my time writing this review, but someone needs to stop these people. You have no idea and when you call and complain, they have treated me worse now than before, and when I say worse, I mean nasty beyond nasty!

I paid $119 shopping at Marshalls - Mason. The manager Sabrina sounds threat to me. She said "wanna call police" and force me if I wanna return all I bought. I feel like INSULT to me, get me very, very ANGRY!!! I paid $119. I am not thief, how can she say wanna call police? This is server insult to me! I feel very angry. I am in tears. I couldn't sleep all night, affect headache, hopefully I can take legal action court her. I often spent a lot shopping at Marshalls. She doesn't respect me like customer. She treat me like thief. My husband is general manager, he said Not walk in Marshalls located at Mason again.

Let me describe the scenario. I paid $119 for two jeans, jackets, yoga pants and Almond oil with sea salt, bath care stuffs. I ask the cashier Katie to pack all clothes in one bag, and put Almond oil with sea salt in another small bag, because I don't wanna dirt my clothes in case leakage from Almond oil with sea salt. She looks unhappy complain to another lady about me asking pack separately. I saw she seemed double scan one item. I told her but she say No. She didn't said "thanks for shopping." She talked to other lady complaint about me.

After I walk out store, I check one by one. She actually double charge me one item, she didn't apologize, and the manager Sabrina say wanna call police and sounds like force me if I wanna return all I bought. She didn't care about business and customer, VERY BAD!!! I spent $119 I'm not thief. I feel very, very angry. That's why get me MAD! I am thinking poster on Facebook to relieve may ANGER...

The store on Hempstead Tpke in Elmont is the most disorganized poorly managed store I have ever shopped in. To make matters worse, customers waited over an hour on line at the register since they only had 4 registers open for over 30 frustrated customers. When I finally got to the register the Manager did not allow me to keep one hanger for a suit I had purchased. He was rude and did not offer an explanation. He should not be a manager because he's a terrible representation of this store's customer service. I will NEVER return to this store.

I went to make a return at Marshalls on my lunch break. I work there at the Empire center where they are also located. I am at their store practically every day. Some of the employees know me by name and the others by face. Today, I wanted to return a purse that I had purchased on 07-23-15. I gave them a receipt for the item. They were so rude to me. I was in disbelief. I was told it was not their item, and they would not be giving me a refund. They said they had reviewed the cameras, and it was inconclusive. I'm not exactly sure what that means. I had put that purse on hold earlier that day. I went to purchase the bag and other items later that night with my husband. The manager who was the rudest, most unprofessional person I have ever come across said all of the employees confirmed that they had never seen that bag And handed back my bag.

You have no idea the frustration I feel right now, knowing that I had bought that bag just a few days ago, and they're saying that, well, basically I'm a liar. That is the most horrible feeling ever! So I Told him (the manager) to go ** himself. Under the circumstances, It was justifiable. At this point, I don't care about the return. From the receipt, there is a salesperson's login. This is the person I want to talk to. The person who grabbed the bag from the put on hold area, and made a comment about the item. To accuse a customer of being dishonest is not cool with me. I actually left the store crying. As I was going out the exit, the same manager said "Have a nice day!" Not good. That made me even more angry. I will not let this go, and I will never shop at Marshalls ever again.

There's no sign in the lady's fitting room that says boys 10 years old and older are not allowed in. The lady working there told me that my boy couldn't go in with me. She was really unprofessional at her job. I work as customer service that's not how you treat customers.

Any time I try to refund anything especially clothing at Marshalls located at Glen Allen, VA, manager refuse to refund me back. She always make ugly face, refuse to check price, treat me like trash. And I always shop from Marshalls, T.J. Maxx but treatment by them are very bad.

I have to comment on the ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ENCOUNTERED AT ANY ESTABLISHMENT!!!! I have been a long time customer at Marshalls and their existing brands. I had the misfortune of walking into the Marshalls (Store #842) located in Middletown, NY. This is not about the unorganized shelves of shoes or the uncleanliness of the store... this goes far beyond outrageous! There were only 2 cashiers whom looked very young and uninterested in moving the growing line along. I was called to the cashier of **, a young messy disheveled, unprofessional looking young lady (looked like she had a rag on her head). I asked her very quickly for the manager only because I wanted to purchase a dress that had two areas that needed stitching but was the only dress that fit my very tiny niece and I could step aside so she could call the next customer.

She seemed bothered by the request and she proceeded to direct me to ** with much attitude, and was informed she was not a supervisor or manager... So I again requested ** the manager. I asked ** to call the manager, and she very quietly and timidly called the manager **. All the while, ** the cashier was talking under her breath. I requested that she not mumble under her breath about me, and she continued to insist very rudely that "I didn't know what she was doing"! When ** (the supposed "manager") came up, I proceeded to explain how rude and unprofessional ** was and while doing so, ** continued to argue with me in the presence of her customer, her manager and my family members.

When I started to become more frustrated and upset and request from the manager to intervene, she stood there blankly while ** continued to speak. I screamed that ** should not be dealing with the customers and that I was talking to her manager. And ** proceeded to threaten me in front of my family, her manager ** who stood by quietly!!! She stated that if "I wasn't on the other side of the desk, it would be a different situation!!" I moved over and slammed my hand down and said "what are you going to do???" HER MANAGER FINALLY SPOKE UP AFTER CONTINUED ARGUING AND EVEN WHEN SHE ASKED ** TO GET OFF THE FLOOR SHE REFUSED TO GO! WHEN SHE FINALLY LEFT THE FLOOR, SHE PASSED MY HUSBAND AND MY TWO MINOR CHILDREN AND SAID "I'M NOT THE ONE BOO BOO!!!"

If this is an example of the way a customer is treated in any of your establishments, I will happily take my business elsewhere! I am sure you can find a better crop of employees than ones who represent your brand in this manner. I sarcastically stated to your horrific manager "thank you for intervening and apologizing for the actions of your staff", she still looked at me blankly. It wasn't until I paid for my purchases (only because my niece wanted the dress did I purchase anything at this establishment) did ** decide she wanted to apologize for which I replied "too late!"

While I understand that the customer is considered "right" at all times, I agree that some can be challenging. I in no way claim to be right in all instances, and am not happy that I allowed this low-class trash to engage me in such a manner, BUT, the manner in which I was handled and the whole situation was handled by your less than capable manager should be an embarrassment to your brand!!! If your management team cannot handle the very rough ghetto staff they have employed at this establishment, then maybe you need to get Management that can!

** was returned to the cashier to deal with other customers after my being threatened and disrespected! She would have been fired at any other establishment for threatening me, or suspended at the VERY LEAST!!! If this incident occurred with me, I can assure you it has happened before with other customers! This group of employees are an embarrassment to your Brand and I will happily take my business elsewhere!

Great service at your Huntington Beach, CA store. I left my purse in the shoe department after being helped by ** tremendously. Once I realized it (30 minutes later) it wasn't there. It had been turned in and the front desk couldn't have been nicer. My sister needed help getting a different size in 2 blouses and was sure they wouldn't have a small in another blouse. The young woman who helped found the small and was so great to work with. We will return!

I bought a pair of sandals that had scuff marks on heel (when purchased) at your New Rochelle location about a week prior to attempt to return on 5-23-15. Unfortunately service was not performed well because the supervisor ** was very abrupt, dismissive and condescending. While waiting to resolve return issue, ** aggressively questioned purchase of a tester bottle because it was sprayed. She was sarcastic and quick to advise no refund of product because damaged, unable to resell in store and won't accept loss of revenue for other stores negligence. When asked for manager, ** briefed ** that I was rude and did not listen, which caused the manager to be very defensive. Adding insult to injury, ** asked if I understood english. I was not taken to the side or an office but remained in the center of the check out line with other onlooking patrons of the store.

While speaking to **, ** kept interrupting her boss telling her to move out her way and for me to step aside with a loud tone of voice and continual rolling of her eyes. I found the situation extremely embarrassing, unprofessional, and insensitive. Unable to validate refund denial or verbalize without getting flustered, ** called the other store manager in front of me discussing Marshalls policy and procedure but not being accountable enough to issue a refund. I'm utterly dismayed at the magnitude of bashing displayed in front of patrons about the other store and its staff. I was then told to go to the original store of purchase for assistance.

At no point was consideration given in regards to my travels and how I was getting to the next store other than "we cannot refund here". The receipt did not have "as is" or "final sale" as ** mentioned to me but stated local practice allows refusals of products not sold in that store and is different than Marshalls chain store policy. I would like awareness made to patrons before purchasing items that returns or refunds must be made at store of purchase to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience. Also Marshalls department store as large as it is, should have universal and standard rules to abide by in all chains regardless of merchandise issue and not subjective to staff. A rose is a rose. Marshalls is a Marshalls.

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