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Last updated: Jan. 10, 2018

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2018

If I could give them no stars I would. I bought a washer and dryer on November 14. I purchased $840 of it with my debit card and I put $550 on the store account credit card so the shipping was supposed to be within 1 to 3 days and they called me about a week. From the place that had it I was going to ship it so they made an appointment for another week for me to receive it. When I received it it was only a washer on the paperwork that they had me signed. They had paperwork for H dryer so the delivery guy changed it and he put a washer and I called the company to let them know and ask them where my dryer was because I only received the washer and I bought both.

So after being on hold for two hours to get from department to department because they were busy and had to connect me with the right dept it took forever they told me that my dryer would be shipped later. It was just shipped at a different time so I give it another week. I called back. The same thing. I was on hold forever and the guy told me that it still hadn’t been shipped. To give it another week. So I did. The lady told me the same thing when I called the week after so finally the third week I called and I told the lady that needed my refund because this was ridiculous. So she informed me that they have been trying to get a hold of me which I received No phone calls no email no nothing. They said they had at the wrong information for me and they couldn’t get a hold of me but that my dryer has been there since November 28th.

I have been calling since before that so they were just putting me on hold forever and not even checking before my order. That is the worst part so I thought. So whatever they had it I just want to head and told them to deliver it so when I received it it was another washer. I called the company and every time I called them to let them know I informed them that I had a washer that I had the paperwork for the dryer when they received it so I wanted to make sure I was going to get my dryer. So I refuse delivery. I am called him right away and told them I needed my refund because it was ridiculous.

People were lying to me telling me that something was shipped when I was there all the time. They know what they were doing. I just want my refund. I just want my money back. I want to go get my dryer so what they did was at first they said they couldn’t give me my refund until they receive the product and I told him that’s ridiculous. It’s not my mistake. So they gave me a partial credit Of half of what I paid for back on my debit card and they said that they would give me the rest once they received the washer on my in-store credit card. So I’ll have a 550. Would’ve been to 75.

Well it is now January 9 and I have a balance on my credit card of 960 something dollars after a $45 payment and my credit card minimum due has doubled and I am pretty sure I am being charged for financing. I called them or two weeks Ago and they told me that they couldn’t give me up because they haven’t received the product. So when I complain and I told him I want to talk to a manager they said they were going to put it in because the manager wasn’t available and that they should take care of it by last week. It is now the ninth on Tuesday and nothing has been done. I’m tired of calling. It’s been forever. It’s gonna be almost 2 months that I’ve been dealing with these people when I don’t have time to be on the phone With them. I am seriously considering taking them to court for money they are stealing from me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

I bought a tv for my dad and they offered me the package which included the speaker. They asked if I wanted the tv installed and I said yes only if it was free. They told me it was free so I said yes. After I went to see why my bill was still so high and they told me installation was $300. And I told them I wasn't awarded and they told me it was free. I tried to contact the person who did my contract and they said he got fired and I told them I wasn't going to pay that. They threaten to increase my interest and my monthly payments. Plus I had already taken out a MacBook in 2014 and I'm still paying it. I feel that my payments don't decrease at all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

I was scammed by this store. I purchase a TV for $600 dollars then when I receive it the bill was three times the price $1800 dollars. I said, "What???" I went to the store. They didn't help at all. I'm 70 years old too tired to fight with La Curacao. I hope Consumers Affairs help us.

Original review: April 30, 2017

In January my husband and I bought a PS4 bundle as a gift. When I signed the contract it said my payments would be $55 dollars a month. Right away my first bill was almost $100. Then customer service started calling me making crazy threats. They even threatened my boss at work. I had no choice but to leave my job. I tried to explain to Curacao that I wasn't going to pay an amount I didn't agree upon hence the contract which they don't acknowledge at all. So as of right now I owe them $280 because of fees they thought I deserved is what the lady on the phone told me. At this point even though I was fed up with their lies and willingness to stack on crazy fees I still went out of my way to call them and set up a payment arrangement.

The lady "Jessica" from customer service was so rude she completely crossed the line telling me that she doesn't care about my situation which at the time not only was I dealing with a lot of health problems since my tumor was back. My younger sister was also dealing with chemotherapy for lymphoma. She continued to call me names and say demeaning comments about the way I handle my life and that they would take legal action over $200 and some change which consists of 90% fees they can't explain. They start calling at 6am and called every 30 minutes until 10pm every day. I don't even sleep anymore because they call me nonstop and leave threatening voicemails. They even started calling my family.

This lady "Jessica" completely had my mom in tears telling her she was a terrible mother and had no conscience. She continued to harass my mother all because my mom refused to give out my personal information. When my mom told her never to call her again because it was harassment "Jessica" stated she didn't care about what my mom was dealing with, she'd get the money owed then hung up. Keep in mind two daughters dealing with cancer and being sick herself as well. This type of harassment can do damage. I have tried to be civil with Curacao. They refuse to accept any type of payment plan or work with you. It's like "pay it now or off with your heads" type of company they are running. Oh and not to mention the PS4 they sold me was faulty to begin with and they don't offer returns or exchanges!!! Don't ever buy from these people because they will clean you out of house and home before they are done with you!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

I purchased Samsung 65 inch tv and surround sound. The wifi on the tv went out and the surrounding sound gives a buzzing noise then cuts out. I called customer service after holding for 30 minutes. She took my name and account then on hold for 20 minutes. Then it was repair customer service, again I give the information and what is wrong with the items then she has to transfer me to the warranty service. Explain again then she says they would call me back for an appointment. They didn't call, I called after 3 days. Then finally an appointment, in 2 weeks.

They came out 2 weeks later. The parts they tried didn't work and said it's the 65 in display. No call 1 week later for confirmation of when part and repair can be done. So again with the beginning process and tell me the parts on backorder they don't know when it will come. The phone number the same for all depts. involved, they don't let me talked to a supervisor because they're not there or they're too busy. Feel like I'm a Curacao hostage over a brand new tv repair. Very sickening about this place. Seems there's nothing a consumer can do but take Curacao's BS. It going on a total of 2 1/2 months with no new tv working and still making payments. Surround sound still hasn't been looked at.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

I went in to the store to close my account. They didint fully close it. Can't get them removed from my credit report. Wtf do I do now?? They say I have to wait 6 month. Wtf for what? I've canceled cards before. They remove them within a week. Who can I call... I bought a dre Beats boombox. It took me 7 months to pay it off. My payments were 80 a month for a ** box that was only worth 299 plus hidden fees. I didint know about how do they expect me to stay. I got bestbuy way better. I'm worried I'll never have them removed from my credit report. I read on here other people complaining about the same issue. People say it's been on their credit report for more than a 4 to 7 years.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

I purchased a floor model for a leather couch with the extended protection plan. This couch is TERRIBLY uncomfortable and is making my arthritis and neuropathic conditions worse. This company has a useless 7 day return policy on furniture so I cannot return it besides it takes more than one week to judge the effects of furniture. I am extremely upset, I am tied into this purchase for $1,000 when I really thought I was getting quality merchandise. I will never shop there again as it's impossible to reach the store in general.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2016

Don't get nothing from Curacao. I bought it laptop and paid off and after that they thing to charge an 300 more because they said it was a warranty and they send me to collection. It's all fraudulent. Lets make a complain in a group to demand them and stop them to do all this.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2016

We bought a refrigerator and I'm so so mad at myself for this purchase. Since we received it we had problems. I called and called one so-called tech... came looked at it for 3 mins and left. He didn't find a problem. Are you serious? It's the summer again. We have 12 kids and we cannot have ice cream or ice in the freezer, everything melts and now my food is going bad. The whole thing is not working at all. My payments are all on time so what the hell is going on with this company? 90% of the workers at the store or on the phone don't speak fluent English and don't understand that we need this fixed asap. Not even if I speak fluent Spanish they still don't comprehend the words I'm speaking. I will never purchase anything or recommend anyone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2016

Anyone that has complaints about La Curacao department store please email me at **. I recently received a letter regarding my account. On my half I've done the best of my ability to work and arrange out but the representative are always giving me false information and coming up with plenty of different excuses. For example, a representative told me that the previous representative whom I spoke to accidentally gave me wrong information and there's no agreement made.

I would also receive calls from representative speaking to me unprofessionally and even laughing in regards to my financial situation. There's more to the unprofessional calls that I can explain. For example when I used to receive calls after business hours which I know it is ILLEGAL but unfortunately I want to get straight to the point. Those customers that have a bad experience and feel they have been getting lied to about a product and warranty, PLEASE feel free to email me and together we can unite and file against La Curacao department. The reason they keep stealing us for the extra bucks is because we don't do anything to put an end to it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2016

I purchased a beats power beats 2 earphones from the Curacao store in San bernardino ca. I was putting them on one day and the right ear bud prong broke. I went to the customer service desk and talked to service representative j. **. He told me there was nothing they could do because the headphones were damaged. I was very unhappy since I purchased an extended warranty. I felt that I was cheated and was lied to. First of all the lady that sold me the headphone said if I bought the extended warranty, that they would give me a new pair and they would deal with the manufacturer. So what they do to resolve this problem? They take possession of my headphones and said they are going to send them to the manufacturer to see if they will send me a new pair.

Well I'm sorry but that's what I thought the extended warranty was for. I am really disappointed with this customer service. Now I am out of these headphones which are not cheap. If I would of known I was being lied to I would not had paid the 40 bucks for the extended warranty which I cannot use. I'm really worried now because I just purchased a Bose surround sound system and I purchased an extended warranty for 240 bucks on that system and I'm hoping nothing goes wrong with it because I'm afraid Curacao won't fix it and come up with another excuse as to why they won't honor their own warranty. Very bad business. If not resolved I am going to pay off my credit account and not do business with them again and warn friends and other consumers about their shady business practices. You know social media these days are very powerful.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2016

On December 23rd I purchased a flat screen TV, a TV stand, as well as a few of Christmas gifts. I don't visit La Curacao often, but when I do, me and my family come to buy. My visits are typically great (I shop in the LA store, not Huntington Park). The staff is friendly and helpful. When making my TV purchase, I was not interested in the TV stand, but as part of their upselling process, they convinced me to take one. On January 6th we exchanged gifts and the TV and stand were a gift for my mother. To my surprise my brother purchased a TV stand for her as well. Not needing two TV stands, I agree to return mine.

When I finally make my way to the store to return the brand new unopened TV stand (6 weeks after purchase) The associate in the returns area tells me that cannot return the stand. At this point I am puzzled, because first off. I was completely unaware of their policy, and thought at worst case scenario I can get a store Credit and since I am in the market of buying my mom a new French door refrigerator I can use the credit towards that. I ask the associate to bring his manager so that I can possibly get some sort of exception made, if not a refund, then maybe a store credit.

At this point a very smug store manager by the name of Alex ** comes up to me and says that he is aware of my situation and cannot do anything for me, as the policy is the policy (Mind you, he spoke to me in a curt, unprofessional way and told me I made my purchase over 3 months ago). I explained my situation again and the fact that it was actually 6 weeks ago not 3 months, and he proceeded to say that 12/23 through 02/10 is 3 months! After correcting him on his bad arithmetic I went on to explain the fact that I do not live near a Curacao store, otherwise if I was aware of the policy, I would have returned sooner.

I also went on to explain that I was in the store to look at refrigerators as an additional purchase. He went on to say, he didn't care if made an additional purchase or not, and said if I don't purchase a refrigerator at his store, someone else will (basically telling me that he didn't need my business). At this point I was very upset, because he made me feel like garbage, and completely ungrateful of my and my family and friends patronage to his company (Curacao). I went on to ask why he was being so rude, and he said that "I am treating you with respect". That's when I became more upset and asked why he could not do an exception for my situation, and he told me, "I already told you that the answer is no!"

At this point I mentioned that the way he is treating me, I don't feel I want to shop at Curacao again, as well as I will have my family close their accounts out. His response was even more rude, he said "Perfect, go ahead and do that. We have other account holders and that will be up to you to close your account/s!" I proceed to ask him for the corporate customer escalation unit telephone number, and he had the audacity to say "I don't know the number". He then turned to the associate at the counter and told him "just give him the number to the repair and service department".

I then ask him, why are you giving me the repair number instead of Customer solutions, and he said "You can figure out the options on the automated system and get transferred". I let him know that I would call from the store, and he said, "you can as long as you call from your phone." So I proceed to call the number provided, and of course there was no option to go to customer service. Instead I spent 25 minutes being transferred from service, to credit, then Credit provided me a number to call so that I can reach customer solutions. During the process, the call drops as the representative from customer solutions answers.

To my surprise, the customer solutions associate named Griselda, called me right back. I was impressed by her professionalism, her ability to actually listen to my situation, and make an out of the box decision, seeing its only two weeks past, and the product is new and untouched and in the box. She asks me to give her 20 minutes to review my situation in depth. Sure enough, in 18 minutes, she called me back and once again apologized for the bad situation I went through, and said to go to the counter and ask to speak with Alex the manager once again, as he was going to do the refund. Alex refused to come out, but instead had one of the guys in the counter do my return. The guy in the counter was friendly and apologized for what I had to go through with his manager.

My word of advise as a manager of over 25 years is to get Alexander ** some serious customer service training. I think even a janitor has the capacity to count, listen and think outside the box more so than he can. His behavior is disgusting! Most importantly, If he treated me like this, I would hate to see what he does to those that don't have a voice or culturally don't use it. This says a lot as many of the clients at Curacao are first generation Latinos, and I can imagine how bad he treats them, but they don't say much as the Curacao is likely their only shopping option. Warning stay out of the Huntington Park store, and go to the Los Angeles store instead.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2016

I was in need to get a washer machine and I went to La Curacao in Chino, California. Everything was ok with my credit, but when I picked up at the warehouse I noticed the washer machine was without the original box. They told me that was the way the factory sent to them, so I took it and I paid to connect in my home. The washer machine never worked. I called La Curacao and then I went in person to Chino location because nobody was able to help me. 3 persons contacted one was Alonso **, Angelica **. No solution yet. Finally they accepted to returned, but some charges was add to my account $50 for pick up and $55 for returning. Consumer affairs has to do something to stop all of this abusing to honestly people. Thank you.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2015

I needed a Laptop computer for school so I went to La Curacao to see their specials on Black Friday even though I already had decide I was going to buy it at Best Buy or Fry's. I had a rush to go to work on that morning as I had to be at work by 8:00 AM. By the time the lady helped me I already had look over some computers and had found what I wanted for a lower price than the other companies I was going to go. So I requested the Laptop I wanted and ASSUMING I WAS SIGNING THE RECEIPT FOR JUST THE COMPUTER which was worth $500, I did not check the screen for the receipt and I just signed.

By the time I got home and checked my receipt I found out they had charged me extra $600 for an student package that included Microsoft Office programs, Antivirus, and Premium installation. STUFF I DID NOT WANTED BECAUSE I NEVER ASKED FOR IT!! Even if I would have requested, I could have done the installation myself!! Instead of paying $200 for it!! I went to speak with 3 managers which none of them helped! And they wanted to charge me $500 more if I returned the computer. The last manager I spoke with insulted me saying that this fraud happened to me because I am still young and Latina. I just decided to walk out and he yelled "Yes, get out of my face because I do not want to keep talking to such a person like you." I think his name was Gerardo and works at the Huntington Park location. This was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! And definitely NEVER WILL PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN!!

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Original review: Aug. 6, 2015

2 years ago I Bought a pair of sofas and the vendor insisted on buying insurance for them because with the Time the sofas would wear out and with the insurance they would exchange them. So I bought the insurance for 4 years and 2 years have passed and Now that I need them to be exchanged because they got deteriorate a little bit they don't answer My calls and put Me on hold for 1 or 2 hours and the end they hang up on Me. If someone has sued Curacao Please contact Me or if you know an attorney who take these kinds of cases Please let Me know. This store don't back up what they promise.

Original review: July 25, 2015

For my son's birthday I decided to buy him a 3DS bundle package that cost about $350.00. As I was purchasing it the employee ringing me up kept trying to convince me to purchase the warranty. She said it covered everything, so I decided to purchase it for $50.00. Well about 2 months later the left side of the DS broke. The screen was staying on only from right side. When I took it in I was told the warranty would not cover it. Never have I been so disappointed with a purchase. I was more devastated than anything. I decided to ask to speak to the store manager hoping there was something he could do. Not only did he not help me but he told me I should have asked more questions about the warranty and I told him his employee told me it covered EVERYTHING as she was convincing me to take it. I assume as she is the employee she should be the one to tell me what the warranty didn't include.

I'm just devastated because he hardly got to play with it and I'm still paying it off. My advice to anyone buying electronics to be careful if you consider shopping here because they will tell you one thing as you are making the purchase but if something goes wrong with the device you basically on your own. I will just be sticking to best buy now.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 7, 2015

I got a brand new never used PS4 so they said it was brand new. I got home, plugged everything correctly to my TV. I turned the ps4 on - it would not fully turn on, it would turn off right away. I went next day to La Curacao. I told them they sold me a ps4 that does not work. Then they took the ps4 out of the box and checked the barcode number. Then they checked the box barcode number. They didn't match so they accused me of swapping ps4's!! I looked at them like "wtf are you serious!" So I called corporate numerous of times, numerous of voice mails, they wouldn't return my calls. PLEASE DON'T SHOP AT LA CURACAO. IT'S A RIPOFF BOOTLEG STUFF. IF ANY OF YOU GUYS HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM PLEASE EMAIL ME AT **.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 19, 2015

I ordered a Galaxy Tab S. A package arrived on Sat 05/16/15 containing a Galaxy Tab 4. The Packing Slip showed Galaxy Tab S, and I was billed for same. I immediately called 1-866-410-1611 to obtain a RMA #. I was advised that this department was closed, but they would send my details on Monday. I called on Monday and I had to give customer service my information twice. I was put on hold for 3 minutes or such, and another representative asked me if the Customer was on the line. I advised her that I was the customer. She responded that she could only discuss account details with the account holder. I gave her my account information again, and she repeated that she could only discuss details with the customer. I asked her how I could resolve this issue if they were not even willing to discuss it with me. I read her the entire Order # and Account #, and she finally found the correct information.

I advised her that I ordered and was billed for a Galaxy Tab S, but the item in the package was a Tab 4. She responded that she couldn't do anything until I shipped the item back to them. I advised her that I have been trying to do that, but I am still not receiving my RMA #. I was then told that they would send me the RMA # through e-mail. A few hours later I called again since I still haven't received that RMA. I was hung up on 2-3 times. One of the messages received was that they could not accept my call at this time(?) When I finally got through and after giving all my information again, I was told that I had to wait a few hours for the e-mail to arrive, and that I should check my Junk-mail. I am paying for a expensive warranty that probably already kicked in.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 30, 2015

I ordered a executive office chair as a gift. I get it via FedEx and the box is torn up. I go to put the chair together and half the screws are missing and the rest do not fit. I call the customer service # and they answer in ESPAÑOL. Did not give a rats ass about my product. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they hung up on me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2015

I had credit with Curacao in 2002. I canceled the account owe nothing. To this day I have not had success getting them to remove their account from my EXPERIAN CREDIT REPORT. They never answer the emails I have send in the past six months.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2015

My husband and I have been a loyal customer with Curacao for a few years. We recently purchased 3 sofas from them and were disappointed with the poor quality of the material. We wanted to exchange the sofas for something else. We went back to the store and was told we needed to call customer service. My husband was on hold for over an hour. When he finally got through he was told they would pick up the sofas and deliver the new ones the next day. To our surprise no one showed up or called us. We played cat and mouse on the phone for almost a week.

Verified Buyer
Original review: March 29, 2015

I gave all of my information on their application. Received $900 supposed credit. Tried to order a television. Every time I got on the phone and hung up on me, and when I tried to do the website I can pay, my password was wrong -- it was perfectly right. I feel that they have stolen my social security number, my identity, my birthday, my name, my address, my phone number, and my password. I am filing a police report on Monday. Anyone else that has experienced it too and call the Attorney Generals office -- they will go after them.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2015

I buy a Frigidaire washer like 3 years ago. I also bought a $120 extended service warranty. My washer broke on 02/20/2015. I call to make an appointment. They told me I have to wait 48 hrs. Today is 02/26/2015. I been calling every time - they said I have to wait another 48 hrs. Wow worse 120 dlls ever spend!!! Don't buy from them. They don't back up what they promise…

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2015

Opened first time credit. We bought an apple laptop. At the check out the total due was more than $1,700.00 when the price was 1092.00. The manager Julio **- per our cashier Cesar ** - had added the insurance, office software, and more things they didn't even let me know about until I saw the screen and asked about it. At the end they charged us the laptop, Ca Recycle fee. Wait not done yet. At the end the cashier told us, "Oh we have a new policy. If you lose your computer or have a theft just bring your police report and we will give you another one." They added Air Global Protection without our consent. Can they even do that!? Plus when we open the account they offered us an option terms that did not apply to us because we got an apple laptop and that does not apply. We got upset!!! BAD experience!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2014

On December 11, 2014, I purchased a Large TV from Curacao as a Christmas gift for my son. I was told he would receive it on December 18, 2014. He did not receive it. I called Curacao customer service. I am told he will receive the TV on December 22, 2014. He did not receive it. I called Curacao on December 22, 2014. I was told that they would open a ticket and ecommerce will call or email me today regarding the status of this order. Never received either so I called December 24, 2014. I was told he would receive it by Christmas. He did NOT receive it. I called Curacao customer service again on December 26, 2014. The customer service rep. said he was putting me on hold. He hung up on me. I called back, he puts me hold for more than half hour, I hung up, called back. Get another customer service rep., he puts me on hold for 15 minutes. Then informs me I will receive a call or email from ecommerce later today and provides me with another phone number. I call the new number. Now I am being told by this new rep that my order has not gone out because I am having it delivered to a different address than mine.

I initially, at the time of placing this order asked the Curacao customer service rep if sending this gift directly to my son be a problem. I was told "No" not at all. Because it is a Christmas gift it can go directly to him. Now this new Curacao rep comes back on the phone and says "I think we are going to have to cancel your order cause the tv can't go to a different address from yours." At this point, I am frustrated, angry, disappointed with this company Curacao and am closing this account. I will never order from them again nor recommend their business to anyone. I inform the Curacao customer service rep that I am no longer interested in doing business with them and am requesting to close my account. Now I am being told that I cannot close my account for a week or more until they cancel this order, even though they never processed my order. This has been the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! And most of the Curacao customer service reps I spoke with were rude, unprofessional, and lacked knowledge about their own company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2014

**/ Fraud Analyst, 1605 W Olympic Blvd. Suite 700 | Los Angeles, CA 90015. "Call this person for any fraud accounts". Worst customer service. Won't answer questions, doesn't research her cases correctly, and is late on her paperwork. Make sure to make follow-up phone calls once a week. Two fraudulent accounts were open using my info on September 9, 2014. I contacted this person to have these accounts closed and have accounts removed from my credit score. I provided all my current valid information (CA driver's license, pay stubs, bank statement, social security card, time sheets) along with proof that I was at work when the purchases were made and a police report along with a notarized document stating that it was all correct and I wasn't the one committing the fraud. The accounts were opened using a fake ID, fake employer (that was not verified), and my social # and my address. All they could tell me was that I have to wait 90 days to wait for the investigation to be concluded. After I provided all the valid documents - everyone single one - all they have to do is look at it. Remember to make follow-up phones calls at least once a week. That way, they can remember to process the paperwork. I would rate this zero stars if I could.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2014

I've had my account here for over two years, already paid off some expensive items. Just recently couldn't afford the 100 dollar bill every month. The interest rates are incredibly high. I had called and asked how I could change my account from 100 to 50 dollars a month. I was told to go to the Curacao and fill out a promise to pay form. I told them I would go on a specific day when I wasn't working.

I went that day and saw that one of the people in the place to apply for credit was almost free. I sat down and was about to go up when a sales associate came in with people who were just barely going to apply for credit. I got really irritated because it takes forever. I was sitting there for half an hour while the two credit people were opening new accounts. I finally got to the person and filled out the promise to pay form and was told over the phone I could refinance my contract on the day I paid.

That time comes around. I first go to the credit place and it was packed. There was one lady who was free. I asked her if she could help me to refinance my account and that it was something quicker than opening an account. Be in mind that the two other people were opening new accounts while she was just laughing on and on with a different employee. She told me, "No, you have to take a number and sit down. We go by numbers." I was thinking 'Really, you go by numbers? The last time I was here, you took priority for someone opening an account while I was there first."

I told her "Do I really have to wait, I have to get to work in 30 minutes." She told me yeah with a rude tone of voice. I just told her I'm not waiting. I went to pay at the register and asked her if she knew anything about refinancing accounts, she said no. I went outside and tried to call the people who had been harassing me with making a payment everyday even though I signed a document promising to pay. They were closed; it was Sunday. I called the next day, finally just talked to someone who helped me out and said that it should be changed to 50 dollars, making the amount go 400 dollars higher, and then the next day I get a phone call from them saying to make a payment. Never go here. Take your business to Best Buy instead.

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Original review: April 25, 2014

I went to this store to return a tablet that I end up not using. It was brand new, seal box. I took it back and the store manager was rude and told me that they cannot take it back because the 15 days period was over. Nobody explain me the 15 days warranty. Then I talk to someone else and he was going to take it back but when store manager find out, he told that he already told me that he was not going to do anything. Everybody treat you with no respect when it comes to the return. I will never go back again and I wouldn't recommended to anyone because of how they treat customers. This is the worse shopping experience I ever have.

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Original review: April 21, 2014

I bought a t.v. from the South Gate store and the representative offered me some type of insurance to protect my credit in case I ever couldn't make a payment... He said I was going to pay a dollar for every hundred ONLY the FIRST month so I agreed. The next month they want to keep charging me so I go to the store to complain but they can't help me out. They said they can cancel it but I still have to pay for this month and the upcoming one when it was their sales person's fault! It's ridiculous how terrible their service is. I tried calling headquarters but it was even worse.

Original review: April 17, 2014

I wanted to buy a TV I saw on the ad that was on sale for 699. When I went to the guy, was making me an estimate and it came out to 2500. He told me because it was a package that it has a sound bar and TV stand and cables, even installation. I told them that I only wanted the TV. He told me just the TV, it was 1500. He told me I needed to buy the whole package, that it was cheaper like that and I told him that I saw the ad and it was on sale for 699. He said that that was the price if I buy it on the package, that for me to get it for that price I needed to buy the whole package. I tried to talk to the supervisor but he was so rude and said he was busy. He didn't have time for me he said. And he said that if I wanted to talk to him I should try to call on the phone.

I still remember his name was Willy ** and the other manager was Alex **. A horrible company and they have people unqualified for that kind of job. I ended up buying the same TV for 599 on other store. Then I went to the one on south gate and I saw a friend that used to work with me. I explained what happened and he told that they try to sell more because every person has a monthly goal and if they don't make it, they get fired. He told me that they even hide the prices and change it and that they add insurance to the accounts just for them to make more money. Since then I cancel my account. So people, don't buy from that store. Compare prices and always check what you're signing for.

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