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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2009

We purchased a 14-piece set of JC Penney Home Collection Stainless Steel Cookware with a lifetime warranty. We purchased the set less than two years ago. Two of the pots have shown areas where either the inside coating is coming off revealing copper (?) or rust is developing. We returned one pot last year and received a replacement. We now have another pot with the same problem. We wonder if JC Penney has had a recall. We are concerned about the health aspects as well as the lack of quality. We aren't sure that we should be using them at all. We have more than likely ingested some of the stainless steel coating without realizing it.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2009

I am a very frequent shopper at JC Penny. I used to love shopping there until recently. I went through the worst nightmare of my life... I went shopping for Christmas with my wife, and after deciding what all we needed, we went and stood in the line where Shubhasni was a cashier. While she was serving other customers, she was yelling loudly, which was very annoying. I really didn’t like the way she was talking so loudly that other customers could hear what she was saying to the other people. That was not so professional. I had a lady in front of me and she also turned back to us and said that she shouldn’t be talking so loudly to customers.

This was not the 1st time that I saw that. Even some of my families that shop here also noticed that and they told me that such people shouldn’t be working for JC Penny because they are spoiling the company’s name... I feel she is the rudest cashier a company can ever have. She is loud and rude as well. The only thing that I can say is if JC Penny keeps this kind of cashier, then a lot of customers would prefer not to shop at JC Penny because they don’t want the whole store to know what’s going on. Cashiers should be trained to be polite and humble... If I ever see her again being like that, then I would rather not come to shop at JC Penny or might as well let my friends and families know that JC Penny had got rude cashiers.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2009

They cut off my credit card. I am a long term customer. I think what they did was wrong. I have retained attorney. Please email me.

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2009

I applied for my 15% off next purchase on Sat. (12/12/09) on the public library computer. My date of purchase was 12/10/09. Unfortunately, the print of the coupon did not go through (problem with the printer). And when I attempted to obtain the coupon today, I was denied, because it stated that I had already completed the survey. That is true, but the coupon was not printed. What do I do?

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2009

I recently explained about trying to buy 5 Bali made to measure blinds after seeing a 60% off ad from JCPenney Co. This is a correction from the prices quoted last week when I had only a telephone quote from the competitor which did not have the to down feature. Written quotes are these. JCPenney retail price $2,811 and with 60% off the price was $1,124. Home Depot and Lowe’s retail prices were both $883 with no sale. The merchandise was exactly the same brand, sizes, style, material, same locale, and with no taxes, installation. My concern is that consumers be aware of these enticing costly ads.

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2009

Please accept this correction to the information given about Penney's pricing and marketing complaint I sent a few days ago. The previous information was given as an estimate by phone and did not include the top down feature on the 5 Bali made-to-measure blinds. After a written quote was received, the prices are these - Penney retail price $2811 and Home Depot and Lowe retail price $883. After 60% off, Penney sale price was $1124 and the two competitors had no sale so the price was still $883. My concern is that the retail prices are so far increased by Penney's that even after huge sales, they don't compete but only entice people to buy because of the marketing tactics. Thanks for making this correction to the former prices. The concern remains.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2009

I was interested in purchasing 5 window blinds for my home. I saw a flyer from JCPenney corporate offices distributed in my area, advertising Bali blinds for 60% off. I got a quote from JCPenney in writing at the Spectrum store in south Tucson. I also went to the Home Depot and Lowes to get a quote on the exact merchandise - same company, same blind, same color, same sizes. Tax was not included in the quote.

The results were astounding! Penney's price for one blind after 60% off was 50 dollars higher than the competition with no sale. The total for all five blinds was 50% higher even after the 60% off! The total for all five windows was over 1200 dollars from Penney's after the 60% off compared to the competitors 800$ with no sale! Here are some of the details- one blind was listed by Penney's as $576 retail and for sale at $220. The other stores regular retail price was 181$.

I am very concerned that people even with the right to comparison shop, do not have the time or knowledge about these pricing techniques to be treated fairly. I believe the anti-fraud law states a company cannot deprive citizens of their "right to honest service".

After calling the corporate office and discussing it with Mr. Blaine **, no reason is being given for the price gouging. Please let me know if there is some way to let consumers know of these unfair practices. Your help is appreciated.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2009

We had a 6:00 appt for 2 children - Christmas pictures. The 3-mo. old was very happy and ready at 6:00. We arrived at 5:45 so no one would have to wait for us. I like being on time and I’m considerate. (Not the story at your rockaway photo shop) We waited until 6:45 to be taken in. By then the baby had had it - wanted his bottle and go to sleep. At that point we couldn't get a decent picture of the 2 children together. It was awful. Then my daughter started crying also because she was so stressed out for an hour. Your people said that they couldn't keep to a schedule even for a 3-mo. old. Our 5-year old waited and was good but a baby? Come on. I will never use you store again for much and I have been a good customer in the past. I just had to let you know my feelings.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2009

in july 09 i received a statement from jc penney for 9.95 and because i had been there and purchased something in june but couldnt remember if i had used my credit card or not and had torn the bottom part of it i paid it on line, then in aug i got another statement for the same amount this time i checked it and realized that it was for (plano plus) something i never sign up to, i called jc penney was told that they couldnt do anything about it until policy was cancelled and gave me the number to call, i called them to cancel policy and send me a copy of my signature or any papers that showed i had sign up to it, i was told that the policy couldnt be cancelled because the couldnt find me in their system under my name, address, ss# or anything else, i then called jc penney back and told them this and was told it would be taken care of, in sept i got anoth e statement where charges were credited for aug but put back on for the month of sept, i called again was told not to worry that it would be taken care of i have been going thru this since august, charges keep adding up and nothing is being resolved i have faxed them twice also but nothing i do or say is taking care of it and worried that my credit is being ruined
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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2009

I went to buy a pair of table lamps 11/29/2009 during a 50 to 60% off sale. I thought I got a good deal (until I got home). I looked online at the sale flyer and noticed that the lamps I had just bought were $20. cheaper (each) online. The lamps were put on order because they were out of stock at the store. I called the store and was told that I needed to come in and I could get a price correction. When I got there, I was told that I had to wait until I picked up the lamps upon delivery before they could do it. Mind you, I went through phone calls from three different stores and got 3 different answers. One store said online prices vary from in store pricing, another store said I would have to go to the original place of purchase, that they could not credit my account. The place of purchase said 1st call that any store could fix things, since I didn't want to have to drive 20 miles to their "home furnishings" store. The lamps are being sent for pickup at a store in San Antonio, Tx. for a friend. I wonder what kind of BS they would give if we tried to explain how a store in California over charged us.
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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2009

Re: JC Penney -Dearborn, Michigan - Custom Decorating Department On August 31, 2009, I signed a sales agreement and a custom decorating service contract with a J.C. Penney sales representative. Also, I made a significant down payment for draperies to be made for my living and dining rooms. The draperies were delivered a few days ahead of schedule for which I am grateful. However, a few days later, I realized that the draperies in the living room only do not have traverse rods. They must be opened and closed by pulling them at the top. Aren’t traverse rods standard for draperies? Also, the tie backs for the living room draperies are too big. I called the custom decorating department to make arrangements for this situation to be remedied. I spoke to one representative whose name I believe is Patricia. She kept making promises but never did one thing to help. Finally, I called the sales person whose name is Angelina Looper. She contacted me twice and said that the price for me to pay would be over fifty dollars. She said that she would get back with me, but she never did. That was weeks ago. Patricia called a few days ago to say that the situation would be remedied, but she gave me no date. Today, is November 24, 2009. Why am I still dealing with this company three months later? The draperies are paid for. Please help!
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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2009

Approximately a year ago,I walked into JC Penney at the Chico Mall. It led directly into the men's dept. I immediately could smell a strong odor of what I know to be mold. I left the area immediately and walked to the shoe dept, which was on the other side of the store. I tried on a pair of shoes, and then left. I left the building at the closet exit to avoid the smell as soon as I could.
Approximately 2 months ago I returned to JCPenney's to look for sheets. As soon as I entered the store, I noticed that the smell of mold was alot stronger. Again I walked to the shoe dept. hoping that smell wasn't as bad as the men's Dept. The shoe dept was now engulfed by the horrible toxic odor. I desperately needed a pair of shoes and asked a young lady to help me. I noticed that her nose was quite red, and she spoke with a very nasal congested tone. I asked her how long she had the sinus infection. She said about 3 months I asked her how long she had worked there, and she said 3 months A few weeks ago, I went back to the store to see if there had been any changes. As far as I could smell it was the same. When I spoke to the night manager a month and a half ago, I told him that I thought they had a serious problem, that needed to be rectified asap He said he would advise the store manager of my suspicions. The store manager has emailed me and indicated that the work was in progress. He claimed to have a company evaluating the situation. About a week ago, I called and asked for the manager. Not available. Scott, the manager that night called the manager and said he would get right on it. He said they are having trouble getting the funds from corporate to rectify the problem. I told the manager the first night that I wouldn't report this to any agency or media if they did the proper thing, not only for their employees, but their customers as well. It's been over two months now. and someone needs to protect the employees who are breathing that very toxic mold. I'm on disability due to the fact my employer did nothing about it. It ruined my life.
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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2009

Using JCPENNY online ordered chain for my daughter during Dec'07. While ordering they had a check box for Family Fun Rewards. JCP did not keep the word of the delivery time even after following up after christmas of 2007. So I cancelled the order and when order is cancelled all transactions needs to be cancelled what happened on that webpage. They did not do that. For 2 years 9.95 has been charging to my account. Now customer service says there is no relation between buying online and family fun rewards. If that is the case why keep on same webpage ans give $10 discount on the order.
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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2009

Purchased 1 Fairfield 78x14 valance UPC 885308013583. This item is cotton so assumed it was washable. When home, read washing instructions before hanging. To my surprise, in fine print on back of pkg. it says 'DRY CLEAN ONLY". How rediculous to offer a cotton product that cannot be washed. This information should have been clearly marked on the front of the pkg. If seen, I wouldn't have purchased. Very deceptive to your JCPenney customers. Needless to say the item was returned and I'm not a happy camper.
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Reviewed Oct. 18, 2009

A sales paper with certain hours for the sale, I went in to buy a pair of womens nike shoes, the sales associate said the ad was wrong that only the mens tennis shoes were on sale, this is a false ad. The associate quoted that the sale was not on womens that it was a mistake made in the ad and that i would have to get in touch with headquarters
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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2009

I'll just post the conversation to you... and you can get the drift.
57 year old daughter (me) and blind 88 year old father (my dad) who is 6'6" tall walked into JC Penney's. My father, who has a blind cane, and I approach a clerk in the Men's Wear Department to buy a suite for my dad's grandson's wedding. Me: "Can I get help to find a Tall suit for my dad?" JC Penney: "Not here." Me: "I thought you carried Talls?" JC Penney: "Maybe in the tall department." flipping her hand in that direction. Me: "What about suits? Are there suites over there?" JC Penney: "No." Me: "If we find the right sized waist here, can we order it online from you?" JC Penney: "Well if they have it online." She found 2 pairs of pants and handed them to my dad, with no jacket to match, and walked away. After trying them on, I asked "what do you think?" to the store clerk. JC Penney: "He needs a tall." Me: I just stand and stare blankly. JC Penney: "If you want those pants, you can go on the internet and find out if they carry it in tall.“ (meaning to do it myself) Me: "oookaaay" A little irritated, I returned everything to the rack. I was then approached by a young man who asked if he could help me with anything. The original clerk we were working with called him away to help her with a transaction/another customer. So we left. So today, I'm headed to John's Suit Shop to find a suit for my dad. I hope to buy two and spend over $500... sorry JC Penney. But not really.
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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2009

I purchased a Broyhill Sofa. A Chris Madden model. The back leg bent and I went to JC Penney to purchase a replacement leg. I was told by the saleman that that model was discontinued and that he could not oder the part for me. I now have a three legged sofa with a make shift rear leg. How can I get a replacement for the sofa? The numbers on the sofa is Reg# NC 1333
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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2009

I purchased two pair diamond earrings and a necklace from the store paid cash and few days later the gold tarnished on the earrings because they were gold over silver i didnt know this and the sales lady never told me either. now they want replace the earrings. im stuck with them i think jcpenny should be responsible for their merchandise they advertise in the paper and tv. if not stop selling this crap.
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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2009

I have exhausted every avenue with JC Penney in my attempt to obtain my refund for merchandise I never receive. My merchandise was order around mid-July. I contacted customer service in the first week of August that I needed to cancel the order. I was told that was not possible, that the order was in the process of being shipped. I was instructed to inform the delivery company that the order was cancelled when they called to schedule. My checking account was debited on August 16th. I called customer service again, a week later, to inform them I still had not heard from the delivery company. I was told that I needed to wait approximately another 2 weeks for the company to contact me. Again, I never heard from anyone concerning this order. I contacted customer service again on Sept 18th to explain that obviously this merchandise is not going to be delivered and I was due a refund. I was told a case file was being created to escalate the issue. Again, I heard nothing back. I call again, on Sept 24th to find out that a case file was opened, but there was nothing in it to explain the problem. The customer rep filled out the information in the case file, told me it was escalated and I would soon be contacted. Again, nothing as happened. I have made attempt after attempt (calls to customer service, emails to company departments & company department heads, etc.) to get this company to refund my money. Obviously, at this point nothing I have tried to do is going to accomplish this. The order information & case file # is: Order # 2009-1921-4004-3771, Case # 6135555
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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2009

Re. Job #AB347357
The 31st of March 2009, I ordered from JCP an insulated drape (one panel)for my guest room. On July 7, 2009, the drape was installed. The installer left the draped pulled open & asked me to let the folds folded as he left it for a couple of days so the pleats/folds stay nicely folded. I need to add that the drape folds/closes to the right of the window. After a couple of days I closed the drape & found that the two seams on it were very visible, that is, one on the left, close to the left of the window, and the other in the center. I called JCP & asked that they send someone to remove it & make sure that the seams be changed & made to the right of the drape, inside the folds/in the middle of the 2 grommets, so they wouldn't be so noticeable. I may add that the rod was installed so the drape pulled open to the right of the window edge, 13" into the wall. When fully closed, there are still 7 pleats unopened on the wall. Elvi came back to my house, who saw exactly what I was referring to. She assured me that a new drape would be made so the seams would be to the right of the curtain in order for them not be so visible... Well, finally yesterday, the installer came to replace the drape with the new one, & here we go again, the seam was made to the left of the drape where it's so obvious, SAME AS THE PREVIOUS ONE. WELL... there's some things VERY wrong with all this. 1. This drape had to be sent to Calif. to be made. Sent back to Miami, back to Calif & back to Miami. I've worked all my working life in Adm., & it doesn't take a CEO to see the waste in all of this: a. two round trip shippings b. two installers coming to my house c. a second visit by Elvi d. the materials & labor to make a second one. I pray that the replaced one will not be discarded, but sent to a charity organization! e. A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER! I PAID $282.89 FOR THIS? I later saw one as nice as the one I ordered from JCP for at another store for much less! Never again, & believe me, I'll spread the word! d. A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!
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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2009

JCPenney frequently advertises rebates on their appliances. Example: "Crockpot Only $20" with fineprint "$30 regular price minus $10 mail-in rebate". I bought several of these appliances and so far have received ZERO rebates from Penneys. It's been four months which I think is long enough to wait.
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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2009

I purchased a sofa sectional in the store on May 18, 2009 for approximately $1,300 and was "sold" on opening a JCP credit card with deferred interest for 12 months. I paid approximately $269 as a down payment (it was a custom order) and received the sofa on 8/2/2009. My first bill arrived a few weeks later, with a minimum amount due. I was confused since supposedly, I was still in my "interest free" period. I called their customer service line and they told me the salesperson gave me incorrect information. I paid the balance, closed the credit line and filed a complaint on the salesperson and she called me the next day saying I should have been eligible for the promotional financing. Do I have any grounds for legal action regarding deceptive credit sales practices?

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Reviewed Aug. 25, 2009

I called the portrait studio yesterday at 11:30am to see if my pictures were in (This is the day they told me to come in to pick my pictures up.). The person who answered said she was with a customer and would need to call me back. I was fine with that. I wanted to run down there during my 30-minute lunch break (any time between then and 2:00pm) to get the pictures. I didn't receive a call back until 2:48pm, which was past the time I am allowed to take my lunch break. So, I decided to hurry by there on my way home so I didn't have to bring the kids in with me to pick them up. (The kids are 3 years old and 1 year old, who are not easy to take anywhere.)

So, I walked in and patiently stood at the counter. I could see that she was with a customer. She poked her head out and said, "I need to finish up here. It will be a few more minutes. I want to get these done while she is still happy. Give me 15 minutes okay?" No, not okay. I have already paid for my pictures. I know they are there. Open the drawer and hand them to me, and then I will leave! What is so difficult about that? I didn't have 15 minutes to wait. I had to go get my kids from the babysitter. I had better things to do than sit around and wait for this gal to decide that she had time to hand me an envelope! I really felt like this woman gave me poor customer service yesterday.

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Reviewed Aug. 18, 2009

Today, I clicked on an email which stated that I could be signed to win a $500.00 gift certificate for completing a survey. I didn't notice until the end that this was possible only if I purchased a phone service. Needless to say, I am ticked. That was an unnecessary "come-on." I'm still thinking about cancelling my account with you.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2009

I bought a pair of glasses from JC Penney which was not the one on the prescription according to my eye doctor. They gave me the runaround with the blame game and refused to refund my money and also would not call my eye doctor for verification on this problem. I'm out $159 for cost of glasses. This could've resulted in a major problem if I would have gotten into an accident because of wearing these glasses and not being able to see correctly.

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2009

I've been a long-time customer and fan of Penney's. But, since they feel it appropriate to charge me $39.00 as a late fee (twice) without taking my customer status or circumstances into consideration, I've cancelled my credit and refuse to ever step foot in their stores ever again. J.C. Penney, you should be embarrassed and ashamed. And your customer service stinks!

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Reviewed July 10, 2009

My husband received a phone call on Wednesday, July 8, 2009. The lady on the phone asked for me and my husband explained I was at work. He asked what she was calling about and he was told that I was delinquent on my JC Penney's account and the bill was sent to them for collection. My husband explained to the lady we have always paid our bills and this has to be a mistake. She asked for our address, at which time my husband said, "If you have our phone number and our account number, how can you not have our address?" He said, "I really don't know who you are on the phone. How do I know what you need this for?" The lady explained that she is trying to get payment for $213.63 for JC Penney. My husband said again that we had not received any information from JC Penney and that he didn't feel comfortable about giving out information when we know we have always paid our bills.

The lady from the collection company hung up. My husband called me at work and told me about this. I couldn't believe it. I have not received a statement or even a late statement saying we owe money. I then called JC Penney to find out what was going on to see if someone was using my account or if they knew of anything about this. I called the customer service dept. I spoke with Ivan. He did say yes, my account was closed due to none payment. I asked when this happened and what I owed for and he couldn't tell me. He said that once the account is sold to the collection agency, they have no records to look at. He said the only thing he could see was that I used my card in Nov. of 2008. I asked why no one had contacted me about this. He said that they did try to contact me and had no answer. So after several attempts, they sent this to collections.

Then Ivan said he couldn't call me because they didn't have my phone number. "So how did the collection agency get my number," I asked, "Since you sent them all my information." I then asked to speak to someone else higher up and he told me no one could help me, that once your account is closed there is no more information on your account. I explained that I thought this had to be a mistake. I have had a JC Penney's card since the 1970's and that I have always paid my bills and then I said, "What is your procedure when someone forgets to pay one month? Do you get another statement?" He said yes and then there is interest attached to that. I explained I had never received any statements. I asked for proof that they had sent anything and what I bought. He said they have nothing on file and he couldn't send me anything. I would have to go through collections.

I was then told by Ivan I could write a letter to the dispute dept at JC Penney and they can look into it. Of which, he gave me the address. I sent a letter and have heard nothing form them. I said, "How can I send a letter when I don't even know what I'm disputing?" I explained that this is going to affect my credit and that I'm really displeased with JC Penney for not trying to contact me or help in anyway.

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Reviewed July 2, 2009

I made a call in reference to a product that was looking for at this particular J.C. Penney store. The associate I guess was not having a good day and decided she was not going to look for the product. She kept hanging up on me but I really needed this because it was a gift for my mother and Mother's Day was coming up soon. She cursed me out and when I responded and said "this is no way to talk to a customer", she said, "Your mama". How ghetto and unprofessional. In the end result, I never got the item and when I complained to the store manager, she just hung up on me and said take it up to someone who cares. Now that's what I call "customer service".

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Reviewed June 27, 2009

Living 63 miles from the city has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantage is by the time I get home from my commute, I am usually decompressed and relaxed. Disadvantage is when I have a bad customer experience. it gives me time to crystallize my thoughts. Yesterday, I looked into my closet and decided it was time for new suits. Being economically stingy as I am, this meant my bi-yearly trip to my local J.C. Penney, which, as I stated above, is 63 miles away. In the past, this has been a mutually satisfying relationship: I give them my money, and they provide a suit I can wear.

After making my $400 plus purchase, I drove the 63-mile trip home, looking forward to being smartly dressed the next day. There was a problem as you have guessed. The attendant neglected to remove the security device that was attached to the jacket. Unfortunately, I did not discover this fact until the next morning while getting dressed. Plans were ruined; it's too late to return to the store time to redress. Crap! Now I'm late!

So, wearing a suit I did not want to wear, I drove to my meeting. Life goes on, but I needed to return the product to have that ** security device removed. Since the meeting I was attending was an additional three hours away, it meant traveling after the meeting an additional 100 miles out of my way to get the devise removed.

Thirty minutes away from the store, I called to speak with the store manager. I explained the situation and asked if she would be there to speak to me in person when I arrived. Carol said that she would. I verified. Again, I was assured she would be on hand. I arrived at the store twenty minutes later. I asked for Carol, the manager, and I was told that she had left an hour earlier (clearly a lie). I did not argue. Why? Because I knew I would be writing this article.

If Carol had made her self available and listened to my recommendation for customer service improvement, I would not be writing about the experience here, where millions of people will now associate my experience with J.C. Penney. I am a process improvement professional who was willing to give my advice for free. Now, I feel insulted and victimized. That I will not abide. I am the customer! So remember, dear manager, the days of avoiding customer complaints are over. If you won't hear your customers' complaints, there are millions of others who will.

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Reviewed June 27, 2009

I ordered two chairs beginning of January 2009. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery. It took 16 weeks. Chairs were delivered by JCP and were still in their boxes. They were never inspected by JCP. One chair had a number carved into the letter, both chairs had missing dye and the top cushion on both chairs was uneven. I was told that they could make these repairs at my home, but they don't guarantee their work. I refused delivery so they placed an expedited second order, which I finally heard about today, now 24 weeks in. Chairs were inspected by JCP and both were damaged. Now a third order might be in the end of August 2009. I am now looking for chairs from another company. I will not purchase anything from JCP. It is obvious that there isn't any quality control by the furniture company that manufactures the chairs.

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Reviewed June 23, 2009

On March 21, 2009 I bought a Chris Madden Magnolia Comforter Set from JC Penney. I put the set on the bed sometime in May and ever since, I noticed that I've been getting up with these red bumps. I was not sure what the bumps are or why I was getting them. So, about June 13, 2009 I got up with two more red bumps behind my upper back. I left up the comforter where I rest my head, and lo and behold there was a nasty bed bug on the comforter. I was confused and felt disgusting. I was not able to function for the rest of the day because all along that's what was biting me and I did not know. I placed the bug in a plastic bag to show as proof. I do not sleep in my room anymore because I am so afraid and grossed out. I would like to know if there are any other documented complaints like mine, because I know for sure that the bugs came from the comforter I bought from JC Penney.

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Reviewed June 18, 2009

Update to previous complaint. It has only gotten worse. Experian will not clear this record until JC Penney clears the account completely from my social security number. I now have two JCP records on my credit report with the same account number, which does not belong to me. One is "deceased" the other is open in good standing. Experian even knows that this was established prior to me being 18 or being issued a social security number, but need specific instructions from JCP to completely remove these from my credit report. JCP refuses to remove this without receiving a copy of a photo ID of my dad's because they say they need his social security number and birth date, which is already on the death certificate that they admit they have right there in their file.

Thankfully, mom still had dad's driver's license because according to them, that is the only way they would remove this from me. They stated they cannot add or subtract a social security number without written request and ID. Well they sure as heck added my number of their own accord, but I was rudely told "that wasn't this department". I can not believe the total runaround and blame passing that is taking place to simply clear what everyone involved already knows, that this is not my account. And again, what if I did not have access to my dead dad's photo ID anymore? They specifically stated that without it, they could not remove these accounts from my records. So I'm still waiting to be alive.

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Reviewed June 14, 2009

My father had a JCP credit card account opened in 1973, when I was in about 5th grade. He passed away 6 months ago and as a result me and my mom notified JCP among several other creditors and chose to close this account. They asked for a death certificate and were provided one, which showed his social security number.

I never was a part of this credit account in any way, shape or form, but upon them closing his account and reporting to the credit agencies that he was deceased, they also reported the same under my social security number. This effectively locked up my credit making it impossible to renew the bond I am required to hold as a licensed contractor. This is still being resolved and currently waiting on Experian to change my credit report accordingly. Equifax already has and somehow TransUnion never did show this "deceased" account record.

How in the heck does JC Penney report me as deceased under my number anyway? To add to the fun, their "fix" was to reopen my dad's account under my social security number reporting to the credit agencies that they made a mistake that I was not deceased. What about their mistake that my social security number never should have been tied to this account? Granted I am a JR, same name as my dad, but what the heck that has to do with social security numbers and the fact that only these wonderfully intelligent processors cross referenced the name at some point and decided to add my number to this account for reporting purposes.

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Reviewed May 18, 2009

Recently received my JCPenney's chargecard statement. I noticed the due date changed to a week earlier than usual and was due on a Sunday, which seemed odd. I sent the payment in full with plenty of time to arrive by due date. Next month, I received a statement for $29.00 late charge (no balance, just late charge.) Calling the customer service automated response, found the payment had been entered on Monday, next day after the Sunday due date. So, on a balance of $51.00 that was paid in full and sent on time, I should pay $29.00 - for what reason? I have been a regular and good customer for 25 years and never a late payment or problem. Told the customer service rep this was pretty shabby treatment of a valued customer, and I suspect the payment was sitting there and didn't get posted in time. She said they can take 48 hours to post a payment or longer, if it falls on a holiday or weekend. Their system automatically tags it late if it's even the next day. What is the reason then to change a due date to a Sunday when no one is working that day to even post the payments, and they have no obligation to even post them on time? No real answer received to this. I was told not to worry about it, she would remove the charge. While I do appreciate that, it's still my heretofore unblemished credit history being affected, as well as my time and aggravation to deal with something so unnecessary. Can't help but wonder how many elderly or unsuspecting customers these kind of charges tacked onto a balance might slip by. If this is how they treat their longstanding customers, I will be taking my money elsewhere.
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Reviewed May 12, 2009

Without my knowledge, I have been charged on my major credit card $9.95 for over 2 years for Fun Rewards.
I was never told of this program and when I called to complain I was given 6 mths. credit. I never realized it, but knew I didn't own anything this month and saw the charge I called and was told it was a automatic chg. First of all, why does J C Pennys have my majir cred card on file.
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Reviewed May 8, 2009

On January 11Th 2009, I ordered two sets of twin mattress Set's from JC.Penny's on-line catalog.
A few days later I got an email saying the the merchandise will ship from the vendor in two week , "" good , I was happy".and that was the end of my happens with JCPenny's. On January 30Th my visa was charged $567.40 and still no mattress Set's. So I call because the charge on my visa was $143.00 more then the cost of matters Set's, someone at there end didn't deduct for the cod I entered to get free delivery, OK so i have a bill for $567.40 3rd week no mattress . 4Th week no matters. 5Th week no matters. 6Th week I'm out of town I get a phone call from there delivery company trying to set up a date to deliver, I tell them can you please deliver in 5 days "I'll be home then" the guy side OK will do. Two days later I get a call from JC.Penny saying there will be an additional $135.00 to hold that deliver . I tell the lady on the other end of the phone 'Come on it's just a few more day" I've been waiting for you guys five weeks you cant give me three days. Her replay was its not us its the deliver company. I say lets see $143.00 more on deliver and now $135.00 on top of that $278.00 sorry that's not a sale anymore take your stuff back . Now I never did take delivery of the mattress never even seen them. It May 7Th and I still have not gotten a credit on my Visa for the $567.40. First I was told I have to Waite two billing cycles don't know why! but I did Waite like a good girl , my mistake !!! So I call JC.Penny one more time wanting to know why my account has not been credited? and I get well the vendor cant find the merchandise, well sorry that's between you and your vendor not me I never had the merchandise. So I call my visa to stop them from paying that bill, and I get this "sorry bill has been payed and the 60days to fight that was up months a go". Now I'm wondering did JCpenny know that trick. So now I'm thinking whats the difference between someone stealing $567 bucks worth of merchandise from Penny's or .Penny's stealing it from your Visa account. The answer is thy will have you arrested. Can some one please help resolve this for me . Or do I need to go to a JC.Penny CEO or to an attorney? My name is Maritza Perez Order # 2009-0110-3000-5791 my Phone # is 314-800-3576
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Reviewed April 30, 2009

I was looking for a sofa sectional sleeper and found one on advertised on sale for $1,199. I went into a local store (Escondido) to try out the sofa before purchasing. The in-store sales price was also $1,199 and we liked it so we ordered it there in the store. We purchased the furniture protection plan for $109.99 and opened a credit account to receive an additional 10% off. Delivery was charged at $60. Total bill with tax was $1,348.76.
I went online 4 days later to get the measurements of the sofa again and noticed it was now $1,099. I called the store to see if they would give me a price adjustment since the base price was now $100 cheaper. They told me that the online price and store prices were different because the online order would have charged me $274 for delivery. I called the online customer service and they also verified this practice, saying that the online price can be different from catalog pricing as well as in-store pricing due to different warehouses and delivery methods. Not sure if this is illegal advertising, but buyer beware, with JC Penney, pricing is different depending upon where you purchase from.
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Reviewed April 27, 2009

I have been a faithful JC Penney's customer for at least 5 years. My payments are always on time and usually more than the minimum balance due, at one point I paid them a pretty large payment when I consolidated my credit cards. I keep my balance under $300.00 and at one point my available balance was $1,300.00 I never used this. I have been in an ongoing separation/divorce dispute for the last 4 years my ex has left me in debt for 31,000 + dollars but I have faithfully been paying JC penny's no matter what. Recently they sent me a statement saying I was late I went online and checked out my payment date on the check "I made and in store payment" It was dated the 16th my payment wasn't due until the 18th. When I called customer service they said they changed my due date to the 11th and notified me "I received no notification". They waived my fee, after reviewing that I am always on time. But because it was late they reviewed my credit history "of course it is bad I am in a divorce situation" My credit limit has been slowly going down and at this point was $400.00 I still didn't complain because I don't want to charge up more than that. I recently got another letter saying they reviewed my credit history and lowered me to $300.00 "my outstanding balance was $296.00" leaving me with an available balance of $4.00 dollars. I called and talked to a representative he told me that I could talk to a supervisor but it would be a waste of my time that GE money bank and equifax is the final say I talked to the supervisor and they said they same thing even though I am a faithful customer who is never late.
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Reviewed April 25, 2009

Our wedding was 3/28/2009, we have created an account thu online registry, we have some friends that purchase some gifts from the registry from overseas and local, during the wedding preparation we moved to our new home, after a few days i went to their website to change the address two months before the wedding,all the gifts that friends and families purchased were return without being contacted. i have contact their customer service i spoke to Chisty for about thirty minutes not once she apologize for fact,than tranfer to her supervisor, we spoke for a few minutes, she mentioned that the problem come from the warehouse, and do not follow up with customer before returning the product. I don't recommend to do business with JcPenney
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Reviewed April 23, 2009

I have had a problem with late fees of $35.00 more than once. I charged a very expensive necklace with a lifetime service contract in Sept. of 2008. I have always made my payments on time and for more than the required amount. I pay the bill in the store or on the internet but they still send me a paper bill. Somehow, in February, I simply forgot to pay the bill and they charged me $35.00 late fee which they removed after I called and complained. I then got a bill saying the amount due was 0 since I paid $50.00 as soon as I discovered I hadn't paid it in March. I was waiting for a bill saying how much was due. I thought I should have received a new bill so I checked online to see if I owed anything and sure enough it said I owed $16.00 on April 8th and it was already April 16th. It didn't say anything about a late fee so I went ahead and paid $50.00 online. This was only a week late and there were no reminders sent. Yesterday I received a bill in the mail stating that a $35.00 late fee had been added to my account even though I have overpaid every month I called their maddening 800 number and finally talked to a human and after much arguing and pointing out I was way ahead in my payments, they refused to remove the $35.00 fee. I said I have no trouble paying my bills but if I did, didn't they think adding $35.00 a month would compound the problem. They don't care! I closed my account and would advise anyone getting a credit card with them to never be late-they have quite a racket going. It doesn't matter how much you have paid them on your account, if you don't make a payment according to their schedule-not even a day late-you get charged $35.00. They said I agreed to this when I got their credit card. They also do something very deceptive. On the 800 line one of the prompts is whether you called about a late fee. Then it says if you have made a payment the late fee has been removed. In my case I checked further and found Only $1 or so had been removed. They may make their unjustified loophole money, but they lose customers right and left with such shady practices. I will never set foot in a Penney store again.
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Reviewed April 23, 2009

I was suspected of shoplifting; they did not confront me. I knew the manager, just not by name. They called my employer and told him this. Yes, I ripped off a tag but with no intentions of stealing. It's part of my OCD. I drive myself crazy with these little things but they're just things I do. I feel as if I ripped off a tag, then I have to buy it. There is no turning back. I know it's strange to say but true and I feel as if this is discrimination. They had no right contacting my employer over the matter when they did not even ask me why it was done. I am not a shoplifter and do not appreciate this. I will no longer shop at any J.C. Penney's and will make sure to pass the word on to as many people as I know about your rude and uncalled for employees!

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Reviewed April 22, 2009

My wife and I were buying blinds for our home and noticed a 70% off sale at JC Penney. The measurements were entered in at a computer in the back, and the sale completed at the register up front. We wanted to shop the price around so we priced out one blind. At Home Depot, the price of a 30" x 53" Bali Casual classic white satin pinstripe shade was $150. At JC Penney, the price for the same exact shade is $566 which seemed outrageous. But the 70% was applied at the computer at the back and the price was $169.80. Still, it was not good enough. That's when the manager, Henry **, stepped in and told me that the $169.80 had not yet received the 70% off. I pointed out the math and said that it had. He reiterated and told me that it cannot be applied until the order gets to the register up front and rung up to which I said, "Let's ring it up and void it so I can see the price (which should come to about $50)."

Henry ** told me that if he voids the order, I will be charged 25% of the price, also seemingly outrageous. I said, "How do I know if I want it if I don't know the price?" And in front of 2 other employees, he pointed to the $169.80 and said, "I swear to you 70% will come off this price when you ring it up." I took all of the measurements around my house, spent 2 hours logging in the information into a computer in the back. And of course, the offer did not stand at the front register. I demanded to speak to him, but he was not around. I got passed around to just about every employee there landing at Annah ** who told me there was nothing she could do. That was 3 hours and 30 minutes total of my time in the store.

I can maybe understand a manager who does not know how the store works - but they should not be allowed to gauge the price up to $566 and call it a 70% off sale when the price comes down to normal ($166.80). That's bad business.

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Reviewed April 20, 2009

I received a coffeemaker from my mom for Christmas. Three days ago, I contacted the manager on duty. I told her it was all stainless steel. She told me to clean it up, and she would replace it with one just like it. I got to the store at 4pm. She had put one to the side with a glass container. I brought it to their attention that my container was stainless steel. They told me she had gone to lunch at 4pm. I left my name and cell phone number for her to call when she returned. One hour and 45 minutes later, I had not received a call.

We returned to the store, and she was still upstairs. It took 10 or 15 minutes for her to finally come back to the desk. When she came, she admitted that she had misunderstood which coffeemaker I had and that one had been discontinued. She did a transaction on the cash register and handed me a piece of plastic (gift card). I told her that I had not tied up two hours of my time for a piece of plastic. I had to leave the store and go somewhere else to buy a coffeemaker with a stainless container.

This is not good customer service! This is why businesses are closing their doors. If a customer experiences something ridiculous like this situation, they are not going back. Word of mouth is not good either. JC Penney is selling defective merchandise and merchandise from companies that have filed bankruptcy such as Sharper Image! Not good!

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Reviewed April 17, 2009

I tried to buy a suit on sale at this JC Penney. The suit was sold as separates and the last pair of pants had broken waist button. Offered to buy jacket if threw in damaged pants. No other corresponding pants in stock. The manager offered 10% off the pants, only that he is still stuck with the suit.

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Reviewed April 16, 2009

I purchased 2 leather recliners from JC Penney's in 2005 for $1,424. Last year, they both had reclining problems. When you recline, the back went too far to the left. They were broken. Palliser, the manufacturer, sent someone out to look at them and they agreed they need repairing. Then Palliser sent another company out to pick them up. They repaired them and it only lasted a few months. Now, one recliner doesn't rock. The springs under the seat are broken and the seat has collapsed. I called Palliser last week to have them repaired again. I spoke with Bobbie in Parts/Warranty and they said they fixed them once and they will not do it again and offered me $150. I told Bobbie that wasn't acceptable and I wanted to speak with his boss. He said he will just withdraw the offer of $150 settlement for the recliner and they were not going to deal with me anymore and hung up.

Then I called JC Penney's because I bought the furniture from them thinking that they can at least help me with Palliser or try to help satisfy me because of how they sold the furniture as being top-of-the-line and also told me that I would not have any problems with the warranty. Well, I spoke with the Customer Service dept., supervisor and manager as well as spoke with the manager of JC Penney's at Southcenter Mall in Seattle where I purchased the recliners and they all said it's my problem and Palliser, and there was nothing they can do.

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Reviewed April 9, 2009

After being a JC Penney customer for over 25 years, I am thrilled to find this site, I would like to add my name to the ongoing list of frustrated customers. I always pay my statement ($300) on time and at least triple the payment. This month, I mailed my payment on the 1st of April. Two days ago, I got a reminder saying I was late and was being hit with a $35 late fee. It took me 57 minutes before I could speak with anyone. Surprise, surprise, not an American. After a 15-minute interpretation of Filipino/English conversation, I was told they would waive this one-time fee and I was lectured that JC Penney was a No Waive company and that I had better not be late again? Excuse me! So, now I wait till the next statement shows up.

I really took this attitude to heart. I went online under many JC Penney search areas, called many phone #'s to get a corporate office address. Finally, from Texas, I got an address. I confirmed it today and Lordy, Lordy! I found a cutesy, giggly associate in our local Boise store, who somehow was in an area that she gave me this phone #. When I called it, the woman there gave me further information: CEO of JC Penney, Mr Myron Ullman, 6501 Legacy Dr., Plano, Texas 75024-3698. Phone # is 1-972-431-1000. I certainly hope my research will get to all of the previous and new posters on this site. I just called, so the # works.

Go for them, folks. Do not forget, all those late fees, etc. goes on your credit report(!) and you should all report this to the Better Business Bureau in your area. This has to stop! Good luck!

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Reviewed April 2, 2009

I am currently unemployed and I have unemployment insurance with JC Penney. I filed the application for assistance with JC Penney in February and took the form to the employment agency I'm registered with as requested by JC Penney. Once the employment agency verified the time I became enrolled, I returned the form. I then received another letter requesting my last pay stub or to have the employer to complete the bottom portion of the form. I provided the check stub as requested. JC Penney has sent another letter requesting the employer to fill out the form. I advised the claims dept the Lowe's HR rep advised me to contact the work number to verify employment and that she could not sign any forms I provided.

When I advised the claims rep of this information, she informed me the unemployment application could not be processed without having the employer to complete the portion. I gave the claims rep the telephone number to Lowe's and the person's name in HR. I've had to continue to pay my bill. Meanwhile, I continue to receive the runaround. I am unemployed and I paid for this insurance for this purpose and I can't use it. This appears to be scam of sort and I need help. I've done just as JC Penney requested. I can't make the people at Lowe's sign this form.

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Reviewed March 29, 2009

On July 19, 2008 I ordered a recliner by phone for $664.46; it was defective, would not heat nor massasge and they were to pick it up for return. I asked for it to be returned and another delivered in it's place but was told they could not do that as I had closed my JC Penney account as they had up the interest to 25%. My bills were all showing NOTHING owed but in Feb. 2009 I got a letter stating that I owe them $533.83 for this chair. I don't mind paying for it except it still does not work and they will NOT give me a phone number to use so that I can have a regular payment made to them through my bank. I REFUSE to send them a check as then they could just clean out my account and I will not allow that to happen. I guess the next thing I will do is put in a store number and let them worry with it. I WILL NEVER DEAL with Penneys again after being a customer for more than 50 years.
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Reviewed March 25, 2009

I purchased a wedding ring set back on 10/01/2008,for which I paid cash for.The amount of $1274.49,including tax.I kept the receipt.Unfortunately, in this economy,things started going down hill for me financialy.I wanted to return the ring,but was told I could not because it has no resale value.I called the store 3 times, no one returned my calls.I had to go out of my way to go there in person.It is not like I paid $50.00 for this item.I have a mortgage to pay, etc.
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Reviewed March 23, 2009

Back in November, I was supposed to be added as a joint user on my mom's JCPennys card. I was never added. They never sent me a card, and never reported to the credit bureaus. My mom and I called several times to explain the situation. Still nothing was done. Eventually they sent a letter to my mom in February confirming I had been added. However, everytime I pulled my credit report, the tradeline did not show. I called again recently within the last two weeks. A representative got on the phone saying that because the balance is zero, that I would have to purchase something for them to report to the credit bureaus. This is an unfair practice. Yesterday, I finally purchased something, going by what the other representative said. To this date, they still have not reported. I spoke to another representative today who says that she will send my card out, (5 months later) as well as make sure that the request goes in to report to the credit bureaus. They should not be able to get away with doing this.
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Reviewed March 22, 2009

The closest JC Pennys is an hour drive for me. It is in the same city that my cancer doctor is in, so when I have my 3 month appointment with him, I also go to Penneys. With the price of gas as it is, I can't go much more than that.
I recently went to this city for the above two reasons. What a disappointment when, the next day I received a $10.00 gift certificate in the mail, good from March 11 to March 21. I received it on March 13th, 2 days after the effective date. If I had received it on time I could have used the coupon with the purchase I made. These coupons should reach the consumer a couple days before the first day it is good. I, however was unable to use it and am very disappointed.
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Reviewed March 12, 2009

Many times, not to say always, JCPenny puts items on closeout or clearance that they actually do not have. I check their specials often and it so happens that just when the sale has started they no longer have the item.
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Reviewed March 10, 2009

I ordered furniture at JCP Funiture in January 2009. I put down a 25% deposit and was told I would be charged the rest of the amount upon scheduling a delivery.
On March 3, 2009, Louise at JCP consumer services contacted me that my furniture had arrived and I set up a delivery date, knowing my card would be charged and that the remaining amount was in the account. On March 4th, 2009, Patrice at JCP consumer serviced called me to tell me that my delivery date had been cancelled because my card had been denied. I called my bank, Wells Fargo, and found out that my fraud protection had denied the transaction because it was an unusual transaction for my account. I had the bank increase the level of protection to allow for the purchase. I called Patrice back and had her run the card again. It was denied saying the phone numbers didn't match. I went online to verify the phone number on my account and changed the phone numbers so that it would match. They ran the transaction again and it was denied because my bank had accepted the transaction, but JCPenney would not. After that I got the run around because JCPenney refused to take responsibility and told me to get my bank to take care of it. A bank cannot drop a pending charge until they get the authorization from the merchant declining the charge to cancel the transaction. I was told by Latasha, who was very rude and had the worst attitude problem, that there was nothing they could do because they no longer have merchant services etc. I was told they could not hard post the transaction or cancel it - I would just have to "wait for it to fall off of my account and go into the store to pay."
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Reviewed March 10, 2009

AND NEVER ORDER FROM THEIR CATALOG. They didn't offer the items I wanted in the store, but said they were available online. Even though I planned to order online, since I was in the store already I decided to buy the new ($3) catalog since it came with a $5 coupon "good for catalog orders or orders from". Unfortunately when I placed the order online, the promotion code didn't work, so I called customer service. They said the code was not for $5 off, but instead for free shipping. So I said great, give me the free shipping. They said it had to be for items from the catalog and the items I wanted were in the catalog, but that the cost of the VERY SAME ITEMS from the catalog rather than online would cost me more than the cost of the s&h I would be saving!?! So I said then ship it to the store and I'll just pick it up. Only to find out that they charge almost as much if I pick it up at the store as if I had it delivered to my home. Somehow it costs them exactly the same wether they toss it on the daily truck from the warehouse to the store, as it does to have UPS deliver the item to my door. I swear this is the last time I shop there.
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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2009

I had two gift cards to jcpenny i went online to use them and bought something for 40 my gcs only totalled 35 dollars so i thought i have just enough in my account to cover this 4.44 cents . so in the next few days i get an account statement saying i went over and i see three charges on my account one for 4.44 one for 1.00 and another for 1.00 . so i called jcpenny telling them of this problem then they notify me that this is common pracitce i told them no where upon checking out was i notified nor did i sign anything saying they ould charge or hold this money . this put my account over 1.16 cents . everyone i have talked to has been condescending . i finally get a guy named marc he says to gax the paper work over saying it is clearly jcpennys fault and as long as her gets the paper work they will cover my overdraft in the meantime i get charged another overdraft charge . in the intrum i had faxed the paper work over . so we had to call him back on wed he says to us that where the jcpenny charges are are blanked out . so i teill him to fax me back the whited out paper to my family advocate . te paper clearly has white out on it . in that column . so i have my family refax the paper work and get another email not phone call email which i still have stating tha the charges from jcpenny is whited out again you ahve not done what we have asked . we cannot help you now your asking for not the 38 dollrs overdraft but the 75 ( because my bank added more charges ) . we cannot do anything . and it was not put as nicely as i put it . so i called today and they were rude and mean condescending to me . when i called on feb 1st i had one lady laugh in my face ! I feel humiliated . over two holds/charges that i did not authorize on my debit account
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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2009

I was suppose to be contacted by associates to advise me when they received the right size of shoe for my daughter,I had purchased there.Never received a call whatsoever not even to advise me whether or not they received it,as they stated they would.It has been about a month now and nothing.So I decided it was time to speak with a manager his name was Ruben Martinez. Gentleman asked me for a call back # so I provided it.I asked him to call me within 30 mins to an hour since I have been waiting for about a month now.He stated he would call me before the store closed because he had other customers he had to attend to.I reminded him that the customer he was speaking with has been waiting for about a month now.There was no initiative or sensitivity to take care of this ongoing problem.I drove down to JC PENNY Spoke with a lady named Barbara from catalog and rectified the problem within minutes.I asked if this was something Ruben could of handled. Stated yes wasn't sure why I was being treated this way.I thanked her for being so professional and asked for his managers name and number.She provided Angie Catillo's number.I contacted her the following day.Basically she was treating me like I was the bad guy no sensitivity whatsoever kept interrupting me while I was trying to advise her of the situation at hand.Stating the problem has been resolved what do you want me to do.I advised her evidently no one cares about how customers are being treated so I would move up the chain.She stated You do what you feel is necessary Theres nothing I can do for you.
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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2009

I went to j.c.penney in lake havasu to buy a present for a friend. I got in line to check out and was called to checkout because it was my turn. The lady who was there took the two shirts I had folded them and then walked away not saying anything. I stayed at that checkout figuring she would be back.I waited for 20 min. while several people checked out and this woman never came back. I asked the other teller to check me out and she got on the phone asking for help and took the next person in line. Another teller came booted up her computer then took the next person in line with me still standing there. I then asked her to please take me next and then she called for help on the phone.I was still standing at the checkout when another teller came up and booted up her computer. A customer told me to go in front of her because she was called up instead of me being called over. This is the sorries store I have ever been in the service is so bad I am considering reporting you to the better buisness department and paying off my bill and rippig up my card.I stood there 30 min. waiting while numerous customers were getting they're things checked out.
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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2009

I took my 4 month old daughter to have her Christmas (4 month) pictures done just after the holiday since she turned on Christmas and we go every month to get her pictures done. When I finally got the pictures back they were exteremly fuzzy. I have a cheap digital camera that takes a better quality than the ones that I paid an arm and a leg to have taken. The only resolution they would give me was to retake her pictures.
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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2009

She called me on Saturday Jan. 17 at 12:45 PM and said that I had a late fee of 25.00 because i have not paid my bill in two months. I informed her that I didn't get a statement and she told me that she thinks that is doubtful. when i asked her if she was calling me a liar she said that she never said that. She was a condesending person who sounds like she is from another country and America should stop outsourcing the bill collectors so that someone would be nice. I am not a liar! I never got a statement. if i had I would have paid it as I pay all my bills in the first week of the month.
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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2009

My Payment Due Date ($277.12) was 12/27/08. I sent my check 12/22/08.
JCPenney wrote on the next Account Summary that they received my check 12/29/08 and debit my account with an amount of $ 35.00 LATE FEE.
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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2009

After checking my computer to make sure the Pier Park store had the grill we wanted we drove 35 miles to purchase one. It was on sale for $49.99. We found one and were at the check-out when the clerk informed us they were $59.99. We told him no they were $49.99. He called the manager and the manager confirmed it was $59.99. Yet, the sign said 49.99. The clerk said the manager is always right. The old bait and switch?? We did not buy the grill and left the store. Went to WalMart and bought a similar grill for even less than $49.99. I am very unhappy with this incident and will not buy anything in your store again.
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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2009

I was hired for seasonal work toward the end of November 2008. I advised the manager that I would only be able to work up to 30 hours a week with two certain days off. I was advised that this would possibly turn into a part time position at the end of the holiday season giving me 2 days per week. When hired, I was advised that I would be working in the men’s department.

On my second day of training (which ironically was more for customer service and cash register operation), I was advised that I would be put in the Catalog Department, with no training and no idea of what I was doing. I thought that this was strange that they would not advise or train a person for this position as it does seem to hold a lot of responsibility, not only for sales but as customer service. It also requires strength and the ability to lift well over 50lbs. The reason being, when people come to pick up catalog orders some of them are extremely heavy. Furniture, cabinets, and other various items are expected to be loaded by the associate onto the customer’s car.

Upon my second week of hire, I checked my hours to work for the next week only to see that they had scheduled me for over 40 hours. I took the time to speak with the store manager **, who in turn did change my schedule without telling me. So I showed up the following work week two hours early when I could have been home preparing my handicapped child for school. The changing of schedules seems to be common practice with this store as I was advised by the Department Manager to check my schedule every day for changes. I was advised not to discuss this with the assistant manager ** as he would only cut my hours to less than 10 hours a week and this would affect the department as a whole.

One day, while working in the middle of the afternoon, one of the sales floor associates was advised to remove part of the carpeting from the sales floor with solvent. The solvent was so strong that it made all of the associates in the catalog department as well as on the sales floor very dizzy. We were told to "deal with it". When an elderly lady came in to pay her bill, she became very ill from the fumes. We were not told any procedures on how to handle this, however common sense took over. First, I helped the woman to sit down. I then called management.

I was advised that there was nothing that I could do to help her. That she would be fine. I told the manager of the day that she was very sick. At this point I was beginning to get very anxious for the lady as she looked as if she was going to pass out. I was then advised to get the woman to the front of the store where the fumes were not as strong. I know that this wasn't following what management said but I decided to get the wheelchair and get the woman out of the store. I took her to her car and sat with her until her color came back and she looked better.

I then called the manager and told them that they really needed to fill out an incident report. The manager at that point very reluctantly did. On January the 1st of 2009, I came into work and checked my schedule. I was not on it for the following week (This being a Thursday and Sunday, being the beginning of the new week). I called the Manager of the Day to ask why. She said that as of Sunday, all seasonal employees would no longer be needed. I was stunned. No notice, no consideration, no respect. For me, this meant that I would be unemployed. This after being told at hire that I would be offered a position as a permanent employee on a part time basis.

I would have to find a job within the next three days (that day being a holiday) and with no thank you. I asked to speak with a manager. I was then advised that they told me that this position would end either the first or second week in January. I told the manager that was a very open end date and further more they were letting us go without any notice. She apologized and said there was nothing that she could do. I would have been more understanding except that I had been asking for the last three weeks if they were going to keep me and if not, what would be my end date.

I found upon picking up my paycheck on Saturday that this is what they did to all of the seasonal employees. They didn't give ANY of us any notice. So when thinking of working at this particular store, you may want to check that this is the way you want to be treated. Their idea team work and GREAT service is only dependent on when they want to give it. I am very, very discouraged with this store.

The consequences is that even though this was seasonal work, they never gave us any notice of the end of our employment, putting a lot of people out of work with no opportunity to find another job when this one ended. They didn't care about the health of their customers. They never offered any associate who was lifting or doing any type of heavy work any safety equipment. Wearing high heels and dress clothes, lifting a recliner to a customer’s car is apparently part of the job that I was not advised that I would have. However after being put in this position I was advised that as an associate in the catalog department that this type of lifting is expected of me, regardless of any health issue.

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2008

I ordered christmas gifts for my children and grandchildren online and asked that they be delivered to the Modesto California store. When my daughter received the call to pick up the order she immediately responded. Not package was at the store. This happened three days in a row. On the third day whe asked for a manager and had taken the exact order number. A very angry and rude customer service person began to belittle my daughter and her manager continued to assault my daughter with verbal foul language. A customer witnessed this and stated to the manager that my daughter was not even upset or rude. Why was she the getting such an attitude. I called the store manager and asked that all my orders be canceled and that I would never shop online or in a JC Penney store again. NOW WHY THIS HAPPENED ACCORDING TO THE MODESTO CALIFORNIA STORE MANAGER GREGG: I had not updated the phone number on my online account. The customer service desk decided that since my phone number did not match the number my daughter provided - it must be a fraudulent transaction. My daughter was treated like a criminal. The packages had already been returned and were not physically in the store when she was called to pick them up
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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2008

I ordered curtains from the store and had them shipped to my home. When they arrived I only received 1 panel instead of 2. When I called J.C. Penney they told me I had to return the one panel and order new curtains. I had to pay for the new curtains and would get a refund for the 1 panel. However, I live over 75 miles from the store and wasn't sure when I would be going back. The customer service person then said they could order the other panel. I'm still waiting for the other panel without any help from JC Penney.
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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2008

I made a payment to JC Penny by Bank of America On=line payment on Nov 19th. My payment was paid out as $3507.00. My payment cleared to JC Penny on Nov 19th. I did not see the error until Mon Nov 24th. I immediately called Bank of America. On-line banking called Ge Money and they wouldn't talk to Bank of America, so I had to call them. I talked to Robert who was a supervisor and he told me I would have to fax a copy of my statement and Bank of America would have to fax them a copy that the payment cleared. All of this has been done, and my still have not been reimbursed for my $3507.00 over payment. I call GE money everyday and either talk to Robert, Kevin and Chris # 6523 and am still being jerked around. JC Penny finally sent out my check who was supposed to be sent to Bank of America 4342 Rt 130 North Willingboro N.J. to the Attn" Carol Johnson ( Senior Bookkeeper) at the Willingboro Office on Sat Nov 29th. Bank of America has still not rec'd the Fed X envelope yet, because when they sent the check out Fed x they put the label on the Fex X envelope as Cheryl kaufman 5244 FM70 Bristol ,TX 78343 . Who knows where they got that adress at???, When I called FedX after waiting for someone from GE Money to call be back with the tracking #, Fed x told me that all Ge MOney had to do was call them and give them the correct address, so I called GE Money and told them and I would call them back to find out if they called. They did call, but told them to return my check back to them. I have Creditors that need to be paid , I have over $280.00 overdraft charges on my checking out as of today, and I just got off the phone with GE Money Kevin ( supervisor) and they think the check will go out today , but I won't get it before Wed or Thursday. I asked him why it wasn't going out Priority, he said Fed x only has 2-3 day delivery. I have been jerked around for the past month and find it disgracefull that the comsumer is treated in this manner and nothing is done to these banks who mangage accounts for JC Penny, Sears, Marshalls or whatever.
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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2008

I purchased 10 ornaments on 10/03/08, as well as some drapes for my home. I had to replace everything I owned as the cops got away with putting me out of my home, and taking my rent while I was in the hospital. They also got away with taking my furniture. I noticed when I returned home that only 8 of the ornaments were in the bag as well as on the receipt. Some of the ornaments were priced at $11.99 and the others were $9.99. I noticed they charged me $11.99 for two or three of the $9.99 ornaments. I have to give my receipts to Social Services, as they control my SSD I receive. There is a cop that works off and on at Social Services for Security that is from Fredricksburg, Virginia. There were several Fredricksburg cops arrested in Virginia for robbing our mall at night. They always go in at night after the stores are closed. When I got home with my receipt I noticed that now only six of the ornaments of the eight that I received of the ten I put on the counter were on the receipt I received back from the woman handling my SSD. Her name is Ms. Stearns. When I returned home two of the eight ornaments were gone. The cops got away with putting me out of my home, as well as my landlady, even though she cashed my rent check. The drapes I put on the counter to purchase were two sets for my kitchen. One was a shorter kitchen pair, and the other were a longer drape pair for a longer window. I also had a kitchen pair for a little window in my hallway. When I returned home the pair for my hallway was not in the bag, and I noticed she overcharged me for the other short kitchen pair. The one pair was on sale for a little over $8.00, and I believe the other same pair was around $11.00. She charged me if I remember correctly around $19.00 for the pair that was suppose to $8.00.
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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2008

I was shopping in the above store,in Loop Shoping center trying to find a item in the mens ware area, not finding what I wanted I tried to find a clerk to help me with my search. After embarring mysef asking other customers if they could help me I found that they were having the same problem as me. I finally went to the jewelery counter where the only associate could be found she did call for some help, which never did come. My wife finnally found a person putting up merchandise in men clothing, thatnew little or nothing about the products in the Mens dept.
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Reviewed Nov. 15, 2008

I purchased a sofa from jc penneys in
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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2008

I am disgusted how you felt you had the right to lower the credit limits on my charge cards. Who asked you to step in and monitor my credit? Mind you own damn business and leave me alone
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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2008

on the 22nd of october I paid my account in full in the amount of 1245.00 in cash. I gave her 1300.00 cash she gave me back 55.00 I have the reciept they refuse to clear my account till the 11th of november and I HAD a 1500 credit line. NOW becaue I paid CASH they said they cannot give me my 1500 credit line back because the 11th is the soonest that they can get the funds that I paid in cash. I paid in cash so that I wouldnt have to wait for my check to clear. I told them that I have a disability and have to have someone to drive me 30 miles to show them that I have the reciept. The store that I paid in cash at even has it on their computer that I paid in cash. They want me to drive to cadillac to show them the reciept that I paid cash. The store lady was nice and confused that the jc penny people on the phone wouldnt accept either of our word that the computer shows I paid cash.
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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2008

I've been receiving bills from JC Penny for the last few months, I've never opened an account with this company, I made a phone call this evening to see if I could get this all cleared up but was told they would make a note of it and to ignore it! but I can't I finally opened the bill and realized it was over due and when I spoke to customer service I got no where...basically all I wanted to do was to have them check there records and straighten up a mess they created not me but no one could help me out! the reason I'm on this site is JC Penny's credit cards are GE Credit Bank...they should be more customer friendly and listen by ignoring a bill sent to my address in error it could hurt my credit rating and I've worked really hard to get my standards where they are to have a Customer Service person ignore the importance of this whole situation!
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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2008

I recently ordered a sports logo sheet set (Dallas cowboys) from JC Penney.Com for my son's birthday. My Husband and I decided to re-decorate his room as a gift with his favorite sports team. I received the sheets via UPS to my home and opened the sheets and discovered the sheets were covered in dirty finger prints, ink marks, and would looked to be dried blood!!! I was horrified especially because the sheets were white in color. I was very disgusted. I immediately drove to the nearest JC Penney store to return the sheets. I requested to exchange the sheets and have another set sent to my home, and in time for my son's birthday which was the following week, but was told that the store was unable to expedite my shipment and the sheets would possibly not make it on time for my son's birthday.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2008

They are Italian mobsters, read the recent Important notice regarding JC Penney credit card account for 22.85% interest ++ fees. It is a mobster talking, not a customer oriented merchant. It is Bull and I will not buy a thing from JC Penney again after 50 years as a customer.

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2008

I am writing this letter in regards to my extreme disappointment with JCPENNY's company and services. On Sunday, September 21 I arrived for my first, and last, appointment for a highlight and cut. My stylist, Sharon, was extremely kind and knowledgeable. About 15 minutes into my appointment, she proceeded to pick my purse up from the floor and place it on her counter. She placed my purse directly onto her hot curling iron, and it sat there for about thirty minutes. When I received a phone call and reached to my purse to answer my phone, the medal attached to my purse was extremely hot and burned my left hand. My hand immediately began to swell, blister, and bleed all over my palm and two figures. My purse was also burned. Sharon grabbed a wet paper towel and handed it to me, then continued foiling my hair. She later realized that I was bleeding and requested a manager to file an incident report.

Thirty minutes later a manager arrived. Drilling me on my hand, and calling me nothing short of a liar. She asked if my hand was already bleeding, and continued to ask least three different times, why I would grab at the curling iron, which I did not do. She then disappeared to find me Ice and a band-aide that I requested, only to arrive another 20 minutes later with a small band aid and ice. My hand was throbbing, bleeding, and extremely painful. No one did anything about this, besides act like it didn't happen. When my hair was finished...

I proceeded to the register, only to be hassled about a check that I was told on the phone would be an appropriate form of payment. I had a swollen bleeding hand, wrapped with Ice and multiple bandages. I am new to the Seattle area from Kansas and had not received my debit card in the mail yet. I explained this to the lady who scheduled my appointment and she said a check would be suitable. I had to wait another 45 minutes being hassled by yet another manager about how I intended to pay for my service that burned my hand sense they wouldn't take my check.

He made me sign up for a JCPENNY card as well as contact my mother in law via telephone and give them her credit card number to pay. He wouldn't even let me leave to find a bank ATM. Other than my stylist, Sharon. The employees within salon were extremely rude and harsh.

Between the 150.00 dollar hair service that took about five hours total, time lost at work sense I cannot use my hand, a damaged 250 dollar coach purse, and the embarrassment placed upon me like I was some petty thief, I will never return to a JCPENNY store again. Not Portraits, Not Salon, Not Retail.. nothing.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2008

We authorized our daughter to use our JCPENNY credit card to purchase 2 recliners. The chairs were ordered and we were informed that payments were to begin August, 2008. We have never received a statement from JCPENNY. The last information made available to us was that the account had been turned over to a collection agency. We have attempted to find someone to make payments to.

The current status of our JCPENNY credit card account is known. We are concerned that our credit rating has been adversely effected by this seemingly simple purchase of 2 chairs.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2008

Ordered 3-piece leather furniture set. Day before they (central delivery office) were to deliver they cancelled and reschedule two weeks. I made arrangements to give old furniture to charity and was not expecting a two week delay. I called the central delivery office to complain and ask for some compensation. The man on the phone was extremely rude and put me on hold in mid-sentence while I was asking for a supervisor. They have no desire for customer satisfaction and promptly cancelled my order. Do not buy from JCPenney, this is my recommendation.

Stuck without furniture as they could not deliver as promised nor compensate me for a delay.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2008

They are taking $15.17 a month out of my bank account and my wife or I have not authorized this transaction and we have tried to find out where they are from or what this is for. We then looked it up on the computer and found quite a few complaintsand no answers. This all started on July 9,2008

We have had cheques bounce and had to pay more money out in fees. I do not make much money and i can't afford this

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2008

I ordered a dresser and bed tables the day after labor day. I paid over $200 for shipping. Yesterday 9/12/08, I finally got the call from the trucking company. They said they could only deliver between 8 am and 4 pm with no weekends. I also had to be home between 8-12 am or 12-4 pm. I work during the day and cannot take time off of work for the delivery. They could not offer to deliver any other time.

I cancelled the order and I have been told I will have to wait and have this resolved on my credit card. I have ordered from JC Pennys for years and I have been a loyal customer. Why would they use a trucking company who only delivers during working hours? I could have picked this item up at their store without the hassel of this company delivering these items. Word of advice, do not order furniture through JC Penny. I will take my business elsewhere in the future.

$1000 still on my credit card and not resloved.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2008

I ordered a bedroom suite from the JC Penny catalog, I paid in full. I received the suit, their was damage to 4 pieces, 2 night stands the dresser and the mirror. I re-ordered the 4 pieces again, got the new shipment, there was damage to 3 pieces this time, sent them back and reordered the 3 pieces, got them and there was damage to all 3 peices again I reordered those 3 got them delivered and there was damage to two pieces, I have reorded the dresser again and I am still waiting for it. I was charged for a night stand all of a sudden because I had to reorder it again, they say when they get a night stand back that was picked up by their delivery people they will credit my acct. still waiting on the credit, they did not do that with any of the other pieces I have had to reorder. This has all started in July 2008 and we are now in Sept 2008 and still the order is not right. In total I have had 4 deliveries and 4 pick ups of this furniture.

I have been charged for three night stands I have only 2 in my posession. Every piece of funiture has to be unpacked by me and put together, I have done this 4 times.

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Reviewed Aug. 18, 2008

I was in the shoe department on July 2, 2008, picked up a sandal steped back, hit some chairs, they moved sideways, I hit The base of my scull on a table, Hit my arms on the chairs trying to hold onto them,Hit my tailbone on the cement floor, then fell further and hit my head on the cement floor.

Jc Penney is taking no responsibility for my fall, pictures were taken after i left in an ambulance and given to the insurance company. My claim was denied. I am telling everyone I know not to shop at any JC penney store, they do not have liability insurance if you are hurt there as a customer.

I have suffered severe pain in my head, neck, low back. I can only sleep on my left side, canot lay my head on a pillow. I need some MRIS done to further assess the damage to my head, neck and low back. I have to pay for all of my DR bills. I feel I would not have been hurt so bad had there been carpet pad under their thin carpet, instead of Thin carpet over a cement floor. Don't fall down at any JC penney's.

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Reviewed Aug. 18, 2008

I was in the shoe department on July 2, 2008, picked up a sandal steped back, hit some chairs, they moved sideways, I hit The base of my scull on a table, Hit my arms on the chairs trying to hold onto them, Hit my tailbone on the cement floor, then fell further and hit my head on the cement floor. Jc Penney is taking no responsibility for my fall, pictures were taken after i left in an ambulance and given to the insurance company. My claim was denied. I am telling everyone I know not to shop at any JC penney store, they do not have liability insurance if you are hurt there as a customer.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2008

i bought (on 10/26/2007) a necklace for my daughther for her birthday. cost $416.00 - $170.01 discount total price was $291.16 with a 2 year svc contract. which end up being two year watch care plan for jewerlry. Took it in on the july 7th. it was due back on july 31st. did not come back until aug.2nd. it took themover 1/2 hour to find the necklace. they said it could not be fixed. to me it look like they did not even send it in to get repaired. it was not cleaned even, in the same condition we brought in to be repaired.

it has not even been a year they have a necklace their and would not replace it with the one there. i but alot of jewelry and so does my daughther. as customers you would think they would help you, but now we will never buy any more jewely from here and we are telling our freinds not to buy neither.

they wanted to send it back in to get another result from the company to see if it can be fixed, then wait for a refund of 245.99 only. it should be replaced right on the spot when we were there. to sadifiy us as customers. i would like the necklace replaced with out paying any more money. it's been over a month already with out the necklace on my daughter neck now. a very dissadified customer

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2008

i bought (on 10/26/2007) a necklace for my daughther for her birthday. cost $416.00 - $170.01 discount total price was $291.16 with a 2 year svc contract. which end up being two year watch care plan for jewerlry. Took it in on the july 7th. it was due back on july 31st.

did not come back until aug.2nd. it took them over 1/2 hour to find the necklace. they said it could not be fixed. to me it look like they did not even send it in to get repaired. it was not cleaned even, in the same condition we brought in to be repaired.

it has not even been a year they have a necklace their and would not replace it with the one there. i but alot of jewelry and so does my daughther. as customers you would think they would help you, but now we will never buy any more jewely from here and we are telling our freinds not to buy neither. they wanted to send it back in to get another result from the company to see if it can be fixed, then wait for a refund of 245.99 only.

it should be replaced right on the spot when we were there. to sadifiy us as customers. i would like the necklace replaced with out paying any more money. it's been over a month already with out the necklace on my daughter neck now. a very dissadified customer

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Reviewed July 30, 2008

JC Penney issued my very first credit card in 1978 while I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. I've used the card regularly over the years, mostly for clothing. My ongoing problems with JC Penney began a couple of years ago, when I was charged for a magazine subscription I didn't request and never received. After months of writing letters and speaking to customer service (oxymoron) people, and receiving a sheaf of cookie-cutter form letters that never specifically addressed the issue, the amount plus penalties was finally cleared, but THEN their computer kept charged me a late fee on a zero balance, with additional late fees on the errant late fee.

After a few more months of this nonsense with more letters and discussions, the subscription and computer late fees was finally corrected. For months I didn't use my card, until last fall when we ordered drapes and curtain rods. The first drapes were wrong and returned. The second set arrived, but only one curtain rod arrived--the other was on back order. There was some confusion about my payments online due to the funky checking account numbers used by First Hawaiian Bank at my last duty station and a late fee was issued, and again corrected after a few months. I'm stationed in Germany, and when the back ordered rod wasn't received after four months, I returned the drapes and one rod through my APO using Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation.

After months of no refund and more letters, JC Penney claimed (in another cookie cutter form letter) that they'd never received the merchandise, despite the USPS tracking showing they received it about two months ago, and they blamed it on the USPS. I emailed and wrote JC Penney a certified letter complaining about this, as the packages were properly returned. I also cancelled my account with them after 30 years of regular shopping. My APO referred me to the Postal Inspectors and I filed a complaint. I also told JC Penney that, much like they did so casually for me, that I would be tacking on late fees and making further complaints (such as this one) to the Federal government, the state of CT (where the merchandise was returned) and TX (where the corporate HQ is located.)

I'm angry and disappointed by a once-great company. On top of all of this, in the course of my contacting JC Penney, I learned that their CEO, Myron U., received $10 million in bonuses last year despite poor earnings. Everyone is getting screwed except Myron and the gang, it would seem. German apartments do not come with window treatments. For months, while waiting for the order to be complete, we had packing paper covering our window. This was embarrassing whenever the landlord came by, and our place faces a busy street in a tourist town.

Curtains, while available locally, are expensive, and as a regular JCP customer I expected quick service at a good price. That wasn't the case. We finally drove two hours to Munich and bought the appropriate drapes and rods at Ikea for a much better price, and they were up the next day. In my estimate, although the dollar amount is not great, my time and stress battling the corporate drones for two years and the potential risk to my sterling credit rating lost JCP my business and respect.

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Reviewed July 30, 2008

I am an former employee of JC Penney and for the time I worked there (3 months) It was like pure slavery. I was always working over 10-hour days mostly by myself doing all the work, not only customer service but all the recovery, stocking, straightening and cleaning until wee-hours of the next morning. The stores A/C was hardly or never on and they always had an excuse to why it wasn't on or that it's just not working properly. When the store is close the A/C IS OFF (managment admitts that) and we the employees have to stay LATE, REAL LATE and recover the store in death defining heat. Complaining does NO GOOD.

One day I was called in to work early for someone else that had call-in, I got there at 9am and when my department manager got there and knew we had limited coverage for the night shift, she wanted me to stay until 12 midnight. I told her that I could stay until 8pm that would put me working 10-hours, I told her if I stayed until midnight that would put me working 14-15 hours straight and that I had to be back at 8am the next morning. She informed me that I needed to be more dependable and that if I don't stay It might hurt my evaluation coming up soon.

I reminded her that I had never missed a day, I have never call in nor was I ever late and I am always available when you called or needed me. She just walked away mad. But, I did not stay. Once I had a dispute with a belingerant customer which the customer was a relative of an employee there (long story)...the manager Steve S., just so happen to come by, but still didn't see the whole dispute. He order me into his office..ok...when I went into his office, he come at me with the most evilest eyes and said, GET YOUR FAT [expletive] OUT OF MY OFFICE, I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO COME IN MY OFFICE. I was in shock, I said, excuse me sir, I beleive you did say for my to come in your office. He just interupted me and said, GET-OUT, I'M NOT READY FOR YOU YET.

That was the day I quit, I told him he stepped over the line. I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS COMPANY! I TOLD HIM TO TAKE IT A SHOVE IT. HE WAS RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, UNPROFESSIONAL AND OUT OF LINE. I call the corporate office and issued a complaint and told them everything, but I have yet to hear back from them. For real, I am glad I'm just out of there and I know more of my friends are to follow. This has damaged my confidence in a company and working in a hostile working environment and also a slave-driving over-kill employees has effected me emotionally.

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Reviewed July 28, 2008

On Sunday, 7/27 we had a call placed to our residence at 8:00am by a debt collector identifying himself as acting on behalf of JC Penney's. The problem is that the collector was looking for someone other than us, but who apparently had our home telephone number at least 4 years prior. Over the past several years this collector as well as others have repeatedly called us looking for this particular debtor, and despite our cooperation and advice that the individual they are looking for is not at this number, and to remove the number from their system the calls keep coming.

It is unfathonable to contemplate that JC Penney's permit dunning calls at 8:00am on a Sunday morning. How easy it would be to conduct a telephone search of our number to determine that more than 4 years ago the number was assigned to us, and the same is not any longer associated with the debtor. No economic or physical damege, but the frustration of fielding calls at all hours is more than frustrating. Needless to state we will not be shopping at JC Penny's ever again.

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Reviewed July 14, 2008

My wife and I ordered a sofa, Chair, Loveseat and an Ottoman on line on 06/27/2008 and as of today 07/14/08 I have spoken to three people one informed me that someone would get back to me (did not happen) a second person said it was with the trucking company and again someone would get back to me (did not happen)

today a third person informed she only saw that it was damaged but she did not see a re-order or a refund, and she also told me someone would get back to me. We were informed that the on the &th of July that it would be delivered on the 9th of July so I took the day off from work. and no one called me with any information.

I used a vacation day we put all our living room items out to be picked up by the town the night of the 8th and we are sitting on beach chairs

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Reviewed July 9, 2008

On June 7, 2008. I flew in from Chicago, IL for my cousin's graduation ceremony. My Mom and I went shopping at a Mall in Modesto, Ca. We went to JC Penny's to purchase a few things. I went to smell some perfume that I was going to buy. My mom and I walked out the store and I had the perfume still in my hands. The Loss Prevention people came out to the parking lot asking me had I purchased the perfume. I immediately reacted and told them that I had every intention on purchasing the $32.00 dollar bottle of perfume. They detained my Mom and I for about 2 hours until the police came.

When the office walked in the room he immediately said that I was under arrest. I was a nervous wreck, i have never been so humiliated in my life. The officer then read me my rights and after hearing my story. He stated he didn't believe I tried to steal anything and he would try to get the charges dropped. I wasn't taken to the Police Station instead he gave me a citation that stated Petty Theft on the ticket. I have been calling the Modesto court house since that time and when I call they keep telling me I'm not in the system. I have to appear at the Police Station on July 11th between 1-4p to get booked. My court date is the following monday the 14th.

I had to purchase an airline ticket for this and it definitely has caused a hardship for me. I had to take off from work. I tried very hard to retain a lawyer on my behalf but they were too darn expensive. JC Penny's sent me a letter demanding I pay $250.00 dollars within 20days of the letter which was dated July 2nd. I just don't understand it at all I haven't been convicted of anything yet and yet JC Penny's is already after me for money. This entire mishap ahs caused me so much stress and sleepness nights, I don't know want to expect. I just cannot believe that I'm being treated like this. This has been hell for me and not to mention my family. I will give an update when I return from California.

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Reviewed July 7, 2008

I keep getting phone calls from their credit department re: a [person's name]. I tell every person, there have been 4 or 5 that they have the wrong number, there is no person by that name at my number. They say they will take care of it but they keep calling. Not sure how to handle this.

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Reviewed July 6, 2008

Ordered Living Room Sectional and matching Ottoman through JC Penney's website. I have been a customer of JC Penney's for several years with excellent credit. The order went through on June 23 and I got notified by phone by the shipping company that it would be delivered on July 5th (Sat.) between 10-2. Around 3:00 the trucking company called and told me the truck broke down and the furniture will be delivered on July 6th (Sunday) between 9-1.

I called the Trucking Co. and left a message if these items would be at all delivered today. No returned calls. So, I called JC Penney and cancelled the order! Does JC Penney have any obligation for this bad customer service! Thank you. (I am writing to complain to the JC Penney corporate office.)

Never heard from trucking company as to where my furniture is. Not even a call on SUNDAY the second day in a row for non-delivery!

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Reviewed June 24, 2008

My adult step daughter use to live with me over a year ago had a JC Penney's account. She opened the account under her own name using her own credit at the time, and for sometime JC Penney's has been trying to collect this debt (513.51) from her. I got a letter at my Post Office Box on today which now has both of our names on it (the collection notice) saying that they are now attempting to collect this debt from me.

I do not, nor have I applied or co-signed onto any accounts with Shannon, this includes JC Penney's and my credit is being affected by a debt that I do not owe and under fraudulent false pretenses.

I want my named removed immediately from JC Penney's records, LVNV FUNDING LLC, and from Allied Interstate and ANY ADVERSE OR DAMAGED CREDIT RATINGS CORRECTED & RESTORED, as soon as possible. I also want the harrassement PHONE CALLS & LETTERS TO STOP. Shannon no longer lives or receives her mail at my address.

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Reviewed June 16, 2008

Our company takes royal advantage on us. They don't want to give us the equipment we need to successfully do our jobs, sometimes safely, they will even turn off the A/C to save money. Our elevators are out of inspection date, and we are always short of people because of the lack of quality employees we hired.

For the past three nights I have been closing by myself in my department, because they don't want to schedule people to work with me. Last night on 5-14-08 I didnt get off the clock until 12:00am, which I came in at 3:30. I was stuck at the registers by myself for 3 hours, and was forced to mainly clean up a lot of peoples messes. I have been rated below average for stocking as I was the only one that worked for 4 hours a day stocking hundreds of shoes a night and couldn't meet the deadlines as I was the only person that stocked shoes. I have grown with such dissatisfaction with this company I have often thought about taking my career elsewhere. I am sorry for all of your bad experiences and I hope you understand it's not all of us, some of us actually do care about you.

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Reviewed June 10, 2008

I was at the Vista Ridge mall portrait studio on Sunday 6/8/08. I was having pictures of my 12 month old done. I came in early, hoping to get a chance to get her acclimated to the room and photographer. That didn't happen. When we went to the room, she was shy and didn't want to stand on her own for pictures yet. The photographer said, "that's ok, you can take pictures with your mommy. She can keep the ones of you and I'll keep the ones of her". That led to me feeling very uncomfortable and I felt it was extremely unprofessional and inappropriate. After about 15 minutes we were done, and Ava was just getting started, she was finally comfortable, but, we were done with our time. When the salesgal showed us the pictures, there were various discussions.

First, my portrait club membership was not listed in the computer, then we had to haggle over pricing. I expected things to be as they were the other times I have been there, and this time everything was an issue. The gal mentioned that Ava wasn't very happy in her pictures but seemed to get more comfortable as they went on and seemed fine now. I told her yes, she was a little shy about it. She recommended to me that next time I come in early to get her acclimated to the photographer and the studio!!!!!!!! I did come in early!!!!! There was one photographer and back to back appointments.

In addition to my poor service, I heard the service provided to another family who's appointment was written down for the wrong day. This gal told them basically too bad, they didn't have room for them at 2, and that their appointment was for the next day. She did everything but tell them they were wrong. After they protested, she squeezed them in. Based on the service I have received the last several times, and my horrible experience on Sunday, I will NEVER return to the portrait studio at JCPenny's, and I will continue to NOT recommend it to my friends and family.

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Reviewed May 28, 2008

I ordered my daughters furniture in early March of 2008. They were advertising free delivery and it was on sale. Since I had several gift cards, I had to go into the store to order the furniture. While I was ordering, the lady asked if I wanted to sign up for a card and receive an additional 10% off. I decided it would save me $150 so I signed up. After everything was processed, they informed me that it was on "back order" and would not be ready until May 5. I was annoyed, but didn't want to undo all the paperwork, so I accepted.

When I went to sign the total, there was no 10% discount and shipping was going to be $205! I thought they made a mistake, but then she said"oh, I forgot, no free shipping on large items and no 10% off on furniture"! What? I even asked if I could pick up the furniture myself(the warehouse is in Chino) but they said no. At this point I was furious. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She ended up giving me the %10 off, but said she would reimburse me the shipping cost after it was delivered. At this point, an hour later with my one year old in tow, I just said ok, and left.

When the furniture was delivered I was at work and had my daughters grandma signed for it. She said they dropped 2 boxes off the truck, but the guy told her that it would be fine because they are "well packaged". When we got home from work and opened it up, the large mirror was shattered and the dresser had damage to one corner. I called to inform them, but they told me I had to call in the morning and speak to the original person I ordered from. I did and now it is May 28 and they finally dropped off the new dresser and mirror, however, I explicitly told them that they had to pick up the damaged furniture at the same time and they refused.

My mom called me at work upset because the guy was so rude to her. I called JC Pennys and told them that I am not a storage unit and that if they did not return today, that I would be putting the furniture in my driveway and I am not responsible for what happens to it. In the meantime I have already paid 2 bills!!! All these major companies are truly failing in customer service. Then they sub out there shipping to companies who pay guys $10 an hour and expect them to care about each order. I am so sick of these large corporations who employ no one that remotely cares about their product. It's all about the profit margin. Shame on you!

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Reviewed May 12, 2008

I was shopping for baby clothing at the Glendale, AZ JCPenney (located in the Arrowhead Towne Center mall) on Monther's Day, 5/11/2008. I began to feel ill and dizzy just before stepping onto the escalator. I decided to step back as I was concerned about falling (I am 6 months pregnant). Suddenly a male employee shouts from across the department Hey! What's wrong with you? Don't you know we have an elevator?!. Needless to say this was humiliating and totally uncalled for.

Other customers stopped and stared, thinking something was seriously wrong with me. As he approached I informed him I was ok, just kind of dizzy and asked that he leave me alone. He disregarded me completely and continued to approach my fiance and I. I asked him to leave me alone once again and he proceeded to yell at me to be careful - but he said it in a condescending tone with a smirk on his face!

I was livid at that point and decided against making a purchase at that store. We set our items down and went to the elevator to escape the employee who was now blatantly making fun of a pregnant woman for being dizzy! On our way to the elevator the male employee walked over to a female employee and began making rude comments about me! I distinctly heard him say That girl, see her over there (he pointed at me), was scared of the escalator and she was crying and s%$#. I turned and made eye contact with this rude individual just to ensure he knew I could hear him and he continued on berating me!

Had I been feeling well I would have stayed and demanded to speak with a manager. I am appalled that JCPenney has such horrible, rude employees! I will never shop in that store again and will advise my family and friends to do the same. Harassing a pregnant customer is totally unacceptable!

I was humiliated in public. My blood pressure also went up as a result of this bizarre incident, which could have had negative effects on myself and unborn baby.

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Reviewed April 7, 2008

I am now an x-employee of jc Pennys because I was asked to low ball(thats their term)customers that don't have a receipt with their return, What that means is instead of the customer getting the lowest sale price in the last 30 days(as per their policy states) I was suppose to only give them 1/2 off that.(the normal is the sale price without a receipt) But here is the catch....the customer isn't told that. Thye think they are being offered the lowest sale price.I was told that was to keep people from doing returns.

In general anyone without a receipt was treated as if the were a criminal. When I told my supervisor that I would not do this because I thought it was at best unethical and probably illegal I started getting seriously harassed.I have been humiliated in front of other employees, monitored on the security camera and many other things. I decided to file a complaint with the corporate office and thats when things got VERY ugly.

I finally quite my job today because the stress was just to much. I strongly urge anyone that feels they have been mistreated at a jcpenny store due to not having a receipt to contact their local jc penny district office.This type of behavior has to stop. Retail Stores should be expected to do what is written in there policies. My life has been a living hell since this all started AND I STRONGLY URGE ANYONE WHO CAN IDENTIFY WHITH WHAT i AM SAYING TO CONTACT THE PROPER PEOPLE SO THIS CAN STOP

I know that this practice of LOW BALLING customers has been going at at this store since it opened three years ago, as far as the financial damages........its anyones guess but i would venture to say that it is far as my own losses, I had to quite my job and have not had a decent nights sleep since this whole thing started in dec.I'm having serious problems with my stomach and pretty much feel depresed and anxious about going to my 9.25 hour job. I actually had a manager put on a pair of mens underpants over her clothes and scream at me because she thought that I should have not return the underpants. I have been monitored on the servelience camera. i have been called into the managers office over and over again and interigated for no reason. I was told by the district manager to not have any conversations regarding my complaint with anyone in the store including the store manager pending the out come of the investigation and still was taken into her office and interigated.

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Reviewed March 2, 2008

On March 13, 2007, I made a furniture purchase in the Ocean County Mall store. Sales associate James Jackson made the sale. I was very specific with Mr. Jackson regarding what I was looking for in a sofa. My space would not accommodate an L configuration. After explaining this to Mr. Jackson several times and after looking at several different sofas, I settled on the Broyhill Tempest. Mr. Jackson assured me that the sofa met my requirements and demonstrated such to me on the diagram. He said I would be purchasing three pieces of the sectional: the left end piece, the armless love seat, and the right arm chaise. In addition, I ordered the matching chair. While waiting for the furniture to arrive, I continued my redecorating and shopping, much of which was done at this store including additional pieces of furniture, window treatments and accessories. At one point in the redecorating process I needed to check measurements on the sofa in order to purchase end tables. While reviewing the configuration on the diagram I came to realize that Mr. Jackson had not read the diagram correctly. When I checked my order, I realized that I had purchased a corner piece and not a left end piece, resulting in an L configuration, which is exactly what I did not want.

I immediately called Mr. Jackson, who denied his part in this mistake and who refused to discuss it with me, referring me to the department manager, Holly Kerwin. It took several attempts over a period of two weeks to reach Ms. Kerwin on the phone. Then began a three week period of back and forth between Ms. Kerwin and Nancy Rogers, both of whom referred me back to the other, both of whom promised to check on it and call me back, which they did not do. Finally, I spoke with the store manager Tom Gieger on April 12th. Mr. Geiger concluded the matter by promising to refund my deposit if I came in and purchased another sofa. I spoke with Mrs. Kerwin regarding the new purchase on April 13th. She assured me that she would speak to her associates and make them aware of the situation so that they could help me when I returned to the store to choose a new sofa. She stated that I could return to the store any time after a specific day and talk to Kelly or Tracy. When I returned to the store on April 18th, the sales associate Tracy knew nothing of my situation and could not help me. My subsequent phone call to Ms. Kerwin on April 19th was not returned. After this I refused to return to the store again and made my sofa purchase at another store.

My account has been charged for the deposit on the three sectional sofa pieces and the coordinating chair in the amount of $609.53. This mistake was made by the sales associate, who did not know his merchandise and who did not listen to the needs of his customer. The problem was then compounded by poor management. On March 1, I received a credit receipt in the mail in the amount of $134.78. There was no letter of explanation. I am requesting a refund of the remaining balance of $474.75.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2008

I purchased six Stafford V-neck T shirts with a printed label. There is an RN#93677 included in the label. The Shirts were manufactured in Pakistan. After 8 to 10 washings the labels started to flake off. The remaining label is rough and scratchy. All the shirts have the same problem. Only a small portion flakes off so the remaining scratchy label is quite substantial.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2008

The advertised product numbers by the display of the Broyhill Tempest Sofa, Loveseat, Chair, and Ottoman were not the same product numbers that rang up on the register. When I asked about this, the sales person said that the number must have been the color, which it was not. The product number on the flier were different than the sales ticket.

My fear is that I have paid for, but will not receive, the same furniture that has been advertised or displayed on the floor.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2008

My fiance and I were looking for a pub table and chairs. Found nice set with good price on it at Penney's. After analyzing it on our own and returning to the store one week later to make the purchase, we were told by the sales person the price was incorrect (that it was for a different size of the same table). The price sign did not indicate this at all - no mention of different tables. The price sign we'd seen was the same price that sat on the table for at least over the last week. Also the hutch that matched nicely had a price tag showing on it, and we were considering getting it. We told the sales person who then proceeded to move the showing tag to tell us there is an additional charge for the bottom half; it's tag was HIDDEN under the price tag of the upper half of the hutch. They gave the total illusion of decently priced pieces of furniture, and NEITHER pricing was open and honest. Will never buy furniture from Penney's. Not trustworthy.

Dishonest pricing representation. Consumers beware.

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2008

I bought a queen-size Rashel Electric West Point Home blanket recently, and I had bought one about two years ago, also. The new one has E 4 flashing on it already, and will not stop by trying to shut it off. The same code was on my last one. What do I need to do, as these blankets were not cheap, and it is winter and need my blanket. If there is something that I can do at home, please let me know. Is it dangerous, as one side on each blanket works, and the other flashes E 4.

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2007

I ordered kid's media furniture for my son's room: Harrison TV Hutch and cabinet. I got it at closeout; the original price was about $500. So I expected more than a flimsy piece--a close out shouldn't indicate inferior quality. It's especially bad because it's for a child's room. It's going to BE USED! I tried tightening the cam locks to no avail. All you have to do is move it a bit, and it shifts back and forth. UNREAL! Does anyone sell anything that is half- way decent anymore?

I just want to warn people. If something further occurs I will return.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2007

I have tried and tried with customer service and cashiers to return this non-working slow cooker. My food keeps getting burned. I thought it was me. But after the third time, I stayed at home to see it was not working right. It cooks extremly high, burning the food within one hour on low setting and on warm setting.

It has caused good food to go down the drain. Both meats and sides totaling each $25.00. The third time cost $30.00. My house could had been burned down. It caused smoked damaged twice. It's not extreme, but enough to get me mad.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2007

I own a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee and am replacing my second Window Regulator in 3 months at a cost of $485 ea. I have reported the problem and inquired about a possible recall to Jeep without a clear answer. My brother in law owns the same vehicle and has had to replace 3 regulators. Our mechanic told us that he replaces so many of these and that there is a problem with this part and Jeep will not recall it.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2007

2002 Jeep Liberty. It ran great for the first 50K miles. At 50K, the fan (relay) failed. A/C also failed. Bought an aftermarket fan with a new factory relay and the fan melted. (60K miles). While at the repair shop for a new chysler fan and relay kit (they are aware of this problem), the PCM (Computer)and alternator failed. Chrysler paid for the PCM but not the alternator. The say the alternator is not part of the engine, but electrical system. They also said that the fan and fan module is part of the cooling system and not the engine. A/C cut out again and now the ignition sticks.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2007

My wife was driving home from work and lost all power(engine,auxillary functions, etc..) while crossing an intersection. Thankfully traffic was light and she had time to restart the vehicle without incident. However after taking the vehicle to the dealership they could not find anything wrong on the computer. On a lesser note we also have a sun roof that whistles at interstate speed(they have tried to fix that twice)and the automatic transmission jumps or skips gears while it is downshifting(they also found nothing on their diagnostic computer for that.)If you are thinking 2006 Jeep Commander, bad idea.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2007

My mother had purchased new living room furniture and this is the second time that they have experienced problems with it because the store tried to remedy the first problem by giving her defective furniture in which she could have been injured. She babysits my 1 1/2 yr old grand daughter and was in a faulty rocking chair. My mother and grand daughter could have been injured. My mother has a herniated disc in her back. JC Penney said that she will have to wait until they send her a repairman and/or a new chair. It's been two months already. The customer service people conveyed that they will wait until she gets a lawyer.

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Reviewed July 29, 2007

I received a phone call about jcpenneys life insurance. They gave us good rates for life insurance on family coverage. I took it as 3 months free trial and I kept the insurance, paid through jcpenney cc. I was told that if we did not use the insurance within 15 years all premiums would be refunded.

My husband passed away and when I called the insurance co, they told me that a heart attack was not covered.

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Reviewed July 4, 2007

I own an 07 Jeep Wrangler, 4 door 4x4 with a 3.8 ltr engine. This vehicle has stalled while driving 4 times. 3 times were at highway speeds, once was approx 35 mph. The vehicle shows no signs that the stall is going to occur. Just, all of a sudden, i notice a loss of power, all the warning indicators on the dash are lit. The stall lasts for a couple of seconds, then the vehicle returns to normal operation wi8th nothing being done by me.

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Reviewed June 12, 2007

We ordered the Abigail twin bed and nightstand for our toddler from JC The bed had to be shipped 3 times due to damage. Once we set it up and put the new twin mattress and box spring in it, we noticed there was a 12 inch gap between the mattress and the end of the bed.

This bed is not safe for any toddler or child. They could fall through the gap and get caught and be seriously injured. JC Penney will not let us return this bed or give us our money back, because they have a 7 day return policy. Our second baby is due in 8 weeks, so we had to buy another bed and nightstand that is safe for our toddler. We have lost $590 from the order at JC Penney. I've talked to 3 or 4 customer service reps,

and emailed many times, only to be told that they will not accept a return or give us our money back.

We were also told via email that this bed needed a box spring, and after we bought one, we realized it doesn't work on this bed.

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Reviewed March 9, 2007

They called me regarding someone elses’s credit issues. They are calling the wrong number and refuse to take me off their calling list. I get about ten calls a day from the number above during all hours of the day and evening. The hours I have spent calling me interferes with my class schedules and my work schedule.

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Reviewed March 5, 2007

I have two Jeep Grand Cherokees LTD. A 2001 and 2002 model. The 2001 model has had 3 window regulator's replaced. The 2002 has had 3 window regulator's replaced. I did some research and found out how to put in a claim to Jeep for reimbursement. They reimbursed me for the 2002 Jeep and are considering the 2001 Jeep. It WORKED! Every dog has it's day I guess.

They want all the original receipts, cancelled checks, work order's, etc. I did not have all the originals but they still honored it. Call 800-992-1997 and get what information you need. This is the Jeep customer service line. They will give you another number to call to file a claim and give you a reference number. I did it online on their website myself.

Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulator's cost about $350.00 to replace. Your window all of a sudden just drops into the door and won't stay up. You either have to tape it or use little suction cups. If you live in a hot area don't use tape as it will damage your paint.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2007

I purchased a Broyhill sofa from JC Penney's in October 2005. It was a special order. I started noticing that the fabric was balling up just before Christmas and I just called them about it. There is only a one year warranty on the fabric from Penney's and Broyhill according to Kevia with JC Penney's.

I am now left with a sofa that hasn't lasted a year and a half with the fabric defect and nothing I can do. This is insane. It is obvious that there is something wrong with the fabric. This is a $900 sofa and it looks awful. I was sure I would be able to show someone that this had to be a flaw, but no one wants to even look at it. Don't ever buy a sofa from JC Penney or Broyhill if you want to be sure that after a year if you have a problem someone will want to help you.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2007

I got my recall notice over the holidays and just now got around to calling to set up an appointment. I talked to TWO local dealers and was told by both that they only get in 5 sets of the ball joints a week and it was first come - first serve and to call back on Thursday 1st thing to hope that I was one of the lucky 5. They BOTH told me that there was NO waiting list. Just keep calling till they could put me in. How nice... so... I called Chrysler who told me it was true that the dealers were only getting 3-5 sets per week per dealer and why didn't I ask to be put on the waiting list.

I explained that I was told there was no waiting list and meanwhile my Liberty with 60,000 was making noise in the front suspension. I asked him who my attorney should contact when I crashed. He became quite helpful after that and got me on the waiting list at TWO dealers. So what do I do between now and the time they call me??? What happened to SAFTEY regulations! I think this will be the last Chrysler I own! Anyone want to buy a used Liberty??? Hey, I have a Sebring Convertible with really low miles for sale too!

RECALL and NO parts available.

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2007

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 86,000 miles on it. On December 19, 2006, my driver side window would not function. I took it to the dealership and they told me that the window regulator was bad and needed replaced at a cost of $410.70. Since the warranty is expired, this was my cost - I had never heard of a window regulator before this happened and have owned several cars that have never had this problem.

On Dec. 21, 2006, the blower for the heat/defrost/etc. stopped working. I took this to the dealership and found that Chrysler had 900 on backorder and could not tell me when they would be in.

Colorado has had 2 blizzards in the time from the 21st to the 9th of January (I still don't have it fixed because the part isn't in yet). I contacted Chrysler and they were no help. They would not provide me with a rental due to a defective car - I have no heat/defrost and our temperatures have been in the single digits. Their explanation was that my warranty was expired and they wouldn't cover the cost of a rental even if my warranty was in effect. This experience has made me never want to purchase another Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep product again.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2007

My Jeep Liberty 2005 Diesel was recalled for a tourque converter problem. The tourque converter was evidently at risk of failure due to it's inability to handle the power of the CRD engine in this vehicle. After this repair my vehicle lost a tremendous amount of towing capacity, when I informed the dealership of my observation, I was shown the 38 page service bulletin associated with this recall.

The bulletin plainly states that some customers (customers who tow) will notice a substaintial loss of tourque and powerdue to this fix. According to the service manager I had a meeting with over this issue stated that the replacement converters did not appear to be improved to handle the demands of the engine, but rather the same failed part...the repair evidently is that the system's computer was reflashed with new instructions that changed the whole tranmission sequence and that the overall engine was de-tuned to reduce the horsepower of this engine.

Needles to say this is not the vehicle I purchased, performance is a complete bust. I have been advised to keep close records of MPG & performance per the service manager. I was getting 26 to 29 miles per gallon when I was not towing my 3000# trailer and 22 to 24 with the trailer...todays measure of MPG was less than 15 MPG while towing! This is the latest in a string of electrical failures, and air intake/turbo system problems. I will be contacting Jeep with a far more detailed report...I just wanted to report this very serious problem and its completely inappropriate fix that will soon be more broadly known.

When I needed to purchase a vehicle for my business, I am a blacksmith and farrier ( I shoe horses over a large service area) The primary needs of vehicle capabilities were towing capacity, 4WD, MPG and cost of vehicle.

I was sold hard on the fact that this vehicle could do it all & then some. For the first 30,000 the vehicle performed as advertised, other than the string of electrical problems and air intake trouble. But now with this fix of the tourque converter, Jeep has seriously reduced the towing capacity, MPG and efficency of this vehicle. It certianly no longer will work like I need it to.

I also will most likely seriously damage the drive train because with its greatly reduced capacities, my needs will constantly be operating well above its 90th performance percentiles. Instead of an extremely well powered towing vehicle, I now own a grossly under powered car. This is a terrible design change certianly beyond my control and something that I did not cause...What are my options??

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2006

I ordered 2 recliner's on 12/8/07. On 12/13/07 I received the charge on my VISA and an email from Penney's (which I still have) that they had already charged my card. Here it is 12/26/07 and no chairs and no one I call at Customer Solutions seems to know when if ever I will receive them. I am wondering if I just need to cancel the order and call my credit card company to go after them.

When I call for status they repeat everything that I already know except they don't know what trucking company will deliver, or even if they have ever been notified. When you place the order online, it doesn't tell you when or how long shipping takes. I had one employee even admit that. Now they say I am lying. Could they be any worse?

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2006

I ordered a Nintendo Wii online through JC Penney's website. When I placed my order it said that it would ship in 2 weeks. It has been 2 weeks and last night someone claiming to be from JC Penney called and left a message that the Nintendo Wii you ordered has been cancelled and hung up. I have not recieved any email notification that my order had been cancelled. I went online to view my account and it shows that it is still pending shipment and has not cancelled.

I called JC Penney's customer service and the representative I spoke with said that it has not been cancelled and that they have no record that anyone from JC Penney has contacted me. He recommened I wait a few days to see if it is really cancelled or not. I am upset becuase

1) they took the order, I waited two weeks thinking I was going to recieve the item and now it may (or may not) have been cancelled

2)JC Penney is unable to either confirm or deny the status of my order

3) since this order was placed on line JC Penney should have limited the number of orders they processed if they were only going to get a limited supply.

4) JC Penney should be filling the orders in the order in which they were placed but there is no guarentee that is happening and lastly

5) there was absolutely no discretion used by JC Penney when they called and left a message at my house regarding my order. This was going to be a suprise for Christmas but now becuase they said what I had ordered and becuase I didn't hear the message first, the Christmas suprise has been ruined! Thanks a lot JC Penney!

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2006

Received a new credit card from JC Penney with letter stating Since the address and/or first-last name on the application did not match the address and/or first-last name contained in the consumer credit report. we are writing you to confirm that the account was opened at your request Why do I have a different name/address, if any, in your report.

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2006

There were some clothes I planned to purchase for a sale price, and after coming to the counter the prices were raised, so did not buy and returned them to the store. but, jcpenney have sent an bill to pay for them. though I contacted so many times through letters and phones, still jcpenney is sending me the bills.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2006

I purchased apair of eyeglasses about two years ago,since then I have taken them back to have repaired and I'll be darn if the things haven't split again.A line right down the middle of the lens. I've been having headaches because I really could not afford to buy another pair so I started wearing another old pair. My daughter finally came up with the money for me to buy another pair. I am disabled and have a hearing problem. I have lost my reciept and don't want to go back out there, the last time they had an attitude.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2005

I purchased a bar cabinet and I received it very damaged they want me to repackage for the return. It is a VERY heavy and large cabinet and I cannot physically do this. They were supposed to call me to advise me of what to do but I have not heard from them.