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My husband brought me a pair of Gucci bloom slides back in June as a surprise gift. I was very pleased and excited. Just yesterday I'm at work and I look down and the shoe has started to peel apart. I couldn't believe it! I buy from this high end designer often and have never encountered this. These shoes were 280 so I'm not sure how this is ok. I tried calling them only to get hung up on. I emailed 5 different departments only to get response. I'm extremely irked and not sure what do from here but to take legal action.

I ordered a pair of Gucci earrings. I had to snip the band that bound them together to try them. However they were too heavy and I returned them to Gucci. I didn't hear from them and tried to ring on numerous occasions and e-mailed at least four times - I was then told after two weeks that they would not refund the item and were returning them to me as the original seal was broken. I understand they will not accept worn or damaged items but it would have been impossible to try them whilst bound together. A warning should be placed with earrings advising of this!!! Very poor customer service with regard to telephone and e-mail answering. I am disgusted and will never shop with Gucci again - please be aware!!!

This is my first time ordering and it will be my last. I ordered a black bag for my sister and when I opened my package from Gucci it was red. They do not work on the weekends so I called the first thing Monday morning at 8 AM. The guest service blamed everything on the warehouse. They completely threw them under the bus. They put all the responsibility completely on them. Basically what they told me was that if something good happens it is the customer service department, and if something bad happens, it is the warehouse's fault. I was very upset because the guest service department told me that they would ship me another order to be here by Thursday, but they can not guarantee that it will be the black bag. What kind of service is this??

I fly out from America back to China for good and if this bag isn't here before I fly out then what am I to do??? I called back again to check on Wednesday since I had not gotten a tracking number and the man who picked up the phone was very confusing. He started to tell me it would take 3-7 business days for the bag to be shipped out. I was very upset seeing as I was told two different things. Once he realized I had already spoke with someone earlier this week he put me on hold saying "let me take a look at the notes." Why wouldn't he have looked at them when I first called. He gave me so much attitude. He told me it would be guaranteed by FRIDAY morning now, saying that it should be there unless there is a delay with shipping or if the warehouse makes another mistake.

Why is it so hard to complete something so basic? I will not shop with Gucci anymore... I will stick with my favorites, such as Hermes or Louis. At least they do things right the first time.

I have recently purchased a pair of Gucci sunglasses at JFK airport on the way back from my holiday in New York, after very little use of my sunglasses I started wearing them when we finally got some sunshine in northern Ireland. Within a few weeks of wearing them the arm got loose and broke of (please note I treat my Sun glasses with TLC as my last pair I have now 9 years and are still in good condition).

I took my glasses to my local optician who is also a technician in repairing glasses and has supplied Gucci glasses in the past she stated to return as they were obviously a faulty pair and Gucci are very good and stand over their products. I did this send email to Gucci London who came back pretty quickly and my glasses were sent off. But after a long wait they came back to say pretty much it was wear and tear and I broke them myself which is a total disgrace as anyone could see by the condition of the frames they had been rarely used after a few phone calls to London no one wanted to know said I caused the damage to the glasses. The decision was made. My honest feeling was they were a pair of glasses which was discontinued and they did not want to replace as they could not be repaired.

No one I spoke to in London showed any sympathy nor did they show any interest in wanting to replace. I was offered a 20% voucher of my next purchase of Gucci Sunglasses. As we all know the price of these glasses and 20% is a joke. Not only did it take Gucci London from July 7th to the start of August to give me an answer I would be still waiting only I called them back myself and still waiting for a resolution.

I am writing to you as I am shocked by the way Gucci has handled the situation with my grandfathers watch. I inherited a Gucci timepiece from my Grandfather when he passed in April 2015. My Granny had bought him the watch, a blue sharkskin strapped divers watch YA097311 serial number UO70011877, for their wedding anniversary in November 2005.

To be completely honest with you it is a beautifully made watch in keeping with Gucci’s high standards of quality and workmanship. I have a few luxury watches and since inheriting it from my Grandfather it has quickly become my favourite. I would even hazard that it as become a token of good luck for me as I wore it to an interview and then appraisal and won a great new job and then a great promotion.

The problem came around when the surround for the window came away inside the watch face. No parts were lost or broken it only became un-attached. I took it to Beaver brooks my local Gucci approved shop and asked them to send it away to be repaired, fully expecting to pay for the repair and more than happy to do so. I was contacted two weeks later to return to collect it. I was very disappointed to be told that they were unable to fix it due to “it is a discontinued model and unfortunately in this particular case there are no longer parts available” and was provided a 50% off voucher to buy a new watch.

I do not understand this as no parts were needed for the repair as the part was inside the watch face and not missing. I telephoned your customer care department listed on the letter and was told that there was nothing that could be done about it, I pointed out the overwhelming sentimental value of the watch and said it did not need parts as it could be fixed without them. I was told it was company policy and that there was nothing to be done. I pointed out to them that the 50% voucher was very nice but what was the point in buying a Gucci watch if in 10 years the model would be discontinued and I would have to buy a new one if it broke? This is no better than renting a watch rather than owning one as I am sure you would agree.

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On March 26, 2016 I took my Gucci purse to Somerset mall for an repair. I had the purse for several years and the handle on the purse broke. Something I would have thought to have been a simple repair. A few months past and I call the 1-800 number on the receipt, to get an update. When I called I was surprise to find out that, they haven't even looked at the purse. The customer service rep indicated that they were a little behind and that they would get to it in a couple of weeks.

So, I decided to call back on July 7, 2016 and spoke to a rep who stated that they would looking at my purse next week. Since, I didn't hear anything I decide to call on the 18th. Spoke with a young lady, she stated the purse hadn't been looked at. She said she would put a note in computer to have it pulled, and I should hear something by the next day. Well, here we are on July 22, 2016 and I hadn't heard anything. I decided to call again today on July 26. Turn to find out they sent my purse back to the store not fixed. The lady stated that they couldn't determine if it was authentic, so they didn't fix it.

I am very upset that it took 4 months to look at my purse. It's very disrespectful to indicate that I am sending false good to be repaired! And if it wasn't real, why would the Gucci store in Somerset send it out? As a Gucci employee how do you not know your product, you should know. I spent too much money on this purse, to find out it's worthless now. I can't even carry the purse because of the strap.

After responding to my complaint, this matter has been resolved in a way that I'm extremely happy with.

Original Review

I ordered a pair of the Gucci Bloom Slides and after one month of wear, they started to peel apart. They're 280, so I feel like they should be a good, quality shoe. When I went to the Gucci store, they apologized and told me they would send it back to for exchange. After about a week, Gucci emailed me and told me they would not accept an exchange due to obvious signs of wear. Duh! Of course I wore them! They said that even though the Gucci store said that I would get an exchange, that they could not honor their word. So they sent me back the defected shoes. I'm very upset and I promise to seek action!

I have been a customer with Gucci for years!! On 12/17/15 I purchased 3 items totalling $1500. One of the items valued @ $800 was defective. I reached out to Gucci & was told I can get it repaired @ no charge. It would take 6-8 weeks. During this time I made several calls to find out the status of my bag, which the response was always the same (it's being evaluated). By 3/28/16 not only had my bag not been repaired I was basically told since I'm not paying for the repair, I'll get it when I get it! At this point, I had enough. I told them to mail me my bag as is, which is wrong on so many levels!! I know my $1500 is probably a drop in the bucket for this multi-million $ industry, but it does not give them the right to mistreat people in this or any other way! Safe to say LV has found a customer in me!!

On 3-28-2016 I contacted the company and talked to a representative for Gucci. My problem is a defective bottle. I have tried to use the spray bottle and it leaks no matter how I have tried to use it. It drips so bad, it removed the finish on my dresser. Jeff in customer service stated that because the bottle was open, there is nothing they could do. So I guess I can spend my money with them, I just can't use the product.

I am particular, but I am not unreasonable. When you are paying that sort of money, you should be expecting perfection. I bought a pair of new logo of Gucci sandals in Gucci Westfield Sydney on 31-01-2016. Wore them on the 07-01-2016 for shopping. Sore feet after half hour but have no choice as on the street. After home (2 hour later), my feet got worse due to the buckles and the weight of the sandals.

Back to Gucci today (08-01-2016), asked if they can do something for me. The answers were "No, No" from the customers' service and the manager (after I got the ** from the customer service and asked to see the manager). They said "You have wore them. I am not doctor, I don't know if the sore of your feet caused by the shoes. I did not forced you to buy the products, that's your choice..." I told her "unfortunately today is my doctor's day off, if not I will go to see him to get a doctor certificate". They were so rude... What a customer service.

When I asked "what is your after sales service?" The manager said they have no problem and no complaint from other customer only me. I said "maybe there is my feet's problem not the shoes. But when I wear them, I have sore feet." Another man said, "how about when you walk on the carpet?" I told "do you think when you wear shoes only walk on the carpet and not walk out on the street?" Very stupid and silly question.

The customer service also mentioned that the Gucci made the products, would not tested that nobody has problem. When the manager came out talked to me, she said the Gucci has been tested all product to make sure everybody has no problem when wear them. The answers they both gave were so funny. I am wondering do they know "What is customer service and customer satisfaction?" I did not asked for anything such as refund as unfortunately I know I have wore them even though only two hours. I just asked "can Gucci do anything for the shoes as my feet sore after wore them". At the end, they asked my contact number, took photos and the code of the shoes to send to Gucci in Italy. Ask them to check the products. But they packed my shoes back in the box, asked me to take home. I don't know how are they going to check the product if the shoes are with me? I have no idea.

But anyhow, this is my first and the last with Gucci. No more Gucci. I am LV fans. I have a good experience with them as the scarf I bought has problem. They checked and exchanged straight away with no issues. What's wrong with Gucci? Because I am not Chinese? Not tourist from overseas? The manager definitely is Chinese. And the customer service also either Indonesian or Filipino. Racism? Jealousy?

I bought a $375 belt for my husband's 30th birthday. He didn't like it. I shipped it back within 2 weeks. They are refusing to refund my purchase. They claim that it shows signs of being worn... How exactly??? Be careful!! Don't be the next Gucci victim!!! I called several times, emailed a letter and they are being so Stubborn!! DON'T ORDER FROM GUCCI.

On 25th January 2016 I was in Las Vegas, USA. I went to one of the Gucci store and bought a belt for my son, it was approx $400 USD. As usual they wrap it inside their own rooms then bring it out to customers. I also asked them if anything wrong with the product can I exchanges overseas, they said definitely. I came back to Australia on the 29th January 2016 which is only 4 days after I purchased the belt. When I got home I've notice there are big marks on the reverse side of belt, so I took it to this Gucci store at The Star Casino Darling harbour for exchange, first came out a staff said only can exchange if bought in Australia, then next minute the store manager came out and said he can't exchange the belt with only marks damages, and so ridiculous that he said I should have check it before leaving the store.

How can a customer suppose to check when they packed purchase at their back rooms and tie it nicely, and with a men's belt what other damages do they expect then they will exchange? Do I have to cut a few holes then that's what they call a damage? How ridiculous a product hasn't been ever use and can't exchange? The store manager was very rude & extremely lazy while my daughter asked when he's able to find out from office. He said don't know, there was no customer in store at that time.

So I ordered a Gucci bag online on Nov 25th, I paid 40 bucks for express shipping to Canada. It told me it takes 3 to 5 days to ship. Today is already Nov 28th, I still heard nothing from them. Called the customer service, wait on the line for an hour. I'm leaving Canada on next Thursday, so I was told the bag won't be able to send to me before I leave. Since they have the standard I have to be the person to receive the bag I ordered. I asked them, "Can I change my shipping address so my friend can help me to receive it?" Then I was told "no". Even though the bag is still in their warehouse and it hasn't been even processed.

Wow, I cannot believe this is Gucci's customer service. If they cannot train their online team well, they shouldn't start online store. It's totally ruining the brand's reputation. I'm not blaming the customer representative. I'm saying, Gucci, come on, you have to improve your customer service. I'm not going to spent this much money for your crappy service anymore!

Inferior workmanship followed by bad customer service. I like the look of Gucci products for men to include suits, shoes and jackets. I was surprised to find the threads breaking apart on my Gucci shoes where the leather meets the base. I returned two pairs of Gucci shoes that were defective. Reason I am writing is due to poor customer service. Saks in New Orleans took one month to ship product back to Gucci. Two months later, Saks call and states my shoes are ready to be picked up. I pick up the shoes and no repair had been done. Gucci has a form letter which stated "Item is not repairable and this is not a manufacturer's defect". Gucci is reasonable for poor workmanship where the thread holding their product together failed.

I own a metal Gucci frame and right from the time I bought it a year back the lens were slipping out of the frame time and again, and I sent the frame to my opticians to repair it as many times. Yesterday the lens slipped out again when I was adjusting the nose buttons of the frame. I found a crack on the metal (attached image). So this has been the reason for the lens slipping out often: because of the frame, the lens has gotten damaged. The metal is not supposed to crack even if screwed-in tight (a possible reason for the crack on the frame). I am so disappointed with Gucci's quality esp. an Italian make!

I have always supported Gucci perfumes but never did one I encounter a nice sales lady at the counter at Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang, Malaysia until today. A very nice lady. According to her, she has just been station there for 2 months. I nearly change my mind to buy the Gucci perfume due to the rudeness of her manager who were the today as well. I just ask her nicely whether can get additional sample if to purchase big bottle as offer by other Gucci counter.. she rudely reply "this is A class place, differ. You then don't buy here. Go buy there lah". If not for the good sales lady... I would have bought Elizabeth Arden perfume due to her polite service. Heard of Gucci rude service before from my other friends.

On the 10th of August 2015, I went to Gucci store which located at the Pavillion Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur to help a friend complaint for her shopping bag which she bought in Taiwan airport about 2 years ago. Presently, she is staying in Penang Island where there is no Gucci outlet and she seldom go to places where have the Gucci outlets as why she didn't have the chance to complaint about the condition of her bag till now. She can't really read and write in English, that why I'm helping her now.

After she was using it for a couple of months, she noticed that the bag has some glue coming out from the edge of the bag. So she brought it to a specialist bag cleaner to inquire whether they can help her to clean it, but was told nothing can be done and the best is to send it back to Gucci. So she kept it nicely till lately when she is coming to Kuala Lumpur. But when she open the bag she saw the condition is worsen.

When we walked in the Gucci shop and told the staff, Mr. Woei ** about it, we can obviously see that his face is not happy and helpful. Firstly, he told me that we must wait for at least 3 months as Gucci Italy office is having their summer break now and THERE WILL BE NO ONE IN THE OFFICE FOR 1 MONTH. I repeated his question, "Are you sure there will be no one working in the office for a month?" And he told me even louder and rudely 'YES'. Honestly, I'm doubtful about his statement. How could be a reputable company like GUCCI be no one working in the office for a one long month?

Anyway, he took some photographs and told me he will help me to email to Gucci. But he never give me any receipt or reference number to trace this complaint, so second thought I better write this letter to Gucci and complaint it myself rather than waiting there blindly. Hopefully, you can response to my complaint ASAP. Thank you.

My mom got me a white green and red Gucci belt for my birthday and I use it almost every day but now I'm starting to notice that is running smaller. I don't know if I could change it. My birthday was about 1 month ago and I'm not in USA so I don't know when I'm going back. But anyway is a beautiful belt. I recommend it.

I am frustrated! I worked my tail off for an Avon Corporate incentive to earn a G-Timeless small stainless steel Gucci watch. (YA126501) I love this watch, even though I had to pay taxes on it and I was cheerfully laid off from Avon a year ago. Anyway, the watch lost time after a year and I took it to Justice Jewelers (the finest jeweler in SW Missouri) for a new battery. After a few months, it lost time again, another new battery. After the third new battery, I had their watchmaker take a look and he advised sending it in for warranty work.

Today, I spent thirty minutes on the phone waiting for Gucci customer service. Learned two things: #1. Warranty was voided with battery replacement and I was to mail it to an authorized service center in IL simply to have the battery replaced. #2. If I want the watch repaired, I will have to mail it to the service center and the minimum repair charge would be $170 + insured shipping. A minimum charge of $170 and who knows how much the repair would actually become?

I clearly recognize the art of watchmaking and the skill it takes to repair timepieces. What gets me is that the warranty was voided by having a battery replaced and that nowhere in the information that came with the watch was that information communicated. I am heartbroken after how hard I worked… I know there are bigger issues in the world and stuff is stuff. I really liked my watch.

After ordering a sale handbag for my birthday and receiving 2 thank you emails I was contacted today, day 7 and told the order was cancelled and the bag was no longer in stock. I had no idea there was no room on my credit card, and I would have paid with my debit. When I called ** she lied to me several time. She said they sent me 7 emails... I have none nor could she provide proof. Then she said they called 4 times... again nothing and this is harder to prove but I do have call logs on my iPhone. What a terrible, cold-hearted store and what a miserable lying customer service department. I had been a customer for over 20 years, never missed a payment. Never ever. Ever.

Like an idiot, I purchased two pairs of sandals, both over $350. Neither of them were worn daily. One of them had the thongs separate after sparsely using them for less than two years. I sent them in to be repaired after. Called for updates every 3 weeks for about 3 months with no response. I finally receive a call back from a **, supposedly one of the managers who said that the after sales director was going to be contacting me. No response. Then I get a call from my local Gucci store that the sandals were sent back to them! No explanation and no standing behind their obviously poor quality products. After constant calls for an explanation, I get nothing, just empty promises of a call back. I highly recommend never buying a Gucci product if this is their customer service and how they handle complaints. Definitely not what I had expected from Gucci. :( :( :(

Gucci Customer Service is horrendous! I have been a long standing and dedicated customer of Gucci shoes and I have never had a problem with their product. I needed to exchange a new and unworn pair of loafers, as they were a half size too small. I could not get through to Customer Service and followed the prompt to leave a message for a return call. They never called back- twice. I finally returned the shoes via the prepaid FedEx postage and a few days later called Customer Service again, only to be told I am 4 days too late in returning the shoes and they will not accept them. They will be returned to me and I am stuck with brand new shoes that don't fit.

They take no responsibility in not responding to my messages. I asked to speak with a manager and they would not let me. I called again to speak with another representative and asked to speak to manager and the would not let me do so. They only repeated the 30 day return policy and that I could buy another of the same shoe in the larger size but I am also stuck with the smaller ones. No thanks. Never again. Gucci has lost a loyal customer forever.

My husband made an online purchase and purchased a handbag and a wallet. I had the purse for two weeks and a strap became undone. I was visiting in San Francisco and called the Flagship location and spoke to ** who was amazing and very understanding of my situation and placed a handbag on hold for me to exchange at the manager's discretion. When I arrived I spoke to the manager **. He was incredibly helpful and understanding as well! I completely will be buying any Gucci product from the San Francisco Flagship location. The SA's are very caring!

I bought a pair of glasses from Vision Care on hwy 6. About 7 months ago. The screws keep coming. There is clearly a defect and I am getting the blame.

My problem with Gucci 7900M watch is a number of years old. The only significant problem I have had consistently over the years is that the watch band and little metal band that holds the strap in place keeps coming loose and the watch band frays. Gucci used to do the repairs. Then I had to send it to an authorized Gucci repair dealer. The watch band started to fray pretty quickly and now I have to send it back to get a new strap and metal band. When you pay $250.00 just for that, the costs add up pretty quickly.

I entered the Gucci Chadstone store accompanied with a friend. We walked directly to the rings department. We were waiting for about 5 mins. before Matthew (assistant) approached us. An Indian group of men approached the counter we were at and the assistant turned his attention to them and served them before us. When I asked to look at the rings next to him he snapped back "I'm serving someone right now". We then had to wait another 5 mins. whilst the other assistants chatted amongst themselves. My friend had to physically go over and grab someone to assist us. At this point, the customer service was better - we were then served by Mindy. Poor service Gucci, step up your game.

I had to take my boots back to Gucci at the Galleria Mall in Dallas TX of all things to get a new pair of laces for my boots. I loved these boots so much that I bought the same pair in another color. At the time, they were way too much money for me to afford but I saved up and bought them. They have been great. The laces obviously wear out and need to be replaced. I originally called Gucci to get a new pair of laces but I was told I needed to ship the boots back to them for this. I thought this was a pretty ridiculous option but finally I had to as I could not find a dressy pair of laces for the boots. I took them in to the store at the Galleria and started the ridiculous 10 week process. What a joke!

After 6 weeks I called into the store to check on them and spoke with the store manager. We finally got to the point of him agreeing to contact the "Repair Center" and call me back. He never did. I followed up today and he told me he had asked them to pull them and ship them back. I asked if they were being sent back without being given a new pair of laces. He told me that is what I asked him to do. Right...that's what I wanted to do after already waiting for 6 weeks. I was mad as you can imagine and he then hung up the phone as I went off on him. Can't say as I blame him for that. He's a little gentle. Anyway, who in their right mind would return the boots after I have already waited that long for SHOE LACES?!?!?! Take your money to a luxury manufacturer who has the common sense to just send the customer a pair of laces. I bet I do not receive the boots back.

Bought a Gucci Sukey Canvas Tote Bag and just after one year the natural vertical folds have several spots that are fraying. This is not excessive wear, as I have several bags in rotation. GUCCI customer care will do nothing to fix this issue. They do not stand by their product. For a handbag as expensive as GUCCI they should accommodate this issue or modify the design. However, they will do NOTHING. IMO GUCCI is a terrible (WASTE OF MONEY) company and I will think twice before buying ANYTHING from them again! NOT HAPPY!!!!!

In early October, I purchased a Gucci Soho Leather Shoulder Bag #0442184957525 from Saks Fifth Avenue in Philadelphia for $1490. The bag is triangular in structure, wide at the bottom, with sides that fold in to create a narrow slit opening at the top. There is no closure to the bag, but upon purchase the bag seemed thick and structured enough to hold its narrow top shape.

Not so. During the Thanksgiving Holidays, I wore the bag for the first time, and after three wears the entire top of the bag expanded and stretched out. Items in the bag can be viewed by anyone, snatched, or fall out. The cross-body shoulder strap attaches diagonally and also expands the top of the bag to a completely open tote with no closure. Valuables, such as a wallet or phone, cannot be carried in it.

I called Saks and told them I wore the bag three times and it stretched out. They told me to bring back the bag. When I got to the store, they told me they could not credit or refund me because the bag had been used three times and could not be resold, since it was not in "mint" condition. Then why did they drag me into the store after I told them what happened on the phone? How would I know upon purchase that the bag had a defective design that wouldn't last more than three wears if I didn't use it to find out? The bag *is* in mint condition, with the exception of an expanded opening.

Saks and the Gucci reps there did not care that my $1400 purchase lasted only 3 wears; they looked at me shocked, as if they'd never heard this complaint before, and told me they only cared that they could not resell a returned item. Clearly, there are many similar complaints. I will never buy another Gucci product or shop Saks again.

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