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I took some boots to the service desk to pay for them. The employer that was ringing me up said that I change the price on the bottom of the boots and then she had to get her manager up there. Manager comes up there, grab something then after she told him what happened he takes the boots to the back up the store and changes the price of them - double the amount it was alright was already on the bottom. Basically called me a liar and a thief. I did not change the price on the boots. These two should be ashamed of themselves.

Well, everything that can go wrong with online purchase I have experienced it with Goodwill online. From items that were in much worse conditions than noted in the item description (nor depicted on pictures), lost items to the most recent one - overcharging. Last week I authorized $23.25 payment for the latest online purchase, only to realize that I was charged $120 instead of $23.25. Of course, I immediately called CC and disputed the charge. Like many other buyers, there is so many things that I do not like with Goodwill online - from bad quality pictures (no chance to zoom in and see item details) to overcharging the shipping. I have decided not to bid on numerous items because the shipping charge alone was bigger than what I wanted to pay for the item & shipping combined. Also, do not trust listing descriptions. People who describe items have no idea about difference between vintage/antique and reproduction, or are familiar with period styles.

Horrible experiences. Every time I go into this store in Hollywood Blvd 4575 Hollywood Ave this old lady her name is ** always grumpy mood. She say to me the prices it's not right and always want to pay more higher prices for items because they say it's not the right prices. I talk with somebody but they say to me people changes the price. The question is how I know when the prices is right??? It's make feel horrible. I really thinks this is not right. I really think and feel she is indiscriminate me because I a transgender woman. I think this the reality about why she do this to me every time. I tired.

So I find myself without a car at the moment. Walking, I find myself next to Goodwill, and I felt myself start to feel sick. I've got my backpack (because I'm walking) and a bag from the grocery store with Snapple and treats for my dog. I'm pouring sweat, feeling like I'm really in need of the bathroom, so I walked in and went directly to the bathroom. Did I do right? No, I would say not. The plan was to take care of the immediate problem and then take care of everything else.

Then this employee with a horrible attitude and too much makeup sees me walking out, and she calls me out in front of everyone, with no finesse or even niceness. "Are you aware that Goodwill has a policy of leaving bags up front?" No, because I never had a bag before. It made sense and I was okay with it, and then this little mouse next to us goes "I tried to tell him but he just ran into the bathroom." ("I told him he shouldn't be doing wrong, teacher. Here's a big shiny apple." You know the kind).

So I leave my things in the locker, and I start to look around. I'm keyed up, I'm a little put off by the way the message was conveyed, but if I had known I would have put my stuff in a locker, and risked peeing myself or throwing up. Bear in mind that everything I was wearing came from Goodwill. Half my apartment is Goodwill. I believe in the mission and the values, and I'll definitely go to other stores. I see her watching me, and I'm trying to calm down and see if they have what I need, but then she's still watching me, and all the sudden I didn't want to be there anymore. I decide that I don't have a lot of time, and I don't see anything I want.

So I get my things and I go, and I think she was calling to me from across the store, but I wasn't listening anymore. I've been in retail since 1994 and I know that there's better ways of handling situations like that. You don't make people feel like a criminal first thing, you don't do it so others can hear, and you don't treat someone like they're doing something wrong automatically. I don't think I needed to explain myself either. So what we have here is a bad situation made worse by a young lady's obvious inability to deal with people like a professional. Will I go back to that store? No.

They're at it again. Listing things they don't have and making you fight for a refund. Also selling broken items and shipping them, then telling you there is nothing they can do about it. You're out of luck and you're out of your money. These people should be shut down. Or maybe a class action suit would make them do things the way other businesses do. They think they are above the law, kind of like Hillary. We take your money and too bad for you. NO recourse.

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Hello. I recently started buying items from the auctions and a lot of the items I bought were very nice and great deals. But when I received them in the mail, whoever packaged the items at the different goodwill stores around the us, there was no concern to how they packaged anything. An antique Lionel train set I bought was just pretty much thrown in a box and got scratched and broke during shipping. An antique clock I bought that was supposed to be undamaged shipped without the glass to it and was packaged so poorly 2 of the sides split all the way down the wood long ways lol. I contacted the Goodwill Store I purchased item from and they said they would send a return label. Well it's been over a week and still no return label and no reply to my emails asking when they would send it. The train items were bought from MERS/Missouri Goodwill Industries and the clock was purchased from Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana.

I used to love to donate to Goodwill, and see my donated items later being sold at low prices for those who are less fortunate, or for bargain hunters. I have been both, at different times, and in the past was very excited to find a good deal at Goodwill. When we moved from Fort Collins to Grand Junction, I was shocked by the prices at the local Goodwill Store. Every year I've seen the prices rise. Because of the high prices, I no longer donate to Goodwill. Instead I find a person who needs what I have to give, and I just give it to them. I still get tempted to shop at Goodwill, and usually leave empty handed and disgusted by the high prices. Even my teenage daughters think their prices are ridiculous, as they once saw a pair of used jeans that they had seen on sale, BRAND NEW, for the same price that Goodwill was asking. The prices are actually insulting to people's intelligence!

I've learned that I can go to the local HERBERGER'S store, on a sale day, using coupons, and buy brand new items for the same price, and sometimes less than what Goodwill is asking for used, stretched, faded, pilled, or even new items. Now Goodwill is asking if I want to "round up." NO, I don't want to round up! The profits are not paying the store employees higher wages, it is going to the executives! Get real, Goodwill. Your name has become a farce. Your store name should be changed to "ConArtists."

I WILL NO LONGER BE DONATING ANYTHING TO GOODWILL IN AUSTIN Texas. In fact, I will no longer shop at goodwill. You use to find some really good deals at Goodwill, now their prices are extremely outrageous on some of their used items. It use to be fun bidding on items until their starting bids at $25 on every item is too high that it leaves no room to bid or it's not even worth the starting bid, especially on their fake designer handbags.

I participated in the live bidding at all the goodwill locations to collect and resale vintage items. I won a couple of bids at the North Lamar & Koenig location. The first was an authentic vintage Coach handbag. When I went into the store to pick it up, it was missing, so was the bid sheet. The manager of the store did accommodate me by giving me a $20 gift card.

The second time I placed a bid and won was for several vintage dolls. When I went to pick the items up, I noticed one of the dolls were missing. I knew this because when I viewed the items I had taken a picture of them and that particular doll was not there and couldn't be found. That was the LAST time I participated in bidding at that locations, because apparently the person in charge is unorganized or the employees steals the items.

This past weekend, a friend of mine went into the same location and placed a bid on 2 antique wooden chest sets. She received a call that she had won the bid, but when she called the next day to inquire about it to pick up, they couldn't find the sheet. On Monday she called again, they still couldn't locate the sheet nor the items. Then finally she ask for the manager and she said that it was sold at the live auction, but get this when ask for the sheet for verification, she couldn't find it. If you're not there during the live auction you'll NEVER know if you actually won an item. TIP: When you place a bid that has multiple items included, take a snapshot of the items. Goodwill will no longer receive donations from me or my business. All future donations will continue to go to the Salvation Army, Habitat and community Church's.

I used to be able to get great bags of junk jewelry, but now, all the jewelry goes to e-commerce so they can go through it, take out all the good stuff, put it online and send the rest of the junk and I mean junk back to the stores. We are the communities who have donated our items to you and the communities that have kept you in business. The last bag of jewelry I purchased was $59.95 and what I got should have truly been thrown in the trash. I got perhaps $3.00's worth. I will no longer be shopping at the Goodwill nor will I be donating to the Goodwill anymore. Very disappointed in you.

I have recently been doing some shopping on the Goodwill Auction site and did some research. With my job that is what I do and can dig into things really deep. What I figured out with things is that Goodwill Auctions have the same people who bid things up to get a higher sale. I found this out multiple ways and it pisses me off that they are doing this to make higher profits. They should not be allowed to do this and if they want to set a reserve price then start the price higher than it currently is at! I shouldn't have to pay more for something used from Goodwill Auction than if I were to get it Brand New on Amazon. The same people can't be always be buying all the same items. I know that they want to make money but they are doing it all wrong, Goodwill was set up to help people and they aren't doing that on their site.

Second the prices that they charge are crazy high! I sell on Amazon and Ebay and I know what it can cost to ship something. They triple if not more the cost of shipping. Another thing is why do I pay for shipping on something that weighs 5lbs and be charged for 25lbs!!! That is extremely excessive! And it should not be allowed at all. They need to have their shipping regulated and stop ripping people off!!! And stop charging way, way, way too much extra, and it's not even next day for those extreme prices.

I visit this local Goodwill normally on a daily basis because I am retired and really loved visiting to see what I can find. Lately the management team and employees have question my purchases. I was accused of changing a price on a Honeywell fan that was donated from Target. A manager approached the cash register and said, "Hold on a minute before you leave I need to see how much you paid for that fan". I showed him the fan and the receipt which I had paid $24.99. He stated, "I'm so sorry, an older woman was mad because she wanted it", and I had already put it in my buggy. That didn't really bother me that much. What did bother me was each time I would visit there would be Mexican children running throughout the store unsupervised.

I have approached the management team and employees Time After Time After Time. I have been told there is nothing they can do. It is a safety hazard not just for the children but the customers also. I have complained at least 10 times. So now when I come in the Mexican Associates will ask me to buy things for them, will question me when I come every day, who am I buying things for, and will question prices on the products. I have not seen this done to anyone else. I have started videoing things going on in this location. Money is switching hands and going to the employees who are not ringing up all the sales. I call this theft. I have seen customers come in and a buggy full of merchandise brought to them that has been put back and saved.

Again today in Mexican employee who checked me out questions everything I had purchased. Stating she wanted to call the manager to check every single price. Yes I did get angry. She walked off and begin to mumble in Spanish with another Spanish girl. I have actually seen the Hispanic women come in there and hide things in their baby strollers, purchase a suitcase and loaded with clothing, put shoes on and leave old shoes, but they all turn their heads. I spend an average of $200 a week which is paying their salaries. Yes I am pissed off. I feel I am being discriminated against not just because of my color but because of my disability.

Goodwill is no longer the company it was. They have become greedy and no longer care about folks who are on fixed budgets. Prices have gone up, up, up. Everything is donated. Profits were up 25% for Goodwill Industries and yet they still pay their workers minimum wage. Who is pocketing all this money? Donate your goods to a true thrift store not a billion dollar company.

For a business that gets all their products for free they are awfully expensive. I pitched a pair of jogging pants. They charged me $7.75 and $6.75 for a shirt. I can get these items for cheaper at Giant Tigers or Walmart. They had a set of dishes for $500.00. No joke. I'm serious. Just incredible how expensive they are.

I am a former employee of Cheyenne WY Goodwill. This store is a joke!!! No proper management whatsoever. They show favoritism and have no loyalty whatsoever to employees who have been there for years. The managers have severe communication issues (unless you're a man) then they seem to have all kinds communication skills. The head of Goodwill regional manager for Wyoming is screwing the truck driver. This is just one example of how poorly this store is ran. They go over to the bar across the way to have "lunch". While the employees are working in a warehouse and yard in over 110 degree weather. Employees are basically forced to give rides to Kay the manager because she has no vehicle and if you're willing to do this you will be treated "VERY WELL".

Half of the donations get thrown in the dumpster as soon as the donator leaves the lot. The prices are ridiculous... and if you don't price HIGH you will reprimanded and more than likely taken off "wares". Goodwill Cheyenne is a revolving door. They will go through 5 employees a month on average. Basically if you can Kiss AZZ you will go places. You will get stabbed in the back by management... Things said in confidence will be spread throughout the company by day's end. The head managers will ignore you not as so much as a hello or nice job and all this for 8.50 an hour if you're lucky!!!

Something is seriously wrong with this store. You will automatically be considered a thief and they have over 16 cameras watching the employees. Meanwhile they are getting robbed blind in the store itself. There was at one time good management but they have all quit or moved on. These employees (not management) bust their azz and are NOT APPRECIATED. And you're told if you "ever speak badly or write anything negative that the company's lawyers will be all over you". Something needs to be done about this store and how they treat their employees.

Other than allegedly hiring disabled people to work in their stores, what exactly does Goodwill do with all that money other than pay management exorbitant salaries when they're supposed to be working for a charity/nonprofit. You know the reason why they hire disabled people? Because they can pay them less than minimum wage. It's true. Look it up. I believe 60 Minutes did an expose on this issue. Also when you're fixed costs for items is zero and almost every dollar coming in is pure profit, you can run your business just like a... say with me now... a government agency! there are no standards to be met or goals to be achieved.

But I would like to give a shout out to the Goodwill store on la tijera boulevard in Los Angeles California. An excellent store with an excellent staff. Use them like they use use... Go in and buy your five dollar pair shorts or whatever you can get a good deal on and go home. You want good prices. There are a million other websites like close five where people have low prices. Or you can go look through all the artwork at Goodwill and today. I was able to pull out about $500 worth of art for a grand total of eight dollars paid not a bad day at work.

Very sorry to report that is a scam. I bid on a coat - OVER bid by quite a considerable amount to be sure not to lose the auction - watched the auction close with my bid as the winning bid... waited on an invoice, but instead received notice that I had been out bid, BY A DOLLAR, when the ending bid was $75 lower. In my opinion, the store auctioning the item decided they wanted more for it, and just overbid me. I have read that people shill auctions for this site, and I have experienced it firsthand. I tried to contact them but received no response. I will not be wasting my time on this nonsense any more.

Goodwill in Carolina Forest Myrtle Beach is poorly managed. They are overcharging people on items. Their prices is almost as Ross. They have no return policy. It need to be against the law. People have a right to return the item for it was a gift to someone and they don't like it or zipper not working etc... The clothes has holes and stain on them and still sell them. I think that's wrong. If you don't watch they can overnight charge you also.

I have several times come across wallets and furs of endangered elephant hide wallets and boots. And once in a store I came across a seal fur capelet. I am not some wild-eyed ecotourism, but I definitely think selling items made from endangered species is wrong. I am all for helping people, but there needs to be some thought about the big picture. I have also purchased items that are labeled as designer and when I received them they secondly were not... I no longer bid on items that have iffy pictures and a disclaimer that states "we aren't experts", but... I have noticed a big increase in a starting price for items that are way over what I would bid... Site has become nearly a waste of time sadly.

I am a frequent bidder on Shopgoodwill online. I review and quite often purchase Gucci, Ferragamo men shoes. I have become increasingly suspicious of a buyer initials J***e. I have noticed a pattern of bidding by "je" that could only be explained as someone reselling on another site by the various sizes of shoes they bid on. Look for yourselves. It also appears "je" is always an early bidder and strategically drives up the price. I readily admit this could be a coincidence; however, a clear apparent pattern exists. Buyer beware!!!

Why on earth would anyone continue shopping here? It is so plain to see they jack the shipping prices up at least 3 times what it should be!! And the employees are very very rude and unprofessional.

After bidding at auction sites online I have come to the conclusion that none are actually auctions. They all have shill bidders working for them. With the items I tried to bid on I knew no shopkeep would buy that item sight unseen for that much money, but the same letters kept coming up. I know that this is not auctionable but selling any personal item is. A lot of what Goodwill gets is from the process of house clearing after a death. These stores are selling open containers of makeup, facial creams, perfumes, and other items that can actually transfer disease. I saw a set of Ben Wa balls on there recently. I wonder where they might have been from? I have seen massagers without packaging, and open box epilators. All of these items can expire, or carry virus that can make you expire. I am sure there are laws against this in some states.

We have donated tons of stuff to Goodwill for decades. We also shop at Goodwill stores, often weekly. We always figure they will do some good with the cash they take in. A few years back we started buying items off of their online auction. We purchased literally thousands of items, over the course of a few years, never a problem. Many times the items weren't as good as they had been described, but we still took them. Fast forward a few years. There was a period where we had some very real health problems - cancer, heart attack, and a hip replacement in short order, and we bid on a few items that we didn't pay for, as in just a few, less than 5. Goodwill froze the account, and we then contacted them a few times without a response. It seemed a dead end.

So, we attempted to open another account with a different email, but using all the same information. Wasn't an attempt to deceive, and didn't really think it against the rules and regulations, or anything like that. We just wanted to continue buying items. The two attempts at new accounts were also frozen. Again we contacted Goodwill, again no response. So perhaps a year has passed, and today I attempted to access our account. Nope, still frozen. We contacted customer service, and this time we received a response, but surprisingly right away. Here is part of that response.

"Duplicate accounts and/or accounts with numerous unpaid Past Due items violate the terms of the bidder's agreement ( and Rules for Bidders ( Your account was disabled because it contains duplicate information to previous accounts registered on that have been disabled due to non-payment of multiple items. Based on this account history and in keeping with our policies, we are sorry but we cannot reinstate your bidding privileges and your account will remain disabled for bidding. Please do not register another account as your information has been flagged for duplicate accounts."

Sorry, but it just seems like bad business on their part. If you have a customer that donated thousands of items to you over the course of many years, and a customer that has purchased maybe a thousand or more items over the course of years from your online auction (that you have a record of), why would you be so quick to freeze them from purchases? No one gets anything for free. All items picked up or shipped from Goodwill's auction must be prepaid. All the items Goodwill is selling are donated. So someone didn't pay for a handful of items one time out of a hundred. All that happened was they had to relist a few items that were donated to them. For an organization that relies on the goodwill of others to donate to them, they certainly don't show much appreciation or "Good-Will" toward their faithful donators and customers.

My friend told me he knew a guy who worked at the Goodwill thrift store and knew that they have their own people bid up the online auctions. If they get stuck with it, they just relist. I have seen the prices they get, just like eBay but they don't have to pay any fees.

I called Goodwill in Tallahassee, Florida to come pick up a couch and an entertainment center that is in fairly good condition to donate. They told me I had to wait a week and a half to get on the pick up list, so I did wait. Then they came and stopped in the middle of the highway in front of my house and drove off. No explanation to why. I called to ask why they didn't pick up the furniture, they said it was all taped up with black tape and wasn't sell able. This was a false statement.

There was no black tape anywhere on any of it. The furniture is in decent shape. No rips or scratches and the couch is leather. No stains. They couldn't see the furniture from the middle of the highway. The lazy drivers just flat out lied about why they didn't pick it up. I will never donate or shop there again, they do not care about people like they claim. Someone could use this furniture. GOODWILL SUCKS!!!

I got a Job working at Goodwill. They were supposed to pay my insurance. Goodwill never paid for my insurance even though they were supposed to be paying. I found out from United Healthcare they did not have me on file, which they should have had my medical record for seven years. Goodwill not only cheated me out of my healthcare, they have not sent me my 401K. It has been more than the two week time frame of when I faxed them and they said would be deposited in my account. Don't shop at Goodwill. They do not help the disabled. They help themselves by filling their pockets with supposedly insurance. They don't care about you. Now I am meeting with a lawyer tomorrow.

I have quit my job, so I don't have a business relationship with this company, or any personal relationship. I am just really, really ticked, because I shouldn't have to be yelling at Goodwill constantly. Now it is time for a lawyer. Never mess with a union president’s daughter. We keep records, and we enjoy suing big companies when they have done the little workers wrong.

I shop extensively on the website and have bought MANY items from multiple stores. The store, Licking/Knox Goodwill Industries, has repeatedly stated shipping for items in excess of the actual shipping. EXAMPLE: I wanted to buy a comforter set and checked the shipping it was extremely high. I looked at another in the postings (same size, same weight **checked the weights on Amazon** and same amount of items) the shipping was half as much. When I asked about the difference they said they were following a UPS chart.

How can the chart give two prices for the same size and weight? Since then I tried to buy another item and they have blocked me from buying from their store. I sent an email explaining I had a complaint and a manager called, asked what the problem was and I explained. He asked what could be done and I stated reinstate my buying rights and he said NO. Never have I been a no pay and always paid within 2 days. Anyone interested in a class action suit contact me. They are making money on shipping.

The shipping charges are outrageous. Also, these are donated items. I'm sorry goodwill. I am no longer a customer. You are getting greedy and your employees are clearly stating that all good items go to the auction where you are making a killing on the items. So much for a good thing. You will also no longer get my donations. I will be donating to small local shops from now on. Good job goodwill. I'm glad you're getting rich, Mr. Nonprofit. It's time for the IRS to crack down on you.

SHIPPING & HANDLING are WAY too MUCH! As a bargain hunter, for the most we are already GAMBLING that the merchandise we are buying is OK. For the most part of it, as we all know, GOODWILL if they audit their expenses in their income statement, it is another supposedly "Non-Profit", that receives free merchandise, hire people and pay them peanuts or nothing. A lot less expenses compared to a regular business. So for them to charge too much for shipping and handling is basically baloney!! However, for the bargain hunters, a few of the goodwill location charge decent to just right. And you must know what you are buying. Some people bid WAY TOO EARLY and go nuts and at times Ebay is better. Ebay also, you must know the right market value. Some sellers are really scam artist. Well buyer beware, and must know what you are buying. At times WALMART is cheaper!!!

Goodwill is not allowing the public to access their publicly DONATED books and inventory. Workers in the back freely admit all books and records go straight to Amazon/3rd party dealers. Why should they get tax exemptions and grants, when they obviously are in it for $$$?? They put genuinely good local thrift sites out of business. They HURT the community more than they help. The only people they seem to "help" is themselves. Their prices are skyrocketing, it's RIDICULOUS.

I've been shopping at shop and I refuse to buy anything on the site. I was interested in a few dolls they have listed. One set of dolls has a listed true weight of 3.3 pounds. The shipping weight is listed as 27 pounds! I find that very hard to believe unless they ship in wooden army crates! I've been buying and selling online for 12 years, and I know that a cardboard box MIGHT add another pound. It's dishonest and greedy of them. I thought it was an error with the first item but then I saw it on others too.

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