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I have spent upwards of $60,000 over the last 10 years purchasing clothing for my kids at American Eagle. I will never spend another dime there. I recently attempted to return about $2000 worth of items - all brand new with tags and most still in the plastic bags that were sent in. The first time I ever tried to return anything there. And not only were my returns denied but I was treated like a criminal in the process. I had all of my receipts and was only asking for store credit - not money back. The store managers were too concerned about hurting their sales totals for the day rather than honoring their stated return policy which states nothing regarding a time limit. I was accused of stealing - funny I had no idea that they would provide receipts for stolen merchandise! I did not try to return everything in one day figuring it would be a problem and also take forever to process. I brought in small batches of $300 and was still denied.

"We want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase... If their are any issues we'd be happy to help fix the problem..." Right, as long as it does not include actually taking the items back. I was denied in three stores and then called the online complaint department and every CS rep I spoke with confirmed the no time limit return policy and was upset that the stores gave me such a hard time. I was even told by three of them that I was absolutely one of their highest spending customers and totally within my rights to return whatever I wanted to return. I was referred to a Courtney ** who told me to pack everything in boxes and ship it to their corporate headquarters and she would personally take care of sending me a merchandise credit. Which I did only to have them turn around and ship everything back to me claiming abuse of the return policy!!! I am seriously considering taking legal action against these thieves.

In general I have had really good luck with ordering online from American Eagle. This time around, not so much. During check out, for some reason or another, I ended up having to spend $20 on overnighting my purchase. I did not, however, choose this option on purpose. I emailed American Eagle immediately asking for a refund and to get normal shipping instead (free, FYI), which is what I originally wanted. They emailed me back the next day, after an item shipped, and said they cannot fix this after the purchase.

Okay, that's fine. What's not fine is receiving an "OVERNIGHTED" shipped item three days later. On another note, one of the items, a size four pair of cropped pants was way too small. I have never not worn a size four at American Eagle, and this fit like a size 0. I had to ship the item back because it was an online purchase. So all in all, I spent $30 on shipping. I could have gotten another pair of pants for that price, but instead I sent back a pair and lost $30. I have been a loyal customer of American Eagle for awhile, but I am done with them.

An additional 60% clearance sale is what lured me in. While I was browsing through the disorganized clearance rack, I noticed a really cool pair of shorts that were perfect to bring on my upcoming vacation. It irritated me that the only reason they were on sale was because they just so happened to be a size 18, which is an "online only" size and AE simply didn't want to have the burden of carrying them upfront in store. The store itself was very disorganized, which made it very confusing to tell what was actually on clearance & what was full price. The white stickers with lowered price points should only be used for sale/clearance items & not be printed with duplicate full price points that the tags already state clearly. I noticed that 75% of the clothing on clearance were in the smaller sizes... Hmm I wonder why?

To make things worse, the shorts rang up full price at the register (as they were listed online) & the clueless associate adjusted them under the code "customer accommodation". Another item I planned on getting was found on clearance & actually had a white sale sticker, but come to find out at the last second that is was meant to be full price. The associate then decided to got offended when I asked him to take it off my bill when it was THEIR mistake to start with. I feel like if American Eagle has the room to accommodate the smallest sizes 00 & 0 in stores, then they should be able to do the same with sizes 16 & 18. Bigger sizes or any particular size at all should NEVER be used as an online sales marketing gimmick. I ended up purchasing the shorts because I loved the way they looked/fit/felt on me & I got them for under $20. At this rate, American Eagle is on the fast track of filing bankruptcy & being a store that we used to know.

This was my second time ordering online from American Eagle and will most likely be my last. When attempting to proceed through checkout, it took almost an hour for me to finally place my order. I first tried placing the order using my account and rewards number, but an error kept popping up saying that my shipping information was invalid. I triple checked my shipping information, removed my rewards info, logged out of my account, and had to switch credit cards twice before it finally let me place my order. In the end, my successful attempt had the same shipping and billing information that I initially entered, making it highly unlikely that the errors were because of something I did wrong.

American Eagle needs a serious software update, especially considering that in 2016 they still require a physical swipe of the credit card for making in store returns on items ordered online instead of just automatically crediting the account. This experience is really disappointing considering their jeans are so high quality, and they carry extra long pairs (I'm 5'10''), but I'm sure finding great jeans at a place that has more updated software shouldn't be that tricky.

I have had multiple problems with American Eagle in the past year. I ordered an online gift card for my sister, and then had to call multiple times before it was actually emailed to her. I set up a 'rewards' account with American Eagle, but the rewards number, and the rewards, disappear from my account, and I am repeatedly asked to sign up for the program. Other times, when attempting to place an order online, I will attempt to sign in, but clicking "sign in" will direct me to a "log in" page, which will then send me back to a "sign in" pop-up. When I am able to successfully sign in, the information in the system often does not load, or is incomplete, or when it works, loads very slowly. I appreciate the reasonable prices on clothing, but this is ridiculous.

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I'm furious with American Eagle right now. I took my son shopping on Friday to get some summer clothes. As I was checking out, I slid my card thru the machine, entered my pin and the machine froze and said "waiting for auth". It then came back to a regular screen and the cashier told me to swipe again. I said, "you're sure I won't be charged again?" She said, "of course not, it would of printed out a receipt." So I swiped again and later that night I looked at my bank account that had two fees for 197.00. Calmly, I called customer service who told me to call the store, called the store who told me I needed to call customer service. Then called customer who said I needed to speak to store customer service that closes at 9:00. It was 8:45 and got a voicemail.

I then waited for Saturday to call again and they proceed to tell me that I need to speak to the accountant who wouldn't be there until Monday morning. I then waited for Monday morning and they wouldn't even let me speak with them. The customer service rep told me that he would leave them a message and call me back. 5 hours later I get the call that says they are the double charge but it will take me 5-10 business days to refund my money! I now have bills that are bouncing because of this double charge. This is absolutely ridiculous that they are such a large franchise and can't give me my money back immediately. Even if they sent me a check, I would get it before then. I am going to my bank in hopes that they can refund my money before then. I'm so disappointed with American Eagle, I will never shop there again!

My daughter and I have shopped at American Eagle for some time because we like the jeans. This is only the second time we tried ordering online, which we do at several other places. We ordered matching shirts that neither of us liked, and my daughter accidentally ordered an extra, easy enough, we'll just return them all to the store. I went to the store, original packaging, packing slip and in the shipping bag. I looked around, there was nothing to exchange the items for. The girl behind the counter goes through the whole bit of linking up our club card which the order was not associated with but THAT did not matter. They scanned the barcode on the packing slip and the order came right up. She asked me for the card which I did not have because my daughter used hers. I asked if I could call her with the number like the vet, the hair dresser, and the doctor will accept... Nope, conveniently they have to swipe the card.

When I asked what my options were, she told me a gift card. I had her put the stuff back in the bag and said I would pay the shipping and return it through the mail. My daughter is away so I had to get in touch with her for the order details and AGAIN, most places have an online return structure so both parties know what is being returned no matter who pays the shipping, NOT American Eagle. You print a vague label, write some stuff on the packing slip (make sure to make a copy before you mail it back) and blindly place it in the mail and wait.

So I called to ask about the poor return policy, he told me that he could not speak to me about the return, it had to be my daughter since it was in her name. The next person I spoke to said this was not true, however the swiping of the original form of payment in the store and the blind faith mail protocol is their policy which she has no power over. Needless to say, I am done with American Eagle. Whether we will be sorry for this decision, I am guessing not; nor will it impact them but I would strongly suggest they revamp their return policy because they act like they are on the verge of going out of business when they take these kinds of actions. Good luck and I hope I am the only one who had this experience.

Today I tried to place an order online. The website locked up after I input my credit card information. I logged out and went back in and my order was deleted. I reentered my order and credit card information. I requested two-day shipping at $15. My order was placed, they took my money and the website said I would get my order May 9. I immediately called the company and they said since the order was processed after 1:00 it won't be processed until the next day, which is a Thursday so two days after is Monday. I tried to cancel the order and they said I could not. Either this is very bad customer service or a very bad policy.

I never post anything anywhere but here I go. First, I'm an American Eagle customer since many years and the actual quality of their products are not the same. They are not the only ones. Many clothing companies are going down. Recently I made a purchase of 411 dollars at a store and got a reward card. That is a lot of points to use in future purchases, points that I'm unable to use yet because they never arrived, is being more than a week, and according to the REP on chat, he doesn't know what happened! Also Customer Service says I need to keep waiting! Even when they say is 5 business days for the points to arrive, mysteriously nobody can give me an answer. Just keep waiting...and calling? Until the valid period expires?

Also I had items in my basket online -- two shorts and one belt. The final subtotal was $71. Mysteriously THIS MORNING something happened and I got a promotion: buy one shorts and get the other one at 50% off! I said to myself, "Ok is nice." But when I went to see the cart, it was empty! So I look for the items I just added a couple of days before and guess what? The price was way high up! It went from $33 each shorts to $44! Can someone explain that to me? No need! I just came to the conclusion they are lying to me. And I really hate lies. Get to your own conclusions. First I was paying a total of 71 and no offers at all. Now I'm paying almost 73 with the buy one, get one CRAP.

I spent $334 during an online sale. Ordered a bunch of tops and some jeans. When everything arrived it was all crap. The hems on the shirts were not finished and the jeans were not the correct size. So I planned to return. Unfortunately I paid using PayPal and wasn't able to return in the store if I actually wanted my money back so I returned via mail. Received confirmation that the items had been returned and a refund had been issued. I waited a few days and still had no confirmation from PayPal that a refund had been issued so I chatted in. Well the rep was so disgusting and condescending. Basically he told me to just wait for it. So I gave it a couple more days and still nothing. So I chatted again and got the same response. So I decided to file a claim through PayPal. I have confidence they will resolve it. Worst case I'll contact my bank. They will not get away with this. I will also be filing a Better Business Bureau complaint.

So I recently ordered a birthday gift for my friend from AE, and after a few days, I finally realized they're sending my package to the wrong address. The address they sent it to is a combination of my shipping address and my billing address, which are different, and they sent it to this made up place. I know because it's my hometown, where I've lived for 18+ years, but the street address of my college. Two completely different places. I called and they told me I have to wait for UPS to send it back, for them to reprocess it and it to get sent out again, taking 2-4 weeks. Her birthday is in a week and I'm the ** without a present because I don't have money. AE told me to buy everything again, which I cannot do. I'm not giving you more of my money. Never buy from this place, ok? Because they'll just screw you over.

I have had multiple issues with ordering from American Eagle's website. I have been sent the wrong item on more than one occasion. Most recently, I ordered several items - one of them being a pair of Birkenstock sandals (a more expensive item from American Eagle). I was instead sent a pair of cheap Keds sneakers. In speaking with customer service, I was assured that if I sent them back, the correct item would be sent out right away. I used my prepaid mailing label to send the wrong item back ASAP. Well, they received the item but I received an e-mail stating that I was refunded for a pair of jeans and a top that I had not sent back - considerably less than the amount of the shoes. I called... again. I told them to refund me the correct amount and not to send the shoes as I was going to order elsewhere since I had so much trouble with the company already.

The next business day I received an e-mail stating that the shoes had been sent. After more conversations with customer service, I was promised a refund in about a week. So now they can hold my money for items that I told them not to send?? I tried one more time to e-mail customer service and complain about how terrible everything had been. What did I get in response? I got an e-mail instructing me how to send my item back. I know how to do that by now since I have had to with this company multiple times. So frustrating! I will not shop there again and would not recommend anyone else shop there either - they will mess up and not hold themselves accountable.

I have been a purchaser of American Eagle clothing for a few years now. Recently, I've found their company and quality to be horrible. I purchased four of the Joshua Tree sweaters and after only a few wears of each, three had holes in the armpits. I had bought these in store and was told to mail them back. Then I was told they couldn't replace them and would give me a refund for far less than what I paid. I told them I wanted my sweaters back. They shipped them back in January and I still haven't received them. They ended up issuing me a refund for $120 and it's been over 8 days since and no credit back on my card. They now tell me it's possibly going to be 10 business days. I also bought some underwear recently and one pair was worn and washed once and fell right apart.

American Eagle Outfitters that located on 450 Sunvalley Mall Concord, CA 94520. This store cheated on return policy. I was cheated twice by them which are really uncommon in my shopping experiences. It makes me stand up and write my first review. When I purchased pants for my daughter I was told the return policy is "in 5 years, if you are not completely happy with your purchase just return it for a full refund." Six months later I tried to return since it is small for my daughter. When the cashier seems processing the return, the manager ** stepped in and asking "what is wrong here" with an unpleasant face. He refused return, said it was too long for return.

I said "it isn't 5 years yet." He said the 5 years is only means if the clothes have quality issues. I asked him how long is too long, he replied: "it is manager's discretion." He also said the pants were worn and not resalable, he won't take it back. It reminds me that a few months ago when I tried to make another return, a manager jump out from nowhere just like this time and refused returning it without any good reason. Being cheated is really a bad feeling!

They pressure me every time I walk into the store to get a credit card. So I finally get one with a 300 dollar limit on it. Then they take it away a few months later because I was not using it and said my credit score went down. I will never shop in their store or my kids will not and I will tell everyone not to get their card. Very bad customer service. It should have depended on if I missed a payment or not. BS.

I ordered from AE recently and was given a tracking number. The UPS site stated that it was a Surepost delivery, but there was no update or movement for several days. Finally after about a week of no movement I began calling AE, who said I had to wait ten days to request a refund. Meanwhile one of the items I'd ordered was sold out. After ten days and a couple more calls they did issue a refund which did not include the $7.95 for shipping and handling which I paid. I checked their policy info which does state that they don't refund S&H. In the end I didn't receive the item I ordered and am out for the cost of shipping and handling.

My wife and I recently made a $158 purchase at the Sudbury ON location. I had to return 2 shirts a few weeks later, but was not allowed to get my money back. The purchase was made on my wife's debit card. The sales clerk would return the money to my debit card from our JOINT ACCOUNT! When I told her that was unacceptable, a Supervisor came over and told me there is no way they will return my money. All she could say was "store policy". It is a very far commute to get to AE from my house. They then offered me "Store Credit", which is no good to me as My family will NEVER shop there again! AE needs to start treating people the way every other store treats people. It's called customer service. Try it.

I was at your Burbank, CA store located in the Burbank Town Center on Sunday, January 3, 2016 with my mother, two aunts, and cousin. We were shopping for jeans for both of my aunts and were going to go to the fitting room, but decided on going a little later due to a long line. When we decided to go, one of my aunts went into a room to try on the pair of jeans she chose and she was followed by one of the Hispanic associates working in the store that day. My aunt called us to show us and she needed some help with translation because she wanted to ask an associate if they had another size. We stood in the foyer of the fitting room where there was no line whatsoever and were immediately rudely told to leave by the aforementioned associate (who knew we were trying to help my aunt) because we were apparently blocking the nonexistent crowd in the fitting room.

When there was a long line a couple minutes before we entered the fitting room, there were groups of people blocking the fitting room entrance and this associate had nothing to say to them. We complied with her rude order but did let her know that she rudely addressed us, but she didn't even apologize. We proceeded in different directions about the store, shopping and noticed that this same associate was following us around every nook and cranny of the store, making us feel very uncomfortable. While my aunts were at the register paying for their merchandise, I tried approaching the manager of the store and saw that this same employee was pointing a finger at me and my family and whispering into the ear of another associate standing near the register. She knew she has treated us improperly. I finally was able to address the manager and told her about the racial profiling I experienced.

The manager immediately started defending her employee claiming she was in tears when she was in clear sight of me, smirking at me. I pointed that matter out and yet the manager didn't even address the issue and began to accuse me and my family of perceiving things incorrectly. The fellow associate started accusing us as well, even though she had no matter in this issue. The manager didn't even formally apologize or reprimand the employee, although I warned her that I would contact AE management as I am doing so right now. This is really disappointing that foreign customers are being treated like this. We are hardworking individuals as well who have come to your store to fairly purchase merchandise like every other shopper and we should not be treated like suspicious individuals.

Your employees should be better trained in terms of customer service and racial profiling should not even transpire in a setting like this. This is just very upsetting to me. Shame on you American Eagle. No wonder your company got a 1.3 out of 5 rating on ConsumerAffairs. I've sent this to AE and have still not received any sort of response...

American Eagle online have a great promotion 60% off on all Clearance products. I put 25 products in my basket 4 of them women Jeans 9 (AEO DENIM X SKINNY JEAN Style: 0432-9329 - STRAIGHT JEAN Style: 0435-9336) their price clearly IN BOLD RED was $10.00. After many attempts to finish with the checkout, the system reject my payment because an error. I decide to wait some hours and when I chat with a customer service she/he told me that that price was an error and that I need to read the exclusion to know that jeans are not taking the 60% discount.

So, I was the one that make the mistake? What about AE take responsibility for the BIG ERROR they made? And honor the price to those that as me were mislead with the wrong price information? Sadly there was no answer that let me know they want to keep me as a happy customers and do something to repair their mistake. I know about companies that honor the prices that by mistake promote on their websites but as I realize today AE doesn't care about dissatisfied customers like me.

I ordered several items and they were shipped in two shipments. The second shipment was lost by UPS so I contacted AE and requested a refund. They have refused to even though UPS has stated that it was lost. I spoke with several managers (Zachary, Jason, and others) and they all refuse to do so. Still waiting and nothing. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Spend your money elsewhere as they do not care of you, the customer.

I earned a coupon from AErewards after certain amount of purchases. Never received my coupon. Called AE, was told they will email it. Nothing in email after 2 weeks. Called again, was told they will mail it instead. Another 2 weeks passed nothing in mail. Called again, was told they will not send it and started to say they have a new program. I was like "I don't care about new program, I want my coupon that I earned." Each time it took over 40 minutes on phone and still nothing resolved. I never post reviews online, but this experience with AE is so bad, I have to post to warn others, deal with AE at your own risk. American Eagle only cares about your wallet, not you the customer. They practice dishonesty and treats customers like crap.

I order 3 sweaters from American Eagle only to receive 1 sweater and 2 pair of women's shoes. As the items were Christmas gifts I contacted American Eagle and asked them to dispatch the correct items in time for Christmas and I would return the women's shoes. They ignored my request and asked me to return the goods which I did at my cost and now they will not dispatch the missing items or refund my credit card until they receive the incorrectly dispatched goods in their warehouse. They also will not refund the postage. The correspondence with American Eagle has been slow and they seem intent on stalling and not responding to queries and they also won't accept responsibility for their mistake. I would avoid this retailer at all costs - spend your money at a retailer that respects its customers.

Do not waste your time! There's been a series of mistakes done on their end. I ordered a shirt October 23rd & received it with the store security tag attached & wrong size. I shipped the shirt to them the next day because my local AE store closed down. Days later I received an email that shirt was no longer available & they were going to send a refund. It's 12/12th & have yet to receive a refund. Customer service puts you on hold then hangs up on you. Finally Spoke to a supervisor named Courtney who was going to take care of my refund but now it's another waiting game. YOU THIEVES, REFUND MY $!!!

I placed an online order on Black Friday for the 10 for $27 panties. I received the order in a reasonable period of time. I normally shop at the store nearest to me (which is still an hour away) and am a size Medium. So I figured the sizing is the exact same if you order online, right? Wrong. The "mediums" I received were almost two sizes too big. No big deal, I guess. I'll just take them to my nearest store on my next day off and return them there. So today, before departing for my hour drive, I double-check their return policy. Nowhere in it does it say panties cannot be returned.

The store clerk was nowhere to be found upon entering the store. I had to wait fifteen minutes before anyone even acknowledged that I was there. She takes my shipping invoice/receipt and starts the transaction. "Oh, wait, we can't return underwear." "Excuse me, but yes you can. Can I speak to your manager?" So the manager tells me there is nothing she can do, it's "company policy". So I pull up their return policy on my phone and show her. Nowhere does it say underwear cannot be returned. Still she says, "Sorry, store policy." So I ask, "What am I supposed to do with 10 unopened packages of panties that do not fit me?" She literally just shrugged, rolled her eyes, and stared at me. So I grabbed my items off of the counter and asked for both of their names. I filed a complaint with corporate against the manager.

The customer service rep verified that you can indeed return underwear. They were supposed to send me a shipping label via email so I could return the items and be refunded (which would take 2-3 weeks according to the rep), but that never showed up in my inbox, as to be expected. I called a second time to speak with a supervisor and to have the shipping label in question re-sent. I waited on hold for over 40 minutes until I grew more and more frustrated over the entire ordeal. I finally just called VISA to file a dispute. They will have my money refunded in 48 hours. Needless to say, I will NOT be shopping at American Eagle or Aerie ever again. Thanks to their poor customer service and lack of knowledge of their policies.

Their clothes fit according to exact sizes and they offer refunds soon as an item is not in stock and they don't charge for items that go out of stock. They refund charges soon as 7 days. They don't take weeks like Abercombie and they provide great customer service.

I previously recall December 1st, I checked out with all my items they were available to ship in my basket. I got an email early Saturday morning of December 5th saying that while they were packing the items (by the way I got a delayed order email confirmation), saying three of my items were unavailable but I will not be charged! The lady explains it like there was a glitch in the system! What does that mean? So I decided to go ahead and replace the items. She says "well I can do that and I can give you free shipping." Oooh! I'm sooo happy. Free shipping already comes with the order! Come on!

I am signed up with ShopRunner. She parades saying that ShopRunner does not even have them as one of their selected stores. I can't believe this old bag is going to have me wait 5-7 business days for three items that "you say" were not in stock. She also was impatient about the order when I was replacing the three items. What kind of customer service is this?! I will decide to call back, let me receive my order correctly.

Well, I got my refund but only after sending countless emails bothering them. And like I said, had I not noticed they hadn't sent my items, they wouldn't have even bothered notifying me and just kept my money.

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Here's what happened: I ordered 3 pairs of jeggings, and was told they'd come in 2 different packages. Great. So I receive both at the same time, open them up. One is my order and the other is someone else's order (they got mixed up). At this point I'm like OK it's just an error. So I contact cust serv for a switch and they tell me once I ship this other person's order then they'll ship my correct order. So I do that and they say, "Your order will be shipped to you in blah blah business days" so I wait. And wait. A month passes and I contact customer services and they say, "Oh yeah, the order was cancelled." So BASICALLY they would've KEPT my money without even telling me? Had I not even emailed them myself they wouldn't have contacted me. :) So I sent many emails asking them about this this week and all I'm getting is "we are sorry, we are looking into this." Yeah never shopping here again. They literally STOLE my money. :) Haha.

I have been shopping at American Eagle for several years. I have 2 teenage boys whose entire wardrobe is pretty much American Eagle. However, I will never shop there again. I went into the Arlington Texas American Eagle. I purchased several items at the store as well as had them order a pair of pants that I couldn't find. The clerk that was ringing me up was so busy telling everybody what to do, that she when she finished my purchase, I asked her where were the pants shipping since she never asked for my shipping address and discovered she had not entered a shipping address. She said she would have to do a post void and re-ring up my order. I never got a copy of the post void. I asked her several times did I not need a copy, was she sure my bank account was not going to be charged twice. She told me that I would not get charged twice and I did not need a copy of the voided receipt. Now this was Saturday, October 31st.

Well wouldn't you know. By Tuesday, both amounts were debited from my account. So I called the store. I was told there was nothing they could do that I would need to call customer service. I called customer service. The customer service rep was horrible. He told me the post void was a mismatched credit and then he put me on hold to get the credit or banking department to credit me the money back on my card. He was very unsympathetic that I had been charged twice over $150. He told me it would take 48 hours. So I waited until Monday the 9th, still had not received the credit. I called back again. I was told that the post void was never pushed through to credit my account. I was told give it another 48 hours.

Well it's now the 13th, and what do you know??? I still do not have the credit back. I called and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was just as bad as all of the other reps I had spoken to. She told me the post void was still processing and it would probably be the 20th before I would get my credit back!!! She told me it takes 7 to 10 business days. When I told her the previous reps had told me 48 hours, she said they were wrong. This is going to be 3 weeks. How on earth can it take 3 weeks to issue a void??? I have had several transactions voided on my bank card and it never takes that long. The supervisor just said there was nothing they could do to speed up the process. She was very unsympathetic.

I am being punished due to the fact their cashier was too busy to perform her job correctly. And to make it even worse, I submitted an email complaint back on the 4th when I dealt with the first rude customer service rep and American Eagle has never responded. A good course of customer service skills training is needed for the staff at the customer service department at American Eagle. I think the only way I will get my money back is to file the charge as fraudulent with my bank.

After not receiving half of my order from American Eagle which they didn't label except with a zip code (via postal service), they told us we would have to repay to have items shipped. Then finally after dispute over my money they lied and said they would refund 79 dollars to my debit card, but only refund 29 and put the rest on a gift card I didn't even have.

After making a true effort in paying off my AE Visa card, (called, verified balance, paid off balance and have confirmation number) I left to go out of town for a few months. During this time, they charged me a late fee on what was supposed to be a paid off account. So for 3 months I was charged late fees for a paid off balance. After calling customer service, they removed one late charge and happily charged me $73.01. (How very nice of them.) Needless to say, I have closed the account and will also never shop American Eagle again. Paid off a card and still got my credit pinged. RIDICULOUS!

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