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Last updated: Oct. 27, 2017

119 AAFES Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

AAFES charges more in interest and penalties than any credit card company due to their relationship with the US Government. Congress has given them special protections by allowing them to act as a government agency in so that they may garnish wages and taxes directly without a court order. After going through a very difficult divorce, and attempting to pay off my debt, I was told my $4,000 balance has jumped to $9,000 after ONE year. $2400 in interest and the $2600 in penalties. This is so ridiculous as to be criminal.

I have already contacted my Senators office, and am looking into bringing AAFES to court over the balance. I believe in paying one's debts, what I will not abide by is a garbage company pretending they are Military approved organization intended to help soldiers. They were forced to pay back soldiers millions in 2010 when they ILLEGALLY took soldiers pay for debts that were inflated or not even owed. STAY AWAY from this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

About 22 years ago I was stupid enough to open an AAFES charge card. I purchased some items for our home we lost after I was medically retired and wasn't paid for 6 months pending my medical separation. I needed surgery and was unable to work during that 6 month period which screwed our finances and lives up but this was unplanned.

I was able to get my payments lowered but about 4 years ago both of my parents were hospitalized and my mother almost died. I also had follow-up surgery and during that time my bank account was hacked and I forgot to update my account for my AAFES payment. I got a call and updated it with them and told them to draft a payment ASAP. Well, I didn't follow-up to see if the payment was made because I assumed it WAS! I was working full-time and taking care of my parents along with dealing with school.

I received another missed payment notification and a letter telling me my account went into collections! I immediately called and asked to catch up on my payments but was not given an ounce of pity or help. I called several times asking to speak with managers to get my payments back on track but it didn't happen. They were rude. Fast forward to this week and I get a letter of intent to garnish my wages. That's total crap because the amount I really owe is less than half they will screw me for. And they wrote that debt off and will collect DOUBLE which means they collected triple of the original amount. Congress should stop them from tapping our checks. They should have to go to COURT and give us a chance to meet a judge and plea our cases. No, instead they screw us over. What a mistake.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

I am in the market for basketball hoop as Birthday gift for my grandson. Have inquired with AAFES as to whether what is included in this basketball hoop as to whether the BACKBOARD, POLE, RIM, NET and all parts as shown in picture are included. Have talk to Manager of AAFES and told me he will check it out with the buyer who at the time was on vacation. Don't understand. Instead of checking with the distributor of this item he has to check it with the previous buyer. Don't make sense. I just want to make sure everything is included cause had the experience before of buying basketball hoop and didn't know that all they were sending me was the BACKBOARD. Was also told that what you see in the picture doesn't necessary mean you'll get the whole thing. So now I want to make sure I know exactly what I am buying before I buy an item.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

I have had AAFES take out unannounced and unauthorized payments from my checking account. Not only once but twice. They ignore set payments and do what they want to. Luckily, my bank was able to set them straight and correct their errors. They would not accept responsibility for their actions. They are in the business for screwing over hard working military personnel. If you are a young Soldier wanting a card. My best advice would be to not get one. They have high APRs and find ways to take advantage of military personnel. Do not become an unhappy customer.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2017

I loved this card. Never had any issues. They never gave me any problems with returns. Everyone at the exchange was extremely professional and I loved their perks and sales. They are Bankruptcy friendly. They will give you another chance and they give you more than enough in regards to CL. The payments are reasonable. I can't say enough about them never had any issues.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2017

I have attempted since March 2017 to make an online payment since I had established this account in 1995. My spouse who happens to the veteran had set up an automatic draft each month from his personal checking. His account was in the negative on three consecutive months when AAFES attempted to draft the account. I had no knowledge of the insufficient funds and attempted to make an online payment in March 2017. I called customer service to determine the status/problem with the account since it is in my name. I requested at that time to remove the restriction from my account.

Here we are three months later and I attempted to pay online tonight. After two attempts to pay online, I could not access my account to make a payment. I then called customer service and spoke with Audrey, a customer service representative. I received a denial from her to remove the "denial request". Therefore, I asked to speak to her supervisor, Tasha, who also stated she could not remove the denial request and furthermore agreed with me that I should have been notified in writing of the denial to remove the freeze on my payments except in an exchange or mailing to AAFES. Had I known prior to the date due on my account, I would have mailed the payment to the company. Effective communication no longer exists along with common sense and customer-friendly services!!!

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Original review: June 9, 2017

I've been with AAFES for years and never had any issues until now. I was out of town and forgot to pay my bill almost a month behind. When I returned I called them to pay my past due amount. I authorized them to withdraw "X" amount and it was confirmed by them. The next day I checked to see if the payment went through and to my surprise they not only took the payment, but also the next payment that wasn't even due. I called and got the runaround. Oh yeah a sorry too. This is illegal!

Original review: May 13, 2017

Do not bother getting this insurance. AAFES does not honor it. I purchased a two-year replacement. TV broke two months ago, they said, "Contact Samsung". Samsung approved service centers are over an hour away and open M-F. Close at 5. I work daily. Samsung said, "Call insurance and get replacement now." Asurion and AAFES will not honor their own warranty. Just disgusted that they would do such a scheme. Military at its finest.

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Original review: April 28, 2017

DO NOT GET ANYTHING FROM THESE GUYS! THEY ARE SUPER CROOKED. Something happened around 5 years ago which involved me ACCIDENTALLY trying to make a payment with a cancelled credit card. I messed up with that, ya I understand, but this created an unfixable problem with my account. I have called management, talked to the individuals working at the AAFES customer service desk located in the base's PX trying to fix my problem, but all employees that I have talked to about my issue have informed me that the problem cannot be fixed, and I must work around it.

What is the problem? I cannot pay my balance, they will not accept any form of payment to my credit card. I cannot go in because I no longer belong to the Army so the ladies at the desk said I cannot come in and pay this way anymore. I cannot pay online, I cannot pay over the phone or mail, they will not accept my payments. My credit score has dropped 100 from 760 to 649, I owe them 288.25 dollars that is crippling my credit. I have called in desperation one last time looking reprieve, hoping the customer service representative could give me advice. He said I could pay over NFCU's bill pay, I did that and well they took my money but they did not update my balance, so I know for a fact they will take my money, they just do not want to update my balance.

So I am at an end here, I owe 288.25, it is ruining my credit and they will take my money but they will not update my balance. After years of struggling with this issue I have decided to look for a lawyer to help me with this. I have no idea what to do, I do not even understand how a business can do this if you are trying to pay it. This is silly, but the only option I feel I have is to hire a lawyer. I am pretty conflicted by this issue.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 21, 2017

Last year, I was stationed in the UK. I did not expect to need a new bed during the time. I would be overseas, but things came up, and I found myself in need of a bigger bed. Several months ago, I began looking for the bed that would best suit my needs and, upon finding out that UK beds are MUCH smaller than American, I turned to AAFES. I found the perfect bed on the ShopMyExchange website but found out that they won't ship overseas. I tried to order the same bed through my local base exchange but was told that the online AAFES had nothing to do with the physical location AAFES. WHAT?! Ok, whatever.

I went back online to the "overseas customers" tab and found out about the program that lets you get furniture delivered to the store, and then you can just pick it up yourself. The only catch was, you had to order through the store. I did the Live Chat option on the website to make sure I understood what I needed to do. The gentleman told me that, yes, the bed I wanted could definitely be shipped overseas, and that all I needed to do was place the order at my local exchange's customer service counter. So back to the store I went. Got to the customer service counter and, while they knew the program I was talking about, they had to send me to the furniture department. I go back over there, and THIS time, they said that it shouldn't be a problem. Wrote down the name and item number of what I wanted and said they would check to see if it could be ordered. IF... it could be ordered.

Up to this point, I had been dealing with AAFES on this issue alone for over a month. When they said they had to see IF it could be ordered, they said it would take a MINIMUM of another MONTH to get an answer. Fine. I waited my month and went back to check. The request had never been submitted. I placed it again and called a week later, just to see if I was being given the runaround. I was told that AAFES didn't find it worth their while to have to ship only one bed. EXCUSE ME?!

What happened to it taking a month to get an answer? Was I lied to the first time or the second? and if I'm the one willing to pay my own money for the item, and the shipping and handling, how exactly is it "Not worth their while"? When all is said and done, AAFES has wasted over 2 months of my time giving me the run around (honestly, if they had given me a straight answer the first time, AND I hadn't got 2 OPPOSITE bits of information from the SAME company, I would have moved on), but they have also lost any future business for large item purchases from me. For a company that's supposedly has Service Member's best interests at heart, apparently it doesn't apply to their overseas customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

There is current help for those Vets and civil service workers out there for debt clearance live lawsuits. For the Star Card just search current AAFES lawsuits. They are out there and if you worked for them overseas between the year of 2001 and 2008 they owe you OHA Over Sea Housing Allowance if you worked full time. Get them. Do not allow them to take your SSI or your Tax returns. They are the biggest scum of the earth for ripping off Vets and those who protect our Freedoms!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2017

Military Star card a credit trap. Had a 2000 credit limit, used my card for military clothing, fuel sometimes. So basically I had a 1800 dollar balance on my card. My last payment was the last month of service of 640.00 dollars bringing it down to 1260.00. I could no longer make payments online through AAFES because my payments were set up for automatic withdrawal and they would always try to take the payment before I was even paid. Restricting me from making payments. I left the military due to a career ending injury after my second enlistment was complete. I worked for 6 months with Lockheed Martin and then we were laid off. Economy bad now. Unemployed with no income. So couldn't make payments on anything. Could not find work. Applied for tons of jobs and nothing.

So I left Virginia went to Tennessee hoping for better results. No work so unemployed for a year. So start working off and on back in Virginia as a truck driver. I have 894.00 deducted from my 2012 taxes. 1263.00 deducted from my 2013 taxes all of it. 2014 they take 1632.00 taxes all of it. 2015 they take 240.00. My balance was only 1260.00. That is a total of 4039.00 dollars. So the account should have been paid right. I already gave them 2X the amount. Well I receive a certified letter that they are going to garnish 15% of my wages for a debt of 1800.00 Dollars. So I was really angry and hate AAFES and will never conduct business with them or any other government agency again. Stay away from the Military Star Card. It has its advantages until you need to pay it off. I have nothing nice to say about them and I wish I never even went in the military. I have lost all respect and patience for this worthless country.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2017

Well I'm starting to say this someone had used my name which is fraud and now I'm stuck paying 800.00. So I did the deed of last year but the irs paid it off now which I never knew about the account at all I get a charge. I've been out since May 2014. Dang it. This is the most outrageous fraudulent thing happened. Why doesn't someone fix this. I'm contacting the white house for this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2016

I'm not satisfied one bit by the way customer service has been. I've been called to reschedule twice so far, I've been waiting for my delivery for over a month now. They call me at noon on the day they are suppose to deliver and tell me that it was the last package and they didn't have time to deliver. I know the delivery company had nothing to do with AAFES but they played a part. I'm not usually an impatient person but this really bugs me!

profile pic of the author
Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

I ordered 3 pair of men's athletic shoes at the same time. I received 2 pair - one of which was the wrong size. I have yet to receive the 3rd pair, even after numerous inquiries. It's been over 6 weeks since I placed the order and the status is still "Order Processing". I ordered a Safari Hat with a chin strap and received some sort of Fedora Hat. I followed the return instructions and had to pay $13.05 to send it back. Customer service told me that I cannot be reimbursed the $13.05 because I didn't make a copy of the receipt. I was told that "if I didn't like it, I should call a manager" and was given the number to call.

I called and asked for a manager - talked to a woman named Crystal. She was very apologetic and promised to take care of all of my concerns. It was a Sunday, but she promised to contact the vendor about the missing shoes. She reordered the hat and said she was giving me a discount and waiving the shipping fee. I told her that I was concerned about getting the wrong hat again. She assured me that she was annotating my account and that it would not happen again.

I received the package today... Same wrong hat! The charge did NOT reflect any discount. All they did was take the correct sticker and put it on a different hat. The invoice was a copy from the first shipment. Crystal had told me that she would contact the vendor about the missing shoes and that I would know by Wednesday what the order status was. It's Thursday and I haven't heard anything.

I called and asked to speak to Crystal and of course, she was busy. She is supposed to call me back. I would be very surprised if she did. The treatment that I have received from these people is beyond unacceptable - to anyone - not just a veteran. It is utterly shameful that there should be this low a quality of service - in any business. The whole system need to be investigated and cleaned up. It's a disgrace and I am seriously considering contacting Senator McCain. I am a veteran senior citizen on a fixed income. I cannot afford to finance this company's incompetence...

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2016

Called to reset online password. ** female employee was rude, condescending and demanded I repeat account number over a dozen times. Freaked out because she thought she was on speaker phone and someone else would be listening to her being rude. After being ordered to repeat everything a dozen times, give name, rank and serial number, I asked her to repeat it back to me, she refused and said she would not. Apparently, it's a one way- order military and veterans around but can't take orders herself. They have turned the exchange into the VA hospitals with rude, narcissistic employees who get off on ordering people around and demanding respect but giving none, like the ** female 911 operator who hung up on thousands of emergency calls because "ain't nobody got time for this." AAFES customer service agents apparently have no time for customers or serving them, so why are we wasting tax payer money paying them for it?

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was on hold for over 20 minutes while "Susan" went and found another ** female to pose as a supervisor. When I told her she wasn't a supervisor, she hung up on me, but not before I heard giggling in the background. I hope Trump cleans out the entire military system, including our military exchanges. Trump needs to fire all government employees and replace them with civilians who fear being fired for something like this.

I had to call back again several times to tell AAFES I ordered two items and got charged for three and only received one. I wanted to cancel the one I didn't receive because the merchandise was substandard and overpriced and absolutely nothing like the picture or description. It was cheaply made and didn't even work. Employee told me "just refuse it" but I can't because they leave it at the door. She said, just pay to return it. Yeah, with no explanation, no paperwork, no proof it was returned, no refund. Just make it even easier for me to get ripped off even more. This is dollar store merchandise that isn't worth the money and the only reason I thought it might be quality is because it came from brand name store "Office Depot". But apparently they place all the merchandise they can't sell on AAFES because it's online and such a hassle to return and get a refund.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

I have used AAFES since 2010 and paid faithfully every month. Then in June of last year 2015, I stopped receiving bills. I called and was told they'd send one right out. Two weeks later I called again and was told the same thing. This went on for six weeks. Then I get a notice from a collection agency and would give me no reason why the bills were stopped. AAFES gave no info except that it was in the collection agency's hands. Now they are going to attach my social security disability (service connected) checks.

I've researched online and it seems they can do so and the worst part is that if you owe $3000, you will end up paying back $10,000 (if you're lucky). They will absolutely not send any info about how much interest you are paying or how much balance is due. From what I have gleaned, the only way to get out of this nightmare is to file bankruptcy. Then you can be charged by another agency years later because your account keeps being sold. I'm sending my congressman a letter to see if he can do something about this fraud.

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2016

I bought a bedroom set in September of 2016. I had it delivered today and when delivery guys arrived first thing they said was a complaint that I live on the second floor. The delivery person also said that they only have 15 minute window so all they are going to do is drop the furniture and leave. I didn't expect that so I called AAFES and the customer service woman rudely told me that this is what I am going to get because I have free shipping and I bought the merchandise not the service.

I asked her to transfer me to the supervisor and the supervisor told me that I can send my furniture back on the same truck and because they have free shipping this is the service I am going to get. I simply hung up the phone. This was my first and last time ever ordering from AAFES. And I will take this issue up the chain because AAFES customer service made me look guilty because they offered free shipping and I didn't know they were just going to drop the furniture and only had a 15 minute window.

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Original review: March 31, 2016

The music played in the store was so loud that we were unable to communicate with others unless screaming. In addition, not everyone might like the music broadcasted. Furthermore, all exchanges have high prices for cheap merchandise.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2016

I had an excellent payment history with the Military Star Card. Not one missed payment, and usually only used it once in a while as a credit builder. Before we moved, I paid off the card, a 2400.00 balance (we bought furniture), and didn't use it again for a few months. Imagine my surprise when I attempted to use the card to find it had been canceled! I checked my credit score and it turns out, I hadn't paid it completely off. Some 17.00 was left on the card. They canceled my card and "charged off" 17.00 bucks! I didn't pay it for 2 months. The 3rd month? Closed! I had an 8000.00 limit. And my credit plummeted from the high 700's to the low 600's! I explained that as a military card they should understand that after a move some things may get misplaced, that I had excellent payment history with them. Not one missed payment. They will do no NOTHING. They straight up SUCK and tell every single person NOT to get this card!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2016

AAFES has the worst credit card ever! I had applied and received the card back when it was two cards on one! they sent me a chase card with the "exchange" credit card numbers on the bottom of the chase card. I only used the exchange card once at the PX and the cashier was the one who swiped my card I didn't even know the card was two in one. The exchange did a bad job of explaining the whole two in one card situation. So I guess I had used the card during the promotion of buy something in December and you don't get charged till June.

Fast forward to June and I don't see the charge, the whole time I had been using the chase card and paying that off, so when I didn't see the charge I called the chase number. They transferred me to the ECP (exchange credit program) customer service dept. They told me my payment was two months late... the whole time I'm thinking everything was charged to the chase card. The rep told me this situation happens all the time. I checked my credit score the next day and it was down almost one hundred points cause of the "late payment" I contacted the exchange payment dispute dept. and of course they offered no help. So like I said this is the worst credit company ever.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2016

AAFES (the military credit program, called Military Star Card) gives easy credit to military members because the debt is federally protected (meaning they can very easily garnish your wages, tax refund... etc without having to take you to court to get permission). I left the military in a hurry, it was a medical board and it happened unexpectedly quick (given my profession, it was assumed I would be kept in the service). I don't dispute my debt on this card. I dispute that they contacted me re: this debt. When I was active duty I got regular emails for bills and this stopped after I left the service. I never got mailed a notification and of course were moving and between houses as we had to rent and then wait for our new home to be built, to be at our jobs for 60 days before we could the home loan, etc...

Several reasons we had difficulty keeping up with these bills. All my other credit cards send paper bills if we don't pay and they all managed to be forwarded to the temporary addresses and eventually to the final, they also emailed me and called me if I lost their bills in the transition. Military Star did none of those things. 2 years later I was sent a letter from the Bureau of Fiscal Services stating there was a Tax Offset and on that same day I received a letter from Transworld Systems (3rd party collection) telling me I had been placed in collections and there was nothing I could do about, despite that all bills and debt has remediation and dispute process per US Code. The company told me they had not purchased the debt and it was still owned by AAFES so all requests for dispute resolution had to go through them.

When I called AAFES they shamed me on the phone, telling me that I am responsible for this debt and that they send one letter and they do not call. After reading the "fine print" of the credit agreement, it does say that they do not contact people when they move or leave the service and given the high rate of moving that military personnel do in their careers. This feels like a set up for failure, especially considering that many people who get these cards are young, low ranking enlisted who don't have established credit yet. Also, the military puts you in a difficult spot when you enter as direct commission, with over 2 months wait for pay and without any ability to earn money to purchase goods, placing them in the unfortunate position to use credit to help them until their money comes in.

Again, I don't deny there were charges on this card, but this company should be helping our service members, not making their lives more difficult, especially after we transition out. We have to go through hell afterwards to get healthcare, to get jobs, to get the entitlements that came with our service, to repair the damage to our families that deployments and separations incur. I dispute the companies policy and state they did not follow SOP and regulation when they failed to contact me or confirm contact about this debt. I also checked my credit report every quarter just in case there is a bill or something that I've missed and this, to this day, is still not on my credit report. With all those back ups and no bills and monitoring my credit report; at what point am I supposed to know these obscure and asinine terms and rules that no one is reading.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2016

I ordered a pair of Ugg slippers for a family member in New York. I had them shipped, which was supposed to be free, but they charged me $4.95. I ordered her a size 7, but they shipped a size 6. I immediately called their customer service and they told me my family member had to pay to send them back and I had to pay to re-order the correct size. WTH? Long story short I threw a fit! Customer service finally agreed to email instructions to pass along to my family member so she didn't have to pay the return shipping, but its been 3 weeks now and I haven't received anything from AAFES. The deal I thought I got on the Ugg slippers cost me double and my 90 days of return policy is almost up. I will never shop here again! It's sad seeing our soldiers deserve the best, but get treated like second class citizens. Completely ridiculous! I'm very disappointed!

Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2015

I just received their specials for thanksgiving, honestly all their papers straight to the trash can. I purchased a camera that was in stock and ready to ship, bull full of lies, it's been 12 days and my status is processing, I called their rude customer service and they said oohh your order has been cancelled because we don't have it anymore and that's what we do,"we cancel orders." When not available.Thanks for the heads up, no message, no nothing to make me aware. And the worst it was ready to ship, so 1st time buying through this stink service, honestly last ever in my life. Whoever is buying gifts never trust them you will be disappointed.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2015

I never ordered or would consider ordering furniture online BUT this is the Exchange after all & their in store stock is limited. I ordered Ashley Furniture in 2012. The sofa & chairs had broken support boards when it arrived but who tears into their newly delivered furniture to inspect it: I paid someone to come look at it & repair it at AAFES direction & then they refused to reimburse me until I took it all the way up the chain. Then they told me to give it to CHARITY & they would credit the STAR CARD acct!!!

Fast forward & this is the problem with giving second chances... I ordered Ashley Furniture AGAIN, shipped through a different freight company. The items arrive. There is sawdust all up & down one side of the fabric. Not going through that rodeo again. I call to return it ~ They won't pick it up - I have to pay to freight it back! Oh & the items I bought & received on 11/2/15 went on sale on 11/7/15 ~ I asked for an acct adjustment for the sale & promo offer ~ they literally were going to make me either A) Pay the return freight & I'd have to re-order it or B) take it to my Exchange, return it & repurchase it to get the sale price & promotional APR!!! UNBELIEVABLE - Once bitten, twice shy... what was I thinking?!?

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Original review: Oct. 20, 2015

I had my account set up on autopay. They never pulled the money from my account which made it late. So on my credit report, it shows as 30 days past due. I called them, they tell me "oh it's for 28.00", like seriously it's your fault and I'm being penalized because you didn't take the money when it was set up on autopay. I'm cancelling my cards with them and will never go through them again.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2015

I placed an order from Office Depot through shopmyexchange.com on 17 September 2015. As of 29 Sept, I had not received a shipping notification so I contacted the exchange online customer service representative. I was told they did not know why I haven't received any shipping notification and said that I would have to wait 3-5 business days for a response from Office Depot. Finally received shipping status on 3 October but the tracking number was invalid. So I contact customer service AGAIN to get the correct tracking number from Office Depot and was told I would have to wait another 3-5 days for a response from Office Depot on the correct tracking number. So I asked the customer service if it would not make more sense to get on the phone to get the correct information from Office Depot. I was then told that they do not have outside lines to do that. Freaking UNREAL! DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS FRAUDULENT WEBSITE!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2015

My husband and I ordered a washer and dryer set from them online and after a 3 week processing period, we only received the washer. We contacted customer services and nobody would do anything. They pretty much played the blame game with a different person or department every time, but still no dryer. They verified every time that it was a set but that was as far as anybody seemed to go. It was sent to escalations but even they did nothing. In short, shopmyexchange.com has horrible customer service and does not provide the items as purchased. They also won't deal with spouses which considering they are a military business is an issue, my husband is deployed so I had a lot of difficulty even getting help to begin with.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

I ordered a table and chair set through Office Depot as a ShopMyExchange.com specialty store for a little more than $400. It was also a gift, so I ordered it a bit early. The table "ships," but the tracking number supplied by AAFES doesn't work. It's faulty. 10 days pass. The birthday I needed it for passes and nothing. So I call AAFES' online customer service and nobody has answers. Nobody can locate the table -- thought a simple call to Office Depot should have gotten it done. They tell me to wait 2-3 business days for assistance. That time passes, no help. I call again -- same thing. Wait 2-3 days. Nothing happens.

After waiting about an extra week, I decide enough is enough and file a dispute with my Military Star Card. Unfortunately, they're not any better. No communication whatsoever for a month, so I call. I'm given the runaround again -- "We'll call or e-mail you with updates soon!" But they don't. Another month or so passes and I call the Exchange Credit Program. My case was filed -- but there are no notes that show that somebody has been working my case. I'm out $400 and NOBODY at AAFES or the Credit Program cares. Not a single person. Meanwhile, I still have to pay my Star Card as if that $400 charge is legit. So my monthly bill has been about 30 bucks more than usual. No table, no help, higher bill. That's all I've gotten from AAFES. Thanks.

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Original review: July 20, 2015

Ordered a MacBook Air, was told would ship in two days. After no tracking or notification five days later, called *customer service*. They refused to cancel the order and said it would be more than 10 days until shipped. It finally arrived in nine more days, I immediately took to local exchange. Quick return there, however, AAFES TAKES THREE TO FIVE DAYS TO REFUND YOUR PURCHASE MONEY. WORST COMPANY IN WORLD. Fire General in charge of AAFES, hire a civilian who is familiar with customer service such as Zappos or Amazon. Get the AAFES General out now. This company is ripping off service personnel on a daily basis.

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