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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I came home to find my happy-go-lucky Shih Tzu throwing up everywhere, scared and shaking. She jumps when I come home, but today she seem like she went through hell. Please do not buy any Purina pet products. I will be asking around to find a lawyer to sue this evil of company who only cares about their profit margin. No concern about the poison they are selling to the consumers. My wife bought this treat from Sam's Club few days ago and did not realize that she was buying poison. She saw Purina logo on the bag and felt it was safe to feed to our pet. I am so furious with this company who claims that they sell quality products. Far from it. This company do not care about the pets, only thing on their requirements are profit.

My husband gave our beagle this doggy treat when he was training him to sit down, rollover and lie down. It made him learn quickly and everything was fine at first but after a few days, we noticed that our dog showed unusual behaviors when he was not given this treat. He started acting out, howling loudly and scratching the door with his paws (which he never did before) if we didn't give him a meat blast stick. We played with him a lot to distract him from his craziness over the treat and made him drink lots of water throughout the day for 2 days before we he became his normal self again. No more waggin train for him. We went back to giving him biscuits. It has no weird effect on him and cheaper too.

These treat which seem innocent and healthy killed my Chihuahua after we fed them to him regularly for six months. We thoughts we were buying a good name brand from Purina and seeing that the only ingredient was chicken, were we ever wrong. He was acting sluggish and barely eating last Thursday and I took him to the vet the next day to find out he needed hospitalization. Spent the weekend hospitalized and now we have to put him down for acute liver failure. $4000 dollars later and we have a dead dog.

Bought a 36 oz of Waggin Train chicken jerky tenders. Gave 1 to my Pom. Gave another 1 couple days later. In two days my to Pom stopped. Took him to vet and was told he had acute kidney function which he had never had kidney problems. Was told he needed to be put to sleep. Took him to a kidney specialist where he was for 3 days. He was treated and made it. The cost was close to $3,500. Bought this crap at Sam's Club in Tucson. Can't someone do something to stop selling this poison? Also how about reimbursing vet costs.

I have 3 German Short-haired Pointers, 65-82 pounds. I bought this 36 oz bag of chicken JERKY as a Christmas treat. They had 4 pieces on Christmas eve and 4 Christmas morning. The 2 smaller dogs threw up and one did not eat for 2 days. Last night he barely moved. The large one did not eat much. I think it is their size that saved them... I had heard rumors but knew they loved them. BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY IT IS NOT EVEN WORTH TAKING A CHANCE! Fortunately, Santa brought plain people JERKY too... I intend to get this package analyzed. Watch out PURINA!

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I have 2 dogs and both love the chicken treats, but my dogs are now showing real problems. My Basset Hound has not eaten for 2 days, she would not eat dog food so I had to make some people food with meat and rice and she ate it and is kinda feeling like she used to. My other dog is shepherd/collie mix and he eats but not like he used to and he is older like 12yrs old.

I have been giving these "treats" to our dog for about a month. Approximately 1 week ago she started acting strange, going in and out a lot, like she was confused. She also started drinking LARGE amount of water. She would empty her 1/2 gallon water bowl in 20-30 minutes. Then she started puking and now has bladder control issues. I have stopped giving her these "treats" and am hoping for the best. I will no longer buy products from China and am seriously considering not buying Purina brand products.

My 10 Year old Golden retriever had 2 pieces out of a brand new bag of Waggin' Train Treats. The next day she was violently throwing up and her stomach heaving. She had the worst case of diarrhea I have ever seen. Called our vet and brought her right in. After all blood work, x-ray exam, and IV antibiotic and other med. $400.00 bill. She would not eat for two days. She just started to eat. I will notify my vet in AM. I forgot she even had those treats. If you need I will be happy to supply you with the almost full bag or the numbers on the use by label 5139T031 0201WG1. Best by: Aug 20 2016 4548858504201505.

After giving these treats, all our doxies experienced extreme diarrhea, vomiting, and shaking. As of right now, we aren't sure if one of them will make it. I called Purina and they said there is nothing wrong with treats. Liars! DO NOT feed these to your pet.

BJ died 3/4/12, 4 days after he ate his toxic treat. Tashi did recover. My 2 other dogs never ate from the new bag. Never even sick. It was the same thing other dogs experienced, sudden onset kidney, liver failure, acute pancreatitis. He was a strong healthy 2 year old Lhasa. I still have his parents and litter mate. So the settlement that gives us 70 cents on the dollar of what we spent in vet bills is held up because of ONE woman. She's a ghost. No social media or internet trail. No lawyer. She hand wrote an appeal so we all have to wait for our checks now. Purina employee?? They are not beyond this kind of thing. Evil people. Why is the FDA so useless as to let this product continue to sicken dogs, because it is. DON'T buy products from CHINA. We know that now yet people buy it.

My 7 year old Papillon Paris contracted Pancreatitis from these treats. We did not know it at the time. We saw these treats and figured that they were better for her than little rawhide bones. Also she was very picky and absolutely loved these treats. They are somewhat expensive and they are made of chicken so we thought that it was a double bonus. She was only 7 years old and her life expectancy was 12-14 years. She was not overweight whatsoever and was a healthy happy little girl...BEFORE.

We did not connect the dots like we should have, I am so overwhelmed with guilt. Anyway shortly after we started giving her these treats she got sick. We had just lost her companion dog, Sadie, so we gave her a couple of treats a day because we chalked her behavior up to missing Sadie. Well, 2 weeks later she was inpatient at the vet with a IV. After 7 days and over $5000 in bills she passed away. It was and still is so very awful. I will never ever forget her or get passed it.

Almost lost my two yorkies. Also had a chihuahua that was sick from these treats. Both yorkies had to be hospitalized with IV fluids for a few days. Vet said it was the treats. Bloody stool. Vomiting. Just so happy they could be saved. Costly but at least I still have them. These treats are deadly.

My dog got extremely sick after eating these treats. He had runny BM and threw up for four days straight. NOT A TREAT. It is BAD BAD BAD for dogs. So if you love your dog, find a different treat.

I have been feeding my 17 pounder dog this treat for 4 years now and I could not be more satisfied with this product. The rumors of China made product of unsubstantiated illnesses among dogs with no evidence, caused this product to be pulled off the shelves at the big chain stores selling pet products. I tried every USA made chicken tenders sold ever since and my dog hates them plus they cost way more. I'm glad I found one place that still carries this product and I end up buying in bulks-- scared that I won't be able to find them again. My dog loves this product and I can't seem to be able to replace it with any other chicken jerky.

After a long day at the vet and a very large bill I realized it wasn't the boiled chicken. It was the treats that I thought were safe! My dog only eats boiled chicken so I assumed the dehydrated treats were the next best thing. She has had a bloody stool for a while but as a dog owner that doesn't go to the vet every 3 seconds I was making up a million other excuses. Hindsight the treats damn near killed her. After meds and IVs she looks better in one day than she has in 6 months. Feeling like a horrible mother and will try to protest these treats outside of Sams. If you have any more questions email me. This is real!

Recognized this BAD Purina product is a product of CHINA, known to be a source of lethal results! Yet, WALMART continues to sell!!! Purchased this item before realizing it is STILL a product of China. I will be returning to Walmart tomorrow for a refund! Buyers beware of Waggin Train and ANY products of China!!! Walmart, shame, shame, shame on you! WALMART has several lawsuits against it already because of the terrible experiences of so many consumers, over the last 5 years, so why continue to sell these dangerous "treats" at such a risk? WHY?

I gave out pieces of the Waggin Train jerky treats to several little dogs. At 3 AM I found some bloody stool. I found my tiny female Yorkshire Terrier "down" with seizure like activity and severe acute bloody diarrhea. Despite meds for vomiting, oral support and immediate SQ fluids, she died within less than an hour of when I found her... She seemed OK though perhaps a bit listless at bedtime. The jerky treat was the only thing she had out of the normal routine. You decide. I blame myself for giving them to her, I blame Purina for selling them when they know how many problems they have had. My little yorkie is dead and there is no fixing that.

After getting these for a donation I fed them to my pug, left for the day and came home to puke all over my house. Thanks for that sample, I will never be using this brand again. And I use Purina all the time but this made in China is all bad. Don't buy these, if you have live for your furbabies don't put them they the pain that those jerky treats are causing.

Fed that treat for years from walmart. Both dogs about 9 years died close to each other. Conyers animal medical clinic vet for 18 years. Put both dogs down. Lethargy, enlarged organs...

We had a Boston Terrier. "Oreo" was 3 1/2 yrs old, chicken jerky was the only treats he would eat. He started drinking a lot, not eating & uncontrollable seizures every 20 mins. He died shortly after that. We miss him everyday even after 1 1/2 yrs. Don't allow this product to be sold to our pets, it is killing them. These treats need to be removed from store shelves forever. Any food product made in China should not be sold in the USA.

Dog began vomiting and had diarrhea after eating chicken treats.

My dog - a little maltipoo - loved those treats and I gave it to her until someone at work said they make dogs sick. He said to read on it and so I Googled it and found that animals have died because of that. Anyway, I stopped giving it to her but did notice the coughing prior to stopping the treats. I decided to take her to the vet, they said a lot of respiratory problems, enlarged liver, and she would have to take meds for the rest of her life. Well that was 2 years ago, she succumbed to her illness on Christmas day 2014. WE HAVE A VIDEO OF HER EATING THOSE STUPID SNACKS. We miss her everyday but know she is no longer suffering and no longer have to have her meds shoved down her throat 3x a day. We miss you our Hapa. Please be careful on what you give your pets. If it's from China, don't give it. I heard they keep the snacks in their warehouses until needed, so until then, any natural borne elements can contaminate it. If you love your pets, find a safe snack for them.

Does this included waggin’ train can dog food? Because that's what I'm been feeding my dogs as well as the dry, and my dogs have been acting like they just don't feel good. Two of them got real sick and almost died, and my little Chihuahua sometimes throws up after eating. One thing is for sure: we're changing dog food.

One of my rescue dogs went to the emergency room last week after bleeding from the rectum (lethargic, vomiting, diarrhea, not eating). He was diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. After spending 4 nights with IV's, antibiotics, etc he is now making improvements. Tonight, another one of my rescues has the same symptoms. We run a non-profit animal rescue kennel. There is a rescue dog food bank where we get donated food and treats. Recently, a truck load of Waggin Train Treats came in. At first I was apprehensive of giving these to my dogs as I heard bad things about China made treats. I called Purina to be told that this product was never re-called and that there were isolated cases of deaths in dogs. WHY IS THIS PRODUCT STILL ON THE MARKET???

Same thing happened with our shih-tzu four years ago. She almost died. Became lethargic, vomiting with no energy. Wouldn't move for over a week. I was sure we were going to lose her. It was right after we gave her these treats. I complained to Costco, where we bought them, and they were not responsive, which was surprising for Costco. Haven't given her a chewie since. So happy this information is here. This should be taken off the shelves and they should be punished!

Purchased a 36oz Bag at Sams Club a week ago. Gave my shitzu one everyday. He had violent puking every night. We thought it was his dinner (dry food) because that is what came up. Went and bought a new bag of dry food but puking continued. Finally realized it was the treats! (Did the elimination diet). SHOCKED to see other reviews with similar comments and in some cases more serious issues. VERY DISAPPOINTED to see they are MADE IN CHINA.... How do we know what CHINA is putting in that is causing so many pets to suffer? I feel like the worse parent ever for giving this to my dog. So glad I stopped giving it to him when I did because if I had continued, the end results could have been worse.....much worse. So again....PLEASE DO NOT BUY....... They need to be taken off the shelves!

I purchased these on October 12, 2014. I gave 1/2 a stick, as the package recommends, to my dog on that day as well as 1/2 a stick on Oct 13 & Oct 15. Just hours after giving it to her on Oct 15th she began to vomit and has had bloody soft stool. This is the only new thing introduced to her diet. I'm on the way to the vet to confirm if it may be something else. Regardless, I will NOT give her these treats ever again. Best if used by date is Mar 2015 4082T10101:43L03

Nestle PURINA Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Tenders - A week ago, we shopped Sam's Club and bought a 36 oz. bag of these so-called treats. Within 3 days our 110 pound Mastiff-Rhodesian Ridgeback began experiencing internal bleeding as evidenced from bloody vomit, along with intense abdominal pain. These so-called treats were the only change to his diet. We examined the contents of this bag of jerky and found each piece was so dried out as to be brittle and when broken up they act like shrapnel to the innards. We will NEVER again purchase a product of ANY KIND with the name PURINA on it. Shame on Nestle, Purina and Sam's Club. The Best By date on package: JUN 2015. Production Code beneath date: 4545785532201403.

3 days ago I went to Sams Club and purchased Waggin Train Treats. The very next day he did not eat his normal food. He had diarrhea and was drinking more than usual this went on for 2 days. The 3rd day he still had not eaten so I took him to the vet. He was diagnose with Pancreatitis and has been put on an IV for the next 2 days. I had only fed him this product twice the recommended amount. How is this product still on shelves. He has always been healthy. Best thing to do is if you have fed these treats take pet to vet and have blood work done. My thoughts go out to all that have lost their little family members.

Our six-month-old toy poodle became violently ill after eating one of these treats. The x-ray they took of her showed a perfect image of the treat in her bowel. She was hospitalized, rehydrated through IVs and given medicine. The vet bill was over $700.00, but her agony and ours was much greater. We bought the treats at Sam's Club where I returned them today with this explanation. Please do not give your beloved pet this treat!!

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Waggin Train treats are made by Purina, which was established in 1894 and has headquarters in St. Louis. Waggin Train treats are chicken jerky, suitable for dogs over five pounds.

  • Limited ingredients: Waggin Train treats have only two or three ingredients, so consumers can easily determine the ingredients in their dog’s food.
  • Availability: Consumers can find Waggin Train treats at major retail chains and online. Interested customers can search for local retailers with the search tool on the company’s website.
  • Ingredient sources: The treats made outside of the United States use Chicken from a single supplier, and Purina owns the chicken supplier in China. The company’s website addresses its use of Chinese ingredients.
  • Safety: Both the Waggin Train and Purina websites have detailed information about the safety of chicken jerky products. Concerned consumers can read about the ways the company works to ensure all product safety.
  • Feeding guide: Customers can find guidance about how many Waggin Train treats are appropriate for their size of dog on the website.
  • Best for Waggin Train treats are best for those looking for treats with limited ingredients and without artificial colors or flavors.

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