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Last updated: Dec. 19, 2017

206 Greenies Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

We purchased Greenies for our Pug and French bulldog in hopes to care for their teeth long term. The first evening one was throwing up and had violent diarrhea, and continued then after each daily treat. Thinking it was just the French Bulldog's system, I continued with the Pug only to have the same reactions, and getting worse each day after. Violent diarrhea, nausea and sick pets!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

I have been giving my two lil dogs Teenie Greenies as an occasional treat for over ten years and they absolutely love them! Last ones were Pumpkin Spice and they were ecstatic about the flavor. I have NEVER had an issue with bugs or moths so people please always check your dates and product packaging. I have however found bugs in human cereal, now that truly is disgusting! But I contribute that that employees not rotating stock or checking expired dates. I will however say that if offered or eaten too frequently; Greenies can cause loose stools as is true of anything consumed too quickly, but we've never really had this issue. Greenies meet AAFCO and VOHC standards and offer satisfaction guarantee.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

My dog's favorite treat is a Greenie but I am not sure I will ever buy them again. They grow maggots that turn into little moths that will eat your clothes. GROSS!! I thought it was a fluke but after 3 bags I am convinced it is not how or where I keep them but the treats themselves. I have ordered them online from Petco and Dr. Fosters and always the Teenie Weight Management Greenie. My last order was from

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

I'm one of those cat owners that believed my cat was throwing up due to aging. This was happening 2 - 3 times per month but he was healthy in every other regard. He can be a fussy eater and refused to eat his wet food. I started giving him more Greenies because he always loved them. Recently he was in distress and I brought him to the emergency vet. He was having trouble urinating. There was no blockage or crystals. Antibiotics were finished and he seemed great. Then another sudden attack and back to the vet. Once again, he had x-rays and testing with no determined reason for his reactions. He started throwing up daily, now 4 - 5 times per day.

I've been terrified and was told he would have to go back for even more tests. I started to do a lot of research online and finally realized that the Greenies might be hurting him. His symptoms seemed to indicate either Irritable Bowel Disease or Cancer. Greenies are full of gluten. I've cut him off of the Greenies. No more throwing up. He is now doing very well. While I can't say that the Greenies caused the other issues with any certainty it does have me wondering. Reading all the other reviews has really opened up my eyes.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

I just read the reviews on Greenies products after starting to search for answers for what was going on with both my poor dogs. We added the Pill Pockets to their routine after trying to get them to take their regular pills with cheese or bread and having to redo a few of the attempts each day. Sadly within a week our 3.5 year old Shar Pei became very ill. She spiked a fever, became lethargic, was visibly having difficulty. Her kidney levels and glucose had crashed. Her liver was enlarged and presented with pancreatitis.

Unfortunately, she didn't make it. I didn't put this together with the Pill Pockets until our second dog began to present with the same symptoms; lethargy, soft stool, high fever, lowered appetite, and mild unresponsiveness. Thankfully we were able to turn the symptoms around much faster and he seems to be doing much better. I can't think of a single other item that would link these two different dogs' bizarre symptoms together other than the Pill Pockets. I really warn people not to use these at all!

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40 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

I just purchased a 12oz bag of Bursting Blueberry Greenies in Petite for my two dogs. As I pulled one out of the bag to give to my 11 month old puppy I noticed there were little maggots crawling all over it. I'm shocked and disgusted. I purchased this bag from my local Petco store where I always buy their treats. I will never be buying this brand of treats again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2017

I gave my Jack-Chi, a 3 month old puppy a Greenies as a treat. When at Petco, they recommended I buy it and I had no idea it is indigestible. Why would anyone sell or recommend buying a product that causes your pet to get sick? It's shameful! Her vomit is green and pasty and she is in the hospital and the bill is going to be upwards of $830.

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Original review: July 26, 2017

Our healthy indoor Maine Coon cat became extremely ill in just a matter of weeks and was diagnosed with liver disease jaundice. The only change to his diet was the addition of Feline Greenies. In doing our research we have found hundreds of other pet owners who have had similar health issues with their dogs and cats by feeding your Company's poison to our pets. We have over $1000 in vet bills with more on the way and our cat has a 50% chance that he will recover. We have all intentions in filing a complaint against your Company and starting litigation. We are aware that your Company has had multiple recalls on your products regarding health concerns but you continue to push your poison for the sake of profits. You should be ashamed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2017

This week I received 4 free Greenies with $4.00 coupon. I have a Boston, Frenchie and Chihuahua. Gave the Boston and Frenchie half a small Greenie and Chihuahua a pinch. Diarrhea everywhere! Been giving them Pepto every time they have a watery mess. If not better tomorrow they will be going to vet. I don't have extra money to spend but they are my babies. I will not ever use their products again. My Boston is 14 1/2 yrs old and could easily die from this. Don't support this business. I immediately got online and read the bad reviews. Should have read it before I gave them to the pups. They should be taken off the market.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2017

My dad has been giving his 6-year-old Shih Tzu the Greenies treats and she has been having stomach problems on and off since they started them. Two days ago she began to vomit repeatedly. After a day of the vomiting, thinking she just had a tummy bug, she began to vomit blood and had blood in her stool. She is now in the vet hospital and has had testing, is on IV fluids, ** for pain and antibiotics. She is set to have exploratory surgery later today because the barium test showed that she has a blockage. My dad was informed it is likely these treats as she does not get anything else that would form a blockage of that sort.

I am very disappointed that a treat that is supposed to be good for them can cause such harm. I have read many reviews where it has caused problems from stomach issues to even death. I will be looking further into the complaints and making reports to the agencies who are in charge of these treats being on the shelves. If there is anything I can do to prevent anyone else experiencing what my mom and dad are going through right now with their baby girl, I will certainly do it. Please do not give your pets these treats! Recalled once and put back on the shelves should be a sign!

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44 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 9, 2017

We've been giving these "dental" treats (Greenies dog mints) to our dog for over a year. 2 months ago she started throwing up and having diarrhea. We took her to the vet, had blood work, X-rays etc ($400). Nothing conclusive from Xray or blood work. Changed her diet to a different dog food, same problem. The vet suggested cooked chicken breast and rice only. So any treats, including the Greenies were removed from her diet. After a day or two, she started getting her energy back and appetite. Not vomiting or diarrhea. We continued this diet for 12 days then introduced Greenies. That night she started vomiting again, wouldn't eat and would only take water.

Today she is going back to the vet ($???). We're taking this list to the Vet to get her thoughts on it. If she concurs that this is the most likely cause, then she may be able to spread the word to her clients and the veterinarian association. We'll probably send our remaining Greenies to the University for analysis. Results will be posted on this site.

Bottomline, it is apparent our dog is being poisoned. The source of the poison seems fairly solid. If our dog survives this, we'll NOT be using this product again, nor any from the company that produces this product. If you decide to risk your pet with this product, please watch for personality changes. If the pet has diarrhea and vomiting after you started giving this product to your pet, stop immediately. And I suggest you post your experience in this venue.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

I have one of these dental treats to my puppy who immediately had diarrhea with black stools!!! He is very lethargic today also. If we know this product has caused so many issues, why is it still on the market!!! I wish I had read reviews before buying this crap! My 13 week puppy is sick due to this crap! I am disgusted by the website still selling it and company still making it!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2017

Our min pin had plaque on his teeth, and Greenies helped to clean it off. He has been eating one per day for many months and has no adverse effect from them. In fact, I used it as a prompt to get him in the house if he does not want to come in. Greenies affect every dog differently just like certain foods affect humans differently. When our cocker spaniel was alive, she was given one per day also and did very well with them. All I can say is that our pets did and do well on Greenies.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 3, 2017

This product is a good example of how companies rely on the trust of the pet owning public, who generally do not know enough about nutrition for their cats and dogs. That lack of information allows companies to tell blatant lies about their cheaply made, overpriced products that negatively affect our pets. I went to the Greenies website because I had heard about the dental treats for cats. Can hardly believe how the many lies they tell about just one product.

First, Greenies do not, cannot clean teeth. Most cats swallow this kind of treat whole; in the same way that they eat dry food for cats. If cats do chew them; the mush that is made from chewing these treats sticks to their teeth and does the opposite of "maintain good dental care" which is the exact wording of the ad. And worst still it also says: "Our #1 vet-recommended feline dental treat* is the only V.O.H.C.-accepted feline treat for tartar reduction."

Second, the contents of these treats certainly do not "offer complete nutrition", which is the exact wording of the ad. Four of the first five ingredients should never be fed to cats: rice flour, wheat flour, corn meal gluten and oat fibre. They are all carbs. As we know, cats are obligate carnivores and have no nutritional need for any of those ingredients. They make cats fat. Before I learned a bit about reading labels, I would have seen this ad and brought home Greenies to my cats, because the marketing is so very good.a

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2017

I have two Malteses. 9lb boy and 5lb female. After a dental cleaning at the vet it was recommended to get a dental chew. Teenie Greenies, which both dogs loved. However, my boy, got sick and had diarrhea on the bed the morning after the greenies. I waited two weeks and last night repeated the greenies trial and this morning the bed was covered in diarrhea. This product absolutely caused the boy Maltese to have stomach issues. At the very least put a warning on the product that it may cause stomach problems. I'm glad I did some online research and hope to warn others about this product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2017

The package of the feline dental treats says 24 treats per day based on my cat's weight. As confirmed by the company this is the absolute maximum amount to provide, but label does not say that. They are clearly trying to have you give your pet as many as possible as a marketing ploy so you have to buy more. My vet said this amount is a meal, not a treat and that they too are confounded by the misleading and dangerous label. I called the company and they indeed said it is a max amount but again it's not on the label.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

First off I would like to say not every treat works the same with every dog. I do believe that animals may be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients in treats so the outcome may be different for someone else with their pet. However I have never had an issue with the Greenies dental treats. I prefer the fresh mint for my English bulldog Mocha. She has had them since we brought her home as a puppy and she is now 2. We don't give them to her daily or weekly but every now and then we will get them for her cause they are pricey and she loves them. I would recommend to start off with a piece of one if you're gonna try them with your pet to make sure they don't get diarrhea like the other reviews say to make sure they don't bother your pet. That goes for any treat that you try new. And to also get the right size for your pet. We got a size smaller, Good luck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2017

I am very upset with the company of Greenies. I am convinced that product gave my 1 year old teddy bear vomiting and diarrhea which also led to a GI bleed! It's so upsetting knowing that a product designed as a treat--that is also said to "help" your dog ends up causing so much pain and distress---not to mention cost a fortune! I will never buy another Greenies product and will warn others of the dangers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2017

After reading the horrible reviews on Greenies Dog Treats I felt compelled to share my experience. My pup will be 2 in April and we have given him Greenies since he was 6 months old without a single problem. First I would like to point out that I have never tried the pill pockets or any cat treats. We have used the original Greenies for dogs, grain free, blueberry and fresh mint. They have been nothing but wonderful. Every time we take our dog to the vet they tell us his teeth look perfect and have no plaque buildup after 2 years. I would also like to mention, there are size guidelines on which Greenies you should give to your dog based on size. They recommend not giving them more than one per day but I would introduce them slowly if your dog has never had them before.

I would also recommend if your dog has grain free food or any allergies to get them the grain free version because our dog is also grain free and if we aren't able to find the grain free version we will get the regular. It doesn't hurt him since it's not his actual food but he does get some gas from it. Overall a wonderful product and has never caused our dog any problems. They're a bit pricey but they are worth it considering I can still let my pup lick me without holding my breath.

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40 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2016

Here's my Greenies story. I decided to try Greenies duck & pea pill pockets. My dog takes pills four times a day for her heart. What a mistake! Day two of pure diarrhea! She feels horrible. This is the only thing that I added different in her diet for the past 8 years. I feel sure this is the problem. This will be the last time I will use Greenies anything! Looks like a vet visit is in our near future!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 25, 2016

I bought the Greenies dental treats for my two cats. They both have been throwing up for 5 days!! Green slime and blood in puke. These treats went straight in the garbage. This company disgusts me!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2016

I gave Tanner, my 3-year old lab mix one little Greenies today, regretfully. He's lying on me now, stomach making all kinds of ruckus. I pray he's okay! Never Again and I'll advise everyone I know to Never, Never, Never give this product to their animals!!!

35 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2016

I recently decided to step up my dog's dental care. Thought Greenies would help. Gave him his first one last night. He gobbled it up. He is very small, 5 pounds, and uses a wee wee pad. I have spent all morning today cleaning up after a lot of diarrhea, some with blood in it. Then I went online and saw all the negative reviews. NEVER AGAIN. Very ticked that his health was put at risk over this clearly dubious product.

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Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

First time giving my dog (lab) this Greenies pill pocket and 3 days later she will not stop drooling!! Laying on the couch sleeping and there's a pool under her. NEVER happened before until I gave her leaves!! EFFF them never again! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Make your own. It's healthier and it will help you and your pet in the long run (vet bills)... which I did. I threw the bag away after this and started making my own. Up to you guys. Take my advice or leave it. I already went through my vet bills. Guess I really love my dog!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2016

I have a beautiful healthy active Pomeranian a few years ago. When she was 3, in the afternoon I fed her one of the teenie greenies, that night she seemed off. I could tell she wasn't feeling well. First thing the next morning she threw up. It was full of undigested bits of the greenie. Then she pooped green slim and then she started crying and circling and laying down and getting up to circle some more. Fearing impaction I took her straight to the vet. They did an Xray and thank God there was no impaction but her whole stomach and digestive tract was inflamed! She cried and was in horrible pain!

I had a $250 vet bill and my sweet puppy kept looking at me desperate for me to stop her pain! I felt so helpless! She threw up and pooped green for most of the day. And even when that stopped she kept crying and was obviously hurting! It took several days for her to pull through that and then she began acting like she was going into kidney failure!! I nursed her through that with some herbal help and lots of prayers! Thank God she pulled through!

I am furious with this company because as I began researching to see if anyone else has had this problem I'm finding that many people have lost their pets after feeding this product! Not just impaction but Kidney failure and liver failure! Dogs who like mine were perfectly healthy before being given this "treat" I know they are aware of it (it seems to be primarily small dogs that are having these issues) because they have had to pay for some of the vet bills yet they continue to market to them! I tried to Pursue getting them to pay my vet bill and they tried to say it was because she was in heat! She had never done it before or since!! This was clearly due to the greenie! This is company irresponsible and criminal! I want to warn people about the product and this company's Complete lack of reasonable care for the danger their product presents to our pets!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

I've been trying to figure out why my dog got immediate diarrhea the other night after eating a Greenie and has been sick ever since. I didn't connect it to the Greenie, but finally decided to start googling. We just thought it'd be a tasty treat when we were perusing the health food pet store on Sunday night while waiting for a table at a nearby restaurant, so we bought one and gave it to him. He devoured it immediately. And almost as immediately as the last crumb had been eaten off the floor, he had terrible diarrhea. That was Sunday night. It's now Wednesday night. We have awoken every morning to him and his crate covered in **. He has probably had six baths since then, as it gets in his hair. Poor baby goes out to the lawn and strains and strains and strains for fifteen minutes at a time.

Finally tonight I followed him out and picked through the diarrhea and found a rubber looking bit. I brought it in and rinsed it off and played with it. Sure enough, it was a Greenie bit. Now, he ate a big Greenie. So good Lord how much more of that is stuck in his digestive tract?? :( :( :( This morning, we awoke to him yelping and shrieking. So it's causing him a lot of pain. Tonight when I picked the Greenie bit out, I'm pretty sure he had more stuck in his rectum because he started scooting and barking a little.

My poor sweet baby. He is the cutest. He is a red sable border collie puppy - so fluffy and cute and playful. He is extra fluffy now with all the baths. Still playful, so it's not killing him yet. But now I'm freaking out because I know there is a LOT of Greenie in him, and we're going on four days of straining for 20 mins at a time, barely anything coming out. BUYER BEWARE! Only give your dog a little bit to see how he/she handles it -- or just skip it all together. Why do they even need freaking Greenies??

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2016

My 11 year old chihuahua had a greenie and immediately after he was having really bad diarrhea and he wouldn't lie down or sit. It is the second time this happens after he's had a greenie. I will not buy these anymore and I don't recommend anyone buy them either. After two days my chi is still acting weird and having trouble sleeping and he doesn't want to drink water. I am super scared and hope this passes soon. Hate to see him like this. I don't want anyone to contact me and I'm not placing a complaint at this time. I am just providing a review.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

So we never before bought these treats. However one of our dogs got into some really nasty smelling stuff and we wanted to get her breath fresher. The treats were bought for a 12 year old lab mix but since our 12 year old Australian Cattle dog was with her at the time he got one as well. This is the only thing he was given that can account for what happened next (no rat poison in the house, no spoiled anything around and no he did not get into that nasty smelling stuff with the other dog). This treat was given to him around 7:00 PM, the next morning we found him in the fenced in back yard, that is open to him through a hatch in the house wall, very unresponsive and it was highly unusual for him to be in the back yard by himself.

We had to go to work but when we came home that day he was still in the exact same spot and was now completely lethargic and drooling slightly. He was taken to the vet at that point, he had to be carried in, during the exam it was found that he had blood in his stool (he soiled himself) and they put him on an IV and started him on fluids. The next morning he still had blood in his stool and he was vomiting blood. Good thing he was in the Animal Hospital or I think he would have died. He fortunately improved and he could come home that late afternoon. He never ever had Greenies before and most definitively will never get them again. Now the other dog they were originally bought for was just fine and yes her breath was a lot better. It seems to me by reading the other reviews that giving your dog or cat Greenies is like playing Russian roulette with your pets live.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2016

The only reason I didn't write this product as a one star, is because it actually worked the first time I used it. Like many other reviewers, I have several pets (cats). Last night, I tried to give one of my cats Pepcid inside the pill pocket. She refused to eat it. So, I removed the pill and gave it to her, then attempted to give the empty pocket as a treat to one of my other cats. He ate it before we all went to bed around 9:30 in the evening. By about 5:45 this morning, I awoke to hearing him throwing up. He threw up approximately seven times in about a half hour timeframe. It started with his partially digested dinner, and he kept throwing up until it was just brown bile. I was mortified! Shortly thereafter, he used the litter box, and drank some water. Fortunately, he has been fine ever since. (He's otherwise healthy, and only almost two years old. I think this factored greatly into his speedy recovery.)

As this all occurred before regular hours for my local vet, I tried looking up a prognosis online. I quickly found all of these reviews, which confirmed my suspicion that the pill pocket had made him sick. The only reason I thought it was safe to give to him in the first place, was because I saw my vet give an empty pocket to one of my cats on a recent visit. And, it was a pill pocket for dogs no less! As mentioned, I am very fortunate that my baby boy is okay. However, I believe Greenies can avoid a lot of these issues, if they would simply put an extra warning label on the package: only use when administering medication. Please exercise caution when using this product. As for me, I will be returning the leftovers, and will not be using it again in the future. Consumer beware!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2016

My little Blue Chi had very bad breath but his teeth were fine. Vet could not find anything that was causing it! My neighbor brought him a Greenies and he loves them and it's the only treat he will touch. I have wasted so much money on all the other name brands and he would not touch them. But oh he loves his Greenies and his breath smells great now and he has not been sick or lost any weight while being on them! I am on a fixed income but my little man will have his Greenies regardless! Oh and my neighbor's little Chi loves them too, both are 8 years old and very healthy!

23 people found this review helpful

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Nutro Natural Choice, a subsidiary of the Mars corporation, owns GREENIES. Nutro has been in business since 1926, and Mars has been in the pet care industry since 1939. GREENIES manufactures dog treats with health benefits.

  • Dental Chews: GREENIES Dental Chews meet the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s standards for effectiveness to control plaque and tartar. The treats come in multiple sizes and flavors.

  • Pill Pockets: GREENIES Pill Pockets have a pouch that allows consumers to hide pills inside the treat to make it easier to give dogs medication. The treats are available in multiple flavors.

  • Nutrition information: Consumers can visit the GREENIES website to see the full nutrition information for all the company’s products. They can also view feeding guidelines for products.

  • Availability: Consumers can purchase GREENIES products at a wide variety of local and online retailers as well as in many veterinarians’ offices. A full list of retailers is available on the company’s website.

  • American made: GREENIES manufactures some treats in the United States. Ingredients for the pill pockets are sourced from the United States and Canada.

  • Best for: GREENIES are best for pet owners concerned about their dog’s oral health and/or those who need to give their dog medication.

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