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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation
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    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers one type of plan, which keeps the application process simple for customers who need standard coverage. Customers can submit claims online or using the company's mobile app, and it responds to 99 percent of claims within two days.


    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance makes understanding coverage simple. Healthy Paws only offers one plan, which makes it slightly limiting. However, its mobile app makes the application and claims process simple.


    • Fast processing
    • No caps on payouts
    • Mobile app
    • Easy-to-understand plan


    • 15-day waiting period
    • Only one plan

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    Rated with 5 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer

    My chihuahua terrier completely tore his ACL and the surgery was complicated and costly. ... Luckily, Lucas had been serviced by Healthy Paws and ... I ended up paying only $500 for my dog's pre-surgery consult, surgery and post-surgery check! Overall wonderful service.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer

    When our dog unfortunately had back surgery to fix a herniated disc, [the claim] was handled smoothly and quickly. Thanks to Healthy Paws, we were compensated within a fair time frame. This interaction after 3+ years of premium made me feel great about the decision to go with this provider.

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        How does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance work?

        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance helps customers cover the cost of unexpected medical expenses for their pets for a monthly price starting at around $15 for cats and $20 for dogs. Customers can go to the company's website or use its pet insurance app to apply for coverage and submit claims. The company processes 99% of claims within two days. Once approved, your pet's coverage starts after a 15-day waiting period.

        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance plans

        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers one straightforward plan that covers up to 90% of the bill for accidents, illnesses and emergency care. Healthy Paws doesn't put a cap on lifetime, annual or per-incident claim payouts. The plan doesn't cover preexisting conditions, but this is typical of most pet insurance carriers.

        For cat and dog plans, Healthy Paws covers* the following:

        • Illnesses
        • Accidents
        • Hereditary conditions
        • Congenital conditions
        • Chronic conditions
        • Cancer
        • Diagnostic treatment
        • X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds
        • Surgery
        • Hospitalization
        • Prescription medications
        • Emergency care
        • Specialty care
        • Alternative treatment

        *Not applicable for preexisting conditions.

        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance cost

        The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance cost for monthly premiums starts at $15 for cats and $20 for dogs, but the average monthly premium is around $30. Healthy Paws reimburses up to 90% of your bill and provides three deductible options: $100, $250 or $500. The main factors that determine your pet insurance rates are where you live, your plan's deductible, the type of animal you're insuring and its age and breed.

        Before your pet receives coverage, it must be examined to determine your overall cost and to screen for preexisting conditions.

        Healthy Paws FAQ

        Does Healthy Paws cover medications?
        Yes, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers the cost of prescription medications. It does not cover the cost of medications for behavioral modifications.
        How do I make a claim with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance?
        Customers can submit their Healthy Paws Pet Insurance claim form via email, fax or mail. They can also upload their paid invoice online or fill out the claim form on their smartphones by using the company's mobile app.
        Does Healthy Paws cover allergies?
        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance helps cover the cost of allergies if the symptoms were not present during enrollment.
        Does Healthy Paws cover blood work?
        Yes, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers blood tests when prescribed by a veterinarian.

        Is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance good?

        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is an excellent option for people who want a simple, no-hassle pet insurance policy. The company has a fast and simple claims process, and its plan leaves little room for confusion when it comes to coverage and how to file a claim. The lack of options may deter some customers, but Healthy Paws' single plan is a fine option for most pet owners.

        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation Reviews

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        How do I know I can trust these reviews about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation?
        How do I know I can trust these reviews about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation?
        • 2,433,504 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
        • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
        • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
        • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.

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        Rated with 4 stars
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Jan. 13, 2020

        I am writing to pat this insurance company on the back. What would I do without you? It was the most horrendous year of my life, and without Healthy Paws, I would really be up a creek. In Nov. 2019, my 6 year old dog, Polly, was diagnosed with IVDD and had extensive tests. Sadly, after working with her for several weeks, she was making no progress and had to be put down. That was SO hard, and HP came in to help with the lion's share of my bills.

        Not much later, I got another small dog so that my more senior dachshund/terrier wouldn't be lonely. This sweet little dog and my older girl were in dog crates in the back of my car on the way to a happy day at the dog park. The day was cut short when someone ran a red light and plowed into the right rear quarter panel of my car. The little pup wasn't covered, and though we tried valiantly to save her, she sustained too many injuries to survive. My older girl was in ICU for a week and had her spleen removed... most of which HP paid for. I would not have been able to do all I did for my surviving dog without HP. It took a while to take on another dog... I was in mourning for quite some time after the wreck, but I did get a new girl finally, Abby. I made sure she was covered by HP!

        After a month or so, we noticed she was losing weight drastically. After several tests, it turned out she wasn't producing enough Pancreatic enzymes. She's now on medication that she'll need the rest of her life, and once again... Thanks to HP I can take proper care of her. More recently, my older girl was diagnosed with a ruptured salivary gland. You guessed it - more tests and surgery!

        So, for the past year and a half, Healthy Paws has been like an invisible friend that helps my pups when the chips are down. They pay quickly and rarely flinch when I turn in my paperwork. They will always be my insurance company of choice! I dinged them one star for the $500 deductible and for not covering office visits. But, gosh... just wanted to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being there for us. It's been the worst year and a half of my life and could have been so much worse!

        11 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Dec. 26, 2019

        We had a great experience with Healthy Paws. One morning our cat Harry wasn't moving. He hadn't been eating or drinking for a couple of days. That started a process of contacting our vet, taking Harry to the Emergency room, getting some treatment and tests, back to the Vet, and into a multi-day stay in the Hospital, with Vet followups. During that time it appeared in initial tests he might have cancer, which scared us silly. It turned out not to be cancer, and Harry finally did get better. Needless to say though, before we knew it, the bills for the tests, vet stays, etc. skyrocketed and caused havoc with our budget. Healthy Paws was wonderful in working with us, and while everything wasn't covered a big chunk of it was. We are incredibly grateful.

        3 people found this review helpful

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          Rated with 5 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 12, 2019

          Nothing but great experiences with this insurance company. I was originally with Trupanion and moved to Healthy Paws as it was both cheaper and the policy/coverage was a far better structure. Since moving over we have had a number of visits to the vet and unfortunately an overnight at the emergency pet hospital. Our dog Jura was extremely sick and the team at Healthy Paws really made the claims process so simple. The team reached out following Jura's stay to check in on her and see how she was recovering. It was a really personal touch showing empathy and concern for our beloved family member. I have never experienced any issues in reimbursement of my claims for items within coverage. Wholeheartedly recommend.

          5 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 5 stars
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Sept. 25, 2019

          I’ve had almost nothing but good experiences with Healthy Paws and I want to address some of the complaints in the one star reviews. Firstly, I signed up my puppy, Sammy, two weeks after we got him at four months old. My husband and I had been researching insurance companies and Healthy Paws came up time and time again as the best value for money in terms of cost and reimbursement. This was 2.5 years ago.

          The day I registered Sammy he began exhibiting signs of Parvovirus, and we had to take him to the emergency vet. He was in intensive care and quarantined for 4 days. It was touch and go for a while as to whether he would survive. He made it through and we ended up paying over $3,000 for the treatment. Healthy Paws did not reimburse me and I didn’t file a claim because I read all the terms and conditions. It clearly states that there is a waiting period, and all other limitations are outlined on the website. Anyone who took their pet to the vet within the first few weeks of the waiting period (a waiting period that is perfectly reasonable as to avoid preexisting issues, which the company clearly states it doesn’t cover) and writes that they were shocked at being denied a claim is either illiterate or lying. It clearly states online what is and isn’t covered and in what time period.

          My monthly premium is $31.95. My yearly deductible is $250. And my reimbursement rate is 80%. While I don’t think this is a steal, I think it’s a reasonable price. Compared to other insurance costs and reimbursement levels I think this is one of the best deals out there. I will admit that I haven’t looked into new insurance companies since I signed Sammy up two years ago so it is possible that there is something better out there now, but I haven’t heard about it.

          Do I wish that preexisting conditions were covered? Of course I do, but find me a single pet insurer that covers preexisting conditions and I will pay for your pet’s insurance for the rest of their lives. Do I wish that the cost of the vet visit was covered, sure I do. According to the company it’s so that it can keep its premiums low and offer the higher payout rate. I can suck it up when the vet costs $60, but when you see a specialist or emergency vet the office visit cost is often a lot higher (our emergency vet cost around $200 and dermatologist for Sammy cost around $300).

          There are other things that aren’t covered, but these are clearly laid out online. I think that many other insurance firms have similar limitations (no preexisting conditions, no preventative trips like vaccines and neutering). Two things that they don’t cover that I wish they did (and I don’t know how this compares with other companies) are prescription food and behavioural issues. I understand that things like training would be difficult to cover, but seeing a dog behaviourist and other treatments for anxiety and fear issues is something I believe should be considered on a case by case basis.

          That being said, Healthy Paws has been a lifesaver. Every insurance company has a deductible (for humans and animals alike). I’m not sure why some people felt it was appropriate to give the company 1 star for this when there are literally no other alternatives. No company offers a $0 deductible. I’m our case, Sammy has come down with every illness possible. If your dog swallows something, x-rays will cost you around $500 or more (at my vet in Chicago at least, and they are by no means the most expensive). One incident like that and your deductible is met AND you get 80% of the rest back.

          I disagree with people who say that you’d be better off putting aside $30 a month and covering costs out of pocket. That’s $360 a year and wouldn’t even cover Sammy’s x-rays (which we had to pay for more than once in a year). Blood tests are hundreds of dollars. Travel sickness pills are $70 for 4 pills. Medicated shampoo and medicated mousse or powder for skin issues can run around $50 a bottle. If your pet has any type of skin or food allergy it can cost you thousands of dollars doing food trials, blood tests, x-rays, allergy tests and paying for allergy pills. Trust me, we’ve been through it all.

          If your pup gets an infection or is vomiting from an upset tummy, a course of medication can cost a couple of hundred. Yes, if you have a super healthy pet that never has any accidents and only goes to the vet once a year for vaccines then you’ll probably pay more in premiums than you’ll get back. But if your dog breaks a bone or has to have any kind of testing or operation or (god forbid) gets cancer, the insurance will pay for itself. Yes, you never know and you might not need it but why take the risk if you truly love your pup? What if they need a $3000 operation you can’t afford?

          I can honestly say that without Healthy Paws I’d be bankrupt. I ended up with a sickly pup, but I would recommend this company to everyone. And the reason I was prompted to write such a long review is because last week my card got declined. I made the payment and my account seemed to be active, but yesterday I received a letter saying it would be terminated next month due to non payment. I sent an email to Healthy Paws and got a reply within 12 hours confirming that my account was active. Just to make sure, I called them today and after reading these reviews I was expecting a long wait. Nope, I waited on hold for less than 10 minutes, spoke to a very helpful associate who confirmed all my account details and reassured me that everything was up and running. Perhaps the people waiting for 2 hours are calling on a Sunday morning?

          In terms of the claims, the only time I had an issue was with the very first claim. When I sent the claim I was told they couldn’t pay out without Sammy’s full medical records (that’s understandable). I had the vet send them over. When I tried to go back to the claim I had left it too long and it was “closed.” I am under the impression that they do give you a reasonable amount of time to follow up (I was a bit slow and looked into it again two months later).

          Instead of giving up and writing a bad review, I resubmitted the claim. They again told me that they needed medical records so this time I emailed the medical records and claim directly to them. I received a check in the mail within a couple of weeks. I then changed my reimbursement method to direct debit. Since then, I’ve used the app to submit all claims and never had an issue. I’ve submitted about 10 claims in one go (from the previous 12 months) and never had an issue. The direct deposits appear within 2 weeks every time. Whenever I’ve had a query I’ve simply emailed and they’ve been very quick to respond.

          As someone who has claimed thousands of dollars in medical bills, I have NEVER had an issue with non payment. I feel like I am uniquely qualified to write this review as in his second year Sammy was at the vet every month. Now we’ve figured out his allergies and while I wish that Healthy Paws covered some prescription food, we have to pay $100 in injections every month. Getting $80 of that back every month is a lifesaver.

          TOO LONG DIDN’T READ: I would 100% recommend this company. I feel like most of the bad reviews are user error and a lack of understanding on how insurance companies are. I doubt you will find a better value for money insurer. I especially love the ease of submitting claims through the app by taking a picture of the receipt, and getting a reimbursement the next week. If you can find a better insurance company for pets, I will eat my hat.

          67 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Sept. 9, 2020

          If I could give 0 stars, I would. They bait you in the first years and then increase their prices unreasonably year over year, claiming that it's reflecting costs. How could the cost of running healthcare for cats increase by 85% over 3 years? It makes no sense, that's just baiting customers and then price gouging.

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          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Aug. 4, 2020

          Every year, HP raises my premium, which is not unexpected, but the increases are obscenely steep, and just keep getting steeper. It started with a 20% increase, then 30%... and 4 years into our policies (2 dogs), we now have a 60% increase for each policy. It becomes prohibitively expensive. It is true that they never change your coverage amounts, but they increase your premium until you have no choice but to decrease your coverage and/or increase your deductible to bring the premium down to a more manageable amount. It’s clearly a strategy.

          Of course, there will come a point that it will not be affordable at all, which is their goal. By that time, they don’t want to cover your pet any longer, because it’s older and presents a high risk for them. So, they get to brag that they will never reduce your pet’s coverage, or increase your deductible due to age, because they don’ do, because you can’t afford it otherwise. Incredibly disingenuous advertising. It’s true that HP has great coverage, and in my experience, they pay quickly, but none of that matters if you can’t afford the policy because they’ve forced you out.

          17 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: July 18, 2020

          Over a 5 year period my premiums for 2 labs went up 200% with 2 claim between them. One was recent and I had to appeal claim to get blood work covered that was ordered for a protein issue. They base your deductible on your percentage of coverage: ie a $500 claim does not totally apply to your deductible, only 90% does (if that is your coverage) or $450 of the $500. They charge your premium the day before which is fine unless you are canceling coverage which I did.

          Supervisor asked me to wait 7-10 business days for refund of $155.75 (that is what my premium was up to for 2 dogs). He gave me his personal email. I sent numerous emails and did not hear back from him. Responses came from info@healthypaws... I waited a month! He wouldn't contact me and the 2nd supervisor said they were working on it! Had to dispute charges on my CC. Would not recommend for coverage! Lots of options out there for your pet's insurance. Do your homework before signing up!

          13 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: July 1, 2020

          I was a customer for a couple years. This past year with filing claims, the company has been increasingly difficult to deal with and now are not covering expenses which are covered by the plan. I submitted a claim for my dog with a urinary tract infection and as part of the illness visit, the vet ordered basic labs. Healthy Paws refused to cover the labwork citing they don't cover "wellness/ preventative labs". I noted that these were not preventative labs but ordered due to an acute illness. But healthy paws didn't budge stating this was what they determined. So for a 350 dollar vet bill I only received 80 dollars.... I wouldn't care that much but to deny coverage for labwork that should be included is terrible.

          When I contacted them they could not care less and just gave a rote response "It was deemed by the insurance adjuster this was not covered" and if I wanted to appeal it I would have to bother my vet to write a letter discussing why they ordered the labwork.. I dread the time when I'll submit a claim for an actual large amount given they are nickel and diming over such petty amounts. (I already pay $600/year in insurance premiums.) I would strongly recommend another pet insurance carrier that honors their coverage. Expensive premiums, minimal coverage and unfortunately they won't even cover expenses they claim they will.

          23 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: June 7, 2020

          The claims are paid fast, but they raise their prices way too much every year. My policy just got an increase of $80 per month with the same ridiculous excuse every year “Your premium is going up because the increase in claim payments have been faster than the previous premium increases in your state. As a result, we need to increase the premium so you and your pets can continue to have your choice of the best veterinary care." I do not recommend them.

          29 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: May 26, 2020

          When you get quotes from pet insurance companies Healthy Paws will stand out and look affordable and like it's the best deal you can get. Policies can start at $35+/month. What they don't explain or state anywhere is how much that premium will increase year over year. How convenient. In your second year your premium will increase 15%-20%. So factor that into your math when you look at getting the policy with them in the first place. As others have stated they won't even notify you that this increase has taken place. You will just see that higher number charged to your card without warning. My plan increased by 16% and this is only my second year with Healthy Paws. Can't imagine how much it will increase next year.

          Again, as I've read in other reviews here, when you ask them they will respond with a canned answer that the premium increase is because of the state you're in or that pet policies in general are "getting more expensive." It's seriously a bunch of BS. Just an excuse to steal your money. Deceptive company who doesn't care about your pets. They just care about getting your money and tricking you. They get you in on an "affordable" number/cost, then gauge you every year after that. Here's an example of what this insurance would cost over a 10-year period, based on a premium of $51 (90% reimbursement), + an increase of 15%/year And that is likely on the very low end of what your actual increase will be. It could be an increase of 20% every year based on the other reviews I've seen here.

          Monthly cost + 15% increase
          Year 1 $51.00
          Year 2 $58.65
          Year 3 $67.45
          Year 4 $77.56
          Year 5 $89.20
          Year 6 $102.58
          Year 7 $117.97
          Year 8 $135.66
          Year 9 $156.01

          Year 10 $179.41

          Annual cost + 15% increase
          Year 1 $612.00
          Year 2 $703.80
          Year 3 $809.37
          Year 4 $930.78
          Year 5 $1,070.39
          Year 6 $1,230.95
          Year 7 $1,415.59
          Year 8 $1,627.93
          Year 9 $1,872.12

          Year 10 $2,152.94

          Lifetime cost: $12,425.88. TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. That's $12k that could go towards any accident that you are worried will happen during your pet's lifetime. Be informed and don't trust Healthy Paws and their BS.

          44 people found this review helpful

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