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I placed an order of Frontline Plus from Budgetpetcare. Recently I observed that fleas in our area are becoming immune to it. I called up the customer care team and they took the remaining packs back and delivered Advantage II on my request. They did not charge anything for return and reshipping. I am happy with their service. Keep up the good work guys!

Doesn't matter how inexpensive or how the service is if the product doesn't work. You cannot trust this company. We ordered Frontline Plus from Budget Pet Care 3 years ago and while it was a good price, the product was ineffective at stopping fleas or ticks. The same product purchased from known US suppliers works as advertised. We will never purchase from BudgetPetCare again. We cannot trust what that deliver to be what it is supposed to be and you shouldn't either.

On 9/26/16 I ordered Frontline Plus for my cats. On 10/5/16 I was sent an email that my order was cancelled and I was given a credit for my purchase. There was no explanation why my order was cancelled. Now after waiting 9 days I have to search and order from a different company. The customer service of this company is poor at best.

I am a retired colonel trying to lead a peaceful life with my furry pals. With age, I have started moving quite less out of the house. Usually I shop for pet care supplies from a nearby pet store in my vicinity. Since I am not so tech savvy I used to find it very difficult to purchase the products from online. But since the pet store in my locality closed down abruptly I had no other option but to search for other avenues to get pet care supplies. One of my friends suggested me to try online stores. I browsed on Google and saw this company. They were providing branded pet care supplies at a competitive price. I also found the colors used on the store quite soothing for a 70 year old guy.

The entire shopping experience was fantastic starting from a wide array of branded pet products in display, the swift checkout process and the deal breaker no shipping charge on the order. The products were delivered within 10 days from the date of order and needless to say they were in excellent condition. Now I have decided to purchase pet care supplies from this company. They are providing the products with above par services and I am very happy with it.

I am a 55 year old retired army officer having two dogs and a cat. Since, I get a limited pension it becomes very imperative to get pet care supplies for my furry pals at a price that does not hurt my pockets. While browsing through the internet I learned about this company. I was amazed to see the cost-effective prices of branded products at this shopping destination. But still I was a bit circumspect as the prices were extremely affordable. Hence, I called their customer service representatives who assured me that the order product will arrive very shortly.

As suggested, I did receive the products shortly in an excellent packaging. Since then I have been purchasing pet care supplies from this company. My pets have never had any side-effects after application of the products. These guys are doing a fantastic job. I just hope that they continue providing the pet products at an affordable price with zero shipping charges.

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Ordered Frontline for cats. Lasted half the time as US made product. Worse I am now bombarded by emails from them. Asked Customer Service to stop. They responded that they would but the emails continue on. Can't trust this company.

Had a great time shopping at this online shopping destination!!! There is an extensive range of branded pet products available at the e-commerce store and prices of the products is fantastic which made me purchase several other products on top of the usual ones I get for my doggy. It was a great experience and needless to say I received the products well on time in excellent conditions. These guys are doing a great job. Just hope that they do not change their pricing policy because it is fantastic for pet owners like me!!!

I was a little concerned when I saw that the order was being processed in Mauritania and originated in South Africa. However, my order of Revolution for cats arrived within 2 weeks and seems to be working fine. For my area, the price of $62.45 for six doses is a fantastic bargain.

I have been ordering Frontline Plus from Budget Pet Care for both my large and small dogs for over five years. Since using this product I have not had a recurrence of fleas on any of my dogs. The company has been excellent! Ordering, payment and receiving the product have all been easy and accurate. The prices are much lower than purchasing from a veterinarian. I will continue to use this company for many years.

They do not disclose that they are located in England so when you place an order, you will be charged a "Foreign Transaction Fee" by your bank. They bulk ship orders so you won't receive or be able to obtain a tracking number. It will take about three weeks or more for your order to arrive ("10 to 15 business days" after the order ships). I hope my order arrives as it's now been 11 business days. You'll have a hard time contacting them by email or phone. Took me three emails and four phone calls to get an answer to my shipping question.

I have ordered from Budget Pet World and my experience has always been a positive one. Not sure why others have had problems, but I have not had any. I realize delivery may take longer due to them being located in Canada, but that has never been an issue either. I just placed another order with them and I will update this review if my experience changes with this online pet product supplier.

I have been ordering from this company for over 4 years and have never had any problems. The products, Frontline Plus/Combo are exactly the same as the US branded counterparts. All are manufactured by Merial. The pricing is the lowest anywhere. I have signed up for email coupons and this makes it even more affordable. I highly recommend this company for pet supplies.

I have been doing business with Budget Pet Care for many years. They are affordable, easy to use, great discounts, and have the brands I need. I also like the free shipping. I have researched other pet care companies, and this one is the best.

I have been a customer for several years and I have never had a problem. Their customer service is excellent, the prices are good and I always receive the products quickly. I rely on BudgetPetCare.com for all my flea control needs.

BudgetPetCare has won my business and the reason for this is because of value and service: I get Frontline Plus for my dogs with minimum ordering effort online and at the best price I've seen in stores and through other online companies.

I was startled to read some of the negative reviews because my experience with the company has been positive: timely delivery and competitive prices for Frontline. While that's important in general, it's essential when you have four flea-hating dogs. What's not to love?

I have been a customer for approx 5 years. Very satisfied with product, price and delivery. Even though it comes from Canada the product arrives faster than some US shippers, but it does take a week or so to arrive. I am a very satisfied customer, thank you BudgetPetCare!

I ordered flea medicine for my cat. It never arrived so I telephoned area code (347) ** to report having not received the order. A male explained it was coming from the UK and was delayed. This was after 3 weeks. To date, I have not received the medicine. I did receive a credit which I insisted on getting. Today, a male representing himself as an agent from BudgetPetCare phoned my office. I explained he was calling my office. However, he insisted on speaking and kept badgering me despite my complaint. I hung up the phone.

He phoned me back immediately insisting he speak with me. I told him emphatically never to call my office again. He said he was only doing his job. I pleaded for him to stop calling me and I hung up. He phoned again and again. I informed our investigating division that takes this matter quite seriously. 0 tolerance for solicitors. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE ANY BUSINESS DEALINGS WITH THIS COMPANY. They do not perform and their USA service reps are beyond disgraceful.

If you haven't ordered from this company don't. I wasn't smart enough to look at the reviews until I got a foreign currency exchange charge on my credit card and the product took forever to arrive. I didn't get want I ordered. The book doesn't look like the product being sold on amazon or other sites. I am not putting it on my cat. I ordered Frontline Plus and got Frontline combo for cats and ferrets! I never do reviews but this was a scam as far as I am concerned. Don't give them your money. Thanks.

It has been a couple of years since I have been shopping dog supplies from Budget Pet Care and every time I am amazed with the shipping time and the quality of the products. The pet store comes up with amazing discounts on pet supplies by offering coupons that invariably make the prices of the products even less. On a rare occasion I had a problem with the non-delivery of a product, but that was due to the fact that there was a blizzard and it seems that the product was lost. I contacted their customer service guys and informed them about the delay. They duly reshipped the product, and also gave me a further discount of 5% for the inconvenience caused!! Very happy to be a proud customer of this wonderful pet store!!

Be sure to take your time and read all reviews! It's not hard to see the company is writing false reviews to keep their score up. I live in the country and we're loaded with fleas and not just any ticks. We've got the nasty deer tick with Lyme disease. FRONTLINE Plus from the vet works perfectly, no problems. I purchased their whacked out counterfeit watered down poison and 2 cats are throwing up. I've heard stories about cats getting ill, coming down with diabetes and I'm so sorry I bought from this company. Bathing my cats a few times a day in hopes of getting WHATEVER was in the package off them. I wish there was an antidote. It's in their bloodstream now and my heart is broken. I let my best friends down so I could save a few bucks. I enjoyed reading the other reviews the company itself wrote. There's 2 things all those reviews have in common... I won't say cause they'll change it up! Be smart, beware, don't shop at BudgetPetCare!!!

It has been over a year since I have been purchasing pet care supplies from this online store and I have nothing negative to say about. The prices offered by the store are unbeatable and the delivery is on time. It has been a pleasure shopping for my pets from this great shopping destination. Highly recommended!!

I have had superlative experience of dealing with BudgetPetCare. The pet products that I have bought have been of excellent quality at a price which does not hurt my pocket. I have been the customer of this pet supplies store since the year 2010 and ever since, not even once have I ever been disappointed by their customer service. Whenever I call them, the customer representatives genuinely try to assist me. The no shipping cost clause makes the purchase even more enticing. It is a perfect example of how a pet care supplies store should be run in the USA.

Having a bad experience with one of the online pet stores, I had decided never to turn online for my pet products. But, recently my girlfriend came up with budget pet care online store when searching for authentic online stores. Just for a trial we ordered Heartgard plus and waited for the delivery. Within few days we received our pack which was properly packed and on unwrapping the product was really authentic. The major benefit was its cheap rates and free shipping policy which has amazed me a lot. Thanks to my girlfriend as well as BudgetPetCare for giving good experience.

Usually many pet supplies online stores boost about their free shipping policy. But, whenever we check out from the kart for payment there are those hidden charges on free shipping. It is really shameful. I hate this. But, my experience with BudgetPetCare has been totally different. I ordered Activyl for dogs and Advantage for cats and while checking out through payment, what I found that there were no other charges except the price of the products. No shipping charges and I am really happy that I got all my order with free shipping!!!

I regularly order from BudgetPetCare.com and never had any problem until my last order arrived. I had ordered Frontline Plus for my dog but the pipette inside was damaged and leaking. I immediately called their customer care service and the guy that handled my complaint was unexpectedly supportive. He did not even try to put the blame on me and began the replacement procedure instantly. They were in touch with me until I received my order which seemed really unusual to me. They have a great team, super cheap prices and reliable products! I would suggest BudgetPetCare.com to anyone I can!

I recently enrolled my dog for canine fun center where he enjoys a lot. In spite of using a preventive I saw fleas on my dog's body and that really worried me. One of the dog's parents suggested me to buy K9 Advantix and said that it also repels insects and that she always uses that. She also said that she buys it from BudgetPetCare. I thought why not try it! Well, it was a wonderful shopping experience. There was a discount of 5% and plus there was a special offer on that product. I got 2 doses free and also free shipping. I just applied the second dose on my pooch today and then wrote this review. So there are no fleas anymore and now my pooch is protected for ticks too, got 2 free doses, discount and free shipping on my last month's purchase. I totally recommend BudgetPetCare if you want to save bucks!

I am always skeptical when buying any flea and tick product online. Afraid of getting fake products. Unless one of my friends from our dog club recommended me BudgetPetCare for buying Frontline Plus. After getting the product and finding that it is working effectively, I am totally relaxed now. There are many stores that sell fake pet products. However, my experience is best with this site and happy that I can get authentic pet supplies. I am ready to put my next order now. Thanks!!

I placed my first order at BudgetPetCare before more than a week. Their prices were really cheap which made me doubt on them but I ordered anyway, you know for saving bucks. I really had to keep my hopes low and was really expecting a blow. But I have to admit that it was not what I thought. I received my order after week and the box seemed fine (as they showed on the site). The tablet worked fine on my pooch. I may keep buying from them as long as they keep their rates and service this convenient.

I ordered Advantage for Cats for cats under 9 lbs. and over 9 lbs. I received Advantage for Cats and Dogs under 4 mg. The other package was what I ordered. The pictures of the products are different than the product they send you but the invoice says what you ordered. Called customer service but gentlemen was difficult to understand because of his poor English. I will not order from this company again and wished I had read the reviews before ordering from them. There are other low cost companies online that I have used before that are better than this company.

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