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We initially had our 2 pets covered through Purina, which after a year or 2 sold off great coverage and premium. Sold the policies to 24PetWatch. Within 3 years, 24PetWatch contracted 3 underwriters. With each new underwriter and new policy year came an annual premium increase, which was fairly manageable... until the 3rd underwriter and 3rd year renewal with 24PetWatch. In the 3rd year, they decided to increase the premium for each pet by 100% and that's simply wrong but they do not care. Who knows what the percentage increase will be next year given that pet insurance isn't regulated it seems (the insurance commission is completely powerless). We either pay up or go without insurance because of (now) pre-existing conditions on both pets. They know we're at their mercy.

Very disappointed in this company. Claims take months to be processed unlike my previous company. I recently discovered that none of my claims for 2016 submitted by two different doctors for two different dogs had been logged on my portal. I called to discover that they mysteriously did not arrive at the company! I then had to resend everything and start over in line for them to be processed. It's October and I'm still waiting. There was NO explanation or answer for why this happened and there was no accommodation for me, the customer who pays monthly for my two dogs. If one of my dogs didn't have a heart condition I would change to another insurance without hesitation.

This is my second year dealing with 24PetWatch insurance. Last year they kept delaying and delaying my reimbursement. Phone hold times were half hour 45 minutes. Excuses were that they were behind short-staffed and apparently in Canada. They finally paid a claim that they said they were paying me even though they weren't supposed to but they were not going to take it back not sure where that all came from but that was disturbing. Now from their visits August 2016 and a couple visits there after in August I'm still waiting for reimbursement on about seven claims. I have yet to receive any money back. They are pathetic unorganized crooked company that holds claims with more excuses on how many channels it has to go through. Disgusted and not sure what I can do HELP!

24PetWatch is a scam. I've been with them for over 12 years and have not asked them for 1 dime and they never ever answer the phone unless you want insurance and then they find out it's something else they put you on hold and never come back. Send me a letter stating that my insurance was coming to an end after the end date and been calling them no answer. When I did get an answer they tell me my new insurance is going from 12.95 to 36.00 a month. My dog is now 11 years old. Who's going to insure my pet and she only had accident only. Something should be done. I love my pet as she was my child. How can we do something about this? It's wrong. I'm in tears. She's always been a healthy dog. Now she's older I might really need the insurance now but I'm not getting it from them. No stars for me.

They have terrible customer service and appear to be a scam. For the last three months, they have the same phone recording about changing their call center and that they are updating, but haven't and remain with very long wait times. Their employees were unable to help in any way. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I notified my veterinarian about this company, and they do not recommend it. Said they will be sure to warn all their customers against this company and removed this company's brochures in their waiting area. I am also in process of notifying the California Attorney General's office as this appears to be an insurance scam.

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I have been trying to contact this company on my claim for months now, and every email or online reply is to call them, which puts you on hold for at least 1/2 hour, or that is as long as I waited anyway. This company is a scam. Glad I dropped coverage early on. Wish we could rate them ZERO!

I have been waiting forever on two claims, one I submitted in June and another one September 1st. They must have only one person working there. They take 45 minutes to an hour to pick up the phone. I dread calling them! I am waiting to see if they are going to cover my claims that I submitted, if they give me any beef, I am SO out of there! They suck!

I am so furious with this company. Not only are they impossible to get a hold of (wait times to speak to them on the phone over 45 minutes), even when you do get a hold of them they really aren't helpful. My dog passed away mid-July 2016, I have had a policy with them for over 7 years. I submitted the claims including the euthanasia for $1,600. I received an email yesterday saying my claim was completed, amount to be paid $200. I am covered for up to $3,000 annually. Not to mention it's September 13, 2016... Now I'm on hold again for 30 more minutes to try and solve this... I am already heartbroken dealing with my dog's death, now I have to fight with them to get the money owed to me about it. Do not get a policy with them.

Submitted a claim on May 19 2016. I have called every month, there is no option on the phone to talk to customer service. After 30 minute and several targeted phone routing or waste of my time someone tells me that they are updating the website. The claims are slow. I cannot, under any circumstances, recommend this company. They have taken my premiums each month, but will not, apparently, accept a claim.

After many years of paying premiums, my 12 year old dog had to be put to sleep. I have been trying without success to file a claim online. Each time I try to put in my pet's "condition" it removes it and tells me the information is required. Yesterday, I called twice and each time I hung up after being on hold for 40 minutes. I cannot, under any circumstances, recommend this company. They have taken my premiums each month, but will not, apparently, accept a claim.

Adopted a shelter pet on May 3, confirmed gift policy May 6, clean bill of health for dog May 6, ended up in ER Vet May 8. Pet almost died from dual issues: canine herpes and pneumonia. After 3 prior reasons given why they wouldn't cover the $750 of a $2390 bill (happened prior to permanent policy (was under gift one though), a part of receipt covered the name on the paper, not enough info on 20 pieces of vet paperwork), I'm being told pneumonia is an excluded URI under gift policy. Kennel cough would have been covered. But it would have had to occur after I brought him home, not before when he was at the kennel. Really think under a short policy that kennel cough may not be relevant to being in a shelter and could therefore be denied?

Wait times for service on claims is always greater than 8 min. Longest was 20 then I hung up. I tweeted them because Chat wasn't available as normal. Got a reply telling me how to get reassessed, then they sent me wrong form. This is a bait and switch - "we cover ALL THIS, but we in little tiny print, don't cover any illnesses things that may occur." There has to be a REAL pet insurance company that is willing to pay for these issues! I signed up for two dogs and full insurance coverage of $5000 on each. I have no faith that if god forbid they get sick I'll see even $50 back. I want my money back and am cancelling this policy even if it takes a lawyer to do so. My positive comment - people on the phone are nice, keep to their company lines and do their tasks.

Worst experience imaginable. From beginning to end - 5 July, called to file a claim about my dog who had to go to the vet as of 18 July, no response. On 7 July, attempted to file a claim online, website does not function and does not allow you to fill in all of the necessary information, making it impossible to file a claim. Again, I called to seek assistance. Not only was I told they did not know what the issue was, they redirected me to a different pet insurance company whom they claimed managed the website with a promise that they would also email me a copy of the claim form I could fill out and send in via email.

The other group was, unsurprisingly, confused and told me they had no ability to alter 24 Hour Pet Watch's website and offered to redirect me. At this point I had been on the phone for over an hour and was becoming irrational so I politely declined. Once again, I called on 18 July (today), first call - 28 minutes before the call was ended on their end without being received. Second call - nearly an hour, ended without being received. Third call - 28 minutes, they answered, redirected me because apparently the person who answered couldn't handle my account, waited 30 more minutes, call was dropped without being received.

Fourth call - 28 minutes, ended without being received. Fifth call - I discontinued after 15 minutes. Sixth call - I went to sales to see how fast they would answer it took them 30 seconds. 30 ** seconds for them to answer when I called the sales line. If you want to have a company consistently push you to spend more, and never provide an ounce of customer service this is the company to go with. If you want to have your animals taken care of, go anywhere else.

Takes over 30 minutes for them to answer a call. Raises your premiums by almost double, without warning. Aren't transparent about what your premium covers. Claims take 1 month to process. Stay away from this company!!

I am not happy. My dog is 9 so if I change plans everything will be pre existing. It takes 2 months to get a payback. When I call, I am on hold for hours. If I ask for a supervisor, I am told they are busy. They take a name and number and I never get a callback. In the last year they changed how they process claims. Ever since it has been impossible to have anything go through. Customer service is 50/50 - they either are rude and unclear, or super helpful... then the claim gets denied anyway. Lol.

I have gotten claims denied over and over. I am 100% sure I am in the right. One of the claims is even for a medication refill they have covered for years. The reason, missing documents during claim submission. They have every document ever made for my girl. It has been sent by me and the vets in every submission form available. In the last year they changed the way they processed claims. Ever since, it has been impossible. I even had a rep on the phone who did it, told me we were done, and I still got denied for missing documents. I contacted my attorney and she will be taking it from here. My other dog is with pet Plan and they are amazing!

Don't signed up with them. They are not answering their phone and keep telling you they will call you back once they have someone answer the phone. NO claims paid and no returned calls. Please don't sign up with them if you don't want your money taken. Going to cancel my policy with them.

Very efficient when collecting your money. Once they have it, that is where the efficiency ends! You submit your claim, medical info, invoice, etc. They tell you they have it... a few weeks go by. No word from them. You call back and then they tell you they didn't receive your info. Must resubmit. A VERY common tactic with them. They try to frustrate people into giving up on claims. Their Facebook page was essentially all comments from angry customers. When I informed them of this, the Supervisor blew it off and "just a few opinions" and wasn't the least concerned. They weren't a "few" opinions... they were nearly all the opinions. Interestingly after I pointed this out to them (they didn't even seem aware of what was being said on their own social media page) they took down the comments section.

I have filed a formal complaint with my state's Insurance Commission which is now investigating this lousy company. They need to be shut down, their assets liquidated and distributed to all those whom they have ripped off. Oh yeah, if you call and for their sales department, there is no hold time whatsoever. You are immediately in touch with a real person. But if you call to check on a claim, make a complaint, etc. you are on hold for a 30, 45, even 60 minutes. They never follow up on anything they promise. They are rude, arrogant, and generally don't know what they are doing. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL BE SORRY. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, DO A QUICK SEARCH AND LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER COMPLAINTS. 100% WORTHLESS.

Company either want pay or makes you do days of work and get lifelong medical records even if you have been with the company for years. Purina Health Care dumped all of its customers on this good for nothing scam pet insurance.

I am very dissatisfied with 24PetWatch. I have been a member since 2009. I have two dogs insured under this company. Never had a problem getting claims paid until this year 2016. I have outstanding claims dating back to March of this year. Every time you call these people to check on the status it's always something different they need and even when you supply the information the claims have still been rejected. I have talked to three people, sent numerous backup, via email, fax, and scans and I still can't get my claims. Now it's come to the point where they ask you for your name address and phone etc. and they still can't pull off the policy number of the dogs. Then they want the fax number where claims were faxed from.

I told these people “I am done. You have no problem taking my payment from my credit card each month for the last nine years now I can't get a simple claim paid for vaccinations and wellness.” I said “Cancel my pet policy on both dogs immediately.” I have had it with the lies. I also let Brandon know yesterday (June 30th 2016) that if anything was charged on my CC I would dispute the charges. Run far away from this company as possible. They are just taking your money!!! Long time very dissatisfied policy holder.

I have had Petwatch for over 4 years. When it was Purina everything was fine but since they took over it is a joke. Trying to get reimbursements is a nightmare. My vet's office started doing the claims for me so they could fax everything to them and they became as frustrated with this company as I am. They take months to reimburse, if ever. There is always some excuse, it is either they did not receive everything in which case you don't know until the deny your claim; The claim form has changed which you discover after your claims are denied and the claims is too old (over 90 days).

You cannot get any status updates just a letter to say the claim is denied and then you can try and contact them. I have been sending them the same claims and all the required information for months and months. This last batch for April has been submitted over 6 times!!! This is a joke. I am too scared to cancel the policy because I probably won't see a cent of my reimbursements.

I have been paying them for the past 5 years. They changed their name few years back to 24PetWatch. 2 months ago I made a claim, and till now they still have not processed it. I've tried live chat, calling them, they promised the claim will be processed latest by the 21st and it's now 30th. I still haven't heard anything from them. The 2 months premium I paid already equals to my claim. BEWARE, if you are with them now, STOP and go for another insurance company like PC or whomever. If you are still deciding, you can see all their 1, 2 star reviews from just googling them. STAY AWAY from them. I will advocate against this scam as long as I need to.

I really wonder if this company is a scam. I have been buying this insurance for my dog for 3 years now. Never had to use the insurance until recently. I wish I found this out much earlier, maybe I would have saved couple years of premium. First of all they only give you 90 days from the date of the “initial” treatment date to submit the claim, other insurance company give almost 9-12 months. Then they make you go get the form completed by the vet instead of themselves getting it from the vet like other insurance company. I don’t know about other vets, but my vet is so busy it took him a month to get the form back to me. Luckily I was still able to send all documents to 24PetWatch on the 90th day from the initial treatment date, but 24PetWatch declined my claim anyway, the reason given was “claim submitted outside of the required time frame”.

So I had to them and asked for management to review because it was submitted on the last day. So this time they came back and declined my claim again, this time, the reason was “missing medical history” which is BS because they do have the medical history. Now I will have to call them again. I will not give up like they want all the policy holders do. This insurance company really need to be shut down.

24PetWatch takes forever to reimburse their customers. My recent claim was submitted in March 2016 and I still have not been reimbursed. When I called they hadn't receive notes from my vet, so they closed the case. They received an itemized list of services performed along with their form. The claim was reopened, but I am still waiting. This delay happens every time I submit a claim - very, very frustrating!!!

I am very disappointed with my experience with 24PetWatch. At present, they owe me payments on over $8000 worth of claims. Here are just some examples of things they have done to me. I have had submitted claims which they received be unpaid as they came in after a 90 day waiting period. I have documented that the claims were sent and received in a timely fashion way less than 90 days. They have tried to cancel portions of my policy due to excessive claims on a specific illness. They have changed the requirements of what is needed for a completed claim and after I submit everything they still tell me that I have not submitted everything though once again I can document that I have. Now mind you, they did not inform me (or probably anybody else) that the claim documentation requirements had changed until after they processed a claim and failed to pay. Never an email or postal mail indicating a change, nothing.

You try to call them and sometimes you can get a person on the line. Other times you're told wait time are long and they will call you back. The call backs never come. I filed complaints with the New York Department of Financial Services which regulates insurance companies in the state of New York and that finally got their attention. But now I have had to do it again two weeks ago. If for some reason that avenue is unsuccessful, I will make a special trip to NY to file against them in small claims court. The amount of money at stake in my case is too large to let just fritter away.

I'm not going away. All I want is reimbursement based on what the policy says I am entitled to. But I can't even get them to process claims! Dealing with them is a constant source of aggravation and consternation. I do not recommend them in any way. I do take some comfort in knowing it's not just me who has problems with them. The evidence is pretty clear they will do anything they can to make the claims process as difficult as possible.

I've had 24PetWatch for 4 years now and they take advantage of people who pay them on time each month for their exorbitant "insurance" and then they play this game of denying claims stating they didn't receive certain paperwork from the Vet, which of course I received the copy from the vet and re-sent to them and they are still denying the claim stating they didn't receive again certain paperwork. They are holding over $3,000 worth of claims. I've called numerous times to be told the same thing and they will not give me a supervisor AND they will not return my calls. There has to be something done about this company. They are stealing from us monthly and not paying us back for services they are contracted for. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Please learn from my poor decision.

I have been using 24PetWatch for over 12 years before the company changed their name. I also had both my dogs on the gold plan, that I see was changed last year. Hershey was 12 years old and cancelled with them since they paid for one surgery and didn't want to pay for claims to the vet. Now, with my 6 year old and the first claim in for her ears, they are saying this was pre existing. I have been trying for weeks to get someone in the Corporate office which is non existence. I will be cancelling this now for her.

They love you to sign up and have your money taken out each month but when it time to pay on a claim, and they refuse, they expect you to take all these papers back to your vet to fill out again, list all the visits etc. If you were smart you would be looking for some other insurance. I see there are so many complaints about the same thing since I came on here, I can't even believe this company has not be shut down... This company does not require to even get one star. They get nasty on the phone. Buyer Beware.

People need to call their State Insurance Commissioner and find out what the law is in their state and to report these people. My son is an attorney and he told me to tell them if this claim does not get paid, he will sue them in the City Court. He said they are an out-of-state company doing business in my state. He said by my state's law they have 30-days "after satisfactory proof of loss" to pay the claim.

They don't even deserve a 1 star rating. I received the complimentary 30-day gift with the adoption of a pet from a shelter. Claim (of course) was denied. Never received any notification it was denied (they claimed they mailed me something). I called them on the phone before submitting the claim. I told them exactly what I had to send. They told me they needed one more thing, Soap Notes. I go back to the vet and get that document. Mailed everything in (kept copy of what was sent). I asked them over the phone if there was a deadline on filing the claim. Was told 90-day deadline. (Today on the phone was told 60-day deadline).

Two days ago, I got on their website to check on status via their chat. Woman on chat named Stephanie was very rude when I tried to find out why claim was denied. This is an excerpt from our chat: "Stephanie: Ma'am we can continue to argue about this back and forth however at the end of the day an incomplete claim was submitted and the only way to have your claim processed would be for you to submit a full claim." She claimed the vet did not have a diagnosis. The vet checked on the form "upper respiratory tract infection" which is a diagnosis. They are equally rude over the phone. I have never experienced such rudeness from a business. After the chat, I called customer service and the lady on the phone told me the claim form was not incomplete, it did show the vet's diagnosis, and all they needed was "soap notes". Of course, the soap notes were submitted along with the claim. That was what I made the extra trip back to the vet for.

Now, a phone call again today, get another version of why claim was denied. Man on phone was rude and short. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told only 1 on the floor and supervisor would call me back within 48 hours (doubtful that will happen). I plan on getting my cat pet insurance with PetPlan. They are a lot cheaper, better coverage, better reviews, nice people on the phone, and you get a 10% discount if you are an AARP member. The vet's office has even recommended PetPlan. I am so thankful I did not get suckered into buying this insurance. The reason I did not was the numerous bad reviews on this company.

Like many others, my pet came with a complimentary 30-day coverage voucher as well as one other, when I adopted my dog, Sadie. After having Sadie for approximately 2 weeks, she began showing the symptoms of Parvovirus. After taking her to the vet, who confirmed a new diagnosis of Parvovirus, I contact this insurance company to get instructions on how to begin a claim. In the beginning, the representative was very helpful. Because my vet of choice did not make insurance claims, I had to pay out of pocket and the insurance company would reimburse me all but the $75 deductible. After getting instructions on gathering the needed information, I was informed that I would receive the reimbursement within 25-30 business days. This was at the end of January.

In the middle of March, after still not receiving any money, or any word for that matter, I called again. This representative was NOTHING like the first. In fact, this one was very short and rude. I was then told that their company was still working on processing my claim and there was no way to tell how long it would take. Requesting to speak to management does no good, by the way. I called again at the beginning of April about the same reason (no money, no notifications), this time LIVID. Not only have I not heard any information about the claim, but this company has my information as well as information to access my checking account!!!

After showing my butt, I was finally informed that the claim has been accepted and that I should receive my reimbursement by the beginning-middle of April. I did, in fact, receive the money April 8, 2016. So, long story short, 2 rude sales reps later, I received the reimbursement on April 8 for a claim that was submitted at the end of January. Do NOT invest in their insurance long term. It is NOT worth it. That is unless you enjoy waiting three months for reimbursements and speaking with VERY rude representatives.

24PetWatch is a nightmare to deal with. I, too, got sucked in with the "gift of 30 day free pet insurance" when I adopted my cat. The cat started peeing blood right after taking her home. It has been 2 months since I filed my first claim with 24PetWatch. Initially I was promised a 30 day period to file claims. Now, 3 phone calls later and after speaking with one discourteous rep after another including a supervisor by the name of Erik on his cell phone, I am told there is no date they can give me as to when my claim will be paid out. I then came to Consumer Affairs' website to find this overwhelming amount of negative 1-star reviews on them and their service.

After reading these, I do not feel confident- nor after speaking to their rude staff- that I will ever see payment on the claim I made sure by reading the fine lines of their policy should be paid out. It was the same excuses as other reviewers... that they are training new adjusters. The only things they were good at was convincing me how wonderful they were when I signed up and arguing when I kindly asked for answers on my claim. I put a stop payment on them taking money out of my bank account and will call the state insurance commissioner this week. These people are a fraud!

This company is a joke. Their pre-existing clause is sweeping and will afford them the ability to deny basically any claim they don't want to pay. When you call customer service to discuss it, they will talk to you like you're stupid. When you request to speak to a supervisor, they will tell you all they can do is request a call back within 48 hours. Then you won't receive that call, but somehow your account will be noted that they called you back and left you a voicemail (you never received because they never actually called you back). You call back and go through the same cycle a few more times.

After a MONTH, you'll finally blow your top at the newest agent who thinks you clearly haven't understood the previous four agents and they believe they can explain it in a way you will understand. Miraculously, only then does a manager calls you back -- that same day even, but only to tell you she can't do anything for you. AND now to make matters worse, she can't refund your two premiums that have posted in the process of this call back game, despite what two of the previous agents promised you and noted in your account. So you cancel finally. In other words, good enough insurance if your pet never suffered any kind of illness whatsoever in the shelter so you won't have pre-existing conditions and if you never have to call customer service and have someone talk down to you.

I previously reviewed this company and saw numerous negative reviews regarding claims not being reimbursed on a timely basis. I spoke with the company and felt comfortable with their response as to why this was happening. To my delightful surprise, they said I would be receiving reimbursement the first week in April (56 days out) and I did receive reimbursement March 21 which is earlier. Thank you! I hope this review helps.

Original Review

I have used 24PetWatch for 3 years now and prior to their purchase Purina Pet care Ins. I have always been quite satisfied with their Pet insurance up until recently in 2016. I have found they are way understaffed. Claims are not being completed on timely basis. They do not answer the phone. Once you are on hold they hang up after an extended period of time. I did however reach a very helpful individual Leylone, who informed me that the claims are being processed 56 days out due to transitioning new staff into the US company. They are in training and because of the difference in laws and regulations it is taking a bit more time than expected.

I called 1-866-275-7387 (Pethealth Inc) and reached her almost immediately. She informed me the correct phone Number is 1-866-597-2424 and I said that is the one no one picks up and she did answer the 275-7387 number. I inquired if they were going out of business, and she said far from it. They are just in the training process re the transition. I'm still a little worried so come the 2nd week in April if I see no reimbursement I'm looking for a new provider. She did have all my claims and verified the amounts too so I am hoping for the best.... Hope this helps.

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24Petwatch is a company that specializes in pet protection services. The company is headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

  • Variety of services: 24Petwatch does not only offer pet insurance; it also offers lost pet recovery services such as microchip pet registration, pet identification and pet recovery tips.
  • Services for dogs and cats: The company will cover both dogs and cats, so pet owners can insure both types of pets.
  • Unlimited number of accidents: The company will cover an unlimited number of accidents or illnesses, as long as the amount of payment is under the coverage limit.
  • Free quotes: Pet owners do not have to make a commitment when deciding whether to use the company's services, since 24PetWatch offers pet owners free, no-obligation quotes.
  • No limits on vet selection: Pet owners can take their pet to any vet of their choosing.
  • Best for Pet owners with dogs and cats, pet owners with loyalty to a vet and pet owners with active, or rambunctious pets.

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