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Easy to order online with coupon codes. Has worked every time I've tried to use one. Major bands available. Ordered shoes from Foot Locker for running with 10 percent discount. Site has lots and lots of major brands and stores discounts listed. Not just stuff that's nice to shop for. The site has an easy layout and if you subscribe to the email list you get lots more. Easy to navigate and find a store you're looking for or a comparable one or discount site.

I didn't have any issues and any questions I had was handled right away. I was happy with the ending result with customer service and the product I was buying. It made buying online more comfortable. I got my product in less time than was told, which is great, and there was no damage to my product, which of course, made me happy, which is rare to not have any damage by any other company. So no complaints from me. The price is right for what you get, just like any company, the cheaper, the less quality of the product. You get what you pay for, no more, no less. It's very easy to browse thru the website, which makes it easy to purchase items with no fuss - think a 2 year old could use it. Pictures are clear and close to the product you buy.

They were very kind, helpfull and knowledgeable. It didn't take long to contact them and have someone talk to me. They had the answers I needed right away without hesitation. The shipping didn't take long at all. I put it in and within few days I had what I wanted. I was very satisfied at how well and organize they are and how much effort they put into what they're doing. Everything I needed was available. I was very happy about that because there are certain products that we buy certain that we don't and they had everything I wanted. I will never go anywhere else. Website it was very easy with many choices I had no problem navigating and getting what I want and it was quick and easy and very reliable. It's organize wonderfully so I could pick my products without any problems.

They helped me find stuff I need. Thank you all so much. I like they start telling me what's good and what isn't good. I do recommend it to other people all around the world. The shipping is just amazing for me and my family. It is very cheap and everything comes back perfectly fine. I will continue using the shipping. It was very interesting to how many offers they actually had. I was very surprised i could find everything I wanted without no problems or asking for help. It is much easier for me and my family. It's a very easy website to find on Google. It takes me about 2 and a half minutes to find it. It's very persuasive to me and makes me want to buy all the time and it also have great coloring.