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I want to start off that I have spoken to two customer service reps and both have been more than helpful. Some how the USPS delivered or the driver kept the hat I ordered online. I normally shop Lids stores in the malls in my city but this one hat I ordered was only available online. I took the chance and lo and behold it goes missing. My wife is a huge online shopper and never has had anything go "missing". Apparently our post office is privately owned? WTF? They suck big **! Let me get back to Lids and their great customer service so far. They are sending me a replacement as they told me today. I do hope they keep their word. Happy dude so far. I will keep you posted.

My husband just got his new debit card with a chip in it. Apparently there is a way for those to be read and used by others even when the card is your possession. This is what happened to us, several purchases made to various merchants. All the other merchants involved made sure to hold the transaction number so it didn't go through or reverse the charges back to my account. refused to intervene in any way until the bank contacted them and a police report had been made. This means not only did a $300.00 charge come through, create a negative balance in my account, and created overdraft charges for legitimate bills, but the purchase wasn't held so the person who stole the merchandise is more likely to get it actually shipped to him.

I work full time but am now on surgical leave so I only get 60% of my paycheck and I am the sole breadwinner at this time. My daughter is hospitalized with a breathing disorder so I have my grandkids right now who are 8 and 10 and this couldn't have come at a worse time! In my mind, a responsible merchant would at least hold a transaction until the details were worked out. Maybe make credit card purchases a little more complicated to protect consumers since the chips make everything so easy. Maybe protect the consumers funds instead of the thieves rights. Ridiculous.

Order a hat online in-store. A $50 hat that wasn't in stock in the store but available online. What did we receive? A clearance hat for $15. You cannot get hold of a rep over the phone. You have to wait 20 min to speak to a rep on live chat. Waste of time. They cannot do exchanges online. Only returns. They do not know why they sent the wrong hat when they had it in stock. I asked and they said, "I don't know, but we do have it in stock". Then I asked "well why was this one sent?" And their response, "Oh because the one you ordered is limited". Okay, so send me a random cheap hat? I paid for it in full at the store and this is what I get.

They have no clue of policies and they told me to search for stores that carry the hat when they have the hat in-stock at their facility but can't do an exchange? No way am I going to cruise the Bay Area to look for this hat when they could just simply send the correct item. It was a waste of my time. Now I have to go to the store to get a refund. Such an inconvenience.

I'm very upset about the way this company handles their online orders. I placed an online order thinking that when I paid for my hat online then I could just go to the store with an order # and pick it up (like most companies do) since the web page sends you to a "see if it's in stock at the store" page... Well that's not the case with Lids. They actually send the one hat that you ordered from the warehouse... Well problem is, it's been almost 3 weeks and it still has not made it to the store. They give you no shipping number... So basically you're just stuck wondering, "Where's my hat?" I'm pissed because I had an event to do and was gonna wear that hat and I ordered it way ahead of time and still came up short of the hat that was gonna match my outfit. And I refuse to go and spend extra just to get another one of the same hat that should of been here weeks ago... Pissed customer!!! I might just have to deal with the other hat companies online.

I have made one previous order with before making this recent order. I found some "discount" items I just had to have 1) LA Kings ball cap, 2) LA Kings tank top. Upon arrival, I open my package to find the tank top, and that the items had been shipped separately. I throw on the tank top and notice the logo is tilted and not sitting straight on the tank top. It's not horribly off, but, it's enough to disappoint you for an 18$ "sale price" tank top. I contact customer service knowing that they do not take returns/refunds on sale items. This is fine with me as I don't want a refund, just a tank top without a tilted logo. Numerous emails were exchanged which resulted in me sending pictures of the tilted logo tank top I received. Customer service simply tells me they cannot do anything as the tank top is as pictured on the site and all discounted sale orders are final. Okay, so I bite the bullet for that one.

Now, nearly 3 weeks later, I received my ball cap. My 25$ "Sale" price ball cap has horrible stitching around the band portion which actually sits around your head which led to the material bunching up and causing creases to run from the bottom band of the cap up to the top near the button. I have not contacted customer service as of receiving the cap, but will do so in the morning. With these poor quality items sent to me, it makes me wonder if Lids is selling returned "damaged, but good enough" store items as "discounted" items. Just horrible.

Bottom line: Lids has extremely poor delivery on anything more than one item, extremely poor customer service, very bad quality control. I will no longer be doing business with them and have spoken to many friends, family and coworkers about my experience whom will also not be doing business with them either. I'd recommend the same. What should you do? Personally, I've been getting my favorite sports memorabilia through the NHL online store through my LA Kings app. Might not be a bad idea for to do the same. First two pics show how off center and tilted the logo is on the tank top. I folded the shirt for better reference points. Last shows the stitching in the hat seems. Unfortunately, I am only able to post three photos.

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I placed an online order on Thursday, 2/4/2016 9:44 AM. It's now Tuesday 2/16/2016 9:30 AM. The order still shows as "processing". It has been almost two weeks since the order was placed. I followed up on Thursday of last week (Feb. 11th), and was told "You should receive this order by 2/15" (I have this in chat transcript still). According to the website, "orders of $60 or more, deliver in 9-12 business days, including order processing time, which is 1-2 days for in-stock items". But, we are on the 9th business day now, and it still shows as processing. All items on this order were indeed in-stock items.

Anyway, I called to cancel the order this morning, which again, according to the site, as long as it's still processing, and has not shipped, is allowed. I was told when I contacted the chat agent this morning, that she would put in the request, but can't guarantee a cancel. What??? If it has not shipped yet, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to cancel the order. This is absurd. "You can cancel an order that does not contain embroidery only if it has not entered the shipping process. It is often too late to cancel an order because we start processing orders for 'In Stock' items within 24 hours. Once an order has been processed and it's too late to cancel, you will need to return the item once it is received."

My order shows as processing still. I have received no shipment notification. So, according to the above, then they should be able to cancel it. The chat agent countered with "well, it's already processing, so I can send the request to the warehouse, but it's up to them if they cancel or not. If it's meant to say that it can't be cancelled once processing has BEGUN, then they need to re-word the policy, as that's not what it says. The policy states that it can be cancelled as long as it has not entered the shipping process. My order has not entered shipping, and is still processing.

I can honestly say that I am extremely disappointed with this online shopping experience. Truth be told, it is probably the worst online shopping experience that I've ever actually had. I do a lot of online shopping, as do most people these days. I would have definitely been a valuable repeat customer. But given this situation, and depending on the outcome, I'm highly unlikely to ever shop at Lids again (online or in store), and will definitely be sharing this experience with my peers so that they can avoid experiencing similar headaches.

I purchased 5 hats on 2/27/16; order#**. I picked up my order in store (Oxford Valley Mall) to find only 2 hats had been delivered. The store manager called whomever and got my other 3 hats reordered and I was to pick them up the following week. I never heard from anyone so I called Lids customer service and I was told there was never another order put in and that my hats were sold; they had no more in stock. I was then placed on hold and then told that they found 3 hats at a store and they would ship them directly to me overnight; Order Number **.

I received an email today stating that my Credit Card had been refunded and the hats would not be sent to me because they were out of stock. I go on the phone with customer service and they were unwilling to help me. I DID NOT approve a refund. I need 5 identical hats for my wedding and this whole process has become a nightmare. I was told on 3 separate occasions that my hats were there; I should be given the 3 hats or 3 similar hats to make up for it. I also, never received the refund on my credit card and I called my credit card company and they said they have had no processes or information from them of any kind since the 27.

After reading some of these reviews, I had the same exact experience as JJ in Dallas who paid in full for an order, got it piecemeal & never got the rest of the order. No matter how much I email to ask about the missing items they can't find any of the orders I placed by my name, by phone #, or by my email, yet every 5 minutes they send me new emails about their new sales. I am so done with these people. I got most of my stuff so I'll live but this is called highway robbery when you pay for something & it is not sent to you. DON'T EVER ORDER FROM THIS SITE. If you want to give away your money, donate it to animal rescue because these people have stolen enough!

Purchased an NBA hoodie online. Later I received the wrong style/model and 3 sizes smaller. I emailed customer service and after not receiving a reply for almost a week I filled out the enclosed return form and shipped it back to them. I later received an email stating they would refund my money, minus the $9 I had to pay for shipping. Eight days later and I still haven't received my refund. They lost a customer forever over $9 dollars. What terrible "customer service."

I am not kidding when I say this is the absolute worst company to order ANYTHING from. A month wait time no refund and I mean even 20 mins after you place your order. No phone call back. Absolutely rudest customer services reps. It's really shock me. I shop from home for my kids every day all day long. Every website from cookieskids, jcpenney, Macy's, old navy, Carter , Wal-Mart, target etc I have never had to wait this long with no answer or get the run around. I repeat do not waste your time. Do not think for one second your order or experience will be different. You or anyone else will be VERY disappointment. THIS just can't be a real company for real?

Worst online experience ever. I tried to order a hat online for a Xmas gift for my son. Received an email stating my order was in, but when I went to store I discovered it was not. Staff in Peabody, MA store was rude and useless. 2 hrs wait on CS phone call. I canceled order after not getting it in time for Xmas.

On 12/8 I visited the downstairs Lids location at the Holyoke mall. Not only was I not greeted when I went in, but there was a guy and a girl working. The girl was up on the top of a ladder on a phone talking to someone and it was obviously a personal call, talking about "I love you" and more and I was in that store for more than a half hour and she was on the phone the entire time. I got the attention of the male associate and asked for help in locating a certain Montreal Expos that my wife had seen. I got the deer in the headlights look. He had no idea what I was talking about so he asked the female associate. She motioned to the other part of the store and looked upset that we were disturbing her phone call.

I went to that area and found the hats I was searching for by myself hidden behind other teams and hats. I bought the hat I found but it was not the exact one so I inquired about the return policy, paid and left. I then went online and found the correct hat and ordered it. On 12/15 I got a call from the Lids store that my hat had arrived.

Today, 12/16 I went to the mall. I parked on the upper level so I decided to check and see if the upper level store location had received the hat as the message never indicated which of the two stores it was sent to. As I walked up, there were two male associates. One was making inappropriate comments about some girls that had just left and there was a Bluetooth speaker blasting out rap music with inappropriate language. ** and such.

I asked if they had my delivery or if it was downstairs and they asked me which phone number had called me. I had to pull out my phone and search for the call. I found it and they acknowledged it was this location so with that done, the "supervisor" of the two went into the small storage area and came out with the it in seconds. He handed it to me and I mentioned I'd like to return the first one I'd bought as it was not the right one. He looked at the receipt and told me I had to go to the other location to make the return as "it would mess up his inventory". So, off I go to the other location on the other floor and performed the return with no issue.

Now, about me. I'm a multi store retail manager for a company. I've had more than 22 years of customer service, 15 years in mall locations. I've run stores with more than $10m in sales and have had locations with more than 35 associates under my supervision. It takes a lot for me to go through this effort to communicate my displeasure but to top it all off, I called customer service twice tonight after all of this and after 13 minutes on hold in total and being told all personnel were busy, I had had enough.

Your company has never been known for hiring the brightest shining stars in the retail world to staff your stores, but guys wearing baggy pants and white t-shirts blasting rap music with explicit lyrics doing a disservice to a paying customer is worse than I would have expected. The culture in your stores and the store standards are below par and should be addressed.

Wow! I placed my order online and thought all was well. I tracked my order online and it got to the Lids store near me, free shipping and I thought "great". I went to the store and 2 of 3 items were there. It took 3 calls to customer service, 3 emails and no answer at the store itself to find out order was split, credit card was charged immediately for the full order, and no answer on the phone at the store still. Things should not be this hard. Lids lost a customer for good based on this painful experience.

Tried to call customer service for the last 3 days, waited each for countless amounts of time - today I am on my 50th minute on hold waiting for someone to answer. Left my number each day for callback, nothing. Tried the Chatline, it says I'm 2nd in queue and counts down from 10 mins then of course at 10 seconds and resets back to 10 and says I'm still 2nd in queue. There has to be a better way to deal with customers. I have been charged but my confirmation email went into the trash folder by accident and now I have nothing to reference :(

Like many other complaints on here, the processing time is extremely long. Order two items for Christmas on Dec15 with free shipping. Based on their website regular ground shipping takes 5-7 days, well in time for Christmas. Called on the 21st still being processed for shipping and the customer rep had no idea when it might ship. I tried to cancel the order and was told once it was ordered it cannot be cancelled.... really this is the 2015. Avoid this place. There are plenty of other places to purchase team hats, jerseys and such.

Ordered a hat 11/23, got a tracking number 11/25, contacted them 12/6 since the status of the tracking haven't changed. Contacted them again 12/13 because it still hasn't updated. Finally talked to them 12/17 and they said my order has been in the store since 12/15 and the tracking number they gave me was different from what I got on the email. They gave me a free express shipping code for all the trouble but the online customer service is really bad.

After paying for my online purchase, I was advised that the item would take 11 business days or more to ship. As I needed it before Christmas, I decided to immediately cancel the order. This is something that is easily done with most companies-- but not with Lids. After a lengthy wait for customer service, I was informed that it was not possible to cancel the item because it was already in process. It seems that "in process" starts the moment they have your money (given that I had placed the order only minutes earlier). The customer service rep's advice to me was to refuse delivery when the item arrived- a poor and unconvincing solution. Surely, in 2015, an immediate cancellation should be just a click away.

Placed an order on November 20th. (Its December 10 as of this posting) Almost 3 weeks and no notification about my order being shipped. Then out of nowhere, an email from PayPal stating that one of my items was REFUNDED. No reason given. Had to contact Lids to inquire in which they state: "Your item was refunded because it was marked as missing. This usually happens when we have an incorrect count in our inventory, or if the item was damaged when we tried to fulfill your order, so we had to refund you." Am I missing something here? How does a site show 'in stock' then suddenly not? As of this moment the item I had refunded still shows 'in stock'. Wow.

I placed an order and it said estimated 11-14 day shipping. Reasonable as it was free. However I needed it within 16 business days. The order took 10 days to be "processed" followed by 16 business days to ship afterwards. All throughout the process I was emailing and calling asking if I could change the shipping address and I was not allowed to because the order was already in the system. When I complained about the length of processing time they just kept telling me "the website says all orders take between 24-48 hours to ship".

To start, two items on my order were canceled due to low inventory. I don't understand why companies sell a product that they don't have. Once I received the other items I ordered, one of the shirts was of the wrong team. When I called to ask about it, I was told that they were out of the team I ordered so they sent a similar item. WHAT? I don't want another team! As a side note, when I called customer service the first time, I was forced to take a survey to receive a "free" cruise. Are you kidding me? This may be the least professional company I have ever dealt with. I will never spend another dime with this company.

I've placed an order with Lids and it was the worst experience. First of all, if you don't have the hats in stock, simply refund the money and ship what you've got. Don't wait 3 weeks, waste customers time then refund and ship. I didn't get to bring my hats on vacation with me because they took so damn long. Guaranteed any customer would be happy to have their items even though 1 is missing due to not being in stock, then have them wait almost a month because of it. Wake up Lids. Stop slacking.

I ordered a sports shirt from Paid for two day shipping and it didn't ship. When I finally got it (too late for my event) it was the wrong shirt, not what I had ordered at all. This really ruined my day! They tell me I can return it but what good does that do me now? Bummed.

I ordered two items. One of them was canceled because it was not in inventory, but was for sale. And the second article is almost month and half and still have not RECEIVED. And they made me more discounts and the item does not arrive. It is an article for winter, not summer. I check in the website and still in processing...

Have bought a few hats from this site and the first two didn't have any issues. The third time the order didn't process for a week, and customer service would not allow me to cancel the order. Hold times to reach someone were over 15 minutes. It should not take this long to deliver one item.

Made an online purchase from Lids, to be delivered to a store about 25 miles away. Since I needed to go to that mall sometime anyway, would pick the order up when I went. Got several emails, and two phone calls that my order had arrived, so I went to the mall for that and stuff from Sears. When I went to get the order, they said it had not arrived, so I showed them the tracking and the guy who told me that it had not arrived was the one who signed for it!

He searched for it and found one item out of four... said the others were not coming in for a few days. So I asked why I got emails and phone calls saying the order had arrived, and was told, that is the way it is and I would have to make the 50 mile round trip again... I told him that I would not, and to cancel the entire order. They said they cannot cancel orders that are already in the store, but mine was NOT in the store. He said that he cannot and would not cancel the order, so I refused the one item they already had and called Discover to dispute the charge as not ever being delivered. Worst. Buying. Experience. Ever.

9-12 business days, my order still hasn't come in. I log in to my account to track my order and I find out the transaction is still being processed. I called the store and asked what was going on. They told me that the hat I ordered WAS NOT EVEN IN STOCK! They also made excuses stating that shipping is very slow! I am now waiting on a cancellation email. I wonder how long it takes... DO NOT BUY ONLINE FROM LIDS.COM.

You can go to the store and get a hat in thirty minutes but if you order online and pay for expedited production and express shipping, you still need to wait seven business days for your hat to even ship. That is the most ridiculous turn around time and I highly suggest you don't use Lids. Other companies can turn around a hat order in two to three business days online. Lids really should update their customer service ordering turn around time and not just take it for granted. They're a big company and can do whatever but instead stay competitive in the customer satisfaction department.

Although I still order loads of hats from Lids, I must say it takes FOREVER for the hats to ship to the store!! Then when they actually arrive at the store, it takes the lazy employees days, even up to a week to actually open the box and call you to tell you to come get it! Drives me INSANE! The store I go to, goes through employees like contact lenses! They usually have their friends hanging out at the store like it's a high school lunch room! That are always cool but it's extremely unprofessional! I love the discount card and all it saves me but they seriously need to tighten up on how they run this company before it falls apart!

I ordered an in-stock item, a cap, with standard delivery in 5-7 business days shipping confirmation by email. No shipping confirmation, no order status, no date, no merchandise, no money back. PayPal got me my money back eventually. I did get the opportunity to write to customer service: over a dozen emails. What happened: I wrote asking about my order, they "escalated" the order. When nothing happened, I cancelled my order and asked for my money back. They

apologized for the delay and appreciated my business and loyalty and my fandom. I cancelled my order again and they assured me they were doing everything in their power to get my order filled and truly appreciated me etc. including my fandom.

Twelve days later, I cancelled again - first they couldn't help me as they didn't have enough information on my order. (The order and incident numbers were in the subject of the mail, in the form and format their mail help system provides...) So resend, pointing these numbers out - asking for my money back once again. They "escalated" a request to have my order closed out. But they can't give my money back right away, for some reason to do with their order system. They are busy appreciating my patience though.

Six days later, I ask about my money and ask for a date for my money to turn up and that I will ask PayPal to give me my money back as they haven't delivered for eight weeks. They tell me: if I do complain to PayPal, I won't get the money back from Paypal as "the refund will be rejected by their system". So they have the money, don't send the merchandise in the agreed time, don't give a date for the merchandise to turn up, don't honor a cancellation, and tell me that a PayPal refund request will lead to my not getting my money back.

Tried buying a birthday gift 2 week in advance and have it shipped to the store. I had to find out 5 days before the birthday that my order was cancelled and I STILL haven't gotten my money back. What a joke. I've called customer service a couple times now and each time I've been put on hold for more than half an hour. I'm gonna try calling again but one thing's for sure, I will never buy from Lids again. Company Profile

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