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I purchased a wallet case for my Samsung s5. Order arrived and the case was for an LG note 4. I sent several emails to get this resolved, with no answer until after I sent a nasty gram email... which they stated it was close to the 30 day return policy. Dah, of course it would be if they don't answer emails sent. Also they do not refund shipping costs, plus charge restocking fee of 20% and more if original package is opened. My experience would have cost me double shipping since I paid shipping to get order, and more just to send back. I decided to eat the original costs, just to see companies like this go out of business. Anyone looking to purchase something through them, please reconsider, read reviews about them and how they operate. HD ACCESSORY is a ripoff company.

I purchased what was advertised as a tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It's not glass & no adhesive. I contacted customer service, they told me I couldn't return as it's considered used and offered no refund, no replacement for the product they falsely advertise as tempered glass. It's plastic. Unbelievable! All I can say is karma; sure hope it was worth ripping me off for my $23.77. What a bunch of crooks. Don't buy anything from these people. You will only gain regret.

I purchased a cover/tripod for my Samsung tablet. I received a cover for a different tablet. Though the receipt had the correct model # on it, I received the wrong item. When I asked for postage to return the item I was asked to take a photo of the item next to the receipt, which I did. A week later I was asked to return it, paying postage myself, and told that I would pay a restocking fee and would not get my shipping costs back. Asked them why I should pay for postage and restocking fee when I was sent the wrong item. No answer and the clock keeps ticking with time to return it running out.

I have purchased several items from HDAccessory over the past 4 years. I bought for my Android phones including the Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 3, 4, 5 and 6 for my family. I bought screen protectors, chargers, leather cases, regular cases, cables, car mounts and other items. In all my purchases the products were delivered on time, the cost was very reasonable, a leather case for a Galaxy S6 Edge was only $8.5 and with wallet it was $15 about 80% cheaper than the Sprint or AT&T stores. None of the products that I have purchased had any issues and all were the same as what I ordered except for one, the Galaxy case I ordered brown and got black, no big deal. So I am not sure about the other reviews here but as far as I am concerned I use them all the time and always recommend them to friends and family. Thank you.

I wish I had read these reviews before I forked over my money. I ordered a Samsung Galaxy 5 phone jacket. I received a Samsung Note cover which didn't fit. I emailed them & no answer. At first I asked for them to just send me the right phone jacket. NO ANSWER. I sent it back today on my dime & demanded a refund. Who only knows if they will reply. Do not waste your time or money, unless you like to be aggravated. I would rate them a minus one star if I could.

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Screen protector - They insist that they send correct product but the width is too small and very awkward to install. You can see from the image below from the width if you agree to install it in your phone.

I ordered a charging cord, they messed up my order. In order to exchange they wanted to charge me shipping and more shipping to get me the correct one... Horrible experience. I will never use this online business again. The staff person I talked to had a thick accent and when I wanted to talk to his superior he put me on a blank hold for 18 mins. Now I am wasting more of my time writing this one 0-star review... I will strongly suggest buy your stuff from Amazon or anywhere else. I FEEL LIKE I GOT CHEATED. Hope this review helps others from wasting money.

I ordered a bluetooth headset and it did not work. They sent me a replacement and that did not work either. They finally sent me a return mailing label and I returned both defective items. After thirty days they sent a credit to my credit card but charged me for the returned shipping cost. I eventually bought the item on Amazon (for less than this company charged). Don't buy from them. Go to Amazon or Monoprice.com and compare prices. You'll find that these people are no bargain.

I purchased 7 different phone covers for my iPhone 6 plus. Only 2 of the covers which are the wallet type fit my phone. I called HDAccessory and spoke to Crystal who told me that replacement wallet covers would be sent out. After 2 weeks and nothing, I called and waited on the phone at least 20 minutes. The person who answered said Crystal was out that day but would get back to me quickly. Two more weeks go by and still no call from Crystal nor the phone covers. I faxed a complaint, called again and again was told that Crystal was out and the person who answered could not help me. I called yet again, 3 times in one day. First time I waited 25 minutes although I was 1st in line and hung up. Second time, 45 minutes told I was 1st in line and I hung up and 3rd time, same story. I will never use this company and sorry I did not read these reviews before I spent $90 on useless phone covers.

Over 30 minutes waiting for a representative even though they say that you're first in the cue. Returned product 4/27/15, which they said they didn't receive. I had to go to the post office to verify delivery. They said it was delivered 4/29/15.

I was fortunate enough to get a RMA however, after returning the items I did not order - nothing! No response at all. I use HubSpot's Sidekick and can see the 5 times they looked at my email and never responded. I am now having to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

I received the materials I ordered for an IPAD3 and an IPAD air 2. Every piece of material appears to have been pulled from a customer return bin for returned material. Every single cable of various lengths was unsatisfactory as were the 120 Volt chargers. The exception of being uncertain of the CAR chargers quality is that I am afraid to play with them for fear of damaging something in the electrical circuits of my vehicle. A Company with this abysmal showing of Quality Control will never see another dime of my money. I don't believe it in my best interest or worth the time to request replacement material or a refund. This Company is a disgrace for palming off such junk at any price. If this system will permit me to add information, I will scan in the Mastercard proof of purchase.

I ordered an ipad cover last November and it started to delaminate after a couple of weeks. I contacted customer service on four different occasions and at their request, sent in pictures of the defective cover. I haven't heard back even after I threatened them to take my complaint to the public place. I will not recommend HDAccessory anymore.

This website is a freaking joke!! I ordered a charging cable for my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and never received it. I placed each order in the end of December and I have written numerous emails to the company and when I finally threatened them with legal action I got a response the next day asking me to provide them with my order number so I emailed all of that information to them and to no surprise they have yet to get back to me and it has been about 3 weeks now! I am going to try and get a lawyer for this and sue them for all of my time and effort and money I have wasted trying to get this charging cable. I hope to be able to put this website out of business so this crap quits happening to everyone that orders from this company!

I ordered a $9.95 case for my new phone on Tuesday, 11/25/14, and foolishly paid $25.83 for expedited shipping (2 days). I finally received the product on Saturday, 11/29/14 (due to Thanksgiving) after pleading with the post office to please attempt delivery a second time because they needed a signature for delivery (?). I did talk to a customer service rep who assured me the $17.00 overpayment on shipping would be refunded. I spent an additional $17.00 in postage for nothing. I have made several calls (you are the 4th-3rd-2nd-next caller online) - then the phone disconnects - and sent several emails to no avail. I am foolish and have spent way too much time seeking this refund, and need to put it behind me.

I placed an order yesterday January 1st 2015 and received a confirmation number just minutes later. But, when I went to check the status of my order it states that no invoice is found. I sent an email early this morning (6am) didn't receive a response. I proceeded to call 2 times and was on hold 5 min each time with no response. I then sent another email after seeing reviews telling them I would like to prove the reviews wrong. Still no response. Will keep trying to contact them, if I don't get a response by Wednesday January the 7th and no package, I will be contacting my bank to retrieve the money back in my account.

Received items totaling over $100. Entered the discount code during checkout. When the order was processed, I noted the discount had not been applied. I wrote several emails that went unanswered. Received the items, the screen protectors were crap, the charge cables do now allow my iPhone or iPads to charge. Couple of the cases were ok. From my experience, this influx of Chinese own/run companies have taken over the ecommerce market with cheap goods and very poor customer service.

Very cheap products, broke after 3 weeks, wanted photos, contacts, etc. This is usual fare for these California mass product online companies. They want you to give up rather than replace for you. Stay away.

USB Power Adapter Kit 3in 1 Eagle cell-dcmotv8a001-Black - The above item was purchased because it stated it was compatible for use with a Samsung Galaxy 4. I also purchased an additional cable. It doesn't charge the phone and I sent an email to the company. No response.

Ordered 2 "phone screen tempered glass protectors". Received about a week and a half later. Attempted to install per their directions, failed miserably. Have sent daily e-mails to all of their sites. No response. Poor to no customer service. Wife bought a "tempered glass" screen protector for her iPad, was broken upon arrival. Same response, none. Finally threw it away. Out 50 some $$. Slow learner, I guess. Never again.

Ordered leather wallet for a Galaxy Note3. Missing strap, cant put license or debit card cause magnet wont close, plastic holder doesn't secure or hold phone in place (cell crashed to the floor, battery fell out). UNHAPPY!!

I regret not having come to this website to read the reviews on this company. I purchased a windshield mount for my phone, in addition 2 S5 phone cases. The phone cases don't fit the phones properly. The molding doesn't hold the phones, and the cutouts for charging slots aren't cut correctly. So, even if the phones fit into the case, I'd have to remove my phone each time I wanted to charge it, which defeats the purpose of having a protective case. As for the car mount, it completely snapped at the base after approximately 1.5 hours of use. Luckily, my phone fell into my lap, instead of breaking on any of the numerous hard surfaces in the car.

HDAccessory sold me defective products and then requested pictures be sent of the defects. However, upon attempting to send pictures in 2 separate emails, they replied that they never received any pictures. On a 3rd attempt I got a fatal error message from their server. And though their website says they will reply in 48 hours, they usually take 3-6 days to reply. I made the purchase almost a month ago, and the issue has still not been resolved.

I ordered one iPad case (360 degree rotation one). The shipment was delayed (or maybe forgotten), and was finally made after numerous emails I sent to them, none of which was replied to. Finally, HDA replied saying that I should've received the shipment based on their tracking. However, I found out that there was a problem with the product - one corner doesn't bind tight to my iPad. After numerous emails, HDA sent me another one (same model), and it had the same problem. So I returned both, and requested for full refund - price plus shipping. Again, after long time waiting, I was refunded the price but not shipping cost, which I believe that I am entitled to as it's no fault on my part throughout the whole ordeal.

This company is not stupid. They use false advertising and sell garbage that often does not even work, and then sort of attempt to offer customer service, but make sure that they still make money by still ripping people off. It is unnecessary to tell my stories because there are so many similar stories about them all over the internet. They will apologize and ask for more and more irrelevant proof, and then maybe give you something back, but still leave you with an out of pocket expense for nothing. I have given them multiple chances with various orders, but finally blocked their email addresses.

The fact that they won't pay for return shipping, or simply send you a replacement, that cost them next to nothing, like most reputable companies, should tell you something. They are a bad news company, and fortunately most Chinese companies are not that way. I own a company who has been dealing with China for parts for years, with very few problems. Next this company will just change their name and keep ripping people off. Since China relies on so much from the US, I am surprised that they don't shut them down to keep a decent public image.

This company Hd accessory is a very very racist company, how I know? I placed an order on a cheap priced item, a stylus pen, and never got it. I called repeatedly and emailed 7 times before a response only to say "your order was Shipped." After another 3 days of still not having my item I called and someone picked up saying, "Hd accessory how may I help you?" So after me explaining what I was calling for a lady got smart and started saying, "you are being a pest it'll come when it comes so stop emailing us you **" and hung up. Now how would they know my race over the phone? Is what I wondered as I got very angry I called back, got no answer.

I returned a Smart Rotary Leather Case for an iPad 4 as the case was too small. The package was returned to me with the message that the case was missing and the package had been opened. I have never had a package that was sent first class to any company or personal place that was delivered without the item that was sent not in the envelope. I cannot believe that the return letter and invoice that I had mailed arrived but the case did not. I now wonder if this happened after reading other reviews.

I placed an order from their website for 2 iPhone 5s cases, screen covers, and 2 phone wallets. I received the 2 phone cases and noticed that they do not allow accurate space for a phone charger so in order to charge my phone I have to take off the case every time which is very difficult. Because I have had to remove it every time the case is now cracked and broken. I emailed them letting them know that the case was not in fact for an iPhone 5s because it did not leave enough space for the charger and broke. And they said that the only thing I could do was to return the case in its original packaging, pay for return shipping, and also pay a 20% restocking fee after I already charged a high original shipping charge of over $10 for 5 very small items. I will never be ordering from them again. Their cheap prices are 100% not worth the poor quality of the products and the high shipping/restocking fees. I do not recommend this website to anyone.

Received the Samsung case in about a week as a gift. He clipped it on his belt and it broke right in front of me. I paid $12.00 including $5.00 for shipping and handling. I waited for a return authorization... took about 3 weeks. Returned it at my cost of $5.00 and they deducted $5.00 and refunded me $6.95. Hmm, not worth it for a small item. So it cost me 15 bucks for nothing! Literally.

I placed an order on February 22 and received shipment confirmation February 24. I still do not have my items! I have emailed the company twice and got no reply either time. I have called the customer service number many times and have always received a busy signal. How do I get my $80.65 back or get my items?! There is no way to contact this company!

I ordered various cables and cases from this company and the ones that I have problems with are for the latest IPad or IPhone 5S. These cables do not work, nor do the cases hold the IPad. This was experienced over two recent orders. I emailed them the first time on two separate occasions, two weeks apart with no comment on receiving the email or response.

On the second occasion, I again emailed twice to two different addresses. I finally received a comment asking for the order numbers, which I sent immediately. This was over a month ago now and no further communication despite again sending emails asking for a response. I am "writing off" the items as a loss, as I don't see anything else to do. I would suggest those considering purchasing from this company to be aware that if something goes wrong, they will find no recourse.

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